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{1996 update: This Branch was thought to be part of Branch No.19. It was found that the below 1 Robert (1) Latta was NOT the same Robert Latta of Branch No.19, but that the History of the Robert Latta of Branch No.19 should be moved to the Robert Latta of this branch.} PLEASE NOTE: I have NOT used # 2-16. As you will see the number system will not be in order over time, being that as new people are found and added they will need to use the next number not in use. Also as you find new members of the family, please look to see the last number used and start with the next number to fill in with.


                                                                                      1 ROBERT (1) LATTA

Born approx. 1750.  Robert Latta, designed as being of Killenny (Killeney is the name of a townland, not a town.  Townlands are about two to three hundred acres each.) in the Parish of Donaghedy and the County of Tyrone Ireland, came to the United States at least by May 11, 1774 in connection with the death of his son, William Latta.  William Latta executed a Will on January 30, 1780 at which time he was living in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., and in the year 1785 his estate was settled in Rowan Co., N.C.; m. Jane ________________. {1996 NOTE: A book by Jo White Linn, Copyright 1980 titled: "Abstracts of Wills and Estate Records of Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1805 and Tax Lists of 1759 and 1778", ISBN 0-918470-03-X. Salisbury, NC. Page No. 30, deed recorded in Mecklenburg Co., N.C, Deed Book 14, p. 68-70, Nov-26-1777, McCubbins Collection Rowan Co.,. Public Library, Salisbury N.C., Rowan Co., Deed Book 8 p. 298. May 11, 1774, Rowan Co., Inferior Court Minutes 1753-1868 Court of pleas & Quarter Sessions.  1744 - Robert Latta named in legal document as being given power of attorney to act for his family in connection with estate of his son, William Latta, deceased.  This document executed in Londonderry, Ireland, May 11.  Robert was then in America.  The document names the family members as residents of Killenny, Parish Donagheady, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  Robert Latta's residence was given as same.  1777 - Robert sold land that his son William had purchased in 1769 to Ann Stephenson and her son, Michael (Deed Book 4, page 567 and Deed Book 14, page 68-70).  1780 - Will of Robert Latta executed June 30, at which time he was living in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. 

WILL OF ROBERT LATTA (Rowan Co., NC Will Book A, page 171-173) executed June 30, 1780, proved Nov. 7, 1782 and settled according to Rowan Co. Court Records, Feb. 12, 1785.  Robert Latta, late of Kingdon of living in Mecklinburg (sic)...weak and low beloved wife Jane Latta 3,000 pounds Continental money - 20 pounds in hard money - eight shillings to the dollar...beloved son James Latta 400 pounds hard money of same youngest son  Samuel my land and tenements...the premises known as Kelenie in Parish of Donahadie (sic) and Co. tyrone in Kingdom of Ireland he giving my wife Jane a comfortable subsistence off the same during her life...also half my cattle and horses and my son James the remaining half....daughters Jane and Agnefs (sic) so much in money as make them equal with the portion I gave Isabell...remains of estate to be equally divided among my children....Exor's: Robert Ramsey and James Kerr of Rowan Co. & Thomas Bartley, late of City of Philadelphia.  Witnesses: Margaret Givens and James Kerr.

The burial place of William Latta and his father, Robert Latta, are unknown.  It is possible they were buried in Baker's Graveyard which was in the vicinity of the land which William Latta purchased.  The names associated with both William and Robert were of that area.  John McConnell, who was one of the administrators of William's estate, was buried there, as were Givens and others.  During the years many of the stones that had been lost in one way or another.  In 1961 the remaining stones from Baker's were moved to Centre Presbyterian Church, near Mt. Mourne, Iredell Co., NC.  The cemetery itself in now under the waters of Lake Norman.

17 JOHN (2)
18 WILLIAM (2) d. 1772.
19 JAMES (2) b. 1755 in Ireland; d. 1837; m. 1) Elizabeth Houston and 2) Jane Knox.
20 JANE (2) lived in the same area of her father in Ireland.
21 AGNES (2) lived in the same area of her father in Ireland
22 ISABELLA (2) m. William Jack of Ruskey.
23 SAMUEL (2) b. approx. 1770. In his Father's Will he was given all the land owned by him in Killenny, Donaghedy Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland. Returned to Ireland after living in America.


                                                                                17 JOHN (2) LATTA
Robert (1). Lived in Lincoln Co., N.C. 60 miles north of Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N. C. Was told that in 1792 he went back to Ireland and died there the same year. He is supposed to be the brother of the above family.

                                                                               18 WILLIAM (2) LATTA
Robert (1). Born in Ireland. Was in Rowan Co., N.C. pre 1767. He died interstate some time between February and May 1772.  1767 - William named in Rowan County, NC when he sold two trunks of goods to John McConnell on Oct. 13.  1769 - purchased land, 200 acres lying 1/2 mile above John Beatty's Fourd from Thomas Beaty both designated as being of Rowan County.  William was also called a "merchant."  This land laid in an area which at that time was not clearly defined as Rowan or Mecklenburg County.  This is the lower part of what is now Iredell County, below the Centre Church area.  1772 - William died between Feb. 7 and May 5 when John McConnell and Robert Lindsay were appointed by the court to administer his estate since he died intestate.  They gave bond in the amount of 800 pounds.  Records of the estate extend over a number of years.  1774 -  Robert Latta, father of William Latta, came to this country in connection with the estate settlement.  1778 - Robert Latta named in Rowan County Inferior Court Minutes in connection with William's estate.  Feb. 6, 1778 - Bond of Robert Latta lately Co. Tyrone in Kingdom of Ireland for 2000 proc. money to John McConnell and Robert Lindsay on Aug. 4, 1775 about adm. estate Wm. Latta deceased.  McConnell & Lindsay, Adm. have paid Robert for the heirs, money.  Wits. by Waighstill Avery John Lock & Jas. Cathey (?) & arbitrators Matt. Locke & Griffith Rutherford with another should they not agree (who seems to be John Brandon) & is decided that Wm Latta gets 45 pounds (Sept. 19, 1775) Robert Latta as power of attorney for the heirs signs a receipt on same day (Sept. 19, 175) for L404-5-0 -- being all the distributive shears (shares) & whole estate of William Latta deceased.

                                                                                  19 JAMES (2) LATTA
Robert (1) . Born in Antrim, Ireland August 25, 1755; d. at Hopewell, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. October 30, 1837. In 1792 he was in Ireland educating his children. That same year he came to America to administer John Latta's estate. With him came one son named Robert. They were SHIPWRECKED near Charleston, S.C. and barely escaped with their lives. From there they walked to Lincoln, N.C. Here he was taken in and cared for by Albert Torrence.
{1996 note: The home of this James Latta can be seen at: *"Historic Latta Plantation/Place"* . See note at the end of this branch.) Married twice: First to Elizabeth Houston, 1780. She was Born:____. Died: 1792. In: Antrim Ireland. Married: Second wife, Jane Knox, 1796. She was Born:1775 in Lincoln Co., N.C. Died: July 1, 1864 in Mt. Mourne, Iredell Co., N.C. Buried: Hopewell Pres. Cem., Mecklenburg Co., N.C. She was the Daughter of Robert Knox & Mary Ewart. For more information on James' family see

Children by first wife:
24 WILLIAM (3) b. 1781
25 ROBERT (3) b. 1785

Children by second wife:
26 MARY "Polly" (3) Born: Dec. 29,1799 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Died: Nov. 26, 1824 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Buried: Hopewell Pres. Cem., Mecklenburg Co., N.C.
Married: James Galbraith Torrence, April 14, 1821 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.
He was Born: Nov. 19, 1774 Died: Dec. 12, 1847 Buried: Hopewell Cem., Meck Co., N.C. He was the son of Hugh Torrance & Mrs. Isabella Falls. Two known Children; William & Jane.
27 NANCY ALGELINA (3) Born: February 15, 1804 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.
Died: Nov. 6, 1833 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Married: Maj. Rufus Reid, Dec. 11, 1828 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. He was Born: 1797 Died: July 15, 1854. Buried: Centre Pres. Cem., Iredell Co Capt. He was the son of: John Reid & Mary Johnston. Had three children: Sarah, Mary & Nannie (Nancy) Reid. After the death of his wife he married her sister Elizabeth.
28 ELIZABETH "Betsy" (3) She was Born: February 9, 1797.In: Mecklinburg Co., NC., USA. Died: May 14, 1838. In: Mecklinburg Co., NC. Married twice. Benjamin Wilson Davidson, born 20 May 1787 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died 25 Sep 1829 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He married Elizabeth in Aug. of 1818 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, daughter of James Latta and Jane Knox. She was born 09 Feb 1797 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died 14 May 1838 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Children of Benjamin Davidson and Elizabeth Latta were William Lee Davidson, Sr., born Feb. 10, 1825, and John Ramsey Davidson. Married 2nd: Maj. Rufus Reid, Jan. 24, 1835. They had two children: Elizabeth & the other was a stillborn female.
29 EZEKIEL (3) b. January 16, 1810; d. November 21, 1820.

Robert (1) In the Will of her Father of January 30, 1780. she was stated to be
living in Ireland a single woman. { From the notes of branch 19 She had Married: Churza Hopkins in Orange Co.., N.C. October 11, 1793. The marriage will need to be looked into for more details}

No history of the next children;

                                                                                      23 SAMUEL (2) LATTA

Robert (1) Samuel was born abt. 1770. He inherited the land in Ireland when Robert died and lived in Ireland, having returned from America.


88 JOHN (3) b. abt. 1813 in Ireland, immigrated to Australia

89 WILLIAM (3) b. 1836 in Australia (the Ballarat District of Victoria)



                                                                                     24 WILLIAM (3) LATTA

James (2) Robert (1). Born Antrim, Ireland October 8 or 9, 1781. Died: Darlington, N.C. September 26, 1829. Came to America alone in 1794 after the death of his mother. Wife Mary Permella Woods, born America July 19, 1791; d. Louisiana November 1, 1849. Married December 1811, Darlington, N.C. Children all born at Darlington, N.C.

76 WILLIAM FRAME (4) Born: July 28, 1812. Died: Aug 14, 1812. He was named after Rev. Frame Woods
33 MARY ELIZABETH (4) Born: July 28, 1812. m. William J. Kelton  (Also seen as: Kellinues, Kellin, Killen), May 17, 1832.
32 ANN PAMELA (4) Born: May 1?, 1814. m. William Henry, March 15, 1832. William HENRY born 7 Oct 1808 in NC. He married (1) Ann LATTA in Mar 1832 Darlington District, SC. They moved to Perry/Decatur Co. TN in 1836. Their children were John, Frame W., A. J., William, Robert L., A.E.C., and Corry P. Ann Latta HENRY died in Decatur Co. TN in 1849. William HENRY married (2) a widow, Julia COLLINS VAN HOOK in 1851 in Henderson Co. TN. Their children were Mary Elizabeth (m. James William BRYANT) ;Alonza B.; Martha Frances "Fannie" (m. Jon HISE); Andrew Collins (m. Elizabeth E. JOHNSON) ;Sophie (m. Bob BRYANT); and Albert B. (never married). William HENRY moved from Decatur Co. TN to Lamar Co. TX about 1868. He died in Fannin Co. TX 7 June 1884 and is buried in the Oakhill Cemetery near Honey Grove, TX.
30 ROBERT EDWARD (4) Born: Feb. 9, 1816
34 EDITH ROGERS (4) Born: Dec. 21, 1817. Died: March 17, 1849. Named after the wife ( Edith Rogers) of Rev. Frame Woods.
Married: Ezer (or "Eyn") Evans Woods, Louisiana April,1845. One known child: Mary Edith Woods, Born: March 17, 1849. Died: June 2?, 1849.
79 JAMES (4) Born: Oct. 24, 1819. Died: Oct. 26, 1822.
35 ANDREW WOODS (4)Born: Sept. 12, 1821. Died: Aug. 22, 1842. In: West Feliocoasa Parish, LA. (Robert listed him as " Died Single")
80 HARRIET (4) Born: June 23, 1823.
78 JOHN HENRY (4) Born: June 29, 1825.
77 WILLIAM DOPEY (4) Born: Sept. 1?, 1827. Died: Oct. 27, 183?.  He was named after the Rev. William Dopey.
31 ALBERT TORRENCE (4) Born: May 13 or 15, 1829.


                                                                                  25 ROBERT (3) LATTA

James (2) Robert (1). Born Antrim, Ireland August 21, 1784; d. August 25, 1852 Columbia, S.C. Naturalized February 7, 1814 Charlotte, N.C. Was the President of National Bank. Married twice. First wife: Jane Allison b. ____;d. ____; m. November 4, 1806.

Mrs. Jane Allison Latta-[Died] At Philadelphia, on the 13th ult., wife of Mr. Robert Latta , merchant of Yorkville, S. Carolina. (Camden Gazette, July 1, 1819.)

Latta House/York Funeral Home 43 17 S. Congress St., Yorkville, SC

A pivotal house. This three-story house was built by Robert Latta, a wealthy merchant, in 1824. The walls of the house are twenty-four-inch solid brick. These bricks were brought from England as ballast by merchant vessels returning to Charleston and were hauled by wagon from there to York. The building rests on a three-foot-wide solid granite base extending eight feet into the earth. The false window inserts show the designer's devotion to balance and symmetry. The home was famed for its walled-in gardens, complete with strutting peacocks, and for its own gas light system for the chandeliers in the house. Mr. Latta sought the finest materials from around the world for his Yorkville residence. The interior features cherry woodwork and rare imported black marble mantels. At the turn of the century, a two-story addition at the rear of the home was built for servants. The crack visible in the south end of the building was caused by the Charleston Earthquake of August 31, 1886.

Second wife Elizabeth Dilworth b. ____; d. January 1869; m. October 9, 1821. She was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Dilworth of Philadelphia, Pa.
Children of first wife:
36 WILLIAM ALBERT (4) (Will dated May 15, 1852, Richland Co., S.C.)
37 JOHN ALLISON (4) Born: Jan. 1, 1808. Died: Oct. 26, 1826. In: Cola, S.C.  Buried: Bethel Churchyard, York, S.C. (Robert listed as: grave site in Philadelphia, P.A.)
38 JANE ELIZABETH (4) Born: Dec. 5, 1813 Died: Nov. 2, 1824. buried in Philadelphia, Pa.
86 Infant (4) Born: June 10, 1816. Died: July 28, 1816. Buried: Bethel Pres. Cem., York S.C.

Children of second wife:
87 SARAH ELIZA (4) Born: May 12, 1823. Died Jan. 4, 1829. Buried: St Pauls Epis. Cem. Pendelton, S.C.
40 ANNA CECELIA (4) b. Yorkville, S.C. (now York) February 5, 1830; d. Charlotte, N.C. January 10, 1891; m. Rufus Murray Johnston. Child: Latta Crawford Johnston, b. May 20, 1857; d. February 28, 1892.
41 IDA ELIZA (4) Born: July 15, 1834. Died: May 25, 1859. Buried: Pres. Churchyard , Cola, S.C. single.

                                                                 30 ROBERT EDWARD (4) LATTA

William (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born Darlington, S.C. (Also seen Ireland) February 9,1816. Died: 1890.Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden, S.C. Married: Eliza White, May 12, 1847. She was Born: October 20, 1815. died 1889. Buried: Quaker Cemetery, in Camden, S.C.
42 MARY PAMELA (Pamelia) (5) Born: Dec. 5, 1851. Died: About 1879.(died single).
43 HARRIET CAROLINE "Hattie"(5) Born: Jan. 22, 1857. Died: March 29, 1927.
Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden, S.C. Married: John Franklin Smith.
44 WILLIAM ALBERT (5) Born: Feb. 5, 1860.
45 ROBERT A (5) Born: Feb. 10, 1854. Died: About 1917. Lived in Cheraw. One known
child: Albertus Latta.
45-A MARGARET (5) Born: about 1852. (No history)
45-B JOHN (5) Born: June 9, 1852. (No history)

                                                                    31 ALBERT TORRENCE (4) LATTA

William (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born Darlington, S.C. May 13 or 15, 1829; d. was living in K.Y. 1901. In 1901 he was a Baptist minister. Married three times. First wife Nancy Alethia Russell b. Mackville (now 1930, Westville) S.C. September 9, 1842; d. February 9, 1869; m. ____. Second wife Mary Jane Russell (sister of Nancy) b. Mackville, S.C. April 5, 1837; d. Gastonia, N.C. October 8, 1890; m. Mackville, S.C. January 8, 1872. Third wife: Rebecca Head, nee Key, b. ____ d. ____; m. Gastonia, N.C. after October 8, 1890.
Children of first wife:
46 NANCY EDITH (5) b. Camden, S.C. September 22, 1860; d. May 20, 1861.
48 EURANIA HETTIE (5) b. Camden, S.C. May 17, 1864; d. White Plains, S.C.
September 3, 1873.
49 ANDREW TORRENCE (5) b. Mackville, S.C. April 5, 1867.
Children of second wife:
50 MARY PAULINE (5) b. White Plains, S.C. May 2, 1874.
51 CECELIA (5) b. White Plains, S.C. July 3, 1877.

                                                                               36 WILLIAM ALBERT (4) LATTA

Robert (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born: Nov. 15, 1809. Died: July 7, 1865.  Married three times. First wife: Camilla Catherine Torrence, June 24, 1824. She was Born: Nov. 19, 1813 in Mount Mourne, Mecklenburg, NC. Died: Nov. 29, 1851. Buried: Rose Hill Cem, York, SC. She was the Daughter of James Galbraith Torrance & Ann "Nancy" Davidson. Second wife: Sarah F. Dews, June 30, 1853. She was Born:1821 in PA. Died: April 3, 1854 Third wife: Miss Anna Clark, July 22, 1856. (also seen as Clarke), widow of Winnsboro, N.C. She was Born: March 1823. Died: Oct. 26, 1912.

Episcopal Church Of The Good Shepherd 36 102 E. Liberty St., Yorkville, SC (Tour of Homes)

A pivotal building. It was not until the middle of the 19th century that there were sufficient Angelicans in Yorkville to establish an Episcopal Church. Rev. John D. McCullough was sent as a missionary from Charleston to the Up-Country, and he established churches in Spartanburg, Glen Springs, Union and Yorkville. Beginning in 1849, services were held irregularly in the Courthouse, Methodist Church, and Presbyterian Church. Good Shepherd Church was officially established in 1852, and the sanctuary, of plain Gothic style, was built in 1855, at a cost of about $5,000. Dr. J. M. Lowry (#35) gave a corner of his lot, and Mr. William Latta (#43) donated five hundred Mexican Silver Dollars to be cast into the bell, which is still used. He also donated a melodeon, making Good Shepherd the first church in York to have a musical instrument.

County Jail/Wilson House 42 3 S. Congress St., Yorkville, SC (Tour of Homes)

This pivotal building was designed by Robert Mills in 1823 for York County as a jail. The plain façade, broken only by the lines of the windows and fanlighted doorway, shows the simple symmetrical lines of the Federal Period. When a new county jail was erected on West Liberty Street, William A. Latta, a wealthy merchant, whose lovely home still stands next door, bought the old building, and, after converting it into a residence, gave it to his daughter, Anna Latta Wilson. Her heirs bequeathed the income from the building to Episcopal Church Home for Children, and the proceeds of the sale of it, if ever sold, to Thornwell Orphanage in Clinton, SC. It is presently occupied as offices for commercial purposes. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Latta House/York Funeral Home 43 17 S. Congress St., Yorkville, SC (Tour of Homes)

A pivotal house. This three-story house was built by Robert Latta, a wealthy merchant, in 1824. The walls of the house are twenty-four-inch solid brick. These bricks were brought from England as ballast by merchant vessels returning to Charleston and were hauled by wagon from there to York. The building rests on a three-foot-wide solid granite base extending eight feet into the earth. The false window inserts show the designer's devotion to balance and symmetry. The home was famed for its walled-in gardens, complete with strutting peacocks, and for its own gas light system for the chandeliers in the house. Mr. Latta sought the finest materials from around the world for his Yorkville residence. The interior features cherry woodwork and rare imported black marble mantels. At the turn of the century, a two-story addition at the rear of the home was built for servants. The crack visible in the south end of the building was caused by the Charleston Earthquake of August 31, 1886.

Children by First Wife:
59 WILLIAM " Willy" (5) Born: May 9, 1835. Died: July 12,1841. Buried: Rose Hill Cem, York, S.C.
53 MARGARET M (5) Born: About 1837. Died:About 1919. single.
55 ANNIE I. (5) m. Col. William Blackburn Wilson, two daughters: Florence Wilson. Annie Latta Wilson.
60 ADA (5) Born: About 1842 Died: About 1854
56 JANE ALLISON " Jennie" (5) Born: 1844 in York, S.C. Died: 1918 in Bartow, Fla. Married: Gen. Evander McIvor Law, March 9, 1863. In: Law Plantation, Columbia, S.C. He was Born: Aug. 7, 1832 in Darlington, S.C. Died: Oct. 31, 1920. In: Bartow, Fla. He was the son of Judge E.H. Law & Elizabeth E. " Bettie" McIver. 4 children; McIver Law, Augustus Law, Annie Law, William Latta Law.
52 ROBERT JAMES (5) single. The TOWN OF LATTA, S.C. was named after him. He was educated at King's Mountain Military Academy and served in the Confederate Army. Worked as an Engineer for the railroad where he surveyed the area that became the town of Latta, Dillon, SC.
54 FLORENCE CAMILLA (5) Born: About 1853. Died: About 1915. single.

Children of the Second Wife:
81 Child Latta (5) Born and Died: 1854.

Children by Third Wife:
57 JOHN ALLISON (5) b. July 13, 1857; d. January 21, 1936; m. Anna R. Lewis January 2, 1921.

* The next 2 children were listed by Robert, but I was unable to find a record of them*
58 WILLIAM (5) b. ___; d. ____ when eight years old.
61 WALTER (5) b. ____; d. ____ young.( This maybe the child of 39 James T (4) Latta)


See History of the Allison Family from Ireland to Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

                                                                             39 JAMES THEODORE (4) LATTA

Robert (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born: June 19, 1827. Died: May 22, 1865.  Married: Angel Wetherill Lott (Also seen: Angel Lott Wetherill) She was Born: 1832 in Philadelphia, PA. Died: 1875.

62 EDWARD DILWORTH (5) b. Pendleton, S.C. May 4, 1851; d. Nashville, Tenn. or Ashville, N.C. July 14, 1925.
82 WALTER (5)
83 ANGELA WETHERELL (5) Born: Aug. 31, 1852. Died: Sept. 10, 1852 in Europe.
84 WILLIAM PINCKNEY (5) Born: 1853. Died: 1874. Buried: St. Paul's Epis. Cem, Pendleton, S.C.
85 JAMES THEODORE, Jr. (5) Born: Dec. 9, 1855. Died: April 17, 1891. In: Charlotte, N.C. Buried: Elmwood Cem, Charlotte, N.C.

                                                                            44 WILLIAM ALBERT (5) LATTA

Robert E (4) William (3) James (2) Robert (1) Born: February 5, 1860. In: Camden, S.C. Died: August 16, 1932. Buried: Quaker Cemetery, In: Camden, S.C.  Married: Sallie Cason Francis (Also seen as : Sarah Carson Francis) She was Born: Dec. 17, 1866 Died: Feb. 13, 1913. Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden, S.C. She was the daughter of: John Herbert Francis & Margaret " Maggie" Joesy.
68 WILLIAM HERBERT (6) Married: Sarah Pauline Johnson.
69 JOHN HENRY (6) Born: Oct. 10, 1888. Died: May 17, 1889. Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden S.C.
70 ROBERT EDWARD (6) (Doctor) Married: Mary Stewart Hewlett.
71 MARGARET ELIZABETH (6) Born: Sept. 1, 1898. Died: Dec. 18, 1964. Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Hartsville S.C.
72 FRANCES MOZELLE (6) Born: Jan. 9, 1904.In: Camden, S.C. Died: July 16, 1982. Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Hartsville, S.C. Married: August John "Joe" Haun, June 30, 1926.

                                                                              47 WILLIAM ALBERT (5) LATTA

Albert T. (4) William (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born Camden, S.C. May 5, 1862; d. living in Louisville, K.Y. 1926. Married Jessie A. Garland b. White Plains, S.C. July 17, 1864; d. ____; m. February 1885.
63 NANCY (6) b. Sherffield, Alb. 1885.
64 JESSIE GARLAND (6) b. Sherffield, Alb. 1889.

                                                                               62 EDWARD DILWORTH (5) LATTA

James (4) Robert (3) James (2) Robert (1). Born Pendleton, S. May 4, 1851; d. July 14, 1925. Married twice. First wife Harriet " Hattie" Nisbet (b. May 18, 1853;  d. Oct 9, 1910) married in Macon, Georgia on March 14, 1877. She was the daughter of Thomas C. Nisbet and Mary Wyatt. Second wife: Jennie Lea b. ____; d. ____; married in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1918.

Children by first wife:
65 MARION NISBET (6) b. New York City, N.Y. December 25, 1877; d. living in 1909 Milwaukee, Wis. Wife Orgarita Merrill b. ____ d. ____. She descended from Maj. Gen. John Stark of N.H. D.A.R. # 45614.
66 EDWARD DILWORTH, JR (6) b. New York City, N.Y. December 6, 1879.
67 JANET ACTON (6) b. Charlotte, N.C. October 17, 1883; d. ____, D.A.R. # 49148; m. William Haskell Porcher.


The Charlotte News, Charlotte, NC - Oct. 10, 1910



                                                                              68 WILLIAM HERBERT (6) LATTA

William H (5) Robert E (4) William (3) James (2) Robert (1) Born: June 22, 1886. In: Camden S.C. Died: August 12, 1952. Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Hampton, VA. Married: Sarah Pauline Johnson. She was Born: April 8, 1900. In: Cheraw S.C. Died: Oct. 14, 1986. Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Hampton, VA. She was the daughter of: James Henry Johnson & Isabella Gaskins.
73 JOHN FRANCIS (7) Born: February 7, 1921. Died: February 9, 1921.
74 WILLIAM ROBERT (7) Married: Mary Lois Hodge.

                                                                              74 WILLIAM ROBERT (7) LATTA

William H (6) William H (5) Robert E (4) William (3) James (2) Robert (1)  Born: September 25, 1922. In: Elizabeth City County, VA. Died: July 6, 1987. In: Hampton, VA. Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Hampton, VA. Married: Mary Lois Hodge, May 10, 1947 In: Hampton, VA. She was Born: December 23, 1927 In: Giles County, VA. Died: June 1, 1980. In: Newport News, VA. Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Hampton, VA.
75 CONSTANCE MARQUITA (8) Born: December 1, 1948 In: Newport News, VA.  Married: Carl Christopher Backus, April 19, 1964 In: Sparta, N.C. They had one child.
Married: Daniel Thomas Mullady, August 15, 1971 In: Hampton, VA. No Children.  Re-Married: Daniel Thomas Mullady, July 28, 1977 In: Newport News, VA.
Child: CRYSTAL CHRISTINA LATTA, Born: September 25, 1964 In: Hampton, VA. She Married: Eric Lane Brown, February 14, 1990. He was born: Dec. 3, 1964 In: Hampton, VA. They have Two children: William Austin Brown, Born: Nov. 28, 1988. & Karah Elane Brown,
Born: July 17, 1992.




                                                                                 89 WILLIAM (3) LATTA

Samuel (2) Robert (1) William was born in 1836 in Australia (the Ballarat District of Victoria). married Sarah ____________.


90 JOHN (4) b. 1856 in Australia.




                                                                               90 JOHN (4) LATTA

William (3) Samuel (2) Robert (1) John was born in 1856 in Australia; m. Grace Parker.

91 JOHN "Jack" (5) b.
92 ALICE (5) b.
93 CATHERINE "Nancy" (5) b.
94 GRACE (5) b.
95 ROBERT "Bob" (5) b.
96 SHAW (5) b.
97 GLADYS (5) b.
98 ALICE (5) b. 1904; d. 1922
99 THOMAS CHARLES BLACK (5) b. 1904; d. 1977
100 LUCY (5) b.
101 HELEN (5) b. ________; married a Tupp.  Celebrated her 90th birthday in 2001 in Warrnambool where the family always lived.







THIS IS THE END OF THE BRANCH......................................THE REST ARE NOTES

1996 Note:
Information was added to this Branch from the records of; 75 Constance Marquita (8) Latta.
Constance M. Latta
102 Shenandoah Road
Hampton, VA 23661-3428

Jan. 15, 1997. Note.
Information was added to this branch from the records of:
A. Douglas Marion, M.D.
145 York St.
Chester, S.C. 29706.
{ 1996 Note: See the above Family Number 52, Town of Latta S.C.}
{ 1996 Note: See the above and Below information on Family Number 19}

(Notes from 1930's about 1 ROBERT (1) LATTA)
From Historical Sketches of North Carolina from 1584 to 1851. From Journal of Committee of Safety: "Whereas Robert Latta complained to this Committee that sundry persons are indebted to him and will not pay their accounts. Resolved: That the said Robert Latta again make demand of each person his debt, and upon non-payment, to demand security for the payment of the same on the first day of November, next. Upon failure there of he is hereby authorized to spe for the same." On page 374, "Robert Latta came into Committee and acknowledged the receipt of L14.10s. supposed to be counterfeit, from Adlai Osborne, agree to order of Committee." Osborn was afterwards arrested as a tory.

In the census of 1790, the name of Joseph, of Mechlenburg, N.C. was the only name mentioned. The census is not given for Orange Co., N.C. but in that county five Latta's appeared in the text books; they were John, Sr.; John, Jr.; James Sr.; James Jr.; and Thomas. They were in St. Mary's or Hillsboro Districts.

The mother of Rev. S.A. McPherson, in her journal dated 1854, says that she received a letter from Cousin John Nesbit. Does this connected branches 12 and 19? See Mrs. Edward Dilworth Latta, nee Nesbit branch No. 19.

(Note 1996: See Notes in branch # 8)

(1996 Notes on 19 JAMES (2) LATTA)

Historic Latta Place

The Plantation Home of James Latta
Circa 1800

Tucked away on the banks of the Catawba River, this backcountry plantation offers a glimpse into the life of merchant/planter James Latta and his
family in rural Mecklenburg County in the early days of our republic. You'll find the restored Latta house, various out buildings, a replica
kitchen, wellhouse and log house, as well as a barn and barnyard animals.

James Latta was a Scot who came to America from Ireland in 1785 to settle his father's estate. Having a good head for business and seeing a ripe
opportunity in this burgeoning republic, he became a traveling merchant who bought his wares in Philadelphia and Charleston and sold them from the back of his wagon to Piedmont Carolina farmers and villagers. Imagine the excitement of local folks to see Latta's wagon coming down the road with
his muffin tins, muslin, needles, salt and sugar, toothbrushes, tea, bridle bits and curry combs, tinware, cast iron pots - even English china and fine

James Latta was first married to Elizabeth Houston in Ireland. She died, leaving her husband and two sons, William and Robert. By 1796, James Latta
had married Jane Knox of nearby Lincoln County, purchased the first of six farms totaling 725 acres, and started construction of his white, two-story
Federal style Philadelphia town house.

Latta's entrepreneurial spirit soon led him into cotton farming. By 1825, he hired an overseer to manage the plantation and his slaves. Being a
prudent Scot, in later years he had no urge to build a more grandiose house; he simply invested or banked his money. He died a wealthy man in

Rich and cultured and naturally quite popular, daughters Betsy, Polly and Nancy were often called "the Belles of the Catawba." Father James intended
that they marry well. Perhaps he had the inside window cut from the parlor to the hall so he could keep an eye on gentlemen callers. Educated at the
Girl's Boarding School in Salem, North Carolina, the daughters did, indeed, marry prominent local landholders. Like his father, Latta's son, Robert,
was a merchant and became known as the "merchant prince" of South Carolina. The youngest son, Ezekial, died at the age of ten. You can visit the family gravesite just down the road at Hopewell Presbyterian Church, the center of their social and community life.

Distinguished by its fine craftsmanship, James Latta's white two-story frame house is elegantly simple, yet quite grand compared to the rustic log
homes of the day. Latta made a proud, clear statement of his urban connections by choosing a Philadelphia town house style.

Fine hand-crafted exterior and interior trim give the house a special significance among historic buildings - dog ear molding over the doors,
wave and scroll detailing on the stairs, and sophisticated mantels. Inside you'll find painted walls, fine furniture, and even family silver. The
deeply worn board just outside the dining room door, where the servants, no doubt, stood waiting to serve meals, will spark your imagination.

You'll enjoy wandering the grounds, seeing the barnyard animals, and visiting the outbuildings, replica log house, and garden. Learn about the
Lattas and how they lived from guided afternoon tours.

James Latta's plantation home is now a part of beautiful Latta Plantation Park, located on Mountain Island lake in northern Mecklenburg County. Canoe
rentals, hiking trails, horseback riding trails, and picnic facilities are available in the park. Bring the family for a picnic (nearest restaurant 6
miles) and make a day of it!


Historic Latta Place is located 12 miles northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina. The address is 5225 Sample Road, Huntersville, NC 28078.

From Charlotte take I-77 North to Exit 16B, Sunset Road west. Travel west on Sunset Road to Beatties Ford Road. Turn right and proceed north for 4.8
miles to Sample Road (across from Hopewell Presbyterian Church). Turn left on Sample Road and enter Latta Plantation Park.

Call 704-875-2312 for admission fees and tour schedule. Group tours available by appointment.

1996 Note By George P Latta. The above information was taken from a Web Site.  The above James Latta can be found in Branch No.12 Family No.19, In the; "The 49 Branches of the Latta family" By: Robert H Latta.

{1997 Note: The information below was given to me by; Bill Bigham of Winston-Salem, NC}
He writes; This is information on Branch No. 12, family No. 19 James Latta.
From the History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church published in 1939. The below is an exact
quotation from that book as well as the Latta cemetery listings from appendix D.}

Somerville, Charles William. The History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church.
Charlotte: Observer Printing House, 1939.

page 152

James Latta came from Ireland in 1790, located between Hopewell and Catawba and built the house occupied by David Sample one hundred years later. A shingle roof on this house lasted eighty-two years. In 1795 he married his second wife, Jane Knox, who bore him three daughters, Betsy, Polly, and Nancy. Betsy married Ben Wilson Davidson; Mary was the second wife of James Torrance, and the mother of two children: Dr. William Torrance, bachelor, and Jane Torrance who married Dr. W.S.M. Davidson and lived on the Billy Wilson place. Nancy married Rufus Reid, of Iredell County. Mr. Latta died in 1837.Ó
[Sommerville cites Alexander: Sketches, pg. 53 as his source.]

pg. 302, Appendix D (Cemeteries - Hopewell Cemetery Names)

In memory of JANE K. LATTA, wife of James Latta; died July 1, 1864, in the 89th year of her age. She being dead yet speaketh.

Beneath this tomb is deposited the remains of EZEKIEL LATTA, who was born January 16th,1810, and died November 21st, 1820.Ó

Sacred to the memory of JAMES LATTA, who departed this life 30th October, 1837; aged 82 years, 2 months and 9 days.

Message Board Post:

Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina minutes of the court of common pleas and quarter sessions, v. 6:1851-1860.

Book 10:565

Page 74
1855 April session

[30] Deed from R.D. Parks to James Latta for 37 acres bearing date 21 Novr. 184?, proved by Wm. Knox.

State of North Carolina)
Mecklenburg County) At a Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions began and held for the County and State aforesaid at the Court House in Charlotte on the 4th Monday in April A.D. 1855 being the 23rd day of said month. Present the worshipful & John P. Ross, M.N. Hartt, Wm. Reid, Wm. Maxwell, B.W. Alexander Esqrs. [Justices].

Book 10:639

Page 90

1855 October session

Ordered by court W.K. Reid, C.C.C. pay Wm. Latta, Guardian of his own children, his order or agent, $114.13 the balance of their distributive share of the estate of Wm. L. Torrence, decd., paid to office by Thos. M. Kerns, admr.

State of North Carolina)
Mecklenburg County) At a Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions began and held for the County and State aforesaid at the Court House in Charlotte on the 4th Monday in October A.D. 1855 being the 22nd day of said month. Present the Worshipful Wm. Reid, Wm. Maxwll, B. W. Alexander, John P. Ross & M.N. Hart Esqrs. [Justices].