QUERIES - ISSUE 16 Winter 2002

1.  My Great-Grandfather Alex Shannon was brother-in-law to JOHN STEWART LATTA.  Does anyone have anything on this part of the family?  I have one letter from John Stewart Latta to my Great-Grandfather Granville Shannon.  I would really like to develop this side of the family, and would especially l ike to find photos and material on Unity Williams Shannon.  I understand she was a formidable person.  I would like to hear from anyone who could help me in this matter, and thank you all for your consideration of this matter.  Kind regards - Michael Shannon, 1507 Marshall, Houston, TX 77006 - 4119, pdd101940@aol.com.

2.  I see there is a Joy Weicht who made an inquiry into the Latta Family Tree.  I am researching my family tree and have a couple of Latta's and many Weicht's in it as well.  I was wondering if any one had information on the Latta's from Northern Indiana, who married into the Krontz family, or the Weicht's, marrying into the Krontz family.  On the Weicht's side I have William, Margaretta (Krontz) (b. 22 Sep 1846), Catharine (b. 24 Mar 1846), Anna (b. 7 JUN 1867), Abigail, Ezra, George, John, William II,and Rebecca (b. 7 May 1869 Weicht.  On the Latta's side I have Ora Lee (male, b. 1884), Clara Mae (Krontz) (b. 1887), Clara, George (b. 7 DEC 1919), Mary, and Ora Mae (female b. 30 OCT 1917).  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you - Krysti Boughton, 408 Mechanic, Sturgis, MI 49091, krysboughton@hotmail.com.

3.  Were the Lattas associated with any of the Scottish clans?  Many small families affiliated with a larger clan(s) for protection.  Are we the septs of a Scottish (or Irish) clan?  PS; I's like to wear a family tartan at my wedding, so I need to find out which one(s) best represent the Latta family.  I know there is an Ayrshire tartan, and a Caledonia tartan (supposed to be a town in Scotland the Lattas are affiliated with).  I don't know if any others might be more relevant.  - DiAnna Latta, 1909 South Ave., Rochester, NY 14620, annamm@rochester.rr.com.

4.  I got your address from Kathleen Carson whom I met at the Levi Latty reunion Saturday.  I am glad you are doing Latta research.  My mother's maiden name was Latty.  Her father was Levi Latty and his father was Matthew Latty.  Levi's grandmother was Granny Tyner (Susie Tyner).  We know very little of the Lattys.  We feel there is a connection with the Latta family in Prairie Grove but all is just speculation.  If you have any information which would relate to my branch, I'd appreciate it.  It is good to know we have so many relatives. - Blanche Manos, manosmeadows@intellex.com.

5.  I am Betty (Latta) Kitchen, searching for and willing to help out others, in Line 17 of the Latta family.  I have the will of John Latta II, father of Julia A. (Latta) Poole, Alcinda (Latta) Mercer, George Madison Lattea, Abel or James Abel, Samuel Seymore, Catharine (Latta) Morris, John Copeland Latta, Sarah Jane (Latta) Nalley.  I know that his father John I had another son named Abraham who had at least two daughters, Harriet S. and Allice.  If you know anything about any of these people or are interested, I certainly would like to share. - Betty Kitchen, kitchen2@adelphia.net.

6.  Looking for any information on connection between Lattas and Downings.  Interested in these surnames: Downing, Boyd, Lewis, Linn, Latta, Gaston, Simpson, Remer or others connected with Downings.  Please respond - I'm desperate.  Chester Co., SC Old Deed Book - 1817 lists heirs of Robert Boyd as John Boyd, James Boyd, Leander Downing, Rachel (Boyd) Downing, Samuel Latta, Elizabeth Latta and Margaret Boyd. - MHPDECO@aol.com.

7.  After spending about 10 years looking for Latto's I've realized some might have been spelled Latta.  Brothers William and Alexander came to Philadelphia in 1822 from Donegal.  they lived in Pennsylvania for 12 years and then moved to Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  I found the date and place of arrival in Filby's and the rest is oral  Almost all have moved from Tuscarawas County by now.  I have very little information about Alexander.  Both brothers married Sproul sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth Sproul (Sprull).  Does someone have information about Alexander or other connections? - Martha Latto, 915 E. Via Escuela, Palm Springs, CA 92262, marthalatto@juno.com.

8.  I am asking for help connecting to a branch. John James LATTA b. Feb. 2, 1823, m. Mary RHODES, children were James John Latta b. 6/24/1855, Ann Judson, Sophria.  I can go from this John Latta to me but I cannot go any farther back.  A great Aunt told me his parents were Samuel and Jean NEELEY.  John and Margaret had two children, John James and Martha born 1835 in Jackson County, GA.  Branch 9 has a Margaret Neeley with parents Samuel Latta and Sarah Ferguson.  And the dates are different.  Can anyone help me - Linda A. Latta Carr, 229 Yacht Club Drive, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, lcarr17@home.com.

9.  I have only just discoveredc your very interesting site.  My own family has for many years tried to discover the origins of the Latta family.  I was born in Ayrshire in Scotland; my ancestors lived in Scotland and Ireland.  One of them was a famous doctor, James Latta, who was the company doctor for the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.  I myself am an expert in Russia and the former Soviet Unio.  I was in Moscow recently and discovered a Russian lady called Tatyana Vasilievna Latta.  She informed me that there are many Lattas in present day Belarus and southern Baltic States, part of the former Soviet Union.  In fact, she said, there is a small town in Belarus called Latta.  So far, I have not been able to find it on a map  I am trying to find out what movements of people occurred around 15-17th centuries westwards from there to Scotland and Ireland or elsewhere.  But somehow, I think that this is a very likely explanation. - William Tobias Latta, 63 Vespan Road, London W129QG, United Kingdom, mustob@4dek.freeserve.co.uk.

10.  I am looking for information on my great grandfather, William Edison Latta, Jr., born 1886 and died in 1978.  He married Minnie Maude Ashworth (1876-1976) and they had Donnabelle, Leona, Laverne, William Woodrow, and Barbara.  - Michelle Atkisson Heap, 5894 Garces Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123, garyh1020@aol.com.

11.  Looking for ancestors Whittington from England...Counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.  Time span 1550-1900.  My grandparents arrived directly from England to Canada in 1912.  Will share information.  Cheers.  Keith - R. Keith Whittington, N5C 1E3, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, kwhitting@rogers.com.

12.  I have come across two pieces of LATTA information and I am curious as to which branch or branches is/are involved.  The first is a church record from the 1st Dutch Reformed Church in Albany, Albany County, New York relating the marriage of a David Latta to an Anne Stewart on Sept. 12, 1818.  The second is a newspaper notice from a Barrie, Ontario, Canada newspaper giving notice of the marriage of a David Latta of Niagara to a W. Robinson of Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada on Janiuary 7, 1878. - Craig J. Bowen, 414 Johnson Road RR8, Brantford Ontario, N3T-5M1, Canada, craig.bowen@sympatico.ca.

13.  I am researching my family tree, and I am looking for any information on Joseph Lattie (family name later changed to Latta), married to Olive Olivia, their parents, or descendants.  They were from the Malagash, Nova Scotia area. - Jean McKenzie (Latta), RR#1, Malagash NS B0K 1E0, Canada, mackensj@student.ednet.ns.ca.

14.  Branch 1, looking for information on Robert Robertson Latta born April 20, 1809 in Kentucky.  Also would like information on any of his children.  His daughter, Elizabeth Latta, was my grandmother. - William H. Spray, 15508 Fitzgerald, Livonia, Michigan 48154, wspray@twmi.rr.com

15.  Branch 17 - the will of John Latta, born PA, who died in Monroe County, Ohio, probated Jan. 31, 1866, in addition to mentioning his wife Anna (Hockenbury) and his children (in order of mention), John Copeland Latta, Catharine Morris, Sarah Jane Nally, Samuel Latta, Julia A. Pool, Lucinda Mercer, George M. Latta - then goes on to mention Hearriett S. Latta and Allice Latta, heirs of Abraham Latta.  Does anyone link Abraham as a brother to the John who wrote the Will?  Can anyone link them as children of an earlier John Latta and what is the mother's name?  Could it be Mary Daugherty?  Any help would be much appreciated. - Betty Jane (Latta) Kitchen, 3505 E. Aurora Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087, kitchen2@adelphia.net.

16.  Looking for descendants of Franklin Latta and Julia Cagle, they were my great great grandparents.  Mary Frances Latta married William J. Watkins in Missouri.  They had seven children, Martha Ellen Watkins was my grandmother.  This is Branch #28.  I saw a posting from: dlpowell@iamerica.net dated sometime 1998.  Havae sent several emails but all are returned undeliverable.  Would love to hear from family. - Patricia Ann Bundy, 2350 Stearns Way, Medford, OR 97501, alaskanut1@aol.com.

17.  I am looking for info about Mary Jane Latta (Lattie) born @1798 in Orange County, NC who married Samuel Graham.  He died @ 1839.  Their children were Francis A., James L, and Mary.  Samuel's first wife was Susannah Twitty.  I am especially interested in knowing where Mary Jane and Samuel were buried and who Samuel's parents were. - Kerry L. Brandoff, 322 Cumberland Rd. Lolo, MT 59847, USA, brandoff@montana.com.

18.  Our Branch is No. 7.  Our great grandmother's name was Alice Blanche Latta Burchett.  My sister and I were wondering if anyone would have any information on her or our great grandfather Paul David Burchett.  We cannot find any information on him.  We would appreciate any help you could render - Sherri Maddrey, 104 Verbov Ave., Colonial Heights, VA 23834, Sherbe0612@aol.com.

19.  The information supplied by Robert H. Latta, Denver, CO. Where does he fit in the Branches.  I have his files but do not want to go through them all to find this information.  I just want to know which branch he is from. - Rollin R. Latta, 924 E. Glade Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204, lattogo@juno.com.

20.  Trying to locate Alice Latta (Pomeroy).  Her father is Bernard Latta whose last known residence is in Oakville, Ontario.  Believe Alice Latta lives in Ontario, she graduated from the University of Toronto in mid 1960s.  She later married James Pomeroy - Gerald M. Doherty, 1509 Ashburton Rd., Raleigh, NC 27606, gmdoherty44@hotmail.com.

21.  I saw in Issue 10 there was the name Koonse.  I have a part of 4 generations and would like to contact whoever placed the name there.  Thanks - Losi Koonse, 13826 Casa Linda Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375, HOLO0217@aol.com.

22.  I had submitted a query in your Issue 5 Autumn 1997 Latta Genealogy Newsletter.  I have never received any response to that query, but feel that so many more researchers and new subscribers to your newsletter are out there, perhaps with some info that may help me that it is worth another query.  the gist of the query is unchanged, with the only fifference is that I now have an email address - dwapre@yahoo.com, and my snail mail address has changed.  It is is now Dwayne L. Pretzer, 2600 Barracks Road, Apt. 444, Charlottesvile, VA 22901-2196.  From ISSUE 5:  Catherine Latta was born in Huntingdon County, PA, circa 1777, died 1864 in Dresden, IA, and is buried in Old Dresden Cemetery, Powesheik County, IA.  She married Isaac Burns before 1800 in Shirleysburg area of Huntingdon County, PA.  Is she the daughter of John Latta who appears in the 1784 and 1790 census of Shirley Township, Huntingdon County, PA?  I have extensive information on four of her nine children; two daughters who married Cornelius brothers, a daughter who married Isaac Grush, and her son John Burns, who migrated to IA with his mother, his wife Eliza and seven children.

23.  I believe I have asked this before, but it has been sometime, and I lost my notes.  I have a question regarding Latta to which clan we belong.  I'm getting married next summer, and we are considering a Scottish wedding where I woud be wearing a tartan.  When I did a search online, I came up with Stewart.  But I think someone told me once that Latta is a sept of Cunningham.  Both clans have ties to Ayrshire so both are possibilities  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. - Jackson Latta, 41063 Cannon Rd., Apt. 2204, Gonzalez, LA 70737, sjwraith@yahoo.com.

24.  I desparately need some help in locatinng information on the parents of my great-grandmother, Verna Belle Latta from Southwest PA area.  I have very little to go on.  Verna was born on April 16, 1890, supposedly in the Broad Top, PA area.  Her mother's name supposedly is Minnie Merrits (not sure of the spelling) who died 1914(?) in Tyrone, PA.  It is believed that Minnie remarried after her husband was killed in a train accident to Ed Hampton.  Verna's father's name is a mystery.  Some say his name was William and others say it was Joseph Guisippi Latta.  Sources say that she had two brother, John and Herman.  One of whom was also to have been killed in a train accident at around the age of 20.  Verna was placed in an orphanage at about age 12.  Sources also say that Verna's father died around 1899 in Petersburg, PA.  So far I have not been able to find any information that woud support what we have, or any one related to this Latta line.  If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. - Joy A. Weicht, 412 Poplar Street, Roaring Spring, PA 16673, jweicht821@msn.com.

25.  I am looking for Lattie.  I don't know where to post  I don't see surname of Lattie, but Latta. Could you help me know where to post or look?  Here is what I have:  Joseph F. Buckelew was born 1876 (1877) in Alabama, and died 1918 in Mena, ,Arkansas, between Hope and Hot Springs.  He marrie Mary Viola Lattie  Her parents were Mary Jane Chrisman and J. B. Lattie.  Mary Viola was born June 11, 1879 in Alabama, and died December 26, 1930 in Pilot Point, Texas, near Denton. (She remarried a Mr. Gray and after 3 months left him) Children were: Owen 1900-1918, Curtis Owen 1901-1918, Floyd (Joseph Floyd) Buckelew August 7, 1903-1968, Chesley Dee (went by Dee) Buckelew March 12, 1905-1953, I have his birth certificate and it is listed Chesley Dee Buckelew 3/12/1905 and father's name J. F. Buckelew, a armer born in Alabama and living at Commerce, Texas at this birth.  The mother listed is Mary Viola Lattie, housewife, born in state of Alabama.  Jessie Jay (went by Jay) Buckelew 1907-1961 and May Buckelew (1907-? Twins; May died about 17 years, Della Buckelew 3/12/1909-7/5/1970.  Ella Buckelew (twin to Della) 3/12/1909-? (died at age 9), Jewell Pearl 2/2/1915-?1977.  Joseph (the father), Owen (never married) and Curtis (never married) all died in 1918 during a flu epidemic.  Notes for Joseph f. Buckelew and Mary Viola Lattie: Joseph's occupation was a farmer.  I also have that he was a road commissioner or railroad commissioner.  Mary Viola was a housewife.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give - Marilyn K. Buckelew, Programmer Analyst, IT Systems and Programming, Health Net of Arizona, Inc., Work: (520) 258-6545), FAX: (520258-5560), E-mail: Marilyn.K.Buckelew@AZ.HEALTH.NET.

26.  My father was stationed at Chaters Towers Australia during WW2.  Master Sargent Cook in the American Army Airforce.  I was born in 1943.  He returned to USA about the same year.  I believe his home was in Dallas, Texas where he returned after the war.  I would like to know if he is still alive, or when he died.  - Mr. James Ronald Latta, Jr., Unit 18/35 Bruce Street, Wagga Wagga New South Wales 2650/Australia, Corkey@smileyface.com.

27.  Just discovered my great great grandmother's name was Helen Latta - married Peter Ogilvie 3/19/1830 in Barony, Lanark, Scotland.  Is there information about her?  Birth date? Parents? - Ms. Elizabeth W. Anthony, P. O. Box 13177, Burton, WA 98013, libbie541@msn.com.

28.  I am the grandson of Historian and author Frank F. Latta. I never was able to know my grandfather.  I was put up for adoption at birth.  Not only did I lose my grandfather but I lost a mother too.  I have recently found out that my mother has passed away, his daughter Donna Latta Girard.  I want to try to find out who they were, who I am and maybe find out a few things about myself.  Any informationn and help would be appreciated.   - Harry Tarica, 29317 13th Ave South, Federal Way, WA 98003, ashertarica@yahoo.com

29.  Information from Branch number 12.  52 Robert James (5) Latta. Single.  He was educated at King's Mountain Military Academy.  Served in the Confederate Amry.  Worked as an Engineer for the railroad.  He swurveyed the area that became the town of Latta, SC.  The Town of Latta, SC was named after him - GPLatta@aol.com.

30.  Subject:  Robert Latta.  I am the resource manager for the Dillon County Historical Society.  One of my projectds is the Dillon County Museum located in Latta, SC.  Robert Latta, Confederate veteran who was employed by Florence Failroad in 1888 surveyed the present townof Latta, SC.  Thus the town is named afterhim.  The only information that we have on him is that he was from York County, SC and attended military school there.  We have a picture of him in his military school uniform.  Jim Latta of Wyoming gave me your e-mail address and suggested I contact you for more information.  If you can help in any way I would appreciate any information you may have. - Don Barclay, 329 Lee Circle, Dillon, SC 29536, Donbar2889@aol.com.

31.  I am the daughter of Paul Richard Latta of Peru, Indiana.  His father was Charles Latta also of Peru, Indiana.  Paul Latta died in 1973, I know very little about his namesake or his family.  Any information would be appreciated. - Lea A Latta Cook, 1121 Compass Creek Dre., Rocky Mount, NC 27804, LCook234@aol.com.

32.  My ggg-grandmother was Laura Lucretia Latta (m. John Hall), d of William Latta (s of John William Latta m. Susannah Pitman) m. Lucretia Brintnell - Ms. Karen Petersen, 52 Balma Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952.

33.  We are searching for an ancestor of my wife.  We know that Thomas Latta had at least two kids, Alvis Latta b. Nov 23, 1890 , d. Oct. 16, 1949 Kern County, CA, Mary Francis Latta b. Jan 10, 1894, she married Richard Starr b. Dec 30, 1890.  R. Starr and Mary are listed in the 1890 Canadian County Indian territory census as married.  Alvis and Mary were separated as kids and were raised (per lore) by separate families in Oklahoma.  We are searching for proof that Mary is sister to Alvis Latta.  Hope you don't mind a Latta questiion.  Thanks.  Happy searching - Larry_Park@yahoo.com.