Branch No. 25



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This Branch may tie to Branch 5.


Born in County Tyrone, Ireland June 4, 1776; d. at Congruity, Westmoreland Co., Pa. November 13, 1831; m. Charlotte Mitchell, daughter of James Mitchell and Mary Steel of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Charlotte's grandfather, John Steel married Margaret Hutchison.  He was a pastor of a church at Carlisle in 1775 and represented Cumberland County at the convention in 1776.  On account of his experience in Indian warfare, he was chosen to command a company of Associators in 1777.  A frontier fort in Pennsylvania was named after him. (Lineage Book, National Society of the DAR, Vol. 34) Charlotte was born February 7, 1786 near Greencastle, Franklin Co. Pa. and died November 11, 1841 and was buried at New Alexandria, Pa. Presbyterian church burial ground. In 1822 they lived at New Alexandria, Pa.   New Alexandria was incorporated in 1834.  Prior to that date, it was called "Denniston's Town." After his death she married Ephraim A. Robison, Esq. of Westmoreland County, PA, on Feb. 20, 1832 at the Congruity Presbyterian Church, Salem Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  He died June 11, 1845 at the age of 66 years. In "selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864, PA, Phil & Pitts Pension Office payments to veterans, their widows and surviving children - Westmoreland County, August 24, 1832, Charlotte, widow of former Private William Latta, who served in Capt. John Williamson's Co., 2nd detachment, PA Militia and died 13 Nov 1832 near New Alexandria. Witness John Latta, John Maurer, J.P.E.A. Robinson, Pittsburgh. 14 Sept. 1832. Jonathan Campbell."  NOTE: John Latta was a witness to this pension payment.  Was this Samuel Rankin Latta's father, who lived at New Alexandria, PA also.  (See Branch #5) He had another son named James Mitchell Latta.

2 SAMUEL MOORE (2) b. Feb. 3, 1822 at New Alexandria, Pa.; d. August 16, 1872 at Baltimore, MD.
4 MARIA ANNA (2) b. at New Alexandria, Pa. July 29, 1824; d. March 6, 1896; m. John R. Miskelly. He was born in 1812 and died in 1881.  Children: Gertrude, Sara B., Frank and James.  Buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.


1870 Census, Louisville, Pottawatomie Co., KS - June 13, 1870
John R. Miskelly, 54, b. PA, hotelkeeper
Maria Miskelly, 44, b. PA
Sally B. Miskelly, 15, b. PA
Edwin D. Miskelly, 12, b. PA
Gertrude Miskelly, 9, b. PA
47 additional people were listed as living in the hotel, which was owned by Robert Wilson at a medicinal springs near the town



William (1). Born February 3, 1822 at New Alexandria, PA; d. at Baltimore, MD on August 16, 1872. Married twice. First to Eliza Jane McCoy Blake on January 20, 1844. She was born May 29, 1826 in Westmoreland Co., PA and died at Baltimore, MD on September 24, 1867. Second wife: Anna S. Duhurst (also seen as Derhurst) at Baltimore, MD on May 14, 1868.

Children with Eliza Jane McCoy Blake:
5 JOSHUA WILLIAM (3) b. October 23, 1844 in So. Huntington Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. and died at Baltimore, Md. April 16, 1903.

3 ROBERT FRANCIS (3) b. August 1847 in Pennsylvania.
6 JOHN MARION STALEY (3) b. February 15, 1849 at McKeesport, Pa.; d. there July 10, 1850.
7 SAMUEL BELL (3) b. November 3, 1853 in Chartier's Tp. Allegheny Co, Pa. Lived at Baltimore, Md. and left there about 1885. Lived in Arkansas.
8 CATHARINE AMELIA ANNIE (3) b. March 10, 1855 at Baltimore, Md. Married. (This may be two separate girls.  There is a "Kate Latta" b. 1855, age 24, single, in the 1880 Census in Baltimore, MD in the household of William Heagy, age 45, b. MD, and his wife, Amelia Heagy, age 39, b. MD.  Their children are John H., age 20, Morris, age 14, and May, age 3. This could be the same Heagg family that Joshua W. Latta was living with in 1870. (See below)

Children with Anna S. Duhurst:
9 EMALINE (3) b. September 29, 1869 at Baltimore, Md.
10 NELLIE (3) b. February 6, 1874 at Baltimore, Md.

1850 Census, McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA
Samuel Latta, 28, cabinet maker, b. PA
Eliza Jane Latta, 24, b. PA
Joshua Latta, 6, b. PA
Robert Latta, 3, b. PA
1860 Census, 19th Ward, Baltimore, MD?
Samuel Latter, 36, b. VA
Jane Latter, 31, b. VA
John Latter, 15, b. VA
Robert Latter, 12, b. VA
Kate Latter, 4, b. VA
1870 Census, 6th Ward, Baltimore City, MD (Aug 18, 1870)          In the house beside him are:    (See Note 5)
Samuel Latta, 48, b. PA, carpenter                                                             Latta, Joseph, 85, farmer, retired, b. Ireland
Anna S. Latta, 28, b. MD                                                                            Latta, William, 52, ship joiner, b. MD
Emeline Latta, 11m, b. MD                                                                         Dunn, Mary J., 46, b. MD, sister
Catherine Latta, 14, b. MD                                                                          Latta, Matilda F., 42, b. MD, sister
William Derhurst, 29, b. MD, cooper                                                        Dunn, Matilda J., 26, b. MD
Mary Derhurst, 31, b. MD                                                                          Dunn, William, 19, b. NY, iron moulder
Kersiah Derhurst, 24, b. MD                                                                       Dunn, Joseph L., 11, b. MD


Samuel M. (2) William (1). Born August 30, 1847 at Elizabeth, Allegheny Co., Pa.; d. March 6, 1905 at Baltimore, Md. Married Emma L. Higgins, on April 9, 1873 at Baltimore, Md. She was born in Lancaster Co., Va. February 3, 1853, daughter of William and Mary E. Higgins. Robert was a harness maker but the latter part of his life was employed in the Custom House, at Baltimore.  NOTE:  #3 John Latta of Branch 5 was a harness maker and lived at New Alexandria, PA also.  See note under William above.  He later moved to Tennessee.

One child:
11 CHARLES EDWARD (4) b. March 1, 1874 at Baltimore, Md. In 1913 single and living at Baltimore, Md. Hatter. Information furnished by in 1906.  On his WWI Draft card dated September 12, 1918, he lists that he lives at 325 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD, age 44, 5'11", 160 lb., blue eyes and brown hair.  His occupation is a helper at Bartlett-Hay Co.  His nearest relative is Emma Latta (his mother).

1880 Census - 10th Ward, Precinct 1, Baltimore, MD

In the household of William Higgins (24 people are listed as living in the household, including 2 servants, 1 gentleman who manufactured billiard tables, a druggist, a sailor, 3 harness makers, a plumber, a brushmaker, a dressmaker and 2 carpenters) Immediate family included:

William Higgins, 50, machinist, b. PA
Mary E. Higgins, 42, wife, b. MD
Ellen Higgins, 18, daughter, b. MD
William Higgins, 14, son, b. MD
Henry Higgins, 10, son, b. MD
Emma Latta, 26, dau., b. PA (says she was a harness maker, but I believe it was written in the wrong line and that should have been her husband's occupation.)
Robert F. Latta, 30, b. VA (the states of birth may have been mixed up as well)
Charles Latta, 6, b. MD
1900 Census, ED 28 Precinct 12, Baltimore City, Ward 2, MD (Family 503, Lombard St.)
Robert Latta, 53, b. PA, harness maker
Emma Latta, 47, b. VA
Charles Latta, 26, son, b. MD, straw hat maker
Joshua Latta, 55, brother, b. PA, single
On a separate page, it lists House 503, Lombard St. - Joshua W. Latta, 55, brother, b. Oct. 1844, b. VA, single



Samuel Moore (2) William (1). Born October 23, 1844 in South Huntington Township, Westmoreland Co., PA; d. at Baltimore, MD on April 16, 1903.  Son of Samuel Moore Latta and Eliza Jane McCoy Blake.  He served nearly all his life in the army, joining at age 20, for the Union Army for the State of Maryland, and retired as Sergeant about 1900. Obituary in the Baltimore Sun on April 18, 1903 read: Joshua W. Latta - April 16, 1903 - LATTA - Suddenly, on April 16, 1903, Joshua W. Latta. Funeral will take place from his residence, 503 W. Lombard St., this Saturday at 3 o'clock. Interment in National Cemetery. All old comrades of the First P.H.B. are requested to meet at the gate.  Buried at Loudon Park National Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.

1870 Census, District, Baltimore, MD
William Heagg, 31, b. MD, store and tavern, farm
Amelia Heagg, 29, b. MD
Honeys Heagg, son, 10, b. MD
Morris Heagg, son, 4, b. MD
Catherine Heagg, 2, b. MD
Joshua Latta, 26, b. VA, clerk in store
Dennis Fisher, 60, b. MD, hosler
Eliza Hill, 24, b. MD, domestic
Martin Jenkins, 29, b. MD, works on farm
James Jones, 30, b. MD, works on farm





Samuel Moore (2) William (1). b. November 3, 1853 in Chartier's Tp. Allegheny Co, Pa. Lived at Baltimore, MD. and left there about 1885.  On October 25, 1885, S. B. Lattie married Fannie J. Deaton in Jackson Co., Arkansas. 


1880 Census, Bird Township, Jackson Co., Arkansas
Samuel B. Latta, 26, b. PA, laborer
in the household of Abram T. Rossom, 48, b. TN
1900 Census, ED 52 Bird Township (west of St. L & IRR), Jackson, Arkansas
Samuel Latta, 47, b. Nov. 1853 in PA, father born in PA, mother born in PA, married 14 yrs, farmer
Francis J. Latta, 34, b. Nov. 1866, b. Arkansas, mother of two children



THIS IS THE END OF THE BRANCH.................................NOTES BELOW

Possible connection of branches 5 and 25.
1 William Latta, branch 25, lived at New Alexandria, Pa. when Mary Rankin Latta, branch 5, was living there with her son, John.
1 William Latta, branch 25, married Charlotte Mitchell and 6 James Mitchell Latta, branch 5, may have been named after Charlotte Mitchell Latta, wife on 1 William Latta, branch 25. This James Mitchell Latta was born at New Alexandria at the time Charlotte Mitchell Latta lived there
in 1829.
3 Robert F. Latta, branch 25, was a harness maker, so was James Mitchell Latta.
2 John Latta, branch 5, and 1 William Latta, branch 25, both lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa.
9 John Latta, branch 10, and 3 John 2d, Latta, branch 5, both lived at Greensburg, Pa. and are harness makers. They visited each other and were regarded as relatives. -- Gov. John Latta, branch 10.