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                                                                                      1 JOHN (1) LATTA

Born: Abt 1727 in Donegal, No. of Ireland; died January 9, 1795 in South Carolina.  Married Sarah (Ramsey) Dunlap, widow of ______ Dunlap (d. 1809 about 61 years of age, making her born about 1748). There was a Robert Ramsey and his wife, Sarah Givens Ramsey, who was one of the first elders of the Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church.  Robert Ramsey was from Beverly Manor in "The Tinkling Springs" area of Augusta County, Virginia.  The Ramsey family moved to the Waxhaws in 1753.  Listed among children/guardians of James Ramsey and his brother, John Ramsey, and baptized by Rev. John Craig, a Presbyterian minister, was *Sarah Ramsey, 26 Feb 1749 "in the congregation." 

John Latta's appearance in North Carolina comes with two stories.  One, that he is the half-brother of Rev. James Latta (Br. 8) of Cecil County, Maryland, and the second is that he left Ulster in 1763 and came to America with two brothers, and with his son Thomas, and settled in the Waxhaws of South Carolina.  He and his wife, Sarah, are buried in the Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  Sarah Ramsey Dunlap may be his second wife.

His tombstone Inscription:  JOHN LATTA/ LAY ELDER OF WAXHAW/ CONGREGATION died/ Jan. 9th 1795. Aged 68/ Years./ [on back of stone:] Clasp'd in my heav'nly father's arms,/ I would forget my breath,/ And lofe my life among the charms/ Of fo divine a death./  If Thomas was born in November of 1763, and it took about three months to cross the ocean, then the family would have arrived sometime in 1764. 

2 JOHN (2) b. abt. 1760 in Ireland; m. Margaret Neely.
3 THOMAS (2) b. Nov. 1, 1763 in Ireland; d. Nov. 14, 1807; m. Martha Neely (1765-1847).
ELIZABETH (2) d. April 25, 1849; m. John Stewart.  Buried in the Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Cemetery. Tombstone Inscription: IN MEMORY/ OF/ ELIZABETH STEWART/ Consort of/ JOHN STEWART;/ And Daughter of/ JOHN. AND SARAH LATTA./ (Who lie at her feet.)/ Who died 25th April A. D. 1849./ Aged 62 Years, 7 Months,/ And 5 Days./  Elizabeth and John had one son named, John Latta Stewart (named for her father), who died young.  Tombstone Inscription:  In Memory of/ JOHN LATTA STEWART/ son of John & Elizabeth/ Stewart who died Sept./ 24. A. M. 1814 Aged 7 Years/ 5 Months & 16 Days./  They also had a daughter who died young, Margaret Patton Stewart.  Tombstone Inscription: THIS MONUMENT/ is erected to the Memory/ of Margaret Patton Stewart/ Daughter of John and Eliza-/ beth Stewart who departed/ this life Octr 18th A.D. 1805. at/ 6h 25m A.M. Aged 15 Months, 3/ Days./  They also had a daughter, Sarah Ramsey Stewart (named for her mother) who died young.  Tombstone Inscription:  This monument is erected/ to the Memory of/ SARAH RAMSEY STEWART/ Daughter of John & Eliza-/ beth Stewart who died/ Sept 4th P. M. A. D. 1814 Ag-/ ed 4 Y. 10 M. & 18. D./They also had one daughter, Cynthia Patton Stewart, who married a Belk.



The Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, Lancaster County, South Carolina.  (from Find-A-Grave) The Waxhaw Settlement was settled in 1751 by Scot-Irish from Pennsylvania. They built the Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, and it was thought to be in Anson County, NC.  Once the state boundaries lines were drawn, the church was found to be in South Carolina.  The Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church was burned to the ground during the Revolutionary War, along with the home of the church's minister.  The church has been built over three times since then.  See photos on "Find-A-Grave."

{ 1996 Note: " Latta Family Newsletter" In Vol. 1 No:2 Summer 1978, Page 7; By Connie McD. Latta She writes. John Latta (4 John Steward (3) Latta) was born in York
District, S.C. the son of Thomas Latta (2 Thomas (2) Latta) and Martha Neely. He was the grandson of John Latta (1 John (1) Latta) (1727-1795) who settled in York District
about 1763. Also a record of " Memorials of Land Titles" of the above John Latta can be found in the same Newsletter on page 4.}

1996 Note: "Chester Co., S.C. Will Book C, Page 70:
I Samuel Neely--Sarah, my beloved wife--my loving son, James Neely--all the heirs of my body viz; Thomas Neely, Margaret Latta, Elizabeth Chambers, Martha Latta, Robert Neely, William Neely and James Neely--14th day of September, 1797".Samuel Neely Born: 1726 Died: Sept. 9, 1803 in Chester Co. S.C. His wife, Sarah Ferguson was Born: 1731. Died: Dec. 28, 1806. Samuel was the son of Henry & Elizabeth Neely. In a GedCom file it was recorded that the children & their spouses of Samuel Neely & Sarah Ferguson are as below;
Samuel Neely, Married: Unknown. William Neely, Married: Unknown. Mary Neely, Married: Joseph Brown. *Margaret Neely, Married: John Latta Jr.* Elizabeth Neely, Married: John
Chambers. *Martha Neely, Married: Tom Latta.* Robert Neely, Married: Margaret White. James Neely, Married Jane Simpson. *Thomas Neely, Married: Prudence Latta.*
1997 Note: I have no known record of a *Prudence Latta* in any of the Latta Branches. So that the information that I do have is not lost, and to the idea that she was a sister of:
2 Thomas & 2a John (2) Latta, I have recorded her known history here.
Prudence Latta Born 1751. Died: 1832 In: Chester Co., S.C. Married: Thomas Neely, He was born Aug. 3, 1772 and died Nov. 7, 1815. Children; Thomas Neely, Married: Mary Jordan.
Samuel Neely, Married: Mary ?. "Maj." John Neely, Married: Rachel Dunlap. Mary Neely, Married: Thomas McFadden. Sarah Neely, Married: John McFadden. Elizabeth Neely, Married: Andrew Bradford. William Neely, Married: Elizabeth Gaston.


History of Washington County, Arkansas - Shiloh Museum - 1989

In the mid-1820s a caravan of 60 relatively well-to-do families with their black slaves left Charleston, South Carolina, in order to seek their fortunes in the newly opening American West. In the York District of South
Carolina the caravan was joined by the family headed by John Latta. The travels were made primarily in ox wagons. When they reached rivers, they used rafts. These families reached the states of Kentucky and
Tennessee, where they apparently remained several years. The family headed by Samuel Latta seems to have already been in Tennessee, ahead of the new immigrants. Several of these families eventually settled in Arkansas Territory. During this period, members of the Latta family made several scouting trips further west, into what became Washington County. One of these trips may have been made as early as 1826. Whatever the actual year, during that first trip a small cabin was constructed. The land was part of the Lovely Purchase, claimed by the Cherokees and closed to white settlement. No Indians were living in the immediate area, however, and whites were squatting on the land in expectation that legal settlements would soon be possible. According to Latta family history, a plow was made from the crotch of an oak tree, and a few acres of grain were planted. It was perhaps in this manner that the Lattas established what, at the time, amounted to squatters’ rights to some gorgeous mountainous land that would be called Vineyard (site of Washington County's second post office, established February 21, 1829, with the name and location changed to Evansville in 1837).
Latta Settlement
In 1828 the Cherokees were forced west. Washington County was then created out of the Lovely Purchase lands, and white squatters were able to legally claim land. In 1831, several years after their initial scouting trip, John Latta, two black slaves named Dan and Ben, and several other family members collected wagons, teams, pine lumber that had been cut and milled in Tennessee, and tools. Two rafts of logs and lumber were floated and poled down the Tennessee River into the Ohio, then down the Mississippi to the mouth of the Arkansas River. The rafts were then towed up the Arkansas by a government steamboat to Phillips Landing (Van Buren), then freighted 45 rugged miles to Vineyard. Here a settlement had already begun under Captain Lewis Evans, the new county's first sheriff.  According to the Goodspeed Publishing Company's History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas, "A horse-mill was built by Evans soon after he opened his store, and for a short time it supplied nearly the whole county with meal." A few miles to the north at Cane Hill, several related families had settled and built homes by 1827.  At the Latta settlement, tents were put up and work started on houses.  According to an account written by a Latta descendant, The Lord's Vineyard, "The colored mechanics, Ben and Dan, did the mechanical masonry work. They would work at one home at a time. Ben and Dan put in the stone foundations and chimneys, and moved to the next place. The rest of the workers hewed the logs and erected the frame of the building. Then Ben and Dan would come back and do the cabinet and inside finish work."  Most of the work on the main Latta house seems to have been finished in 1832.  During the 1831 trip, the other members of the large Latta family had remained in Tennessee. The families seem to have completed the westward migration into Arkansas Territory by 1833. In this final move the might have been as many as 30 people, including the numerous Latta children and the families of the slaves. The site chosen for the main house was a gently sloping hillside above a tributary of Evansville Creek that is today called Possum Hollow Creek, two miles from the state line and an equal distance northeast of Evansville on Highway 59. A log house was constructed nearby for the slaves.  In mid-March of 1833, the new arrivals to Washington County could see mountains in all directions. There were no  leaves on the trees, but the trees were covered with gorgeous white flowers, and spice bush and witch hazels were blooming in the creek bottoms. Springs flowed freely throughout the area. Vultures were soaring above, and the little spring peeper frogs announced a new land and a promising season.  According to descendant F. F. Latta, "An industrial establishment was planned, developing a general manufactory,  including a blacksmith shop under the Negroes, Ben and Dan; cabinet, carpenter and wheelwright shops under grandfather (John Latta); cobbler, saddle and harness shops under Eli Kelly; weaving and tailor shop under Aunt Leah Hale; and a grist mill.'  The Lord's Vineyard' was intended to be as near self-sufficient as necessary to insulate and isolate it from the outside world."  The two-story log home and several outbuildings stood more than a century at Vineyard, long after almost every trace of Washington County's pioneer day structures had disappeared. In 1958 the Latta buildings were carefully dismantled, transported to Prairie Grove Battlefield Park, and there reassembled. Modern visitors to the park may now ponder the achievements of pioneering carpenters, white and black, in a young Washington County.  The Latta home, constructed in the early 1830s, was one of the earliest substantial structures built in Washington County. Originally located near modern Evansville, the house was moved to Prairie Grove Battlefield Park, where it has been restored.




                                                                                                      2 JOHN (2) LATTA

John (1) Born about 1760 in Ireland; died January 19, 1819 in Tennessee.  Married Margaret Neely, daughter of Samuel Neely and Sarah Ferguson.  Margaret was born in 1756, and died in 1842.  Neely family records state that John Latta was born in 1756, and died at the age of 65 in 1819.

5  WILLIAM (2)  Born December 5, 1787; died January 14, 1870.
6  SAMUEL (2)  born Jan. 10, 1783, died August 9, 1823.  Probably a bachelor.  Settled on Snow Creek, Maury Co., TN in 1817.  Buried in the Latta Cemetery, Santa Fe, Maury Co., TN.
7  SARAH (2) born Oct. 15, 1790; d. 1885.  Married David Nelson. They had James David and James Newton Nelson.  Buried in the Latta Cemetery, Santa Fe, Maury Co., TN.
8  ALEXANDER (2) born June 29, 1793, died August 9, 1823.  No marriage record.
9  JANE (2) born March 29, 1797, died July 26, 1885.  Married Lemuel Jones.  They had S. W., who married Florence Miller and Mary Lou Ashton.

*1997 Note: John Latta Bible, published Edinburgh in 1789. In possession of W.M. Latta, Nashville, Tenn. Photostats filed with CAR papers of Anabel Lodbotter. Copied by Joan
Hutcheson Lodbetter, Aug. 14, 1962.*  A copy of the record was sent to me by; Ms. Barbara Smith, of Salt Lake City, UT.


Samuel LattaSamuel Latta, Latta Cemetery, Santa Fe, Maury Co., TN.


                                                                                            3 THOMAS (2) LATTA

John (1). Born in north of Ireland November 1, 1763, same year came to America with his father and settled in the Waxhaws, SC, and then moved to York District near Clover, York Co., S.C. Died there November 14, 1807 and is buried at the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Chester County, South Carolina.  He served in the Revolutionary  War, in the Continental Line.  If he joined in the fighting abt. 1780, he would have been abt. 17 years of age.  (see tombstone for Revolutionary War reference). Thomas Latta is listed as an elder in the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church in 1799, along with Samuel Neely, David Neely, Thomas Neely, and David Carr.  (History of the Presbyterian Church of South Carolina, Volume 2) Thomas married Martha Neely, daughter of Samuel Neely and Sarah Ferguson, and a sister to his brother, John Latta's wife. Martha was born November 23, 1765 and died February 18, 1847 in Nashville, Tenn. 

Four children:
10    SAMUEL (3).
11  JOHN STEWARD (3) b. 1790; d. 1861.
12 ELIZABETH (3) m. Mr. McFadden.
13 SARAH (3) Born: February 3, 1803 Died: March 16, 1847. Buried in Springhill Cemetery, Gallatin Pike, Nashville, Tenn. Married: Ebenezer McCance who died June 3, 1851, aged 56 years, 3 months. Children: William N. b. September 9, 1822; d. June 3, 1851. Matthew m. Ann Walker. Dates taken from tombstone.  The "Origins of Southern Radicalism: The South Carolina Upcountry, 1800-1860", page 34 state: In 1815, the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church of Chester District baptized the infant child of Sarah Latta, who was not married, and admitted Sarah into membership following "a profession of her repentance in respect to the crime of fornication...and of her faith in the Devine Redeemer."  Sarah would have been 13 years old at the time.


Thomas LattaThomas LattaFishing Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Chester County, South Carolina.



                                                                                                   5 WILLIAM (3) LATTA

John (2), John (1).  Born December 5, 1787; died January 14, 1870; married Elizabeth Elliott between 1812-1817 before coming to Tennessee.  William's second wife was Rachel Watson Caughron, widow of Samuel Caughron.  William and Rachel had no children, but Rachel and Samuel Caughron had four children.  Rachel received William's War of 1812 pension.

14    JOHN (4) b. abt. 1810.
15   ELIZABETH (4) m. Thomas Owen, George W. Pigg and John Johnson.
16   MARGARET (4) m. Mr. Pigg
17   MARY (4) m. A. Adkinson.
18   SARAH JANE (4) m. Towns Christopher on February 2, 1841 in Maury County, TN. 
                                                                            6 SAMUEL (3) LATTA

John (3) John (1) Born January 10, 1783; died August 29, 1855.  Probably a bachelor.    
Maury Co. Wills, Vol. F, p. 75 - Samuel Latta Will
Proven Sept. Term 1855
Maury Co. TN

I Samuel Latta of the county of Maury and State of Tennessee being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind & memory do write ordain establish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all wills heretofore by me made at any time that is to say
Item first. It is my will and desire that my body be decently buried and that my just debts including my funeral expenses be paid by my Executor as soon after my death as convenient or practicable out of any monies that may be on hand or may come to hand after my decease.
Item 2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved brother William Latta two hundred dollars.

Item 3rd I give and bequeath to my sister Sarah Nelson two hundred dollars.

Item 4th I give and bequeath to my nephew John Latta two hundred dollars.

Item 5th I give and bequeath to my sister Jane Neeley two hundred dollars.

Item 6th I give and bequeath to William Latta, son of John Latta three hundred dollars.

Item 7th I give and bequeath to Samuel, Willis (?) and William James Jones, heirs of Samuel Jones, Dec'd. one hundred dollars each.

8th The foregoing amounts as bequeathed to the several legatees or devisees should be paid as soon after my decease as can conveniently be done with the exception of the three hundred dollars which I will to William Latta, son of John Latta which I will shall still remain in the hands of my Executor until he shall come to the age of twenty-one.

9th If there should still be a remainder after all my effects is sold and expences paid that the remainder if any in the hands of my Executor I give and bequeath to Jane Jones, my niece with all of the crop, corn, oats, wheat & c.

Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my friend Aaron Vestal executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 6th day of July one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five.

Samuel Latta

Aaron Vestal
Abner Brooks
John Watson

                                                                                                     7 JOHN LEANDER (5) LATTA

Samuel (4) Thomas (3) John (2) John (1). Born in Tennessee on Feb. 29, 1825; d. abt. 1903; buried at Corsicana, Texas. Married three times. First wife died soon after marriage. 1) Eunetta Chandler, sister to Thomas Neely Latta's wife. She was born February 29, 1829 in Fannin Co., Texas. 2) Martha Story in Fannin Co., Texas. She died at Angus, Texas. 3) Martha McCade. He served in Co. I, 34th Texas Cavalry. Was also in Doniphon's Army in Mexican War.

Child of John and Eunetta Chandler:
70 JAMES (6) died young.

Children of John and Martha Story:
71 EZRA MONROE (6) b. November 12, 1860. In 1935 lived at Angus, Texas.
72 SAMUEL ELIJAH (6) b. May 9, 1862. In 1935 lived at Angus, Texas.
73 NETTIE BELLE (6) b. July 30, 1864; m. Orb Peacock. Lived at Dallas.

Children of John and Martha McCade:
74 SAMUEL (6).
75 HARRIET (6).

1860 Fannin Co.,TX Census
Latta, J. L., 35, farmer, b. TN
Latta, M. E., 24, female, b TN
Latta, James S., 4, male, b.Ark



                                                                                                        8 JAMES EWING (5) LATTA

Samuel (4) Thomas (3) John (2) John (1). Served in Mexican War. Lived at Bonham, Texas.  Married Ann Frasier, a widow, at Vallient, Okla. 

One child:
76 CHARLES (6).


                                                                                             10 SAMUEL (4) LATTA

Thomas (3), John (2), John (1). Born in York District, S.C. in 1792; d. at Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas in 1867. Was over six feet, large frame shoemaker. Married: May Boyd, in Maury Co., Tenn. she died in 1827.  Samuel would be the "Samuel Latta" referenced as moving to Tennessee ahead of the his brother, John Latta's family.   In 1934 he went to near Evansville, Washington Co., Ark. with his children. He was buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Bonham, Texas. In 1818 went to Crooked Creek, Maury Co., Tenn. In 1861 moved to Fannin County, Texas, where he died in 1867. His son, Thomas, has moved to Texas at the same time.

19    THOMAS NEELY (4) Born at Duck River, Maury Co., Tenn. April 15, 1820. Died. at Dodd City, Texas September 9, 1908.
20    ROBERT BOYD (4) Born in Green Co., Tenn. May 15, 1823; d. September 19, 1893.
21    JOHN LEANDER (4) Born in Tennessee on Feb. 29, 1825; d. abt. 1903; buried at Corsicana, Texas.
22    JAMES EWING (4).
23    EMALINE (4) "Rachel Emaline Latta" b. in Tenn.; d. near Bellefont, Ark.; Married: Samuel Holmes Index as Darrell Holmes
24    MARTHA (4) b. in Tenn; m. Mr. Forgery.
25   MARY L. (4) b. July 1, 1821; d. Nov. 5, 1900; m. Andrew Agnew. Lived near Nonham, Texas. Children: William, John, James, Jane, Nancy,  and Elizabeth.  Buried at Moore's Chapel, Bonham, Fannin Co., TX.
26   SARAH (4).



                                                                    11 JOHN STEWARD (4) LATTA

Thomas (3), John (2), John (1). Born February 23, 1790 in York District, S.C.; d. at Ft. Smith, home of son James, October 2, 1861. His date of death is debated. Some family members stated it was October 3. He was buried at the Academy Cemetery in Washington Co., AK. near Evansville, AK. Married: Jane Starr, January 24, 1815, daughter of John Starr, Revolutionary Veteran. She was born in York District S.C. September 17, 1792; died July 20, 1854. (Academy Cemetery website states that her tombstone says she was born Sept. 17, 1793 and died July 20, 1851) Her brother Robert Starr aided Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy and is mentioned by Davis in his "Memoirs". John was like his brother Samuel in build and looks. Was a terror to evil doers in his early days and was a man of integrity. Lived two years in Tenn.  The Latta records states that "on the long road from South Carolina to Arkansas, traveling in slow wagons over roads that today we would consider impassable, John Latta brought with him to his western wilderness a library of books that exceed that found in many homes today."  This family record also states that "Cane Hill College was organized in 1833  in the living room of the old Latta home at Vineyard, near Evansville, and later established in a two room log schoolhouse on a hill above the present Cane Hill."  Chronicles of Oklahoma, page 288.  About 1828, moved to Cane Hill, Arkansas, with his negro slaves, and built a plantation and industrial plant which he called "The Lord's Vineyard."  Then returned for his family. Blacksmith and farmer.  Reared a large family, set up a blacksmith shop, and furniture manufacturing plant.  Some of his family were skilled blacksmiths, furniture makers, peace officers, ministers of the Gospel, teachers, and farmers.  Served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. In the Book " The Lord's Vineyard" Page 54, Old Chief Starr of the Cherokees, who visited the Latta home claimed to be related to Jane Starr. {1996 note: the Log home built by this John Latta can be seen at: Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, P.O. Box 306 Prairie Grove AR 72753 (501) 846-2990}. When John died, his daughter-in-law, Hattie (wife of James Eudorus Latta), had his body packed in ice, and with the assistance of Andrew Jackson Latta and two other men, she hauled the body by wagon over the Boston Mountains. They completed the 50 mile trip sometime after midnight and buried Latta at 2:00 a.m. The precise date of the burial is uncertain.  

44 BABY SON (4) Died at Birth. Not named, Dec. 3, 1815
45 THOMAS STARR (4) b. in York District, S.C. December 6, 1816; d. April 5, 1842. Emigrated to Arkansas in 1832. Buried in the Academy Cemetery, Evansville, Washington Co., Arkansas.
46 MARGARET ANN "Peggy Ann" (4) b. February 19, 1818 in York District, S.C.; d. January 2, 1883. Married: Eli Kelly, a saddler and Pennsylvania native, on February 19, 1830. Eli Kelly has been employed on the Latta farm. He met Margaret Ann while he was employed by her father to run the cobbler, saddle and harness shop on the Latta farm. Had a large family. Children: Catherine Jane or "Kate" (married Elbert Gross), Lucretia (married Thomas Carter), Mary G. or Mollie, William Robert, John Newton, James Andrew, Francis Eli, and twins, born August 3, 1854, were named Thomas Samuel and Laura Ruth. They were about 8 months old before their parents finally named them. Went to Texas in 1861. The Kelly family lived in Basin Springs, Grayson County, Texas. In 1936 her son, James A., lived at Whitesboro, Texas. They are both buried at the Basin Springs Cemetery, Grayson County, Texas. Their tombstone says that Margaret was born January 15, 1818.
47 SAMUEL NEELY "Sam" or "Saul" (4). b. December 1819
48 JOHN STEWART or STUART (4). b. November, 1821
49 WILLIAM RAMSY "Will" (4). b. May, 1823
50 ROBERT HALL "Bob" (4) b. in S.C. February 20, 1825. Went to Mexican War in 1848. Went to Stockton, Calif. in 1849. Miner and freighter for many years after he went west, and developed a wide reputation for his skill in handling a bull team. In 1886 lived at Silver City, Idaho.
51 JAMES EUDORUS "Jim" (4). b. January 9, 1827 in York District, SC.
52 ANDREW JACKSON "Jack" (4). If his father grew up in the Waxhaws in South Carolina, his family would have been acquainted with President Andrew Jackson's family.   b. May, 1829
53 ELI (ELY) CHAMBERS (4). b. April, 1831
54 MARTHA JANE "Mat" or "Mattie" (4) b. at Vineyard, Ark. August 10, 1833; Died: Aug. 8, 1915 and was buried at Fair Lawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK. Became a seamstress in the Old Cherokee Mission School at Talequah, Indian Territory. While in the Indian Nation, she met and married a teacher, Frederick Pilkington on July 4, 1855. They moved to Grayson County, Texas, in 1856 where he purchased 320 acres of land and taught school. Two children, Bobbie & Mattie Pilkington. Mr. Pilkington and the two children of the marriage died of an "epidemic of flux." Mattie remained in Texas and on August 2, 1860, she married Moses M. Potts. In 1928 she lived at Shawnee, Okla. Children: John Calhoun Potts b. in Tenn. July 28, 1861. Mary Myrant "Mollie" Potts b. April 24, 1866. Jacobson Latta Potts b. in Paris, Tenn. January 20, 1868; m. Miss Wales. Thomas W. Potts b. August 10, 1872; m. Miss L. Davidson. THE ARKANSAS NEWS (1836-1860), Spring 1986 ed. states: "Vineyard Woman Will Try Sewing Job with Indians" - VINEYARD - This just in from our Washington County correspondent reporting on a recent conversation with Mattie Latta of Vineyard, Arkansas. Mattie says she has decided to try living away from home for a year. She has an offer to go to a religious mission in the Indian Nation to serve as a seamstress for $100 per year. Rooms are furnished. There is little way, she says, for a girl to make anything here without particular employment such as teaching school, painting, or drawing. Since she can do none of these, Mattie has decided to sew. After a time, she hopes to have enough money to visit relatives in South Carolina. Mattie is the daughter of John and Hattie Latta.
55 FRANCIS MARION "Frank" (4). b. March, 1836
56 SARAH ELIZABETH "Lizzie" (4) b. at Cane Hill, Ark. January 6, 1839; m. Hon. James
Mitchell January 31, 1860 at the Latta homestead at Vineyard. He was a college professor and journalist. He was born at Cane Hill, Ark. May 8, 1832 and died at Little Rock, Ark. June 26, 1902. Was editor and proprietor of Arkansas Democrat which after his death was carried on by his two sons, William and Horace. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1914 she lived at Little Rock, Ark. She died there December 1, 1920. They are both buried at the Mt. Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas. Children: Belle d. at 2 years of age, Mamie d. at 23 years of age, Frances "Fannie", Alice, Jennie, William S., Horace G., and James.

1850 Washington County Arkansas Census

John Latta w/m 60 yrs Farmer $1,600 SC
Jane Latta w/f 57 yrs SC
William Latta w/m 25 yrs Farmer SC
Robert Latta w/m 24 yrs Farmer SC
James Latta w/m 22 yrs Farmer SC
Andrew Latta w/m 20 yrs Blacksmith SC - S
Eli Latta w/m 18 yrs Farmer TN - S
Francis Latta w/m 14 yrs AR
Jane Latta w/f 16 yrs AR - S
John Leander Latta w/m 24 yrs Farmer TN
Sarah Latta w/f 12 yrs AR - S

THE ARKANSAS NEWS (1836-1860) Spring 1986 ed. "Burial for Latta Requires Long Trip Through Mountains" - VAN BUREN - John Latta, pioneer settler of Vineyard, Arkansas, died here in October, 1861. He had lived with his son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Hattie, and their family, in Van Buren for some months prior to his death. He had been in poor health much of that time. His condition worsened toward the end of September as the weather changed, and in early October he died after much discomfort. As Hattie Latta stood over him toward the end, she noted the time of his passing at 15 minutes before 11 p.m. She stooped to close his eyes and repeated the lines, "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep." John Latta's late wife, Jane Starr Latta, lies buried in the Old Academy Cemetery near Vineyard. Against the advice of friends who were concerned for reasons of safety, Hattie, her husband away from home because of the war, determined to bury Latta next to his wife's grave. Hattie packed the body in ice, left her baby with the mammy, took her brother-in-law and two Negro men and hauled the ice-packed body in a wagon over the Boston Mountains to the cemetery. It is a distance of nearly 50 miles. A Negro man had been sent ahead on horseback to notify Vineyard relatives to prepare the grave and summon the preacher. After a long and lonely trip, the small group from Van Buren reached the grave site some days after departure. It was past midnight when they finally arrived. The mourners placed tallow-dip candles beside the grave and buried Latta at 2 a.m. Latta is survived by 11 children and numerous grandchildren.


                                                                                                     14  JOHN (4) LATTA

William (3) John (2) John (1).  Born about 1810; Neely Family papers say 1790; died _____; married 1) Lucretia Slayden on May 20, 1842.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Slayden and Polly Pistole.  2) Angeline Gant on December 15, 1847. 

Children of John Latta and Lucretia Slayden:
27   WILLIAM WASHINGTON(4) m. Elizabeth Dockery.
28   MARY E. (4) born ______, died _____.  Married a Dockery.
Children of John Latta and Angeline Gant:
29  JAMES A. (4) b. August 2, 1849; died March 2, 1933.
30  THOMAS (4) born Oct. 4, 1848, died March 28, 1928.  Married Martha Johnson.
31  JOHN GANT (4)

                                                                                              19 THOMAS NEELY (5) LATTA

Samuel (4) Thomas (3) John (2) John (1). Born at Duck River, Maury Co., Tenn. April 15, 1820. Died. at Dodd City, Texas September 9, 1908; m. Emily Chandler at Vineyard, Washington
Co., Ark. March 4, 1841. Farmer. Went to Fannin Co., Texas in 1843. There they farmed near Dodd City.  She was born April 6, 1815 and died February 16, 1897.  He and his wife Emily are buried at the Dodd City Cemetery.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" Fannin Co., Tx. 22 Sept 1908:
Thomas Neely Latta, pioneer; died yesterday at Dodd City; services :  Rev. H.L. Walker of Presbyterian church of Dodd City; buried Dodd  City; in Fannin 62 years; Irish parentage; "immigrated 1763"; born  Columbia , Tenn. 14 Apr. 1820; to Fayettville, Ark. 1837; married  Miss Emily Chandler 4 March 1841; she died after 53 years of  marriage; 10 children; to Fannin Co. 1846; to Dodd City 1883, 3 mi.  east of town; in 1840 joined Cumberland Presbyterian church at Cane
Hill, Ark. PHOTO with article.

57 ELIZABETH "Lizzie" LORETTA (6) b. at Washington Co., Ark. December 25, 1841; d. Alvin, Texas August 1904; m. Frank M. Stephens on January 17, 1869. Children: Samuel and Ella. In 1933 both lived at Phoenix, Ariz.
58 MARGARET AUNITH (6) b. at Washington Co., Ark. at Vineyard March 29, 1843; d. at Dodd City, Texas February 14, 1917; m. Mason F. Gray on May 26, 1868. Children: Thomas. William. John. Luther. Robert R. In 1933 lived at Dodd City, Texas.  She is buried in the Dodd City Cemetery.
59 WILLIAM FRANKLIN "Franklin" (6).
60 ROBERT ALFRED "Alfred" (6).
61 DIALTHA EUGENIA (6) b. at Fannin Co., Texas November 23, 1850; d. at Phoenix, Ariz. August 31, 1934; m. Charles F. Rowland June 14, 1874. Children: Edna, Alma, and Ethel. She and her children lived at Phoenix, Ariz.
62 MARY LUCINDA (6) b. at Fannin Co., Texas June 16, 1851; d. August 22, 1924; m. William Erasmus Lovelace August 25, 1875.  She is buried in the Inglish Cemetery, Bonham,TX.
64 MARTHA JANE (6) b. in Fannin Co., Texas August 28, 1854; m. Robert S. Moore December 24, 1874. In 1940 lived at 312 W. 24th Street, Oklahoma City, Okla. One
child: Alva.
65 DELBERT CHANDLER (6) b. February 16, 1856 in TX; d. Sept. 5, 1887; m. Kate C. __________.  She was born Oct. 26, 1858 and died Dec. 22, 1936;  They are buried in the Dodd City Cemetery.
66 JOHN LUTHER (6)  b. 1858 in TX.

1850 Fannin Co., TX Census
Latta, Thomas N., 31, farmer, b. TN
Latta, E., 34, b. IL
Latta, L. E., 8, female, b. Ark
Latta, M.A., 7, female, b. Ark
Latta, M. F., 5, female, b. Ark
Latta, R.A., 3, male, b. Ark
Latta, D.A., 6/12 mos., female, b. TX
1860 Fannin Co., TX Census
Latta, Thomas H., 40, farmer, b. TN
Latta, Emily, 44, b. Ark
Latta, L.E., 18, female, b. Ark
Latta, M.A., 16, female, b. Ark
Latta, Wm. F., 15, male, b. Ark
Latta, R. A., 12, male, b. TX
Latta, D.A., 10, female, b. TX
Latta, M.L., 9, female, b. TX
Latta, Thomas J., 8, male, b. TX
Latta, Martha J., 6, female, b. TX
Latta, Delbert C., 4, male, b. TX
Latta, John L., 2, male, b. TX

                                                                                                   20 ROBERT BOYD (5) LATTA

Samuel (4) Thomas (3) John (2) John (1). Born in Green Co., Tenn. May 15, 1823; d. September 19, 1892; buried in the Edmiston Cemetery, Morrow, Washington Co., Arkansas; m. Elizabeth Jane Simpson. She came from Kentucky and died in 1903. He lived at Crooked Creek, Maury Co., Tenn. He was lame. Boot and shoemaker at Evansville, Ark. where he went in 1837. Went to Cane Hill, Ark. where he worked at his trade for 24 years and died there.

67 HUGH THOMAS (6) b. 1858; d. Feb. 3, 1943. Buried in the Edmiston Cemtery, Cane Hill, Ark.
68 FRANCIS BOYD (6) b. March 29, 1862; d. March 16, 1943.  Buried in the Edmiston Cemtery,Cane Hill, Ark.
69 MARY JANE (6) b. near Cane Hill, Ark. September 27, 1854; m. Robert Young Shearer.  Born in Caldwell, North Carolina, USA on 1 Feb 1862, son of Robert F. Shearer and Kathryn Pressnell.  He passed away on July 22, 1933 in Lincoln, Washington Co., Arkansas, USA.  He is buried in the Edmiston Cemetery, Cane Hill, Ark.

                                                                                     27 WILLIAM WASHINGTON (5) LATTA

 John (4) William (3) John (2) John (1) Born July 8, 1844, died December 11, 1918.  Married: Elizabeth A. Dockery, daughter of James Marion and Martha Elizabeth (Puckett) Dockery.
They were married on October 24, 1857 in Maury County, Tennessee.  His father moved to Maury County, Tennessee and is seen in the 1850 census when William Washington Latta was 7 years old.
32   OPHELIA ALICE (6) b. 1870.
33   ORALONA "Okey" or "Okay" (6) b. 1874.
34    WILLIAM JAMES (6) Born June, 1878 in Duck River.  He married Pauline Irwin, daughter of Rowan and Lou (Fields) Irwin.
Page 3Page 2Page 1

                                                                                                     29  JAMES A. (5) LATTA
John (4) William (3) John (2) John(1).     b. August 2, 1849; died March 2, 1933.  Married Elizabeth S. __________________.  Lived in Maury Co., Tennessee.
35   MINNIE R. (6)  b. Sept. 1878 in Tennessee.



                                                                                  30 THOMAS (5) LATTA

John (4) William (3) John (2) John(1) Born October 4, 1948, died March 28, 1928.  Married 1) Martha Johnson, and 2) Hattie E. Sellers.
Children of Thomas and Martha Johnson:
36     SARAH "Sallie Jane"(5) Born Nov. 16, 1870, Married Sam Vestal. They had Bernard Vestal who was killed at the Battle of Argonne Forest in France.
37     LENA MAY (5) Born Jan. 1, 1876.  Married Emory Vestal and they had Esther Eugenia and Johnny Mae (Pigg).
38    JOHN WILLIAM (5) Born July 23, 1872.
Thomas had no children with Hattie E. Sellers.



                                                                                 38 JOHN WILLIAM (6) LATTA

 Thomas (5) John (4) William (3) John (2) John(1).  Born July 23, 1872.  Died March 25, 1950 in Parsons, Decatur Co., Tennessee.  Married Mattie Anne Woody on January 1, 1901 at Santa Fe, TN in 1900.    
39    VERDIE MAY (7).
40    HERBERT (7)
41    ROBBIE ELISE (7) Born Aug. 25, 1903.  Died Dec. 20, 2000.  Never married.
42    WILLIAM MALCOLM (7)  Born July 16, 1908. Died Dec. 4, 1985.  Married Nelle Rebecca Rhodes on Dec. 25, 1939 in Decaturville, TN.      
43    EULINE ELIZABETH (7) Born Dec. 2, 1919.  Married John A. Payne March 3, 1962.  No children.


                                                                                                 47 SAMUEL NEELY (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born December 20, 1819; m. Tennessee Gray November 26, 1844. Carpenter. Went to California in 1850. The 1867-73 Voters Registration for California lists him at Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, in 1867, age 47, stating that he was a carpenter and that he originated from South Carolina.  He was also listed in the 1873 Voters Registration.  He had placer mined when he first arrived in California. When he went to California, he left his wife, Tennessee Gray Latta, and their two children in Arkansas. While he apparently planned to return for his family, he never did and the family was never reunited. Lived at Maysfield, Nevada City, and Grass Valley. 

Members of the Washington County Company who mustered at Grand Saline ( Salina ), Cherokee Nation, in April 1849. Six names have been added from the Crawford Diary and letters to the lists already compiled by the Cherokee Advocate of May 7, 1849 and Scott Foreman's fine book, "Marcy and the Gold Seekers", Univ. of Okla. Press, Other sources are the Oakly list and the Goodspeed list from Goodspeed's history of Arkansas. This is the only complete list that has been compiled. Samuel Latta,Washington Co.

77 LUCETTA CAROLINE "Settie" (5) b. at Evansville, Ark. in 1845; m. Robert McCarty.
78 IANTHA ANNA "Sam" or "Sammy" (5) b. at Evansville, Ark. in 1848; m. Samuel Black.


                                                                                      48 JOHN STEWART or STUART (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born : November 4, 1821 at: York District, S.C.  Died: October 17, 1898 near Prairie Grove, Ark. Buried in Cane Hill (Arkansas) Cemetery.
His middle name honored some Starr ancestor. Married: Mary Jane Shannon November 2, 1848. Went with his parents from S.C. to near Evansville, Ark. when 14 years of age. Blacksmith and U.S. Deputy Marshall in the "Cherokee Nation" Known as "Indian Territory".

79 FRANCES STEWART (5) b. at Evansville, Ark. November 29, 1840; m.
George L. Washington. Children: Maud Lillian b. January 1, 1869;; m. P.V. Craig. Anna Pearl b. July 23, 1869; d. 18 years. John Dreas b. March 10, 1872; m. Lorena Cravens. Ruby May b. October 22, 1873.
81 JOHN ANNA (5) She was Born: November 11, 1852 at Evansville, Ark.  Married: Thomas Price, near Modseto, Calif.  (He was the brother to Lucy Leanna Price, the first wife of Eli Chambers Latta) Four girls all born there. 1) Florence Evans Price Married: Jack Giovanetti.  2) Ruby Price Married: Frank Bell. 3) Mary Price Married: Floyed Wisecarver.
4) Francis Price Married: Lawrence Whitmore.
82 MARGARET (5) b. December 10, 1855; Married: Edward Meek Allison;  She Died: March 24, 1925. Lived near Prairie Grove, Ark. Children:  1) Martha Allison Married: W.E. Carter. Lived at Little Rock, Ark. 2) Samuel Allison.
83 ELLA MAY (5) b. December 22, 1858; m. Acquilla Garrett. Lived near Prairie Grove, Ark. Eleven children. One was John.


                                                                                                              49 WILLIAM RAMSEY (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in York District, S.C. May 26, 1823; d. July 23, 1906. Married twice. First to Ann Jones November 20, 1851. She was the daughter of Rev. Evan Jones, a Baptist missionary to Cherokee Indians and had traveled west with them, conducting one of their detachments in the 1838 removal. Ann died and was buried at Tallequa, Cherokee Nation, Okla. He was ordained to the Cumberland Presbyterian ministry. After his return to Leavenworth, he married Mary Jane Robinson of Wyandotte, Kansas, on November 11, 1869, at Wyandotte, Kan. In 1927 she lived at Maywood, Kan. She was born in Virginia and died from a fall in 1931. They had three children. He was a minister at Maywood and both taught in Indian Mission, Muskogee, Okla. When young he went with his parents from S.C. to Ark. In 1861 went to Kan. He wrote a history of the Latta family but it was burned by Mrs. James E. Latta, his brother's wife. She did not know its value.
Children by second wife:
86 WILLIAM HARTLEY (5) b. January 24, 1877 at Tullahasse Mission, Okla.; m. Bertha M. Reitz, sister to his brother's wife, in 1908. She was born at Kansas City, Kan. In 1918 no children.


                                                                                                     50  ROBERT HALL (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1)  b. 1825; d. 1898.  Single.



1880 Census, Silver City, Owyhee Co., California
Robert H. Latta, 55, teamster, b. SC, boarder (hotel list)



Robert H Idaho Statesman Newspaper, June 18, 1898.



                                                                                                   51 JAMES EUDORUS (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1). { Seen as: James Eudoris Latta} Born in York District, S.C. January 9, 1827or 1829; d. and was buried at Claremont, Okla. December 6, 1895.
Married: Harriette Ann Sheldon "Hattie" { Seen as: Harriet Ann Shelden} of Utica, N.Y. June 15, 1858. She was a missionary sent to the Cherokee Indians by the old Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Utica, N.Y. and he was a teacher in the Indian School at Tahleequah, Indian Territory. In 1903 lived at Greenwood, Okla. Served in the Confederate Army in Civil War. Was at the battle of Ft. Gibson. After the Civil War, James was overseer of the George Murrell estate  at Park Hill and lived in the "Hunters Home" while his wife taught private prescription schools for the white children.  Children all but Thomas lived at Fargo, Okla. { Taken from the Book " The Lord's Vineyard" Page 28. By Frank Forrest Latta, In a letter to Eli Chambers Latta written April 25, 1909, Sarah Elizabeth Latta referred to Aunt Hattie and the children as " The Tribe", Mentioning many children and grandchildren. Eli Chambers often referred to them as " Jim's Indians". On page 54 " Old Chief Starr of the Starr band of Cherokees used to visit at the old Latta home at Vineyard and claimed to be related to Grandmother Latta. He had known her in S.C.} By 1860, James and Hattie had returned to Vineyard where they lived in the John Latta home. Manuscript returns of the Eighth U.S. Census, 1860, Schedule 1, Free Inhabitants, Washington County, Arkansas, on microfilm at the National Archives, Washington, D.C., and the Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, M-653, roll 52.
88 WILLIAM FOWLER (5) b. 1861; d. at Ft. Smith, Ark., aged 18 months.
91 AMANDA MOOR (5) b. at Park Hill, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) July 12, 1870; m. Lee Jackson Hanley at Ft. Gibson, Ark. April 29, 1891. In 1940 lived at Fargo, Okla.
Children: Sheldon Hodge b. December 8, 1892; m. Carrie Reininger. James Arthur b. January 21, 1899; m. Mae Bacon. Harold Edward b. June 23, 1904; d. October 22, 1932.
92 THOMAS ALBERT (5) b. September 7, 1872 at Park Hill, Indian Territory (Oklahoma); d. March, 1931; m. Iva Kirkpatrick, September 26, 1900. She was born August 21, 1876 and died January 28, 1915.

1850 Census, Cane Hill, Ark
Latta, James, 20, Farmer, b. TN

                                                                                      52 ANDREW JACKSON (4) LATTA

John S (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: May 7, 1829. At: York District, S.C. Died: Jan. 15, 1905 At: London, Ark. Buried: Price Cemetery Near London. Jack returned to the Vineyard area about 1860 because of an 1859 accident in which he was nearly blinded in an explosion in the mines. He regained partial eyesight after about twenty years. During his years of blindness, he lived with various family members. Married: Sarah Ann (May) Weaver, a widow, Nov. 27, 1878 near London, Pope Co., Ark. She was Born: Jan. 13, 1845 At: Clarksville, Johnson Co., Ark. She was the daughter of John & Caroline May.
93 LAURA STARR (5) b. September 19, 1879; d. August 22, 1899 near London, Ark.
94 ALICE MAXIE (5) (also seen as Alice Mazie) b. February 11, 1883 near London, Ark.; m. Frank Smith.

                                                                                       53 ELI CHAMBERS (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born on Crooked Creek in Maury Co., Tenn. in a scoop-bed lynch pin wagon on a trip from S.C. April 8, 1831. Died May 30, 1909. Married twice. First to Lucy Leanna Price at Hicksville, Calif. February 1, 1872. They lived in Sonoma Co., then Saliville and at Orestimba, near Newman, Calif. She died at Salida, Calif. December 1,1878. She was the daughter of Arjelon Price and Lucy Ann Edwards. Second wife: Harminia Campbell at Newman, Calif. in 1883. She was born in Keokuk Co., Iowa, February 9, 1852; d. November 7, 1922 at home of her son, Frank, at Gustine, Calif. She was the daughter of Louis and Jane (Sturgeon) Campbell. She taught school in Iowa, then went to Calif. in 1873 and taught school in Clay District Grammar School for 10 years. In 1834 Eli went with his parents to near Fayetteville, Ark. In 1850 went with his brother Andrew to Calif. over the Santa Fe trail. They rode the range near Santa Barbara for an old Spanish grandee, then went to the mines in northern Calif. Afterwards separated. He worked for more than 16 years in mines of Calif., Nev., Utah, Mont., Wash. and Ore. He organized many Cumberland Presbyterian Churches all over Calif.

"A description of a California meeting held by the Rev. E. C. Latta, another faithful Cumberland Presbyterian pioneer on the Pacific coast, will give the reader an idea of the difficulties under which the first preachers in that country sometimes labored. Latta was earning his bread by hunting. A hotel at which he boarded bought his venison. He got permission from Jim, the hotel keeper, to have preaching at the bar-room. When Sabbath came the only two women in all the country came to the meeting. Gamblers, too, were there, busy at their cards. Latta interrupted their games, saying, "Boys, it's my put in now. Jim says I may preach in this room. Just mark your place and wait till I preach." And then, without preliminaries, he began his sermon. When the sermon was over the gamblers returned to their cards."

Children by first wife:
95 LINNA MAY (5) b. Sonoma Co., Calif. May 9, 1873; d. at Stockton, Calif. February 6, 1899; m. John Orr. No children.
96 SARAH CATHERINE (5) b. at Salida, Calif. June 7, 1874; m. Lloyd D. Worthington. Children: Bertha m. Floyd Preston. Frank Clair in 1925 lived at Gustine, Calif.
97 RICHARD BEARD (5) b. at Salida, Calif. February 5, 1876; killed at Orestimba School by playmate who tripped him in a jumping contest March 29, 1892. Buried at Newman, Calif.
98 WILLIAM FRANKLIN (5) b. at Salida, Calif. March 15, 1878. Killed by kick of a mule. Died February 6, 1906 at Modesto, Calif.

Children by second wife:
99 MARY JOYCE (5) b. at Orestimba, Calif. July 29, 1884; m. A.B. Holtham at Modesto, Calif. Children: Alberta. Francis. Brown. William and ____.
100 JOHN CAMPBELL (5) b. at Orestimba, Calif. October 8, 1885; d. at Gustine, Calif. February 21, 1934; m. Edythe V. Menzel in 1928, daughter of Edward Menzel of Romera Dist. Stanislaus Co., Calif. At the age of 16 years (his father being incapacitated) he acted as head of the family and bought 8 mules for a teaming business. In 1923 he owned 5,000 acres of land. He was square and honest to an extreme. He reared his two younger brothers. In 1922 he went to Gustine, Calif. and in 1925 employed by the county. No children.

                                                                                         55 FRANCIS MARION (4) LATTA

John Steward (3) Thomas 92) John (1). Born at Vineyard, Ark. March 10, 1836; m. Elizabeth "Bette" Willis July 3, 1862. Was a Presbyterian minister. Lived at Clarksville, Ark. and died at Russellville, Ark. where he was buried. Children:

103 MARGARET "Maggie" (5) b. abt. 1862. d. in 1870, aged 8 years from an accident. He mother had gone up the river 30 miles to visit her sisters and had left Maggie with her grandmother. It was November 1870, and her father was on his circuit pastor duties. Maggie caught her head in the band-wheel of the cotton gin and was killed instantly. Her face was crushed. This happened one year after the death of her brother Seth.

104 SETH (5) b. abt. 1865. d. abt. 1869 from an accident at the age of 4. He fell from the footboard of a bed, received a severe blow to the head and lived only a few hours.

105 GUY WILLIS "Guy" (5) b. abt. 1868. Electric engineer. Died and buried at Mexico City, Mexico.

                                                                              59 WILLIAM FRANKLIN (5) LATTA

Thomas Neely (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in Washington Co., Ark. on October 12, 1844; d. at Buffalo Gap., Texas in 1891; m.  Flora Alice Grogan July 10, 1873.  In 1933 she was living at Ovalo, Taylor Co., Texas.  Buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.  

106   WALTER (6) b.  July 1885; d. 1976; buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.
107   DELBERT (6).
108   LORA (6).
109   ISA EDNA (6) b. 1876 in Cook Co., TX
110   OMER (6) b. March 1878 in Cook Co., TX; d. 1976; buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.
111  JOSIE MAY (6) b. Apr. 1883; d. 1945; never married; buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.
112  DEBBIE L. (6) b. Oct. 1887; d. 1985; never married; buried in the Buffalo Gap  Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.
113  FRANKIE L. (6) b. July 1890
114  ELIZABETH ALICE (6) b. 1891; d. 1968; never married; buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.
1900 Census, Taylor Co., TX
Latta, Flora, July 1851, 48, VA, NC, VA
Latta, Omer, Mar 1878, 22, TX, AR, VA
Latta, Nahia?, Sept. 1880, 19, TX, AR, VA
Latta, Josie M., Apr. 1883, 17, TX, AR, VA
Latta, Walter, July 1885, 14, TX, AR, VA
Latta, Debbie L., Oct. 1887, 12, TX, AR, VA
Latta, Frankie L., July 1890, 9, TX, AR, VA

                                                                                        60 ROBERT ALFRED "Alf"  (5) LATTA

Thomas Neely (4) Samuel 93) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in Fannin Co., Texas February 28, 1847; d. at Dodd City, Texas September 1, 1932. Buried at the Dodd City Cemetery, Fannin Co., TX; m. Mariah Sadler October 26, 1871.  She was born Dec. 6, 1846 and died Aug. 10, 1886.  She is buried at the Smyrna Cemetery, aka Lannius Cemetery, Fannin Co., TX. (There are many  Sadler's buried in this cemetery also, and is located 5 miles east of Bonham, TX)

115 HEZAKIAH (6) lived at El Paso, Texas.
116 MONT (6).
117 WORTH (6) b. Aug. 2, 1878 in Fannin, TX; d. July 15, 1936 in Dodd City, Fannin,TX.  Married Nettie F. Kinkade Bridges, daughter of John Lawson Kinkade and Sarah Eveline Grubb Kinkade.  She was born Sept. 3, 1891 in Fannin, TX and died June5, 1983 in Dodd City, Fannin Co., TX.  They are buried in the Dodd City Cemetery.  She had three children by her first husband, James Bridges.  She and Worth had no children.
118 JOHN (6).
119 DEMA (6).
120 ALFIE (6).

121 BENTON F. (6) b. Oct. 21, 1872; d. Nov. 13, 1942 (found dead at his home; possible dead for 48 hours before found); single, carpenter, self-employed.  Death certificate signed by Jack Latta of Dallas, TX.  Buried in Dodd City Cemetery.

122 JACK (6) b. August 2, 1880 at Bonham, TX; d. August 23, 1956 at Dallas, TX; never married.  Lived at 720 Delaware St., Irving, TX. Carpenter. Served in the Spanish American War.  Buried at the Dodd City Cemetery.

Fannin County, Texas - Military: Confederate Pension Applications
On file at the Texas State Library and Archives at Austin, Travis Co., TX
September 27, 2002 - -Latta, R. A. - 40745 Fannin

                                                                                                   63 THOMAS JEFFERSON (5) LATTA

Thomas Neely (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in Fannin Co., Texas December 31, 1852; d. July 25, 1890; m. Belle Smith December 24, 1879.

123 COWAN (6) in 1933 lived at Uvalde, Texas.
124 Female (6) m. Bert Hall of Bowie, Texas.
125 Female (6) m. Roy Sadler of Corpus Christe, Texas.
126 Female (6) m. Howard Meacham of Dermit, Texas.

                                                                                                65 DELBERT CHANDLER (5) LATTA

Thomas Neely (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in Fannin Co., Texas February 16, 1856; d. September 5, 1887; m. Catherine Scott May 16, 1880. In 1933 his children were living at Dodd City, Texas.
127 MATTIE E. (6) b. June 27, 1881; d. June 26, 1936.  Buried at the Dodd City Cemetery.  Never married.
128 LULA (6) b. March 12, 1883; d. February 15, 1958.  Buried at the Dodd City Cemetery (shared marker with brother Wade).  Never married.
129 WADE (6) b. Jan. 22, 1887; d. Apr. 21, 1946.  Buried at the Dodd City Cemetery (shared marker with sister Lula).  Never married.

                                                                                                   66 JOHN LUTHER (5) LATTA

Thomas Neely (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born at Dodd City, Texas November 16, 1858; m. Maria Forgey November 20, 1889. Presbyterian Minister. In 1940 living at Wylie, Texas.

Children born in Texas.
131 EMILY (6) b. September 9, 1904. Lives in Wylie, Texas 1940.
132 LUCILE (6) b. July 20, 1895; d. December 20, 1895.  Buried in the Dodd City Cemetery.
133 HELEN (6) b. June 10, 1897; m. P.P. Gray.
134 JOHN MURRAY (6) b. June 23, 1900; m. Florence Carnahan.


                                                                                                  67 HUGH THOMAS (6) LATTA

Robert B. (5) Samuel (4) Thomas (3) John (2) John (1). Born at Cane Hill, Ark. April 27, 1857; d. February 3, 1943; m. Mary Dorcis (Dolly) Reed, daughter of Samuel Reed and Elizabeth Holt Reed in 1933. She was born February 12, 1871 and died December 30, 1945.  They are both buried in the Edmiston Cemtery, Cane Hill, Arkansas.

135 EVA ELIZABETH (6) b. June 25, 1890; d. 1944; m. J.S. Brown. Lived at Picher, Okla.
136 CHARLES THOMAS (6) b. February 10, 1893 in Morrow, Washington Co., Ark; d. May 9, 1978 in Prairie Grove, Ark; m. Durgo Hatchett. Lived at Lincoln, Ark.
136 VERONA PEARL (6) b. March 27, 1895; d. June 19, 1978 at Tahlequash, Okhaloma; m. Robert Wesley Freeman. Lived at Wagoner, Ok.
138 LELAND EARL (6) b. October 28, 1897 at Morrow, Washington Co., Ark; d. Apr. 17,1979 at Fayetteville, Washington Co, Ark; m. Lucy Bell Reed, daughter of Ambrose Reed and Kizzie Rather Reed. She was born November 3, 1898, and died March 5, 1951.  They are both buried at the Edmiston Cemtery, Cane Hill, Ark.
139 ELMER EUGENE (6) b. March 10, 1899; m. Euna Choate. She was born July 6, 1906 and died March 22, 1990 in Farmington, Washington Co., Ark. Elmer lived at Cane Hill, Ark.
140 RAY (6) b. 1902; d. January 31, 1903.
141 IDA MARIE (6) b. November 30, 1903 in Clyde, Washington Co., Ark; d. August 29, 1979 in Fayetteville, Ark; m. Orville Troy Reed, brother of Lucy Bell Reed, son of Ambrose Reed and Kizzie Rather Reed. He was born May 14, 1903 at Cane Hill, Ark, and died Oct. 26, 1986 at Siloam Springs, Benton Co., Ark.  They are buried in the Bethesda Cemetery, Morrow, Washington Co., Ark.
142 SAMUEL BOYD (6) b. April 21, 1903 at Cane Hill, Ark; d. Jan. 31, 1979 at Tulsa, OK; m. Essie Tredwell. She was born Dec. 7, 1914 and died July 6, 1994 in Tulsa, OK. Samuel lived as Wagoner, Okla.
143 LILLIAN REED (6) b. October 5, 1914 in Morrow, Arkansas; d. Feb. 23, 2002 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. m. Clyde Loftin. Buried at the Bethesda Cemetery, near Morrow, Washington County, Arkansas.

                                                                                                      68 FRANCIS BOYD (5) LATTA

Robert B. (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: March 29, 1862. Died: March 16, 1943; buried in the Edmiston Cemetery, Morrow, Washington Co., Arkansas; Married: 4 times 1) Amanda M. Reed, (she is buried in the Edmiston Cemetery) 2) Jane Reed, 3) Mrs. Blakemore, 4) Minnie Cobb.
The children below could be that of any one of the above 4:
144 JAMES (6)
145 ALICE (6) Married: Albert Cox.
146 JULIA (6) Married: Mr. Green
147 MAUD (6)
148 MINNIE (6) Married: Roel Pennell
149 FRANK (6) b. 1853 in AR; m. Sofronia Alberty. Children: John b. 1876, Levi b. 1877, Minnie b. 1878 and Sam, b. 1879.


                                                                                                  80 THOMAS FRANKLIN "Frank" (5) LATTA

John S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born at Evansville, Ark. on December 21, 1850; d. Aug. 8, 1916; buried in the Park Hill Cemetery,  Park Hill, Cherokee County, Oklahoma; m. Sophronia Alberty. She was born November 1, 1853 and died on June 14, 1911.  Thomas was a Constable. In 1903 lived at Tahlequah, Okla.  The 1910 census listed him as divorce.  His children, Charley and Dona were living with him.

150 JOHN T. (7) b. 1875 in Arkansas
151 LEE MITCHELL (7) b. 1876 in Arkansas; d. at Tahlequah, Oklahoma in December 1935.
152 MINNIE E. (7) b. 1878 in Arkansas
153  SARAH B. (7) b. 1883 in Arkansas.
154 AUDA (7) b. 1886 in Arkansas.
155 SOPHIA L. (7) b. Sept. 14, 1890 in Arkansas; d. Nov. 16, 1953 in Boise, Idaho; m. Mr. Bateman.
156 CHARLEY (7) b. 1894 in Arkansas.
157 DONNA (7) b. 1896 in Arkansas; married Mr. Harris.  Lived at San Angelo, TX.
158 CARL C. (7) b. ___________; d. Oct. 25, 1934; buried beside his parents at Park Hill Cemetery.
159  MALE   (7)

Thomas F. LattaSgt Carl C. Latta



                                                                                              84 ROBERT BOYD (5) LATTA

William R. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born May 27, 1872 at White Church, Wyandotte Co., Kansas. Married Myrtle Addie Allen at Maywood, June 11, 1902. She was the daughter of Milton L. Allen & Amanda Walker.

160 HOWARD ALLEN (6) Born: June 24, 1903. At: Kansas City, Kansas.  Married: Esther Gaddis
161 LESTER VERNON (6) Born: Dec. 25, 1911. At: Lenexa, Kansas. Married: Viola Marie Hink. They married on December 17, 1939, in Wichita, Kansas.

162 DORIS MARGUERITE (6) Born: Oct. 10, 1904. At Kansas City, Kansas.  Married: John B. Jacobs.


    Victoria HUGGINS was born on Aug 24 1853 in Tennessee. She died on Oct 14 1931 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas and was buried in Oct 1931 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas.  Victoria married John Walker LATTA.

                                                                                           85 ROSS FERRELL (5) LATTA

William R. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born at Maywood, Wyandotte Co., Kan. August 5, 1878; Died: Dec. 19, 1919. At: Mount Harris, Colorado. Buried: Manitou, Colorado. m. Leonora L. Reitz, sister to brother William's wife, June 22, 1909 at Kansas City, Kan. where she was born July 29, 1884. After the death of Ross she remarried in January 1940. In 1918 he was bookkeeper in Water Department at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

163 HERBERT SHIELDS (6) b. at Colorado Springs May 21, 1914.
164 BRUCE FERRELL (6) b. at Colorado Springs January 8, 1916

                                                                                             87 JOHN SHELDON (5) LATTA

James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (2) John (1) Born at Park Hill, Ind Ter. (Okla.) Aug. 3, 1858. Married: Susan Edwina Rogers, Near Whitesboro, Texas.

165 THOMAS EUDORUS (6) Married: May Calhoun
166 HELEN MAY (6)
167 JOHN ERNEST (6) Married: Bessie Prior.
168 ROY (6) Married: Walter Calhoun
169 HAZEL (6) Married: Ollie Phillips.
170 JEWEL (6)

                                                                                           89 JAMES GARDNER (5) LATTA

James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Aug. 29, 1863 at Ft. Smith, Arkansas while his father was in the Confederate Army, and the family was a refugee there.
Married: Gertrude Venger (or: Benger) Daughter of Arthur Noel Venger.

171 NOEL (6) Married: Ella Bostwick.
172 GUY (6)
173 KENNETH (6)
174 PAULINE (6) Married: Jess Baughman. Had 4 children: Carole (married Ronald Johnson); Pat who lives in Oklahoma; Dorothy who lives in Oklahoma City, and Mac, who is a minister in Delaware.
175 TRUMAN (6) Married: Catherine Atkinson.
176 GERTRUDE (6) Married: Dale Pratt.
177 DONALD (6)

                                                                                          90 DWIGHT HITCHCOCK (5) LATTA

James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Sept. 27, 1867. Died: Feb. 5, 1915. Married: Mabel Clare Harvey, Feb 13, 1878.


178 SHELDON HARVEY (6) Born: Jan. 1, 1904.( I think the birth date might be in the 1890's) Married: Marion Isabelle Scranton, Nov. 19, 1911. In 1940 living in Lander, Wyo.
179 JAMES EUDORUS (6) Born: Dec. 29, 1904 ( I think the birth date might be in the 1890's) Married: Olive ______. In 1940 they lived in OK.

                                                                                       92 THOMAS ALBERT (5) LATTA

James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: at Park Hill Indian Mission, Near Tahlequah, OK. Sept. 7, 1872. Died at Tulsa, OK. April 11, 1931. Married: Iva Kirkpatrick, at Claremont, OK. Sept. 26, 1900. She was born in Illinois on Aug. 21, 1875. She died on Jan. 11, 1939 and is buried in Bartlesville, OK. He was a Presbyterian and Republican. Author of "Life's Highway" and published a magazine known as " Latta's Fortnightly Review" Owned several newspapers in OK. And editor of other papers. At the time of his death was editor of Tulsa OK. World. Enlisted in the Spanish American War as member of Co Cd, 1st Territorial Vols. Discharged at Sergeant.

182 EDWARD KIRKPATRICK (6) Born: 1901, Sapulta, Ind. Ter. (OK); d. abt. 1947;
Married: Augusta McDonald, who was Born at Shreveport, LA.
183 IVA (6) b. abt. 1902in Tulsa, OK. Married: Leonard A. Hough. Two children: Leonard A., Jr., and Sharganie.
184 HARRIET (6) b. 1903, Bartlesville, OK; m. Charles U. Cole.
185 ALBERT LLOYD (6) b. 1905, Tulsa, OK; d. abt. 1961; m. Jackie Irene Lay.
186 THOMAS JOHNSTONE (6) b. in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on July 11, 1908, and married his wife Lydia E. _______ on Aug. 26, 1935. He moved to Sapulpa from Bartlesville and lived here most of his life. He was an avid golfer. Thomas Johnstone Latta, age 83, died in Tulsa, OK, on Oct. 26, 1991 at the Skyline Nursing Home. Buried at South Hills Cemetery. Lydia was born February 6, 1908 in Sapulpa, OK, and died June 30, 1994. Son: Thomas, Jr., lived in San Francisco, California in 1991.
187 MARGARET (6)
188 CHESTER ASHBY (6) Born: 1912
189 ALMA (6) Born: 1914, Bartlesville, OK.
190 AMANDA (6) Born: 1916.
191 DWIGHT MORRIS (6) Born:1917, Tulsa, OK.

                                                                                      101 FRANK FORREST (5) LATTA

Eli C (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Sept. 18, 1892. At: Orestimba, CA. Died:____. Married: Mathilda Heannette Allen, Sept., 1917. She was the daughter of
John Thomas Allen & Clara Belle. * Also see the Book " The Lord's Vineyard" By The above Frank F Latta.*

192 MONNA STARR (6) Born: Jan. 18, 1921. At: Gustine, CA.
193 NEDRA MARIE (6) Born: Aug. 15, 1923. At: Gustine, CA.
194 DON ALLEN (6) Born: Jan. 18, 1926. At: Tulare, CA.
195 DONNA JEAN (6) Born: March 23, 1928. At: Tulare, CA.

                                                                                    102 THOMAS STARR (5) LATTA

Eli C (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: July 31, 1896. At: Orestimba, CA. Died: Married: Elma Letitia Allen, sister of the wife of his brother Frank.

196 VERNE CLAIRE (6) Born: March 27, 1920 At: Gustine, CA.  Married: Hery Jensen, Nov. 26, 1939.
197 JOHN THOMAS (6) Born: June 23, 1923. At: Gustine, CA.


                                                                                      130 THOMAS FORGEY (6) LATTA

John L (5) Thomas (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Sept. 11, 1892, Gainsville, Texas. Married: Clara Edwards Miller, May 1, 1913 at Ben Franklin, Texas. Because of his job he moved many times in Texas, Ohio and GA.

All the Children were born at Ben Franklin, Texas.
198 JOHN MAX (7) Born: Feb. 27, 1914.
199 DON MILLER (7) Born: March 30, 1915.
2008 CLARA BELL (7) Born: Oct. 2, 1916.




                                                                                   138 LELAND EARL (6) LATTA

Hugh Thomas (5) Robert B. (4) Samuel 93) Thomas (2) John (1). Born October 28, 1897 at Morrow, Washington County, Arkansas. Died April 17, 1979 at Fayetteville, Washington Co., Ark; m. Lucy Bell Reed, daughter of Ambrose Reed. Lived at Cane Hill, Ark.  They are buried in the Edmiston Cemetery, Morrow, Washington Co., Arkansas.

211 WILLIS DOYLE (7) b. May 9, 1926 at Dutch Mills, Washington Co., Ark; d. December 21, 2003 at Prairie Grove, Arkansas.  Buried in the Prairie Grove Cemetery; m. Billie Jeanine __________.  One child now deceased, Terry Scott Latta.  She was born 1959; d. 2010.
212 ERNEST (7) b.
213 HOMAR LLOYD (7) b.
214 DELMAR (7) b.
215 DAVID (7) b.
216 MAXINE (7) b. _________ m. _______ Phillips
217 LILA (7) b.
218 WILMA (7) b.
219 ERMA (7) b.
Morning News Tues Dec 23, 2003

PRAIRIE GROVE -- Willis Doyle Latta, 77, of Prairie Grove died Dec. 21, 2003, at Medi-Homes Nursing Home in Prairie Grove. He was born May 9, 1926, in Dutch Mills to Leland and Lucy Reed Latta. He was a member of the First Assembly of God in Lincoln and was a Navy veteran of World War II. He was a truck driver for 33 years in Sacramento, Calif., retiring in 1986, and moving to Prairie Grove. He was preceded in death by one granddaughter, Lisa Jenine.

Survivors include his wife, Billie Latta of the home; two sons, Ricky Latta and wife Beth of Lodi, Calif., and Scott Latta of Prairie Grove; one daughter, Elaine Ballenger and husband Tom of Farmington; four brothers, Ernest Latta of Kansas City, Mo., Lloyd Latta of Tulsa, Okla., Delmar Latta of California and David Latta of Morrow; four sisters, Maxine Phillips of California, Lila Crutchfield and Wilma Copley, both of Tulsa, Okla., and Erma Nunamaker of Kansas; eight grandchildren; four great-grandchildren.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at the First Assembly of God in Lincoln with Jerry Mizell and H.M. Shipp officiating.

Burial will be in Prairie Grove Cemetery.

Pallbearers will be John Heithaus, Ryan Langley, Marion Waldrop, John Latta, Brandon Latta and Tyson Latta.

The family will receive friends from 6 to 7 p.m. today at Luginbuel Funeral Home in Prairie Grove.

Memorials may be made to the First Assembly of God, P.O. Box 476, Lincoln, 72744



                                                                                                        144 JAMES (6) LATTA

Francis B (5) Robert B (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Jan. 16, 1890.  Married: Della Kidd.

201 VERA AGNES (7) Married: Ray Kidd.
202 JAMES VERNON (7) Married: Rowena Reed.
203 FRANKLIN HUGH (7) Born: Feb. 21, 1925.



                                                                                                       149 FRANK (6) LATTA

Francis Boyd (5) Robert B. (4) Samuel (3) Thomas (2) John (1) born abt. 1853 in Arkansas; m. Sofronia Alberty. (This Frank may be "Thomas Franklin Latta #80 since their wives have the same name. Francis Boyd may not have had a Frank, or the wife's name may have been wrong)

220 JOHN (7) b. 1876
221 LEVI (7) b. 1877
222 MINNIE (7) b. 1878
223 SAMUEL (7) b. 1879



                                                                                                           151    LEE MITCHELL (6) LATTA

Thomas Franklin (5) John S. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1).  Lee M. Latta was b. Nov. 6, 1875 in Evansville, Washington Co., Arkansas; d. Nov. 3, 1935 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., Oklahoma; m. Emma Elizabeth Estell Justus.  she was b. June 17, 1886 in Park Hill, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, d. May 31, 1968 in Park Hill, Cherokee Co., Oklahoma.  They were married on August 9, 1903 in Park Hill.     Lee Latta and family resided at 2 No. Chickasaw Street, Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1910 and he worked in stock at the city police. In 1920, the family resided at 519 S. College Street, Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Lee worked as a general trader. His aunt Mary Alberty resided with them at that time.

224 ANNE DORA (7) b. July 15, 1904 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma; d. Feb. 19, 1905.  buried in the Park Hill Cemetery, Park Hill, Oklahoma.

225  RUBY LEE (7) b. July 10, 1907 at Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma; d. Feb. 10, 1999; m. Joe. William Lamons.

226  JAMES PERRY (7) b. December 7, 1909; d. Sept. 30, 1987; never married.  Buried: Tahlequah City Cemetery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

227  GERALDINE (7) b. Sept. 7, 1920; d. Mar. 3, 2012.  Buried in the Tahlequah City Cemetery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. m. 1) __________ Holloway, and 2) O'Malley.  Obituary: Geraldine (Latta) O'Malley, 91, beloved mother and grandmother, passed away March 3, 2012 in Torrance, California. She was born September 7, 1920 in Park Hill, Oklahoma to Lee and Emma Latta. Geri liked to travel to visit relatives in Oklahoma and Arkansas, loved to go to parties, garden, visit friends and care for her many grandchildren. She was predeceased by her eldest son Jerry (Nina) Holloway and is survived by children Tom (Linda) Holloway, Madera, CA; Ted (Jan) Holloway, San Pedro, CA; Carol Benton, Tulsa, OK and Kelley O'Malley, Carson, CA. She is also survived by 19 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren and 14 great-great-grandchildren, as well as cousins, nephews, nieces, extended family members and friends. Always a lady, ever in our hearts and prayers, we love you Geri. You will be missed. Services to be held March 30, 2012, 2 p.m., Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 

Anne Dora Annie Latta




                                                                                                   161 LESTER VERNON (6) LATTA

Robert Boyd (5) William R. (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born Dec. 25, 1911 at Lenexa, Kansas. Married Viola Marie Hink on Dec. 17, 1939 in Wichita, Kansas. Lester passed away on June 12, 1978 and is buried in Wichita. Viola eventually remarried, in the early 90s, but she is now in a rest home in Hesston, Kansas. (Information from Alan Dennis - 2004)

228 ALAN DENNIS (7) born June 28, 1940 in Wichita, Kansas.
229 DANNY RAY (7) born July 22, 1942 in Wichita, Kansas.

230 ROBERT LEHMAN (7) born July 2, 1945 in Wichita, Kansas.
231 RONALD DEAN (7) born April 28, 1956 in Wichita, Kansas.



                                                                                                   178 SHELDON HARVEY (6) LATTA

Dwight H (5) James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Jan. 1, 1904; Died Oct. 4, 1974; Married: Marion I. Scranton.  Marion was born Nov. 19, 1911 and died Aug 7, 1981.  Sheldon served in the US Navy during WWII.  Sheldon and Marion are buried in the Wheatland Cemetery, Platte Co., Wyoming.

232 MARIANNE ELIZABETH (7) Married: James A .Wise, Two Children; Jaime Elizabeth & Dustin Kyle.
233 JAMES SCRANTON (7) Married: Laurie McGinnis.





                                                                                                         180 JOHN HARVEY (6) LATTA

Dwight H (5) James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Dec. 31, 1906.  Married: Reva Atkins.  In the 1940 census lived in Greenwood, Ellis Co, Oklahoma.

Children all live in Fargo, OK.
204 DWIGHT DEAN (7) Born: Jan. 20, 1932 (Twins with Earnest Jean)
205 EARNEST JEAN (7) Born: Jan. 20, 1932.
206 PATRICIA JOY (7) Born: Oct., 18, 1933
207 THELMA JOYCE (7) Born: Feb. 1935
208 JOHN WILLARD (7) Born: Nov. 3, 1939.


                                                                                                 181 DWIGHT HITCHCOCK, Jr. (6) LATTA

Dwight H (5) James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born: Oct. 30, 1915.  Married: Eva Gilbert.

209 ANNAVEE (7) Born: May 31, 1935.
210 JANICE MAY (7) Born: Dec. 4, 1936.




                                                                                                     185 ALBERT LLOYD (6) LATTA

Thomas Albert (5) James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) b. 1905 in Tulsa, OK; d. 1961; m. Jackie Irene Lay.

234 THOMAS ALBERT (7) b. abt. 1930. Two children: Thomas Albert Latta, III and John Montgomery Latta.
235 JOELLEN (7) b. ____; m. Kent Arnold. Children: Steve and Tracey.



                                                                                                 233 JAMES SCRANTON (7) LATTA

Sheldon H (6) Dwight H (5) James E (4) John (3) Thomas (2) John (1) Born:____. Married: Laurie McGinnis, She was Born:_____. She was the Daughter of:__&__.

236 MORGAN McGINNIS (8) Born____. Married____.
237 KEEGAN JAMES (8) Born___. Married____.



{ Also look to branch No. 11 for a branch tie ??}

1997 Notes on: 2 Thomas (2) Latta & 4 John Steward (3) Latta.
From the family line of: 49 Margaret Ann (4) Latta Married: Eli Kelly, Tom Kelly 149 Chisholm Hills Rd Weatherford, Texas 76087 writes me and states that he has notes of his Grandfather George Kelly that states 2 Thomas (2) Latta is buried at: Fishing Creek Cemetery, York District, S.C. He also states he is a "SAR" member through the above Thomas. About: 4 John Steward (3) Latta, he states he has seen and has a photo of the grave marker from: Academy Cemetery in Washington Co., AK.