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1 Unkown (1) LATTA (May be #4 William Latta of Branch 1)

Born ____. Died____ Married________. May be #4 William Latta of Branch 1, and also the William Latta married to Elizabeth Taylor of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, as referenced in Robert H. Latta's Memorandum Book, page 1.  Elizabeth Taylor's father, John Taylor, of Mt. Pleasant Township, willed property to Elizabeth's son, John T. Latta. (Will of record in Allegheny County, PA at Vol. 7, pg 56)  William and Elizabeth Latta had three sons and one daughter under the age of 10 in the 1800 census in South Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  William Latta also had a brother, Andrew Latta, who moved to Lewis County, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from John T. Latta, who was living in Adams County, Ohio. John T. Latta and Andrew Latta were both living in Sprig, Adams County, Ohio in the 1830 census. 

Had a number of children:
2 JOHN T. (2) b. abt. 1793 in PA. The 1850 Brown County, OH census states that he was born in Kentucky.  Son, Phillip, and daughter, Jane, are listed with him.  The 1860 Brown County, OH census shows a John Latta, age 60, born in Pennsylvania.
3 ROBERT (2) {No History}  May be the Robert Latta referred to in the newspaper article below who died in Brown County about 1841.
4 JESSE (2) {No History}
5 SAMUEL (2) { No History}

Democratic Standard, Georgetown, OH (Brown Co.) Tues, June 8, 1841


____ (1). Born about 1793 in Pennsylvania; d. 1860 at Russellville, Brown County, Ohio; m. Margaret Eliza Smalley, daughter of Philip Smalley and Margaret Stevens, of Adams County, Ohio, on April 27, 1825 in Huntington Township, Brown County, Ohio, by Thomas Shelton, J.P. She was born in Ohio between 1800 and 1805 and died in 1839. He was buried near Russellville, Brown Co., Ohio. They lived in Adams Co., Ohio for the 1830 and 1840 censuses. On the Adams County website, there is listed under marriages, several Smalleys who may have been brothers and sisters of Margaret (i.e. Jane Smalley married a Hill, Ruth Smalley married a Miller, Elizabeth Smalley married a Florea, and a John Smalley is listed). On February 25, 1910 the Court House was burned with all its records.

6 PHILLIP SMILEY (3) b. June 8, 1830 in Ohio.  (His middle name is found Smiley in census records, but since his mother's father's name was Philip Smalley," that was probably his correct name.
7 Unkown (3) daughter; b. avt. 1825; died young.
8 Unkown (3) son, b. between 1826-1830; died young.
9 ELIZABETH (3) b. in Adams Co., Ohio May 17, 1834; d. January 15, 1855; m. James Boggs in Ripley, Brown Co., Ohio March 25, 1847. He was born in Bourbon Co., Ky. January 5, 1823; d. November 9, 1906. Lived near Des Moines, Iowa. Children: James b. December 5, 1850; d. November 5, 1912. Charles W. b. April 8, 1852; d. August 26, 1883. Margaret L. b. March 1855. Clisty C. b. December 21, 1856; d. January 10, 1880. Sarah E. b. March 18, 1859.  John B. b. May 30, 1862. Mary J. b. May 26, 1849. Eliza.
10 SARAH JANE (3) b. in 1826 in Sprigg, Adams Co., OH; d. November 22, 1903 in Oklahoma; m. Eli Sams, son of Nehemiah Sams and Isabel Bratton of Adams County, Ohio on January 13, 1855 in Brown Co., OH (Book H, page 136). Eli was born in 1832 and died on November 20, 1892. Children: Mary, Emma, Isabell, John, and Annie. "Jane Latta" is found in the 1870 Census, Sprigg, Adams Co., OH, in the home of her daughter, Mary A. Scott and husband, Andrew Scott.  Jane Latta is 60, "invalid" and b. in PA.


1830 Census, Sprig, Adams Co., OH
John Latta, 2 males under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40.
Andrew Latta, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50.
1840 Census, Sprig, Adams Co., OH
John T. Latty, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20.

There is also a Robert B. Latty at Wayne, Adams Co., OH in 1840. 1 male under 5, 1 male 6-10, 1 male 30-40, 2 female under 5, 1 female 30-40.

1850 Census, Dist 12, Union Township, Brown Co., OH
John Latty, 57, laborer, b. KY
 Philip Latty, 20, laborer, b. KY
Jane Latty, 18, b. KY

1860 Census, Union Township, Brown Co., OH
 John Latta, 60, b. PA


John (2) ____ (1). b. in Illinois on June 8, 1830; d. July 8, 1907 near Melvern, Kan.; m. Hannah Mefford, daughter of Joshua Mefford and Susannah Hodgkins, in Brown Co., Ohio August 16, 1854. She was born in Brown Co., Ohio on September 11, 1830; d. near Melvern, Kan. September 27, 1901. The Estate of Joshua Mefford in Georgetown, Brown County, Ohio, lists his daughter, Hannah Latta of Malvern, Osage Co., Kansas, as an heir. Her other brothers and sisters were listed as Malinda, William, Nathan, Walker, Louisa J., Mary A., Elizabeth V., Jerusha and Robert J. (Note that some of her children were named for her father, brothers and sisters). Hannah Latta was left the sum of two thousand dollars, and an equal share of her father's real estate after the death of his wife, Margaret (this must have been a second wife). Phillip and Hannah are buried at the Melvern City Cemetery. Phillip's tombstone reads: P. Latta, d. July 8, 1907, aged 77y, 1 mo. Hannah's tombstone reads: Hannah Latta, d. September 27, 1901, aged 71 yr, 16d, w/o P.

The Melvern Record, Melvern, KS - Thurs. Oct. 23, 1884

The Melvern Record, Melvern, KS - Nov. 5, 1885

11   ROBERT L. (4) b. February 13, 1855 in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio; d. December 21, 1872. Robert is buried in the Melvern City Cemetery, Osage Co., KS. His tombstone lists that he died December 21, 1872, aged 17 years, 10M, 8 days, s/o P.S. and H. Latta.
12   JOHN L. (4) b. April 5, 1850 in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio (also seen as April 6, 1856); d. in Okla. March 1, 1901.
13   JOSHUA WALKER (4) b. Jan. 29, 1858, in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio.
14   ULYSSES S. GRANT (4) b. October 16, 1868 in Melvern, Osage, Kansas; d. April 15, 1949.
15   PHILLIP SMILEY (4) b. April of 1860 in Douglas Co., Kan.; d. at Burlingame, Kan. December 15, 1933.
16   WILLIAM (4) b. June 12, 1852 (also seen as June 30, 1874) in Melvern, Osage, Kansas.
17   ELIZABETH "Eliza" (4) b. March 3, 1866, in Douglas Co., Kansas; d. January 26, 1910 in Seattle, Wash.; m. Patrick Gleason there about 1885. He was born in Minneapolis, Minn. March 17, 1858; d. October 17, 1910.
18   MARGARET or MARGARITE (4) b. July 6, 1862 in Douglas Co., Kan. 1862; m. three times: 1) Thomas A. Ransom on February 24, 1886 in Osage Co. Marriage Records for Osage County, Book C, page 408. Thomas was born in 1851. Children: Marguarite Latta b. June 1862; Bertha Ransom Giles, b. April 25, 1887; Joshua, b. June 4, 1894; Maud Ransom Hamlet, b. July 14, 1856; and Lena, b. July 14, 1898. 2) Mr. Neil in 1913; d. November 22, 1914. 3) Robert Hornbeck.
19   ANDREW JACKSON (4) b. Dec. 9, 1872 in Melvern, Osage, Kansas, d. 1947. Buried in the Reedley Cemetery, Fresno County, California.

The Peoples Herald, Quenemo, KS - June 20, 1907

The Osage County Chronicle, Burlingame, KS - June 27, 1907

The Melvern Review, Melvern, KS - Feb. 12, 1903

The Melvern Review, Melvern, KS - Thurs, July 11, 1907

The Melvern Record, Melvern, KS - July 18, 1907

The Lyndon Record, Lyndon, KS - Thurs, April 21, 1898

The Melvern Review, Melvern, KS - March 21, 1901

The Osage City Free Press, Osage City, KS - Thurs, June 16, 1881

The Melvern Record, Melvern, KS - Thurs, March 3, 1887

The Melvern Record, Melvern, KS - March 3, 1887

1870 Census, Melvern, Osage, KS
Phillip Latta, 42, b. OH, farmer
Anna Latta, 40, b. OH
Robert Latta, 15, b. OH
John Latta, 13, b. OH
Joshua Latta, 12, b. OH
Smilly Latta, 10, b. KS
Margaret A. Latta, 7,b. KS
Eliza Z. Latta, 5, b. KS
Grant Latta, 3, b. KS
1900 Census, ED 121, Melvern Township, Osage Co., KS
Phillip S. Latta, 80, b. June 1820, OH, father b. PA, mother b. OH
Hannah Latta, 70, b. Sept. 1820; father b. KY, mother b. OH
Smiley Latta, 40, b. Apr. 1860, b. KS, single
1880 US Census for Melvern, Osage, Kansas:
Lattie, Phillip, age 52, born in Ohio, farmer, father born in PA, mother born in OH
Lattie, Hannah, wife, age 48, born in OH, keeping house
Lattie, Smiley, son, age 21, single, born in Kansas, labors on farm
Lattie, Margaret, daughter, age 17, single, born in Kansas, works at home
Lattie, Eliza, daughter, age 15, single, born in Kansas, works at home
Lattie, Grant, daughter, age 13, single, born in Kansas, works at home
Lattie, Andrew, son, age 10, single, born in Kansas, works at home
Lattie, Wm., son, age 8, single, born in Kansas, works at home
In the 1880 Census for Hocking, Fairfield, Ohio, there is a John Latta, age 29, born in Ohio, listed as a night watchman living in the household for Thomas Sturgeon and also in the household of James H. Berry. The Berry household contained more than 20 people and was probably a boarding house.

The diary of Aaron Lanning of Greene County, Illinois records the following:

The summer of 1875 was fine for crops of all kinds, just rain enough. No dry spell in mid-summer as is too often the case in Kansas. The families that went east to winter returned when they learned of the improved conditions, and those who stayed were filled with new hope. We had now paid for our land at one dollar and fifty cents and acre. Some people immediately began borrowing money at twelve per cent interest mortgaging their homes as security, which we thought a very poor move. And so it later proved to be. Some lost their farms in this way. One Saturday in July, I went to Melvern to do the weekly trading and to get the mail, as was the usual custom in those days. There had been a nice shower the night before, but no flood. After I had been in town an hour or so, a man said to me, "I don't suppose you will be able to get home tonight." I asked why. He said, "The river is up high, came up all at once." I started at once, hoping to head the flood, but when I arrived at the ford north of town, I found the water six feet deep and as black as mud could make it. No chance to cross anywhere! Several other parties from the north side were caught in like manner. On Sunday morning Emma went over to our neighbor Boslar's and asked him to go and find out why I had not come home. He came, and found a lot of us on the opposite bank watching the water, which was then eleven feet deep. He went back and told her that I was over there with a lot of other fellows singing "Shall We Gather At The River." Uncle Phil Latta came to the river to find out why his son John had not come home. He found John on the other side with the rest of us. He shouted across, "John, can't you swim it and come home?" John said, "I reckon I could." Uncle Phil directed him to go away up the bend and get in saying that by the time he got down to the ford he would be across. Johnny McAvoy said, "Well, John, if you are going to try that, I will too." The two went up, took off their clothes, made bundles of them and tied them to their hat bands, and plunged in. When they reached the ford they were not across yet. They became excited and clothes which went merrily bobbing down stream. But they finally got out on the other side. Uncle Phil in summer wore only pants, shirt and straw hat. He said, "Well, John I'll divide clothes with you." He gave John the pants and thus equipped the two started across the prairie for their home. Johnny McAvoy had no recourse but to await developments. After a while John Naffziger came to look at the stage of the river. Johnny slipped out of the brush and revealed his predicament to him. Naffziger went home and brought a rubber rain coat in which Johnny arrayed himself, and bareheaded, bare-legged and bare-footed marched manfully away for home. On Monday the flood began to recede. In the afternoon, James Heinzman decided that he could cross. He tied his wagon-box down and crossed, but the water flowed over the top of the box. I had two young colts with my team, and dared not risk that crossing on their account. Late in the afternoon, I drove down to the Bent Hill ford which was wider. When I got there, the river looked forbidding. I tied the team and decided to see if I could wade across. I found I could. When I started the team into the water, each colt hugged close to its mother and we crossed without mishap. It was almost night when I reached home from that marketing trip. I received a glad welcome.





Phillip (5) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio January 1858; d. Provo, Utah December 24, 1928. Married three times 1) Caroline Brower (nee Schultz) b. July 8, 1848 in Germany. She died December 25, 1901. She had five children by first husband: Henry, Emma, Irene, Lizzie, and Malvina. All but Henry took the name of Latta. 2) Amelia Staub, daughter of Henry and Christine (Frank) Staub; b. January 17, 1871 at Kansas City, Mo. The Staubs were Mormons; and 3) Henrietta Wilhelmina Wegert. She was born July 6, 1870 in Chicago, IL and died Oct. 15, 1909. In 1905 Joshua was living at Buford, Wyo. In 1937 Amelia Staub Latta lived at Provo, Utah Box 245, Route 2.

One child by first wife.
20 ALBERT FRANCIS (5) b. Dec. 28, 1883 in Wyoming.

1880 US Census, Halsteadville, North Park, Grand Co., Colorado, lists the household of P. M. Hensley, age 52, retail liquor dealer. Residing with him was only one other person, Joshua Latti, age 22, born in Ohio, listed as a miner.


The Melvern Review, Melvern, KS - Dec. 13, 1900

Salt Lake Telegram (Salt Lake City, Utah) 26 Dec 1928


Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. October 12, 1868 in Malvern, Osage Co., Kansas; d. April 15, 1949; m. Synthia Alice Karr at Lyndon, Kan. October 26, 1895 in Lyndon, Osage Co., KS. The marriage record for Osage Co. lists "Grant Latta" married "Allis Karr" on October 26, 1895 (Book F, page 0069) She was born in Coffey Co., Kan. December 21, 1876; d, December 19, 1967 in Emporia, Lyon Co., KS. She was the daughter of John Leonard Karr and Sarah A. Boring. There is a "Grant G. Latta" buried in the Melvern City Cemetery. Grant was born Oct. 12, 1868 and died April 15, 1949.

21 HOMER L. (5) b. 1920 in KS. 
22 DAVID (5) b. 1922; d. 1928. Buried in Hoover Cemetery at Hardford, KS.
23 WILLIAM GRANT (5) b. August 22, 1895 at Melvern, KS; d. September 10, 1987; m. Esther Leora Nelson.  WWI Draft card, Lyon Co, KS, Wm. G. Latta, b. Aug. 22, 1895.
24 ROBERT (5) b. September 16, 1898; d. October 18, 1898.
25 PHILLIP LEONARD (5) b. Nov. 30, 1899 (as listed on his draft card); m. Erma Violet Smith & Katherine M Cross. WWI Draft card, Lyon Co., KS, Phillip Leonard Latta, b. Nov. 30, 1899.
26 JOHN VERNON (5) b. Nov. 10, 1907; d. March 1985 in  Reading, Lyon Co., KS; m. Thelma M Loomis
27 GEORGE REXIE (5) b. Jan. 13, 1911 at Lebo, KS; m. Etta Rosebud Hanks.
28 ELMA ELIZABETH (5) m. Arthue Lawrence Yehle, Robert Barlow Compton, & Leroy Oscar Bell.
29 EDITH SARAH (5) m. Karl Rasmussen & Stinson Browning Baldwin.

1900 Census, ED 121, Melvern Township, Osage, KS
Grant Latat, 34, b. KS
Alice S. Latta, 23, b. KS
William Latta, 3, b. KS
Philipp Latta, 1, b. KS
1910 Census, Lincoln, Coffey Co., KS
Giddy G. Latta, 38, b. KS  (notice he only aged 4 years since the 1900 census)
Alice S. Latta, 34, b. KS
William G. Latta, 13, b. KS
Phillip L. Latta, 10, b. KS
John V. Latta, 2, b. KS
1940 Census, Emporia City, Ward 2, Lyon Co., KS
Alice Latta, 64, WD, b. KS
Homer L. Latta, 20, single, b. KS, woodwork, WPA
 Grant G. Latta
Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 27 Dec 1928 Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 21 Apr 1949 Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 09 Apr 1928
Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 20 Mar 1922 Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 21 May 1910 Emporia Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 20 Dec 1967


Phillip (3) John (2) ____(1). b. June 30, 1874; d. June 12, 1952; buried in the Boulder Cemetery, Jefferson County, Montana; m. Mabel Cleveland Ball on October 13, 1904. She was born on February 7, 1880 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, and died on March 31, 1956 in Boulder, Jefferson County, Montana.  ( 1996 Note: Most of the information and children were lost. I have used the index to find the wife and the children.

30 CLARA H. (5) b. 1905; m. Theodore Babby, son of John and Ellen Babby, on Sept. 17, 1923 at Thompson Falls, Sanders Co., MT. Children: Helen M., and possibly Lena. These children were in the Montana Orphans Home in the 1930 census. Helen M. was 5 years old and Lena was 3 years old.
31 GROVER C. (5) b. August 27, 1907. (SS Index); never married; d. Jan. 3, 1992 in Ravalli, Hamilton Co., MT.   Buried in the Riverview Cemetery beside his sister, Daisy.  Grover is listed in the 1940 census, School Dist. 7, Boulder, Jefferson, MT, as a patient in the "Montana State Training School."  At the time, Montana had a state law allowing sterlization of mentally ill people, or people with epilepsy.  The Montana State Training School was one of the two main "feeder institutions" from where sterilization victims were drawn. 
32 EDITH N. (5) b. July 22, 1909; d. Aug. 24, 2000 in Missoula, MT; single.
33 SMILEY (5) b. 1912; d. 1912.
34 DAISY D. (5) b. Aug. 13, 1913; d. July 1992; never married; buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Hamilton, Ravalli Co., MT, beside her brother Grover, who passed away just six months before she did.
35 BLANCHE (5) b. 1915; d. 1921.
36 KATIE (5) b. July 7, 1918; d. 1937; buried in the Boulder Cemetery with her parents.
37 RUTH (5) b. 1921; d. Feb. 4, 1939 in Jefferson Co., MT.
38 FRANK (5) b. April 11, 1923; d. Sept. 28, 1999 in Terre Haute, Indiana. (SS Index)
All except Clara were born at Plains, Sander Co., Mont.


The Lyndon Record, Lyndon, KS - Thurs. April 21, 1898



William Latta tombstone

1910 Census, Plains, Ward 3, Sanders, MT
William M. Latta, 35, b. KS
Mabel Latta, 28, b. Missouri
Clara H. Latta, 5, b. KS
Grover Latta, 2, b. MT
Edith Latta, 9m, b. MT
1930 Census, Boulder, Jefferson Co., MT
William Latta, 56, b. KS
Mable Latta, 50, b. Missouri
Frank Latta, 6, b. MT
Ruth Latta, 9,b. MT
Kate Latta, 12, b. MT
Grover Latta, 22, b. MT, single
1940 Census, Boulder, School Dist 7, Jefferson Co, MT
William Latta, 65, B. KS
Mabel Latta, 60, b. Missouri
Edith Latta, 30, B. MT
Daisy Latta, 26, b. MT
(Grover is listed as a patient in the Montana State Training School, School Dist 7, Boulder, Jefferson Co., MT)


The Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) 06 Jan 1992 The Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) 19 Jul 1992 The Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) 31 Aug 2000





Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born at Malvern, Osage Co., Kan. December 9, 1872; d. 1947, buried in the Reedley Cemetery, Fresno County, California (  m. Lulu A. Walbern at Lyndon, Kan. November 22, 1893. She was born at Royerton, Ind. October 8, 1874, daughter of Robert and Ella Walborn. She died in 1952.  In 1914 they lived at Reedley, Calif., R.R. 3, Box 134.

39 ARTHUR ARLINGTON (5) b. Lyadon, Kan. August 28, 1894; d. September 3, 1894.
40 HILDA CECILE (5) b. Malvern, Kan. December 23, 1898; d. Dinula, Calif. May 7, 1900.  Buried in the Reedley Cemetery, Fresno County, California.
41 EVA EDITH (5) b. Dinula, Calif. July 1, 1906; m. Peter Stay June 16, 1926. Living at Reedley, Calif.

 Andrew J Latta
 Lulu A Latta
 Hilda C Latta

The Fresno Bee The Republican (Fresno, CA) 28 Oct 1952






Joshua W. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born at Laramie, Wyo. December 28, 1883; m. Clara Edna Farrell August 8, 1906 at Cheyenne, Wyo. She was born September 25, 1885 at Cheyenne, Wyo., daughter of Timothy and Mary (Lapash) Farrell. 1920 Census - Melvern, Osage County, Kansas - Latta, Albert F., age 36, born in Wyoming, father born in Ohio, mother born in Germany, farmer, stock and grain; Clara E., wife, age 33; Margueritte, daughter, age 11; Robert F., son, age 9; Alta B., daughter, age 6, Gilbret F., son, age 5; Wilma G., daughter, age 2 years, 6 months. All children born in Kansas. In 1935 lived at Charleston, Utah. Children all born at Malvern, Kan. except Nevabelle.

42 MARGARET MAY (6) b. April 5, 1905; m. Robert R. Perkins on September 2, 1929. He was born at Thatcher, Ariz. on June 30, 1902. Children: Joyce Robert, Edna Jean, and Rose Mary.
43 ROBERT FRANCIS (6) b. May 7, 1910; d. May 9, 1991; m. Doris Wood.
44 ALTA BEATRICE (6) b. February 9, 1913; m. Clifford Edwards at Charleston,
Utah June 13, 1937.
45 GILBERT JOSEPH (6) b. Dec. 7, 1914; d. Oct. 1986 in Salt Lake City, UT; Married: Stella Scott. She was born June 25, 1914 and died April, 1978.
46 WILMETTA GERTRUDE (6) b. June 19, 1917.
47 NEVABELLE MARY (6) b. at Caldwell, Idaho September 16, 1921.

1910 Census, Melvern, Osage, KS
Albert F. Latta, 26, b. WY
Clara E. Latta, 23, b. WY
Margaret M. Latta, 2, b. KS
Robert F. Latta, 0, b. KS
1920 Census, Osage, KS
Albert F. Latta, 36, b. WY
Clara E. Latta, 22, b. WY
Margurette M. Latta, 11, b. KS
Robert F. Latta, 9, b. KS
Alta B. Latta, 6, b. KS
Gilbert F. Latta, 5, b. KS
Wilma G. Latta, 2y 3m, b. KS
1930 Census, Charleston, Wasatch, UT
Albert F. Latta, 46, b. WY
Clara E. Latta, 44, b. WY
Robert Latta, 20, b. KS
Alta Latta, 17, b. KS
Gilbert Latta, 15, b. KS
Willma Latta, 12, b. KS
Nevabel Latta, 8, b. Idaho
1940 Census, South Bountiful Election Precinct, Davis, Utah
Albert F. Latta, 56, b. WY, farmer (residence in 1935: Rural, Wasatch, Utah)
Clara E. Latta, 54, b. WY
Wilma Latta, 22, b. KS, clerk, dept. store
Neva Belle Latta, 18, b. Idaho, waitress, cafe



Ulysses S. Grant (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. August 22, 1895 at Hartford, Kansas; d. September 10, 1987 in Independence, Jackson County, MO; m. Esther Leora Nelson on April 26, 1920 near Herrington, Kan. October 9, 1893, daughter of Ola and Cordelia Phillips Nelson. In 1938 they lived at 574 Glenwood Avenue, Fairmount St., Kansas City, Mo.

Children, except Wilma, born at Kansas City, Mo.:
48 WILMA LEORA (6) b. May 15, 1921 in Emporia, Lyon Co., KS; m. John Alexander Chambers on November 10, 1946. In 2012 living in Independence, MO.
49 JAMES NELSON (6) b. August 26, 1923.
50 ROBERT EARL (6) b. June 31, 1928 in Jackson Co., MO.
51 KATHLEEN FAY (6) b. March 2, 1927 in Jackson Co., MO; m. Clyde Chester Coe & David Leroy Birt.  In 2012 living in Independence, MO.


1930 Census, Blue, Jackson Co., Missouri
William Latta, 33, b. KS
Esther Lata, 36, b. KS
Wilma Latta, 8, b. KS
James Latta, 6, b. Missouri
Robert Latta, 2, b. Missouri
Emporia Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) 10 Nov 1917  


Ulysses S. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. November 30, 1900 at Melvern, Kansas; d. May 1972; m. twice. 1) Emma Vaalet Smith, daughter of Harvey Smith at Lima, Ohio on October 1920. 2) Katharine M. Cross, daughter of Foster N. and Pearl Cole Cross at Cottonwood Falls, Kan. on July 16, 1925. He lived at Route 3, Emporia, Kan.

Child by first wife:
52 VIRGINIA VIOLETE ROSE (6) b. May 4, 1921 at Emporia, Kansas.

Children by second wife:
53 ELIZABETH JEAN "Betty" (6) b. October 19, 1926 at Emporia, Kansas; m. J. C. Miller.
1930 Census, Emporia, Lyon Co., KS
Philip Latta, 30, b. KS
Katharine Latta, 25, wife, b. KS
Betty J. Latta, 3, daughter, b. KS
Alice Latta, 55, mother, b. KS
George Latta, 20, brother, b. KS
Edith Latta, 13, sister, b. KS
Homer Latta, 10, brother, b. KS

Emporia Gazette, Emporia, Kansas 10 May 1972


Ulysses S. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. January 30, 1911 at Lebo, Kansas; m. Etta Rosebud Hanks at Kansas City, Mo. on January 1933. She was born at Neeshe, Rapids, Kan. on May 18, 1913, the daughter of Robert Lee and Sarah Ann Cline Hanks.

54  PHILLIP REX (6) b. September 21, 1934 at Emporia, Kansas.
60  GERALD C. (5) b. 1940 at Emporia, Kansas.

1940 Census, Emporia Twp, Lyon, Kansas
George R. Latta, 30, b. KS, florist
Etta R. Latta, 26, b. KS
Phillip R. Latta, 5, b. KS
Gerald C. Latta, 0, b. KS (7 months)


Albert Francis (5) Joshua W. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. May 7, 1910; d. May 9, 1991; m. Doris Wood.

1940 Census,Reedley, Judicial Township 8, Fresno, California
Robert F. Latta, 30, single, guest in hotel; occ. carpenter, building



Albert F. (5) Joshua W. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. December 7, 1914 at Malvern, Kansas; m. Stella Scott at Charleston, Utah on June 19, 1936, daughter of Orel and Ethel Scott.  Died October 31, 1986 in Charleston,Wasatch County, Utah.

55 NORMA JEAN (7) b. December 5, 1936 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
68  MARVA (7) b. 1938

1930 Census, Ward 2, Salt Lake City, UT
Gilbert J. Latta, 25, b. KS, boilmaker, railroad
Stella S. Latta, 25, b. UT
Norma Latta, 3, b. UT, daughter
Marva Latta, 2, b. UT, daughter


William G (5) Ulysses S (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____(1) b. August 26, 1923 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; d. June 2, 2012 at Warrensburg, MO; buried at Mt. Washington Forever Cemetery; m. Emily Marie Rheaume on September 14, 1947 in Walthman, Middlesex Co., Mas-St. Mary's Church. She was born August 6, 1923 in Waltham, Mass, the daughte rof Lucien and Mary Katherine Pineau Rheaume. She died March 24, 2001 at Independence Regional Health Center (Independence, MO). According to her obituary she was a longtime member of St. Ann's and St. Joseph The Worker Catholic Church.  Served in Naval Air Corps, worked at Allied Signal (Honeywell) as a tool and die maker.

56 THOMAS JAMES (7) m. 1) Loretta Karen " Lori" Gay and 2) Carol _________. In 2012 he and Carol lived in Corder, MO.
57 ALAN RICHARD (7) m. Dianna Lynn Edmondson. In 2012 lived in Wylie, TX.
58 GARY EDWARD (7) m. Beth Trowbridge. In 2012 lived in Raytown, MO.
59 MARY KATHERINE "Mary Kay" (7) m. 1) Larry Wolff and 2) Fred Ferguson. In 2012 lived in Blue Springs, MO.
60 DAVID MARK (7) m. Cindy Naylor. In 2012 lived in Blue Springs, MO.
61 JAMES NELSON "Jamie" (7) Married: Mary Sue Abbott, aka: Susie. In 2012, single and living in Independence, MO.
62 PATRICIA ANN "Patti" (7) Married: 1) Robert "Bob" Blanton; 2) John Robinson; 3) Ken Hassle; and 4) Frank __________. In 2012, single and lived in Harrisonville, MO.
63 KRISTINE EMILY "Kristi" (7) b. June 21, 1970; m. Orlando Cachiguango. In 2012 lived in Lawrence, KS.
67 JEREMY (7) In 2012 lived in Independence, MO.


William Grant (5) Ulysses S. (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1). b. June 31, 1928 in Jackson Co., MO; m. Suzanne Carinder, daughter of John L. Carinder and Rachel Hoyt on June 8, 1952. In 2012 lived in Loveland, Ohio. Wife deceased at that time. Children:
66 ANNE (7) In 2002 living in Poughkeepsie, NY.


James N (6) William G (5) Ulysses S (4) Phillip (3) John (2) ____ (1) Born: August 18, 1950 in Independence, Jackson Co., MO. Married: Dianna Lynn Edmondson, November 21, 1970. In: St. Ann's-Independence, Jackson Co., MO. She was Born: June 4, 1952. In: Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. She is the Daughter of Robert Joseph Edmondson and Audra Ann Paris.

64 SCOTT CHRISTOPHER (8) Born: September 7, 1972. Married: Amy Marie Gent
65 ANDREA RAE (8) Born: February 3, 1976


There is a Robert T. Latta, of Brown, Kansas, listed as a Major in the U.S. Army, killed in action in the Korean War. Died September 10, 1952.