By Kathleen Latta, Branch 16 Captain (Issue 52, Spring 2014)



In preparation for my genealogical journey to Ireland, possibly in the next two years, I wanted to get an idea of how early we arrived in Ireland.  I've taken a brief history off of a good website at www.ulsterancestry.com.  Following the line "The Ulster-Scots" takes you to an article titled "The Scots-Irish: The Thirteenth Tribe," written by Campbell Paterson.

He writes that up to 1607 there were only a small number of migrants from Scotland and England.  Between 1600 and 1640, the first big wave saw about 100,000 Scots and 20,000 English migrate to take advantage of the longer land leases.  Defeat of the Catholic Jacobites ended between 1689 and 1691.  The Siege of Derry took place within this period (1688-89) and in the book there is a besieger named Latta listed.  these turbulent times saw many of the migrants from the first wave die or flee back to Scotland, fearing for their own safety.  the next wave between 1690 and 1700 saw approximately 50,000 come to Ireland, again with the enticement of 21 year Land Leases.  By 1707 the Scottish Parliament merges with the English, however, amidst the calm that follows, Land Leases are being doubled, sometimes trebled.  Ulster Planters then saw whole communities leave for the American Colonies when leases expired.

In contest then, it is possible for two or three 21 year leases to have been in place.  Hence one could guess or infer that by the Siege of Derry, we may have been on Irish soil at least two generations prior to the Latta listed in the book.  A question comes to mind at this point.  Did Lattas stay between the first and second wave of migration?  The documents at PRONI indicate that they indeed stayed.

    Being relatively new to the pursuit of genealogy, I am trying to get a handle on my father's mass of information gathered from his 20 some trips overseas to the Emerald Isle.  So far I have only scratched the surface.  That's why I expect to take two years to go over his material.  I want to have a comprehensive list of what needs to be done, and where to go and get information needed to fill in some blanks.  I need to get his boxes of information categorized so that other researchers can have as up to date information as possible.  At this point in time, I am not completely aware of all that I have on hand.  With John Latta of Branch 3 going over to Ireland right away (April, 2014), I could only wish to be more prepared for answering his questions.  I and others have given what help we can and I wish him a Bundle of Irish Luck on his journey.

To begin with I have started documenting the stuff my Dad brought back from P.R.O.N.I. in Belfast.  Going online at www.proni.gov.uk, I found 29 documents listed that contain a reference to the name Latta/Lata.  The table that follows is in a format that we can use to talk to each other, so that we are referencing the same item.  I have listed them in date order so that one can see the events historically.  some of them you can view portions of on the PRONI website using the e-Catalogue number listed.

The PRONI search engine showed no Latta's listed in the 1740 Religious Census.  In the 1766 Religious Census there is an Alexander Latta listed as paying tithe's in the Diocese of Armagh, Parish's of Arghaloo and Carnteel, County of Tyrone.  There is also a Lutta, Alexander listed in the same area.  I am not sure if this is a transcription error or the possibility of two actual people.  Possibly father/son or cousins?

Just to check for early listings I went back to the LDS web site www.familysearch.org to see what their earliest listings were.  They had some that were very interesting indeed.  they are as follows:

Robert Lawtty: DOB 1655, 10Feb., DOD 1655, 14Feb, Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Son of John Lawtty.
William Lawtty, DOB 1657, 8 Apr, DOChristn 1657, 12 Apr, Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry, Son of John Lawtty.
Mary Lawty, DOChrstn 1658, 2 Apr, Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry., Dtr. Of John Lawtty.
Agnes Lawtta, DOM 1662, 2 Apr, Derry Cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry. Married James McCregh, probably a derivative of McCrea, a lot of the following docs have.  A witness McCrea sign the Doc.
Ellin Lawtta, DOChrstn 1663, 14 June, DOD 1663 4 July, Derry cathedral, Templemore, Londonderry.
Mary Latty, DOM 1728 8Dec, St. Peter's and St. Kevins, Dublin.  Married Willi Tobin
William Latto; caAbt 1789 Ireland, DOD 1867, 11 Oct, Mill.TWP., Tuscarawas, OH
Joseph Latty: DOChrstn 1803, 5 May, Rathkeane, Limmerick, Son of Joseph and Mary.
The first five listed are events that precede the Siege of Derry.  I would sure like to see the grave markers or Church records for these in particular.  I believe the John listed as Father could very well have been the Latta listed in the book about the siege.
Of the 29 documents listed below, my Dad has obtained the copies I have indicated.  I have tried listing the information in this table format so that anyone looking for information can decide if they want any particular document for their own records.  The letters between James Hamilton and the Earl of Abercom make for interesting reading and portions of these letters are viewable online with e-Catalogue numbers I have provided.
There are some documents that my Dad did not have.  Perhaps John on his trip will have time to look at these.  I have given him a copy of this in advance and if he does get to PRONI, he can decide on the relevance.  Otherwise, I may do this when I go.  The items I would like to have are as follows:
e-CAT# D1781/4/6...item 20 in the table Dad has a very poor copy, would like to try for a better one;
e-CAT#D2249/54....item 21 in the table, would like to have a copy.
e-Cat#D1075/3B...item 24 in the table, would like to have a copy.
Hoping this will be of interest to our readership.
P.R.O.N.I. e-Catalogue List of 29 Documents Mentioning Latta
Date of Document
PRONI e-Catalogue Number
10 Feb. 1753
D623/A/30/169 T2541/IA/1/2/144, same doc
Nathaniel Nisbitt, Lifford, Co. Donegal to Earl of Abercorn
Sally's purchase from Lata? Young saplings
13 Sept.
D623/A/35/49 T2541/IA/1/6B/49, same doc
Letter Jos. A. Nisbitt, Lifford, to...
William Lata, one of three applicants to apply for one of two Bridge tenements in St. Johnston
12 Feb. 1768
D23/A/38/15 T2541/IA/1/8/55, same doc
James Hamilton, Strabane, to [Earl of Abercom]
John Latta applies for Bridge tenement, location not mentioned.
25 Feb. 1768
[James, Earl of Abercom] London, to James
Earl of A. Confirms John Latta is to have the Bridge tenement
17 May 1768
D623/A/38/55 T2541/IA/1/8/55, same doc
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
John Latta wants the Bridge House outright.
20 Oct. 1776
D623/A/43/41 T2541/IA/1/12/41, same doc
Robert McClintock, Dunmore, to [Earl of Abercom]
Robert M. states he is not party to the cutting of the trees on his leased land.  This was done by Lata and Pinkerton.  There may be more in this missive at PRONI.  Could be interesting to check out Doc.
31 March 1778
D623/A/43/106 T2541/IA/2/2/19, same doc
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
John Latta has bought out a lease from Robert Boyd and is asking to inclue two other tenements in the same lease he wishes to build on.  This is aside from the two tenements that he built in St. Johnstown.
15 April 1778
[James, Earl of Abercom] London to James
Earl of A. writes there is no objection to John Latta including the two tenements in the same lease.
12 Feb. 1779
D623/A/43/187 T2541/IA/2/2/67, same doc
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
A dispute is mentioned to the Earl of A. regarding the concern of an orchard owned by Mr. Hood.  The dispute was from John McMorris, William Brown and John Latta
21 Feb. 1779
[James, Earl of Abercom] London to James
Earl of A. writes "You must make Brown and Latta allow McMorres what you think fit, for the orchard in the state they get it in."
5 March 1779
D623/A/43/195 T2541/IA/2/2/73
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
Reference is made of the above mentioned dispute.
25 Feb. 1781
D623/A/44/75 T2541/IA/1/13/76
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
Mention is made of a number of people found with ash, alder, etc. Ephraim Latta of Drumatollen was found with four pence worth of alder.
D1781, in book dated 1698-1917
Papers deposited by Messrs Caldwell & Robinson
Papers regarding the McCrea and Latta Families of Killaney.  There are a whole lot of legal papers for a great many people in this file, such as John Rankin, John Burgess, George Thompson, Wm. A. Houston, etc.
18 Aug. 1786
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
Samuel Latta of Gentledooish offers for a slate quarry
27 Aug. 1786
[James, Earl of Abercom] Dudingston, to
Earl of Abercom agrees to let slate quarry to Samuel Latta
19 Sept. 1786
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
James A. acknowledges to let the slate quarry to Samuel Latta
29 Nov. 1786
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
Mentioned is a dispute between Samuel Latta and James Gamble who is noted in a previous missive to be entitled to most slate quarries in the region.
16 Feb. 1787
James Hamilton, Strabane to [Earl of Abercom]
"Refers to the petition of Edward O'Donnell of St. Johnstown, who says that John Latta of St. Johnstown had promised to secure his arrears: O'Donnell is 'a sad little viper who would not pay anything if he could possibly avoid it."
6 Dec. 1806
D1781/4/4 Copy purchased by Br 16
Conveyance, consideration 191, Rent 3 Indenture between
James McCrea and John Latta
Indenture between James McCrea and John Latta regarding property originally bought 21st May 1772 by John McCrea and John Moody.  John McCrea being father of two only surviving sons.  John the father now deceased has split the property between James and brother John.
Witnessed by: George Hamilton and James Lindsey.
20 Aug. 1810 Date on Doc is 20th Aug
D1781/4/6 Bad copy purchased by Br 16
Conveyance, consideration 200. John McCrea Witnessed by George Hamilton, James Lindsey, James Gilleford and Mary McCrea
5 Dec. 1818
William Law, Dunmore, Co. Donegal to David Lata of Munford, Co. Tyrone
9 Jan. 1824
D1781/4/10 Copy purchased by Br 16
Conveyance, Consideration 30. James Lindsay Deed Forever of House and Premises in Killeany, James Lindsay, of Rooskey, to John Latta, of Killeany.
Witnessed by Richard Robinson and William Elliott
Lands originally passed from John Lindsay the Elder to son John the Younger. Currently owned by James Lindsay. Last leased to Anne Hood (sp?Flood) and Samuel Young.
Bound on the East and West by John Latta and Bound on the North by Martha Miller, in the Parish of Donagheady, Barony of Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
21 April 1827
D1781/4/12 Copy purchased by Br 16
Conveyance, Consideration 30. James Walker Indenture between James Walker, of Killeany, Co. Tyrone and John Latta. Witnesses: Samuel Young and William Latta.
Land originally purchased by owner Hugh Lindsay of Galnamore, Co. of Londonderry on the 11th July 1792, and later sold to James Walker of Cullenagh.  Current renter Samuel Young.  John Latta leasing lands previously leased by Samuel Young.
Bound on East and West side by lands owned by John Latta.  Bound on the North side by Robert Moody, Parish of Donagheady, Barony of Strabane, Co. of Tyrone
14 Jan. 1829
Lease for 21 years from Robert Smyly, Camus to John Latta of Killeaney
1833 D1781/4/14 Copy purchased by Br 16
Portions of Map of "Upper Farm in Killeany."  Scale 20 perches to 1.  "John Latta, Killeaney, Co. Tyrone, Killaney, Co. Tyrone.
Portions of Lower Farm adjacent to Road from Donnemana.
Bound on one side by James Lindsay and on another by James Walker.
Bound on one side by Robert M (possibly Moody)
26 June 1833
D1781/4/15 Copy purchased by Br 16
Portion of Tithe Composition Certificate,
John Latta, Killaney, Co. Tyrone and Revd Charles Douglas, Rector Parish Donaghedy, Diocese of Derry, Killaney, Co. Tyrone
?Witness John Lane (sp?)
31 Jan. 1835
D623/B/12/233 Copy purchased by Br. 16
Marquis of Abercorn, to William Latta, of Gortmellan John James Hamilton Humphry [Earl of Abercorn] Land Lease Agreement for Wm. Latta
Lease agreement for 21 years.
Includes Manor of Donelong, Parish of Donagheady, Barony of Strabane, Co. Tyrone
Witnesses are illegible.  One might be Wm. Elliott
16 June 1876
James Sample, 137 North Elliott Place, Brooklyn.  Written to Mrs. Ellen McIntyre, Family letter concerning health of his parents and relations.  Dated 1 Nov. 1878, refers to his Uncle William Latta being near totally blind prior to passing.  Also mentions William Colhoun does not meet the requirements for a business transaction.
1 Nov. 1878
James Sample, 137 North Elliott Place, Brooklyn