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                                                                                                                      1 JAMES M. (1) LATTA
     Born: Before 1730.The LaGrange (Ind.) Standard, May 21, 1814, says: "This family is an old one in this country, and in Ireland, where the first James M. Latta was a nobleman, with estates near Donegal."  Had at least one son, William.  It is thought the other sons came to America, as many of the name lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. about the time William settled there.
WILLIAM (2) b. before 1740; d. April 2, 1808.


                                                                                                                     2 WILLIAM (2) LATTA
     William (1.) Born: Before 1740 in Ireland ?. Died: April 2, 1808.   Married: Katharine or Jane Taylor. With his wife, he came to America.  Settled in N.J. in 1740. About 1760, near Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa.  In 1782 he lived in Lancaster Co., Pa.  Katherine was said to be a great beauty.  She died of apoplexy.    His will was executed in Bullship Tr. Fayette Co., Pa. April 21, 1803--John Milton Latta, M.D.  Probated April 30,   ____.  See my loose leaf book of wills. {Please see the end notes for more details.}

3       JOHN (3) b. September 15, 1756; d. Oct. 4, 1843.
4       WILLIAM (3) (may be head of Branch 36)
93     CATHARINE (3) m. Mr. Huey; lived in Wilmington, Pa., l son, Samuel.
94     MARGARET (3) m. Mr. Cibbles.
5       ANDREW (3) b. April 29, 1769.
6       JAMES (3) (may be head of Branch 20)
7        ROBERT (3) b. Sept. 29, 1773; d. April 38, 1851.
95      MAYOR COTTER (3) daughter.
8        SAMUEL (3) b. June 11, 1775; d. July 24, 1851.
9        EPHRAIM (3)
10      MOSES (3) b. b. Sept. 14, 1782; d. Nov. 18, 1854.
96      JANE (3)  Married 3 times: first to Mr. McConnell, 1 son, Alex.  Second,
to Michael Crosser.  (See note to branch No.13 & 38).  Third to Wm. Cochran, had 3 children, Mary, Samuel and ___.  Her son, Alexander, wrote to Samuel Latta, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., October 25, 1841 from Eckmansville, Adams Co., Oh.

Last Will  and Testament of John  Taylor.  Westmoreland Co., PA. (wife was Jean or Jane)  His will is dated June, 1800. In his will, he identifies his property by naming the neighbors of his property. The neighbors in the will, and his children, are all listed in South Beaver Township, Beaver Co, PA in the 1800 census.  Elizabeth Taylor is identified in her father's will, as the wife of William Latta. They are in the 1800 South Beaver Township, pg 163, four pages from Thomas Taylor (pg 167), showing dad and mom aged 26-45, 3 boys under 10, and one girl under 10. One of those boys is identified in will of John Taylor as John Taylor Latta and that he is to receive the property willed to his mother upon her death.

                                                                                                             3 JOHN (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  (Also seen as "John Samuel Latta")  Born in Pa. September 15, 1756.  died October 4, 1843. He settled in the backwoods of Pa., and lived in Fayette Co. about 1795, and near Greenville, Mercer Co., in 1807.  Both he and his wife died on their farm 5 miles north of Greenville.   He married Margaret Jane Potter, a member of a noted Revolutionary War family.  She was born August 29, 1771, and died January 24, 1852. Two of the Potter family were noted men. They carried dispatches for Washington during the war. {Please see end notes for more detail}
Children: 5 girls, 1 boy:
97    JANE MARGARET (4) b. April 10, 1796. Fayette Co., Pa., went to Mercer Co., at the
age of 12 years. Died: Sept 13, 1872 Mercer Co., Ill. Buried at Norwood Cem.
Married: Henry McLaughlin, Sept. 20, 1881. Mercer Co., Ill. Ten children Name's & birth;
John, Nov. 8, 1817. Samuel Potter, June 9, 1819. Levi, Mar. 7, 1821. David H., Apr. 16,1823. James Reid, Apr. 12, 1825. Benjamin W, May 2, 1827. Josiah B, May 2, 1827. Margaret Ann, Feb. 22, 1829. Henry Allen, Dec. 22, 1830. Silas Spear, July 25, 1834.
11       SAMUEL POTTER (4) bca 1803.
98       SUSAN (4) b. Fayette Co., Pa.; m. John Mitchell.
99       ANN (4) b. Fayette Co., Pa.; m. Stephen Howard.
100     MARGARET JANE (4) b. Fayette Co.; Pa., m. John Howard.
101     CATHERINE (4) b. Mercer Co., Pa.; d. of cancer while young.

                                                                                                     4 WILLIAM (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  Lived at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. May 8, 1844.  He may be the head of branch No. 36.

                                                                                                      5 ANDREW (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  Born April 29, 1769 in Pennsylvania.  Married twice, first to Jennette Robertson, October 6, 1795.  She was born August 12, 1775.  Name of second wife unknown, she died March 22, 1839.  Lived in Kentucky, April 27, 1809, and soon after they went to Ohio.
12      WILLIAM ROBERT (4) b. December 27, 1798, Ky.
102     ELENDER (4) b. October 8, 1797.  Supposed to have died in infancy.
103     JANE (4)  b. December 20, 1801.  Single.  In April 1839, lived in Adams Co., Ohio.
104     BARBARA (4) b. June 10, 1807.
13      JOHN ROBERTSON (4) b. April 20, 1809, Ky.
14      ROBERT ROBERTSON (4) b. August 13, 1811, Ohio or Ky.  1880 Census, he says he was born in KY.
105     MARGARET B. (4) b. September 12, 1813 m. Mr. Harrington. He died September 6,
1837.  No children.  Lived in Jefferson Co., Ind.
106     ELENORA (4) Died September 7, 1838 in Jefferson County, Indiana; m. Mr. Duffy on Feb. 12, 1819 in Adams County, Ohio, and within one year moved to Jefferson County, Indiana.  Left 6 children. Picture of Elenora's daughter Keziah Duffy Rawlings.

107     HANNAH (4) by second wife; m. Mr. Taylor, February 1839.


                                                                                                   6 JAMES (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  He may have been the head of branch No. 20.

                                                                                                7 ROBERT (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 29, 1773 at Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa.  He died at "Haw Patch", LaGrange Co., Ind., April 28, 1851.  Married a widow, Isabella Waddell, December 22, 1795, 5 years his senior.  Daughter of Wm. Johnston of Washington Co. Pa., and aunt of Wm. F. Johnston, Gov. of Pa. 1848-1853.  She was born December 25, 1768; died February 2, 1855.  One daughter by first husband called Ann Latta who married Mr. Dye of Eastern, Ohio. { Please see end note for more detail }
108     JANE (4). Robert Samuel Curl.  Lived near Ligonier, Ind.; b. September 14, 1799; d. May 6, 1868.  Lived near Haw Patch in 1834.  Children:  Robert L. Johnston, James A.D. Lybrand, Nelson, Milton,  Samuel B. John, Joseph, William.
15      JAMES (4) b. Nov. 13, 1796; d. Feb. 14, 1855.
16       WILLIAM (4) b. Nov. 4, 1801; d. Nov. 5, 1847.
17       SAMUEL ALEXANDER (4) b. April 8, 1804; d. June 28, 1852.
109     MARY A. (4)   Born:. March 21, 1805; Died: November 29, 1869; Married: William
Darnell April 15, 1826.  7 Children.
{ Please see end notes for more detail on the children of Mary and William}
110     MARGARET (4). b. January 26, 1802; d. February 27, 1850; m. Benj. Chandler
 January 15, 1818.  He was born June 27, 1790.  Children all born at LaGrange, Ind. 
{ Please see end notes for more detail on the children of Margaret and Benj.}
414      SARAH (4) Born: June 3, 1809. Married: Benoni Barnes (Also seen as Barns) on April
15, 1824. Lived at Urbana, Ohio. One son, Two Daughters. Levi, Isabelle, (Unknown)
18       JOHNSTON (4) b. Jan. 12, 1807; d. Jan. 5, 1873.
111      AOHSA (4) b. February 24, 1811; d. October 7, 1864.  Went to Haw
Patch, with her parents in 1832; m. William Cotter.  Lived in Legonier, Ind.
112      ANN WADDELL (4) b. August 2, 1792; d. in childhood.

                                                                                                8 SAMUEL (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Fayette Co. Pa. June 11, 1775; d. July 24, 1851.
Killed by falling from a cherry tree.  Married Rachel Newell, who was born May 4, 1785, and died January 1, 1852.  Dates of deaths of all the children except William and Thomas, taken from tombstones in Pa.  Children: 
113     JANE (4) b. May 25, 1809; d. June 3, 1873; m. William Johnston, and lived in
Westmoreland Co. Pa.
114     MARGARET (3) b. February 27, 1811; d. August 13, 1854.
115     NANCY (4) b. March 3, 1812; d. May 9, 1885; m. Mr. Robertson, Children: Thomas.
Margaret m. 3 children, Mary J. Robert H.  Martha. For letter written by Nancy Robertson, see last page.
116    CATHERINE (4) b. September 20, 1814; d. November 27, 1849; m. Joshua S.          Newell.  Children: Thomas. Elizabeth.  Lived Fayette Co., Pa.
19     THOMAS NEWELL (4) b. June 12, 1813; d. Sept. 27, 1867.
117    SUSAN (4) b. September 17, 1819; d. July 6, 1865.
118    ELIZABETH (4) b. March 28, 1817; d. February 14, 1894 in Fayette Co., Pa.
119    RACHEL (4) b. April 19, 1821; d. October 12, 1888; b. Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
120    SAMUEL (4) b. July 21, 1823; d. February 14, 1899; b. Fayette Co., Pa.  Single.
See my Book of Wills.
20     WILLIAM (4) b. March 24, 1825; d. Jan. 25, 1898.
121    ROBERT (4) b. September 16, 1827; d. April 29, 1895.  Single. Lived and died Fayette Co., Pa.  See my Book of Wills.

                                                                                        9 EPHRAIM (3) LATTA
     William (2) James M. (1). Lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa; m. Christina McFadden, a widow, who had one child, Rev. Daniel McFadden.  About 1826 they went to Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.  He died at Honey Creek, Ohio.  Farmer.  She was blind at the time of her death in Allen Co., Ohio, aged 104 years. When Ephraim died, Christiana moved to Seneca Co., OH to be near her daughters Sarah and Mary, where she died. She is buried in Springville Cemetery, Seneca Co., OH.

Nine children:
122     WILLIAM (4) b. in Pa. January 30, 1809.  Teacher. m: Eliza Workman.  She was born in 1810 and died Dec. 15, 1892.  Four children: Christiana, b. 1837; Lydia, b. Feb. 1841 in Ohio; Joseph Franklin Latta, b. Sept. 19, 1844; and Catherine Cedellia, b. 1846. 1850 Census of DeKalb County, Indiana, in Jackson Township, shows: William Latta, age 40, Male, Farmer, born in Ohio, Eliza Latta, age 37, born PA, Christiana, age 12, born Ohio, Lydia, age 10, born Ohio, Joseph T. H., age 6, born Ohio, Catharine Cidelia, age 3, born Ohio; 1860 Census for Noble Co., Indiana Perry Township, Eliza Latta, age 48, Eden, age 21.   Joseph came to Iowa at the age of sixteen (O 53), settling near Iowa City. He was born in 1844, so that would suggest he came to Iowa about 1860. However, his widowed mother, Eliza Workman Latta, married Thomas Sheets 30 Oct 1859 in Johnson Co. IA, (L 106) so they must have come before that. It seems unlikely that she would have come earlier without a sixteen year old son.  Katherine Johnston Welch remembered Joseph Latta as "a big man, tall and with the bluest eyes, like Jeanne's (Jeanne McCroskey Hart (1)". (M 53) However, his military record states in one place that his eyes are "gray" and in another that they are "dark". Joseph and Pheobe Ann Latta began married life living on Sugar Creek in Cedar County Iowa, where they lived for seven years. Then seven years were spent in Kansas, after which they returned to Cedar County, where they remained for the rest of their lives. (N 24) When the family first returned to Cedar County Iowa from Kansas, they may have lived near Lime City, a collection of houses in the southern part of Sugar Creek Township, because in Joseph Latta's pension application, (PR 7) he stated in 1890 that his post officed was at Munn, an early name for Lime City. He gave the same address when in 1889 he provided a letter in the pension application of Thomas Sheets (PR 8), testifying to the disabilities Thomas Sheets. In the letter regarding Thomas Sheets, Joseph Latta said he had known him since the fall of 1860 and had worked with him in Riley County, Kansas from 1873 to 1881, where the two of them had operated a threshing machine. He further stated that he had lived within twenty rods of him in Kansas. (PR 8) His obituary (O 53) states they had lived in the house in Dogtown for more than twenty-five years at his death. This would indicate that they moved there before 1892. Actually, they purchased the property that year on 13 February. (TP 36) Perhaps they had rented the home before purchase. L 88 included the following clipping from the Ashland Ohio Press for 31 Jul 1901: "Hayesville. Jos. Latta, accompanied by his daughter Abbie, of Tipton, Iowa, arrived last Thursday and is the guest of his sister, Mrs. Lydia McKinley. Mr. Latta has not been back for 40 years. He says the temperature has been up to 108 and 110 degrees this summer". At his death, he apparently left no estate except for the home in Dogtown, because in the pension application of his daughter Abigail (PR 7), it is stated that "Abbie Latta is in poor circumstances as had been her mother Mrs. Phoebe A. Latta".

21      JOHN (4) b. Dec. 23, 1801; d. 1853.
22       EPHRAIM (4) b. 1812; m. Diantha Kuffell.
23       DAVID (4) b. Oct. 17, 1812; d. Aug. 28, 1887; m. two times.  First to Lavina Burnett.  Second wife Jan (Schermerhorn) Baine.
123     TOBY (4) b. October.
24       SILAS (4) b. April 25, 1821; d. Mar. 2, 1860; m. Sarah Franks.
124     SARAH (4) m. John Luzada.  Lived and died in Ohio.
125     POLLY (4) m. John Jenkins.  Lived and died in Ohio.
126     MARY (4). b. in 1815, at the age of 9 years killed by being thrown from a wagon on
road from Pa. to Ohio, on their last day's journey.

                                                                                        10 MOSES (3) LATTA
     William (2) James (1) b. in Lancaster, Pa. September 14, 1782.  Moved to Ross Co., Ohio and in 1820 to Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Ind.  Here he lived many years; m. Margaret Quary.  In 1820 lived at Dearborn, near Rising Sun.  He raised a large family.  In the Spring of 1850 he moved to Muscatine Co., Iowa where he remained until his death November 18, 1854.  His wife was born in Pa. August 13, 1786, and died at her daughter Jane's house December 12, 1868.
127     JANE (4) b. in Pa. or in Ohio November 8, 1807; m. John Goodner, in Dearborn
Co., Ind. November 9, 1826.  Lived all her life after marriage a few miles of her father's house near Rising Sun, Ind.  She died April 3, 1873; he died of cholera, October 14, 1852.  Six children:  Sarah M. b. about 1826; m. Mr. James in 1905; one son.  Melissa.  William.  Andrew Jackson m. Virginia Smith.  Lucinda.  Julia m. Jacob Illk.
25        JOHN QUINCY (4) b. Dec. 6, 1808; d. 1870.
128      WILLIAM (4) b. in Pa. or Ohio, September 5, 1810; d. November 17, 1832, at his
father's home in Dearborn Co., Ind.  Single.
26        ALEXANDER (4) b. Jan. 26, 1812; d. _______.
129      MARY A. (4) b. in Pa. or Ohio October 14, 1816; d. 1860; m. Benjamin Stone, of Crab
Orchard, Neb. at home of Moses Latta, in Dearborn Co., Ind.   They moved to Hancock Co., Ills. then to Muscatine Co., Iowa where she died December 19, 1860.  3 sons: Goldsmith was a college professor and died at Crab Orchard, Neb.  Sylvester was a lawyer in South West, Kan.  George was a physician in Ok.  Stone Biography:  BENJAMIN S. STONE, a pioneer settler of Labette county, and one of the best farmers in his district, resides in section 21, Fairview township, Labette county, Kansas. He was born in Switzerland county, Indiana, February 19, 1840, and is a son of Benjamin F., and a grandson of Benjamin Stone, the latter a native of Pennsylvania.   Benjamin F. Stone was born in Ohio, in 1815, and moved with his parents from Ohio to Switzerland county, Indiana, when but a boy. In the early part of his life he followed the trade of a carpenter, but subsequently carried on farming. In 1842 he moved to Hancock county, Illinois, in 1849 to Muscatine county, Iowa, and in 1864 to Johnson county, Nebraska, where he died, November 10, 1900, aged eighty-five years, seven months, and ten days. He married Mary Latta, who was born in 1816, and died in 1860. They reared the following children: William G.; Benjamin S.; Sylvester; Moses; Joseph; Margaret (Laflin); Jennie; and Belle, deceased. Mr. Stone married the second time, and by this union reared four children. Politically, he was a Democrat, and served as a justice of the peace for some time. He was a lieutenant of the 1st Reg., Illinois Militia, in the Mormon War.  Benjamin S. Stone received his mental training in the schools of Muscatine county, Iowa. He learned the trade of a carpenter, which he now follows in connection with farming. In 1861 Mr. Stone enlisted in Company C, 1st Reg., Iowa Vol. Inf., and was in the Army of the West for three months. He then reenlisted in the 44th Reg., Iowa Vol. Inf., and was with the 16th Army Corps, under Gen. A. J. Smith. He enlisted as a corporal, and when he was mustered out, September 15, 1864, he was a sergeant. In 1860 he left Iowa and settled in Labette county, Kansas, making the trip by wagon, and reaching his destination in November. He first located in Oswego township, where he built one of the first log cabins in the county, as there were but three others in the village of Oswego. He remained in Kansas nine months, when he returned to Muscatine county, Iowa, and in 1875 again settled in Kansas, locating in Fairview township. In 1882 Mr. Stone bought his present farm, the southeast quarter of section 21, and has lived there ever since.  In 1862 Mr. Stone was wedded to Cornelia Lake, of Muscatine county, Iowa, and they have been blessed with four children, namely: Mary (Swanwick), who has four children; Cora (Paxton); W. Benjamin; and Josephine. Mr. Stone is a member of the G. A. R., Post No. 150. He is a Republican, in politics, and has served as school director for twelve years. He has done much to assist in the advancement and progress of Labette county, and is highly respected by all his fellow citizens.

27        CALVIN (4) b. Feb. 12, 1818; d. Feb. 4, 1892; m. Rachel Jenkins.
130       SARAH T. (4) b. in Dearborn Co., Ind. September 25, 1819; m. Victor M. Engle,
August 10, 1837.  She died in Muscatine Co., Iowa.  Children: A.B., Anabelle, Isabelle.
28        JAMES QUARY (4) b. Mar. 10, 1821; d. Apr. 1, 1869; m. Sarah Jenkins.
29        ROBERT WASHINGTON (4) b. Sept. 16, 1830; d. ______; m. Julie Ann Jenkins.
131      ISABELLE I. (4) b. April 21, 1828; d. April 20, 1850.
     {Three Latta brothers married 3 Jenkins sisters.}

                                                                                                          11   SAMUEL  POTTER (4) LATTA
     John (3) William (2) James M. (1).   Born near W. Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa. about 1803; d. near Severy, Greenwood Co., Kan. about 1878; m. Margaret H. Marshall, daughter of William Marshall.  She was born in Beaver (Now, Lawrence) Co., Pa. about 1816.  Died near Severy, Kan. about 1877.  He was a wagon maker, and worked on the Erie Canal.  He left Pa. in the spring of 1851, and stopped in Crawford Co., Ind. for 3 years, then went to Jackson Co. Iowa where he had some land, but on account of sickness he sold the land and went to Ills. and then to near Ft. Scott, Kan. where he lived on an Indian Trust claim.  Eleven children:
30      WILLIAM ANDERSON (5) b. Jan. 7, 1836; d. ________.
132     CATHERINE JANE (5) b. 1836; d. 1911; buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jackson County, Iowa; school teacher; m. John Paul Zitterrell in 1856.  Children:
William J.  Ida Grace Hammerstein.  Margaret C. Daniels. Samuel C.  Kate Tubbs.  Rose Bell.  In 1907 Catherine lived at Magnoketa, Iowa.    See Catherine Latta Zitterrell's grave at
133     MARGARET ANN (5) m. Abe Stoner, in 1854; lived at Ft. Scott, Kan.
134     JOHN (5) d. in childhood in Mercer Co., Pa.
135     MARY EASTER (5) b. 1842, died of measles in 1848 in Mercer Co., Pa.
136     SUSAN (5) died in childhood in Mercer Co, Pa.
137     LEVI (5) at age 14 years died of scarlet fever in Mercer Co., Pa.
138     ISABELLE (5) b. about 1849; m. James Wilson in Bourbon Co., Kan. 1867.  She
died there in 1874.
139     SAMUEL (5) Single.  Murdered in 1881 by a man named Pat McGowan, near Gainesville, Texas who wanted the land owned by a woman to whom Samuel was engaged to be married.  McGowan was hung at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. See Judge Parker's Hangings at Pat McGowan was convicted May 17, 1881 and executed Sept. 9, 1881.

140     MARY (5) d. July 3, 1904; m. Jacob Couley in 1874 at Greenwood, Kan.  He died
and she went to No. Texas, and two years later married D.N. Brothers and moved to Pottawattie Co., Okla.  One child, Ida.
141     BENJAMIN (5) b. Jackson Co., Iowa April 17, 1859.  Car Painter.  Single.  In
1907 living near Maud, Pottawattie, Okla.

                                                                                                             12 WILLIAM ROBERTSON (4) LATTA,
     Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1).  William Robertson Latta, son of Andrew Latta and Jennette Robertson, was born on December 27, 1798 in Pennsylvania.  The oldest of nine children, the family moved to Kentucky and then on to Ohio.  William married Mary Jane Miner, daughter of Robert Minor and Martha Skeen, in Jefferson County, Indiana on February 22, 1821.  To this marriage, ten children were supposedly born, but the names of only four have been found to date: David S. Latta, born 1824; Mary Jane Latta Meranda, born 1834; Sarah F. Latta, born 1835; and William Thomas Latta, born 1836.  William’s wife, Mary Jane Miner Latta, died about 1838, and William later married Rebecca S. Taylor on December 23, 1840 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana.  To this marriage, at least four children were born: Maria Elizabeth Latta, born 1844; George Taylor Latta, born 1845; Richard E. Latta, born 1849; and Alice Rebecca Latta Peelle, born 1850.  In the 1850 Census, William and his family are listed in North Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana.  William lists that he was born in Pennsylvania.  William Latta died on July 15, 1879 and is buried in the Albright Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.  He shares a tombstone with his son, Richard E. Latta, who died on December 7, 1873.  William’s son, Davis S. Latta, is also buried in the cemetery, along with his wife and several of his children.

414    WILLIAM T. (5) in 1913 living at Seafield, White Co., Ind.
Children by second wife:
142     ALICE REBECCA (5) m. Jesse E. Peele on Sept. 6, 1871 in Indiana. 
143     MARY JANE (5) m. _______ Meranda.
144    RICHARD E.  (5)  b. 1849; d. Dec. 7, 1873.
435    GEORGE TAYLOR (5)  b. 1835
436    MARIA ELIZABETH (5) b. 1844
437    DAVIS S. (5) b. 1824


                William Latta’s daughter, Alice Rebecca Latta married Jesse E. Pelle on September 6, 1871 in Indiana.  They join the Quaker church and on the Quaker records family card for Jesse E. Peelle and Alice R. Peelle, it states that she is the daughter of William Lotta of N. Madison, Indiana.  It is here that the family history gets interesting.  The Kokomo Tribune newspaper published an article on Sunday, June 12, 1988 titled “Lincoln lore sewn up in quilt” which traced a family quilt made by William’s wife Rebecca and her daughter, Mary through the family.  The article stated that “In 1865, after President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train passed through Indianapolis, restaurateur William Latta bought some of the black bunting that had been wrapped barber pole style around the columns of the Indiana Statehouse.  His wife and her daughter, Mary, placed the black mourning cloth, along with some red, green plaid and pink fabric, into a log cabin style quilt.”  Each strip of the barn raising pattern log cabin quilt is folded under so that the stitching is hidden.  The back of the quilt is red and black striped material. The quilt is in good shape, with the exception of the fading of the pink fabric.  The quilt had been kept in a plastic zippered bag in a cedar chest, and was only taken out on occasion. The articles goes on to say that the quilt was being featured in an exhibit at the Kokomo High School in a display titled “From Necessity to Art: a Century of Hoosier Quilts.”  At that time the quilt was owned by family member, Gregg Townsend.  Gregg stated that he received the quilt from his aunt, Ina Peelle Shrock, who received it from her mother Alice Rebecca Peelle.  The article stated that Alice had received the quilt from her mother and step-sister, Mary.  The article said that exact family history was not known, and it was believed that Alice Peelle was William Latta’s daughter, and that Mary was the daughter of Mrs. Latta (our research shows that Mary Jane Latta Meranda, who was born in 1834 to William and his first wife, may have been the Mary referenced in the article, making her Alice’s half-sister).  None of the census records for William Latta list him as owning a restaurant, but a search in the 1865 Indianapolis City Directory on page 98 shows that he was a partner in an “eating house and grocery” located at 113 S. Illinois, called “Latta & Meranda.”  The line above this lists “Latta, Wm. R. (L. & Meranda) res. 113 S. Illinois.  William Latta and his daughter, Mary Jane Latta Meranda (and possibly her husband) were running a restaurant and grocery store.  The newspaper article also stated that Gregg Townsend was very interested in history, and he enjoyed looking at old family photographs with Ina Shrock, and hearing about the quilt and other family memorabilia.  He also stated that the family kept a two-tined fork with a wooden handle that had a note attached to it, written in Ina’s handwriting, stating that Abraham Lincoln had used the fork when he dined at William Latta’s restaurant in Indianapolis.

                                                                                                                     13 JOHN ROBERTSON (4) LATTA
     Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Ky. April 20, 1809; d. March 10, 1872.
Married twice: (1) Rebecca Orr, at Attica, Ind.  She died July 9, 1837, 6 months after marriage of consumption.  Was buried in the cemetery at S. Attica.  (2) Sarah Harder, October 26, 1840.  She was born July 21, 1821 and died at Indianapolis, Ind., and was buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery, Marion, Ind.  He went to Ohio with his parents when an infant and about 1828 went to Attica, where he lived until his death, buried there in Riverside cemetery.  Children born at Attica.
145     CECELIA REBECCA (5) b. January 20, 1844; m. Moses A. Comer December
1889.  She was a writer.  In 1914 lived at Fontaine, Wabash Co., Ind.  Two children in Benton Co., Ind.
146    JOHN ROBERTSON (5) b. October 15, 1848; d. at Wellington, Kan. January 1894; b. at Riverside Cemetery, Attica, Ind.  Married twice: (1) Elizabeth Bunnell at Hoppston, Ill.  Child born dead. (2) Margaret A. Dixon, nee Cluster, at Kansas City, Mo.  No children.  She was born in Sistersville, W.Va. in 1851.  After his death she married Mr. A. Graff.  See Lineage Book, p. 144, D.A.R.
147     WILLIAM ROBERT (5) b. June 20, 1849; d. January 11, 1911 at Covington, Ind;
Buried Riverside cemetery, Attica, Ind.
148     WILHELMINA ROSETTA (5) b. June 20, 1849; d. September 15, 1850; b. in
Riverside Cemetery, Attica, Ind.

                                                                                                                14 ROBERT ROBERTSON (4) LATTA
     Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Ky., August 13, 1811; d. April 19, 1887;
b. buried Indianolia, Ind. Said to have married twice.  Family moved to Warren Co., Iowa about 1852. Many of the 12 children married and settled at Indianolia, Warren Co., Iowa.
Wife (1) Elizabeth ______. Wife (2) Harriet Silcott, married: March 18, 1834, Adams Co., Ohio. She was born July 1810. In: Loudoun Co., VA. Died: June 26, 1874 in Indianola Warren Co., Iowa. She was the Daughter of William Silcott & Elizabeth Darr.

1880 Census - Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa (

Latta, Robert R., age 68, retired farmer, born in KY; father born in PA; mother born in PA

Latta, Minerva J., daughter, age 25, born in OH

Next door is Jefferson L. Hockett, age 41, born in IN; engineer in mill; and wife, Virginia Hockett, age 36, born in OH, father born in KY.  (At IGS Pioneer Certificates, it lists Jefferson Hockett as marrying first "Martha Latta" and then "Virginia Latta."),+Latta&hl=en


Children by first wife:
149     MARION (5)  Killed at battle of Mission Ridge, Ga. November 25, 1863.  This
killed his mother.  It looks as if there might be an error in regard to Marion Latta.  In the Roster of Iowa Vols. 3d Inf. "G" Co. it reads:  LATTA, FRANCIS M. 20 years old.  Nativity, Indianola, Iowa.  Enlisted May 20, 1861.  Mustered in June 8, 1861.  Wounded slightly, September 17, 1861 at Blue Hills, Mo.  Promoted 5th corporal, February 1, 1863.  Killed in action at Jackson, Miss. July 12, 1863."  Many persons are called by their middle names.  I think the above is Marion Latta, who lived in Ohio, and removed to Indianola, Iowa, and that Marion was his middle name.
150     EMMA (5) m. Mr. Parker.  In 1910 lived at Indianola, Iowa.
151     ELIZABETH (5) m. Henry Spray.  In 1910 lived at Indianola, Iowa.
152     CARRIE (5).
153     ALBERT (5) b. 1839 Adams Co. Ohio - See Insert.

                                                                                                                                  15 JAMES (4) LATTA
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Ballefontaine, Ohio, November 13, 1796; d. near Ligonier, Ind. February 14, 1855.  Married 3 times:  (1) Elizabeth Seegar, March 17, 1821.  She was born in N.J. August 23, 1800, d. March 27, 1839 at Haw Patch, Indiana.  (2) Frances S. Goode of So. Bend, Ind. June 12, 1839; d. at Haw Patch, Ind. a short time after.  (3) Mrs. Craig, nee Eliza Jane Reeder of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio.  She died at Ligonier, Ind. poet and Methodist minister.  Wrote several books of poems and sermons.  Judge on the bench in early days.  In 1824 he went from near Urbana, Ohio to Bloomington, Ills.  In 1832 he went to Haw Patch, near Ligonier, Ind. where his grandparents were buried, also his parents. No children by second or third wife. {Please see end notes for more detail}
Children by first wife:
154  JAMES JOHNSTON (5) b. June 23, 1832; d. April 15, 1894.
155  JABEZ ELBERT (5) b. July 6, 1836; d. August 17, 1874.
35   EDEN REEDER (5) b. March 24, 1839; d. 1907.

                                                                                                                        16 WILLIAM (4) LATTA
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Guernsey, now Noble Co. Ohio. November 5, 1801; d. at "Fairlawn", Goshen, Ind. November 5, 1847; m. Matilda Prudence Layton, of Clark Co. Ohio, November 16, 1826.  She was born February 12, 1802; d. March 3, 1873.  He was the third son of Robert.  Farmer.  Lived near Goshen, Ind.  In 1828 went to Elkhart Co., Ind. and settled at "Fairlawn".  Was first probate judge of Elkhart Co. and director and vice president of the State Bank at Indianapolis, Ind. and had branches all over the state.  He was one of the prime movers and the first president of what is now the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad.  Methodist and strong Whig.  His business ability was above the average, and at the time of his death was considered one of the wealthiest men in the state.  Children:
36      JOHN MILTON (5) b. Sept. 3, 1827; d. March 6, 1855.
37      JAMES MELYNE (5) b. July 4, 1832; d. Dec. 25, 1896.
156    ISABELLA ELIZABETH (5) b. March 29, 1829; m. Henry B. Hulvey April 10, 1856.  5
415    HARRIET A. (5) b. April 17, 1834; d. March 1867; m. George D. Copeland, 2
157     MARY JANE (5) b. October 8, 1836; m. Wm. Bivins.  1 child, Mary.
158     ANNA LOUISE (5) b. March 6, 1844 ; m. Mansfield Farrell October 15, 1867.
159     SUSAN MATILDA (5) b. March 1, 1839; m. George Farrell, December 14, 1870.
children; Alonzo M., Joseph M., Porter M. George was married three times.
160     GUSTAVUS ALONZO (5) b. May 25, 1845; m. Miss D. Miller November 9, 1870.
161     SARAH CAROLINE (5) b. February 12, 1848; d. Denver, Colorado July 14,
1929, m. George C. Hackstaff in 1872.  One son, Louis, m. his cousin, Jessie M. Latta, daughter of James N. Latta at Denver, Colo., 1 child, Dorothy, who with her father died a few years after. Jessie then married Mr. Hoag of Houston, Texas.
162     ROBERT JOHNSTON (5) b. January 13, 1831; d. January 17, 1831.
163     WILLIAM JOHNSTON (5) b. November 6, 1841; d. October 12, 1843.

                                                                                                                 17 SAMUEL ALEXANDER (4) LATTA
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Described in Appleton's Ency. Am. Biog. History of Samuel Arminius Latta.

LATTA, Samuel Arminius, clergyman, born in Muskingum county, Ohio, 8 April, 1804; died in Cincinnati, Ohio, 28 June, 1852. His father removed to Champaign county, near Urbana, Ohio, where his house was a resort for pioneer Methodist preachers. The son first studied medicine, was licensed, and practiced for three years, during which time he read theology. He then became a local preacher in the Methodist church, and for several years practiced both professions. In 1829 he joined the Ohio conference, and was appointed to the mission of St. Clair, Michigan In 1830 he was stationed at Cincinnati, and in 1831 he was traveling agent for the American colonization society. In 1837 he was agent for Augusta college, Ohio, and in 1840 retired from active work in the church, owing to impaired health. He then removed to Cincinnati, where he resumed his medical practice. The degree of M. D. was conferred on him by the Medical college of Ohio in 1846. He was the author of a small medical work and " The Chain of Sacred Wonders" (2 vols., Cincinnati, 1851-'2).

Born April 8, 1804, at Bellefontaine, Ohio; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio June 28, 1852 of apoplexy.  Lived near Urbana.  Methodist minister and physician.
Married Twice: #1) Mary Ann Guthrie, niece of Rev. John Collins April 8, 1828; she d. July 15, 1829 On March 15, 1831 he married # 2) Caroline Blackman, who died February 27, 1870.  When he died his funeral was attended very numerously -- the physicians in a body; the preachers North and South were there. { Please see end notes for more detail}
Child by first wife:
 164    AUGUSTUS (5) Lawyer died of consumption June 8, 1869.  Single.
Children by second wife:
165     MARY ELIZABETH (5). m. Dr. J.C. Sparks.  Three sons, 1 daughter m. Harry
Hall.  Edward Samuel Lewis b. at Natick, Mass. August 24, 1855; m. Anna Carried Sparks at
Groesbeck, Ohio December 25, 1879; daughter of Dr. Joseph C. Sparks and Mary Elizabeth Latta.  She  was born at Groesbeck, Ohio July 2, 1856.  In 1900 lived at Columbus, Ohio. Children: Carrie born at Little Rock January 28, 1855; d. 1885.  Edward Rust b. Little Rock  February 23, 1886.  Harold b. Chattanooga, Tenn. December 21, 1888; d. at Cleveland, Ohio, January 30, 1891.  Carroll Herbert b. Cleveland, Ohio, April 6, 1895.
166    ROBERT B. (5) b. at Rossville, Butler Co., Ohio. February 8, 1836; d.  at
Lackland, Ohio 1894; m. Ann E. Bachelor at Lackland, November 10, 1864.  No issue.
Educated at Harron Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1852-4.
167     LEONIDAS J. (5) b. about 1842; m. Mrs. Dell.

                                                                                                                            18 JOHNSTON (4) LATTA
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Bellefontaine, Noble. Co. Ohio. January 12, 1807; d. January 5, 1873; m. Martha L. Copeland January 6, 1873.  She died on February 24, 1899. (ObituaryLatta, Martha, 78, died on the Hawpatch February 24, 1899.  She settled near her home with her husband in 1842.  She was the mother of William W. Latta who died several weeks ago, and the sister of John R. Copeland of Elkhart Twp.  Funeral was Sunday at the home of William Maroney on the Hawpatch. Albion Democrat 3-9-1899). She was a woman of strong character and interested in politics.  She lived at the old homestead, a beautiful estate 4 miles north of Ligonier at Haw Patch.  He was a man of perseverance and ability and a noted physician near Ligonier, Ind.  In 1841 he moved to Haw Patch, Ind. and lived and died on the old homestead.  He left each of his children a large farm.  Children:
38    WILLIAM WARREN (5) b. 1842.
39    JAMES NORMAN (5) b. Nov. 28, 1845; d. Nov. 21, 1895.
168   ISABEL (5) m. Reader J. Marony.  In 1914 lived at Haw Patch, Ind.  3 children:
Reader J., m. Winona Harrington.  Leroy m. Minnie Harrington.  Ruth.
169     FRANK (5) died in infancy.
170     MARY (5) m. Edward Narstow.  In 1914 she lived at Schnectady, N.Y. and in
1935 lived at Ithaca, N.Y.  Children:  Marjory.  Dorothy.
171     FRANK (5) m. Geraldine Vineyard; d. in 1898.

                                                                                                                 19 THOMAS NEWELL (4) LATTA
     Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Fayette Co., Pa. June 12, 1813; d. Sept. 27, 1867 in Bourbon Co., Ka.; m. in Pa. in 1846 to Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson of Cecil Co., Md.  In 1844 with his brother, William, went to Haw Patch, LeGrange Co., Ind. and bought farms.  Afterwards went to St. Louis, Mo. 

One child:
40   FRANKLIN ALEXANDER (5) b. Jan. 15, 1847 in LaGrange Co., Ind.; d. Mar. 23, 1902.

1850 LaGrange Co., Ind. Census

Thomas  Latta |  35 M   | Farmer | b. PA |
Elisabeth Latta  |37 F| b. PA|
Benjamin Latta | 3 M |b.  Indiana|
William  Latta | 24 M | Farmer | B. PA |
(could #40 Franklin Alexander have been "Benjamin Franklin Alexander Latta?)

                                                                                                                      20 WILLIAM (4) LATTA
     Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Pa. March 24, 1825; d. January 25, 1898 in Webster Co, Mo. and buried there; m. Mary E. Cunningham June 6, 1858.  She died July 16, 1907 in Kingman Co, Neb. at home of her son, Jonathan, aged 66 years, 3 mos and 12 days.
172     MARTHA JANE (5) b. February 28, 1860; m. Michael Zehr February 27, 1881.
Children: William b. July 7, 1882.  Samuel b. July 21, 1884.  Edward b. September 30, 1886.  John b. October 2, 1888.  David b. December 25, 1891.  Claud b. July 19, 1893.
41     JOHN HENRY (5) b. Jan. 23, 1865; d. Jan. 13, 1930.
42     JONATHAN S. (5) b. May 24, 1867.
173    SARAH A. (5) b. March 20, 1863;  m. David S. Gregg in 1907.  Lived at
Kingfisher, Okla.  No children.

                                                                                                                         21 JOHN (4) LATTA
     Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1)  Born December 23, 1801; d. in Wabash Co, Ind.
1853 by horse stepping on his breast causing lung fever. Farmer; m. in Wabash Co., Ind. to Mary Elizabeth Bowman, daughter of Jonithan Bowman, a soldier in the Revolutionary War and War of1812.  Mary was b. October 31, 1816; d. in 1881 at Wolcotville, LeGrange Co., Ind. 

 9 children:
174     EPHRAIM (5).
175     MARGARET (5) b. Wobash Co. Ind. September 1, 1839; m. twice, second time
to Mr. Estep.  Children: George.  Hiram. Jennie.  David.  Rose.  Lived at Hastings, Ind.
176     CHRISTINA (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. December 24, 1841; m. Andrew Yocum; d.
in Kosciusko Co., Ind. 1899.  Children: Josel.  Mirl.  Silas.  Loren.  William.  Hattie.
177     JOHN 1st. (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 18, 1843; d. in infancy.
178      SILAS (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. October 30, 1845.  Enlisted in the Civil War in
1863.  Died there.  Single.
179      SARAH (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 10, 1847; m. Elih Boon.  In 1906 she
lived at Stillwell, Ind.  Children: Charles.  Daniel.  Elizabeth.  Edward.  Laura.  William.  Fred.  Claude.  Maud. Melvin.  Oscar.
44      JOHN 2d (5). b. Nov. 14, 1849; d. April 18, 1893.
180     SAMUEL (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. October 12, 1851;  d. when small.
181      MARY ELIZABETH (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 17, 1853; m. Frank
Davenport February 11, 1872.  Children:  Anna.  William.  Carrie.  Grace.  Edna.  In 1874 they lived on a farm near LaPaz, P.O. Address R.R. 1, Box 57, Bremen, Ind.


                                                                                                                     22 EPHRAIM (4) LATTA

     Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Westmoreland Co, Pa. November 22, 1812; d. October 29, 1866; m. Diantha Kuffel March 4, 1838 at Congress, Wayne Co., Ohio.  She was born at New Lisbon, Ohio June 12, 1817,  d. 1874.  She was the granddaughter of Adam Poe, who was famous in the early history of Ohio having killed Bog Foot, the Chief, in a hand to hand encounter on the Ohio River, an account of which is given in early history of Indian wars.  Also in President Theodore Roosevelt's book, "Winning the West".  Blacksmith.  His family moved to Wayne Co., Ohio.  In 1841 he located to what is now called Lattasburg, Wayne Co, Ohio.  The village was named after him.  In 1844 he moved to Wabash Co., Ind. and died there.  Farmer.  Was highly respected. 

182     CATHARINE (5) b. at Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio November 29, 1838; m.
Miles Yocum, a farmer, at Congress, Ohio September 19, 1856.  In 1905 all living in Wabash Co., Ind.  Children:  Ira Elmer.  Susan Diantha.  Tabor Lucian.  Latta Ephraim, Miles Cameron.
183     WILLIAM ADAMS (5) b. November 14, 1840 at Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.
Enlisted in 1861 in 47th Ind. Regt.; d. February 26, 1863 in Service at Helena, Ark.  Single.
184     SARAH ANN (5) b. at Lattasburg, Ohio November 23, 1842; m. Levi Keagle,
merchant, June 16, 1867 at Roann, Ind.  In 1905 living at No. Manchester, Ind.  Children: Estella Arrolia, Elwood Vanness.  In 1905 cashier at Omaha, Neb.
45     TABOR SUMMERTON (5) b. March 25, 1845.
185    MATILDA JANE (5) b. February 13, 1848 at Roann, Ind.; m. there to Benson
Griswold February 10, 1876.  One child, Orra Vista.  In 1905 all living near Guadlajara, Mexico.  Mining.
46       IRA ADAMS (5) b. Oct. 15, 1850.
186     MARY EMALINE (5) twin to Elizabeth, b. December 21, 1853 at Roann, Ind.;
m. Alva L. Martin at Minneapolis, Minn. May 18, 1881 where they resided in 1905.  In 1877
they lived at Glencoe, Minn.  One child, Harry V.
187     ELIZABETH SAMANTHA (5) b. December 21, 1853 at Roann, Ind.; m.
Sherman K. Baker at No. Manchester, Ind.  Children:  Delight.  Theron.

                                                                                                                               23 DAVID (4) LATTA

     Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. October 17, 1812; d. in LaGrange Co., Ind. August 28, 1887.  Married twice:(1) Lavina Burnett.  She was born in Washington Co., Ohio in 1821 and was married in 1841. She died in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 29, 1847.  (2) Sarah Jane Schermerhorn Bain, widow of Peter Bain.  She was born April 19, 1811 in NYC, NY.  Sarah came to La Grange Co., Indiana in 1845 with her two children, and eventually married David Latta.  She died in LaGrange Co., Ind. September 29, 1892.  He lived at Lattasburg, Wayne Co, Ohio, afterwards in LaGrange Co., Ind.  Farmer.

Children by first wife:
188     MARTIN (5) b. in Washington Co., Ohio April 16, 1842.  Enlisted at Sturgis,
Michigan in "C" Co. 4th Michigan Vols. Civil War; d. single in the army in 1862 and was buried near Spotsylvania Court House, Va.
47     GEORGE (5) b. July 26, 1843.
48     SILAS (5) b. April 16, 1854.
189   CHRISTINA (5) b. in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 19, 1847; d. April 4, 1847.
Child by second wife:
190   ANN LESLEY (5) Born: Dec. 27, 1850. Died: Feb. 12, 1930. Buried: Woodward OK. Married:  Luke Brinley, July 29, 1869 in LaGrange, Ind. Children: Gertie, Samuel, Calvin, Margaret, Ora, Mary, David, Allen, Golda, Smilie, Iri, Winter.

                                                                                                                          24 SILAS (4) LATTA

     Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Pa. April 25, 1821; d. in LaGrange Co, Ind. March 2, 1860; m. Sarah Franks of Virginia at Mansfield, Ohio.  She died in LaGrange Co., Ind. May 12, 1906 at 84 years.  Tanner and farmer.  Held many prominent positions of trust, including Justice of the Peace.  Methodist.  Children, except Ephraim and Isaac, born in LaGrange Co., Ind.   A biography of Silas and his son, Ephraim Latta, from the LaGrange County, Indiana website reads below.

49     EPHRAIM (5) b. ________; d.  May 23, 1901.
50     ISAAC (5) .
191   MARY ANN (5). m. Naomi Slack,  In 1907 lived at Middlesbury, Ind.  Children: Ada.  Munro.  Milo.  Frank.
192   HANNAH VAN LURA (5) m. William Chrystler, brother of Sarah's husband, in St. Joseph County, Michigan. (St. Joseph Co. Index to Marriages 1832-1887 - E-92.  William's last name is spelled Christler).  In 1907 lived 3 miles west and 2 miles north of LaGrange, Ind.  Children:  William.  Albert.  Edith.  Mattie.  Charles.  Julia.  Samuel.  Fred.  Myrtle.  Cecil.  Louis. LaGrange Co., Ind. birth records show that one male child was born 5/6/1891 (He/45); one male born 11/2/1883 (H2/33) and one female born 12/16/1886 (H2/97).  Last name again spelled "Christler."
51     JOHN F. (5). married Eva Stowell in St. Joseph Co., Michigan.
52     WILLIAM SYLVESTER (5) b. Jan. 4, 1855.
53     DAVID M. (5) b. Nov. 28, 1857; d. 1935.
193   SARAH  JOSEPHINE (5) m. Mr. Chrystler, brother to Hannah's husband.
In 1907 lived at Vistula, Ind.  Children:  Addie.  Blanche m. Mr. Hoover.  Edward m. twice, second wife, Vera Haynes.

BIOGRAPHY - EPHRAIM LATTA is a native of Richland County, Ohio, and son of Silas and Sarah (Franks) Latta, of Pennsylvania and Virginia, respectively. Silas Latta, after coming to this township, lived six years on a rented farm. He served as Trustee and Justice of the Peace. After the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, he became a Republican; previous to that he had been a Democrat. He belonged to the M.P. Church, and died at his home, March 2, 1860, owning at that time 160 acres of partially improved land, a part of which is now owned by his widow, Sarah Latta. She is also a member of the M.P. Church and bore her husband eight children. Ephraim Latta enlisted August 12, 1863, and served with his regiment, Seventh Indiana Volunteer Cavalry, Company H, until they were mustered out, at Austin, Texas, February 18, 1886. He was married to Miss Jane A. Gammill March 26, 1868. Her parents, William A. and Sarah A. (Stuckman) Gammill, were both natives of Pennsylvania. They had four children. In 1851, Mr. Gammill went to California, overland, with a company of sixty persons, and died there September 27, 1853. Mrs. Sarah Gammill came to Indiana in 1856, where her death occurred in 1860. Mr. and Mrs. Latta are members of the M.P. Church, and have had six children - Silas W., Lou S., John F., George A., Mary P., and Freddie, who died December 25, 1881.
Source: "1882 History LaGrange County, Indiana" by F.A.Battey & Co., - Clay Township

                                                                                                                    25 JOHN QUINCY (4) LATTA

     Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1)  Born in Pa. or Ohio December 6, 1808; d. in 1870; m. three times: first to Sarah Morrison January 1, 1836.  Second wife, Martha Blue.  Third wife, Mrs. Martha Woods, widow with two children, Squire and Elizabeth.  He went with his father to Dearborn Co., Ind.  Stone mason.  Had wonderful strength and vitality.  Owned a grist mill, farm, etc.  After maturity moved to Wirt, Jefferson Co., Ind. near Madison. 

 Children by first wife:
194     ROBERT WASHINGTON (5).  Enlisted in Co., M. 10th Ohio Inf. Civil War; d. in
1870 of wound received in that war.  Single.
Children by second wife:
55   IRVIN I. (5). b. November 1855 (per 1900 census Jefferson Co., Ind.).
56   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (5). b. June 5, 1849; d. Mar. 5, 1917.
Children by third wife:
195   ETHAN ALLEN (5).
57    JOHN TAYLOR (5).
196   THOMAS (5).  Killed by accident in 1903 or 1904.  Single.  1900 - Jefferson Co.,
Ind; b. October 1850, single.  Stone mason.

                                                                                                                 26 ALEXANDER (4) LATTA

     Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Ross Co., Ohio January 26, 1812; m. Margaret Stopher, daughter of Mathias Stopher in Dearborn Co., Ind.  He went from Indiana to near Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Ind. where he died suddenly while the family was away.  Spent last 30 years at Skunk River, Iowa, near Brighton.  Had a fine farm. 

197    WILLIAM VOLNEY (5) b. Jefferson Co., Ind. April 27, 1848.  He was a genius
and mechanic.  Farmer until 30 years of age then engaged in different pursuits with the patients.  In 1933 still living.  Single.
58    BENTON (5) b. July 5, 1851.
198   MARTHA JANE (5) b. July 4, 1854, at Des Moines, Iowa.
199   SARAH ANN (5) b. June 1846.

                                                                                                                    27 CALVIN (4) LATTA

     Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Ross Co, Ohio February 12, 1818; d. at Decatur, Iowa, February 4, 1892; m. Rachel Jenkins in Ohio Co., Ind. March 19, 1846.  She was born in Ohio Co., Ind. August 25, 1824 and d. March 19, 1896.  Both buried at Davis City, Iowa. In 1820 went with his father to Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Ind.  In 1847 he settled in Muscatine, Muscatine Co., Ohio where he lived a year.  In 1855 he went to Akron, Harrison Co., Mo. and farmed until October 11, 1866 then to New Buda Tp., Decatur Co., Iowa, near Davis City.  Owned a farm of 240 acres under cultivation.  Democrat. 

200     MARY ANN (5). b. July 14, 1848 at Muscatine, Iowa; m. T.F. Bryant  September 22, 1883.
201     MOSES WASHINGTON (5) b. August 29, 1850 at Muscatine, Iowa; d. 1932.
202     MARTHA JANE (5). b. December 27, 1853; d. December 12, 1858.
203     SARAH MARGARET (5) b. June 24, 1856; d. February 12, 1859.
27a     WARREN JOHNSON (5) b. April 16, 1858 at Akron, Mo.; m. Harriett E Robbins March 19, 1890.
204      STEPHEN BENTON (5). b. May 23, 1861 at Akron, Mo.; m. Flossie Robison.
205      JOHN LEE (5) b. October 16, 1864 at Akron, Mo.; m. Esther C. Cooper October 10, 1897.  In 1939 lived at Independence, Mo. 

                                                                                                           28 JAMES QUARY (4) LATTA

     Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at or near Rising Sun, Ind. March 10, 1821; d. April 1, 1869; b. in Odd Fellows Cemetery near Lakeview, Lake Co., Ore.; m. Sarah Jane
Jenkins in Dearborn Co., Ind.  She died when son John was two years old, about July 1848.  Blacksmith. Worked at his trade in various lines in Illinois before 1850.  Went to Muscatine, Iowa when his wife and daughter died.  With his son, John, went to Harrison Co., Mo. then to California May 1,1864.  He lived at various places on the Pacific coast, Henly, Siskiyou, Calif., Clackamus Co., Ore. and other places.  He died suddenly and rather mysteriously while at Goose Lake, Ore. while out prospecting (from Ashland, Ore. where he raised horses) for a location in Goose Lake Valley, Ore.  He was found dead by his son in the woods.  It was thought he and others were poisoned by drinking from a poisoned spring as he was not robbed but everything was found with him.
206    EMILY (5) d. about 1853 when a baby.
207    JOHN QUARY (5) b. near Muscatine, Iowa July 27, 1850; m. Mary I. McKinney
at Seattle, Wash. July 14, 1892.  Daughter of Isaac S. and Nanch A. (Kayton) McKinney.  She was b. in Cass Co., Mo. May 5, 1857.  No children in 1905.  Lived with his grandmother until 7 years of age.  Lived for 16 years at Ashland, Ore.  Educated at Ashland High School (now State Normal).  Taught school for a while.  Clerked.  Was in business for himself and in 1884 at Tacoma, Wash.  Was in the real estate business.  Served at different stations.  On October 1, 1900 was appointed lighthouse keeper at Tatoosh, Wash.  Was there until 1908.  In 1910 went to Kent, Wash.

Cape Flattery Light, Tatoosh Island

Cape Flattery Lighthouse,
Tatoosh Island, Washington

Tatoosh Island is the very northwesternmost spot in the continental United States. The island is part of the Makah Indian Reservation, on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula. The lightouse is owed and operated by the U.S. Coast Guard. It marks the entrance to the Strait of Juan De Fuca, that wide and deep passage from the open Pacific Ocean to Puget Sound.

Tatoosh Island is not open to the public. The lighthouse is automated, and the island has no permanent inhabitants any more. Sometimes known as the "Galapagos of the Pacific Northwest," because its isolation and relatively pristine condition makes it a sanctuary for certain marine animals, providing a living laboratory for marine biologists.


                                                                                                     29 ROBERT WASHINGTON (4) LATTA

   Moses (3) William (2) John M. (1).  Born Des Moines Co., Ind. September 16, 1825; m. Julia Ann Jenkins at Muscatine, Iowa November 27, 1849.  Three brothers married three sisters.  Calvin m. Rachel Jenkins.  James Q. m. Sarah Ann Jenkins and Robert W. m. Julia Ann Jenkins, daughters of a widow who lived near the Latta homestead in Dearborn Co., Ind.  In 1864 Robert W. and James Q. left Mo. and Robert W. went to Otoe Co., Neb. and James Q. to the Pacific coast.  In 1867 Robert W. went to Holt Co., Mo. to Forbes, 25 miles northwest of St. Joe, Mo. He lived there until 1879.  His wife died September 15, 1872 and was buried near Forbes, Mo.  In 1879 he went to Sumner Co., Kan. near Anson and bought a farm and later another near Millerton, Kan.  In 1895 he sold out and went to the home of two or his sons near Caldwell, Kan.  In 1904 lived at Claire, Grant Co., Okla. 

208    WILLIAM (5) b. Muscatine, Iowa, September 1851; d. there November 1851.
59     JOHN MILTON (5) b. Sept. 23, 1853.
209    SARAH ISABELLA (5) b. Harrison Co, Mo. August 28, 1856.  In 1903 lived with her brother James on a farm near Claire, Grant Co., Okla.
60     WILLIAM BENTON (5) b. Dec. 3, 1860.
210   JAMES PERRY (5) b. Holt Co., Mo. May 25, 1869.  In 1903 owned a farm near Claire, Okla.
211    WALLACE (5) b. in Holt Co., Mo. September 3, 1872; d. September 24, 1872.




                                                                                                                   27a WARREN JOHNSON (5) LATTA

Calvin (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M (1) Born: April 16, 1858. In: Akron, MO. Died: _____. In: Davis City, Iowa. Married: Harriett E Robbins, March 19, 1890.
212     ALICE WILMA (6) Born: 1897. Married: Oscar Charles Tellier or Fellier. They had a
child named: Atta Leila Tellier or Fellier. She was born:1917. And Married: E.R.Jepperson. They had a child named: Diane Jepperson, Born: 1940. She Married: Norman Nichols, M.D. They had 3 Children; Cizanne, Rodger, Tanya.

History of Decatur County, Iowa
J. M. Howell and H. C. Smith, supervising eds. 2 vols. Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1915.


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Unless otherwise noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

Warren J. Latta is conducting a blacksmith shop at David City and has built up a large business by excellent workmanship and fair dealing. He was born in Akron, Missouri, April 16, 1858, a son of Calvin and Rachel (Jenkins) Latta, natives respectively of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The father was taken to Indiana by his parents when that state was still a frontier region and there grew to manhood. He turned his attention to farming and after following agricultural pursuits in the Hoosier state for several years removed to Muscatine, Iowa, where he engaged in teaming for some time. About 1855 he went to Akron, Missouri, where he farmed until 1866, when he came to Decatur county and purchased land in New Buda township. Is farm, which comprised three hundred and thirteen acres, was well improved, and he derived there from a gratifying annual income. He passed away in February, 1892, but was survived by his widow for four years.

Warren J. Latta was reared and educated in Missouri and New Buda township, this county, and continued to reside with his parents until they were called by death. He and four brothers farmed the place in partnership until 1905, when they divided the land, his share being eighty acres. From 1905 until 1914 he farmed independently but in March of the later year he sold forty acres and removed to Davis City, where he established a blacksmith shop, the only smithy in the town. While still living upon the farm he had for fifteen years done blacksmithing and had gained a reputation for excellent work in that line. He has met with gratifying success since coming to Davis City and derives a good income from his trade. He also owns a brick business building, two stories and basement, and holds title to his comfortable residence.

Mr. Latta was married on the 19th of March, 1890, to Miss Harriet Robbins, a daughter of John and Rachel (Davis) Robbins, natives respectively of Indiana and Ohio. The father, who was one of the pioneers of Decatur county, Iowa, bought land in Burrell township in an early day and gave the remainder of his life to the operation of his farm. He passed away in November, 1913, and his wife died in 1893. To Mr. And Mrs. Latta were born twelve children, five of whom died in infancy, the others being: Perry and James, who are in partnership with their father and who also conduct a garage and machine shop; Martha b., the wife of Clarence Vandall, who is operating land belonging to our subject; Maude, who married Otho Wishon, a resident of Harrison county, Missouri; Alice W., who is keeping house for her father; and Charles and George, who are attending school. Mrs. Latta passed away July 9, 1913, after a prolonged illness, and her demise was the occasion of much sincere grief, for she had many warm friends.

Mr. Latta is a democrat and has at all times performed his duties as a citizen conscientiously. While actively engaged in agricultural pursuits he was recognized as a successful farmer and stock-raiser and gave particular attention to breeding thoroughbred Percheron horses.  Since his removal to Davis City he has won a place among the town's prosperous residents and is highly esteemed here.


                                                                                                       30 WILLIAM ANDERSON (5) LATTA

     Samuel P. (4) John (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Mercer Co., Pa. January 7, 1836; m. Hannah Reed in Jackson Co., Iowa, July 10, 1865.  She was born in Mercer Co., Pa., daughter of John and Mary Buckias Reed.  In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla. and his boys were farming 640 acres as Sugar Creek Bottom, near Binger. 

213      CHARLES W. (6) b. Bourbon Co., Kan. November 13 or 15, 1866; m. Margaret Wiant of Greenwood, Kan. March 1, 1888.
214     SAMUEL POTTER (6).  In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.
215     FRANK (6)Also seen as "JAMES FRANKLIN LATTA".  In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.
216     MARSHALL (6).  In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.
217     MARGARET H. (6) b. Fort Scott, Kan. July 17, 1868. m. Byron Ezra Brown. Children, Jesse Allen, Jan.11, 1892. Blanche Elna, July 3, 1893. Roy Emmett, Jan. 31, 1895. Ross Harold, Mar. 28, 1899.
218     PEGGY ANN (6) b. Greenwood Co., Kan. Sept. 20, 1875; m. Burt Brown of Greenwood, March 14, 1887, d. at Binger in 1905.
219     NELLIE (6) lived at Binger, Okla.
220     MILLIE (6) lived at Binger, Okla.


                                                                                                                   31 MILTON MILLER (5) LATTA

     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Champaign Co., Ohio July 9, 1822; d. November 30, 1899.  Married twice: (1) Julia Ann McDevitt in 1845.  She was born December 31, 1821; d. June 16, 1861.  (2) Julia R. Redfield of Cass Co., Mich. about 1871.  In 1904 she was living at Goshen, Ind.  Physician and surgeon at Goshen, Ind.  Interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  (Obituary: Latta, Milton, Dr., of Goshen and one of the prominent surgeons of northern Indiana, was found dead in his office Thanksgiving eve.  The coroner found that death was caused by hanging.  He was found by a fellow practitioner suspended from a gas pipe with his toes touching the floor.  He was born in Champaign County, Ohio, July 9, 1822 and was 77 years, 3 months, and 21 days old at the time of death.  His father, James Latta, settled on the Hawpatch in 1833.  He leaves a wife and 5 children.  Growing age had weakened his business and unbalanced his mind.  Twice recently he was found on the railroad tracks in the middle of the night and twice he swallowed poison.  For 52 years he occupied the same corner for an office.  He assisted in forming the first medical society in Elkhart County 54 years ago.  Albion Democrat 12-17-1899.) A sketch of his life was published in the Goshen Democrat December 2, 1899.{ Please see end notes for more detail}  His children were all born at Goshen.

Children by first wife:
221    MARY ELIZABETH (6) b. April 14, 1846; d. at Goshen May 2, 1861; m. Dr. Charles C. Sparklin.  No children.
222   JULIA ELVENA (6) b. August 23, 1848; d. October 18, 1869; m. Chas. B. Harris.  In 1904 he was U.S. Consul at Nagaki, Japan, appointed by Pres. McKinley.
223  JAMES McDEVITT (6) b. March 1, 1850.
61    CHARLES CLARENCE (6) b. June 2, 1852; d. 1910.
62    WILLIAM JOHNSTON (6) b. July 15, 1856; d. May, 1932.
63    HENRY PEARCE (6) b. Oct. 21, 1858; d. Mar. 26, 1926.
224   ROBERT SEEGAR (6) b. August 31, 1860.

Children by second wife:
225    ANNA REDFIELD (6) b. March 14, 1878.
226    LOUISE DORA (6) b. November 8, 1876; d. March 26, 1877.


                                                                                                     32 WILLIAM JONATHAN (5) LATTA

     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Champaign Co., Ohio February 2, 1824; d. February 4, 1851; m. Catherine Wineland November 5, 1856.
One child:
227    JOHN WESLEY (6) b. at Elkhart, Ind.; d. in California.  Was cashier at bank in Goshen, Ind.


                                                                                                          33 ROBERT SEEGAR (5) LATTA

     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in McLean Co., Ill. November 12, 1826; d. at Oasis, Cherry Co., Neb. February 13, 1900; m. Mary Tumbleson of Haw Patch, Ind. December 22, 1848 in Eden Tp. LaGrange Co., Ind.  He was a prominent Methodist minister.
64   WILLIAM CARROLL (6) b. Mar. 9, 1850; d. Dec., 1935.
228  SARAH JOSEPHINE (6) b. in Jay Co., Ind. April 26, 1852; m. 3 times:  Mr.
Davis, by whom she had 3 children: Schuyler, Hiram and Charles.  By Mr. Masters, by whom she had 2 children: Ethel and Josephine.  By Mr. Exinger, no children.
65   MILTON NIMMON (6) b. July 18,1853.
229  MARY CAROLINE (6) b. in Olmstead Co, Minn. October 15, 1856; m. Frank R.
LaGourgue about 1872.  In 1928 living on a ranch at Anaheim, Calif.  Children:  Carl.  Alta.
Bernice.  Robert.
66   JAMES THEODORE (6) b. Sept. 23, 1858; d. 1935.
230  MARGARET ELIZABETH (6) b. in Olmstead Co., Minn. September 23, 1858; d.
September 23, 1858.  Twin with James Theodore.
231  GEORGE LINCOLN (6) b. Perry Tp. Noble Co., Ind. April 30, 1862; d. April 2,
1893 at Kennedy, Neb.  Engineering and farmer.  Single.
67   CHARLES LEWIS (6) b. Nov. 6, 1864.


                                                                                                          34 SAMUEL LEMON (5) LATTA

     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Named Lemon after a Methodist minister.  Born on a farm near Bloomington, Ill. January 16, 1830; m. Frances E. Pearce of Baltimore, Md. February 19, 1858.  She was born in 1838 and d. at Warsaw, Ind. January 30, 1905.  He went to Ligonier, Ind. where the family resided for many years on a large farm.  He invented the Latta Butter Worker and the Latta Steam Heater with m.f. near Ligonier. 

232   NINA ELIZABETH (6) b. at Ligonier, Ind. February 14, 1861; m. Frank Montgomery at Ligonier in 1865.  He was born at Manchester, Ohio December 5, 1855.  In 1908 he was living at Indianapolis, Ind.  Children:  Helen Edna.  Mary Winona.
233   FLORA WINONA (6) b. near Winona, Minn. August 26, 1858; m. Jesse A. Rice at Ligonier, Ind. in 1882.  He was born near Altoona, Pa. in 1854.
234   ERNEST WELLS (6) b. Ligonier, Ind. June 4, 1865.
235   JOSEPH LEMON (6) b. So. Bend, Ind. June 11, 1876.

                                                                                                         35 EDEN REEDER (5) LATTA

     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Haw Patch, Noble Co., Ind. March 24, 1839; m. Mary Elizabeth Wright at Delhi, Iowa September 29, 1863.  She was born at Springtown, Hendricks Co., Ind. March 2, 1843 and died of fever at Osterdock, Iowa August 2, 1907.  He was an instructor in the public schools at Colesburg, Iowa.  In 1912 lived at Osterdock, Iowa.  Minister and noted as a poet and hymn writer.  Among his hymns was "Whiter than Snow".  Wrote 1600 songs and hymns, many of which have been printed in foreign languages and sung in this and other countries.  Also the author of a new and excellent system of short hand writing.  For family reasons he changed his first and middle names to that of a brother of his stepmother. 

68   ARTHUR WRIGHT (6) b. Aug. 29, 1864.
236  ROBERT NELSON (6) b. at Montana, Boon Co., Iowa July 28, 1868; d. at Guttenburg, Iowa May 23, 1888.
237  JENNIE MAY (6) b. at Manchester, Iowa June 11, 1870; d. at Debuque, Iowa September 14, 1901.
238   LOUIE CLAIRE (6) b. at Greely, Iowa August 21, 1874 at Edgewood, Iowa October 17, 1877.

The Des Moines Tribune (Des Moines, Iowa) 24 Feb. 1910

                                                                                                                   36 JOHN MILTON (5) LATTA

     William (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 3, 1827 d. March 6, 1855; m. Lydia ___.  Had at least one child:
239     ALICE (6).



                                                                                                        37 JAMES MELYNE (5) LATTA

     William (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at "Fairlawn" near Goshen, Ind. July 4, 1832; d. there December 25, 1896 of Brights disease; m. Elizabeth Potter Jack. He
married on October 22, 1864 Elizabeth Potter Jack of Greensburg, Pa. (D.A.R. No. 9572, Goshen, Ind.).   { Please see end notes for more detail}
240  WILLIAM JACK (6) b. October 26, 1865 at Washington, D.C.; m. Mary Lesh August 9, 1894.  In 1914 at Sanitarium at Mt. Clements, Mich.
241   LOUIS MELYNE (6) b. at Washington, D.C. April 25, 1867; m. Elizabeth Jackson September 14, 1894.
242   JAMES MELYNE JR. (6) b. at Washington, D.C. December 14, 1875.  Enlisted as a private in the Spanish War.  Transferred to the Hospitable Corps as a doctor.  In 1908 lived at "Fairlawn" and in 1914 at Nirvana, Mich.
243    LOUIS (6).  In 1914 lived in Va.
244    FLORENCE ROMAYNE (6) b. at Washington, D.C. December 14, 1877; m. B.S. Warren.  Lived at Detroit, Mich.
245    CARLISLE EVANS (6) b. November 17, 1872.  In 1898 enlisted in Calif. Vols. to go to the Philippines.
246    WALTER ROY (6) b. February 1881; d. August 22, 1881.
247    GORDON (6) b. at Boston, Mass. January 18, 1884.  Killed by explosion of acid tank of Mexican Crude Rubber Co. at Detroit, Mich.  Educated at the Episcopal School in LaGrange Co., Ind. at Highland Park Military Academy and at Pursue Inst. 33d degree Mason.

                                                                                         38 WILLIAM WARREN (5) LATTA

     Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Goshen, Ind. 1842; d. Jan 30, 1899.  Married twice: (1) Harriet M. Jackson, daughter of Fred'k K. and ___ (Winder) Jackson.  She was born in 1846 and died in 1870 and was a woman of splendid education, had a remarkable sweet voice and was an excellent pianist.  (2) Alice Layton.  She died in 1831 and was buried in Eden Cemetery near Ligonier, Ind.  He went with his parents to a farm 4 miles north of Ligonier.  Farmer and live stock breeder. (Obituary: Latta, William  W., 57, died January 30 from the effect of paralysis, a few hours after the first indications of the stroke.  Proprietor of the Hawpatch stock farm, and one of the best-known and extensive horsemen in this portion of the state, he died at his home 4 miles north of Ligonier Monday.  Immediate cause of death was epileptic paralysis of the stomach.  He bred some excellent horses, and Hawpatch, after whom the farm was named, was the first great one produced by Mr. Latta.  At the age of 14 he was sold for $12,000.00.  Edison was the fastest horse produced by him.  Mr. Latta was 56 years of age and leaves a wife and 2 sons.  Albion Democrat 2-2-1899).
Children by first wife:
248   WILLIAM H. (6) b. November 5, 1868.  On June 15, 1929 he was killed in an automobile accident near Carmel, Ind. (see paragraph below); m. Carrie Hunt on June 24, 1895.  She was a celebrated writer and wrote serial stories.  He was graduated from the Ligonier High School then he attended the DePauw Univ. at Greencastle, Ind. for 4 years and was graduated.  The next year he returned to the university to attend the law school.  Practiced law at Indianapolis, Ind.  In 1904 was the trial lawyer for the street railroad company.  Had a large private practice.  See my Scrap Book for his wonderful will.  Will probated June 17, 1929.  Estate closed December 2, 1936.  Twelve percent paid creditors.  See my Book of Wills.
249    WARREN E. (6) died in infancy.
Child by second wife:
69   MAURICE LAYTON (6) b. 1887; d. 1928.


“William H. Latta, age 60, attorney for the Indianapolis Street Railway Company, was killed instantly at about 9 o’clock Wednesday night at a crossing north of Carmel, when he was struck by a southbound Monon passenger train.”  So read the account of the death of William H. Latta in The Noblesville Ledger, Noblesville, Indiana, on Thursday, June 13, 1929.  William H. Latta was the son of William Warren Latta and his first wife, Harriet M. Jackson.

                William Latta graduated from Ligonier High School, and married Carrie Hunt on June 24, 1895.  She was a celebrated writer and wrote serial stories. Mr. Latta was a graduate of DePauw University, an instructor in that institution for many years and later a member of the board of trustees.   Newspapers articles concerning his death stated that he was well known in the area and unusually polite in his trials in court and was held in high regard by the lawyers and others who knew him.

                The events of the days leading up to the death of William H. Latta were reported in the numerous newspaper articles concerning the accident, the coroner’s report, and the inevitable court hearings held concerning his estate.  On the day of his death, Mr. Latta was traveling to Shortridge High School for commencement exercises in a rental automobile, when he telegraphed his sister-in-law, Mrs. Agness Calbert, and stated that he could not attend the exercises because his automobile broke down at Plainfield.  When questions arose as to why Mr. Latta was traveling on the back roads instead of the state highway, Mr. Latta’s brother-in-law, Mr. Hunt, stated that Mr. Latta preferred to travel the side roads as he liked to drive slowly and view the country through which he was passing, and that back-road driving was a sort of hobby with him.

                William H. Latta’s first wife, Carrie Hunt had died two years before his accident.  His fiancé, Miss Margaret Emma Sander stated that they met aboard the steamship Ansonia, on which they were returning from Europe in August 1927.  She stated that she had driven to Indianapolis with Latta on Sunday, June 9th and stayed until Monday, when she returned to her home in Forth Wayne.  She said that was the last time she saw him, although they had talked over long distance telephone on Tuesday.  They were to have met in New York on Saturday, June 15, and were to have been married on Monday and sail on the steamship Aquitania, on which ship Latta had already booked passage.  Miss Sander was a pianist from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Miss Sander was 41 years old, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Sander of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Mr. Latta already had an apartment furnished at the Marott Hotel at Indianapolis, where he and his intended bride expected to make their home upon their return from Europe.  Mr. Latta was considered very wealthy and had made several gifts to the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis.

                William Latta’s body was mangled, and the machine was carried several hundred feet down the track by the train which is said to be one of the fastest on the Monon road.  It was a through train from Chicago to Indianapolis.  Latta’s left leg and arm were broken, skull and chest crushed and there were a number of other cuts and bruises about the body.  Coroner Frank Evans ordered the body picked up and taken to the O. W. Nutt undertaking parlors at Carmel and it was later taken to the funeral home of Flanner and Buchannon at Indianapolis.  Mr. Latta was survived by two brothers-in-law, John and George Hunt.  Mr. Latta had been making his home at the Claypool hotel since the death of his wife.

                At the inquest held at the office of County Coroner Frank Evans, Arthur M. Holmes and Jack Nowling, engineer and fireman of the Monon train No. 31 which struck the automobile, stated that when they first saw the car, the train was about five car lengths from the crossing.  The train was traveling at about 45 mph, but they were able to slow to about 40 mph before they struck the automobile.  They stated that Mr. Latta was looking out of the automobile window on the left side of the car, apparently not realizing that he had stopped on the tracks.  Frank Alfred of Carmel, an employee of the Indiana Bell Telephone Company of Indianapolis, testified that he was returning home the night of the crash and that he saw the automobile on the tracks 400 feet ahead of him, with neither headlights nor taillights burning.  Another witness, Miss Virginia Brooks of Carmel, testified that she was sitting in an automobile at the Carmel Wesleyan Church when she heard the crash and testified that she saw no lights at any place in the direction of the scene before the crash took place.

                The autopsy was made in the interest of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, a company interested in the life insurance and accident policies carried by Mr. Latta.  The accident insurance companies had a large amount of money at stake and as their policies only cover in the case of accidental death, they protested payment of $85,000 in insurance, claiming that Latta’s death was due to suicide and that circumstances of the death indicate a scheme to defraud.  They also alleged that Latta made false answers in applying for insurance.  Miss Ander, Latta’s fiancée, was made the beneficiary of $40,000 of accident insurance.  Polices in which Miss Sander was name beneficiary were carried with the United States Casualty Company and Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, $20,000 with each.  The $10,000 balance of a $30,000 policy carried with the Hartford Company was to go to DePauw University of Greencastle, of which Latta was a graduate and trustee.  Other beneficiaries were relatives of Mrs. Carrie Latta, who died several years prior. They were two nephews and a niece.

                William Latta also owned 650 share in the Hoosier Casualty Company valued at $50,000 and 666 2-3 shares in the Mid-West Insurance Company, valued at $25,000.  There was a $9,000 note against the Mid-West Insurance Company stock, and the funeral home where Mrs. Latta’s funeral was held also filed a claim for monies owned to them for her funeral. Another claim was filed for the rental car that was demolished in the accident.   Newspaper accounts further stated that Mr. Latta had borrowed $9,000 from the bank and at the time of his death, that amount had not been repaid.  A record of Mr. Latta’s bank account was read to the jury in the legal action filed, and stated that at one time, Mr. Latta had a large amount of money on deposit but it had dwindled to practically nothing previous to his death.

                The Will of Mr. Latta was filed at Indianapolis the Monday following his death, and contained unusual provisions.  Miss Sander, his fiancé, was to receive ¼ of the estate, after certain bequests were carried out.  Two nephews and DePauw University were to have the other three-fourths of the estate.  The Will created a trust fund for various purposes to run for 200 years, the total amount at that time to be $160,000,000.  The various purposes set out in the will include the Carrie Hunt Latta Memorial Library in memory of his wife, the Indianapolis Conservatory of Music, the Art Institute, for DePauw University, and for the creation of the Latta University, to be created when money became available in 150 years.  Then Ligonier, his old home, was to get $6,000.000 in 200 years.  Present gifts of $10,000 were supposed to create the great funds in coming years, if the world stilled exists and such purposes as provided in the will were still worth while.

                After conducting an examination of witnesses for over a week, the coroner determined that Mr. Latta died as a result of being struck by the train, but he could not determine if the death was accidental.  Final court hearings in the matter ruled that W. H. Latta did not commit suicide, and ordered the insurance companies to pay the proceeds, including interest which had accumulated in the two years that it took to rule on the matter.


                                                                                                              39 JAMES NORMAN (5) LATTA

     Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Haw Patch, LaGrange Co., Ind. November 28, 1845; d. there November 21, 1895; m. Mary Ellen Minnich of Enon, Clark Co., Ohio.  She was born there in 1850; d. at Los Angeles, Calif. about 1906.  In 1900 she was living at Topeka, Kan. and in 1904 at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  He was a farmer and member of the Indiana Legislature in 1891. 

250     HAIDEE (6) b. about 1873; d. 1881.
251    JESSIE NORINE (6) b. September 22, 1875; d. in Calif; m. her cousin, Louis Hackstaff at Denver, Colo. June 1900.  He and one child, Dorothy, died a few years after.  In 1905 she m. Mr. Hoag, a lawyer, and lived in Okla.
252     KEITH NORMAN (6) b. July 6, 1878; d. in Mexico.  In 1905 lived at Los Angeles, Calif.

                                                                                40 FRANKLIN ALEXANDER "Frank" (5) LATTA

Franklin Alexander Frank Latta Buried in the Red Creek Cemetery, Kimble County, TX.

     Thomas H. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 15, 1847; d. March 23, 1902; m. Elizabeth Ellen Thomas, daughter of John and Philemene (Howell) Thomas July 4, 1867.  She was born in Clark Co., Ill.  They lived in Kan. for 8 years then went to London, Kimble Co., Texas November 1874 where he died.  In 1908 she was living with her son, Oscar, at Austin, Texas.  Children:
70      OSCAR L.  (6) b. Sept. 14, 1868; d. Aug. 2, 1954.
253    ARABELLE MAE (6) b. in Kansas May 1, 1873; m. David M. Stewart June 8, 1887.   Children:  Orlan b. January 23, 1889.  Alfred b. November 4, 1891/  Mamie b. April 6, 1897.  Everett b. July 17, 1900.  Jewell b. August 12, 1902.  Elton b. July 6, 1904.

Find A Grave: Frank Latta was born near Hawpatch, LaGrange, County, Indiana...which is close to Lake Michigan. In the 1850 census of Indiana, it shows him listed as being 3 yrs. old...and named we think his name was Benjamin Franklin Alexander Latta. In 1860 he was living in Clearspring, LaGrange Co., Indiana and aged 13. Soon, he and his mother and father moved to Ft. Scott, Kansas..via St. Louis, MO. They lived in Xenia, Bourbon County, Kansas, which was just north and west of Ft. Scott. In Sept. 1862, at the age of 15, Frank was mustered into the Union Army. He fought in many battles, in the four corners area of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He was discharged, July 14, 1865 at the age of l8. in Atchison, Kansas...where his parents met him. He married his wife, "Lizzie"...(who was born in Clark Co., Illinois), when he was 20 yrs. of age on July 4, 1867. His father, Thomas Newell Latta...died 2 mos. later. In 1870, Frank's mother, Elisabeth, was ill...and living with Dr. Albert Allen in Ozark, Osage, Allen Co., Kansas...near Ft. Scott...where Frank, Lizzie and baby Oscar were living in 1870. In 1873, when he was 26....Belle Latta was born. (Granny Stewart). In November of 1874, when Oscar was 6 yrs. 2 mos. and Belle was 1-1/2 yrs. old...the family moved to San Antonio, and then to Junction City, Texas. Frank had lived in Kansas 12 to 13 years before moving to Texas when he was 27 years old. Frank was the first sheriff and first school teacher of Junction. He owned land in the Red Creek area and donated land for the cemetery and the school. He survived all the hardships of war, to end up dying near London, by being kicked by his favorite horse. He contracted pneumonia and died shortly afterwards. He was only 55 yrs. old. He is buried at the Red Creek Cemetery. 
In 1887, Dave Stewart (age 22) married Belle Latta..(age 14). Oscar was 19 and Frank was 40. Oscar Latta and Dave Stewart were close in age.  In 1887, Oscar Latta killed Golden Hensley. He was 24 yrs. old.  Frank donated the land for the Red Creek Cemetery. 

                                                                                                       41 JOHN HENRY (5) LATTA

     William (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born January 23, 1865; d. January 13, 1930.  Called Henry.  Married Blanche Club on July 30, 1893.  In 1908 had a large farm at
Norwich, Kan.  R.F.D. 

254     ELMER WARD (6) b. Cherokee Strip, Okla. May 8, 1894; d. November 24, 1898.
255     GLADYS MAY (6) b. Norwich, Kan. July 26, 1897; m. S.L. Sparr,.
256     ELLEN (6) b. Norwich, Kan. July 28, 1902; m. A.C. Bomholt.
257     MARGARET GRACE (b) b. Norwich, Kan. January 26, 1905.
258     WILLIAM ALLEN (6) b. Norwich, Kan. January 17, 1911.  Mechanical engineer.  Traveling salesman for Pollock Paper & Box Co. of Dallas, Texas.


                                                                                                   42 JONATHAN S. (5) LATTA

     William (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1)  Born May 24, 1867; m. Bertha Helm June 12, 1895.  Farmer.  Lived at Norwich, Kan. 

259     ROBERT WILLIAM (6)(Seen As: William Robert) b. January 4, 1901. Died: July 17, 1972.
260     CLARENCE PERRY (6) b. August 5, 1903. Died: April 30, 1996.
407     JONATHAN RALPH (6) b. July 31, 1908. Died: June 17, 1961.
408     FRANK M. (6) b. Oct. 18, 1912 Died: March 12, 1962.

                                                                                                            43 EPHRAIM (5) LATTA

     John (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Wabash Co. Ind. 1857; d. in the  army;  m.  ___. 

Two children, both died in infancy.
261     ___ (6).
262     ___ (6).

                                                                                                           44 JOHN 2d. (5) LATTA

     John (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Wabash Co., Ind. November 14, 1849; d. at Palastine, Ind. died 1905; m. Rebecca Jane Kehler.  She was born in 1849, and died in 1923.  In 1906 she was living at Palestine, Ind. 

One child:
263     ELMER EDWARD "BONNIE" (6) LATTA.  There was a story that when Bonnie was born someone said what should we name him, and someone else said Bonnie, because his eyes are like "Bonnie Blue Eyes." He was born January 4, 1880 in or near Palestine, Indiana, a small community a few miles south of Warsaw, Indiana, county seat of Kosciusko County.  He died in Warsaw, Indiana March 2, 1963 of Septicemia. 

                                                                                                 45 TABOR SUMMERTON (5) LATTA

     Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Roann, Wabash Co., Ind. March 25, 1845; m. Geraldine F. Moore.  She was born at Seville, Medina Co., Ohio August 23, 1844.  He enlisted in 138th Ind. Vols. 1864.  Served to end of the war; m. June 6, 1867. Postmaster at Silver Lake, Ind. during Grant's term. Many years in employ of C.R.I. & Pac. Railroad.  In 1906 in employ of Elevated R.R. at Chicago, Ills. 

264    DORA LEONA (6) b. at Silver Lake, Ind. September 13, 1870; m. Arnold Heberly September 17, 1890.  Children:  Geraldine.  Pauline.  Otto.  Ruth.
71     OTTO MANSFIELD (6) b. Dec. 22, 1872.
265    SALENDIA DIANTHA (6).  Born at Peru, Ind. December 8, 1875; m. Herald Roysen August 4, 1900.  Children:  Rohgna. Margarete.
266     IRA POE (6) b. at Peru, Ind. August 11, 1878.
267     EDITH MAE (6) b. at Peru, Ind. March 5, 1882; m. Thomas A. Rowsey.

                                                                                                           46 IRA ADAM (5) LATTA

     Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Roann, Ind. October 15,
1850; m. Elizabeth W. Snyder December 28, 1880.  She was born at Minneapolis, Minn. June 26, 1856, daughter of A.J. and Priscilla Snyder.  Ira, in spring of 1877 went to Glencoe, Minn.  Was in the lumber business.  One of the organizers of the First national Bank of Glencoe.  Was its first vice president and later president.  Went to San Jose, Ca. in 1889 where he lived with his family in 1933.  Extensively engaged in the culture of fruits and nuts, also interested in merchandizing, manufacturing and mining.  Children born in Glencoe, Minn.
268     FLORENCE GERTRUDE (6) b. December 5, 1881.
269     EDNA IRENE (6) b. November 15, 1882.

                                                                                                          47 GEORGE (5) LATTA

     David (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Washington Co., Ohio, July 26, 1843; m. July Shire April 10, 1847.  Enlisted at Lima, Ind. in "G" Co. 30th Ind. Vols. September 1861.  Discharged at Indianapolis, Ind. September 1864.  Children all born in Herring Co., Mich.
270         DAVID GEORGE (6) b. February 6, 1878.  In 1907 lived at Kansas City, Kan.
271        CECELIA ROWENA (6) b. February 20, 1878; m. James A. Clayton March 14,
1906.  Lived at Temasachie, Mexico.
272        MYRTLE LAVINA (6).  Twin to Mabel Grace b. December 12, 1882.  In 1907
lived at Guthrie, Okla.
273        MABEL GRACE (6).

                                                                                            48 SILAS (5) LATTA

     David (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born April 16, 1854; at Kissimee, Fla. February 16, 1938; m. Lorinda Buck of Battle Creek, Mich. January 13, 1872.  She died August 12, 1916.  He then m. Sadie Beelman of Kissimee, Fla. February 17, 1921.  She was born at Leipsic, Ohio November 26, 1873.  In 1933 she was living at Kissimee, Fla.  Silas and first wife buried at Guthrie, Okla.  He enlisted at LaGrange, Ind. February 3, 1862 in "G" Co. 20th Ind. Vols.  Discharged at Huntsville, Ala. February 3, 1865.  In 1907 lived on rice plantation at Rosenburg, Texas.  Children all born at Stephensville, Mich.
274     LAURA MAY (6) b. May 25, 1873; d. September 16, 1873.
275     JESSIE PEARL (6) b. December 19, 1874; d. at Holdredge, Neb. August 24, 1882.
276     DAVID (6) b. April 11, 1878; d. at Holdridge, Neb. September 7, 1882.
277     MAUD (6) b. February 22, 1882; m. Frank Schmenschal at Rosenburg, Texas February 22, 1903; d. there September 12, 1905.  No children.
278      MYRTLE ARTLISA (6) b. June 19, 1876; d. at Holdridge, Neb. September 8, 1882.

                                                                                                   49 EPHRAIM (5) LATTA

     Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Richland Co., Ohio; d. May 23, 1901; m. Jane Ann Gammill March 26, 1868, daughter of Wm. A. and Sarah A. (Stuckman)
Gammill of Pa.  Enlisted August 12, 1863 in "H" Co. 7th Ind. Vol. Cav.  Mustered out at Austin, Texas, February 18, 1866.  Served under Capt. John M. Moore.  Methodist.  Children:
72    SILAS WALTON (6).
279  LOU S. (6). m. Burritt S. Walter.  In 1934 lived at LaGrange, Ind.  Four children:
Rollo No. m. Lola Baker.  Franklin B.  Nina M. m. Forrest Aldrich.  Russell L. m. Wilma
Simmis. Monroe S. m. Nina Haglind.
73     FRANK J. (6).
280   MARY PIRT (6) m. Elbert Merrifield.  Children: Edna m. Harvey Yocum. Sidney
m. Iva Choler. Phillip m. Virginia ___. Vera m. John Cline.  Freda m. Forrest Miller.  Howard.
74     GEORGE AUGUSTUS (6) b. Oct., 1875.
281    FRED (6) d. December 25, 1881.  An infant.

                                                                                                              50 ISAAC (5) LATTA
     Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Married Rose Kiser.  In 1919 lived at 225 Upton Street, Battle Creek, Mich. 

282     EPHRAIM (6) b. 11 Sept. 1874; d. 7 Aug, 1938.
283     WILLIAM (6).
284     JENNIE (6).
285     MINNIE (6).



                                                                                                             51 JOHN F. (5) LATTA

     Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born LaGrange Co., Ind.; m. Eva Stowell in St. Joseph County, Michigan.  Index to Marriages in St. Joseph Co., MI 1832-1887 (E-128).  In 1907 lived Shelby, Ind. 

 Children lived there 1928.
75   THOMAS (6).
286  SILAS E. (6).
287  BLANCHE (6) m. Mr. Doty.  Children: Vada, Virgie, Bernice, Wavagene, and Robert.
288   ESS (6) m. ___.  Children:  Nina, Emma, Glenn, Mabel, Ernest, and Clarence.  Bessie M.  Edith A.  Lived Shelby, Mich. in 1928.
76   JOHN D. (6).
289  EDITH (6) m. Mr. Nave.  Child: Paul.  Lived Gary, Ills. 1928.


                                                                                           52 WILLIAM SYLVESTER (5) LATTA

     Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 4, 1855; m. Laura B. Hoffman in 1879, daughter of Israel and Katharine Hoffman at Sturgis, Mich.  She was born in Pa. August 17, 1854.  Farmer.  In 1907 both lived 4 miles west of LaGrange, Ind. 

Children all born in LaGrange Co., Ind.: 
290    CORA CATHARINE (6) b. December 22, 1879; m. Mr. Myers.  She graduated from high school with class of 1900.  Attended State University at Bloomington, one summer.  Taught 7 terms of school and attended Ft. Wayne International Business College.  In 1907 working for Wayne Abstract Co. at Ft. Wayne, Ind.
291    CLARA MAY (6) b. January 28, 1881; m. Walter Atwater of LaGrange, Ind. in 1900.  Graduated with class of 1900.  Children: Maynard W. b. in LaGrange Co., Ind. July 19, 1901.  Marion.
292   GEORGE WASHINGTON (6) b. March 12, 1883; d. in 1884.
293   GRACE BELLE (6) m. Earle Bullock of LaGrange Co. May 1906.  Graduated from LaGrange High School, class of 1903.  Taught one term of school in state of Mich.  In 1907 lived at S. Milford, LaGrange Co., Ind.
294    HARRY CECIL (6).  Attended public school until 15 years of age.  In 1907 lived with his parents on farm.


                                                                                                  53 DAVID M. (5) LATTA

     Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born November 28, 1857 in LaGrange Co., Ind.; d. in 1935; m. Catherine A. Kountx March 27, 1889.  She was born in LaGrange Co., Ind.  In 1936 they lived at LaGrange, Ind. Route 3. 

One child:
77   SILAS H. (6).


                                                                                       54 WILLIAM MORRISON (5) LATTA

     John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Indiana; d. at Meade, Kan.; m. Stella Wilson.  She was born at Madison, Ind.; d. at Bisbee, Ariz. 1906; b. at Meade, Kan.  He served in the Civil War in 3rd Ind. Cav.  Lived for a while at Bowie, Texas.  Afterwards lived with his brother, Benjamin, until his death; b. at Meade, Kan. 

Four children:
78   WILLIAM ROSCIUS (6). b. 1867.
79   LEONIDAS (6) b. 1869.
80   ROBERT WASHINGTON (6) b. September 17, 1871.  Twin with brother, Richard.
295  RICHARD ALLIOTT (6) b. September 17, 1871.  Shot by accident in Old Mexico January 10, 1905.  Single.


                                                                                             55 IRVIN I. (5) LATTA

     John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born November 1855; m. Sarah J. __________.  Lived with his brother at Wirt, Ind. 

One daughter:
296     ___ (6).


                                                                                         56 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (5) LATTA

     John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Rising Sun, ____ Co., Ind. June 5, 1849; d. March 5, 1917 at Fowler, Kan.; b. there; m. Louise Virginia Smith July 15, 1874.  Went to Montgomery Co, Mo. in 1869 and worked for his Uncle Parker Rogers.  In 1884 went to Meade Co., Kan.  His children, except Mary, born in Montgomery Co.  Farmer.

81   VIRGIL WILLIS (6) b. August 1875; d. 195___.
82   OLIVER PERRY (6) b. September 26, 1777.
297  BERTIE ELIZABETH (6) b. December 26, 1879; m. Jeramiah Emmert.
298   EFFIE MARIA (6) b. September 26, 1881; m. Delbert Wetmore.
83   ELBA IRVIN (6) b. Dec. 24, 1883.
299 MARY ETTA (6) b. Fowler, Kansas, October 3, 1895; m. Easton Galway.


                                                                               57 JOHN TAYLOR (5) LATTA

     John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born ____; m. twice: (1) Mary Crenfite.  No children.  (2) Emma Miller.  With his brother Benjamin bought 40 acres of land, and farmed it together.  Later both went to Kansas.  From Wichita Co., Kan. where his children were probably born, he went to Rising Sun, Ind. in 1892.  Later returned to Kansas.  In 1908 lived at Wirt, Ind.  In 1931 at Nevada, Mo. 

300     MARY (6).
301     JOHN (6).
302     LUCY (6).


                                                                                                                   58 BENTON (5) LATTA

     Alex. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Walnut Tp. Jefferson Co., Iowa July 5, 1851; m. Matilda Manchester; b. October 9, 1864.  She died at Kansas City, Kan. October 20, 1914.  He lived at Leon, Iowa and in 1933 at Kansas City, Kan. 

303     VIOLET (6) b. Eden Tp. Decatur Co., Iowa, January 20, 1884; m. Ellis Wilson.
In 1936 lived at Leon, Iowa.  2 children.
304     SOPHRONIA (6) b. Eden Tp. May 23, 1885; m. Thomas Smith.
305     GROVER (6) b. Eden Tp. November 27, 1886.
306     RACHEL (6) b. Eden Tp. January  20, 1888; m. Mr. McFarland.
307     ETHEL (6) b. Eden Tp. May 2, 1889, m. Mr. Overholster.
308     STEPHEN (6) b. Hamilton Tp. Decatur Co., Iowa July 10, 1892.
309     ANNA (6) b. July 26, 1894; d. July 9, 1920; m. Mr. Arnold.
310     SYLVESTER (6) b. Hamilton Tp. October 6, 1895; d. September 1, 1896.
311     MARY (6) b. Hamilton Tp. December 26, 1898; m. twice: (1) John Burkhart. (2) Theora Snethen.  Lived at Pleasanton, Iowa.
312     JOHN MARION (6) b. Hamilton Tp. December 26, 1898.
313     LAWRENCE (6) b. Hamilton Tp.
314     AGNES (6) b. Hamilton Tp. July 9, 1906; m. m. Mr. Varner.
315     FLORENCE (6) b. Hamilton Tp.; m. Mr. Drop, or Samangon.


                                                                                                         59 JOHN MILTON (5) LATTA

     Robert W. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1) b. Musscatine, Iowa September 23, 1853; m. Jennie Hardy of East Norway, Doniphan Co., Kan. July 3, 1888.  Went with his parents to Harrison Co, Mo. when a child, to Otoe Co., Mo. to Neb. in 1864, to Holt Co., Mo. in 1867.  Named after Dr. Milton M. Latta.  On October 14, 1874, while making railroad ties in Andrew Co., Mo. near Savanna he met with an accident which lamed him for life.  He then studied telegraphy, but soon quit that to teaching school.  He taught for six years in Doniphen Co., and Sumner Co., Kan.  He took a course of medicine in the University of Michigan, graduating in June 1883.  Went to Millerton, Sumner Co, Kan. where he practiced until 1904.  He then went to Wichita, Kan. July 3, 1888.  In 1908 lived at Wichita, Kan. 

316     TRINE HARDY (6) b. December 13, 1890.
317     ROBERT HARDY (6) b. November 2, 1892.
318     JOHN HARDY (6) b. August 28, 1898.


                                                                                                        60 WILLIAM BENTON (5) LATTA

     Robert W. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Harrison Co, Mo. December 3, 1860; m. Carrie Walton of Conway Springs, Sumner Co., Kan. in 1895.  In 1904 owned a fine farm near Claire, Grant Co, Okla. 
319     VERA (6) b. in Grant Co., Okla. May 14, 1898; d. Nov. 15, 1986.
416    JOHN BAIER (6) b. June 4, 1901; d. March 10, 1968.
417    HELEN L. (6) b. Nov. 1, 1902; d. Oct. 1, 1975.
418    DENINA R. (6) b. Sept. 19, 1904; d. Aug. 7, 1988.
419    FARINA (6) b. Sept. 19, 1907 near Nardin, Grank Co., OK.
420    NADINE (6) b. Sept. 13, 1910; d. Nov. 13, 1995.
421    WOODROW WILSON (6) b. Sept. 28, 1912.


                                                                                                                         213 CHARLES W (6) LATTA

William A (5) Samuel P (4) John (3) William (2) James M (1) Born: Nov. 13, 1866  at: Bourbon Co., Kan. (Also seen: Jackson Co., Iowa) Married: Maggie Wynant (Wiant), March 1, 1888 at: Greenwood, Kan. She was born about 1880 in Kansas and died: May 28, 1962 in Sweet Home, Oregon.
397     SIDNEY (7) Born: 1898, Piedmont, Kan. Married: Geneva Sargent.
398     MABEL (7) Born 1901. Married: Marion Gant.
399     HARRY MIKE (7) Born 1905. Married: Thelma Grizzle.
400     GLADYS "Babe" (7) Born: 1907. Married: William Dixon.

                                                                                                             61 CHARLES CLARENCE (6) LATTA

     Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Goshen, Ind. June 2, 1852; d. there about 1910; m. Edna Laura Case in Goshen, Ind.  She was born at Middlebury, Ind. March 4, 1852.  He was a traveling salesman for 25 years and in manufacturing business at Goshen. 
320   CLARENCE CASE (7) b. at Goshen, Ind. May 30, 1877; d. there September 17,
321   OLIVER LYMAN (7) b. at Goshen, Ind. January 13, 1879.
322   ROY LELAND (7) b. July 7, 1883.  Advertising writer.  Lived at St. Louis, Mo. in
323   LOUISE (7) b. March 26, 1888.

                                                                                                       62 WILLIAM JOHNSTON (6) LATTA

     Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Goshen, Ind. July 15, 1856; m. Mary Janette Harbach, at Des Moines, Iowa.  Physician.  Graduate from N.W. Medical School of Chicago, Ills. in 1881.  Lived at Des Moines in 1903.  Was President of Latta Life Annuity Assoc.  In 1907 lived at Pueblo, Colo.  In 1932 lived at Wagon Mound, N.M. where he died in May 1932. 
84    LOUIS MILTON (7) b. November 1889.
324  SARAH JANETTE (7) m. Jerry S. Saylor at Forest Hills, Ore. in 1914. 
Circa 1900. Left to Right: Helen Ives, Sarah Latta, Louis Latta, Harriet Ives, Ada Kell.
Des Moines Register Obituary

Louis M. Latta, 61, former Iowa resident, died Friday in Los Angeles, Cal., friends here were informed.

Mr. Latta died en route to a hospital in an ambulance. He had been in ill health several years. He was the son of the late Mrs. Mary J. Latta of Des Moines and the grandson of Louis Harbach, pioneer Des Moines resident.

Mr. Latta was born here and attended Des Moines schools. He later was in the lumber business in Glidden, and was manager of the Green Bay Lumber Co. in Indianola for several years before moving to California about 15 years ago. He retired from the lumber business there a year ago.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Anita Latta; a son, Robert, of Los Angeles; and a sister, Mrs. Jerry S. Saylor of Oswego, Ore. Services and burial will be Tuesday in Los Angeles. 
Anita B <i>Blohm</i> LattaForest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA

                                                                                                                      63 HENRY PIERCE (6) LATTA
     Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born: October 21, 1858. Died: March 26, 1926. Married: Katharine Lydia Martin Oct 24, 1894. She was born at Plainwell, Mich. June 7, 1869, daughter of John Summerfield Martin and Jemima Courtwright Huff "Martin". In 1904 lived at Toledo, Ohio.  In 1905 at Mobile, Ala. 
85    MILTON MARTIN (7) b. Sept. 23, 1895.
325  HARRY SUMMERFIELD (7) b. Toledo, Ohio December 16, 1897; d. November
18, 1918.
86   WILLIAM CHARLES (7) b. March 1, 1899.

                                                                                                                   64 WILLIAM CARROLL (6) LATTA
     Robert S. (3) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at La Porte, Ind. March 9, 1850; d. at Lafayette, Ind. December __, 1935; m. Alta E. Wood at Mason, Mich. July 10, 1879.  She was born at Woodville, N.Y. March 16, 1854.  She died in 1940.  They are both buried at the Spring Vale Cemetery, Fairfield Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

{ Please see the end notes for more detail}

 All his children were born at Lafayette, Ind.
326     BERTHA (7) b. July 6, 1884; died in 1960.
327     ROBERT WOOD (7) b. May 3, 1886.  In 1915 was professor at State College
N.M.  In 1928 lived at So. Bend, Ind.; died in 1970.
328     PAULINE L.(7) b. August 4, 1890; m. Rev. H.J. Reemtsma, Presbyterian minister, September 7, 1921.  In 1934 he lived at McAlester, Okla.  Children: Carol Elste b. January 19, 1923.  Henry Keith b. December 5, 1925.  In 1928 he lived at Madera, Calif.; Pauline died in 1955.
329     MARY (7) b. November 19, 1894.  Insurance agent.  Lafayette, Ind.

                                                                                                               65 MILTON NIMMON (6) LATTA
Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M (1) Born in Perry Tp. Noble Co., Ind. on July 18, 1853. He died May 16, 1929 at Valentine, Cherry County, Nebraska. Married twice. (1) Martha McThena. They were married in Perry Township, Noble County, IN on Dec. 5, 1875. (2) Willetta Marsters. They were married at Taylor, Loup County, Nebraska on October 4, 1885. Invented the Latta Wheel Machine, and other inventions. In 1907 lived at Oasis, Neb. In 1928 Valentine, Neb.
Child by his first wife:
330     NONA (7) Died young.
Children by his 2nd wife:
87      NILES (7) b. April 16, 1887.
332     VERA (7) Born: March 21, 1890. Married: Mr. Klingaman
333     GUY (7) Born: October 10, 1892. Killed.  See Story
334     MARY WANDA (7) Born: March 17, 1903. Died: March 18, 1905.
335     AUNO (7) Born: July 15, 1905.

                                                                                                                  66 JAMES THEODORE (6) LATTA
     Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Olmstead Co.,
Minn. September 23, 1858; d. in 1935; buried in Noble Co.; m. Abigail Simpson April 25, 1881 in Noble Co., Ind.  Abigail was born in 1862 and died in 1931.  James and Abigail are buried in the Oak Park Cemetery in Noble County, Indiana. Owned farm near Albion, Ind.  In 1908 Treas. Noble Co. (Obituary: Latta, James T., 76, of Ligonier, former county treasurer and county councilman, died Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Willard Slabaugh in Ligonier. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Slabaugh, and Mrs. James Sullivan of Grosse, Point, Mich.; 11 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; one brother, William of Lafayette; and two sisters in Calif.  Funeral was Monday at Ligonier U. B. Church. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. +4-?-1935)
336    ZUILA ESTELLA (7) b. at Millersburg, Ind. March 18, 1881; m. Willard Slabaugh at Ligonier, Ind. June 5, 1911.  Children: Keith Elmer,  Dorothy Evelin, Everett, Forrest.
337   THURLOW ROBERT (7) b. at Ligonier, Ind. July 2, 1883; d. March 16, 1924; m.
Blanche Gerkin May 24, 1905.  No children.  Thurlow and Blanche are buried in the Oak Park Cemetery, Noble County, Indiana. (Obituary: Latta, Thurlo, 40, a lifelong resident of Ligonier and community, and a son of former county treasurers, James Latta, died March 26 in that city from brain fever.  He was a plumber by trade and a member of the Masonic, Maccabees, Eagles and Foresters Lodges. Funeral was at the U.B. Church in Ligonier Friday.  There remains to mourn his wife, Blanche; the parents, 2 sisters, Mrs. Willard Slabaugh of Ligonier, and Mrs. J. E. Sullivan of Detroit; 2 nieces and 7 nephews.  Democrat 4-3-1924)
338   ORTA LEILA "Leila" (7) b. at Ligonier, Ind. January 4, 1895 ; Married: James Sullivan
at Ligonier, Ind.  on July 8, 1913.  Children:  Donald Latta Sullivan,  James Richard Sullivan,
Betty J Sullivan, Keith Edwin Sullivan,  Laura M Sullivan, Anabelle Sullivan, Lawrence

 1880 Census - Noble Co., IL, Perry Township
         Latta, James, 24
         Latta, Abbie, 18

 1900 Census - Noble Co., IL, Perry Township
         Latta, James, 41
         Latta, Abigail, __
         Latta, Zuila, 19
         Latta, Thurlow, 16
         Latta, Orta, 5

 1910 Census - Noble Co., IL, Perry Township
         Latta, James, 51
         Latta, Abigail, 47

1910 Census - Noble Co., IL, Ligioner
         Latta, Blanche, 23
         Latta, Thurlow, 26

1920 Census - Noble Co., IL, Ligioner
         Latta, Harlow, 35
         Latta, Blanche, 32

1920 Census - Noble Co., IL, Perry Township
         Latta, James, 62
         Latta, Abigail, 57

1930 Census - Noble Co., IL, Perry Township
         Latta, James, 71
         Latta, Abigail, 66

1930 Census - Noble Co., IL, Ligioner
         Latta, Blanche, 43

                                                                                                                           67 CHARLES LEWIS (6) LATTA
     Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born November 6, 1864 at Ligonier, Ind.; m. Daisy Stilwell, daughter of Elias Stilwell, on March 1, 1896.  In 1908 lived on a stock ranch and dairy farm near Oasis, Neb.  Children:
88      WILLIAM THEODORE "Willie" (7) b. Dec. 11, 1896.
339     RALPH STILWELL (7).
340     ROSCO (7) b. February 2, 1901; d. March 18, 1901.
341     OLIVER KEITH (7) b. June 17, 1902.
342     IDELL (7).
343     IRIS (7).

Biography:  Charles L. Latta, residing in Kennedy precinct, Cherry county, is one of the old timers of this region, having come here in 1887, and has done his full share in the upbuilding of the community in which he chose his home. Mr. Latta is a native of Noble county, Indiana, born November 6, 1864, on a farm. His father, Robert S. Latta, followed farming, serving as minister in the Methodist church, of which he was for a time an itinerant preacher. He was a native of McLean county, Illinois, a man of superior mind with a vein of poetry in his nature which he was able to express in choice English. Of his many poems none perhaps excels in thought and expression "The Bells of Ligonier." The mother, Mary Trimbleson, was of English and Pennsylvania Dutch stock. Our subject is the youngest in a family of eight children, and was reared in Indiana, attending the country schools and assisting his parents in the farm work until he was sixteen years of age, then started out for himself, following farm work for a time near his home. In 1880 the family came to Nebraska, locating in Gage county, from which region Charles returned to Indiana in the spring of 1882, attending Purdue University at Lafayette until fall of 1885, three school years. In the winter of 1887 the family removed to Loup county, remaining until September, 1890, when they started overland to the Black Hills, settling near Custer City. Here they operated a saw mill and were doing well until the panic of 1893, which proved disastrous to many enterprises. Saving what they could from the wreck of their enterprise the family came to Cherry county in 1893, settling on Gordon creek, where the parents continued to reside until 1900. Our subject took up a homestead of four hundred acres in section 10, township 30, range 30, and proved up on it. He worked this place for himself, and then moved back on his father's ranch, running the two places, the latter situated in section 12, township 30, range 30. The latter tract containing one thousand one hundred and twenty acres Mr. Latta purchased, making a most desirable ranch, all located on Gordon creek. The places are well improved and well stocked, running about two hundred head of cattle and twenty horses, one favorable feature of the region being its freedom from swamp fever.  On the 1st of March 1896, Mr. Latta was married to Miss Daisy M. Stilwell, daughter of Elias Stilwell, an old settler in Cherry county, now residing on his ranch at the east end of Hackberry lake, where, in 1907, he erected a fine new residence. He first came to Nebraska in 1883, opening a harness shop in Wilsonville, removing to Cherry County two years later, plying his trade in Valentine many years. He was married in Kansas to Miss Emma Crees, of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Latta have a family of four children, named as follow: Willie, Ralph, Oliver and Idell. School is a difficult problem in the sparsely settled ranch country. Being in no district whatever, Mrs. Latta has solved the problem by holding school daily for the usual term in their home.  Mr. Latta devotes his entire time and attention to the building up of his home and ranch, and is highly esteemed as a worthy citizen and good neighbor in his locality. He is a Socialist and strong believer in the rights of that party. He is a member of the Valentine lodge Modern Woodmen of America.




                                                                                                                 68 ARTHUR WRIGHT (6) LATTA
     Eden R. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Dennison, Iowa, August 29, 1864; m. Nora Becker.  He lived t Millville, Ohio, June 27, 1806. 

344     RALEIGH ORDO (7) b. June 30, 1910.
345     HELEN MARY (7) b. May 16, 1906.

                                                                                                                 69 MAURICE LAYTON (6) LATTA
     William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2). James M. (1).  Born 1887.  Died in 1928 and buried in Eden Cemetery north of Ligonier, Ind.  Married Helen Roberta Watchorn.  He was born in Noble Co., Ind. in or near Ligonier.  She died in 1920 at Ligonier, Ind.  (Obituary: Latta, Maurice, 50, Noble County road superintendent the last 2 and one-half years and a lifelong resident of this community, died Saturday at St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne, following an operation for removal of his gall bladder and appendix. He was born on a farm near Ligonier, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Latta.  The mother survives.  The father died several years ago.  He was a member of the Elks Lodge of this place.  Also surviving are 2 sons, Carlyle of Chicago, Donald in Colorado; one stepson, Milburn, and one stepdaughter, Aleah, at home. 2-4-1928.)

89   CARLYLE MELYNE (7) b. Dec. 5, 1900.
90   DONALD BARRINGTON (7) b. Sept. 1, 1902.

                                                                                                 70 OSCAR (6) LATTA

Oscar L Latta Buried in the Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Val Verde Co., Texas

     Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 14, 1868 in Kan.; Died Aug. 2, 1954. In 1908 living at Austin, Texas. Member of the Texas Rangers under Capt. Rogers.  In 1921 he was Sheriff and Tax Collector and living at Junction, Kimball Co., Texas. Married twice: # 1) Mamie Earwood, September 8, 1889.  Children all born in Kimble (Kimball) Co., Texas. # 2) Amanda Mae Jeter. She was born May 1, 1878. In 1968 a historical marker was placed on the courthouse grounds in Junction City, Kimble Co., TX titled "Fight of Sheriff's Posse with Cattle Rustlers."  It reads as follows: "On Feb. 6, 1897, Sheriff John L. Jones and deputies T. C. Taylor, Oscar Latta, John Gardner, T. W. Frazier and Bob Owens found Jim and Jourd Nite (brothers) and J. C. Crane with cattle and horses stolen from James and Peterson and John Gardner.  In following fight, Crane and Jourd Nite were killed while Jim was wounded.  Crane and Jourd Nite were buried at the scene of the battle.  Jim Nite recovered and later at his trial, March 30, 1897, (held in earlier courthouse on this site) was convicted and sentenced as John Underwood." 
346     LAWRENCE EDWARD (7) b. September 17, 1900.
347     FRANK (7) b. June 26, 1903.
348     JOHN D. (7) b. November 29, 1906.
349     PAUL (7) b. _______; d. pneumonia around 1928.
350     LOFTON HENDERSON (7) b. _______

Find A Grave: Oscar Latta was the only son of Frank and Lizzie Thomas Latta. He was born in Xenia, Kansas and came with his parents and sister, Belle, to Texas by wagon in Nov. of 1874. He married Julia Emmogene Hensley Aug. 26, 1890 and had a son named Chester Arthur Latta, born in 1891. In May of 1892, she left Oscar and moved back home. On Aug 6, 1892, amid their tumultuous divorce, Oscar shot and killed Julia's father, Golden Hensley. He was acquitted of the crime. His divorce was granted Oct. 30, 1893. Oscar then became a Deputy Sheriff in Kimble County under Sheriff John L. Jones. John Turman was a deputy along with him. On Feb. 6, 1897, he along with others in the posse, shot and killed Jourd Nite and Jim Crane, members of an outlaw cattle rustling gang. They were considered "The Last of the Dalton Gang"…as the Nite brothers were on the Lam for a bank robbery in Longview, Texas they had pulled off with Bill Dalton and Houston Wallace who was killed during that crime. John Turman was killed the following year by Gip Hardin, a brother of John Wesley Hardin. That same year, Oscar signed on with Co. F. Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers in San Diego, Duval County, Texas. In 1899 he marries Mamie Earwood and they live in the Red Creek Community of Kimble County, Texas. They had five boys. (1) Lawrence Edward; (2) Frank; (3) John D.; (4) Paul; and (5) Lofton Henderson Latta. Oscar's father, Frank Latta, died in 1902. He was kicked in the chest by his gentle saddle horse and he developed pneumonia and died several days later.  In 1912 they were living in Brady, McCulloch County, Texas and Oscar was a Deputy Sheriff under City Marshall Paul Sheridan. In 1914, he was back living in his old home in the Red Creek Community. In 1918, he lost his wife Mamie. In 1922, he marries Amanda May Jeter, daughter of Benjamin Stell Jeter. They move to Del Rio, Texas. His son, Paul, dies in 1928.  In 1932, at the age of 64, Oscar rejoins the Texas Rangers. In 1934, his mother Lizzie Latta, dies. In 1946, his firstborn son, Chester Arthur, dies.  Oscar passes away in Del Rio at the age of 85. His wife lives until 1963 when she, too, passes away.

C A Arthur Latta C. A. "Arthur" Latta, first born son of Oscar Latta

Wife: Eve

Children: Orval L. Latta (1915-1973)

Baby Boy Latta (1916-1916)

All buried at the Elm Grove Cemetery, Roddy, Van Zandt County, Texas

                                                                                                       407 JONATHAN RALPH (6) LATTA
      Jonathan S (5) William (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M (1) Born: July 31, 1908. Died: June 17, 1961. All the family information on # 407 Jonathan was given by both; # 409 "Corrine" Latta & # 412 "Colleen" Latta.
Married 3 times,  *1) Wife: Pearl Dietz, Married: May 9th 1926 in: Anthony, KS. Jonathan abandoned his family sometime in 1930/31. Pearl borrowed the money and divorced on Aug. 13 1938. She was born Jan. 8, 1906, OK, Territory, now called Grant Co. She is still living This Dec. of 1997. *2)(Not Legally Married) Wife: Hazel Bernetta Angelo, She was Born: October 4, 1906 at Wymore, Nebraska. Died: Jan. 16, 1981. *3) Wife: Nola Z. Walker, Married: Sept. 22, 1945, Wichita, KS.   

*Children of the 1st:
409   BETTY "CORRINE" (7) (Never used her first name) Born: Apr. 26, 1927, Latta
Farm, Harper, KS.  Married: John Daynne Afton, Sept. 3, 1948 in: Wichita, Ks. 3 children all born at Wichita, KS.; Alan Daynne Afton, Born: May 6, 1951. Judith Ann Afton, Born: Dec. 21, 1953. Michael John Afton, Born: Dec. 4, 1956.
410   BONNIE JEAN (7) Born: Feb. 5, 1929, at: The Dietz farm, Manchester Tw., Grant Co., OK. Married: Shirley Ronald Black, July 30, 1948, Wichita KS. 3 children all born in Wichita KS; Ronda Sue Black, Born: Feb. 17, 1951. Janet Gay Black, Born: Apr. 29, 1953. DeAnna Kay Black, Born: Dec 27, 1958.
411   THELMA "ANN" (7) Born: Feb 24, 1931. Alfalfa Co., OK. Married: Joseph Anton Friedel, Sept. 22, 1949. Wichita, KS. 8 Children all but one born in Wichita, KS; Daniel Joseph Friedel, Born: Aug. 3, 1953 in Oceanside, CA. Sandi Lynne Friedel, Born: Oct. 8, 1955. Glory Ann Friedel, Born: June 8, 1957. Eric Paul Friedel, Born: Oct. 11, 1958 Died: July 15, 1989. Stacy Marie Friedel, Born: Feb. 10, 1960. Lisa Kay Friedel, Born: Oct. 30, 1961. Kelli Rene Friedel, Born: Sept. 9, 1963. Mitchell Scott Friedel, Born: Dec. 31, 1964.
*Child of the 2nd:

412   VERDA "COLLEEN" (7)Born: April 21, 1931. at: Topeka, Kansas. (Her birth record list
Jonathan as her father.) Married: Mr. Miller, Divorced: 1980. they have 4 children all born at Enid, OK : Jeanne Marlene Miller, Born: July 28, 1951. Lee Everett Miller, Apr. 30, 1953.
Pamela Sue Miller, Sept. 13, 1954. Mary Elleen Miller, Aug. 6, 1956.
*Child of the 3rd:
413   RICHARD LEROY (7) Born: June 24, 1946, Wichita, KS.
His name was changed to: Richard Leroy Morris. His mother remarried a man named Morris, she died when Richard was 13 years old. His Step-Father adopted him. He now (1997) lives in Portland, OR.                           

                                                                                                          71 OTTO MANSFIELD (6) LATTA
     Tabor S. (5) Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born December 22, 1872 at No. Manchester, Ind.  Named after Mansfield Farrell; m. Grace G. McCarty December 24, 1893.  She was born in Lynn Co., Mo. November 12, 1869.  In 1906 he was railroad station agent for Rock Island RR. at Brooklyn, Iowa. 

351     ARNOLD CADET (7) b. at Marengo, Iowa April 7, 1895.
352     HELEN M. (7) b. at Marengo, Iowa January 31, 1899.
353     DOROTHY M. (7) b. October 22, 1903.

                                                                                                                  72 SILAS WALTON (6) LATTA
     Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Married Clara Printupp.  Served in Philippine war.  In 1906 lived at Lowell, Ind. 

354     WINONA J. (7).  In 1934 lived at Fullerton Parkway, Chicago. Ills.

                                                                                                                        73 FRANK J. (6) LATTA
     Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born ____.  Married Lucy Haslet.  In 1934 lived at Gladwin, Mich. 

5 children:
355     DONNA (7) m. Leslie Sweet in Flint, Michigan.  In later years Donna married Eugene Young from Gladwin, Michigan.  Donna's son Lowell Sweet is a lawyer and resides in Belvania, Wisconsin with his wife Mary Ellen.
356     ELMER (7) m.
357     OPAL (7) m. Charles Brushaber. Their children were Fame Marlyn b. 4/25/27 (her children are John Lynn Groves, his wife Sandy and they have two daughters, Amanda and _____) Michael Wayne Groves (his wife Jenny and they have one son Mike; Michael Wayne remarried and has two children by his second wife Janice Kay Groves-Dunn who has two daughters Michelle and Holly) Darwin Lee Brushaber b. 9/26/28 (married to Shirley Kuger.  They have a son named Eric "Rick") and Wilma Joan Brushaber-Lohman b. 11/21/29
358     VADA (7). m. Mervin Sweet, brother of Leslie Sweet.  Vada died during her pregnancy at about 25 years of age.
359     LUCILLE (7). m. Folsom Reynolds. They had a daughter named Beverly, who married Richard Padilla.  They had a son named Bob who married a Hoang for his second wife.


                                                                                                                    74 GEORGE AUGUSTUS (6) LATTA
     Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James (1).  b. October 1875; d. 1955; m. Laura B. Allen. (Obituary: Latta, Laura B., 90, 515 Mott St., died Tuesday in McCray Hospital.  She was born Feb. 3, 1882 in LaGrange County, the daughter of Robert and Fame Allen. She lived in LaGrange County until 7 years ago.  Her husband, George A., died in 1955.  She was a member of Mount Zion Lutheran Church, LaGrange.  She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Glada Dillon, 515 Mott St.; two grandchildren; and 6 great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by a son Bruce in 1960, and 3 sisters and 4 brothers.  Funeral will be Thursday in Berhalter-Preston Mortuary, Kendallville.  Burial, Greenwood Cemetery. 10-?-1972.) 

 2 children:
360     GLADA (7) m. Roger Dillon.  2 children: Duane and Donna.
361     BRUCE (7). b. ______; d. 1960.

                                                                                                                              75 THOMAS (6) LATTA
     John F. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born ____; m. ____.  In 1928 lived at Shelby, Lake Co., Ind. 

362     CECIL  (7).
363     LULU GLENN (7).

                                                                                                                               76 JOHN D. (6) LATTA
     John F. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born ____.  Married ____.  In 1928 lived at Shelby, Lake Co., Ind. 1928.  All his children lived at Belshaw, Ind. 

364     KENNETH (7).
365     ELENORA (7).
366     LOIS (7).

                                                                                                                           77 SILAS H. (6) LATTA
     David M. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. October 4, 1890; m. Mae Snyder. 

367     KATHRYN (7).
368     MARION (7).

                                                                                                                             78 WILLIAM ROSCIUS (6) LATTA
     William M (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born on a farm 9 miles from Madison, Ind. in 1867; m. Nora Foley, at Williams, Arizona.  In 1908 lived at Bisbee, Ariz.  Railroad Conductor. 

369     MABEL (7).
370     MARGARET (7).

                                                                                                                              79 LEONIDAS (6) LATTA
     William M. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born on a farm 9 miles from Madison, Ind. about 1869.  Farmer; m. Emma C. Cousins at Eskridge, Kan.  In 1908 lived there. 

371    GRACE MARIE (7) b. May 10, 1895, m. R.A. Hinshaw.  In 1939 lived at Wakeenee, Kan.
91    JOHN LEONIDAS (7) b. Jan. 14, 1897.
372   ETHEL LOUISE (7) b. May 7, 1901; m. Kenneth J. Renshaw.
92    BENJAMIN THEODORE (7) b. Feb. 9, 1908.


                                                                                                                     80 ROBERT WASHINGTON (6) LATTA
     William M (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 17, 1871 on same farm with brothers; m. Laura May Wilson at Council Bluffs, Iowa.  He lived there in 1908.  Messenger for U.S. Express between Omaha and Denver. 

 One child.
373     MAUD MAY (7).


                                                                                                                 81 VIRGIL WILLIS (6) LATTA
     Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born August 28, 1875 in Montgomery Co., Mo.; d. 195___; m. Sarah Hadlock (sister to his brother, Oliver Perry Latta's wife) in Meade, Kan. December 21, 1904.  In 1910 lived at Pueblo, Colo.  In 1939 lived at Bakersfield, Calif. 

5 children:
374     ADA PEARL (7) b. at Fowler, Kan. December 31, 1905; m. C.C. Owen.
375     LAVERE HAROLD (7) b. at Fowler, Kan. March 15, 1907.
376     HERMAN ORVIL (7) b. at Pueblo, Colo. August 14, 1911.
377     RUBY FAY (7) b. at The Dalles, Ore. July 6, 1921; m. Vernon D. May. 5 children.
378     GLEN WILLIS (7) b. at Sants Paula, Calif. February 3, 1925.


                                                                                                                        82 OLIVER PERRY (6) LATTA
     Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 26, 1877 at Montgomery City, Mo.; m. Catherine Hadlock, (sister to his brother Virgil's wife) of Montezuma, Kan. December 21, 1903 at Ingalls, Kan.  She was born at Polk, Polk Co., Mo. March 21, 1886.  Daughter of Absolum and Catherine Hadlock.  In 1909 lived at Montezuma, Kan. 

 5 children:
379     OSCAR JAMES (7) b. October 7, 1904 at Fowler, Kan.; m. Vesta Mae LaRue.
380     PERRY WILLIS (7) b. November 27, 1907 at Montezuma, Kan.; d. Raymond
Wash. 1932.
381     VELVA ALICE (7) b. February 1, 1906, at Montezuma, Kan.; m. Samuel R.
382     IRVIN ROBERT (7) b. July 3, 1913 at Montezuma, Kan.
383     ZELLA FERN (7) b. December 21, 1920 at Fowler, Kan.

                                                                                                                          83 ELBA IRVIN (6) LATTA
     Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born December 24, 1883 at Montezuma, Kan.; m. Emma May Gamble December 27, 1905. 

 2 children:
384     ETHEL MATILDA (7) b. November 1907 at Meade, Kan.
385     OPAL (7) b. December 1917 in Gray Co., Kan.


                                                                                                                        397 SIDNEY (7) LATTA
Charles W (6) William A (5) Samuel P (4) John (3) William (2) James M (1)  Born: 1898 in Piedmont, Kan. Married: Geneva Sargent, August 15, 1944 in Pasco, Washington.

401     MICHAEL DENNIS (8) Born Aug. 1, 1945.

                                                                                                                         84 LOUIS MILTON (7) LATTA
     William J. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born November 4, 1889 at Des Moines, Iowa; m. Anita Blohm, at Carroll, Iowa April 10, 1915.  In 1928 lived at Indianola, Iowa, and in 1935 at 1341 W. 22d Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 

One child:
386     ROBERT MILTON (8) b. March 8, 1927.

                                                                                                                         85 MILTON MARTIN (7) LATTA

     Henry P. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James (1).  Born September 23, 1895 at Toledo, Ohio; m. Frances Slate August 22, 1917.  Enlisted in Minn. August 15, 1917, World War.  Discharged June 14, 1919.  1st. Lieut. 166th Inf.  Served overseas.  Lived at 1018 4th Street, S.E., Minneapolis, Minn.

387     INA CATHERINE (8) b. April 27, 1920.Married: Richard Charles Strasser, Aug 21, 1943. Children: Jennifer Ann Strasser Born: Oct 27, 1944., Linda Martin Strasser Born: Aug 23, 1948.
388    JULIA LOUISE (8) Born: Oct 31, 1928.

                                                                                                                  86 WILLIAM CHARLES (7) LATTA
     Henry P. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born: March 1, 1899, at Toledo, Ohio; m. Olga Von Ezdorf, November 5, 1923 at Goshen, Ind. 

389     NANCY LEE (8) b. October 10, 1924.At Goshen IN. Married: Carl Daniel Amsden "Jr"  Feb 12, 1945. In: Goshen IN. Children: Michael Nancy Amsden Born: Jan 19, 1946., Carl Daniel Amsden III Born: Oct 31, 1948.In: Pine Lake GA.
390     JANICE MARTIN (8) b. March 8, 1926. At: Goshen IN. Married: Charles Frederick Bryner Nov 10, 1945. In: Goshen IN. Child: James Martin Bryner, Born: Aug 2, 1949.

                                                                                                                               87 NILE (7) LATTA
     Milton M. (6) Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born April 16, 1887; m. Klingaman.  Killed by horse.  One son:
391     NILE (7).

In June 1907, Nile Latta, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Latta was drowned in Long Lake while riding after horses.

                                                                                                                88 WILLIAM THEODORE (7) LATTA
     Charles L. (6) Robert S. (5) James (4). Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born December 11, 1896; m. ____.  Has children.

                                                                                                               89 CARLYLE MELYNE (7) LATTA
     Maurice L. (6) William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Ligonier, Ind. December 5, 1900; m. Elizabeth Wagner At Ashville, N.C. June 19, 1928.  In
1935 was State Mgr. Am. Auto, Ins. Co. at Milwaukee.
392     EMILY ANNAS (8) b. at Muskogee, Okla.

                                                                                                           90 DONALD BARRINGTON (7) LATTA
     Maurice L. (6) William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Ligonier, Ind. September 1, 1902; m. Hazel Irene Aldrich June 3, 1928 at Canon City, Colo.  In 1936 County Judge, Teller Co., Colo. at Cripple Creek.  Two children, both born at Cripple Creek, Colo.
393     DONALD WILL (8) b. April 1, 1929.
394     CAROL JEANNE (8) b. February 6, 1934.

                                                                                                                       91 JOHN LEONIDAS (7) LATTA
     Leonidas (6) William M.(5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born January 14, 1897; m. Carrie Hartley. 

One child:
395     ROBERT LEE (8) b. about 1920.

                                                                                                                 92 BENJAMIN THEODORE (7) LATTA
     Leonidas (6) William M. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) James M. (1).  Born February 9, 1908; m. Velma Rae Miller. 

One child:
396     JOSEPH QUINTON (8) b. August 14, 1939.


                                                                                                       263 ELMER EDWARD "BONNIE " (6) LATTA
     John (5) John (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). There was a story that when Bonnie was born someone said what should we name him, and someone else said Bonnie, because his eyes are like "Bonnie Blue Eyes." He was born January 4, 1880 in or near Palestine, Indiana, a small community a few miles south of Warsaw, Indiana, county seat of Kosciusko County.  He died in Warsaw, Indiana March 2, 1963 of Septicemia. 
On November 4, 1900, Bonnie Latta and Elizabeth Blanche "Blanche" Tinkey were married in Kosciusko County, Indiana.  Blanche was born February 16, 1882, and died September 27, 1964 of cerebral thrombosis.  She was the only child of Frederick Tinkey born September 8, 1840, died October 11, 1902, and Nancy Jane Rose Case, married January 29, 1880.  Nancy was born August 29, 1849, and died Nov. 25, 1918.  For approximately 23 years, Bonnie and Blanche lived on a farm in a large house near Mentone, Indiana, another small town about 15 miles southwest of Warsaw.   Around 1924, Bonnie and Blanche moved their family to Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana.  Bonnie was employed by the Dalton Foundries for 32 years.  The Dalton Foundries celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2003.  The Lattas were a close knit family.  All nine children were lifetime residents of Warsaw.   

422     JOHN FREDERICK (7) LATTA. Born April 15, 1901, died May 16, 1968.  He married first to Irene Shane, later divorced.  They had three children: Harley, Mildred, and John Jr., all deceased.  His second wife was Dorothy Reed.   
423     EDWIN ROSE (7) LATTA. Born December 7, 1902, died May 19, 1986.  He married Rosa Anna Clabaugh, born December 24, 1921.  They had four children: Wilmer Edwin, Betty  Lucille (deceased), Delores Maxine, and Phyllis Jean. 
424     CECIL GRAHAM (7) LATTA.  Born February 9, 1905, died August 22, 1961.  He married Margaret.  they had four children: Cecil J. (deceased), Wilbur R. (deceased), Anna (deceased), and Cecil. 
425     MARY JANE (7) LATTA.  Born January 19, 1907, died May 22, 1997.  She married Leonard Wolford.  they had one child: Frederick. 
426     EARL E. (7) LATTA.  Born May 21, 1911, died April 27, 1976.  He married Mildred (later divorced).  They had one child: Margie Lou. 
427     JAMES B. (7) LATTA. Born September 23, 1913, died June 27, 1993.  Served in the U.S. Navy Seabees in World War II.  He married Alice Thompson.  They had three children: Richard, Robert, and Connie. 
428     CARL LEROY (7) LATTA.  Born August 26, 1915, died December 15, 1987.  Served in the U.S. National Guard in World War II.  He married first Geneva, later divorced.  They had no children.  His second marriage was to Helen. 
429     KATHRYN ZORA (7) LATTA.  Born November 12, 1917, died February 16, 1986.  She married Paul Scheer.  They had no children.
430     DAVID PAUL (7) LATTA. Born September 10, 1921, died December 23, 2003.  He served in the U.S. Coast Guard in World War II.  He married first Betty Lou. They had two children: Craig (deceased) and Kelly.  David married second MaryBelle Hull.


                                                                                                                            282 EPHRAIM (6) LATTA
     Issac (5)  Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  b. 11 Sep 1874; d. 7 Aug 1938; m. 1) Lillian Hunt, b. 13 Aug 1876 in Michigan to Judson and Henrietta (William) Hunt, she d. 28 Nov. 1903; 2) Bessie (Elizabeth) Williams on 28  Sep 1904 in Allegan, Michigan:

Children with Lillian:
435     HARRY VERN (7) b. Aug 4, 1893; d. Dec. 8, 1953
436     ADELBERT D. (7) b. Jan. 1899.
437     ALBERT F. (7) b. Sept. 6, 1900; d. Aug. 13, 1931.
438     ERVA ERVIN (7) as spelled on death certificate (also spelled Irvy Irving in other documents)  b. Mar. 4, 1896.

Children with Bessie:
439     CARROLL/CARVIL (7) b. b. 1906. Never married.
440     EVERETTE P. (7) b. May 14, 1909; m. 1) Antoinette (1930 census), 2) Mary Mesik (1940 Census).
441     KENNETH (7) b. July 2, 1912; d. Jan, 1983 Battle Creek, Michigan.



                                                                                                 346  LAWRENCE EDWARD (7) LATTA

    Oscar (6) Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  b. September 17, 1900 in London, Kimble County, Texas; d. January 17, 1965 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas; m.  1) Stella Calk and 2) Helen Elaine Uln.  Buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas.

                                                                                                                                    347 FRANK  (7) LATTA

Frank Latta Frank Latta

Picture: Caroline Jones

Find A Grave

    Oscar (6) Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  b. June 26, 1903 in Texas; d. July 30, 1971 in Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas; m.  1) Lorena Roberson Crabtree, and (2) Beulah Lee Smith.  Buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas.


                                                                                                                                          348  PAUL (7) LATTA

Paul Latta  

    Oscar (6) Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  b. September 17, 1910 in Texas; d. December 31, 1928, in Texas; buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas.



    Oscar (6) Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1).  b. March 29, 1913 in London, Kimble County, Texas; d. November 29, 1963 in Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas; m. Bonnie Iva Hector.  Buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas.


                                                                                                                         401 MICHAEL DENNIS (8) LATTA
Sidney (7) Charles W (6) William A (5) Samuel P (4) John (3) William (2) James (1) Born: Aug. 1, 1945 in Pasco, Washington. Married: Wife not known.

402     MARCIE (9)
403     PHYLLIS ANNETTE (9) Born: Jan. 25, 1965. Married: Mark Swanson.
404     JEFFERY DUANE (9) Born: Dec. 25, 1965. Married: Valerie Thomas.
405     KIMBERLEY DENISE (9) Born: Dec. 5, 1967.
406     JOSHUA DOANEAS (9) Born: Sept. 7, 1979.

                                                                                                                         423 EDWIN ROSE (7) LATTA
    Elmer Edwin "Bonnie" (6), John (5), John (4), Ephraim (3), William (2), James M. (1). Edwin Rose Latta was born December 7, 1902 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, and died May 19, 1986 in Warsaw, Indiana.  He was the second child of Bonnie Latta and Elizabeth Blanche Tinkey.  He married Rosa Anna Clabaugh on December 26, 1921 in Warsaw, Indiana.  She was born October 4, 1903 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, and died on May 19, 1986 in Warsaw, Indiana.  She was the eighth child of James Franklin Clabaugh and Clara Jane Pheister.  

431     WILMER EDWIN (8) LATTA. Born December 26, 1922 in Warsaw, Indiana.  He married June Fouts on January 10, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana.  June was born Sept. 23, 1931.  Wilmer served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II, and is currently a major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  Wilmer and June have three children:  Brett, Kimberly and Bart.   
432     BETTY LUCILLE (8) LATTA. Born Sept. 9, 1924 in Warsaw, Indiana, and died Nov. 20, 2007 in Warsaw, Indiana.  She married Harley "Bud" Robison on March 24, 1946 in Leesburg, Indiana.  Bed served in the U.S. Army in World War II.  Betty and Bud had one child: Bradley Alan. 
433     DOLORES MAXINE (8) LATTA.  Born August 12, 1926 in Warsaw, Indiana.  She married Ormond "Tad" Warren Smith on Nov. 17, 1945 in Atwood, Indiana.  Ormond was born Feb. 7, 1922, and died Nov. 4, 1988.  Ormond served in the U.S. Navy in World War II.  Dolores and Ormond had one child: Steven John. 
434     PHYLLIS JEAN (8) LATTA.  Born July 18, 1929 in Warsaw, Indiana.  She married Wallace Kirkendall on June 4, 1950 in Warsaw, Indiana.  Wallace was born Sept. 5, 1927 and died Feb. 19, 2002.  Wallace served in the U.S. Navy in World War II.  Phyllis and Wallace had three children:  Randolph Jay, Matthew, and Nancy Ann.   



                                                                                                                       438 ERVA ERVIN (7) LATTA
     Ephraim (6) Issac (5)  Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).  as spelled on death certificate.  (also spelled Irvy Irving in other documents) b. March 4, 1896; m. May 16, 1914 to Edna J. Bonnell (b. Sept 1892 to Jay Burton and Ella S. (Graves) Bonnell).  That marriage ended circa 1927.  Edna later married Jesse Thomas L. Bartlett ca. 1928/9, lived in Battle Creek per 1930 census.  Erva then married Edna M. Lott (b. Mar. 29, 1908 to Edwin Harmon and Edith Grace (Gillette) Lott) in 1928; Erva d. June 20, 1936.  Edna remarried a Mr. Harkness and died Oct. 7, 1985.  Erva was a machinist at Union Steam Pump Company in Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Children with Edna Bonnell:
442     VIVIAN ROWENA (8) b. 1918; m. 1) Louis George Mackenzie on July 31, 1936, 2) Lorrell D. Doubledee on August 3, 1940
443     JUNE L.  (8) m. Henry Hallax.
444     DOROTHY M. (8) b. 1924; m. Vernon Dornieden. 

Children with Edna Lott:
445     FREDERICK EDSEL (8) b. May 30, 1929 Battle Creek, Michigan; d. Dec. 21, 1999, Greeley, Colorado. 
446     PHYLLIS (8) 
447     JACK/JOHN (8) b. abt. 1932 (family legend mentions the Battle Creek Police Department)
448      BRENDA (8) b. abt. 1933 (family legend mentions California or "out West")
449      ROSEMARY (8) b. Dec. 13, 1934; d. Feb. 2, 1936 due to a fall at home.

Due to Erva's early death (June 1936) the four surviving children were put up for adoption.  Fred and Phyllis were adopted by John and Josephine Durand of Wayne, Michigan.  The whereabouts of Jack/John and Brenda, as well as their adoptive parents names are unknown.  With the adoption, Fred and Phyllis took the last name of Durand.


                                                                                                                                 445 FREDERICK EDSEL (8) LATTA
     Erva (7) Ephraim (6) Issac (5)  Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1).    b. May 30, 1929 Battle Creek, Michigan; d. Dec. 21, 1999, Greeley, Colorado; m. 1) Miriam Koester in 1953 at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit; divorced 1978; 2) Leanne _________.  Fred served in the U.S. Army in Korea.  He went to Michigan State University, was a school guidance counselor, and served schools in Lansing and Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and Greeley, Colorado.  Children living.



     July 4, 1807, Mr. Cultured.  Please for to let Ephraim Latta have one barrel of Good
Whisky, and I shall endeavor to see you paid in money or grain, and in so doing you will much oblige Yours, Wm. Latta.
     I do hereby certify I received on the above the amount of 34 gallons of whisky for my
father at 3/0 per gallon.  Ephraim Latta.
     The interest on the above to the 20th of July, 1807 is $1.22.
     In a letter to his brother, Robert, dated Mt. Pleasant, Pa. May 8, 1844, who was then at Good Hope, Noble Co., Ind. 8 Samuel (3) writes:  "I received a letter from brother John's widow, dated April 8, she and her family were well, and sister Katherine Huey's family was well.  My son Thomas, left home March 25, for your country.  Robert's son Johnston, writes April 20, 1844 that Thomas arrived safely.
 From a letter written by Nancy Robertson,, December 5, 1842, Adams Co., Ohio, I find
that she was the daughter of 8 Samuel (3) Latta, she mentions her son, Thomas, who lived 9 miles from Chester, Randolph Co., Ills. and her married daughter, Margaret, with three children, Mary Jane, Robert Henry and Martha Ann.  Henry writes to her brother, Samuel, and her sister, Rachel. She signs her letter Nancy Robertson.  See Will of Samuel and Robert Latta, her brothers, for mention of the Robertson Tract, which they left to their sister, Elizabeth, during her natural life.  She evidently married a Mr. Robertson.  She was the mother of Eliza Latta who took the name of Johnston.  Margaret, Nancy's daughter, married Allen Robinson.
     December 5, 1842.  Nancy Robertson, then at Decatur, Brown Co., Ind. writes to her
brother, Samuel Latta at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.  "I heard from Jane Latta about a month ago, she was getting able to ride about after another long spell of sickness and her brother John went to where their brother Robert died and lost his wife and five of his children and came back again.  Robert R. Latta and family are well, and have six children, three sons and three daughters."  She speaks of her son, Thomas, who was then in Randolph Co., Ills, and of her daughter, Margaret, who married Allen Robinson.  They have three children.  She also speaks of cousin Steven Thompson and Uncle Hatchion or Atheson, who are all the people she speaks of in her letter.  A Jane Latta writes from Adams Co., Ohio, but her address is Decatur, Brown Co., Ohio and her letter Jan. 3, 1838 and written to her Uncle Samuel Latta, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.  She speaks of Aunt Robertson, and of Robert Latta, as follows:  "Robert Latta left Ohio April 1st for the Illinois.  He took with him an engine to put up a saw mill.  Robert came to us a short time before he went on his journey and told he intended paying you a visit as soon as her returned from the Illinois.  He was very anxious for Aunt Robertson to go with him to see you, as he intended going in the fall, but our dear friend never returned home.  He laid out a town on the Illinois river where he built a mill.  He sold thirty odd lots at one hundred dollars apiece, and he had just got his mill started, was ready to come home, where he was taken with a very violent attack of the billious fever and lived but 14 days.  He left his sister, Jane, 3/4 of his estate, and Mr. Foster, in whose house he lived, the other one fourth.  Jane was sick all summer and had never forgotten her brother Joseph's death.  Aunt Robertson sends her love to all."
     Who is this Jane Latta who writes this letter, and who is Robert and the Jane who is
mentioned in the letter?  In William's old farm in Westmoreland co., Pa. there is a tract of land still known as the Nancy Robertson tract.


1930's Detail Note about:

     William (1.)  There are a number of stories about his history.  One is that he married
Katharine or Jane Taylor, daughter of a clergyman.  Was disinherited by his father.  With his wife, he came to America.  Settled in N.J. in 1740, afterwards near Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa. about 1760.  In 1782 he lived in Lancaster Co., Pa.  Katherine was said to be a great beauty.  She died of apoplexy.  He served during the Revolutionary War in Morgan's cavalry--James M. Latta, Jr. Goshen, Ind.
     Another history is: William was born in Ireland.  Came to America during or just previous to the Revolutionary War.  He quarreled with his father over his (the son's) proposed marriage to a beautiful but poor orphan girl, borrowed money from a friend, married the girl, and came to America the day of the marriage.  Lived near Laurel Hill, Fayette Co., Pa.  Settled in Lancaster Co., Pa.  His will was executed in Bullship Tr. Fayette Co., Pa. April 21, 1803--John Milton Latta, M.D.  Probated April 30, 1808.
     There must be an error about the poor orphan girl, as Mary Latta, daughter of Robert
Latta, son of William, told that Robert Latta said that Katherine was a sister or aunt of Lord Conwallis, and that William had dozens of boxes of finely embroidered clothes, and that Robert had received from his mother's people very fine clothes to be married in.
     Another history is: Under the laws of Ireland was one known as the law of primogeniture.  The father selected the wife for his son.  The selection did not please my great grandfather, but the one he loved was Jane Taylor.  They got aboard a vessel, married while crossing the water and landed in New York.  As for the name of Katharine, it might have been a part of her name.  If so, it is new to me.  They finally settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa., where my grandfather was born.--James A.M. Curl, 77 years of age, September 22, 1907.  Grandson of Robert Latta.
     I believe that Katherine was  Jewess, as James, Caroline Hackstaff, Gustavus Alonzo,
Mary Bivins, and other children of William, son of Robert Latta, had very pronounced Jewish features.--Dr. William Johnston Latta, son of Milton M. Latta.  This would account for the opposition to marriage.  See my loose leaf book of wills.


1930's Detail Note:

     William (2) James M. (1).  Born in Pa. September 15, 1756.  On September 26, 1843,
when catching his horse to ride to Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa. he was caught between his horse and a fence, went to town, returned unwell, and died October 4, 1843.  His mind was bright until his death.  He was mourned by the poor, the widow, and the orphans.  When 15 years of age, he enlisted as a private under Washington, in the Revolutionary War, and became a major.  ("I have heard my grandfather tell of that terrible Christmas night (December 25, 1776), when he crossed the Delaware River with Washington and his men--Catherine Jane Latta Zitterrell, daughter of Samuel Potter Latta.").  After the war he served against the Indians.  His regiment was sent to put down the Whisky War.  He settled in the backwoods of Pa., and lived in Fayette Co. about 1795, and near Greenville, Mercer Co., in 1807.  Both he and his wife died on their farm 5 miles north of Greenville.  He married Margaret Potter, a number of a noted Revolutionary War family.  She was born August 20, 1771, and died January 24, 1852.  His grandson, William Anderson Latta, gives the following history of his Uncle Tom Potter.  "Two of the Potter family were noted men.  They carried dispatches for Washington during the war, and carried the mail for 300 miles through the wilderness when there was a big reward for their scalps.  Finally, I think it was Uncle Tom and his whole family who were captured by the Indians, who killed and scalped the whole party of whites except Uncle Tom, his wife and one girl, robbed the house, and burned it.  They bound Potter on a pony and started to take him to their chief to get the bounty.  After several days they unbound him to make him cut wood and carry water.  Aunt saved all her rations that the Indians gave her and prevailed on uncle to run away.  One night they sent him for water and he ran away.  He waded the creek all night so that the Indian dogs could not track him.  In the morning he caugh t the limb of a big hollow tree and swung himself up.  He hid in the hollow all day and he could hear the Indian dogs around the tree; but as they were so well acquainted with him, they did not bark.  The next night he waded the creek and struck out for the white settlement.  The Indians had stripped him naked, and tied a breech cloth around him so he was naked and bare foot.  Soon after he ran a white thorn through his foot and was compelled to go
on his hands and knees and catch lizards and snakes to live on.  He was picked up by a friendly Indian, and hid until his foot was cured.  The Indian helped him to get to the settlement.  After several years he succeeded in getting his wife and girl back by paying a big sum of money.  The girl would never stay at home, but would run away to the Indians."


1930's detail note:

     William (2) James M. (1).  Born September 29, 1773 at Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co.,
Pa.  He died at "Haw Patch", LaGrange Co., Ind., April 28, 1851.  Married a widow, Isabella
Waddell, December 22, 1795, 5 years his senior.  Daughter of Wm. Johnston of Washington Co. Pa., and aunt of Wm. F. Johnston, Gov. of Pa. 1848-1853.  She was born December 25, 1768; died February 2, 1855.  One daughter by first husband called Ann Latta who married Mr. Dye of Eastern, Ohio.  Robert weighed 300 pounds, in strength never met his equal.  After his marriage he went to Greensburg, Pa.  Saddler.  The first night they spent in their newly erected log house the ridge pole fell down between them as they sat at the fire.  They took that as an evil omen, packed up their effects and went to Bellefontaine, Ohio, then Guernsey, now Noble Co.  There all his family was born.  In 1814 he went to Champaign Co., Ohio, 6 miles north of Urbana, where he lived until 1832, then they moved to LaGrange Co., Ind., then to Ligonier, Ind.  They were Presbyterians, but soon after moving to Ohio, his wife got into a controversy with Rev. Strenge, and took offense at his words.  Robert went to horsewhip him, but finding him a pale, sickly man, decided to hear him preach instead, and at the conclusion of his sermon arose and said he had "heard the truth for the first time", and they both joined the Methodist church.  The Lattas being
quite prominent in that part of Ohio, his defection to the Methodist church was viewed with great disfavor, and he and his family suffered persecution which became so great that they were forced to leave the country.  While in Pa., he was one of the "Whisky Boys", in which he took a prominent part.  When he moved to LaGrange, Ind. in 1820, he bought 6400{Lawrence Sullivan States; This should read 18, 80-acre tracts. About 1,500 acres.}  acres in the famous "Haw Patch" region in Noble Co. and LaGrange Co.  He was a man of warm impulses and great executive ability and a great student.  He exercised his executive ability by colonizing his purchase of land with one or more young married men of almost every profession and trade except the legal, and presented them with a deed to 80 acres of land on the condition that they live on it a certain number of years and do all his work for nothing.  In this way he soon had himself surrounded by a community which was able to supply all his wants and which looked upon him as almost a feudal lord, for he abrogated to himself the right to settle all disputes.  He did not neglect the ministry for he soon erected a large church and school house and individually paid the expenses of a man who was both minister and school master.  He endowed scholarships in several state colleges for the sole use of the children of his colonists and even excluded his grandchildren from their use.  He was a man of very distinguished appearance, 8 feet 6 inches {Lawrence Sullivan writes this should be 6' 8" or 6' 4"} in height, straight as an arrow, and temperate in all things but his temper, which allowed no one to dispute or gainsay him.   He was an arden Whig in politics and quite prominent in state politics.  He lived to see his colony firmly established and it became a by-word throughout the region.  He had an old fashioned wall-sweep clock which in 1904 was owned by his grandson, William H. Latta.  In May 8, 1844, he lived at Good Hope, Noble Co., Ind.


1930's Detail Notes on;
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at Ballefontaine, Ohio, November 13, 1796; d. near Ligonier, Ind. February 14, 1855.  Married 3 times:  (1) Elizabeth Seegar, March 17, 1821.  She was born in N.J. August 23, 1800, d. March 27, 1839.  (2) Frances S. Goode of So. Bend, Ind. June 12, 1839; d. at Haw Patch, Ind. a short time after.  (3) Mrs. Craig, nee Eliza Jane Reeder of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio.  She died at Ligonier, Ind. poet and Methodist minister.  Wrote several books of poems and sermons.  Judge on the bench in early days.  In 1824 he went from near Urbana, Ohio to Bloomington, Ills.  In 1832 he went to Haw Patch, near Ligonier, Ind. where his grandparents were buried, also his parents.  Azra M. Prince, Sec'y McLean Co. Historical Society of Bloomington, Ills. said that James Latta laid out the first lot there in 1824.  Also said "He seems to have been the foremost man of this little community from the time he came to Bloomington in 1824 until 1832 when in the fall he moved to Indiana."  Farmer and local preacher, but did not belong to any conference.  He was one of the first settlers at Bloomington and the lot he bought is now part of the Court House grounds.  He was one of the Commissioners appointed to organize Tazewell Co. Ills. in 1827.  By request I furnished Bloomington his history.  He served as first sergeant Capt. Andrew Hemphill's Col. Col. John McDonald's Regt. Gen. Menery's Div. Ohio Militia war of 1812.  July 28, 1813 to September 5, 1813.  See my Scrap Book for his full history taken from Daily Paragraph, Bloomington, Ills. January 31, 1927.  No children by second or third wife.

History of West by John Warner Barber regarding Bloomington, IL.  States that in 1829 the first settler was John Allin (when he arrived there were still Kickapoo and Delaware Indians in the area about 15-20 miles away.  The second settler was James Latta, a Methodist minister.


1930's Detail notes on;
     Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Described in Appleton's Ency. Am. Biog. History of Samuel Arminius Latta.  Born April 8, 1804, at Bellefontaine, Ohio; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio June 28, 1852 of apoplexy.  Lived near Urbana.  Methodist minister and physician.  Was one of the three ministers who were instrumental in bringing about the rupture in the Methodist Church, resulting in the final division into the Church North and Church South.  This was not on the ground of slavery.  He was for the southern branch of the Church on the ground of Church property.  When 16 years of age he was licensed to exhort, and in 1827 was licensed as a local preacher.  He studied medicine in 1823 and was licensed to practice for three years.  Married Mary Ann Guthrie, niece of Rev. John Collins April 8, 1828; she d. July 15, 1829.  At Urbana in 1829 he was appointed to the St. Clair Mission in Michigan.  In 1830 was stationed at Cincinnati, Ohio.  In 1831 he was appointed to travel in the bounds of the Ohio Conference as agent American Colonization society.  In 1832-3 he traveled Union Circuit.  In 1834 filled Lebanon Station.  In 1835-6 he filled Hamilton and Cossville Stations.  In 1837 was appointed agent for Augusta College, the first Western College.  In 1838-9 he was stationed at Dayton.  In 1840 from an affliction of the throat he was compelled to take a superannuated relation.  Went to Cincinnati.  Resumed the practice of medicine, and soon commanded a good practice.  Edited the "Methodist Expositor" and at the time of his death edited and published at Cincinnati, "The Chain of Sacred Wonders, or a Connected View of Scriptural Scenes and Incidents from the Creation to the End of the Last Epoch".  On March 15, 1831 he married Caroline Blackman, who died February 27, 1870.  When he died his funeral was attended very numerously -- the physicians in a body; the preachers North and South were there.


1930's Detail notes on ;
     James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born Champaign Co., Ohio July 9, 1822; d. November 30, 1899.  Married twice: (1) Julia Ann McDevitt in 1845.  She was born December 31, 1821; d. June 16, 1861.  (2) Julia R. Redfield of Cass Co., Mich. about 1871.  In 1904 she was living at Goshen, Ind.  Physician and surgeon at Goshen, Ind.  In 1840 entered the office of Dr. Johnston Latta.  In 1841 entered Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, one term, then returned to Goshen.  He stood at the head of his profession.  He successfully performed difficult operations.  Almost had a monopoly of that branch.  During the Civil War Gov. Morton offered him a surgeons commission.  He declined on account of the death of his wife and his having small children.  Served the union as a draft surgeon and made many enemies of those pressed into the service who did not want to go.  With five other men he secured the first railroad for Goshen.  Was one of the first directors and builders of the hydraulic canal.  A public spirited citizen and spent much time and money for the good of the people.  For nearly 40 years was the Lake Shore surgeon.  Buried from the Episcopal Church as Goshen under the charge of the Elkhart Co. I.O.O.F. of which he was a member.  Interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  A sketch of his life was published in the Goshen Democrat December 2, 1899.  His children were all born at Goshen.


1930's Detail Notes on;
                            37 JAMES MELYNE (5) LATTA,
     William (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at "Fairlawn" near Goshen, Ind.
July 4, 1832; d. there December 25, 1896 of Brights disease; m. Elizabeth Potter Jack.  Spent his youth on a farm.  Had a good academic education at a now extinct academy at Ontario, Ind. and then entered law school at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. after which Harvard Univ. and graduated from the law school there in 1852.  Practiced law at Goshen, Ind.  In 1861 went to Washington, D.C. and took a position in the Interior Department.  His fine legal and executive ability soon became noted and he was appointed legal advisor to the tax commissioner of Florida which he held for three years.  During most of the time he was Provost Marshall General of Georgia, S. Carolina and Fla. During the  reconstruction" period was offered the governorship of Fla. but declined to become one of the "carpet baggers".  He married on October 22, 1864 Elizabeth Potter Jack of Greensburg, Pa. (D.A.R. No. 9572, Goshen, Ind.).  He was quite intimate with Pres. Lincoln and all his secretaries.  His son, James, has quite a number of letters from Lincoln, Usher, Chase and others.  After the war he opened a law office at Washington but soon went into the real estate business quite successfully.  He built 550 miles of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in New Mexico.  Owned extensive cattle ranches in New Mexico and he had large holdings of real estate in Boston, Kansas City and Chicago, besides being interested in several banks, gas companies and railroads.  At the time he died he was president of the Goshen Gas Co., Citizens Electric Light Co., City Nat'l Bank of Goshen, Albuquerque, N.M. Gas Co., Muskegan (Mich.) Machinery and Foundry Co., Pottawatamie Club of Goshen, The Ariel Cycle Co. of which he was the founder.  In 1873 he was sent by the government to the Austrian Exposition as special commissioner.  Spent 14 years in Washington then went to New Mexico for 3 years while building the railroad.  Went to Boston for several years, then to "Fairlawn" which he improved that in 1897 it was spoken of as the handsomest country seat in Indiana.  He was a charitable man and he gave the Episcopal Church of Goshen a parsonage and lot valued at $4,500.


1930's Detail Notes on;
     Robert S. (3) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1).  Born at La Porte, Ind.
March 9, 1850; d. at Lafayette, Ind. December   , 1935; m. Alta E. Wood at Mason, Mich. July 10, 1879.  She was born at Woodville, N.Y. March 16, 1854.  She graduated from Mason High School and took special work in the  ich. Agricultural College.  Alto Eloise Brewster Wood (10th in descent from Elder William Brewster who came over in the "Mayflower" with the Pilgrims in 1620), daughter of Amos Freeman and Eunice Eliza Brewster Wood.  William lived on a farm with his parents near Ligonier, Ind.  Determined to have a college education he went to Ann Arbor, Mich.  Worked his way through college and graduated from the Michigan Agricultural College near Lansing in 1877.  Received the Bachelor degree of B.S. that year  and M.S. from the same college in 1882.  Became professionally with Purdue University Lafayette, Ind. in 1882.  In 1908 was professor of Agriculture, and State Supt. of Farmers' Institutes.  He was the founder of Ind. Farmers' Institutions and traveled all over the state lecturing to farmers.  He thought that as the farmers could not go to college, the college should go to the farmers.  He wrote History of Agriculture in Indiana.  His portrait was unveiled on his 80th birthday in the Students' Union Building of Pursue Univ.  All his children were born at Lafayette, Ind.


1930's detail notes of the Daughter of   7 ROBERT (3) LATTA
 b. March 21, 1805; d. November 29, 1869; m. William Darnell April
15, 1826.  7 Children: (1) Mortimer Byron b. May 19, 1827; m. Martha Craig, Spring 15, 1849.
Children:  Mary Ellen.  William.  Lethe m. James Putnam.  Arthur died in the army.  James m. Hattie M. White. (2) Caroline Isabell b. October 30, 183-; m. John J. Hipple.  (3) Sarah Jane b. March 28, 1833; d. Long Beach, Calif. March 26, 1909; m. Capt. Alvah Bereman, 18th U.S. Inf. November 1, 1855.  He died in Calif. February 8, 1887.  They lived for years in St. Louis, Mo. and in Denver, Colo.  Daughters: Maud, m. Fred'k Wislizenus, lawyer, in St. Louis, Mo. where she was killed by a street car in January 1902.  Edith m. James K. Darnell of Breckinridge, Colo.  Children:  Maud.  James.  Fred.  Fred was an Ensign in the navy during the World War.  Agnes d. in Hoquiam, Wash. October 14, 1924; m. Lucian Bisbee, in Denver, Colo.  One child: Allen. (4) Elias b. January 28, 1849; d. September 20, 1849. (5) William b. December 23, 1838; d. November 2; m. 1848. (6) Homer Leondas b. July 8, 1845, twin with Harriet.  Surgeon, m. Emma Cuyler February 22, 1865.  Army surgeon.  Lived in Denver, Colo.  Died at Soldiers' Home, Leavenworth, Kan. (7) Harriet Louise b. June 8, 1845; twin with Homer; d. August 21, 1846.


1930's detail note of the Daughter of   7 ROBERT (3) LATTA;

     MARGARET (4). b. January 26, 1802; d. February 27, 1850; m. Benj. Chandler
 January 15, 1818.  He was born June 27, 1790.  Children all born at LaGrange, Ind: 
James b. June 6, 1819.  Nancy C. b. November 5, 1821.  Joseph b. January 19,
1823.  Samuel b. June 20, 1828.  William b. September 13, 1830.  Benjamin b. December 9, 1832.  Elizabeth b. February 17, 1835; m. Abraham Faught; d. March 18, 1899.  Had 5 children: Ellen m. George Martin, had 3 children, had 2 children, Loris and Ish. and 2 children by second husband, Arlie  and Eliose.  Mary m. Peter F. Miller, had 3 children, Iva and Pearl.  Blanche Martin school teacher in Philippine Islands, California, and other parts of the U.S.; m. Capt. Charles L. Marsh.  In 1932 he was stationed at Ft. George Wright, Wash.


1996 Note: information was added to # 63, 85, 86. This new information was given to me By; Mary Jane  of Phoenix AZ. The new information was taken from two books; Martin History and Genealogy 1918-1956 By Alice Brewer Shedd. Genealogy of the Martin Family By Charles William Francis 1918.


The Latta Genealogy Newsletter


"Pioneer Polly" Latta (Branch 1)

The following article was submitted by Barbara R. Smith, and is a composite
of three stories about Polly from the following source: 977.14H2a, 1872
History of Champaign & Logan Co's of Ohio.

Mary A. "Polly" Latta, third daughter of Robert and Isabella Johnston Latta
[Branch 1, family 7], was born March 21, 1805 near Bellefontaine, Ohio. Her
family moved to Champaign County, Ohio, when she was nine years old and
here she grew to young womanhood.

At eighteen years of age, Polly was a well-built girl, with dark hair and
eyes, intellectually bright and having a lovely disposition, as an admirer
remembered fifty years later. Today those attributes alone would have been
enough for most any young man looking for a life partner. However, in 1823,
a man's desires were shaped by more practical considerations, such as an
ability to flip a pancake and land it in the pan unbroken, mend a man's
buckskin hunting over-garments, knit and darn woolen stockings, and most
importantly of all, to be a good spinner.

In the early days of the settlement of this country every home had a
weaver's loom and a small spinning wheel for each woman or girl in the
family. These "little wheels" were used for spinning flax and tow and
cotton which was carded with hand cards after the seeds were removed by the
younger children. Each family also had at least one "big wheel" on which
they spun the wool into yarn. The yarn was wound onto reels which were
about three feet in diameter. On the front of the reel was a wooden
instrument which operated much like the minute hand of a clock. The hand
went around once each time the reel completed one hundred and twenty turns,
and upon completing a full revolution it made a loud crack which indicated
that a "cut" had been made, or one hundred and twenty threads were on the
reel. A dozen cuts a day was considered a woman's task. The common wages
paid to a good spinner were fifty cents a week. If the woman spun more than
a dozen cuts she was entitled to additional pay, but if she spun less than
twelve cuts she was "docked" in proportion to the number she was short.

Since being a good spinner was so highly regarded, young women strove to
excel in that endeavor and spinning parties became very popular. At a
flax-pulling frolic or a house-warming, Polly Latta had few equals. Human
nature being what it is, there soon evolved an air of contention over how
many cuts Polly could or could not spin in a day's time. Soon a time and
place were chosen and Polly set herself the task of doing the greatest
amount of spinning in one day that had ever been done by one person.

On the appointed day, Polly, her mother Isabella, and a large number of
neighbors assembled at a log barn belonging to Col. Kelley, where all was
in readiness. The first whirr of the spinning-wheel was heard the moment
the sun made its appearance on the eastern horizon, and it ceased not for a
minute until the sun had disappeared behind the distant hills of the
beautiful Mad River Valley. Isabella and another lady provided food and
drink so that Polly would not have to pause in her spinning. Mrs. Archibald
Hopkins reeled the thread as the spools were filled.

Noon arrived and Polly had not finished half of the promised work. Her
attendants now hung quilts and blankets over ropes to form a more private
area where she would not be hindered by the crowd of onlookers. As evening
approached, Polly and her mother feared that she might not accomplish her
goal. Polly now put forth all her energy and the wheel hummed and whirred
faster than ever before. As the last rays of the setting son shone on the
round logs of that now extinct barn, the last "crack" of the reel was heard
to announce the completion of the forty-eighth "cut" and the fourth dozen.
The pioneer girl was victorious, and that triumph helped shape her future.

News spread quickly and an account of the great feat was published in a
newspaper, giving the name and residence of the spinner. William Darnall,
who was a schoolmaster, read the account and determined to meet the best
spinner of the time. Although Polly had many admirers, she eventually did
choose William and they were married April 15, 1826. They had been happily
married for forty-three years when Polly died November 30, 1869 in Hancock
County, Illinois. According to her husband, she was a prominent member of
society in their community, a good partner, a kind mother, and benevolent
sister. She was the mother of nine children and had sixteen grandchildren.



Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer

1909, Primghar, IA

Darnell, Mortimer B. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born in Champaign County, Ohio father, Wm. Darnell (born in Mason County Ky., (1796); mother, Mary Latta (born in Maryland, 1805). Married; children; Mortimer, Lettie, Caroline, Sarah and Homer L. Enlisted October 2,1861, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in Company E, First Iowa Cavalry; on November 1, 1861, was transferred for promotion as sergeant to Company B, Eighteenth United States Infantry; served a little over two years, at Shiloh, Mill Springs, Perryville, etc.; discharged at Louisville, Ky., on account of disability. Settled at Sheldon in 1883.



The End.


                      The Latta Genealogy Newsletter

                   Reprinted from Issue 3, Winter 1997


                           Down at Latta's Mill

                    by Laurence T. Sullivan (Branch #1)

Mother couldn't have been madder if the fellow had broken in and stolen the family jewels. Which, in her way of thinking, was just what he'd done.

"The Lattas were never anything but good, upright people," she said. "He had no business using the name of an honest family for thieves!"

What had upset Mother was a little novel, The Salt and the Savor, which my sister Bettie had brought to her attention. The book draws heavily on historical sources to take the reader gently back to the pioneer days of LaGrange County, Indiana, where Mother's family had been among the earliest settlers. She loved the book, but thought it intolerable that the author would use her family name in vain.   "Someone ought to do something about it," was how she put it. I figured she meant me, since there was nobody else in the room when she said it.  Actually, only one character in the book is specifically identified as a Latta. He's a strapping and unruly lad named Buck Latta who "borrows" the schoolmaster's horse for a week of joy-riding and then dunks the fellow in an icy pond when he complains. Along the way the schoolmaster tries to teach Buck a thing or two with a horsewhip.  "But it didn't do any good, not then nor later on, ever," the hero-narrator observes.  Elsewhere in the book, the name pops up only in several references to Latta's Mill at Northport, just across the line in Noble County, as the
meeting place of a gang of thieves known as "Blacklegs."  Alas, author Howard W. Troyer knew his history well. One of the leaders of the "Blacklegs," a notorious gang whose activities ranged afield as far away as Ontario, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, was indeed a William Latta.  We could probably pluck the rascal from our well-researched family tree, but I don't think I will. A 19th century county history says he married and settled down out west and died many years later highly respected by friendsand neighbors.  But the "Uncle William" who erected the sawmill [16 William 4 of Branch No. 1] is in the clear. He sold out within a few years, moved away, became a probate judge, and made a fortune in banking and railroading. He was dead and buried long before the "Blacklegs" gang was smashed and scattered.  He was a younger brother of Mother's great-grandfather, the Rev. James Latta, who with their father established the Episcopal Methodist society in the Haw Patch region of LaGrange and Noble counties that began meeting in 1834. 

An 1882 bi-county history describes Noble County in words that are hard to swallow considering its present bucolic nature:

Noble County at once became the headquarters of scores of convicts and criminals and soon gained national repute as a perfect hotbed of sagacious crime. In California, after the gold excitement had somewhat subsided, any man, it is said, who announced himself as coming from Noble County, Indiana, was regarded with suspicion and distrust. So it was as far east as Maine, as far south as Florida.

A more objective book, the Writers Project history, Indiana: A Guide to the Hoosier State, published in 1941, paints a similar picture:

South of Wolcotville is a fertile area that was once a dense tamarack swamp, the resort of a notorious gang of horse thieves and counterfeiters
known as "Blacklegs," who operated in Noble County and throughout northeastern Indiana during the late 1840s and early '50s. ... Finally [in
1852] the State Legislature passed an act authorizing the formation of several companies of "Regulators, "whose duty it was to apprehend horse thieves and felons. When members of the gang were arrested it was discovered that several prominent citizens of the county were leaders of the "Blacklegs."

Troyer apparently drew his facts for the story from History of the Regulators of Northern Indiana, a booklet written in 1859 by M. H. Mott, a
Kendallville lawyer and recording secretary of a group of vigilantes who called themselves the Central Committee of the Noble County Invincibles. Here's what Mott had to say:

On 17 January 1858, Gregory McDougall and eight others were arrested in or near Rome City. Taken to Ligonier, McDougall was brought before the Committee of Noble County Invincibles on the night of 25 January 1858 whereupon a committee of five men was duly appointed to examine the witnesses and report upon the evidence and the final disposition of the case. The committee, after having made a full and fair investigation of all the testimony ...recommended that the said McDougall be hung by the neck until dead on Tuesday, the 26th day of January 1858 [which is to say the following day!] at 2 o'clock p.m.

The hanging went off as scheduled - nine days after McDougall's arrest and some 18 hours after his "trial" before the Invincibles. As he stood on a makeshift gallows near Diamond Lake, just east of Ligonier, waiting for his executioners to drive the farm wagon out from under him, McDougall delivered an impassioned plea to the young people in the crowd exhorting them to heed his sorry fate and forego a life of crime.  The Regulators then set off in pursuit of William Latta, William Hill and George Ulmer, whom Mott describes as "the chief pioneers and leaders of the banditti."  Motivated by rewards of several hundred dollars, private detectives pursued Ulmer all the way to Pittsburgh and back. He was finally caught in Warren, Ohio, on 17 July 1858. After three quick trials, he drew a sentence of eight years.  Hill headed in the other direction and was nabbed later that summer along the Iowa-Missouri border and returned to Indiana. He escaped from the Noble County Jail on 6 March 1858 while awaiting trial and hadn't been heard from by the time Mott's little book went to press the following year.

Latta's final reckoning also is unknown. Without explaining how he got it, Mott shares with his readers a letter he says was written to Latta somewhere in Iowa by McDougall's brother John and dated 10 February 1858. In it John McDougall warns Latta, "You had better be on your guard [for] they intend to have you."  Except for this blot on the family escutcheon, the Lattas were an upright breed, as Mother would be the first to tell you. The family name -- which means "from the land of the Laithis," whatever that means -- first appeared along Scotland's Ayrshire coast. Sprinkled among the farmers and tradesmen of later generations are generous doses of ministers, doctors, scholars, teachers, poets and hymn writers.

The family genealogy traces our branch to an "Irish nobleman" named James M. Latta who lived in County Donegal, Northern Ireland, during the early 18th century. The Northern Irish Genealogical Society said there was no record of a Latta among the nobility of Ulster and suggested that James Latta probably was a wealthy merchant instead.

Whatever, Latta is said to have disinherited a son named William, forcing the young man to take his wife, Katherine, and head for the Colonies. They tried New Jersey, but quickly left to join the hordes of Scotch-Irish who were carving out the Cumberland Valley wilderness in western Pennsylvania.  When the Revolutionary War broke out, according to unverified family lore, William joined a militia raised at Carlisle, Pa., but oddly known as Morgan's Virginia Riflemen. The unit's official name was the 11th Virginia Regiment.  Our lineage follows William Latta's second-born son, Robert H. Latta (1773-1859), who went on to become an early settler of Fairfield County, Ohio, and later joined his son, Dr. Johnston Latta, on the Indiana frontier. Robert -- a giant of a man at 6 foot 4 and 300 pounds, according to family records -- eventually amassed nearly 1,500 acres in Indiana. Among his property was land he donated for the Eden Chapel and Cemetery on the edge of Topeka, where many of our ancestors lie.  He was the first settler of Eden Township. His son Johnston (1807-73) was the first physician of Goshen; his son James (1796-1855) - Mother's great-grandfather, as already mentioned - was the first minister of Ligonier; and his son William (1801-47) built the first sawmill in Noble County's Orange Township.

And that's where this tale began and ends.