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                                                                                          1 UNKNOWN (1) LATTA
Born____ Died_____ Married______.
Lived at "Millarstown Farm" Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. Had at least one child:
2 JOHN (2).

                                                                                         2 JOHN (2) LATTA

____ (1). Born and died at "Millarstown Farm," Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Married Mary Black.  Died at Glasgow.

Had at least six children:
3   PETER (3) b. 1800-1801 at Stair, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. January 18, 1870 at St. Quivox,Scotland.
10 JAMES (3) b. at Ayrshire, Scotland. Went on road, probably to America.
4   JOHN (3) baptised Oct. 6, 1776 in Mauchline..
11 WILLIAM (3) baptised Oct. 24, 1798 in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. One of the heads of famous Coats Thread Mill, Paisley, Scotland, where he died in the early 60's. No family.
12 ANN (3) m. Dead; no family.
13 MARY (3) d. of old age; not married.
32  JANET (3) b. Sept. 17, 1800 at Mauchline (mother Mary Black)
33  ALEXANDER (3)  b. Nov. 5, 1794, Mauchline, Ayr (mother Mary Black)

                                                                                         3 PETER (3) LATTA

John (2) ____ (1). Born 1800-1801 at Stair, Ayrshire, Scotland. Married: Mary Smith on April 21, 1835 in Ochiltree, Ayr, Scotland. She died after confinement about 35 years of age. He was wholesale dealer in teas, sugar, etc. in Glasgow, Scotland.  He died January 18, 1870 at St. Quivox, Scotland.

Five children:
5 JOHN (4) b. July 31, 1841 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; d. Nov. 6, 1929 at Langley, British Columbia, Canada.
14 PETER (4) b. November 3, 1845 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; d. in infancy.
15 WILLIAM (4) b. May 25, 1843 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; d. on West Coast of Africa. Single.
16 JANE (4) lived and died in Ayrshire, Scotland. Born in Ayrshire about 1837. Married twice: Alex B. Hutton on Sept. 22, 1859 in Central District, Glasgow, and William Anderson. No children.
17 MARY (4) b. in Ayrshire, Scotland; d. in infancy.

__ JEAN (4) b. March 19, 1837 at Barony Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.


1861 Census - Stair, Ayrshire, Scotland
Peter Latta, 60, sugar merchant clerk
John Latta, 19, custom agent
William Latta,  17, sugar merchant clerk
Alex Hutton, 26, sugar merchant clerk
Jane Hutton, 23, sugar clerk wife

                                                                                          4 JOHN (3) LATTA

John (2) ________(1). Born July 31, 1841 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; d. in High Church Glasgow, Scotland in 1868. Went to Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A. and there married Miss Mair, daughter of an extensive manufacturer of Philadelphia.

Had four children:
6 JAMES (4) b. Jan. 17, 1849 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother died when he was 7, and his father took him and his sister back to Scotland.  He lived with his Uncle Peter Latta.
18 BETHEA (4) b. in Philadelphia, Pa. Went to Scotland with brother James. Died in Scotland.
19 ROBERT (4) nothing is known of him.
7 THOMAS (4).  Listed in the 1900 Census for Wilson, KS with his brother James.  He is listed as widowed, and a machinist.

                                                                                   5 JOHN (4) LATTA

Peter (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Glasgow, Scotland August 12, 1843; d. November 6, 1929 at Langley, B.C. Canada. Married Frances Elizabeth McCullough of Tyllyston House, Finea, West Meath, Ireland in 1878. She was born in 1856 and died of vascular heart trouble at Vancouver, B.C. Canada September 13, 1909, aged about 53 years. He was a tea merchant in Glasgow, Scotland until about 1889. Lived for many years at Marchfield Cottage, New Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Moved with his family in May, 1890, to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and opened general store at Port Kells on the Fraser River; after about six years in business retired to a farm at Kangley, B.C. and was living there in 1910.

Six children:
8 WILLIAM SMITH (5) b. 1879 at St. Quivox, Scotland; d. Sept. 16, 1966 at Victoria, Capital Regional District, British Columbia, Canada; m. Bertha Annie Sayer on Nov 27, 1907 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
9 JOHN (5) b. 1881 at St. Quivox, Scotland.
20 FRANCIS JAMES M'Culloch (McCULLOUGH) (5) b. March 20, 1884 at St. Quivox, Scotland. In May 1890 went to Vancouver, B.C. Canada with his parents. In 1910 farmer at Bulkley Valley, B.C. He died of cancer September 25, 1915.
21 ROBERT PETER (5) b. January 30, 1886 at St. Quivox, Scotland. In May 1890 went to Vancouver, B.C. with his parents. In 1910 printer (R.P. Latta & Co.) at Vancouver, B.C. Killed at the battle of ......, Belgium April 23, 1915.  Lieut. 7th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War.
22 HENRY BLANDFORD (5) b. February 13, 1888 at St. Quivox, Scotland. In May 1890 went to Vancouver, B.C. with his parents. In 1910 farmer at Bulkley, Valley, B.C. In 1931 at Kelowna, B.C. Canada.
23 EDWARD FRASER (5) b. at Port Kells, B.C. Canada January 1, 1892. In 1910 lived at Fairfield, Spokane Co., Wash. U.S.A. Printer; m. Bessie May Tucker on March 8, 1924 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  Lived in Paptoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand in 1978; died there on Sept. 6, 1978.

            John and his family arrived in Quebec, Canada on May 22, 1890 from Glasgow, Scotland on board the Siberian.


1891 census, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
John Latta, 48, storekeeper, born Scotland - Religion: Free Church
Frances E., 36, born Ireland
Wm. Smith Latta, 12, born Scotland
John Latta, 10, born Scotland
Francis Latta, 7, born Scotland
Robert P. Latta, 5, born Scotland
Henry B. Latta, 3, born Scotland

                                                                                        6 JAMES (4) LATTA

John (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Philadelphia, Pa. January 17, 1849; died February 17, 1917 in Wilson, Kansas; m. Janet Mair on May 6, 1878. She died on March 12, 1899.  When he was 7 years old, his mother died in Philadelphia, and his father took him and a sister back to Scotland where James lived with an uncle, John, son of Peter Latta.  James spent several years in the tea business with his uncle.  Later returned to America. In 1908 druggist at Wilson, Kan.
24 JAMES MAIR (5) died June 24, 1904.
25 ____ (5).

William G. Cutler's History of Kansas - Ellsworth County - Biographies

JAMES LATTA, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils and druggists' sundries, opened business in November, 1877. He erected his store building in 1877, and occupies rooms 18x54 feet. He carries an average stock of about $2,000. He was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1848; went to Glasgow, Scotland, in 1856 with his father (John Latta), where he was educated; he clerked there in a clothing store; he returned to his native city in 1869 and engaged in bookkeeping until coming to Kansas on account of health; but about six months after he landed he engaged in the above business. Married in 1878 to Miss Janet Mair, of Philadelphia, Pa. They have one son, James Mair Latta. Mr. Latta is a member of the Masonic order, and I. O. O. F. of Philadelphia, Pa.

The National Druggist - Vol. 30, page 372 (google books)

Kansas Pharmacy Board - Ellsworth, Kansas, Sept. 6 (1900).  "At the meeting of the third quarter, held by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, at Pittsburg, September 5.  35 applicants were present and took the examination.  The following were successful....There  were registered without examination, by virtue of being graduates of recognized colleges of pharmacy.....Thomas Mair Latta, Wilson...."






                                                                                         7 THOMAS (4) LATTA

John (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1839; m. and had at least one daughter. Both living in 1908.
26 ____ (5).

                                                                                    8 WILLIAM SMITH (5) LATTA

John (4) Peter (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born Marchfield Cottage, New Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland, April 14, 1879; m. Bertha Annie Sayer of on Nov. 27, 1907 inNew Westminster, B.C. She was born at West Harlepool, Yorkshire, England February 13, 1884. In 1890 went with his parents to Vancouver, B.C. For five years with W.H. Malkin Co. wholesale grocers, Vancouver, B.C. In 1910 business manager, R.P. Latta & Co. printers, Vancouver, B.C. he served four years 1814-1818 in the World War in the 29th (Vancouver) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Promoted to Lieutenant in command of battalion August 1, 1917. Awarded Distinguished Service Order and two bars. Severely wounded at Battle of Armiens, France August 9, 1918. Discharged from
army June 1, 1919. Then entered the Provincial Government Service at Director of the Land Settlement Board and served for twelve years. Retired August 1932. Living at Victoria, B.C.
27 WILLIAM SAYER (6) b. at Vancouver, B.C. October 19, 1909. Forestry engineer. Obtained degree Bachelor of Science in 1931.
28 JOHN BLANDFORD (6) b. August 6, 1914; missing in action Feb. 6, 1941 and presumed killed in action.  He went to England to join the Royal Air force in 1938, and was an RAF fighter pilot; awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. 
29 FRANCIS ROBERT (6) b. August 8, 1924. In 1937 this family lived at ____ Delhousie St., Victoria, B.C.

The Providence, Vancouver, British Columbia - Sept. 19, 1966
The Providence, Vancouver, British Columbia - Sept. 20, 1966




The Vancouver Sun - May 24, 1919

The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 11, 1941
The Vancouver Sun, Aug 12, 1939

                                                                                           9 JOHN F. (5) LATTA

John (4) Peter (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born Marchfield Cottage, New Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland April 14, 1881; d. Sept. 15, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; m. Christina Munro MacKenzie September 15, 1909 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. She was born at New Westminster, B.C., Canada March 22, 1884. He came to America with his parents in May 1890. He settled at Vancouver, B.C. Mechanical engineer. In 1910 partner in McEwen & Latta, timber lands and real estate, at Vancouver. In 1937 partner in Murray & Latta, machinists, at Vancouver at 6811 Cypress Street, Vancouver, B.C.

30 FRANCES MARY (6) b. at Vancouver, B.C. November 23, 1910; d. July 16, 1993 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; never married.
31 MARION ISOBEL (6) b. at Vancouver, B.C. October 22, 1914; d. February 24, 1923.


            the Province, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Sept 17, 1909



                The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 16, 1969


                    The Vancouver Sun - July 20, 1993

                                                                            27 WILLIAM SAYER (6) LATTA

William Smith (5) John (4) Peter (3) John (2) ____ (1).  b. at Vancouver, B.C. October 19, 1909. Forestry engineer. Obtained degree Bachelor of Science in 1931.  On Saturday, April 25, 1936, married Gwendolin Winsby, daughter of Lt. Col. W. N. Winsby in Victoria, B.C.

The Vancouver Sun - April 29, 1936


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The records of this family are all to be found in the Parish Churches at Mauchline, Schiltree, and Auchinleck, Ayrshire, Scotland. The crest of the family can be had from any of the leading stationers of Glasgow.--5 John Latta. He also said that a certain Judge Latta, S.S.C. every eminent judge who resided in Edinburgh, Scotland, in his time, had collected a large amount of information about the Latta family. I wrote to Judge Latta in 1931 but the letter was returned, unknown. November 29, 1937 wrote to 9 John F. Latta and asked him to get the address of Judge Latta of Edinburgh, Scotland, mentioned above. Or some of his descendants.