QUERIES - ISSUE 32, Spring 2011


    1.    Matus Latta is from Slovakia (Slovensko) and now lives in PA, USA.  If you're planning a trip to that area drop him a line first.  His Facebook page: http:///www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1473496876.  Talking on Facebook: Matus Latta: Please before you visit my country in next time write me please.  Thank you, November 28 at 1:41 p.m.. Feedback: Now that I know that Latta family is there, I will be sure to talk with you first.  Thank you.



    2.    From George Latta Sr., georgelattasr@gmail.com.  Sunday, 19 December, 2010, 4:00:52, Just a bit of fun on Facebook.  From:  http:///www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100001759164319.

All the posts are from the public chat area of Facebook. I would not send anything from a private message without asking if I could first.

    We now have 120 Latta family members as friends.  Just for fun would everyone please share where you call home.  Let's see how much of the world Latta's call home.

    December 7 at 11:49 p.m., Sherrii Latta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

    December 7 at 11:51 p.m., George Latta Sr., born in Rochester New York USA.  But for 11 years now I have called Reidville, South Carolina home.

    December 7 at 11:54 p.m., Betty A. Latta.  Born in NY USA.

    December 7 at 11:56 p.m. Edith Latta.  Born and living in New York.

    December 7 at 11:57 p.m.  Theresa Latta. Born in NY married to a Latta.

    December 7 at 11:59 p.m. Lisa Marie Latta.  Albert Latta and wife Lisa, have three daughters in California -- Jennasie Latta--Kaylen Latta--Lacy Latta.

    December 8 at 1:21 a.m. John Latta. 2nd generation native Californian.

    December 8 at 2:22 a.m. Randy Latta.  Born in Napoleon, OH.  Sparta, TN is now home!

    December 8 at 9:19 a.m.  Jody Latta-Poljanski.  Born in Iserlohn, Germany (army brat) and living in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada.

    December 8 at 10:22 a.m. Dixie Hedrick.  My mother is a Latta. Stacey Renee Latta.  We live in Robbinsville, NC.

    December 8 at 1:16 p.m. Milan Olle. Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

    December 8 at 5:22 p.m.  Coleen Lowry Latta. My husband Gergory Latta was born in Detroit, Michigan.  We are in Cortland, Ohio now.  We have a son Charles in Norman, Oklahoma and a daughter in Lordstown, Ohio.

    December 9 at 7:14 a.m.  John Latta, Andrews, North Carolina, USA.

    December 9 at 11:12 a.m. Jan Latta. Pcoline - Slovakia.

    December 10 at 6:34 p.m. Peter Latta. Brisbane, Queensland.  5th generation Australian Latta.

    Wednesday at 1:36 a.m. Hi Peter and welcome.  I was just talking with Lattas in Sweden and Germany today. We do get around, don't we.


        3.    Thanks for the newsletter.  I can see you've done great job collecting info from both side of the ocean.  Actually I've just started my research.  My grandpa searched and he found just a few details about our branch of family in Slovakia.  As far as I remember it goes to 19th century and further.  The reason is the period of the mid 19th century the revolutionary time (1948-49) when many of our archives were burned.  Nowadays my family is living in Bratislava (the capitol of Slovakia) where we moved from Zarnovica (about 180 km the north-east).  In my family we supposed to come from Italy (double T in the name) and a teacher of mine from Italy told me we could come from Sicily or Sardinia.  But I do not have any proof for it. So I hope to stay in touch and perhaps find any further detail which will connect your research to our Slovak branch.  Best regards, Viliam Latta, Bratislava, Slovakia, latta.viliam@gmail.com.


    4.    From: George Latta, Sr., georgelatasr@gmail.com.  To date 200 Lattas and family have joined the Facebook page: Adrian Latta, Alan Latta, Albert Latta, Alexa Gabrielle Latta, Mayfield High School, Alex Latta, Allan Latta, Allyi Latta, Yukon High School, Amber Chrystyne Latta, Andrea Meyer Latat, Andrew Latta, General Services  Administation (GSA), Andrew Latta, Andrew Patric Latta, Belton High School, Angie Thieszen, Anna Latta-Schellens, Anneka Latta, University of Leeds, Annemarie Latta, Annette Latta, Ash-leigh Ltta, Ashley Latta, Mccomb, Ohio State, Avery Latta, Ben Latta, Beryl Latta Quass, Betty A. Latta, B. Gloria Jenkins, Bill Latta, Bob Latta, United States Congress, Brad Latta, Bree Latta, Bruce Latta, Callum "kenny' Latta, Cam Latta, Cara Jean Urich, Cari Latta, Carlie Latta, Casey Lee Huepenbecker-Latta, United States Army, Cathy Latta, Chad Latta, West Carrollton, Rochester, Chris Latta, UGA, Christine Dickinson, Christine Latta-Catenacci, Cliff Latta, Coifford Latta, Cody Latta, Coleen Lowry Latta, Connie Latta, Corina Latta Landis, Correy Stoner, Craig Jack, Craig Latta, Curtis Latta, Cyndi Napier Latta, Danielle Latta, Danielle Rosalie Poquette, Dan Latta Jr., Danny Latta, David Latta, Dawn Latta, Diane Latta-Shanahan, Jan Latta, Linda Latta, Melissa Latta, MTSU, George Latta Sr., Milan Olle, George Latta, Sara Latta, John Latta, Jason Latta, James Latta, Ken Latta, Greg Latta, Maurice Latta, Jennifer Latta, Troy T-rad Latta, Latta's Egg-Ranch, Sherrii Latta, Melissa Latta, Jill Latta, Karen Latta Vowell, Latta Jewelry, Joseph Latta, Marilyn Latta Breukelman Macneal, Nicholas Latta, Iva Zuniga Hilburn, Doug Fishel, Betty A. Latta, Julie Latta, Ronda Jenner Hehant, KimNewburgh-Brabender, Margaret Latta, Jenny Latta Greve, Linda Latta Smith, Ellen Rowan Taylor, Stefan Latta, Mary Latta Schmale, Tatian Lattova, Mia Harris, Jennasie Latta, Dawn Stover, Diane Latta-Shanahan, Dixie Hedrick, Robbinsville High, Doug Fishel, Edith Latta, Elizabeth Latta, Eric Latta, Francisco Jabier Latta, Gary Quass, Gaz Latta, Gina Dockery Latta, Gina Latta, Helen Latta, Jackie Latta-Testerman, Jackson D. Latta, Jacqueline Latta, United States Navy, Jaimee Latta, Jana Latta, Jan Latta, Jaroslav Hubeny, Jaroslav Latta, Jerry Latta, Jim McClure, Jimmy Latta, Jody Latta-Poljanski, Joshua Latta, MTSU, Julie Latat, Kathi Boulton, Kenny Latta, Kevin Latta, Lubomir Marlyn Latta, Tracy Snyder Latta, Randy Latta, Terry Latta, Sam Latta, Sherrin Latta, Ron Latta, Scott Latta, Trish Latta, Jimmy Latta, Stuart Latta, P. Norm Macneall, Rodney Latta, Krystal Cathey, Mary Lou Cialoni Latta, Natasha Augusto, Michael Latta, Minka Latta, Sarh Latta, Queen Margaret University, Milly Sue Latta, Steven and Erica Latta, Margaret Hough Zuniga, Yvette DePoy Latta, Kim Latta-Dempsey, Kim Newburgh-Brabender, Kitty Latta-Jeffers, Lainey Latta, Amboy High School, St. Ambrose, Lesie Latta, Lisa Marie Latta, Lubomir Marlyn Latta, Manfred Latta, Marc Latta, Margaret Latta, Marsha Frey, Marvin Thomas Latta, Mary Latta Schmale, Matus Latta, Maurice Latta, Mia Harris, Milan Olle, Nancy Latta Rennaker, Texas Tech, Nathan Latta, Pam Latat, Peter Latta, Ray E. Latta, Regan Latta, Regina Poquette, Rich Latta, Rick Latta, Sam Latta, Samuel Lee Latta, Sara Latta, Sherrin Latta, Shyann Harris, Stacia Howell Massey, Stefan Latta, Matus Latta, Susan Latta, Steve Latta, Stacia Howell Massey, Scott Latta, Jim McClure, Tabatha Latta, Kitty Latta-Jeffers, Kim Latt-Depsey, Wanda and Steve Latta, Tara Latta, Steen and Erica Latta, Columbia CC, Theresa  Latta, Tracy Coller, Vanessa Latta, Victoria Latta, Virginia Sue Owen, Yvette DePoy Latta, Zane Alan Latta.


    5.    Subject: James Douglas Latta. Paula & George, the item each of you contributed to the last Latta Genealogy Newsletter really got my curiosity going.  I have concluded that it is the same person in each article.  I found this item on the Internet:  Royal Engineers - august 10- Gresham College - 1916.  Lieutenant James Douglas Latta, R.F.C., who has been awarded the Military Cross for attacking two observation balloons, which fell in flames, is the younger son of Mr. J. G. Latta, a director of Messrs. G. and Weir (Ltd.)., Cathcart.  He was educated at University College School, London.  On the outbreak of war he and his brother, Captain John Latta, also of the R.F.C., joined the London Scottish, but the inclination and mechanical bent drew them eventually to the Royal Flying Corps.  He took his pilot's certificate in November, 1915, and has been on active service since.  Lieutenant Latta has on several occasions fought Fokkers, his own machine being badly damaged more than once.  That puts him in Branch #44, Family 3 as Douglas and his brother John are Family 7.  Both John and J. Douglas worked for Scottish Stamping & Engineering Company - it still exists today - which made drop forgings, mainly crankshafts.  The letter mentions a large crankshaft forge in Chicago.  I still haven't figured out who "Dear Bob" is.  Tom Kintigh, tqkintigh@q.com, Branch #3, Tucson, AZ.


    6.    My wife, Judith Beacham Tirpak is a descendant of Nelle Latta Nockett Besire.  Nelle was born in Indianola, Iowa on December 18, 1883 or 1884.  Her mother was Virginia Latta Hockett (birth date unknown) the second wife of Jefferson L. Hockett, who served in the 15th Iowa Vol. Inf. We have a pension record (Dept. of the Interior/bur. of Pensions) stating that he married Virginia Latta Hockett in 1873 or 1874 (?) in Indianola, Iowa by a Rev. Burns, in we think the Methodist Church.  We are trying to determine who Nelle Latta Hockett's grandparents were.  Any information on the Latta family or the Hockett family would be gratefully appreciated.  Judy and I are both new to genealogy research.  We are learning.  Slowly!!  PS: The last known address we have for Jefferson L. Hockett was 911 Main St., Florence, Nebraska.  The pension letter sent to him at that time was dared march 25, 1915.  We always assumed that Jefferson was buried in the large Indianola Cemetery but now we truly do not know where he is buried.  Respectfully, Joe and Judy Tirpak, jtirpak@oh.rr.com, 6148 Worthington Lane, Mentor, OH 44060-2269, (440) 255-8140.


    7.     Hi!  My name is Effie Fraser. My own name was Latta.  I live in Scotland.  The oldest relative I have is Robert Latta born Dumbarton about 1728.  He married Henrietta Allison in 1806.  Their children were all born in Dumbarton.  My great grandfather 2 was David Latta married to Elizabeth Black.  My great grandfather was Robert Brown Latta. He married Catherine Gray Orr.  My grandfather was Thomas Orr Latta. He had one brother called David who emigrated to Australia.  My father was Robert Latta.  I would love to know which branch I belong to.  Kind regards, Effie Feraser, effiemfraser@btinternet.com.


    8.    As far as I can tell, Marilyn Terwey and I are the only people researching Branch 19 at this time.  If there is anyone else, please contact me.  There may have been others along the sway, but I can't find them.  I believe that Thomas Latta of Br 27 is the son of John Latta of Branch 19, but have yet to prove it. There is some circumstantial evidence, pointing to the connection.  Thomas Latta was born in 1727, according to some family Bible that someone along the way had, when Robert Latta was gathering all of this information.  That would make him of the right age.  When John Latta died in 1768, he left money to John, the son of Thomas Latta and to Robert, the son of David Latta.  Somewhere along the way, I thik I knew that David Latta had died - can't find that either.  In a latter will - that of Alexander Johnston, who is thought to be the father of Deborah, (probably another missing Bible because it is not mentioned in the will) the wife of Thomas Latta of York Co., PA, Branch 27, Alexander leaves his hat to Robert Latta, and states that Robert not a son of Deborah and Thomas Latta.  So, I jump to the conclusion that he is the same Robert mentioned in John's will.  I have no proof of this and have no idea how to go about proving it.  It was very easy to connect Branch 47 and 27, but not so easy with this one.  I plan to concentrate on my genealogy research and gathering documentation all along the way.  I do hope that there are others out there to help with Br. 19.  thanks.  Ellen Rowan Taylor, ellenrt@cox.net.  Branch Team leader for Branches 27 and 19.  Also List Administrator for the Latta list.