1.  I am looking for the parents of  JANE LATTA b. 1712 probably in Northern Ireland who married Robert Ross (1709-1787).  They spent some time in Colerain Twp., Lancaster County, PA before arriving in Fayette County, PA.  she died there in 1784.  Their children were Margaret, Henry, James, Joseph. - Joan Peake, 5507 S. Briar Ridge Circ., McKinney TX 75070,

2.  Does anyone have brothers Abraham and John Latta, possibly the son of another John, in their data base. the brother John was born in PA in 1784, moved to WV for a short time then bought property and died in Monroe County, OH in 1866.  Abraham was dead by 1865 when John wrote his Will that included Abraham's children Harriett and Allice.  I have no information on Anna Hockenbury Latta other than she was married to John Latta who was born in PA in 1793.  She died in Monroe County, OH in 1866, a month after her husband.  Any help certainly would be appreciated. - Betty Latta Kitchen,

3.  Does anyone have information on the family of John Latta of Georgia who is listed in the 1850 Census.  He is 26 years old, female is Francis is 22 years old...they have a son John, age 4, and a son  Thomas age 3...son William 4 months old. Also on the same census, living down the street is a Fleming Latty, age 21, female is Senna age 26, Jennifer age 5 and John age 2...I don't think the child age 5 (well could be) is his, as he would have only been 16.  Does anyone have anything on this family? - Connie Latta,  No Branch.

4.  Does anyone have these Latty/Latta's?  Listed in Arkansas 1870 Census, Pike County.  John age 55, b. Tenn., Francis age 42, b. Tenn, James M. age 17, b. Georgia, Mary J. age 15 b. Georgia, Sarah E. age 12 b. Georgia, Martha E. age 10 b. Arkansas, Andrew J. age 8 b. Arkansas, Margaret ? (maybe E.) age 3 b. Arkansas, and Rebecca F. age 2, b. Kansas.  Known facts: Francis' surname was Conners.  Sarah (my gg grandmother) married to Solomon Whittington.  Andrew J. was known as "Doc."  Reb ecca and Martha helped to raise Sarah's smaller children after her death.  Any leads (or pushes in the right direction) would be appreciated - Marilyn,

5.  My sister and I just started research on our Latta roots.  It is really amazing how much information is out there.  Our road block (so to speak) stops at Sarah Ellen Latta.  She was born 09/08/1857 and died 01/17/1891.  Thanks so much and we will look forward to hearing from you.  Sincerely, Mrs. Jolene K. Latta-Hale, 760 Tunk Creek Road, Riverside WA 98849,

6.  I have more information on Ralph Irving Latta family line.  I am his granddaughter.  I would be interested in giving more family information.  - Mrs. Deborah Kay Leatherman, 319 W. 7th Street, Cookeville, TN 38501,

7.  We an article that says, "Jeremiah [Mercer], the eldest child of William and Margaret, married Alcinda Latta (1821-1894) a quiet and soft spoken Quaker from the mountains of Pennsylvania in 1837."  We think that Alcinda's parents (John Latta and Anna Hockenberry) originated in Huntingdon County, PA John in ca 1787 and Anna in 1793.  Both died in Monroe County, OH.  Does anyone out there have anything they can share about this family? - Betty Latta Kitchen, 3505 E. Aurora Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087,

8.  I am looking for Canadian Lattas.  My GG-Grandmother was Laura Lucretia Latta (1839-1914) m. John Hall (1827-1906) on 5/10/1858.  Daughter of William Latta and Lucretia Brintnell of Latta Mills, Ontario, Canada.  Laura's daughter, Margaret Ann Hall married Calvin Elijah Hoarad of Hoard's Station, Ontario Jan. 22, 1880.  I believe that Laura is part of Branch 13 of the Latta family.  I would like to find out more about Laura's family and also the Hall and Brintnell families. - Karen Petersen, P. O. Box 750127, Petaluma, CA 94975-0127,

9.  I am researching my mother-in-law's family and one side begins with a JOHN LATTA who immigrated to PA on Quaker faith.  Family history states his family were Protestants in Scotland and JAMES I moved them along with other families to Ireland where the Protestants and Catholics were always battling.  Finally they traveled to England and were basically a family without a country.  In the 17th century, when Penn was organizing an expedition to America, the LATTAS joined and ended in PA.  Here the story becomes a little muddled.  One states they were British sympathizers and deported to Canada.  The other states they would not live under the American flag and so went to Canada.  They were there 100 years, then moved to Missouri from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.  My mother-in-law has traveled to where they came from and there is a small town there called Latta's Village and they had a mill, aptly named, Latta's Mill.  We can pick the story up from there.  Does anyone know which JOHN LATTA I am speaking of? - Linda L. Brown, 505 W. Philpps, LaPlata, MO 63549,

10.  I am interested in hearing from other researchers working on African-American LATTA families, especially in the Charleston, West Virginia area.  - Ms. Tamika Latta, 2222 E. Washington St., Charleston, WV 25301,

11.  Still looking for information on FRANKLIN LATTA, son of ALEXANDER LATTA and Ellender Birchfield.  He died in Little Rock, AR in 1866.  I would like to learn if he was in the Civil War.  I only know a little about him, what I have read on this site.  Does anyone out there know any more about him? - Patricia A. Bundy, 2350 Stearns Way, Medford OR 97501,

12.  Branch 15.  My gggrandmother was ELIZABETH ALSTON LATTA, wife of ANDERSON LATTA.  My query concerns Elizabeth's parentage.  Does anyone know the names of her parents?  - Dottie Davenport Burkhart, 1975 E. Holly Grove Road, Lexington, NC 27292,

13.  4.  I am a descendant of MARY LATTA, who married John I. Freligh, through their son, George, then his daughter, Ada, then her son, Cary Jordan.  His daughter Marie was my grandmother.  I have much more on the Religh family in Indiana.  - Mrs. John Fleming, 1912 Spring Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46808,

14.  My LATTA heritage is from the JOHN LATTA family in Orange County, North Carolina.  His daughter Sarah Latta was married to m y ggg Grandfather in the early 1800's.  They traveled from there to Maury County, Tennessee.  The third generation came to Texas in 1877 and settled in Ellis County.  - Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson Tull, 104 Mustang Creek Drive, Waxahachie, TX 75165,

15.  I was hoping somebody could give me the contact details on James Ronald Latta, age 89 years, living in Wisnona, Texas, USA. This gentleman has the right birth year as my father.  I have a file No. 0570?  I have the same name and was born in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia in April 1943.  My father was stationed there with the American Army Airforce.  Left Australia about 1944.  My mother's maiden name was Sprake.  I would like to contact the above person to see if he is my father.  Thank you for any help. - James Ronald Latta, Unit 18/35 Bruce Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650, Australia,

16.  Hi I am looking for descendants of JOHN STEWART and MARY JANE SHANNON LATTA.  I would like to hear from any of this branch. - Michael Shannon, 1507 Marshall, Houston, TX 77006-4119,

17.  I am interesed in Julie Latta - Branch 5 - daughter of PERSON LATTA and Mary Rush Higgins.  Julie was born 1862 and married Irvin Rapp.  They had one boy, Edward Filmore (Bud) Rapp.  I cannot find a date of death for Julie.  I did find Edward Filmore buried in Smith Mills, Kentucky on the same plot with Mattie Utley Rapp who was Irvin Rapp's second wife.  If anyone knows anything about Julie, especially her date of death and where she is buried please contact me - Claudette M. Hope, 12174 US Hwy 41 South, Robards, KY 42452,

18.  Now residing in England U.K. family originally from Glasgow Scotland, some members emigrated to USA & Canada.  Large family in Corby, England and Scotland, Districs of Glasgow, Anderson & Bridgeton. - William Latta, 7 Minehead Close, Corby Northants nn18 obu, United Kingdom,

19.  I am looking for information on my Great Great Grandma named BEANIE LATTA.  - Ms. Shannon Rebecca Thompson, 3829 Northwest 51 Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73112,

20.  My daughter's name is Samantha Latta.  Her father was Samuel David Latta, born 20 October, 1950 in Bessemer, Alabama. To my knowledge, he is no longer living nor has any immediate family other than Samantha, although he mentioned a sister when talking about his childhood.  She is interested in learing more about her family history.  I would appreciate any information. - Laney Kehel, 2018A North Highland Ave., Jackson, TN 38305,

21.  Looking for information on WILLIAM LATTIE or CLARENCE LATTIE from Kennetcook Nova Scotia - Brenda Lattie, Box 2 Com 17, Saltsprings NS B0K 1P0, Canada,

22.  Particularly interested in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland pre 1800.  Robert Latta married Janet Lindsay 1.8.1829. Came to Australia 1860. - Mrs. Nola JE. Latta, 33 Coral Rd., Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia,

23.  Just looked at a picture from the Calais Cemetery in Monroe County, OH and saw a tombstone for Bussis.  I am looking for the parents of Mary Burris.  This Mary Adelia Buris born 1873, died 1950, was married to THOMAS LEROY LATTA on October 4, 1894.  She thaught school at Calais, Miltonsburg and Fox Hollow.  Their only child died in infancy.  I have some of the class folders with her picture onthem.  Surely someone knows her family.  PS Several of you did express interest in the School Picture of the kids at Fox Hollow about 1894.  (She is not in this one, but her future husband was the teacher.) If anyone else would like this picture attached to them, please let me know. - Betty Latta Kitchen,

24.  John Latta was born about 1784 in the Huntingdon Co., PA area.  His wife was Annie Hockenberry/Hockenbury.  One of their sons was John Copeland Latta.  The name Copeland to me sounds so much like a surname, I am wondering if the first John I mentioned had a mother with the Copeland surname.  Do any of you Copeland researchers have a girl born mid 1700s that married a John Latta?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Betty Latta Kitchen,