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                                                                                                  1 JOHN (1) LATTA

Born:____. Irish descent; from Beaver County, Pennsylvania; died about 1829 in Illinois; Married: Mary Rhinehart who was born in Maryland of German descent. After his death she married: Alexander Houston (cousin of Gen. Sam. Houston of Texas) by whom she had five children and died aged 87 years. John lived in Beaver Co., Pa. about 1817 when his son John was born and died when Ezra was an infant.

2 JOHN (2) b. 1817 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania; d. 1898.
3 EZRA (2) b. October, 1819 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

The East Palestine, Ohio "Reveille Echo" Deaths & Obituaries 1894-1900 shows that a John Latta died Feb. 2, 1889 and that an Ezra Latta died June 8, 1899. (internet information)

                                                                                               2 JOHN (2) LATTA

John (1). Born in Beaver Co., Pa. 1817; d. 1898; m. Susan Houston, daughter of Abram and Mary Huesten (Houston), residents of Ohio, but who were formerly from Virginia, a brother of Alexander Houston, cousin of Gen. Sam. Houston of Texas) in 1843 (and sister of the wife of Eyra Latta).
4 EPHRAIM RHINEHART (3) born January 13, 1841 in E. Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died April 18, 1896 in E. Palestine, Columbiana Co., Ohio. 
7 MARY ANN (3) m. Horace Potts, lived 1914 at E. Liverpool, Ohio.
8 GEORGE (3) b. July 12, 1852 at Negley, Ohio; d. July 15, 1916 at E. Liverpool, OH; m. Harriet A. McLaughlin, two daughters and one son, carpenter.  Buried at Savannah.

9 HANNAH (3) d. young.
10 ____ (3) twin daughter.
11 ____ (3) twin daughter.
12 DORA (3) b. August 26, 1855; d. Nov. 20, 1924; m. Winfield Gilbert. Lived at Signal, Ohio in 1914.  They are buried at the East Carmel Cemetery, Middleton, Columbiana County, Ohio. (Find-A-Grave) They were the parents of Cora L. Gilbert Schwab (Find-A-Grave) born 1874 in Columbiana County, Ohio. (Columbiana County, Ohio and Beaver County, Pennsylvania border each other.)
13 ____ (3) son.

                                                                                      3 EZRA (2) LATTA

John (1). Born in Beaver Co., Pa. in "State Line Strip," October 1821. Lived near E. Palestine, Ohio 1845; d.  June 8, 1899.  Buried in the Grandview Cemetery, East Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio.   He was a Miller for 25 years. Later a farmer. Married in 1844 to Mary Ann Houston (sister to wife of John Latta) who was born near E. Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio on September 1826. She died February 1891. Methodist. Her mother's maiden name was Mary Thatcher. (There is a "Latta Road" in East Palestine, Ohio.) "History of the Upper Ohio Valley, Volume 1" page 276 - Ezra Latta, one of the enterprising business men of Unity Township, was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, being one of two sons born to John Latta and Mary (Rhinehart) Latta. The father was a Pennsylvanian.  He afterwards located in Ohio, and later in Illinois, where he died.  His widow again married and had six children by her second husband.  She finally returned to Ohio, and died in Middleton township in 1875. The other son of her first marriage was John Latta.  Ezra was educated in an old log school house, known as the New Ridge School-house. Subsequently, he learned the milling business, having been apprenticed to a man who operated a flour-mill at Old Falston, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  After completing his apprenticeship, he removed to Columbiana County, Ohio, and rented a mill of John Crum, which he operated for ten or twelve years, when he was obligated to abandon the business on account of failing health.  At this time, Mr. Latta removed to Western Ohio, and thence to Michigan and Indiana, and for several years was located at Fort Wayne.  In the course of time he returned to his old home, and finding that the mill had changed hands, decided to purchase it.  The man who was operating the mill offered him one-third of the profits for his services, which he accepted.  Subsequently, he engaged in farming, and has since continued in that vocation.  In 1844 he married to Miss Mary Huesten (Houston), daughter of Abram and Mary Huesten, who at that time were residents of Ohio, but who formerly came from Virginia.  Six children are the fruit of this union: Marion C., now of the State of Washington, Webster (deceased), Emma (deceased), Louisa, wife of Joseph Near of southwestern Kansas, and Alonzo Cooper, who lives with his father.  Mr. and Mrs. Latta are valued members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of East Palestine, and are held in high esteem by their neighbors and friends.

14 LOUISA (3) b. near E. Palestine, Ohio in 1847. Married twice. First to David Halverstadt
in 1869. He died in 1872. She then married Joseph Neer. Had one son. Husband died. In 1913 living at Conroe, Texas.
15 WEBSTER (3) b. near E. Palestine, Columbiana Co., Ohio. Died young.
16 EMMA (3) b. near E. Palestine, Ohio. Died young.


Ezra Latta

                                                                        4 EPHRAIM RHINEHEART (3) LATTA

Ephraim R. and Rebecca Ann (Durk) Latta John (2) John (1). Born, married and died near E. Palestine, Columbiana Co., Ohio.  Carpenter and farmer.  He was born January 13, 1841 in E. Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died April 18, 1896 in E. Palestine, Columbiana Co., Ohio.  He was named Ephraim after a friend of his parents.  Born January 13, 1841; d. April 18, 1896; m. Rebecca Ann Durk, daughter of John and Sarah Rowles Durk.   Rebecca was born July 30, 1841 at Middleton Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio, and died January 5, 1926, at Middleton Twp, Columbiana County, Ohio.  According to the 1910 census, Rebecca had seven children, and only four survived.  Francis, George and Norman all three died of diphtheria in March 1880. Rebecca is buried in the Achor Cemetery, south of Negley, Ohio. 


17 EMMA JANE (4)
was born 20 Aug 1862 in MiddletonTwp., Columbiana Co., Ohio, and died 11 Feb 1936 in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio. She married JOHN EMERSON DYKE on 14 Feb 1883, son of THOMAS DYKE and SARAH HILL. He was born 08 Aug 1859 in Middleton Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio, and died 25 Oct 1945 in Negley, Middleton Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio. Two children, Clarence and Chance.
20  SARA LUELLA (4) born 03 Aug 1863 in Ohio, and died 12 Jul 1940 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio. She married (1) JAMES W. WOLLAM in 1880 in Columbiana Co., Ohio, son of JOHN WOLLAM and MARGARET SOUDERS. He was born 15 Apr 1861 in Ohio, and died 03 May 1913 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio. She married (2) HENRY W. ZIMMER on 09 Mar 1915. He was born 1879 in Pennsylvania, and died 11 Nov 1959 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio.
18 JOHN EMERSON (4) b. 20 Jan 1885, Columbiana Co., Ohio; d. 1957, Negley, Ohio.
19 ROSA  (ROSALA) M. (4) b. 30 Mar 1866, Negley, Middleton Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio; d. 21 Dec 1945, Unity Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio; m. W. S. Dyke. Lived at E. Palestine, Ohio.  Four children.
21  FRANCES E. (4) b. Jun 1869, Ohio; d. 15 Mar 1880, Middleton Twp., Columbiana of diphtheria. Age 10 years, 9 months, 10 days.
22 GEORGE (4) d. young of diphtheria on March 14, 1880, Middleton Twp., Columbiana, Ohio. Age, 8 years, 6 months, 17 days.
23 NORMAN (4) d. young of diphtheria on March 5, 1880, Middleton Twp., Columbiana, Ohio. Age 3 years, 9 months, 17 days.




Latta sisters (circa 1875)Emma, LuElla and Rosa Latta. (Photos by Robert Crowl)

James & Luella Latta Wollam (circa 1880)A tintype photo taken around the time that James W. Wollam and Sara Luella Latta were married - he was 18, she was 15.


Rebecca Ann Durk Latta  (b.1840) and childrenThe Latta family celebrating their mother's 80th? birthday: Rebecca (seated), Emma, Rosa, John, and Sara Luella (standing L to R)

                                                                                5 MARION CLINE (3) LATTA

Eyra (2) John (1). Born near E. Palestine, Ohio June 19, 1845; d. at Bellingham, Wash. December 9, 1924; m. Mary Eleanor Palmer, daughter of Michael and Mary (Barnett) Palmer on September 17, 1867. She was born near E. Palestine, Ohio on September 16, 1847. He was a carpenter and builder. Went to Kansas in 1869; to Seattle, Wash. in 1875; to Bellingham, Wash. in 1883. Mayor of Ballingham for one term. County Commissioner, one term. City Councilman, three terms. His wife died on June 16, 1929. In 1913 they lived at New Whatcom, Wash. They are buried in the Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.

24 ALICE MYRTLE (4) b. July 23, 1868; d. February 3, 1875 in Kansas.
25 LAURA EVELINE (4) b. October 7, 1869; d. February 1, 1875 in Kansas.
26 MARY ELEANOR "Nellie" (4) b. in Seattle, Wash. March 18, 1881; Married: Robert Gilbert Cole on May 22, 1909. In 1913 lived at Seattle, Wash. He died July 17, 1927. She married John M. Staeger on November 12, 1932. In 1936 lived at Littell, Wash.

Obituary of Marion C. Latta (d. 1924) from The Bellingham Herald, December 9, 1924.

Aged Pioneer Succumbs to Illness

M.C. Latta one of Northwest Washington's best known pioneers, who was long and on many occasions identified with Whatcom County's official life, died at his home, 2200 Williams Street, at 9:40 this morning at the age of 80 years. He had been in ill health for two years and had been confined to his bed for the last week. Mr. Latta is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Latta; one daughter, Mrs. Nellie Cole, of Bellingham, and one brother, Alonzo Latta, East Palestine, Ohio, where Mr. Latta was born. Funeral announcements will be made by Homer Mark. On September 17, 1867, about eight years before he came West, Mr. Latta married Miss Mary Eleanor Palamer, of East Palestine, Ohio. He and Mrs. Latta came to Washington in 1875, when it was a territory, and settled in Seattle. While there he was elected master of St. John Lodge, the oldest and largest Masonic lodge in that city. Coming to Bellingham Bay forty-one years ago, in 1883, Mr. Latta quickly became identified with the life of the community and in the same year was elected a member of the Whatcom city council. In the following year he was chosen a school director. He was elected mayor in 1889 and the next year was elected a member of the board of county commissioners. During his term as commissioner the present county courthouse was built and his name, carved in a marble tablet, may be seen, together with the names of other commissioners, at the left of the main entrance. In 1901, Mr. Latta was elected city treasurer and from 1915 to 1918 he was city street superintendent. A very faithful Mason, Mr. Latta was for twenty-five years treasurer of Bellingham Bay Lodge No. 44, F.&A.M., and it is said that during that time he did not miss a single session of the lodge. He also was a member of the Pioneer Association of Washington. From 1902 to 1904 Mr. Latta was in the book and stationery business, having a store in the Clover block. He also engaged in contracting and building for many years. One of Mr. Latta's hobbies was the keeping of weather records. He began keeping weather reports many years before the government established a weather station here and he continued to keep them long thereafter.

Marion C Latta

                                                                                  6 ALONZO COOPER (3) LATTA

Eyra (2) John (1). Born near E. Palestine, Ohio December 18, 1855; d. 1925; m. Almira Flower, daughter of John Flower and Elizabeth Main Flower.  In 1914 lived on farm near E. Palestine, Ohio.  His tombstone says he was born in 1852.  Buried in the Grandview Cemetery, East Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio.

Evening Review: Oct. 29, 1934: EAST PALESTINE, O., Oct. 29 Mrs. Alonzo Latta died early today at her home in East Palestine, after a long illness. Mrs. Latta, who was born near Koppell, Pa., in 1856, spent most of her life in East Palestine.  She leaves three sons, Clyde of New Mexico, and Fred and Ross of East Palestine; three brothers, Enoch Flowers of Cleveland, George Flowers of Washingtonville and Fred Flowers of East Palestine, and a sister, Mrs. J. C. Parks of Beaver Falls, Pa.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday at eh home in Bacon Heights, in charge of Rev. N. H. Flickinger, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which she was a member. Burial will be made in Grandview cemetery.

28 EZRA CLYDE (4) lived at E. Palestine, Ohio. Moved to New Mexico.   Married: Grace E. Hedges, Two known children; Alonzo Edward Latta & Eyra Clyde Latta.
29 MYRTLE (4) b. 1877; d. 1912; m. Mr. Spaite;  Two children.  Buried in the Grandview Cemetery, East Palestine.
30 JOHN ROSS (4) b. 1881; d. 1964; married and lived at E. Palestine, Ohio; buried in the Grandview Cemetery, East Palestine.
31 FRED M.  (4) b. 1892; d. 1967; lived at E. Palestine, Ohio. Buried in the Grandview Cemetery, East Palestine.


Fred M. LattaJohn Ross LattaMyrtle Latta Spaite




                                                                                  18 JOHN EMERSON (4) LATTA

Ephraim (3) John (2) John (1). Born, married and died near E. Palestine, Columbiana Co., Ohio. Born in 1884 in Middleton, Ohio. Married Jessie Elizabeth Badders, daughter of Hannah Burson and George Badders, about 1908. Jessie was born in 1884 in Rolla, Missouri. They divorced and John married Elizabeth E. Blazer. She was born in 1879. John had a small store in Negley, Ohio. He died in Negley in 1957 and is buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, Ohio.

Children with Jessie:
45 CLIFFORD EDWARD (5) b. 20 Dec 1909, Middleton, Columbiana Co., Ohio; d. 30 Dec 1992,Tampa, FL; m. MARGARET KIEFFER, 27 Nov 1930, Mayville, NY; b. 30 Oct 1913, Letcher, SD; d. 02 May 1983, Mayville, NY in a tornado.  Margaret was born October 30, 1913 in Letcher, South Dakota, and died May 2, 1983 in Mayville, NY in a tornado. They had 6 children, Joanne Elizabeth Latta,{George W Briggs}, Twins, Barbara Jean Latta {Charles C Carter}she was B:5-11-1935-D: 2-24-2004 & Betty Jane Latta,{Leroy Albert Brown}, Clifford Emerson Latta, Kenneth Charles Latta(Marjorie Helen Brown}divorced, Marvin Earl Latta,{Carolyn Fay Utley}he was B: 1-30-1943-D: 1-9-2001, Georgianna.


                                                                                        28 EZRA CLYDE (4) LATTA

Alonzo Cooper (3) Eyra (2) John (1). Ezra was born on May 6, 1877 in East Palestine, Ohio. He died March 1, 1950 in Redmond, Oregon. Moved to New Mexico before going to Oregon. Married Grace E. Hedges in 1914. She was born March 16, 1886 in Bogue, Graham Co., Kansas. She died April 23, 1974 in Redmond, Oregon.

27 ALONZO EDWARD (5) b. __________
32 EZRA CLYDE (5) b.

                                                                                      27 ALONZO EDWARD (5) LATTA

Eyra Clyde(4) Alonzo Cooper (3) Eyra (2) John (1). b. ________; d. __________; m. Grace W. Lantz.

33 SUSAN MARIE (6) m. William Harry Massey. Children: Barton, Byron William, and Brenda.
34 LINDA LOUISE (6) m. Charles Leachman. Children: Robert & Kristin.
35 MARK EDWARD (6) m. Mary Ann Pasqualucci.
36 REBECCA ANN (6) m. Roy Moffitt. Children: Eric & Levi.



                                                                                       32 EZRA CLYDE (5) LATTA

Eyra Clyde(4) Alonzo Cooper (3) Eyra (2) John (1). b.  _______________; d. _________________; m. Doris Bertha Dorn.

37 CLYDE TIMOTHY (6) m. Rosalie Sharon Greenwood.
38 JANICE KAY (6) m. Harold Washington. Children: Jeffrey & Lisa. Later married Ronald Patrick McKinley.
39 LAURA LEA (6) m. Ken Duckworth.


                                                                                    35 MARK EDWARD (6) LATTA

Alonzo Edward (5) Eyra Clyde(4) Alonzo Cooper (3) Eyra (2) John (1). b. ________; d. __________; m. Mary Ann Pasqualucci.

40 ANGELA (7)
41 MARTHA (7)
42 CURTIS (7)



                                                                                        37 CLYDE TIMOTHY (6) LATTA

Ezra Clyde (5) Eyra Clyde(4) Alonzo Cooper (3) Eyra (2) John (1). b. ________; d. __________; m. Rosalie Sharon Greenwood.



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