Branch No. 27


Branch Captain:  David Hart,


Branch No. 27 and Branch No. 47 have become one branch in 1996.

                                                           1 THOMAS (1) LATTA

Among the earliest settlers of the "Manor of Maske" in 1740 was Thomas Latta. He may have been the head of this family....... The Penn family, as Proprietaries of Pennsylvania by authority of the grant of 1681, and of William Penn's agreement with his settlement company, reserved for themselves about 10,000 acres in each 100,000 at one place. These manors were to have "a court baron and view of frank pledge." Two manors were erected in what was York County from 1749 to 1800 -- the manor of Springettysburg, in which the town of York, was laid out; and the Manor of Maske in which Gettysburg now lies (now Adams Co.). The latter manor contained 72 square miles. Quit rents are still paid (1933) on some of the manorial lands which was sold by special contract, while extra manorial lands were sold at stated prices." Thomas Latta was the Justice of the Peace of York County on Sept. 27, 1774. Thomas had at least one child:
2 THOMAS (2).

                                                                                                            2 THOMAS (2) LATTA

Thomas (1). Born abt. 1727; died abt. 1796.  Married: Deborah Johnston, daughter of Alexander Johnston. She was Born: 1745 and died May, 1817. In her Will dated Sept. 7, 1815 Will book No. 2, Page 116, Office Register of Wills, Pittsburgh, PA. It listed the below children, except Alexander and the children of Mary and Catherine.  According to the Will of Alexander Johnston, there was a Robert Latta living with Thomas and Deborah in 1777.

Last will and testament of Alexander JOHNSTON, proved April 29, 1777, Inventory filed August 28, 1777: In the name of God, Amen, March the twelfth, One thousand seven hundred seventy seven, I Alexander JOHNSTON of Cumberland Township, County of York, Pennsylvania, yeoman being of sound & disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament as follows, Viz.: I give and bequeath to my nephew, John JOHNSTON, (son of Thomas JOHNSTON) all that my (Mafsuage) Improvement and tract of land tituate in Hamiltonbahn township in said County Containing one hundred and twenty two acres & allowance of six (six tenth?) being the same granted by the proprietor to John MCCRACKEN the Eleventh day of June 1768, Together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances to the said land & Premise belonging or in any way appertaining to the only use & benefit of him the () John JOHNSON, His heirs & assigns for ever, I give and bequeath to my nephew Thomas JOHNSTON, (brother to the John JOHNSTON) the sum of one hundred Pounds which sum I order to be put to interest for his use to paid to him when he arrives at the age of twenty one years,

I give & bequeath unto Thomas LATTA of cumberland Township affors, my walnut desk, as also I allow him to have my kill & all the vessels at the price of thirty pounds, he paying that sum to my executors, if he chuses so to do, if otherwise I order that said kill and vessels be sold at publick vendue & the money arising from said sale to be paid agreeable to this my will,

I give an bequeath Deborah LATTA, wife of said Thomas LATTA, the sum of 5 pounds, my gold buttens, coffee Mill and coffee pott, & brass candlesticks,

I give and bequeath to Thomas LATTA, sun of Thomas LATTA of Cumberland township affors the sum of Twenty Pounds to be put in trust for his use & paid to him when he arrives at the age of twenty one years.

I give and bequeath to Catherine LATTA, daughter of the last mentioned Thomas LATTA, the sum of thirty pounds to be put to interest for her use & paid to her when she reaches the age of 18 years. I also appoint said Thomas LATTA, Father of the two last mention Legatees, guardian of the legacy to them here bequeathed.

I give and bequeath to John LATTA, son of Thomas LATTA my pair of silver buckles.

I give and bequeath to Robert LATTA who now lives with said Thomas Latta, my best fine hatt. And the remainder of my estate I give and bequeath to my said first mentioned nephew John JOHNSTON and lastly I do appoint Samuel EDIE of Cumberland Township & John THOMPSON of
Hamilton Ban Township, both in said County sole Executors of this my last will and testament & do revoke all former wills by me in any wise made & publick pronounce & Declair this & none other to be my last will & testament In Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand to seal the and year first above written.
Signed Sealed.
Published pronounced I declaired by Alexander JOHNSTON As his last will and testament
In Presence of us - Robert MCPHERSON, Henry COTTON, Henry ROWAN

3 JOHN (3) Born abt. 1780; died 1822
4 THOMAS (3) Had at Least one child: Deborah (4) Latta. No other History is known.
5 MARY (3) Born: October 23, 1764. Married: Alexander Rowan, on June 13, 1786.  This family moved to Ohio.  He was Born: March 17, 1761. Children: Deborah Born: April 17, 1787., Jane Born: November 26, 1788., Henry Born: August 1, 1790., Mary Born: July 19, 1792., Thomas L Born: May 11, 1794. Nancy or Ann Born: June 19, 1796., Alexander Born: July 19, 1798., Elizabeth Born: July 10, 1800., Robert Born: August 1, 1802., James L Born: May 20, 1803. As you can see Mary and her sister Catharine used the same given names for their children.
6 JANE (3) Married : Mr. Armstrong. {Maybe a brother to: 7 Ann (3) Latta's Husband} Child: Deborah Armstrong.
7 ANN (3) m. Isaac Armstrong. In 1855 she lived with her daughter, Eliza Armstrong, who married 4 Ephraim Stephens (4) Latta, her cousin {1996 Note: over the years someone wrote in that Eliza and Ephraim married 6.4 miles south of Gettysburg, Pa.} (see family 4). Ann died near Gettysburg, Pa.
8 DEBORAH (3) Married: William B Murray, March 17, 1796. He was Born: September 6, 1764. Died: March 18, 1840. They had two sons and two daughters the name of one daughter was Deborah. William's father was John Murray Born: 1731 in Scotland. Died: February 3, 1789. in Dauphin Co., PA. Buried: In the old Cemetery near Daughinsborough, Pa.{ 1996 Note: The date he was buried was listed in this work as Feb. 3, 1828. I think this was a typo by Robert as his death date was Feb. 3, 1789. Or his body was removed from it's first grave to this one ?.} He commanded a rifle company in March 1776 with Col. Samuel Miles Battalion. He was at the Battle of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton and Princeton. Promoted to Major April 18, 1777. And Lieut. Col. 2nd Pa. Regt. In 1780. Discharged 1783. William's Mother was Margaret Mayes, Born:____  Died: June 22, 1797 {1996 Note: there was a typo from Robert, the date he listed as death was 1897}, in upper Paxton T.P., Dauphin Co., Pa. Buried: with her husband. She was the Daughter of Andrew and Rebecca Mayes. William's Mother and Father, John and Margaret took up land in the " Indian Burial Ground", Lying on the Susquehanna, Which joined the present town of Dauphin. {Genealogy by Eagle, Page 529}
9 ELIZABETH (3) Married: Mr. Speers or Speer { Maybe a brother to: 10 Catherine (3) Latta's Husband} They had a daughter Named Deborah.
10 CATHERINE (3) m. James Speer, son of Robert Speers of Washington County, PA. James was born in Adams Co., PA, and came to Ohio with his parents in early childhood, passing the most of his life near New Concord, Muskingam Co., Ohio, where he grew to manhood. After his marriage to Catherine they moved to Peter's T.P., Washington Co., Pa. They had 6 children: Deborah, Robert, Thomas L., James, Jane and Nancy. Their son James Speer was born Dec. 10, 1810 on the farm in Peter's T.P. He married Marie Calahan, Feb, 2, 1839 and had 8 children.
11 REBECCA (3) Also seen as Rebecca Catharine. Married: Mr. Mays . They had a daughter named: Deborah Mays.
12 ALEXANDER (3) Died: About 1772, Before the death of Deborah Latta made her will. He was buried in Black's Cemetery, Upper Marsh Creek, Presbyterian Grave Yard, Cumberland T.P., Adams Co., (Formerly York Co., PA. North of Chambersburg, PA. The Church was torn down about 1786.
13 UNKNOWN Female (3) daughter. Died single.{ 1996 Note: I can't find a history of this person}

                                                                                              3 JOHN (3) LATTA

Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born abt. 1780; died 1822; married Letitia Stephen on March 30, 1809 by Rev. James R. Sharon at the Paxtang Church, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), page 277.  (She may have been the daughter of Ann Stephen and Andrew Stephen, husband and wife buried in the Paxtang Cemetery.  {May have been his first cousin} Ann E. Stephen was born Oct. 8, 1754 and died August 10, 1814. Andrew Stephen died on Dec. 3, 1800.  They also had a daughter, Ann who died April 20, 1800, age 15, and a son Andrew, born May 30, 1791 and died Jan. 12, 1832.  His wife, Mary, was born Oct. 11, 1797 and died May 29, 1855.  The Stephens are all buried in the Paxtang Cemetery.   John Latta was a contributor/member of the Old Hanover Church in East Hanover Twp., Dauphin County, PA from 1812-1813.

Children, twins:
14 EPHRAIM STEPHENS LATTA (4) b. April 11, 1814, d. March 10, 1843, age 28 y, 10m, 29 d.  Buried in the Paxtang Church Cemetery, Dauphin County, PA.  History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), page 311.
15 HUGH STEPHENS (4) b. April 11, 1814; d. in Washington Co., Iowa in 1869.

                                                                               14 EPHRAIM STEPHENS (4) LATTA

John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born: April 11, 1814 on a farm 6 miles from Harrisburg, Pa. in Dauphin Co. Farmer. Died: March 10, 1843 at Gettysburg, Pa. in same house where he had lived. Buried in the Paxtang Church Cemetery. Married Eliza Armstrong (May have been his first cousin, see Notes) January 12, 1837 in the house where she was born August 15, 1812, 4 miles south of Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa. She was the daughter of Isaac and Ann Latta Armstrong.  She was a member of the Paxtang Presbyterian Church, Dauphin County, PA.  She was "admitted by certificate."  History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), page 289.  She died at Agency, Iowa November 7, 1890. She went to Iowa in 1846 with her two children. "When she was small a gang of robbers came from the mountains and searched the house Grandmother and her sisters followed them and kept them in sight. One robber threw a sword at them, he missed her and split the door panel -- 6 Hugh Latta. She lived near Fairfield, Iowa.

16 JOHN STEPHENS (5) Baptized at the Paxtang Presbyterian Church (near Harrisburg, PA) on August 7, 1839.  History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), page 284.
17 HUGH (5) Baptized at the Paxtang Presbyterian Church (near Harrisburg, PA) on May 28, 1842.  History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), page 284.


Baptized at the Paxtang Presbyterian Church (near Harrisburg, PA) on August 7, 1839.  History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias Wilson MrAlarney (1890), in the historical address given by William H. Egle, M.D., a member of the Historical Society of PA, and State Librarian from 1887-1899, Mr. Egle stated that the Paxtang Presbyterian Church was a member of the New Castle Presbytery, and that the stone church had been erected in 1740 replacing the wooden church, and that for 10-15 years after that the church was crowded with young people, who later left for Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with reports of unsettled lands more beautiful than those in Pennsylvania.  Paxtang and Derry congregations were crippled.  Egle was also not happy with the report from the New Castle Presbytery that their minutes were not available to historians.  The minutes of the Philadelphia Presby for the years 1717-1733 were declared lost, and New Castle stated that their minutes were in tact in 1876, but were suddenly lost.  Egle stated that "It is well to guard the early records of the church, but why refuse examination of them to those making historic researches?  The truthful historian knows full well what to use and what to omit...they should place them in the hands of some faithful co-laborer who knows what to edit and what to let alone."


                                                                                  15 HUGH STEPHENS (4) LATTA

John (2) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born on a farm 6 miles from Harrisburg near Paxton, Pa. April 11, 1814; d. in Washington Co., Iowa in 1869; m. his second cousin, Elizabeth Stephens, June 26, 1837 at Juniata T.P., Perry Co., Pa., where she was born March 24, 1820.  She died in 1885. She was a cousin of Alex. H. Stephens, Vice President of the Southern Confederacy. She was the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Garrett) Stephens. James was the son of Alex. and Catherine (Baskins) Stephens. Alex. was born in England March 27, 1726 and died March 15,1813 and buried near Crawfordsville, Ga. He was a Jacobite. He served under Washington at Braddock's defeat in 1755. Was a Captain of the Revolution War. He went to Pennsylvania early in life.

33 CATHERINE LETITIA (5) b. Dauphen Co., Pa. November 29, 1839; d. in Washington Co., Iowa. Single.
34 EPHRAIM (5) b. in Dauphin Co., Pa. May 22, 1843; d. abt. 1850. 
35 SARAH ELIZABETH (5) b. in Ashland Co., Ohio  on Sept. 25, 1845; m. Stephen A. Park May 3, 1866.  Children: Byron Everest b. April 14, 1867; d. in infancy. William Everett b. April 7, 1868; d. in infancy. John Garrett b. October 29, 1869 in Washington Co., Iowa; m. Miss M.K. McKay. In 1904 lawyer in Kansas City, Mo. Elizabeth Junia b. in Washington Co., Iowa August 14, 1872;m. Rev. John H. Lee of Germantown, Pa. October 2, 1902. One child. In 1937 lived at 6135 Greene St., Germantown, Pa.
18 WILLIAM HEARST (5) b. April 21, 1848 in Ashland, Ohio.
19 JAMES GARRETT (5) b. April 29, 1850 in Ashland, Ohio.
36 JOHN ALEXANDER (5) b. at Ashland, Ohio October 21, 1853; d. abt. 1856 in Ashland, OH.
20 THORNTON ZACHARIAH (5) b. Nov. 15, 1855 in Ashland, Ohio.
37 ANDREW H. (5) b. Washington Co., Iowa December 31, 1857; d. abt. 1862.
21 LINTON THOMAS (5) b. April 5, 1861 in Washington Co., Iowa.
22 LOREN HUGH (5).

1870 Census, Washington, Washington County, Iowa
Hugh Latta, 56
Elizabeth Latta, 50
William Latta, 22
James Latta, 20
Kate Latta, 28
Jane Latta, 25
Thornton Latta, 14
Linton Latta, 9
Loren Latta, 6


                                                                                      16 JOHN STEPHEN (5) LATTA

Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born 6 miles from Harrisburg, Pa. August 8, 1838; d. in April 1894, 6 miles from Churchpoint, So. West La. where he was buried. Married Charlotte Croft 3 miles so. of Libertyville, Iowa February 20, 1868. She was born in Bedford Co., Pa. February 8, 1842, daughter of John and Eliza J. (Tetery) Croft. She died in La. about 1912. The Croft were Pa. Dutch. They lived in Kansas for 15 years. In the Cherokee Nation 3 years and went to Acadia Parish, Louisiana in 1868. In 1906 they lived at Gueydan, Louisiana.

38 LAURA (6) b. 3 miles S.E. of Batavia, Iowa; d. at Batavia, September 1900; m. Robert L. Winters in 1893 at her parent's home 6 miles w. of Church Point, La. and at Pilgrim Rest Church, one mile from there. Baptist. In 1906 they lived near Tailby, La. Children: Roger Lee. Elizabeth Beatrice. John Allan. Laura Hazel.
23 JOHN STEPHEN (6). Born April 7, 1870 in Independence, Kansas.
24 CLAUDE CROFT (6). Born May 25, 1872 in Independence, Kansas.
39 ADELIA MAUD (6) b. in Kansas January 25, 1874; m. Albert Chauvin of Guydan, La.  Lived therein 1906. School teacher and milliner. Four children.
40 MARTHA JANE (6) b. in Kansas December 1, 1875; m. in Crowley, La. C.O. Robinson, a rich planter from Miss. In 1906 he was a rice planter in Acadia Parish, Pa. She was a school teacher. Four children.
41 ROBERT ALEXANDER (6) b. in Kansas November 20, 1881. In 1906 lived at Inga, B.C. Canada. Single.
42 JOSEPHINE (6) b. in Kansas November 11, 1881; m. Marcelus Monies of Spanish descent. In 1906 lived Guydan, La. Six children.


                                                                                            17 HUGH (5) LATTA

Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born six miles from Harrisburg, Pa. March 3, 1841; d. at Batavia, Iowa about 1920; m. Catherine Collins at Batavia, Iowa February 9, 1865. She was born in Gallia Co., Ohio December 12, 1842. Lived in Adams Co., Pa. Farmer. In 1906 they lived at Agency, Iowa Rout 1.

Children all born at Batavia, Iowa:
43 EMMA FLORENCE (6) b. April 6, 1871; m. twice: (1) Mr. Newell by whom she had two children, Mable M. m. Grocer C. Housh. Carl W. (2) Steward C. Alfred.
44 CORA CATHERINE (6) b. February 12, 1877.

                                                                              18 WILLIAM HEARST (5) LATTA

Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born in Ohio April 21, 1848; d. at Washington, Iowa in 1932; m. Mary Isabella Palmer in Washington Co., Iowa February 1873. She died there in 1932. She was born near Malvern, Ohio February 9, 1848, daughter of Rachel Latta (branch No. 3, family No. 47). He was buried Elm Grove Cemetery, commercial traveler. In 1904 lived at Washington, Iowa.

Children all born in Washington Co., Iowa:
45 FRANK ELWIN (6) b. in Washington Co., Iowa June 18, 1877; m. twice: (1) Elizabeth
Hamilton June 14, 1901 at Blairstown, Iowa. (2) Agnes ____. No children. Enlisted in Spanish War "D" Co. 50th Iowa Vols. Studied law at Ann Arbor, Mich. In 1904 lawyer at 60 Wall Street, New York City.
46 LORENA BELLE (6) b. March 25, 1879; m. Dr. Clyde Allison Boice at Washington, Iowa
March 25, 1902. Children: Myrtle Mary b. November 22, 1904. William Clyde. Ruth Saville. Clyde Jr.
47 RUTH ELIZABETH (6) b. October 10, 1882; d. 1924; m. Clifford E. Thorne, prominent railway expert, of Chicago. One child: Elizabeth.


                                                                           19 JAMES GARRETT (5) LATTA

Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born in Ashland Co., Ohio April 29, 1850; died May 2, 1924 in Washington County, Iowa; m. Ida May Nicola in Athens, Mo. January 31, 1878. She was born in Clark Co., Ind. February 2, 1862 and died on August 4, 1923. Lived in Washington Co., Iowa.  They are buried in the Elm Grove Cemetery.

48 CATHERINE "Katie" ESTELLA (6) b. Washington Co., Iowa July 29, 1879. Was teacher in public school in 1904.  In the 1920 census, she was still living with her parents at the age of 39 in Washington County, Iowa.



                                                                            20 THORNTON ZACHARIAH (5) LATTA

Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born November 16, 1855; d. 1931; m. Margaret M. Couley in Monroe Co., Iowa April 5, 1883. She was born March 28, 1860. Farmer. In 1904 at Haxtum, Colo. In 1920 living at Holyoke, Colo.

Thornton Latta and Maggie

30 HOWARD LINTON (6) b. May 2, 1884 at Ft. Madison, Iowa; d. Nov. 1964. Lived in Wyoming.
49 CHARLES THORNTON (6) b. Monroe Co., Iowa May 10, 1889; d. Oct. 1975 in Denver, Adams Co., CO; m. Hannah E. ____. In 1920 lived at Denver, Colo.
31 WILLIAM LOREN (6) b. Sept. 17, 1894; d. June 1987 in Cardington, OH. Lived in California at one time. (SS Index)
50 MILDRED JUNIA (6) b. Monroe Co., Iowa July 22, 1897.



                                                                          21 LINTON THOMAS (5) LATTA

Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born April 5, 1861; m. Minnie J. Rex, daughter of J. H. Rex and Agnes Charlton Rex, at Lynedoch, Ontario, Canada on October 4, 1888. She was born September 4, 1863. In 1904 living at College Corners, Ohio. State line of Ind. and Ohio divides the town. Dealer in furniture, carpets and china.

Linton Thomas Latta 001

51 HUGH REX (6) b. Tonawanda, N.Y. June 17, 1890.
52 AGNES WINIFRED (6) b. Tonawanda, N.Y. April 19, 1892; d. Feb. 10, 1986 in Pensacola, Florida; married Paul William Carter.  They had three daughters.
53 JOHN STEPHENS (6) b. Tonawanda, N.Y. June 5, 1895; d. Sept. 17, 1989 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE. (SS Index)
54 ELIZABETH (6) b. College Corners, Ohio. July 11, 1898 ?.
55 WILLIAM CHARLTON (6) b. College Corners, Ohio March 30, 1902. Died in 1992 in Dorseyville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Minister U.P. Church.  Buried in the Lakewood Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Agnes Latta Carter

Agnes Winifred Latta Carter


                                                                            22 LOREN HUGH (5) LATTA

Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born September 17, 1863; m. Clara H. Hamil at Washington, Iowa September 1, 1891. In 1904 lived at Ft. Madison, Iowa where all his children were born. Bookkeeper. In 1936 lived at Spokane, Wash. Deputy Assessor.

56 MILDRED ELIZABETH (6) b. April 12, 1894; m. Hal Joe Hunt August 17, 1926. In
1936 P.O. clerk, Pullman, Wash.
57 LORENE ESTHER (6) b. August 26, 1898; m. Clarence O. Hyde June 16, 1920. In 1936
she lived at Tacoma, Wash. Children: Loren Henry b. January 20, 1923. Hoyt Hamil b. May 10, 1928 Cedar Falls, Iowa.


                                                                           23 JOHN STEPHEN (6) LATTA

John S. (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born near Bolton, Kan. April 7, 1870; m. Mabel Yale, daughter of Luther M. and Lizzie (Bassett) Yale August 23, 1900 at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Inventor of improved school supplies. In 1933 living at Cedar Falls. Has school supplies stores at Cedar Falls, Iowa, Memphis, Tenn., Huntington, W. Va., and Butte, Mont.

58 EDNA MAY (7) b. June 12, 1902; m. Harry D. Wontworth June 27, 1929. In 1933 lived on farm in Washington, Iowa, Route 1. One daughter, Mary Ellen, b. January 21, 1931.
32 JOHN STEPHEN (7) b. August 7, 1907; d. July 1982 in Cherokee Village, Sharp Co., AR. He lived in Iowa also (SS Index).
59 RUTH IRENE (7) b. October 1, 1912; m. Robert C. Hill May 29, 1933. Lived at Ottosen, Iowa. He teaches in high school.



                                                              24 CLAUDE CROFT (6) LATTA

John S. (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born in Montgomery Co., Kan. on May 25, 1872; m. Nellie Hornsby near Church Point, La. His mother writes that the Hornsby family were southern aristocrats.   Lived in Acadia County, Louisiana.  He was a farmer.




                                                                             25 HUGH GILBERT (6) LATTA

John S. (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born Montgomery Co., Kan. March 29, 1871; m. Ola E. Hunt of Pennsylvania, on January 16, 1901 in Arcadia Parish, Louisiana.  Rice farmer. In 1906 lived near Crowley, La.; in 1933 at Vinton, La. In 1930 Census, lived in Calcasieu Parish, Lousiana beside of his son, Gordon Z. Latta.


84  HUGH H. LATTA (7) Born abt. 1908. married Vivian.  Daughter Nelma M. Latta.  1930 Census, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

85  MERTON L. LATTA (7) Born abt. 1914.

                                                                           26 WILSON COLLINS (6) LATTA

Hugh (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born near Batavia, Iowa November 6, 1865; m. Minnie Long there March 17, 1896. She died at Pueblo, Colo. 1906.  Lived at Agency, Iowa 1906. In 1933 at old home place three miles S.E. of Batavia, Iowa.

Children born near Batavia, Iowa:
63 EARNEST FLOYD (7) b. May 6, 1897.
64 LATTA FLORENCE (7) b. November 25, 1899; m. Melbourne Morrison. daughter, Ruth.


                                                                              27 JOHN HARRISON (6) LATTA

Hugh (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born near Batavia, Iowa May 10, 1892; m. Mabel O'Briant May 10, 1904 of Ottomwa, Iowa.

65 WILLA (7) b. August 15, 1906; m. Edward Wallis. One child, Joyce.
66 EUGENE (7). In 1933 student at Barrington, Ills.


                                                                          28 CLARENCE PALMER (6) LATTA

William H (5) Hugh S (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1) Born:____ Died____


                                                                          29 LLOYD EVERETT (6) LATTA

William H. (5) Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). See branch 3, family 90. Born Washington Co., Iowa July 23, 1875; m. Martha M. Samson December 3, 1900, sister to Jennie Kilgore branch 3, family 7. He was ten years in abstract and real estate at Washington, Iowa and studied law. Admitted to the Bar May 1902. In 1923 Secretary Union Terminal Co.,N.Y. City. In 1938 practicing law in Jackson, Mich. 

68 MARTHA ISABELLA (7) b. Jackson, Mich. September 15, 1917.



                                                                     30 HOWARD LINTON (6) LATTA

Thornton Z. (5) Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born at Ft. Madison, Iowa May 2, 1884; d. Nov. 1, 1964 in Redding, California; m. 1) Clara Ann Pendleton, daughter of James Howard Pendleton and Susan Elizabeth Eggleston, on June 18, 1907.   She was born Nov. 12, 1882 in Idaho Springs, Colorado; and 2) Jesse May Osborne.    Howard was a farmer. In 1904 lived at Albia, Iowa. In 1918 at Holyoke, Colo. On July 18, 1918 enlisted at Ft. Logan, Colo. Private. Served in 19th Rct. Co. Gen. Ser. Inf. Ft. Logan, Colo. to July 31, 1918. QMC Ft. Logan to discharge March 11, 1918. Private first class January 16, 1919.

Child by Clara Ann Pendleton:

Children by Jesse May Osborne:

                                                                               31 WILLIAM LOREN (6) LATTA

Thornton Z. (5) Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa September 17, 1894; died in 1987; m. Clella Porter. In 1940 Census living in Los Angeles Township, Los Angeles, California.   Age 45, wife was Julia, age 41, daughters, Margaret, age 21, and Wilma, age 19.  Enlisted in N.C. at Holyoke, Colo. June 24, 1917 in "A" Co. 2d Colo. Inf. to October 5, 1917. Trk Co. 5- 115 Sup. Tn. to discharge May 10, 1918. SCD. Reported 25% disabled. Corp. October 6, 1917. Drafted in U.S. Service August 5, 1917. Farmer.

William Loren Latta

Three children:
70 MARGARET L. (7) m. __________ Miller.
71 WILMA (7).
72 ____ (7).

                                                                                   32 JOHN STEPHEN (7) LATTA

John S. (6) John S. (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born August 7, 1907; d. July 1982 in Cherokee Village, Sharp Co., AR. (SS Index); m. Elsie Mae Reinhart on August 14, 1929. In 1933 had a school supply store at Cedar Falls, Iowa; Memphis, Tenn., Butte, Mont.

One son:
73 JOHN STEPHEN (8) b. August 15, 1930.


                                                                                  53 JOHN STEPHENS LATTA

Linton Thomas (5) Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born June 5, 1895 in NOrth Tonawanda, NY; died Sept. 17, 1989 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Married Ruth Ethyl Wyckoff.  He was a college professor.  In 1930 lived in Omaha, Nebraska.  He and his wife had one daughter, Elizabeth.  He served in World War I.


John Stephens Latta abt 1917


                                                                                 55 WILLIAM CHARLTON (6) LATTA

Linton Thomas (5) Hugh S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). Born on March 30, 1902 in College Corners, Ohio.  Married Marjorie C. Clippard.  She was born in 1909 and died in 2003.  He died in 1992 and is buried in the Lakewood Memorial Gardens Cemetery with his wife, in Dorseyville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  He was a United Presbyterian Minister.   In 1930 he lived in Wellsville, Columbiana County, Ohio.  In 1940, he lived in Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania. 

William Charlton Latta

He and his wife had three (3) sons:

81  Rev. JOHN LINTON LATTA (1932-2006)
82  WILLIAM CHARLTON LATTA, JR. (1932-2006) who was a school teacher in Kansas
83  BRUCE MCKEE LATTA (1940-1987).



                                                                               62 GORDON ZIMRI (7) LATTA

Hugh G. (6) John S. (5) Ephraim S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) Thomas (1). b. Oct. 23, 1901; d. Dec. 8, 1985; m. Bessie Marie LaFleur.  She was born Feb. 14, 1901 and died Jan. 29, 1989.  Gordon moved to Texas, where he was a rice farmer.  He and his wife are buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas.

74 WALTER WILLIAM (8) b. October 18, 1927 in Vinton, Louisiana; d. Nov. 12, 2011, in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas.  Rice farmer and cattle rancher.  Latta & Sons Rice Farm, Beaumont, TX.

. Mr. Walter William Latta, 84, of LaBelle, passed away at his residence Saturday, November 12, 2011. He was born on October 18, 1927, in Vinton, Louisiana, to Bessie Marie LaFleur Latta and Gordon Zimri Walter William LattaLatta. Walter was baptized as a member of the Vinton United Methodist Church on Easter Sunday, 1932. He was a third generation rice farmer and rancher. When the family moved to Texas, Walter, at the age of 14, drove the family combine and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the process. The family eventually settled in the LaBelle area where they continued to farm rice and raise cattle. Walter served in the Army from March 1946 to September 1947 and received an Honorable Discharge. On October 30, 1948, he married Rose Marie Royer. They just celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary. Walter’s love of family, farming and animals was apparent to many and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t ride, rope, drive, weld or build.  Walter is survived by his wife, Rose Latta of LaBelle; four children, Mike Latta and his wife, Karen, Leslie Martin and her husband, Alton, and Mark Latta all of LaBelle, and Ola Shipp and her husband, Kenny of Fannett; six grandchildren, Melissa Gaus and her husband, David, Chris Latta and his wife, Angie, Andy Martin and his wife, Adrianne, Josh Martin and his wife, Stephanie, Sean Martin and Cameron Shipp; ten great-grandchildren; and one sister, Helen DeRouche and her husband, Al of Bridge City. He is preceded in death by his parents, Bessie and Gordon Latta; and his brother, Gordon “Buck” Latta. His funeral service will be 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 16, 2011, at Broussard’s, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont with Brother David Brown, officiating. Interment will follow at Fairview Cemetery,


75 GORDON G. "Buck" (8) b. Feb. 27, 1926; d. Mar. 24, 1989.  Buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Texas.

76 HELEN (8) m. Al DeRouche.  Lived at Bridge City, TX.



                                                                                        75  GORDON G. "BUCK" (8) LATTA


Brockman "Brock" Glen Latta
September 23, 1982 - July 3, 2006
Brockman Glen “Brock” Latta was born September 23, 1982 in Beaumont, Texas and died July 2, 2006 from injuries received in an automobile accident. He was a 2001 graduate of West Brook High School
He is survived by his mother, Brenda Leland Latta and sister, Erica Latta both of Hillebrandt; fiancé, Stephanie Tyler of Beaumont; beloved dog, Maddie; father, Harvey Latta and grandmother, Bobbie Brockman both of Hillebrandt; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Brock was preceded in death by his grandparents, Edith and Edward Leland of Fannett; grandfather, Gordan “Buck” Latta of Hillebrandt. 
As a young boy Brock and his friends shared many adventures much to their parents dismay. He was a pratical joker, sharp and very quick witted. His pleasure came when he made people laugh. His smile was contagious, he could light up a room. From adolescence to a young adult, he had the gift of gab, he was a hard worker and could sell ice to an Eskimo.   
Brock had many interests, his passions included hunting, camping, fishing and playing pool. He was also an aspiring cook, he loved making all sorts of concoctions.  Brock was really a good cook, he was well known for his chicken, sausage and mushroom gumbo.  Brock will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.







1930's NOTE on branch No. 27: from Robert H Latta Talking of 2 THOMAS (2) LATTA
He must have married a sister of Alexander Stephens or Catherine Baskins (see 5 Hugh StephensLatta), to make his son 3 John Latta marry his first cousin, Letitia Stephens.

1930's NOTE on Branch No. 27: from Robert H Latta talking of 3 JOHN (3) LATTA
If James Stephens (see 5 Hugh Stephens Latta) and Letitia Stephens were brother and sister, thenJames Stephens and 3 John Latta were first cousins. For 5 Hugh Latta to marry his second cousin, Elizabeth Stephens, his father 3 John Latta and James Stephens must have been first cousins, as Letitia Stephens and James Stephens must have been brother and sister. This wouldmake Elizabeth Stephens daughter of James Stephens a second cousin to 5 Hugh Stephens Latta. 1996 NOTE: Steven B Latta of Greer, SC. Of this branch, States that he has done a fair amount of work on the Stephens\Latta connections and after talking with others who also work the Stephens lines have not found that Letitia Stephens and James Stephens were brother and sister. He goes on to state that the Father of James Stephens was Alexander Stephens, a Captain in the Revolutionary War .Also that Alexander Stephens was born in Baskins Ferry, PA. Not England.


1930's NOTE on old Branch 47. About the tie of Branch No. 27 and No. 47. And maybe No. 37.

Thomas and Deborah Latta, in Branch No. 47, had a daughter named Ann, who married a Mr. Armstrong. In Branch No. 27, Ann Latta married Isaac Armstrong. They both lived in York Co., Pa. near each other. In Branch No. 27, Thomas Latta was one of the earliest settlers in the "Manor of Maske".
This was the region around Gettysburg, Pa., then York Co., now Adams Co. This branch and the above note of Alexander Johnston are in York Co., Pa.. It is thought that this Thomas Latta was the Thomas Latta who married Deborah as their daughter Ann married a Mr. Armstrong, and in Branch No. 27, Ann Latta married Isaac Armstrong. Ann Latta, Branch No. 27, died near Gettysburg, Pa. York Co. The names of John, Thomas and Ann and the name Armstrong, occur in branch 47, and Branch No. 27. In both branches lived in York Co. Pa. about the same time.

In Branch No. 37, Thomas Latta married ____ Moore. He was a captain in the War of 1812. He had a daughter named Deborah Latta who died prior to 1841. He lived 11 miles west of Steubenville, Ohio. He had a daughter named Deborah. His daughter Eliza had a daughter named Deborah.
Deborah is in all the above families. It seems to be the wish to Deborah Latta, Branch No. 47, to have all her first granddaughters, named after her. In her Will she wants her son John to name his daughter, (if he has a daughter), Deborah. In her Will the name of the husband of her daughter is spelled both Murry and Murray. One of the daughters of Deborah Latta was named Rebecca Mays. Did this Rebecca marry into the family of Margaret (Mayes) Murray? Margaret's mother was named Rebecca Mayes. So was the daughter of Deborah Latta, who married a Mr. Mays. The name is spelled
different. So was the name of Murray in the Will spelled Murray and Murry. The above record seems to be more than a coincidence. It looks as if they were all one family. Many of them moved to Ohio.


1930's Note from Robert H Latta.

Will of Deborah Latta see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills.
Will of Alexander Johnston, father (?) of Deborah Latta, made March 12, 1777. Proved
April 29, 1777. Bequest to Thomas Latta and wife Deborah, of Cumberland T.p.., York Co., Pa.
In Deed Book, 2, G, page 127, Thomas Latta and Deborah Latta, his wife, of Cumberland T.p.,
May 9, 1775, sold tract of land to James Jacks, which land was surveyed by Thomas Latta in

1930's Note: Information on 5 Mary (3) Latta was given by Mrs. Dora R Thompson of Twin
Falls, Idaho, 1934. She was the Granddaughter of Henry Rowan son of 5 Mary (3) Latta and
Alexander Rowan.

1930's Note: Information on 10 Catharine (3) Latta and Her Husband James Speer was given By;
Mrs. Mildred Brown of Painesville, Ohio. { Branch No. 10}.
1996 Note: Over the years someone has wrote " The information was also in: The History of
Washington Co. PA".