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Born: abt 1758 in Cherokee Nation East Tennessee. Died: before 1851. This is probably part of the Latta family that moved into Tennessee from the Waxhaw region of North Carolina.  Married Martha Frances Scott, daughter of George Scott. She was born abt. 1790 in Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee and died Jan. 1, 1876 in Illinois Station, Sequoyah County, Indian Territory.  She was supposedly 32 years younger than John. 

1860 Census, McDonald County, Pineville Township, Missouri: Film #803633 237-237 Page 036; Latty, Frances, age 70, born 1790, TN; Sarah Latty, 40, b. 1820, TN; Lucinda, age 35, born 1825, TN; Margaret Latty, age 28, born 1832, TN; and Susan Latty, age 25, born 1835, TN.


    SARAH ANN LATTY (2) b. Abt. 1820 in Tennessee. Listed in the 1860 Census at McDonald County, Pineville Township, Missouri as "Sarah Latty" in the residence of her mother.  Marrie3     ALLEN LATTY (2) b. abt. 1824 in Tennessee.

    SUSAN "Susie" LATTY (2) b. Abt. 1835 in Tennessee. Listed in 1860 Census, McDonald County, Pineville Township, Missouri, in her mother's household.  Had a son out of wedlock before her marriage to a Tyner:

        30    JAMES M. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1848 in Missouri. He is the "James M. Latta" buried at the Caney Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK (B. 1848; d. 1892)  

5    ELLIS LATTY (2) b. abt. 1824 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

    MARTHA ELIZABETH PATRICIA "PATSY" LATTY (2) b. abt. 1825 in Cherokee Nation East Tennessee (may be a twin to William); d. abt. 1876 and is buried in the Still Cemetery, Campbell Township, Gore, Sequoyah County, Indiana Territory ("Martha Latty Tyner - 1825-1876); Married abt. 1842/1843 in Tennessee to Hiram "Hyram" Tyner. Hyram was born in 1823, Cherokee Nation East, Hamilton Co., TN, the son of Lewis B. Tyner and his first wife Mary Ann Frances "Fannie" "Annie" Johnson. Hiram Tyner left Tennessee about 1850 and moved to Missouri (McDonald Co.) with his father Lewis Tyner. One of their daughters was born in Noel, McDonald Co., Missouri in 1856.  They also lived at Webber Falls, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.  Lewis died Dec. 16, 1876, Sequoyah Co., Indian Territory. Buried at Still Cemetery, Gore, Sequoyah Co., Indian Territory.  The Tynerís lived among the Cherokee Nation in Tennessee. Mr. Tyner was a farmer, white and a voter. His mother may have been a Cherokee. His grandfather, Dempsey Tyner was a Cherokee interpreter.  Children: Elizabeth, born in 1844 in Hamilton Co., TN, Reuben, born in 1845 in Hamilton Co., TN, John Wesley, born May 24, 1847 in Hamilton Co., TN, Lewis Columbus "Luke", born May 25, 1849 in Hamilton Co., TN. See notes at end of branch of applications of Martha's heirs for Indian allotments of land.

1860 McDonald Co., Missouri Census - Tyner, Hyrum, age 35, born TN, farmer, Martha, age 35, born TN, Elizabeth, age 16, born TN, Reuben I., age 14, born TN, John W., age 12, born TN, Lewis, age 11, born TN, Frances, age 8, born MO, Mary, age 6, born MO, Jefferson, age 3, born TN, Martha, age 3, born MO.  (Martha, age 3 is not listed in the 1870 Census.  In Our People and Where They Rest by James W. Tyner and Alice Tyner, Timmons, Norman, OK, 1974: 8 Vols. - In Vol. 2 Still Cemetery, Sequoyah Co....Martha J. Latty 1870-1876 (this would be the Martha, age 1 in the 1870 Census)....Hiram Tyner Feb. 6, 1823 - Dec. 17, 1876, and Martha Tyner - no date - (this would probably be the Martha, age 3 in the 1860 Census) 1870 McDonald Co., Missouri Census - Tyner, Hiram 46M, Martha 43F, Fanny 18F, Mary 16F, Martha 13F, Jefferson 12F, Angeline 10F, John 23M, Louisa 22F, Martha 1F.

    WILLIAM LATTY (2) b. abt. 1828 in TN. Married Susan E. Abernathy. She was born in 1826-28 in NC. They were married in TN in 1846/47. 

    NANCY LATTA (2) b. abt. 1829 in Tennessee. Married George Jack Tyner abt. 1844 in Cherokee Territory, Hamilton Co., Tennessee. Georgeís parents were Lewis B. Tyner, Sr. and Mary Ann Frances "Fannie" Johnson. George was born abt. 1824 in Tennessee. He died in 1884. Nancy had a daughter, Sarah Ann Latta, who married a Fuller.  1880 McDonald Co., MO Census - Nancy Latty, age 67, Sarah Fuller, age 44, Thos. Fuller, age ____.  If this is Nancy and her daughter, Sarah Latta Fuller, Nancy would have been born abt. 1813 and not 1829.

    FRANCIS ELIZABETH "FANNIE" LATTY (2) b. abt. 1830/1831 in Roane Co., Tennessee. Married Lewis "B" Tyner, Sr. abt. 1847 in Hamilton Co., Tennessee. Fannie was his second wife. First wife - Annie Johnson. He had 14 children with his first wife. Fannie died aft. March 23, 1909 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., Oklahoma. Lewis was born in 1800 in Hamilton Co., Tennessee, the son of Dempsey Tyner and Obedience Sevier. He died May 13, 1876 in Wauhillau, Adair Co., OK. Children: Susanne Tyner, Robert J. Tyner, James Burke Tyner, Tennessee Tyner and Melissa Tyner. (See her application in Guion Miller Commission Indian Records at bottom of page.)

10     JEFFERSON LATTY (2) b. abt. 1837 in Roane Co., Tennessee. Also made the journey on the "trail of tears" with his brother William. Civil War Private Co. H, 8th Missouri Infantry, Mithells Regiment. Mustered in - Aug. 26, 1861, Mustered out - Aug. 31, 1864 as Serg't.  Married Leaty "Lucy" Walls. Died abt. 1891 in Jane, McDonald, Missouri. Also married Irene Walls in McDonald County, MO.

11    LUCINDA LATTY (2) b. abt. 1825 in Tennessee. Never married.  Listed in 1860 Census, McDonald County, Pineville Township, Missouri, in her mother's household.

12     MARGARET LATTY (2) b. Abt. 1832 in Tennessee. Never married.  Listed in 1860 Census, McDonald County, Pineville Township, Missouri, in her mother's household.

13    JOHN WESLEY LATTY (2) b. Abt. 1840.  A "John W. Latta" served as a private in Battery B of the 2nd Illinois Light Artillery.  Mustered in - August 26, 1861 and mustered out August 31, 1864. Was he this John Wesley Latty? 

14    PEGGY LATTY (2) b. abt. 1841. Never married.

15     GEORGE WASHINGTON "WASH" LATTY (2) b. Abt. 1842. 




John (1).  Allen was born abt. 1824 in Tennessee.  Married Elizabeth Burns.


16    JOSEPH LATTY (3) b. 1851; d. in 1896 at the age of 48; m. Louvenia Johnson, a Cherokee.

17    MARY JANE LATTY (3) m. Jacob Tate

18    LYDIA LATTY (3) b. abt. 1856 in Canadian District, Cherokee Nation IT, nw Muskogee, OK.  She appeared in the 1880 Cherokee Census while living in Canadian District, Cherokee Nation, IT, now Muskogee, OK. (Dawes Enrollment Card #1672). She was 23 years of age; m. Reese M. Hilderbrand, a Cherokee.  Children: Mary, Martha, Lelia, Allen, William, Thomas, John and Annie.

1860 Census - Arkansas (Indian Lands) Div: Canadian District in the Cherokee Nation

Latta, Allen, 36 M, farmer, b. TN

1869 Canadian West Census in OK, Indian Territory (near town of Webbers Falls, OK)

Latta, Allen   1 male  1 female 3 children "whites not entitled to citizenship"

(evidently means that they were not entitled to Indian citizenship)

1880 Cherokee National Census

Latta, Allen, A, col, age 70, male (if this is the same Allen Latta, then they have his age wrong)

Latta, M. J., A, white, age 14, female

Latta, Eliza, A, white, age 18, female




John (1).  Ellis was b. abt. 1824 in Williamson County, Tennessee.  He married Matilda I. Walls abt. 1853 in Pineville, McDonald, Missouri.  She was born Feb. 6, 1827 in Tennessee.  She died Nov. 1, 1885.  Matilda had married a Mr. Dunham before she married Ellis and had three children by him: Jim, Charles and Louisa Ellen.


19    JAMES MONROE LATTY (3) b. Dec. 1, 1857 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri; d. July 5, 1939 in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. Married Martha Elizabeth Upton on August 30, 1885 in Webbers Falls, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.  Martha was born May 22, 1869 in Aurora, Madison Co., Arkansas. She died on June 19, 1926 in LaGrande, Oregon.

20    JOHN WALLS LATTY (3) b. July 2, 1858 in McDonald Co., Missouri; d. March 14, 1931. m. Mary Frances Judy on July 24, 1881.

21    MARY E. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1859 in McDonald Co., Missouri

107  CHARLES (3) b. 1852 in Missouri

108   LOUISA (3) b. 1854 in Missouri

1860 Census- McDonald Co., Buffalo Township, Missouri - Film #803633 668-668 Page 098
Ellis Latty, 36  1824  Tennessee   farmer  300-300
Matilda J. Latty, 30,  1830 Tennessee
Charles Latty, 08  1852 Missouri
Louisa Latty, 06  1854  Missouri
John Latty, 03   1857  Missouri
Mary E. Latty, 01  1859  Missouri


John (1).  William Latty was b. abt. 1828 in TN. Married Susan E. Abernathy. She was born in 1826-28 in NC. They were married in TN in 1846/47.  In 1849/50, they headed west on "trail of tears." (History "William Latty: Hills of Tennessee to the Missouri Ozarks" compiled by Ila Chastain "Folk lore tells us William with his young wife and two toddlers left Tennessee on that dreaded "trail of tears" with a ten-wagon caravan." Info from older family members and court records lead one to believe that William Latty and family traveled through the wilderness with Latty families and other related families, Tyners and Bradshaws.  Susan died in childbirth, and William came down with pneumonia from digging her grave and also died. Their 7 youngest children were raised by two maiden aunts in the home of Andrew Jackson "Doc" Latty. 


24    MARY J. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1847 in Tennessee

28    NANCY E. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1849 in Tennessee. m. William L. Bradshaw on March 26, 1871 in McDonald Co., Missouri

106   AMANDA E. (3) b. abt. 1855 in Missouri.  Married David Feese on June 1, 1872 in McDonald Co., Missouri (Marriage Book B 1877-1881).  There is another Latta girl listed below her (Sarah K. Latta on Millbrick, married John D. Muisiner on Jan. 19, 1879 - could this be "Sarah C." below. Maybe Catherine with a K.)

22    JAMES M. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1855 in McDonald Co., Missouri

23    JOHN W. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1856 in McDonald Co., Missouri. m. Serepta A. Mathews on Nov. 17, 1877 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri.

26    MARJORIE CAROLINE LATTY (3) b. abt. 1865-66 in McDonald Co., Missouri. m. Josiah Bright. (does not appear in any census with the family; may not be one of theirs)

27    LUE FRANCES LATTY (3) b. abt. 1869-70 in McDonald Co., Missouri. m. James W. Dickinson on Dec. 2, 1889 in McDonald Co., Missouri.  He was born abt. 1860. (does not appear in any census with the family; may not be one of theirs)

29    GEORGE L. LATTY (3) b. Sept. 9, 1858/60 in McDonald Co., Missouri. d. Oct 25, 1939 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri m. Priscilla McDaniel on March 11, 1884 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri.  She was born in 1849 and died in 1937.  Priscilla is buried in the Petty Cemetery, McDonald County, Missouri, along with an infant son, "Charley A. Latty, b. Sept. 8, 1890, d. Dec. 16, 1890, son of G. L. and P. J. Latty."

25    SARAH C. LATTY (3) b. abt. 1862 in McDonald Co., Missouri

1860 McDonald Co., Missouri Census, Pineville Township, Film #803633 203-203 Page 031 - all listed as unable to read or write.
William Latty, 32  M   1828  Tennessee   Farmer  200-200
Susan E. Latty, 33   F  1827  Georgia
Mary J. Latty, 13  F  1847  Tennessee
Nancy E. Latty, 11  F   1849  Tennessee
Amanda E. Latty,  05  F  1855  Missouri
James W. Latty,  04  M  1856  Missouri
John W. Latty,  02  M  1858  Missouri


1870 McDonald Co., Missouri Census (William's sister, Martha Latty, also age 43, and her husband Hiram Tyner also live in McDonald Co., MO and are listed in the census - see above.)
Latty, William, 43M, born TN
Latty, Susan, 42F, born TN
Mary J., 22F, born TN
Amanda, 18F, born MO
James, 15M, born MO
John W., 14M, born MO
George S., 12M, born MO
Sarah, 8F, born MO



John (1).  Jefferson was b. abt. 1837 in Roane Co., Tennessee. d. 1891 in Jane, McDonald Co., Missouri.  Also made the journey on the "trail of tears" with his brother William. Civil War Private Co. H, 8th Missouri Infantry, Mithells Regiment. Married Irena Letta "Lucy" Walls about 1856. She was born Jan. 6, 1837 in Cherokee Nation East/Mississippi River, and died in 1901 in Indian Territory, OK. 

1860 Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri Census - Film #803633 238-238 Page 036
Latty, Jefferson - 23 b. TN
Latty, Leity - 23 b. Missouri
James - 12 b. Missouri
Mahala - 1 b. Missouri

31    SARA ELLEN LATTY (3) b. _____. m. Cal Gordon.

32    SYNTHIA LATTY (3) (this is probably Lucinda Cynthia, #34 below)

33    DRUZILLER MAHALA LATTY (3) b. Sept. 19, 1857 in McDonald Co., Missouri; d. Nov. 22, 1919 in Gravette, Benton Co., Arkansas.  m. James Mathaniel Bullock on April 2, 1879 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri.  Children: Mary Ellen, Synthia Jane, William Edward, Laura Ann, Levi Clarence, Oscar Morris, and Alice Mae.

34    LUCINDA CYNTHIA LATTY (2) b. April 5, 1861 in McDonald Co., Missouri; d. Sept30, 1938; buried in the Caney Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK; Married in 1877 to her cousin, Lewis "Luke" Columbus Tyner, son of Martha Elizabeth Latty and Hiram Tyner.  He was born May 25, 1849 and died April 7, 1932.   Children: Lee (male), Carson, Ida, John Daniel (1885-1963), Rosie Ellen, Mollie, Nickolus, Jette, Martha, Josephine "Josie?", Bessie Mae, Jess (male), and Mable Parthina. John Daniel is buried in the Caney Cemetery, along with his parents. 

Lucinda's son, John Daniel Tyner married Nancy Jane Whittington, daughter of Sarah Ellen Latta Whittington and Dr. William Thomas Whittington.   I

n the 1930 US Federal Census PlaceOklahoma - Cherokee Co - Park Hill, District 12 All listed as White, House 209, Family 220
         TYNER, John D. - Head 44 Widowed Born Oklahoma Fa: AK Mo: AK  Farmer Farmer 152
         , John V     Son  20              Arkansas Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , George E   Son  19              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , Francis SorE Dau18              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , Ruby S     Dau  16              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , Berna M    Dau  14              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , Nina M     Dau  12              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         , Vergie M   Dau  10              Oklahoma Fa: OK Mo: AK
         Same House
         Martha E Latta Aunt-H In Law   70  Single Born-AK Fa: GA Mo: TN No Occ
         Rebecca E Latta Aunt In Law    61  Single Born-AK Fa: GA Mo: TN  Servant, Private Family

This looks like John D. Tyner's Aunt (Martha E. Latta) lived with them, and that his wife's Aunt (Rebecca E. Latta/probably #44 Carlene Rebecca Latta) lived with them. There is a Rebecca F. Latta (1869-1952) buried in the Caney Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK, along with a Martha E. Latta (1859-1933).  If there is a reference to their father's being born in George, wonder if this was where #1 John Latta was from originally.??


John (1). Born abt. 1840. (I believe the date of his birth is wrong, because his children were being born about 1846.  There is a record that he was born between 1801 and 1810. - 1830 Williamson Co., Tennessee Census-Census Film #024540 shows a John Latty, with one male under 5, 2 from 5-9 years old, 1 from 15-19, 1 male 20-29, and one male 60-69, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 15-19, 3 females 20-29, and 1 female 40-49. This could show that John's parents John Latta (being the 1 male between 60-69) and Martha Frances Scott Latta (being the 1 female 40-49) was living with them.)  Married Francis "Fannie" Connors.  Fannie was born in 1827 in Tennessee and died in 1887. She is buried in the Caney Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK.  Or it could be a different John Latty altogether.  There is a Matthew Latta and a William Latta in the First Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Bryan's Battalion, Oklahoma.  This could be William below, but who was Matthew?

1910 Idaho Census, Elmore Co., Glenns Ferry #1374237 4-5
         Latty, John W. - Head   52   M   Born MO
         Latty, Mary        wife      45   F  Born MO
         Bennett, Matilda   dau    27  F   Born OK
         Latty, John, Jr.      son     10  M  Born Idaho
         Bennett, Leslie   son-in-law   31  M  Born PA
         Bennett, Leslie L.   g-son  02  M  Born Oregon
         Johnson, Florence   charge   03  F  Born Idaho
         Bennett, Burl        lodger    65  M  Born PA [was this Leslie's father?]
         John and Mary were married 25 years
         Matilda and Leslie were married 6 years





      John (1).  Born about 1842.  Died: 1862. Married: Peggy Henry, a full blooded Chickasaw or Cherokee Indian in Oklahoma, Her Indian name was Wah-te. She was born in Tennessee and went west in 1835. She died in 1863. 


45    ALLEN LATTA/LATTY (3) - Allen Latta as a Private in Co. C, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Oklahoma, Confederate Cherokee Soldiers.

46    FELIX GRUNDY "DIVER" LATTA/LATTY (3) - Indian name "Diver".  Diver Latta as a Private in Co. C, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Oklahoma, Confederate Cherokee Soldiers.  He was born abt. 1848 in Chloete, Delaware District, Cherokee Nation IT (now Delaware, OK).  He died in 1927.  1920 US Census - Felix G. Latta, age 71, of Porum, Muskogee Co., OK, born abt. 1849 in Oklahoma, Indian.  Living with Samuel Latta, age 16.

47    DELILAH LATTY (3) -

48    DAVID LATTY (3) -




Allen (2) John (1).  Joseph was born about 1856; d. in 1896 at the age of 48.  Married Louvenia Johnson, a Cherokee.  Ft. Gibson Post, Muskogee Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma), Vol. III, No. 14, January 13, 1898 states "Mr. Joe Latty departed this life Jan 9th, 1898, with that dreaded disease CONSUMPTION."


106    MARY LATTY (4) b. 1888.

1890 Cherokee Nation Census
Latty, Joseph, A, Col, age 34, M, farmer
Latty, Louvenia, N, C, age 19, F
Latty, Mary, N, C, age 2, F





Ellis (2) John (1).  James was born Dec. 1, 1857/61 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri; d. July 5 or 6, 1939 in Glenns Ferry, Elmore Co., Idaho.  He married Martha Elizabeth Upton on August 30, 1885 in Webbers Falls, Indian Territory, OK. She was born May 22, 1869 in Aurora, Madison Co., Arkansas.  She died June 19, 1926 in LaGrande, Union Co., Oregon.

1910 Idaho Census, Elmore Co., Glenns Ferry #1374237 11-12 (his brother John W. Latty is also in this district)

Latty, Monroe   head   49  M   Born MO
Latty, Martha    wife    40  F  Born Ark
Latty, John   son    16  M  Born OK
Latty, Minnie   dau   10   F  Born Idaho
Latty, Lilly   dau   8   F  Born Idaho
Tingley, Ida   dau   19  F  Born OK
Tingley, Frank   son-in-law   29  M  Born Kansas
Tingley, Harry C.   lodger   59  widow  born KY [would this be Frank's father]
Tuttle, Ely W.  lodger   39   M  single  born KY
Ada and Frank were married 2 yrs.


50    HENRY LATTY (4) b. May 1, 1886 in Webber Falls, Muskogee Co., OK; d. September 1, 1886 in Webber Falls, Muskogee Co., OK

51    BABY LATTY (4) b. Dec. 12, 1886; d. Dec. 16, 1886 in Webber Falls.

52    ETTA ELEANOR/ELANOR LATTY (4) b. June 18, 1887 in  Webber Falls, Indian Territory, OK; d. Dec. 8, 1970 in Mountain Home, Elmore Co., Idaho;  m. Ernest Eichholz on April 18, 1904.  He was born Jan. 16, 1878 in Mulheim, on Der Rhur, Rheinland, Prussa and died July 28, 1964 in Nampa, Canyon Co., Idaho.

53    LESIA/LESLIE LATTY (4) b. April 22, 1888, in Muskogee Co., OK; d. Sept 6, 1889 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK

54    ADA/IDA AMANDA LATTY (4) b. June 5, 1892 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., Indian Territory, OK. m. Frank Tingley in 1907.

55    JOHN ELMER LATTY (4) b. Feb. 3, 1894 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., Indian Territory, OK.  m. Annabelle Levander.   "John Latty was born February 3, 1894 in Muskogee, Oklahoma and is the son of Monroe and Martha Upton Latty. He received his education in the public schools of Glenns Ferry, Idaho. He enlisted in the Infantry at Anaconda, Montana and was a member of the famous 91st division, company M. regiment 362. He went through the war without an injury. His identification number was 2290775. His present address is Glenns Ferry, Idaho."

56    MINNIE MYRTLE LATTY (4) b. April 8, 1899 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., Indian Territory, OK. m. Oliver Corie.

57    LILLIE ELIZABETH LATTY (4) b. Sept. 11, 1901 in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. m. Charles Edgar Bullock on Dec. 11, 1922.



George W. (2) John (1).  Born: May 26, 1843 at Ft. Gibson, Okla.  Died: January 7, 1915. Married: Emily Colbert, She was a Full Blooded Chickasaw Indian.  She Died: March 17, 1906.  They lived at Ada, Okla.  
Two children:

74     GEORGE WASHINGTON (4) b. Nov. 27, 1867; d. Jan. 5, 1947 in Ada, OK.
75     FRANCES (4) b. abt. 1870; d. before Sept., 1902; m. James Eldridge.  Two children: James Eldridge, Jr. (b. abt. 1886) and Emily (b. abt. 1890).  Frances enrolled in Chickasaw Nation, IT for the Dawes Chickasaw Roll in 1902 and appears on Dawes card number 682, at age 32, 1/2 blood.


     George W. (2) John (1).  b. 1848; d. 1927; Indian name "Diver".  Diver Latta as a Private in Co. C, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Oklahoma, Confederate Cherokee Soldiers.  He was born abt. 1848 in Chloete, Delaware District, Cherokee Nation IT (now Delaware, OK).   He had three children by Cynthia Green, a divorced woman who had three children already.  They never married, and she later married a Calvin Peters.  1920 US Census for Porum, Muskogee Co., OK - Felix G. Latta, age 71, born abt. 1849 in Oklahoma, residing with 16 year old, Samuel Latta. An article in the "Ada Evening News, Ada, Indian Territory, OK, on June 3, 1911 states "Phelix Latta Tells About Davis and Star Gang" Felix [sic] Latta, Cherokee Indian, who is proprietor of the Peay Hotel is well acquainted with the now notorious Davis boys and Pony  Starr and his wife at Porum, whom a mob tried to lynch the other day.  Latta's farm is only two miles from Porum and for many years he has been in close touch with the affairs of the Porum community.  Latta says that the Davis boys and Starr are thieving citizens and deserve the worst that could be given them.  That they were all pretty smart Cherokees and wealthy, but it was notorious that they were cattle thieves of the boldest type."
Children by Cynthia Green:
76      FELIX "Jr ". (4) b. abt. 1897; d. July, 1939. m. Gracie Peal McCuin in January of 1918. 1920 US Census - Porum, Muskogee Co., OK - Felix Latta, age 23, born abt. 1897 in Oklahoma, white.
77     MARY FRANCES (4) b. Jan. 10, 1894; d. Aug. 1983; married Richard Starr in 1908. Divorced in 1910.  Richard was born Dec. 30, 1888 in Chickasaw National Indian Territory.  They had one child: Clara Starr.  Mary Frances married _______ Gorr.  They had one child: Harold Gorr b. 1913 in OK.  Mary Frances married ________ Dodge.  Mary Frances married Arthur Claud Swaggerty, son of William Edward Swaggerty.  He is buried in Briartown Cemetery, Briartown, Muskogee, OK.  They had two children: Ora Etheline b. 1916 in OK; and Nora, b. 1916.  Died young. 
78     SAMUEL (4) b. 1903 in Cherokee Nation, IT (now OK); m. Pearl McGuinness; moved to Bakersfield, California.

79     THOMAS (4).
80     ALLEN (4).
81     ANDREWS (4).
82     ELIZABETH (4).
83     JAMES (4).

The 1880 Cherokee Census, Canadian District, lists Felix Latta, age 32, N Cher, Elizabeth Latta, age 18, A White (Adopted Caucasian), Gemmina Latta, age 12, N Cher, Bettie Latta, age 5, N Cher, and Emily Latta, age 3, N Cher.

1890 Cherokee Nation Census
Latty, Phelix, N, C, age 42
Latty, Lizzie, A, W, age 30
Latty, Emily, N, C, age 13


Gracie Pearl McCuin, Ada, Okla. was married to Felix Latta Jr. of Porum, Oklahoma they were married in January 1918.  Gracie P. (Graves is crossed out)
Latta now.  Ages... Gracie P. McCuin 19 years, Felix Latta Jr. 21Years, Children of Felix Latta Jr., Gracie P. Latta are Lucille E. (Latta) Johns born June 4,
1920, Lillian (Latta) Fuller, born 29 September 1921, Margie Inez born April 25, 1927, Jerry Loletta was born November 12, 1928, 4 girls and 1 boy, Lesley
Leroy Latta was born the 6th of November, 1934, at Ada, OK. Their father Felix Latta, Jr. died at Sulphur, OK. (Army Hospital) in Sulphur, OK. near Ada,
Ok. (Ponotoc Co.). He died in July, 1939. He worked for the railroad, Frisco tract in Ada, OK. His father was Felix Latta, a Cherokee Indian who lived in Porum,
OK. Felix Latta, Sr., two sons, Felix Latta Jr. and Sam Latta (Bakersfield, Calif. who had 2 girls whom we believe died in, or around Bakersfield).   
The info above was taken from the family bible and the spelling and info has been amended so it is easier to read. I have the original and will make it
available to those who want it. I am Gloria Jean (East) Knudsen, the daughter of Lucille Elizabeth Latta Johns and Gracie P. Latta was my Grandmother. You may
reach me at or by calling 1-209-576-8446.



     George W. (2) John (1).  Born ____; d. ____; m. ____. 

One son:
84     THOMAS J. (4).                        
(**some information from a guest who signed the guestbook on this website failed to give an email address states: Jeff Latta, with some Cherokee ancestry, married to a Harriet Robinson, Choctaw ancestry, in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), USA.  They had at least three children: Thomas, b. Jan. 1872; Marietta E., b. March 1870, and Rosa, b. 1880, all in Indian Territory. There was also a small community called Latta, just outside of Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.  It was just some homes and what had once been a grocery store/service station.)

Results of Fort Smith Criminal Records  (it is unknown who these Latta men were, but they were from the Fort Smith, Arkansas area and may fit into this branch.

Last     First          Charge             Year  Jacket   AKA                  etal  Unk

Latta  Andrew  Assault  1878  115  AKA Latty, Andrew  L300 
Latta  Andrew J.  Assault  1881  115  AKA Latta, Doc    L300 
Latta  Gregory  Larceny  1893  278  McCoy, Columbus    L300 
Latta  Jeff  Larceny  1883  115  AKA Lattia, Jeff  L300 
Latta  Jim  Assault  1893  326  Latta, Thomas A.    L300 
Latta  John S.  Sci Fa  1868  23  Bowlin, Henry    L300 
Latta  Thomas A.  Assault  1893  326    L300 
Latta  Thomas A.  Rob Post Office  1894  538      L300 
Latta  William  Larceny  1872  203  Wilson, Thomas    L300 



     Allen (3) George W. (2) John (1).  b. November 27, 1867 in Porum, Indian Territory, also seen as Carpenters Bluff, Indian Territory; d. January 5, 1947 in Ada, OK; m. Rebecca Blankenship on February 7, 1893 in Emet, Tishomingo Co., OK.

Rebecca was born in Kentucky on March 20, 1872.  She died in San Diego, Calif. on Nov. 26, 1926.  She was buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego, California.  He lived at Ada, Okla. in 1936 at 507 West 19th Street.  Children:
89     JESSE JAMES (5) b. Nov. 2, 1903 in Latta, Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT; d. Mar. 26, 1904 at less than one year of age.
90     JOHN T. (5) b. Dec. 25, 1893.
91     FRED G. (5) b. Oct. 8, 1897.
92    JEFF ALLEN (5) b. Aug. 31, 1895.
93     WILLIAM AMOS "Bill" (5).  b. May 19, 1901 in Emet, Tishomingo Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT; d. Jan. 2, 1981; m. Patricia ___________ and Marie Fosdick.  In 1936 lived at San Diego, Calif, 517 Commonwealth Building.  No children.  Has the family Bible with the family record.



 76 FELIX  (4) LATTA

    Felix Grundy (3)  George W. (2) John (1).  Felix Latta, Jr. was born Dec. 18, 1896 in Cherokee Nation, IT; d. in July 1939 in Sulphur, OK; married Grace "Gracie" Pearl Mckeown (also seen as McCuin). Worked for the railroad, Frisco Tract in Ada, OK. 

106      LUCILLE (5) b. June 4, 1920; married a Mr. Johns.
107     LILLIAN  (5) b. Sept. 29, 1921; married a Fuller.
108     MARGIE INEZ (5) b. April 25, 1927

109      JERRY LOLETTA (5) b. Nov. 12, 1928.
110     LESLEY LEROY  (5) b. Nov. 6, 1934 at Ada, OK.



   90 JOHN T. (5) LATTA

     George W. (4) Allen (3) George W. (2) John (1) was born in Emet, Tishomingo Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT 25 DEC 1893. He married Nellie Mae Smith 13 DEC 1912.
  Nellie was born in Jacoba, TX. Nellie was the daughter of Asa Alonzo Smith and Laura Cobb. Children:
94     DAISY AGNES (6) b. in Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK on August 25, 1915; died Oct. 15, 1994 in Bryan Co., OK at the age of 79.  She is buried in the Mustang Prairie Cemetery, Falls Co., Texas. She married a Headley.
95     JUANITA (6) b. Sept. 12, 1917; d. Sept. 30, 1993 at the age of 76.  She married a Barnett.
96     MARGARITE (6) b. July 25, 1920 in Lincoln Co., NM; d. Jan. 4, 1999 in Temple, Bell Co., TX, at the age of 78.  She was buried in the Pendleton Cemetery, Pendleton, TX.  She married Vernon Wiley.
97     JOHN JR. (6) b. July 18, 1913; d. July 18, 1913.



      91 FRED G. (5) LATTA

     George W. (4) Allen (3), George W. (2) John (1).  b. Oct. 8, 1897 in Emet, Tishomingo Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT; d. Jan, 1980 in Ada, Oklahoma.  He is buried in the Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, Oklahoma; m. Clara Isabell Young on Oct. 10, 1918.  She was born January 27, 1895 and died on July 7, 1932.   His second wife was Della R. __________.   They are found in the 1945 City  Directory of Oklahoma City.  She was born Oct. 14 1895 and died Dec. 21, 1987.  In the 1940 Census, he is listed in the prison at Leavenworth, KS.

98     REJA GLADYS (6) b. Jan 12, 1920; d. Feb. 24, 2003 in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  Married a Mr. Perry.
99     DOROTHY LEE (6) b. August 4, 1920; d. 1971 in Texas.
100    FLORINE (6) b. August 23, 1923 in Pontotoc County; married Alvin C. Lewis on Nov.13, 1944 in Sebastin, Arkansas.  Died August 22, 2002 in Moore, Cleveland Co., Arkansas.  In the 1940 census, she is listed as a "lodger" with an older couple, Groves and Stella Brookshier, in Strafford, Oklahoma.  She was 16 years old.  Her mother had passed away in 1932, and her father was in prison (see 1940 Census information above).
101    EUNICE INEZ (6).  Married William Harrison Kemp on January 7, 1944 in Oklahoma.   In the 1940 census, 14 year old Eunice is listed as a lodger in the home of Walter and Beulah Gaw in Council Grove, Oklahoma.  The Gaws also had three other lodgers, ages 17, 10 and 2.



     George W. (4) Allen (3) George W. (2) John (1).  b. August 31, 1895 in Emet, Tishomingo Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT; d. Jan. 1969 at the age of 73; m. Geneva Mae Cope on Dec. 12, 1912.  Geneva was born Oct. 11, 1896 and died May 18, 1969.
102     GEORGE ARIC (6) b. Jan. 7, 1914; d. August 5, 1995; m. Josephine Louise Blackburn Powers on Aug. 17, 1946.  Josephine was born Dec. 22, 1916 and died Feb. 18, 1996.
103     LEE ALLEN (6) b. 1916; m. Ramona Dale Fisher.  One child: Lucy Ann Latta.
104     VELMA IRENE (6) b. at Ada, Okla. in 1818.  Married Karl Bnton Nickels.  In 1936 was stenographer for Oklahoma Publishing. Children: Robert, Karlene, and Neva Kay.
105     HAROLD D. (6) b. July 16, 1921.  One child: Hilarie.



Caney Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK - Tombstones via internet

Andrew Latta - 1861-1936* (see Note 1)

Fannie Latta 1827-1887 (See Note 1)

James M. Latta 1848-1892

James M. Latta 1853-1897* (See Note 1)

Martha E. 1859-1933 (See Note 1)

Vilsie Latta 1846-1904* (This would be James Madison's wife)

Polie Ray Lattie 1911-1956 (Son of James Madison Latta)

Andy M. Latty 1886-1952 (Possible son of James Madison Latta)

Levi N. Latty 1880 - _______ (Possible son of James Madison Latta)

Mary E. Latty 1878-1959

Tyner, Alice May 27, 1891 - Sept. 20, 1904

Tyner, infant son of E.B. & M. J. July 3, 1898 - July 3, 1898

Tyner, John Daniel 1885-1963

Tyner, Josie ----no date

Tyner, Louis Columbus May 25, 1849 - Apr. 7, 1932

Tyner, Lucinda Latty Apr. 5, 1861 - Sept. 30, 1938

Tyner, Nancy Jane 1891-1920

Tyner, Susie Mar. 11, 1911 - age 84 years

Tahlequah Cemetery - Cherokee County, OK - (

Lee M. Latta, b. unknown; d. 1935


GUION-MILLER APPLICATIONS (Indian applications for land as settlement for ancestors being moved west)

Jefferson K. Tyner - My Great Grand-father on my Fathers side was Dempsey Tyner a Cherokee interpreter. He died many years ago, perhaps before 1835. - application dated Aug. 12, 1907.

Mary Ann Tyner (daughter of Martha Latty and Hiram Tyner) - "I claim my Indian blood through my father.  I am 54 years of age; was born in Missouri.  My father was born in Tennessee near Chattanooga.  I am not a alotee.  I tried but could not get an allotment.  I have a brother, John W. Tyner, who was allotted land.  Ten years before the war my father lived in Missouri.  He did not get any money at that time.  My father left Tennessee about 1850.  He did not speak the Indian language.  My great grand-father was a full blood.  My father's father, Lewis Tyner was the Indian.  He came to Missouri when my father did.  My father was Hiram Tyner.  There were three boys and two girls older than I.  My father died 32 years ago.  My father was married and had three children when he left Tennessee for Missouri.  I have seen my grandfather, Lewis Tyner.  He was a half breed.  I have heard him talk Indian.  Lewis Tyner had four boys and three girls.  Lewis Tyner died in 1876 or 1875.  My great-grandfather Dempsey  Tyner.  I never saw him.  He died in Tennessee." Application dated Oct. 13, 1908.


Sarah Jane Latty Fuller (daughter of Nancy Latty).  "She states her age is about 76, she left Georgia as a child, went to Tennessee, left in 1849 or 1850 and arrived in Missouri in 1851.  Information found in her statements: Grandparents are John and Francis Scott Latty; parents are Nancy Latty and ____ Latty.  Or was she born out of wedlock?  Nancy's children are Sarah Ann m. Tittle m. Fuller, William (lived in Ark., his app. denied) Fleming, James and Ellis. 

GUION MILLER COMMISSION INDIAN RECORDS - Application No. 16875 - 3918 - James B. Tyner
Elizabeth Tyner (Francis Elizabeth Latty - daughter of John Latty and Martha Francis Scott) being first duly sworn in behalf of Robert J. Tyner says:
I am about 79 years of age. I was born in Roane Co., but I don't know the state. It was in the east. Applicant gets his Indian Blood through his father, Lewis Tyner. He died in 1878. He was born in the east. He left the east in 1850. Lewis Tyner was my husband and he was a Cherokee Indian. He was enrolled in 1851 but I don't know whether he drew money or not. In coming west, we stopped in Missouri but came to the territory in 1874. I think that Lewis Tyner was a quarteroon. Lewis was born in 1800. I married Lewis in 1847 and he was a tolerably old man at that time. He lived in Hamilton Co., Tenn. before we were married. He lived in Alabama before he moved to Tennessee. Reuben and Nathan were brothers of Lewis. He had another brother who died in the Chickasaw Nation. His name was Jesse and he married a Chickasaw woman. Rueben and one of the other boys came out west as far as Arkansas with the Old Settlers and then moved to this state. Lewis' oldest child, John was born in 1819. I am the second wife of Lewis. He was separated from his first wife and she moved to Arkansas with some of their children. Ruebin died before we came out west in 1850. Hiram was a child of my husband by his first wife. His oldest son was named Ruebin. I think he was born about 1845- he was old enough to be in the Civil War. Susan Tyner is the name of my oldest child and she was born in 1850. I never heard that my husband was enrolled. Never made an affidavit that he was enrolled. I never knew of him receiving any land or money. My husband has always been recognized as a Cherokee Indian. My children never associated with any other tribe of Indians than the Cherokees. her mark - Elizabeth (X) Tyner. (Elizabeth was "Francis Elizabeth Latta", daughter of John Latta and Martha Scott.)


No. 1963 Fannie Cummins, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

My name is Fannie Cummins; my post-office is Vian, Okla.; I am about fifty nine years old: I was born in Arkansas; my father's name was Lewis Tyner and
Sarah Jane Tyner was my mother; My mother was not Indian; My father was born in either Tennessee or Georgia; my grandfather's name was Lewis; my father
would be about seventy if he was living now; My father had several brothers, Jess; Jack; Hyram, John and Lewis and he had three sisters, Fannie, Pop,
Biddie; I do not know where my grandfather Lewis was living in 1835; My father was either living in Tennessee or Arkansas in 1851; my father and his
youngest brother moved to Arkansas with their mother, while his father and some other children moved into Missouri. my grand-father and his first wife
separated and he got another woman; my brother shared in the Cherokee allotment but I did not get in, neither did my sister; I moved to Indian
Territory about eighteen seventy-seven - my brother came at the same time; my brother got in while my husband would not try for me; my husband is a
Cherokee Indian - his name is Robert Cummings; Robert Cummings was the child of Wallace Ratley; Cummings was his step father and Robert took his name;
Jefferson Tyner, Appl. No. 40289 is my own cousin, he is the son of my father's brother, Hyram; I understand that his wife is a Cherokee Indian;
Hyram V. Linder, the husband of Fannnie B. Linder, Appl. 27754 is also a Cherokee Indian; our family has always been recognized here as of Cherokee
blood. - Fannie Cummins


See Dawes Enrollment Cards  - "Native American Data"



End Notes...............

One might look to branch No.9 for a tie to this branch. Also look at the book ;
" The Lords Vineyard" By, F. F. Latta 1940 About Branch # 9. Please keep in mind that people of that time did not like to show their relationship to an Indian Tribe, as I think has been done in branch No.9 . Keep in mind that " Indian Territory" was what is now Northern Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma and that White people could not own land in Washington Co., Ark. until the Treaty of 1826, unless they married into the Tribe. It looks as if the above 4 Felix (3) Latta had

named his sons after what could be his uncles in branch # 9. Andrew, James, Thomas, Francis, Samuel. And his daughter "Elizabeth" after his aunt in branch # 9 " Sarah Elizabeth".