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Updated by Geoffrey Latta, Secretary Historian, Issue 52, Spring 2014.

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Born _________; died prior to 1841; married Helen Hart on October 23, 1832 in High Church, Paisley, Renfrew (Renfrewshire) Scotland. She was born _______ and died in 1897. Her death certificate says that she was the "widow of James Latta (drill instructor)."  There is no clear matching birth for James, so the line cannot be taken further back.

2 JAMES (2) b. abt. 1835; d. 1914
22 CHRISTINA (2) b. abt. 1835/36; died unmarried in Paisley in 1869.
1841 Census - 27 Castle St., Paisley
Christina Hart, 70 (born Renfrewshire 1771)
Margaret, 25
Helen, 35, sewer
James, 40, weaver
James Latta, 6
Christina Latta, 5

1851 Census - 27 Castle St., Paisley
Margaret Hart, 40, housekeeper
James Latta, 17, nephew, cloth lapper
Christian Latta, 16, niece, sewer
1861 Census - 27 Castle St., Paisley
Christina Latta, 24, milliner





James (1) born abt. 1835; d. 1914 (death certificate says his father was a soldier); m. 1) Jane Kelvie on September 11, 1861 in Gatehouse of Fleet, Girthon, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. She was born 1841 at Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland, and died in 1890 in Paisley.  She was the daughter of David Kelvie and Elisabeth (Elizabeth?) Martin. James Latta transferred a grave to James Rutherford (probably for Mary Jane) dated April 10, 1908. James Latta was a ships carpenter or shipwright (documented on grave transfer). Unable to sign transfer because of physical disability.  James remarried in 1895 to 2) Sarah Hayburn (or Reddux) (born about 1832/33) and she died in 1899 in Paisley.  Sarah was listed with two surnames which indicates that, like James, she had been married before.
3 CHRISTINA (3) b. 1862 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland; d. 1946 in Stirling; m. John Rogers of Scotland
4 JAMES (3) b 1863 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland, which is an area of Glasgow; d. 1899 in Paisley.
5 ELIZABETH MARTIN (3) b. 1865 at Anderston (Glasgow), Scotland; m. 1) Andrew Dunsmore in Paisley in 1888. Three children: Jane, Christina, and John.  In 1902, she married for a second time and was listed as a widow, so Andrew must have died.  Her second husband was 2) John Vance.
6 DAVID KELVIE (3) b. March 16, 1868 at Anderston (Glasgow) Scotland.
7 MARY JANE (3) b. Aug. 1, 1873 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. March 17, 1908 at 41 Underwood Rd., Paisley (heart problems in childbirth); m. James Rutherford on Dec. 5, 1902 in Mt. Pleasant, Paisley, Scotland. He was the son of William Rutherford and Margaret Pebbles Rutherford. Mary Jane and James had two children.
8 JOHN K. (3) b. Oct. 18, 1872 in Antrim, England.



James (2), James (1). Born Dec. 3, 1863 in Anderston, Lanark, Scotland, which is an area of Glasgow.  He died in 1899 in Paisley.  Married Jessie Kerr Jolly on January 27, 1885 in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland. She was born in 1862.  She was the daughter of Hugh Jolly and Jessie Clark.  After James' death, she remarried on August 24, 1900 to James McLaughlin in Maryhill, Glasgow.   The branch informatio lists six children, but I can only trace birth records for five of these.  I have no record for Nellie. 

9 JAMES (4) b. 1895 at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland; d. 1918 in Glasgow.
10 NELLIE (4)  (no record of her birth has been found)
11 HELEN (4) b. 1887 at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.
12 JANE KELVIE (4) b. 1885 at Bridgeton Glasgow.
13 JESSIE JOLLY (4) b. May 19, 1889 at Partick, Scotland; d. Jan. 17, 1935. Married Thomas Robertson in Canada.
14 MARY JOLLY (4) b. March 20, 1892 in New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland.  Married in Canada.  The best match for Jessie and Mary's immigration to Canada would seem to be the Ionian which arrived in Quebec City in May 1911.  this listed Jessie, Mary and Helen (born 1887) as passengers although not their mother or other brother and sister.



James (2), James (1). Born March 16, 1868 at Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland. Died in 1949 in Blackwell, Oklahoma.  Married Ellen Greenshield on January 17, 1896 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was born _____, the daughter of James Peddie Greenshields and Ellen Grant Greenshields; died _________. In 1900, David and Ellen moved to America. In the year of 1912, they lived in Coffeeville, Kansas, where Davidís brother, John Latta and his family were living.  Branch information says the family emigrated to the USA in 1900, but since their daughter was born in Scotland in 1901, the actual date has to be slightly later.
15 HELENORA (4) b. 1896 in Rothesay, Scotland.
16 JAMES (4) b. abt. 1899 in Scotland.
17 MARY GREENSHIELDS (4) b. 1901 in New Ardrossan, Scotland; d. 1893 in Seminole, Oklahoma (USA).





James (2), James (1). Born Oct. 18, 1872 in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Died ______. Married Elizabeth White in 1892 in Paisley.  She was born abt. 1873 in Scotland.  The family emigrated to the USA in 1905, and settled in Coffeeville, Kansas. In March 1912, they moved to Denver, Colorado. Machinist helper. John worked for the Colorado & Southern Railroad.

18 ELIZABETH M'LEOD (4) b. 1893 in Paisley, Scotland.
19 JANE KELVIE (4) b. 1896 in Paisley, Scotland.
20 JOHN KELVIE (4) b. 1898 in Paisley, Scotland.
23  HELEN (4) b. 1904 in Paisley, Scotland.