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                                                                                      1 UNKNOWN (1) LATTA

(May be Matthew -b. abt. 1765/died before 1820)

Both he and his wife were from Maryland, and must have moved from there to Kentucky before February 11, 1794, date of birth of son John.  There is also a record for Matthew Latta married Mary Williams on September 2, 1790 in Woodford Co., KY.  Matthew and Mary lived and died on a farm in Woodford Co., Ky. between Frankfort and Versailles.   The 1810 and census records for Woodford County, KY list Matthew Latta, with 10 persons in the family.  The 1820 census for Versailles, Woodford Co., KY lists Mary Latty as head of house, with 4 sons and 3 daughters.

13 JAMES (3).
14 JOHN (3) captured by the British, battle of Ft. Meigs, in War of 1812.
16 MATTHEW (3) Born abt: 1800; died aft: 1873. Married: Zorilda ____, 1838?
17 ALEXANDER (3) killed by Indians in War of 1812.
51 WILLIAM W. (3) Born abt 1805 Died abt: 1863 Fayette Co., Missouri. Married: Mary S. Williams, Oct 11, 1826 In: Woodford Co., Ky


1800 tax list, Woodford Co., KY – Matthew Latty

1810 census, Woodford Co., KY – Matthew Latta

1820 census, Woodford Co., KY – Mary Latty

                                                                                   2 MATTHEW (2) LATTA

____ (1). Born abt 1765 ? in Maryland ?. Lived and died in Woodford Co., Ky.  In 1907 some of his children were living at Bedford, Trimble Co., Ky. In the Public Library of Louisville, Ky. is: "Matthew Latta to Mary Williams, September 2, 1790. Can this be 2 Matthew (2) Latta above? His father came to Woodford Co., Ky. probably just before this time, and lived there when his son, John, was born in 1794, four years after Matthew married Mary Williams. See also Note K.

                                                                                 3 JOHN S. (2) LATTA

____ (1). Born in Woodford Co., Ky. February 11, 1794; d. of cholera in Franklin Co., Ky. July 23, 1854; m. Margaret McKee, daughter of Jennie Jack McKee, January 13, 1816. She was born in Woodford Co., Ky. April 30, 1797 and died in Franklin Co., Ky. November 18, 1878. He served in the War of 1812. Lived on farm six miles from Frankfort, Ky.

18 ROBERT M. (3) single b. May 3, 1825; d. in Mexico May 9, 1847 on his way home from the Mexican War.
19 MARY JANE (3) b. January 21, 1817; d. in Mo. February 21, 1874; m. William Woods of Franklin Co., Ky. November 20, 1849.
20 ELIZA ANN (3) b. October 9, 1818; d. in Anderson Co, Ky. February 10, 1904; m. R.J.R. Baker May 18, 1852.
21 SARAH MARGARET (3) b. February 10, 1833; d. at Bremen, Ind. October 18, 1907; m. John Wharton of Stanford, Lincoln Co., Ky. February 11, 1869.
22 REBECCA FRANCES (3) b. May 17, 1836; m. Rev. W.J. Snively of the M.E. Church, South, May 19, 1853. He died in Louisville, Ky. July 5, 1899. Children: Emma Virginia. William Elden. Russell Huston. In 1907 she was living at 312 E. Oak St., Louisville, Ky.
23 ELIZABETH (3) b. October 22, 1820; d. single February 1844.
24 AMANDA MALVINA (3) b. July 25, 1830; d. October 20, 1855 or 1865;  m. Davis W. L. Edwards of Woodford Co., Ky. October 4, 1854. No issue.

                                                                                 4 WILLIAM (2) LATTA

____ (1). Born ____; m. Mary Moore of Woodford Co., Ky. Lived most of his life there. He died in Missouri.

25 ALEXANDER (3) m. Malissa Tevis. Lived near Greencastle or Greenville, Ind.
26 MARY JANE (3) m. Mr. Tomson. Lived in Missouri.

                                                                             5 ALEXANDER (3) LATTA

John S (2) ____ (1). Born near Frankfort, Ky. October 5, 1822; d. near Charleston, Iowa September 5, 1898; m. Hannah M. Shindler May 26, 1846 who lived near Shelbyville, Ky. She was born November 10, 1824, and died July 3, 1892. He lived in Clark Co., Mo. and Lee Co., Iowa.

7 JOHN WILLIAM (4) b. May 27, 1847.
8 JAMES HENRY (4) b. January 17, 1849.
9 DAVID WILLIS (4) b. January 29, 1860 in Missouri.
27 RICHARD S. (4) b. January 18, 1863; m. Josephine A. Taggart of Alexander, Mo.
February 8, 1887. In 1908 lived at Montrose, Iowa, hotel prop.
28 ROBERT McKEE (4) b. August 7, 18509; d. July 7, 1853.
29 MELVIN P. (4) September 28, 1852; d. August 7, 1853.
30 STAMPER (4) b. August 20, 1854; d. August 8, 1874.
31 SAMUEL (4) b. May 4, 1856; d. September 11, 1857.
32 MARY ALICE (5) b. September 7, 1858; d. September 2, 1859.

                                                                             6 JOHN SAMUEL (3) LATTA

John (2) ____ (1). Born in Franklin Co., Ky. March 31, 1828; d. in Anderson Co., Ky.  July 25, 1905; m. Lucy " Lou" Renfrow, daughter of J. B. and Martha Renfrow of Mercer Co., Ky. June 7, 1866.   On Aug. 2, 1916, Lucy Renfrow Latta, Married to Isaac Newton Johnston.   The Paducah Sun-Democrat newspaper article read: VETERAN, AGED 80, MARRIES WIDOW 71.  Harrodsburg, KY, August 4 – Mrs. Lucy Latta, 71 years old, a prominent woman of this place, and Capt. I. N. Johnson, 80 years old, of Pleasureville, were united in marriage here Wednesday in the parlor of the Graham Springs Hotel.  The Rev. Price Smith, who accompanied the groom to this city, was the officiating minister.  About two dozen friends of the couple and all of the guests at the summer resort witnessed the ceremony.  The groom is a Federal veteran and was Captain of H Company, Sixth Kentucky Volunteers, and is one of the few survivors of the Libby prison.

33 MELVA (4) b. Franklin Co., Ky. March 27, 1867; d. September 13, 1869.
10 STEWART R. (4) b. January 21, 1876; died February 24, 1937.
11 THOMAS WALLER (4) b. 1875 in Bath Co., KY; died December 21, 1938.
34 HENRY R. (4) b. August 22, 1876; d. in Bath Co., Ky. March 29, 1881.

                                                                              7 JOHN WILLIAM (4) LATTA

Alex. (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born May 27, 1847; m. Henrietta Ball of Charleston, Iowa.  In 1904 Supt. Bridge Dept. K.C. Ry. Moulton, Iowa.

35 OTTO R. (5) works in Gen. Office of K.C. Ry. Hannibal, Mo.

                                                                             8 JAMES HENRY (4) LATTA

Alex. (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born January 17, 1849; m. Mary E. Bishop of Athens, Mo.  In 1904 lived on farm near Charleston, Iowa.

36 FRANK (5).
37 BISHOP (5).
38 ORA S. (5).


                                                                             9 DAVID WILLIS (4) LATTA

Alex. (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born January 29, 1860; m. Bertha J. Brown of New Boston, Iowa October 11, 1883. In 1904 lived 6 ½ miles N.E. of Erick, Okla. on a farm.

39 MARGARET A. (5) b. August 31, 1888.
40 CHARLES W. (5) b. February 17, 1890.
41 JOHN H. (5) b. October 17, 1891; d. February 29, 1968 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.  Children: Mary Latta, Berta Casper, John Latta, and Charles R. Latta.
42 RUSSELL A. (5) b. December 22, 1893.
43 WILLIS D. (5) b. July 15, 1895.
44 ALICE URANA (5) b. May 25, 1898; married a Hix; died January 14, 1988 in Enumclaw, WA.
45 HERBERT (5) b. December 1, 1899
46 MAUDELL BERTHA  (5) b. September 28, 1901 in New Boston, Lee Co., Iowa.


                                                                             10 STEWART R. (4) LATTA

John S. (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born Henry Co., Ky. January 21, 1876; m. Gertrude Jones, daughter of Edward Solomon Jones and Mary Virginia “Jennie” Hooe of Mercer Co., Ky. January 1893. Died February 24, 1937.  Buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, Ky.  Gertrude Jones Latta was born March 23, 1872 and died June 25, 1955.  She is also buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery.

47 EDNA LOUISE (5) b. March 29, 1898; d. March 28, 1958.  Married William Henry Cutting (1885-1947).  They are both buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Herrodsburg, KY.


                                                                           11 THOMAS WALLER (4) LATTA

John S. (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Bath Co., Ky.; m. Georgia Whitenack (1884-1969) of Mercer Co., Ky. August 15, 1906. Was a Sergeant in the Kentucky National Guard. He is generally known as Waller Latta. In 1937 living at Harrodsburg, Ky. Died December 21, 1938 of pneumonia.  His obituary in the Advocate-Register of Danville, Ky read: “T. W. Latta Dies at Harrodsburg” Was Former Deputy State Fire Marshal and Mercer County Farmer.  Thomas Waller Latta, 68, died Wednesday morning at the A. D. Price Memorial hospital here after a short illness of pneumonia.  He was a son of John and Lucy Renfrew Latta and was born in Sharpsburg.  He came to Harrodsburg when his family moved here while he was a youth, and became active in community and church affairs.  He was an officer in the United Presbyterian church and a member of the Masonic Lodge.  Until recently he was a deputy state fire marshal, but several years ago gave up active business to devote his time to a large farm he owns in Mercer County.  Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Georgia Whitenack Latta; one daughter, Mrs. James Shewmaker, one granddaughter, Jane Latta Shewmaker, all of Harrodsburg.  Funeral services will be held at the residence on College Street here at 2:30 pm Friday with burial in Spring Hill cemetery.  Dr. John W. Carpenter, pastor of the United Presbyterian church, will conduct the rites.

48 WILLIAM RIKER (5) b. June 30, 1907; d. Anderson Co., Co. June 20, 1908.  Buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Herrodsburg, KY.
49 ADA LUCILLE (5) b. November 24, 1909; d. Mercer Co., Ky. Aug 10, 1910.
50 LAURA ALMA (5) b. November 24, 1909; d. January 2, 1980.  Buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Herrodsburg, KY.  Married James Lee Shewmaker.


                                                                            12 HARVEY (2) LATTA

_________(1)  Harvey Latta was born about 1810 in Tennessee.  He married Francis Elizabeth “Fanny” Johnson of Woodford Co., KY on April 29, 1845.  Bondsman: Hearn.  The 1850 census of Woodford Co., KY lists Harvey’s birthplace as Kentucky.  The 1860 census of Woodford Co., KY lists Harvey as a farmer.

81 MARY (3) b. abt. 1846.  Married John T. Cardwell on January 9, 1867 in Woodford Co., KY. 
82 BETTY (3) b. abt. 1848. 
83 JOHN (3) b. April 12, 1852; died August 19, 1899 in Fayette Co., KY; m. Emily L. ________.  Listed as a distillery worker on his death record.
84 JAMES (3). b. abt. 1854.
85 ROBERT T. (3) b. 1857.  Married John T. Cardwell on January 9, 1867 in Woodford Co., KY; died October 13, 1905 in Fayette Co., KY.  Listed as a distillery worker.

                                                                              38 ORA S (5) LATTA

James H (4) Alex. (3) John (2) ____(1) Born: Jan. 16, 1891. Died: May 25, 1980. Married: Theresa Dahms Dec. 28, 1910. She was Born: June 8, 1892. She Died: Aug. 15, 1970.


                                                                            51 WILLIAM W. (3) LATTA

Matthew (2) ____(1) Born abt: 1805 in Ky Died abt: 1863 Fayette Co., Missouri. Married: Mary S Williams Oct. 11, 1826 Woodford Co., Ky. She was Born abt 1805 Died aft:1880.

52 ALEXANDER W. (4) Born: July 25, 1827
53 MARY JANE (4) Born: 1834 Ky. Married: John C Harris Sept. 18, 1867 In: Lafayette Co.,
Missouri. Died aft: 1880.



                                                                        52 ALEXANDER W (4) LATTA

William W (3) Matthew (2) ___(1) Born: July 25, 1827 In: Giles Co., Tennessee. Died: Nov. 21, 1895. Buried: Eagle Creek Cem. Near Joliet, HC, Indiana. Married: Melissa Tevis, Feb. 7, 1850 In: Rush Co., Indiana. She was Born: Nov 24, 1826 In: Bracken Co., Ky. Died: Apr. 11, 1908 Zionsville, Boon Co., Indiana. Buried: Eagle Creek Cem. Hamilton Co., Ind.
53 MARY H. (5) Born: 1851, Woodford Co., Ky. Died: Jan. 20,1931 Indianapolis, Ind. Married: William (Willis) P. Battles Oct 25, 1880.
54 WILLIAM TEVIS (5) Born: Feb. 15, 1854.
55 VIRGIL THEOPHILUS (5) Born: March 24, 1856.
56 LAURA O. (5) Born: Feb. 1861 Ind. Died abt: 1926. Married: James Macajah Robey Apr. 22 1889, Zionsville, Boone, Ind.
57 CLARA B. (5) Born: March 1870 rush Co., Ind. Died: 1948 Hamilton Co., Ind. Married:
Marion Alonzo Robey, Nov. 16, 1890 Zionsville, Boone, Ind.


                                                                           54 WILLIAM TEVIS (5) LATTA

Alex.W (4) William W (3) Matthew (2) ____(1) Born: Feb. 15, 1854 Orange Twp Rush Co., Ind. Died: Dec. 11, 1922 Seattle, King Co., Washington. Buried: Little Eagle Creek Cem. Near Zionsville, Ind. Married: Sarah LaVanche Webster on March 14, 1886 in Rush Co., Ind. She was born February 20, 1859 in Manilla, Rush Co., Ind. She died Aug. 27, 1917 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Ind. Buried: Little Eagle Creek Cem. Children:
58 CLYDE VIRGIL (6) Born: Aug. 29 1887 Ind. Died: June 30, 1937, Seattle, King Co., Wash.
Married: Dolly (Ruth ?) About 1935.
59 CHARLES WEBSTER (6) Born: Nov. 18, 1888.
60 CHESTER ALLEN (6) Born: Aug. 5, 1897, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind. Died abt: 1947,
Seattle, King Co., Wash. Married: Martha Grace Larocque July 3, 1940, Shelton, Mason Co.,
61 MABLE (6) Born: Sept. 1894, Ind. Died: June 11, 1895, Ind.
62 RUTH EMMALINE (6) Born: March 5, 1900 Indianapolis, Ind. Died: Aug. 4, 1993 Seattle,
King Co., Wash. Married: Burton Freeland Curtis, About 1944 in Seattle, King Co., Wash.


                                                                         55 VIRGIL THEOPHILUS (5) LATTA

Alex.W (4) William W (3) Matthew (2) ____(1) Born: March 24, 1856 Rushville, Rush Co., Ind. Died: Feb. 2, 1929 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Ind. Buried: Zionsville Cem. Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind. Married: Eliza Caturah Penrose woodbank, Marion Co., Ind.Feb. 8, 1887.
She was Born: Jan. 24, 1870 Woodbank, Marion Co.,Ind. Buried: Eagle Village Cem. Eagle
Village, Boone Co., Ind.

63 LAURA MAY (6) Born: Dec. 16, 1887 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Ind. Died: Dec.19,1903, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.
64 FREDERICK WOODBURN (6) Born: May 2, 1889, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.
65 ARTHUR W. (6) Born: Oct. 1892, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.
66 CARRIE GERTRUDE (6) born: March 1895, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.


LATTA, Laura May

"Daughter of Virgil T. Latta was born in Indianapolis, Dec. 16, 1889 and died in Zionsville Nov. 20, 1903 of consumption. When about thirteen years old she united with the Methodist church and was a very faithful attendant at the Sunday school. Funeral at Methodist church and interment at Eagle Village Cem."

Consumption is an old term for tuberculosis. The Methodist Church was located on North Main St. at this point in time.  She is buried in an unmarked grave near the Penrose graves at the back of the cemetery.


The Indianapolis News, Tue., Feb. 8, 1887, Page 1

"Virgil T. Latta, employed in the city dispensary, was married by 'Squire Johnston in the county clerk's office this afternoon to Miss Katurah Penrose."


He was the father of four children: Laura May, Frederick Woodburn, Arthur William and Carrie "Gertrude". The whereabouts of Gertrude after 1929 is unknown. It is as if she vanished. Any help on locating her records is greatly appreciated.

He resided in Zionsville and later Indianapolis. It is clear from the photos that he had dark hair and piercing eyes.

After the death of his wife, Caturah, in 1899, his two sons were sent to the Orphans Home in Lebanon. His daughter, Laura, went to stay with the Parker family in Traders Point. The 1900 Census shows that he was living with his mother Melissa (Tevis) Latta and his daughter Gertrude Latta in Zionsville. At this time he was a bicycle repairer.

In 1910 he was still living in the Zionsville area with his daughter Gertrude who was age 15. Per Fred's 1910 marriage application, Virgil was a doctor and resided in Zionsville. According to his Arthur's marriage application in 1914, Virgil was a machinist in that year. He could not be located on the 1920 Census but it is thought that he either lived in Zionsville or Indianapolis at that time.


The Indianapolis Star, Mon. Apr. 7, 1924, Page 9


"Two persons were injured last night when an automobile driven by Arthur Latta, 1619 Leonard street, was struck by the tongue on a wagon belonging to the Bryant & Son Transfer Company and driven by Stanley Snodgrass, 1819 Shelby street, at Delaware street and Virginia avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Latta, who were riding with Latta, were injured about their heads when the tongue of the wagon went through the glass doors of the automobile. They were sent to the Deaconess hospital, where it is said their injuries are not serious. Snodgrass was arrested, charged with assault and battery."


The Indianapolis City Directory
1929 - h. 1624 Finley Avenue, he lived with his son Arthur W.

His son's 1945 marriage application states that Virgil was deceased and was a doctor. If true, it would be interesting to find out more. The 1887 marriage notice shows that he worked in the city dispensary. I would think that a dispensary is more like a pharmacy. Maybe basic healthcare was administered at this dispensary.


Obituary from the Feb. 7, 1929 issue of The Zionsville Times:

LATTA, Virgil

"A resident of Zionsville for years, died Sat. at the home of his son in Indianapolis. He was 73 years old. The funeral was held at the Methodist church in Zionsville. He leaves three children, Arthur, Fred and Gertrude Latta. Burial was made at the Zionsville cemetery."

Obituary from the Feb. 28, 1929 issue of the Zionsville Times:

"Virgil T. Latta, son of Alexander and Malissa Tevis Latta, was born in Rush Co. March 24, 1856 and died Feb. 2. He was one of the family of five children, one brother and one sister having preceded him. He came to Boone Co. with his parents when a young man where he had spent his entire life in and about Zionsville. on Feb. 8, 1887 he married Eliza Caturah Penrose. To this union four children were born, Laura May, Frederick Woodburn, Arthur W. and Carrie Gertrude. On Feb. 2, 1899 his wife died. A few years later one daughter Laura May died. Survived by two sons, one daughter, three grand daughters, two sisters."


The obituary doesn't mention that he had a grandson as a survivor. But, Harold W. Latta was age 12 in Feb., 1929 and should have been listed as a surviving grandson.


Further research includes locating education records, medical board certification, city directory listings after 1880 and obtaining a copy of his will.

Virgil is buried in an unmarked grave.

                                                                         59 CHARLES WEBSTER (6) LATTA

William T. (5) Alex. W (4) William (3) Matthew (2) ____ (1) Born: Nov.18, 1888, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind. Died: Aug. 26, 1970, Issaquah, King Co., Wash. Buried: Sunset Hills Cem, Bellevue, Wash. Married: Sophie Christina Henderson, March 1, 1924, St. James Cathed, Seattle, King Co., Wash. She was Born: Aug. 19, 1898, New Haven, Connecticut. Died: July 16, 1994, Seattle Wash. Buried: July 25, 1994, Sunset Hills Cem.


                                                                  64  FREDERICK WOODBURN (5) LATTA

Virgil Theophilus (4) Alexander W. (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born November 2, 1889 in Boone County, IN; died July 5, 1971 in Indianapolis, IN.  Married Margaret Virginia Lee in 1910.   


80 HAROLD W. (6) b. 1916; died 1979.



THIS IS THE END OF THE BRANCH......................................NOTES BELOW

1930's Note: In an effort to connect the American Latta's with some now living in Scotland, I obtained, from a friend of mine, the name of Prof. Robert Latta, University of Glasgow, Scotland. I wrote him but he could give me no information of any value in that direction, only that in his family the names Matthew, John, David, Alexander, James and Robert were very common, which indicates a probable connection, as those names run all through the Latta family. -- 11 Thomas Waller Latta.
See Note K. Also see Loose Leaf Memorandum Book, page 4, for Woodford Co., Ky.

Madeline Latta Obit. "The Hawk Eye", Burlington, Iowa

Madeline Ann Latta, 80, of Burlington, died at 1:35 p.m. Friday, Jan. 14, 2000, at Burlington Medical Center.

Born Sept. 22, 1919, near Donnellson, she was the daughter of Oscar and Bertha Honadel Seyb. On May 5, 1939, she married Edward E. Latta in Nashua.

Mrs. Latta was a homemaker. She was a lifelong resident of southeast Iowa and moved to Burlington in 1986. She was a member of First United Church of Christ, Eagles Club and several bridge clubs and was an avid bridge and bingo player.

Survivors include her husband; one son, Kim Latta of Burlington; two brothers, Armin Seyb and Darrell Seyb, both of Donnellson; one sister, Letha Althoff of Quincy, Ill.; and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents, three sons and one brother.

Visitation will begin at 8 a.m. Monday in Hass Funeral Home, where the family will receive friends from 10 to 11 a.m.

The body of Mrs. Latta has been cremated.

The memorial service for Mrs. Latta will be at 11 a.m. Monday in the chapel of Hass Funeral Home, with the Revs. Milo Van Veldhuizen and Richard Bentzinger officiating. Burial will be at 1 p.m. in Evangelical Cemetery in Donnellson.

A memorial has been established for First United Church of Christ.