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Online Articles

Title Annotation Appeared in
Autobiography of Samuel Rankin Latta Branch 5 Issue 1
Presidential Timber A well-known Latta descendant Issue 1
The Latta Name: The British Connection by Geoffrey W. Latta Issue 2
Pioneer Polly Latta (Branch 1) by Barbara R. Smith Issue 2
What's in a Name? Theories on the origin of the family name Issue 2
Denver in the 1880's First-person memoir by founder Robert H. Latta [1851-1940] Issue 3
Down at Latta's Mill (Branch 1) by Lawrence T. Sullivan Issue 3
C.J. Latta, Army Doctor Branch 3 Issue 4
"Uncle Bob" Latta Honored for Heroism Branch 12 Issue 5
Tom Latta: Boomtown Saloonkeeper Branch 23 Issue 6
The Erie Years: a Railroad Memoir First-person memoir of Sheridan Gorton Latta (Branch 4) Issue 7,8,9
Lord's Vineyard 50th Reunion Branch 9 Issue 8
Latta Inn, Lattaville, OH Branch 3 Issue 9
WWII Liberty Ship by Lawrence Sullivan Issue 10
Real Latta Ghost Story by John M. Kelly Issue 11
T.R.A.I.L. Project by Alex Latta Issue 12
T.L. Latta Plays Roll in Motion Pictures Branch 8 Issue 13
Letter from Wm. M. Latta by Virginia Curulla Issue 14
A Novel Way to Get a Middle Name by Sharon Mountford Issue 15
Latta Imigrants to MD & PA by Virginia Curulla Issue 16
Latta Newspaper Article from 1899 by Virginia Latchford Issue 17
Civil War Story - Branch 6 by Robert G. Nunn Issue 17
Latta Newspaper Article from 1899 by Virginia Latchford Issue 17
Sarah Latta Nally Branch 17 Issue 18
Andrew Jackson Latta, 1869-1919 Branch 52 Issue 18
The Latta Stone House by Beryl Redford Issue 18
Lt. Gov. John Latta by James M. Latta Issue 19
PA Latta Research by Sue Lattea Cox Issue 20
Alfred Latta by Connie Leaman Issue 21
Blackleg of the Family by Sue Lattea Cox Issue 22
Death Crashes New Year's Party by Lawrence Sullivan Issue 23
Letter from William M. Latta by Alex Latta, Jr. Issue 23
Latta Genealogy Archives Project by Anna Smith Issue 24
A Box of Old Latta Letters by Alan Latta Issue 25
Emmit Latta, a Persistent Young Soldier Reprinted Article Issue 26
Historic Note on United Empire Loyalists by Keith Latta Issue 26
Maj. Gen. Bill and 1st Lt. Tommie Latta U.S. Army, Retired... by William B. Latta, Jr. Issue 29
Vern Latta's Memoirs of WWII by Vern Latta Issue 29
George Henry Latta by Marilyn Macneall Issue 29
Rachel Latta Franck Reprinted by Permission Issue 31
Frank De Vere Latta by John M. Latta Issue 31
Henry Lattea, 1865-1930 by Paula L. Gruginski Issue 32
Alex Latta, 21 Sept. 1928 to 4 Nov. 2007 by Kathy Latta and Izola Mottershead Issue 33
Will Latta's Boys, The YMCA, & The Silver Trophy by Virginia Latta Curulla Issue 33
Alcetus D. Latta Biographical Review of Henry Co., Iowa, used with permission Issue 33
Milt's Dungeon Reverie by Lawrence Sullivan Issue 33
Application Statement of Sarah Fuller by Connie Latta, Branch 52 Issue 33
Burt County Herald, Tekamah, NE William Latta Issue 34
W. W. Latta - Obituary   Issue 34