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                                                                                                  1 ROBERT (1) LATTA

Robert Latta is found living in Cecil County, Maryland in the 1766 tax lists.  In 1767, he is listed as "Robert Latta - run" meaning that he has moved.  The Rock Presbyterian Church on Elk Creek was in South Mildord Hundred tax district.  Robert came to America with the McLean family (probably with the shipwreck Latta families in 1738/39) and both settled about 20 miles west of Philadelphia, Pa.   (His daughter, Letitia marries Joseph McLean)




 In 1767, he moved to Bart Township in Lancaster Co., Pa.   He died there about 1779, survived by his widow (who died prior to 1803) and nine children.  Bart Township was once a part of Sadsbury Township, and was divided in 1744.   Lieut. Gov. John Latta of Greensburg, PA, Branch 3, son of #10 Ephraim's widow by second marriage, states "Among Ephraim's old papers I find a letter from Squire Dunn dated November 7, 1820, stating that "as to the judgments on my docket in favor of Robert Latta there are but two."  This letter was dated "Sandy Lake, Mercer Co." close to Crawford Co., PA.  Dunn says that he understands that one of  Robert's children is a minor. 

Rev. John Cuthbertson, a Scottish Presbyterian minister who came to American in 1751, had his home at Octoraro, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  He traveled through York, Lancaster, Chester, and Philadelphia, preaching, and performing marriages and baptisms.  Rev. Cuthbertson kept a diary of his travels beginning in 1751 when he landed at New Castle, Delaware. Rev. Cuthbertson noted in his diary on Nov. 12, 1779 "rode 8 miles to Mr. S____, with him to and from Robert Latta's burial."  This record of the death of Robert Latta is probably the best record of his death.  Any petitions in court would be to divide property, and if the family waited until they traveled to Lancaster, their recollection of the exact date of death might be clouded.

From Orphan's court records, Lancaster Co PA.  To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court Sitting at Lancaster for the County of Lancaster the 26th day of July 1803. The Petition of Ephraim Latta of Bart Township Humbly Shewith: That Robert Latta father of your petitioner died intestate about the year 1784, leaving a widow who is since deceased and nine children. Moses the eldest who is since dead without issue, Samuel, James, Robert, William, John, Letitia who intermarried with Joseph McClane, Mary, and your petitioner. That the said Robert was seized at the time of his death of about two hundred and fifty acres of a Warranted estate in Bart Township-adjoining Lands of Samuel Downing, Patrick Henry and others. Your Petitioner prays of your Honors to appoint an inquest to view these lands and premises with the appurtenances and make partition thereof to and among the children of the said Robert Latta of this same can be divided without injury to and spoiling of the whole if not to notified & appraised the same will pray is Ephraim Latta.

Lancaster County Taxes - PA Archives, 3rd Series
1771 Bart Twp.,  Lata, Rbt.,  100, 2H, 2C
1772 Bart Twp., Leata, Rbt., 100, 0H, 1C
1773 Bart Twp., Lata, Robert, 100, 2H, 3C
History of Lancaster County - Ellis & Evans printed 1883
1784 Tax list shows "Widow Latta."  

Lieut. Gov. John Latta says about 1784,"The above Ephraim Latta lived in close proximity to the Latta settlement in Chester Co., Pa., the native place of Rev. James W. Latta, Branch 8. There is a deed at the Court House which tells of Samuel Latta buying land in Bart Tp. of his "Uncle James". If this is the Rev. James Latta, then Robert of Bart Tp. and Rev. James Latta of Drumore, were brothers. Both townships were in the south section of the county, and in the same locality.  All the above history was given me by Gov. John Latta, branch 15.

Lieut. Gov. John Latta, of Greensburg, Pa. (Branch No. 3) said "If my father was a cousin of Ephraim (Branch No. 32) as I understood from my mother, then his father, Robert Latta, must have been a brother of Moses, my great grandfather." I do not have the name of Robert Latta as the brother of his grandfather, Moses.

Soldiers in the Revolutionary War from Lancaster County, PA (these may or may not be the brothers listed below)
Samuel Latta
Robert Latta
James Latta
John Latta - (Rev. John Latta, chaplain)
Moses Latta

3 MOSES (2) died single. Had one of the largest farms on in Westmoreland County, PA.

4 SAMUEL (2) in business with brother Ephraim and died in Westmoreland Co. Single. No issue.

5 JAMES (2) was in Bart township, Lancaster County, in the 1790 census.

2 ROBERT (2)  lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  1794 Washington County, Fallowfield Twp, Oath of Alliegance to US signed by Robert Latta.

6 WILLIAM (2) lived in Bedford Co., Pa. and died about 1814.  In his Will of record in Bedford County, he appoints his brother, Ephraim Latta of Westmoreland County as his Executor.  William apparently never married and had no issue.  He was a Wagoner and transported goods across Pennsylvania.  See estate papers below.

7 JOHN (2) lived in Elkton, Cecil Co., Md. not very far from Rock Church. He died March 10, 1806. No issue. Was a minister (probably the chaplain listed in the Lancaster County list of soldiers in the Revolutionary War) and in 1804 left Philadelphia, Pa. to go as chaplain of Commodore Barren's ship to the Mediterranean but was disappointed. In Liber F F #6, Folio 425, Orphan's Court, Cecil Co., Elkton, Md. is the will of John Latta, admitted to probate April 25, 1806 and in full as follows: "It is my Will and desire that my brother, Ephraim Latta, near Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pa. shall have my wearing apparel, and after my just debts are paid my sister Mary Latta shall have the residue of my property. (signed) JOHN LATTA.  Witness present Marcellus Keene. March 2, 1806. Up to June 26, 1907 this is the only Latta mentioned whose estate took out letters of administration.  See copies of Will below.

8 LETITIA (2) m. Joseph McLean, son of William McLean and Frances Smith (DAR records) in Westmoreland Co., Pa. He was born in 1760 in Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was a ranger under Capt. William Conwell in the Westmoreland Militia during the Revolutionary War.  He is listed in the 1792 tax list for Donegal, Westmoreland Co., PA. His Will was dated July 11, 1828 and probated July 29, 1828. His wife is not listed, so had probably died before him.  He bought a farm near Pleasant Unity, six miles east of Greensburg, sold it and bought several hundred acres at Chestnut Ridge and raised stock. He had two brothers and one sister, Joseph, Robert and Margaret who married James Alexander. (James Alexander was a witness on his Will) He and Letitia had thirteen children. Their children were: William, whose descendants (1907) lived in Donegal Township, PA; Robert, who was given land; Joseph, who lived in Harrison County, Ohio, and then in Iowa, but who also had descendants in Donegal Township; James West; Samuel, who owned land in Ohio; James and Benjamin.  Their daughters were Fanny, Ann, Betsy, Margaret, Polly, and Catherine.  All of the daughters were married at the date of his Will in 1828.  Joseph owned a large amount of land in Donegal Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. and several farms in Rumley Twp, Harrison County, Ohio. 

9 MARY (2) m. William Dunlap in Westmoreland Co., Pa. on November 3, 1818 at the Greensburgh Presbyterian Church.  No children.  From Rev. John Cannon's records which he recorded in the back of a book of Session Records of the church, he recorded "admitted into church - May 16, 1821, ex & cft Mrs. Mary Dunlap" and on "May 29, 1831 before our sacrament at Greensburgh, Lavinia Ann Brown and Mary Dunlap, both brought up in our church (made defections) before the Com of the Supper at Valley Church."

10 EPHRAIM (2) lived in Bart Tp., Lancaster Co., Pa. and died in Westmoreland Co., Pa. about August 1, 1831. No issue. He owned a large farm near Pleasant Unity, six miles from Greensburg, Pa. adjoining land on Mungo's son John, branch 10, and also of Ephraim and Moses. He married Eliza Graham and after his death she married Moses Latta of Branch 10  about 1831 or 1832. Moses and Eliza were the parents of Branch 10 Gov. John Latta of Greensburg, Pa.   Eliza was born in Greensburg August 1, 1795 and died March 3, 1870. Gov. John Latta, her son, says, "If my father was a cousin of Ephraim, as I understand from my mother, then the above 1 Robert (1) Latta must have been the brother of Moses and John, my grandfather and granduncle.


William Latta's estate papers recorded in Bedford County, PA.







Will of John Latta, Cecil County Wills, Book 6, page 425 - Probated April 25, 1806


Cecil County, Maryland
"Inventories 1802-1807" page 589-590




                                                                                              2 ROBERT (2) LATTA

Robert (1) In the "History of Venango Co." it states that Robert Latta was an early settler who built a mill on  Sandy  Creek above Raymilton.  In the book "Venango Co., PA" Her Pioneers and People" by Charles Almanzo Babcock, on page 401 under the heading of "Mineral Township" it states "The first mill in the township was built by Robert Latta, and stood on Sandy Creek above Raymilton, where traces of the dam may probably still be found.  It was never operated to any extent, and its suspension or disappearance does not appear to have interfered especially with the progress of civilization in this part of Sandy Creek Valley, but it is wrapped in mystery. According to one account, Latta died from exposure while under the influence of liquor, and the mill was burned in a forest fire.  But another story has it that the proprietor, finding his establishment somewhat in advance of the locality, left it for a time, and that during his absence the machinery was appropriated by someone else."  Robert supposedly owned a farm and grist mill with his brother, Ephraim. Married ____.

At least one son:
3 ROBERT (3).








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