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                                                                                1 ROBERT (1) LATTA

Lived at Aberdeen, Scotland and bought the fishing rights on the River Levan. Married twice: 1)______________; 2) Agness Crumb on November 4, 1786 at Dumbarton.  The Branch information lists Agness as his second marriage, but there does not appear to be any marriage record that would correspond to a first marriage, although this is not definitive given the gaps in marriage records at that period.  there is also no obvious birth record for Robert that would allow the family tree to be carried back further.

Children with Agness Crumb:
2 JOHN (2) baptized in 1788 and died in 1874.
9 JEAN (2) b. in 1789 in Dumbarton, Scotland; m. Robert Campbell in Dumbarton in 1819 and probably died prior to 1855 as there is no matching death record after that date.

                                                                            2 JOHN (2) LATTA

Robert (1). Baptized in 1788; d. 1874; m. Janet Lang, daughter of William Lang, at Dumbarton. She was born there about 1800 and died in 1886 at Dumbarton. He was a tanner and town clerk.  In Macleod's History of the Castle & Town of Dumbarton (google books) pg. 127 states: In the year 1852 the first public meeting of the inhabitants was held to nominate candidates for the Council.  It took place in the "large hall of the Elephant Hotel," and was numerously attended.  That year, in virtue of an act passed in the previous session, the wole Council had to be elected new.  On the day of the election there were no fewer than forty candidates, and the highest number on the poll was 57, whilst the last five had only one vote each.  The following, with the number of votes: Peter Denny, jun, shipbuilder, 57; T. M'Intosh, merchant, 48; Alexander Denny, shipbuilder, 46; William Buchanan, joiner, 46; J. Latta, tanner, 40....John Latta, jun, 5.  The first fifteen were new were new the first meeting, the following appointments were made...Mr. John Latta, Town's Treasurer.   Page 50 states: ...cost of these combined had the effect of making the then Chancellor of the Burgh Exchequer do what honest John Latta, the town's treasurer in these latter days, had not infrequently to do, namely, shake the empty bag of the treasury in the face of those who were clamoring for supplies, and exclaim, "nothing in the bag, gentlemen, nothing in the bag."  Further stated in the book read other elections....In 1855 was a dull election, there being no question of interest before the public.  For the five vacant seats, there were ten candidates, and at the close of the poll the figures stood as follows: J. Latta, 79....  On page 129: The election of 1859 was a keen and exciting one...(results) Messrs M. Paul, 168, D. M'Lachlan, 160; J. M'Alester, 118; R. Chambers, 116; J. Bell, 104; W. Paterson, 89; B. M. Richard, 80; J. Latta, jun, 64.  The first five of the course were elected.  (The Lang family of Dumbarton was engaged in the shipbuilding business.) Pg. 74: In 1824 the late James Lang, of the Dock Yard, built the company another paddle steamer, named "The Leven" which the late Robert Napier, then of Camlachie, furnished with engines.  The following are the names of the original partners of the Steamboat Company, which was at the period of its demise the oldest steam packet company in Europe...Wm. Latta, shipowner. (Was this William Latta a brother or uncle to John Latta, the tanner?)  Page 118: Mr. William Lang (was this Janet Lang's father?) whose principal business was the construction of manufacturing machinery.

3 ROBERT (3) b. 1830; d. January 1908.
4 JAMES (3) b. 1834; d. 1906 in Edmonton, London.
11 AGNES (3) b. 1836; m. John Semple in 1861 in Dumbarton.
12 JOHN (3) b. 1841; died single in December 1913 in Milton, Glasgow.

                                                                         3 ROBERT (3) LATTA

John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland December 18, 1830; d. there June 26, 1908 at Dumbarton; m. Catherine Smith McMillan (probably M'Millan, since that was the middle name of her son, Thomas) at Dumbarton on July 23, 1867. She was born about 1846; d. December 18,1900. He was a tanner.  In Macleod's History of the Castle & Town of Dumbarton (google books) pg. 138 states: Messrs. Archibald M'Millan & Son, oldest shipbuilding firm in the town began in 1834...when business was brisk, they employed up to 1,500 work-people....original partners, Archibald M'Millan and his eldest son John....(after Archibald's death in 1854, John ran the business with two of his sons, Robert and John).  Was Catherine Smith M'Millan related to this family?  They named one of their sons "James Archibald."

Children all born at Dumbarton.
5      JOHN (4) b. 1868 at Dumbarton.
6      ROBERT McMILLAN (4) b. 1870 at Dumbarton; d. 1947 in East Kilpatrick, Scotland.
13   JANE GOW (4) b. 1872 at Dumbarton; m. Rev. William Taylor in 1895 in Dumbarton; d. 1955 in Morningside, Edinburgh. Two children.
14   JESSIE LANG (4) b. about 1874 at Dumbarton; d. 1933.
15   META KATE ANNETTE (4) b. 1875 at Dumbarton; d. 1894; single.
16   AGNES SEMPLE (4) b. 1877 at Dumbarton; d. 1928.
7     JAMES ARCHIBALD (4) b. 1879 at Dumbarton; d. 1954; m. Mary Turner Alpine in 1909.
17  CHRISTIAN MacLELLAN (4) b. 1882 at Dumbarton; d. 1968 in Morningside, Edinburgh.
8    THOMAS DOUGLAS M'MILLAN (4) b. June 5, 1886 at Dumbarton; graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1906, emigrated to Canada in 1914.

                                                                                       4 JAMES (3) LATTA

John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland about 1834; d. 1906 at Edmonton, London, England; m. Jessie Service Bell at Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland on November 13, 1866. She was born about 1847; died 1907 at Edmonton, England. He was in wholesale woolens.

Children:  (some of the boys went to So. Africa)
18 ARTHUR JAMES (4) b. 1868; d. 1912 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland. Single.
19 EDITH MARY (4) b. 1870 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland.
20 HAROLD SCOTT (4) b. 1871 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland.
21 JOHN WILLIAM (4) b. 1873.
22 AMY HARRIET (4) b. 1880 at Partrick, Scotland.
23 LOUISE LENNOX(4) b. 1876; d. 1962 at New Forest, England.
24 BEATRICE JESSIE (4) b. 1882 at Partrick, Scotland.
25 JAMES SCOTT BELL (4) b. 1886 at Partick, Scotland.
26 ETHEL CRUM (4) b. 1878 at Partick, Scotland.
27 EVA ADELAIDE (4) b. 1884 at Partick, Scotland.
28 IRENE EUPHEMIA (4) b. 1887 at Partick, Scotland.
29 GLADYS IDA (4) b. 1890 at Partick, Scotland.
30 ALICE THYNE (4) b. 1875.

                                                                                               5 JOHN (4) LATTA

Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland September 10, 1868; m. Emma Corbett Failing. Emigrated to the USA was still alive at the time of the 1940 census and was living in Necanicum, Clatsop County, Oregon with his wife Emma who was also still alive at this date.   

Children all born in USA:
31 HENRIETTA (5) b. in 1907. Called Rietta.
32 ROBERT (5) b. in 1908; m. Catherine L. Wells September 6, 1933.
33 JOHN (5) b. in 1910.
34 EMSIE (5) b. in 1913. Girl.
35 CHRISTIAN (5) b. in 1915.


                                                                                      6 ROBERT McMILLAN (4) LATTA

Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland in 1870; m. Annie MacKay. He was a factor of an estate. In 1918 living at Milngavie, Scotland.

One child:
36 SHEILA (5) b. in 1915 at New Kilpatrick, Scotland; m. Mr. Beloe in Hillhead, Glasgow in 1948.
47  ROBERT FRAZIER (5) b. 1919 at New Kilpatrick, Scotland; d. 1976 in St. Andrews, Fifeshire.


                                                                                7 JAMES ARCHIBALD (4) LATTA

Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland about 1879; d. 1954; m. Mary Turner Alpine, daughter of parish minister, at Dumbarton, in 1909. Mary died in 1946 at St. Andrew, Edinburgh.  In 1918 James served with the Argyle and Southerland Highlanders in the World War I. In 1918 living at Dumbarton.

37 ROBERT M'MILLAN (5) b. April 1911; m. Katherine Dorothea Newbolt in 1945 in Chester, England; d. 1971 in Gosport, England.
38 GEORGE ALPINE (5) b. in 1913 at Dumbarton; d. 1979 in Edinburgh; m. in 1944 in Edinburgh Miss Dishington.
39 JOHN (5) b. in 1915 at Dumbarton; d. 1981 in Ballater, Scotland.
45  MARY CATHERINE (5) b. 1920 at Dumbarton; d. 1997 at Edinburgh.
46  JAMES KENNETH (5) b. 1920 at Dumbarton; d. 1995 in Inverness, Scotland.

                                                                          8 THOMAS DOUGLAS McMILLAN (4) LATTA

Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1). Born at Dumbarton, Scotland in 1886; m. Jean ____. In 1918 living at Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

One child:
40 JEAN (5) b. in 1916.


                                                                     37 ROBERT M'MILLAN (5) LATTA

James Archibald (4) Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1)  b. April 1911; m. Katherine Dorothea Newbolt in 1945 in Chester, England; d. 1971 in Gosport, England.

47 CAROLINE MARY (6) b. 1946
48 ALLISON KATHERINE (6) b. 1949; m. David G. Willatts in 1979.
49 ELIZABETH JANE (6) b. 1954; m. John N. Hartley in 1986.



                                                                 38 GEORGE ALPINE (5) LATTA

James Archibald (4) Robert (3) John (2) Robert (1). b. in 1913 at Dumbarton; d. 1979 in Edinburgh; m. in 1944 in Edinburgh Miss Dishington.


50 SUSAN MARY (6) b. 1948; m. Robert A. Ferguson in 1980.
51 DOUGLAS JAMES (6) b. 1950; m. Miss Robertson in 1978.


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Information given by 5 John Latta of Portland, Ore. October 4, 1918, while visiting Denver, Colo. He says that the Coat of Arms and crest, used by his family, in Scotland, is a Bay tree, and no shield, with the motto "Dum Vivo Vireo. This, except the motto, differs from that of the Crusader. See my Scrap Book.