Branch No. 4



Branch 4 Captain: Randy Phillips, 41 S. Morrell Ave., Geneva New York 14456,


                                                                                                               1 JAMES (1) LATTA

Born No. of Ireland January 11, 1730 { Some think 1716 } May have come to America in 17?? , before 17?? , as his son James then came here.   Three or four of his sons came about the time of the Revolutionary War.  He settled at Wallkill, N.Y. James Latta Sr. was a merchant at Wallkill and New Windsor, Orange County, N.Y. and a farmer at Seneca Ontario County where he purchased 1200 acres of land at $2.50 in 1789 of Phelps and Gorh. {Please see end Notes for more information}


2 JAMES (2) b. in Ireland in 1748.
3 SAMUEL (2) b. in Ireland in 1756.
4 MOSES (2) b. in Ireland in 1760.
82 WILLIAM (2) settled in PA or N.Y. {Could this be William (1) Latta of Branch No. 13}

                                                                                                             2 JAMES (2) LATTA

James (1). Born No. of Ireland in 1748; d. at Lewiston, Niagara Co., N.Y. November 13; 1816; buried in Row N of the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery, Lewiston, New York. In Rochester, NY history, it is stated that James Latta came to America from Northern Ireland in 1772 (where it is said, he owned a fleet of sailing vessels that cruised between New York City and Liverpool, England).   James Latta and Sarah Jackson were married in New York City on February 23 (also seen as 27th), 1773 and moved to Wallkill, on the Hudson River where he remained until 1778. He then moved to New Windsor on the Hudson River where he remained until 1789. James bought a farm and opened a dry goods business.  On the 14th of September 1789, Samuel Latta, with his family this wife and six children, arrived at Geneva, NY where land was purchased. Mrs. Sarah (Jackson) Latta died at Geneva July 3, 1807. She was born in 1754. James Latta moved to Lewiston , NY in the spring of 1809 and purchased a farm, three miles east of Lewiston village, on the Ridge Road. He died November 13, 1816. In the month of June 1810, George Clinton Latta left Lewiston on horse back for the mouth of the Genesee river where he arrived on the 17th where he lived with his brother, Samuel.  The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries has a collection of Latta Family Papers, 3 boxes, containing approximately 1202 letters and receipts. This includes business correspondence for George C. Latta and George C. Latta, Jr. 

"Entrepreneurship in the Genesee Country" by Joan Sullivan, Rochester History, Vol XLV, July and October 1983 states that George's mother, Sarah died in 1807 and James moved the younger children to Lewiston in 1809.  In 1811 George returned to Charlotte to live with his brother Samuel.

83 AGNES (3) b. at Wallkill, N.Y. January 9, 1774; d. at Lewiston, N.Y.  April 6, 1864; m. Benjamin Barton, (b. Sussex Co., N.J. March 2, 1770), at Canandaigua, N.Y. November 11, 1792. He died April 6, 1853. He enlisted in 1812, and for gallantry at Queenstown Heights, was commissioned Deputy Quartermaster General in the regular army.
Children of Agnes Latta & Benjamin Barton:
*1) Catherine Barton, Born: at Geneva, N.Y. August 31, 1793.
*2) James L Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y.
*3) Samuel Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y. January 23, 1798; d. 1837.
*4) Sarah Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y. April 3, 1801.
*5) Susannah Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y. August 27, 1802.
*6) William Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y. August 19, 1804.
*7) Jane Ann Barton, Born: at Cashong, N.Y. October 27, 1806.
*8) Joseph Annan Barton, Born: at Lewiston, N.Y. February 15, 1809.
*9) Maria Barton, Born: at Lewiston, N.Y. April 9, 1911.
*10) Peter Potter Barton, Born: at Geneva, N.Y. November 21, 1814.
*11) Benjamin Barton, Born: August 19, 1804. Dates taken from an old Rochester, N.Y. paper.
5 SAMUEL (3) b. April 14, 1776.  Lived in Charlotte, NY.
84 JAMES (3) b. at Wallkill, N.Y. December 3, 1778; d. at New Orleans, 1813.
85 WILLIAM (3) b. at Windsor, Orange County, N.Y. February 12, 1781; d. July 13, 1783.
86 MARY (3) b. April 28, 1783 in New Windsor, Orange Co., N.Y.; d. August 18, 1864 in Bengal Township, Clinton County, Mich.; m. Joseph Hamer. Also seen as: Harner, Homer, Hommer, Hammer, & Harris, I find these names different in books in 1799. Lived at Lewiston, N.Y. and like her sister Agnes, saw her home burned by the British in 1812.
With seven small children found refuge at Genesee , N.Y. It is thought that she
joined relatives there. See branch No. 3, as this branch lived at Charlotte.
{ 1996 Note: Charlotte is in Monroe Co., NY, Near Rochester NY. This same area was also
called " Mouth of the Genesee".}

Children of Mary Latta & Joseph Hamer;
*1) Joseph A Hamer, Born: May 26, 1772. Died: November 9, 1839.
*2) Sarah J Hamer, Born: December 19, 1799. Married: Russel E Eggleston..
*3) Eleanor L Hamer, Born: July 24, 1802. Married: Orrin W Wolcott.
*4) Elizabeth Hamer, Born: August 29 1803. Married: Peter McFarlin.
*5) John Hamer, Born: September 5, 1806. Married: Maria Strunk.
*6) James L Hamer, Born: July 1, 1808. Married: Deborah Roberts.
*7) Catherine Hamer, Born: February 13, 1813. Married: Samuel Freeman.
*8) Agnes Maria Hamer, Born: June 24, 1815. Married: Amos J Horton.
*9) William S Hamer, Born: July 14, 1817. Married: Cornelia Russel.
*10) Harriet D Hamer, Born: March 31, 1819. Married: Amasa Carrier.
*11) Joseph L Hamer, Born: March 23, 1821. Married: Mary Worden.
6 JOHN (3) b. June 15, 1786.
87 ELIZABETH (3) b. at New Windsor, N.Y. February 12, 1789; d. at Galesburg,
Mich. December 6, 1857; m. William Earl of N.Y. Nine children.
7 WILLIAM J. (3) b. August 28, 1792.
8 GEORGE CLINTON (3) b. April 10, 1795. In 1811, George returned to Charlotte to live with his brother Samuel. (See story on George and Samuel Latta - Battle on the Genesee)

                                                                                                              3 SAMUEL (2) LATTA

James (1). Samuel was born No. of Ireland in 1756; d. near Geneva, N.Y. August 19, 1820; m. Elizabeth Shultz of Newburg, N.Y. May 9, 1786, She was born in 1769, and died January 7, 1850. She was the daughter of Isaac Shultz who was born July 28, 1740 and Mary Kilburn who was born Dec. 4, 1749, the daughter of James Kilburn, of Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. They settled at New Windsor, N.Y. and soon removed to Geneva, N.Y. where he bought 1,000 acres of wild land, and made one of the best farms in the state, and lived on it until his death. He probably followed his brother Moses, to that place, and was followed by his brother, James, with his family in September, 1789. Samuel and wife have tombstones at No. 9, Church Road, Stanley, N.Y. Either he, or Samuel, son of 2 James Latta, was the founder of the church. All dates taken from the family Bible. Samuel is found in the 1790 Census of Ulster Co., NY, Town of New Windsor, 4 free white males and 3 free white females. Greece, Monroe County, NY has a street called "Latta Street" that was named for one of its city founders, Samuel Latta. Located at, a vintage view of Rochester, a timeline shows that in 1790, the first deed recorded in present Monroe County was for Samuel Latta. At, there is shown a timeline that in 1805 Samuel Latta was appointed Custom's Agent for the Port of Genesee by President Thomas Jefferson. Latta was also the local agent for Pulteney Estates and was selling lots for $10 each. At, The French's Gazeteer for Monroe County, NY, by J. H. French (1860) states that the first settlement of Greece had among the early settlers John Love in 1793, at the mouth of the river...and in the winter of 1796 and 97, Eli Granger, Thomas King...and Samuel Latta (40 yrs. old) located in Town. For Will of Samuel Latta see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills.

88 MARY L. (3) b. December 8, 1788 in New Windsor, N.Y.; d. September 28, 1860; m. John I. Freleigh, March 4, 1816 (He was b. 21 Aug 1789, and d. 09 Oct 1869). Went to Indiana. They are buried at Jordan Cemetery, Steuben County, Indiana. Children:*1) Joanna Freleigh. b. Nov. 27, 1816. Married: George Heshey; *2) Harriet Freleigh. b. June 15, 1822. Married: Mr. Wing; *3) George Freleigh. b. Apr. 2, 1819; *4) Samuel Freleigh. b. Aug. 12, 1820; *5) Charles Freleigh. b.June 24, 1824; *6) Mary Elizabeth Freleigh. b. Sept. 5, 1831; d. Nov. 8, 1915; m. Hugh Loney, son of Richard and Rebecca Loney. Mary and Hugh are buried at Jordan Cemetery; *7) Moses Latta Freleigh. b. May 12, 1828/d. May 30, 1908; married Elenor Lockwood, daughter of James and Ann Bery Lockwood. Buried at Circle Hill Cemetery, Angola, Steuben Co., Indiana; *8) John Franklin Freleigh. b.Oct. 29, 1823; *9) Frank Freleigh. b. Sept. 5, 1829; *10) Isaac Freleigh. b. Oct. 19, 1833. d. Dec. 2, 1833. Samuel L. Freligh, 12 Aug 1820 - 12 Apr 19034, married Elizabeth (Hubbell) Freligh, 07 Feb 1827 - 02 Jul 1918. They are buried at Jordan Cemetery.
89 SARAH (3) b. at New Windsor, N.Y. May 10, 1791; d. August 3, 1793.
90 JOANNA (3) b. at Mt. Pleasant, N.Y. January 7, 1799; d. December 3, 1877. Single. Lived at Seneca, N.Y. Her will was probated May 13, 1878. She was buried at No. 9 Church, Stanley, N.Y.
9 ISAAC SHULTZ (3) b. 1796; d. 1892; m. Polly R. Ford.
92 MOSES (3) b. at Mt. Pleasant, N.Y. July 23, 1808; d. August 21, 1811.
93 SUSAN (3) b. at Mt. Pleasant, N.Y. January 24, 1804; d. October 7, 1860. Single. An invalid, cared for by sister, Joanna.
94 AGNES (3) b. at Geneva, N.Y. August 18, 1793; d. August 25, 1793.
95 JAMES (3) mentioned in Will.
96 ELIZABETH (3) mentioned in Will.

                                                                                                       4 MOSES (2) LATTA

James (1). Moses was born in No. of Ireland in 1760; d. at Montgomery, N.Y. in 1790; buried at the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, NY; m. Elizabeth Carmen of Montgomery between Dec. 5, 1782 and Dec. 11, 1782.(First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, NY recordes) Came to America with two brothers, James and Samuel, as early as 1772. The 1790 Montgomery, Ulster County, NY Census listed Moses Latta - 1, 1, 3, 0, 0. { Please see the end notes for more detail}.

Three children:
97 ANN MARIA (3) Born:____ In:____ Died:____ In:____ Married: Noah Carpenter. Nine children: *1) Esther Carpenter, *2) Emeline Carpenter, *3) Catherine Carpenter, *4) Ann Carpenter, *5) Sarah Carpenter, *6) Edward Carpenter, *7) John Carpenter, *8) Jessie Carpenter, *9) Malinda Carpenter.
98 CATHERINE ANN (3) Born: September 20, 1787. Died December 2, 1804.Married: Edward M. Millspaugh, February 23, 1808. In: Montgomery, NY.He was Born: December 8, 1781. In: Orange Co, NY. Died: June 17, 1842. He was the son of Matheis Milspah & Elsie Kimbark.Children of Catherine & Edward;*1) Erastus Elmer Millspaugh, Born: February 3, 1805 Married: Elizabeth Ann Denton.*2) Ann Eliza Millspaugh, Born: February 18, 1807 Married: Abner Madden.*3) Alanson Millspaugh, Born: February 24, 1809. Died: October 13, 1809.*4) Charles E Millspaugh, Born: February 15, 1810 Married: Elizabeth Delany.*5) James Lotta Millspaugh, Born: November 11, 1812.*6) Nancy Millspaugh, Born: November 30, 1814. Died: February 26, 1815.*7) Matthias Millspaugh, Born: December 8, 1815. Died: April 23, 1840.*8) Cornelius Madden Millspaugh, Born: February 3, 1818 Married: Elvira Rosebrook.*9) Edward Theodore Millspaugh, Born: January 30, 1820. Died: December 31, 1851.*10) John Hill Millspaugh, Born: January 10, 1822. Married: Marion Elizabeth Cornell.
10 JAMES NEWKIRK (3) b. Oct. 6, 1790.

                                                                                                                   5 SAMUEL (3) LATTA

James (2) James (1). Samuel was born at Wallkill, N.Y. April 14, 1776; d. at Charlotte (Rochester), N.Y. February 4, 1827; buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY; m. twice. Name of first wife, Mary ____, unknown, by whom he had one daughter, who died young. Second wife: Lydia Arnold (daughter of Daniel and Esther Fox Arnold) at Geneva, N.Y. May 12, 1806 and soon after settled at Charlotte (now Rochester), N.Y. She was born at East Haddam, Conn. January 19, 1786, and died at Charlotte November 26, 1866.  Lydia is buried in the Charlotte Cemetery.  By 1789 the family (James) was in Geneva where oldest son, Samuel, had purchased 1200 acres of land for $2.50 an acre from Oliver Phelps, and where, by 1791, Samuel was listed as Canandaigua town officer, in 1796 as agent and surveyor of the Pulteney Estate.  He was appointed Customs Collector of the Port of Genesee by President Thomas Jefferson in 1806.  In 1806 he surveyed the Latta Road (Genesee River to Braddocks Bay) and built a home on the corner of Broadway and Latta Rds.

Child by first wife:
99 MARY (4) b. about 1802; died young.

Child by second wife:
100 ELIZA ANN (4) b. Greece, N.Y. March 17, 1809; d. at Pillsbury Point, Iowa July 13, 1883; m. Rev. Samuel Pillsbury at Greece, N.Y. June 9, 1929. In 1835 they moved to Kane Co., Ills. and later went to Akoboji, Iowa. He was born at Johnsonburg, N.Y. July 12, 1802; d. at Milford, Iowa October 29, 1888. Children: *1) Malvina A. Pillsbury, Born: March 29, 1830. In: Greece, N.Y. Died: 1836; *2) Samuel Latta Pillsbury, Born: May 16, 1832. Greece, N.Y. Died: 1836; *3) Albert W Pillsbury, Born: January 2, 1834. Greece, N.Y. Married: twice,  first: Marion C. Chamberlain January 21, 1869. 2nd: Mrs. Emily A. Williams January 14, 1877.  *4) Samuel Latta Pillsbury, Born: March 16, 1836. Kane Co., Ill.; m. Frances I. Phippin.  *5) Esther Jane Pillsbury, Born: Troy, Wis. July 29, 1898; m. George B. Carlton April 6, 1865.  *6) Syrena E Pillsbury, Born: June 16, 1843; m. Horrace Bennett December 1872.  *7) Wilber F Pillsbury, Born: January 12, 1846; m. Emily C. Dickens.  *8) Stephen O Pillsbury, Born: March 24, 1848; m. Kate M. Robb.
11 JOHN ARNOLD (4) b. April 22, 1811.
101 SAMUEL (4) b. Charlotte, N.Y. June 1, 1814; d. August 26, 1814. (Tombstone says died August 26, 1811, aged 2 mo, 11 days) Buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co, NY.  On the same tombstone are listed James, and George W., and Jane B., wife of Asa Wood, children of Samuel and Lydia Latta.
102 JANE BARTON (4) b. Charlotte, N.Y. March 17, 1818; d. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 1848, age 30 yrs, 10m, 3 days; m. Rev. Asa Wood February 14, 1836. He died April 25, 1895. He was 1st Lieut. "F" Co. 3d Wis. Cav. in Civil War. Children: Syrena b. January 21, 1837; d. 1839. Mortimer b. September 6, 1839; d. 1840. Asa b. 1841; d. 1842. Edwin b. August 24, 1843; m. Caroline A. Coleman February 27, 1867. Henry B. b. July 13, 1848.
103 GEORGE WILLIAM (4) b. Charlotte, N.Y. September 19, 1821; d. December 1830, aged 8 yrs, 2m, __dys.
104 ESTHER AGNES (4) Born: January 2, 1826. In: Charlotte, Monroe Co., N.Y.  Died: January 16, 1908. Marion, N.Y. Married: Levi Deyo, December 29, 1846. In: Brockport, Monroe Co., N.Y. He was born July 6, 1821. Children: *1) Ella Deyo, Born: December 13, 1847. Married: Wm. R. Masterton, November 30, 1880. Two sons: Levi Deyo and George Deyo.  *2) Jennie Eliza Deyo, Born: December 7, 1848. In: Facine, Wis. Married:. Alfred B. Gates February 23, 1871. She died at Malden, Mass. September 22, 1897. He was born July 12, 1844; d. October 1919. Two children: Alfred Levi Gates b. August 17, 1875; m. Bertha A. Skinner June 15, 1903. Two children: Arthur A.G. b. June 1904; m. Helen Anderson June 23, 1935. Helen B. Esther Alice b. February 17, 1873; m. Wm. C. Peatson March 29, 1897. Three children: Wm. A. b. October 1, 1879; m. Mae Thorne June 23, 1925. Vera I. b. November 3, 1901; m. Wellwood W. Webb. One son. Phyllis b. April 9, 1904; m. Harry E. Young May 22, 1926. One son: Harry b. May 1, 1927. Florence Latta b. Rochester, N.Y. June 23, 1879; m. Walter Irving Fuller at Malden, Mass. January 27, 1904. No children. He was born at Somerville, Mass. March 29, 1869. They lived at W. Somerville, Mass. in 1938. D.A.R. No. 128997. She gave me the "Mayflower" history of Lydia Arnold Latta. See last page of this history. 3) George H. b. Charlotte, N.Y. 1851; d. August 1, 1932; m. Helen O'BRIEN April 22, 1874. Children: Helen Maud m. twice. First to Wm. D. Kent July 30, 1807. He died March 10, 1924. She joined the D.A.R. No. 209073. Second husband Jay W. Dandy. Children: Charlotte Mabel b. February 13, 1879. George m. Grace ____. 4) Archibald b. 1852; d. 1856. 5) Jessie Latta b. October 16, 1856; d. May 31, 1929. 6) Hubert Charles b. June 16, 1859; d. December 3, 1931; m. twice. First to Adella M. Skiner November 5, 1884. She died March 17, 1892. One child: Ethelbert. Second wife, Mary Rogers, December 14, 1899. Three children: Morris E. b. October 9, 1902. Esther Mary b. May 25, 1905; m. Thomas Emmelkemp July 27, 1936. Dorothy B. b. July 18, 1910; m. Raymond L. Sweezey April 27, 1936. 7) Elmer E. b. 1862; d. 1893. 8) Kate Lydia b. April 21, 1867; m. Raymond B. Skinner June 5, 1894. He was born June 9, 1863. Two children: Frances A. b. April 6, 1895; m. Evert P. Vande Walle September 25, 1902. Agnes J. b. January 16, 1901; m. Ward B. Wilson November 15, 1924. He was b. January 14, 1902. One child: Frances L. . September 6, 1925.

274 JAMES (4) b. 1808; d. Feb. 10, 1810, aged 2y, 1 m, 13 dys. Buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.

                                                                                                                      6 JOHN (3) LATTA

James (2) James (1). Born at New Windsor, N.Y. June 15, 1786; d. of cholera July 15, 1854 on steamer on Lake Erie between Detroit and Buffalo. Buried at Lewiston, N.Y. in the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery; m. Parmelia Smith, widow of Mr. Burns. She was born in 1789 and died April 9, 1866. In 1906 supposed to have located at Lewiston, N.Y. after the War of 1812. Lived at Canandaigua, or Seneca, N.Y. It is thought that this is the John Latta who went from Ontario Co., N.Y. with Benjamin Barton and built a tannery at Lewiston, N.Y. about 1807, but was driven from there by the British when the town burned in 1813.

12 BENJAMIN (4) b. February 15, 1816.
105 CAROLINE (4) b. at Geneva, N.Y. February 12, 1814; d. February 24, 1857 at Lewiston, N.Y.; Married:. Moses Bairsto at Lewiston, November 30, 1834. Children:
*1) Sarah Agnes Bairsto; *2) Almeda Taft Bairsto; *3) Mary Parmelia Bairsto; *4) Charles A Bairsto.
13 JAMES (4) b. April 1, 1819.
14 ALFRED (4) b. April 6, 1821.
15 ALBERT (4) b. April 6, 1821.
16 GEORGE (4) b. August 9, 1824.
17 WALTER (4) b. August 14, 1826; d. 1905; buried in the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery, Lewiston, NY.
106 SUSAN C. (4) b. October 10, 1828; d. at Lewiston, N.Y. May 1850; buried in the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery, Lewiston, NY.
18 SUMNER BURNS (4) b. February 15, 1811.
107 SAMUEL BURNS (4) b. in 1807.

                                                                                                             7 WILLIAM J. (3) LATTA

James (2) James (1). Born at Canandaigua, N.Y. August 28, 1792; d. at Whites Corners, Pa. March 5, 1881; m. Sarah E. White at Bath, N.Y. January 11, 1816. Farmer. Settled at Whites Corners. She was born at Frenchtown, Pa. March 5, 1796. Died August 15, 1869. They are both buried at Whites Corner Cemetery, Harrison Twp., Potter Co., PA. Major William Latta, officer in War of 1812, married Sally White, sister of John H. White. Their dau. Nancy, m. Frederick Coston, and their dau, Sarah, m. Washington L. Warner. ...Miss Sally White, Bath, Steuben Co. N.Y. (She was a sister of John H. White and afterward married Major William Latta and were Lelia Warner's Great Grand Parents.

Six children:
19 JAMES HAMILTON (4) b. Sept. 19, 1816; died April 14, 1896. Buried at Whites Corner Cemetery, Harrison Twp., Potter Co., PA
108 NANCY (4) b. at Charlotte, N.Y. July 5, 1818; d. October 23, 1882 at Whites
Corners, Pa.; m. Frederrick G. Coston at Bath, N.Y. March 31, 1839. Six children:
*1) Sarah M. Coston, Married: Washington L. Warner and her daughter, Lelia Warner, Married: Mr. Lowery and in 1937 lived on Maplewood Farm, Harrison Valley, Route 1, Box 99. She has the old family Bible of "2 James (2) Latta" and furnished the record; *2) Susan Coston, Married: David Widger; *3) Esther V Coston, married Wall Church; *4) William L Coston, died at Battle of Wilderness; *5) Nancy Delphine Coston, never married; *6) Lydia S Coston, married a Graves.

109 SUSAN (4) b. at Bath, N.Y. December 21, 1821; d. at Judds Corners, Mich.
December 21, 1904; m. Wellington W. Warner (see letter below), January 25, 1850. Lived at Michigan. Children: William L. , George W.
110 JOHN JACKSON (4) b. at Bath, N.Y. July 25, 1820; d. December 15, 1820.
111 ISAAC ALLEN (4) b. at Bath, N.Y. April 21, 1823; drowned July 2, 1834.
112 SARAH ELIZABETH (4) b. at Bath, N.Y. April 22,1836; d. August 20, 1878, at
Whites Corners, Pa.; m. Enoch N. Graves, July 25, 1852. One child,
*1) Agnes Graves, Married: James English, July 4, 1876.
113 UNKNOWN FEMALE (4) b. and d. May 4, 1835.

WARNER FAMILY LETTERS (Harrison Valley Warner Family)

Hazelton Nov. 22 1852

Dear Father take the pen to inform you that we are all well and hope that you all are enjoying the same blessing. We got to uncle Jeromes on Saturday. We had a verry good time getting here. Uncle Jerome's folks is all well. It has cost us four and Goods and lumber to make a shanty about 100 Dollars. Alferd has took one lot and is going to poot a house. I have five acres to chop. Wheat is five shillings a bushel; corn fifty cents, potatoes, three shillings, hay ten Dollard, fresh port, six cents, beef, 3 to 4, tallow, ten. I have got a shanty made of boards 24 x 12 one story high. We all liave in it. Is rather a hard time with us at present. The road is very bad at present. Lumber is five Dollars, fifty cents a thousand. Cows from 7 to 15. Oxen 40 to 80 Dollars a yoke. Expect a deed for my lot in 2 or 3 weeks. Tell Mr. Huntingdon if he has not collected that note to do it as soon as possible. I am in want of it very much. I want you to wright as soon as possible. I want you to see that that judgement is tended to of W.T. Jones (William T.- added) If he pays it send it in a letter. E.O. Austin is a owing me 1.62 cents. I told him to pay you. Susan and Nancy stayed to Frank's and Mashe whilst we bilt a shanty, six miles from here. Alferd is a writing to his folks. If you want I will send a power of attorney to you. There is a small shugar bush on my lot. sell the cettle and buckets if you don't wnt them tht table and bedstead sell thay are to Mr. Latta. Enoch (Graves-added) wanted them if he has them take the pay two Dollars a peace I have to by everything. I can't go down suller Get apples know. There is some deer about here. There is black squirrels and patridges, Coons and mink. There was some snow the 1st of November. There has been one cold snap since. There is about 14 inces come today. The first snow that come here was the Sunday after we started. It is first rate weather to chop. We go to uncle Warners on Saturday about ten in the morning. The folks about here is all well. I don't know of one sick. There is about fourty acres cleared on the north side of the road. my shanty is about six rods of the road; the crick is in about four rods. One man is pooting up a frame house in sight. There is a log house in about ten rods with a family with a family in it right across the road from us. we are 11 miles from Corunna, the ocunty seat of this couty, six miles from flushing, twenty eight from Saginaw, 16 from Flint, 40 miles from the new capital, Lima. We have Justice of the peace and a road commissioner in sight when you git time to come come out here and see us. Alferd talks of a coming out there in the spring should like to see all of you. Give my respects to all inquiring friends if any. Please Direct your letter to Flushing, Gennesee, Michigan. Let Mr. Latta's folks read this if they wish to. Tell them where to wright to. I wrote to them and you when we got to Detroit. I did not know where to have you Direct your letters to then. But i shant move again without I am a blige to and I think that I shant be a blige to very soon. all of you came and see us soon as you can. I don't know when we can come out there. We have got every thing to do and winter is nigh. We talk of bing a pair of five year old steers for fourty dollars. I have seen one of them. I have bought half a Beef of Washington and a hog. Write a long letter for I have Your affectionate son, W.W. Warner, Preble November 21, 1853

                                                                                                 8 GEORGE CLINTON (3) LATTA

James (2) James (1). Born at Mt. Pleasant near Geneva, N.Y. April 10, 1795; d. at Charlotte (now Rochester), N.Y. November 26, 1871 (his tombstone in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY says that he is a War of 1812 Veteran; m. Frances Maria Mann of Toronto, Canada, November 19, 1839 at Palma, N.Y. She was born in England in 1814 and died on August 21, 1902, at the age of 88.  She is buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.  He was a Captain in the War of 1812. In 1861 was in the mercantile business at Rochester, N.Y. states that George C. Latta, Sam's brother, came in 1811, was hired as a clerk in Guernsey and Bushnell's store on River Street for $50 a year and board, and became an early promoter of the village at the mouth of the Genesee. A picture at shows a picture of a large elm tree and states that it is a picture of "The Famous Latta Elm", on the Yates Farm, Rochester, NY.

The foundation of George Latta's success as a merchant and forwarder lay in the business networks sought out and cultivated by his family.  His father, James Latta, came to America from Northern Ireland in 1772 (where it is said, he owned a fleet of sailing vessels that cruised between New York City and Liverpool, England). 

20 GEORGE CLINTON, JR. (4) b. 1840; d. Nov. 11, 1875.  Buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co.,NY.
114 MARIE AUGUSTA (4) b. October 20, 1842; d. 1925; m. Benjamin F. Abrams of Napanee, Canada April 25, 1888. He was born April 12, 1846; died 1918. No children. Maria is buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.
115 MORTIMER DELANO (4) b. November 1, 1846; d. July 27, 1910. Farmer.  Lived at Charlotte, N.Y. Single.  Mortimer is buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.
21 JAMES HENRY (4) b. 1848; d. Feb. 20, 1884.  Buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.
116 FRANCES JANE (4) October 20, 1850; m. Andrew J. Muligan January 8, 1879;  Lived at Albany, N.Y. Six children: *1) George Emmett Muligan, Married: Lillis Gill;
*2) Clara F Muligan; *3) Agnes G Muligan, Married: Frederick Slater; *4) Arthur V Muligan.  *5) Andrew H Muligan; *6) Kathleen Muligan. in 1932 was with Adj. Gen. N.Y. Div. Military and Naval Affairs at Albany, N.Y.
117 FLORA LOUISE (4) Born: February 3, 1853; Died: November 29, 1887. Married: Newkirk K. Barrus on October 14, 1880. Children: *1) George Latta Barrus, Married: Gertrude Snider. His son, Robert Latta Barrus in 1932, 14 years of age, was at Fellowship School, Claud Vaud, Switzerland; *2) William Henry Barrus; *3) Ruby Mary Barrus, Married: William Seattle. In 1932 lived at Haddonfield, N.J.  Flora is buried in the Charlotte Cemetry, Monroe Co., NY.
118 JOHN WILLIAM (4) b. July 21, 1855; drowned June 6, 1862. Buried in the Charlotte Cemetery, Monroe Co., NY.
119 MANVELEET HENDERSON (4) b. September 19, 1858; d. November 8, 1930; m. Emma R. Fray April 18, 1862. She was born August 10, ____. He was a traveling salesman
for Deering Harvester Co. Lived at Saginaw, Mich. and Rochester, N.Y. One adopted daughter.


1860 Census, Monroe Co., NY
George C. Latta, 65

                                                                                                          9 ISAAC SHULTZ (3) LATTA

Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Mt. Pleasant, 4 miles from Geneva, N.Y. August 10, 1796; d. 1892; m. Polly Reed Ford at Geneva, N.Y. November 7,1821. She died at Friendship, N.Y. December 16, 1862. He served in the War of 1812. Lumberman and farmer. [NOTE: In the Allegheny Co., NY estate records there is a record for Wills 1) Amarilla Latta, of Friendship in Bk. 15, pg 186 and 2) Isaac L. Latta in Bk. 4, pg 375. Amarilla Latta would be wife of Josiah Reed Latta below.]

22 SAMUEL ELISHA (4) b. Aug. 11, 1822; d. Jan. 12, 1911.
23 JOSIAH REED (4) b. April 11, 1825; d. Jan. 15, 1911; m. Amarilla Lloyd
120 MARY CAROLINE (4) b. at Geneva, N.Y. May 11, 1831; d. at Scio, N.Y. June
8, 1867; m. Ai J. Middaugh June 8, 1849. Children: *1) Marcellus Latta Middaugh; *2) Mary Leora Middaugh (married a Rew); *3) Lena Caroline Middaugh.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Friendship, NY

MIDDAUGH, Elizabeth ???, 1852 - 1925 and Marcellus Latta, 1850-1920


Mt. Hope Cemetery, Friendship, NY

Last Name First Name DOB DOD FatherLN FatherFN MotherLN MotherFN SpouseLN SpouseFN Lot Verify Vet Remarks
Latta Amarilla 1833 17 Nov 1898 Lloyd John* Burgess* Elizabeth (Eliza)* Latta Josiah A-13 TS
Latta Emmet Girdell* 28 May* 1849 10 Apr 1925 Latta Samuel E. Gorton Oprpha Brown Lura* C-89 Rec Vet-CW 1st NY Drag
Latta George C. 18 Nov* 1862 19 May* 1904 Latta Isaac Ford Polly Terwilliger* Carrie*
Latta Isaac S. 10 Aug 1796 16 Dec 1862 Latta Samuel Shults/Shultz* Elizabeth Ford Polly Rec Bur 29 Dec 1862*
Latta Josiah Reed 24 Apr 1825 16 Jan 1911 Latta Isaac Ford Polly Lloyd Amarilla A-13 TS Rec
Latta Judson C. 6 Nov 1864 20 Sep 1945 Latta Josiah Lloyd Amarilla Smalley Mary A-13
Latta Ledah Love Star* 29 Jun 1889 24 Sep* 1889 Latta George Clinton* Terwilliger* Carrie*
Latta Lida E. 25 Dec 1855 18 May 1944 Latta Josiah R. Lloyd Amarilla Unwed A-13 TS
Latta Mary S. 26 Feb 1864 4 Mar 1955 Smalley Abner Armstrong Martha Latta Judson A-13 TS Obit Mother: Martha E. McMonager
Minard has mother as
Latta Orpha E. 25 Apr 1826 24 Jul 1909 Gorton Joseph Baxter Phebe Latta Samuel E. C-89 Obit
Latta Polly 8 Nov 1797 20 Sep 1873 Ford Elisha* Hammond* Sibbel* Latta Isaac S.
Latta Samuel E. 11 Aug 1822 12 Jan 1911 Latta Isaac Ford Polly Gorton Orpha E. C-89 Rec

                                                                                                          10 JAMES NEWKIRK (3) LATTA

Moses (2) James (1). Born at Montgomery, N.Y. October 6, 1790; d. October 30, 1843. Buried at Peconesick Church, 4 miles from Shawangunk, N.Y. Married Malinda Murphy
April 25, 1816. She was born at Wallkill, N.Y. August 8, 1793. Died March 7, 1852. He served in the War of 1812. His Army registration listed him as 5'4" tall, blue eyes, light hair and complexion.  Occupation: Tanner.


121 JANE E. (4) b. at Bloomfield, N.Y. August 6, 1817; d. at Montgomery, N.Y. October 21, 1869; m. Charles Sinsabaugh January 22, 1843. He died June 17, 1883 at
Montgomery, N.Y. Children: *1) Charles H Sinsabaugh; *2) Melinda A Sinsabaugh;  *3) Sarah C Sinsabaugh; *4) Amanda J Sinsabaugh; *5) James M Sinsabaugh; *6) Emma A Sinsabaugh; *7) Mary E Sinsabaugh.
24 MOSES (4).
122 CATHERINE ANN (4) b. at Shawangunk, N.Y. March 4, 1822; d. December 2, 1904; m. Napoleon VanBuren. Children: *1) Theodore W. VanBuren; *2) John W VanBuren;
*3) Ellen VanBuren; *4) Ann M. VanBuren; *5) Mary E VanBuren, *6) Eugene VanBuren, *7) Elmer Latta VanBuren; *8) Fred VanBuren; *9) Iretta VanBuren; *10) Lorenzo S. VanBuren; *11) Josephine VanBuren; *12) Malinda VanBuren.
123 ANN MARIA (4) b. at Shawangunk, N.Y. July 20, 1825; d. August 24, 1895; m. Francis Van DeBogart October 19, 1858. He was born August 19, 1818; died January 8, 1882.
One child, *1) Augusta Van DeBogart, lived at Ithaca, N.Y.
124 AMANDA (4) b. at Shawangunk, N.Y. August 6, 1829; m. Thomas E. Griffith February 23, 1854 at Candor, N.Y. He was born February 8, 1929 at Williamsport, N.Y.; died
1910. Lived at Grand Rapids, Mich. Children: *1) Rebecca Griffith; *2) Emma L Griffith, Married: Martin Nichols; *3) Mattie Griffith.
26 JAMES N. (4).

                                                                                                11 JOHN ARNOLD (4) LATTA

Samuel (3) James (2) James (1). Born April 22, 1811 at Charlotte, N.Y.; d. October 11, 1891 at Clarkson, NY. one mile from Brockport, N.Y.; m. Syrena Shurtz at Oswego, N.Y. May
11, 1836. She died September 6, 1847. He afterwards married Mary E. Pomeroy Hammond.  Dealer in boots and shoes at Brockport.

Four children:
125 MARY C. (5) b. March 28, 1837; m. Denton G. Snider at Clarkson, N.Y. January18, 1865. Lived at Brockport, N.Y. Children: *1) Charles G Snider; *2) John Latta Snider; *3) Issac G Snider.
126 JULIA G. (5) b. April 17, 1840; m. Fred M. Smith of Auburn, N.Y. January 9,1872. One child, *1) Mary Louise Smith.
28 FRANK POMEROY (5) (by second wife).
127 NAME UNKNOWN (5) daughter, d. in infancy.

*see bio below. It says there were five children born to John A. Latta.

"Denton G. Snider was born in Ulster County, March 30, 1833, and in 1852 came to Monroe County and engaged in farming, which he still continues, on the farm of Dr. Isaac Garrison. In 1865 he married Mary C., daughter of John A. Latta, who began business in Brockport in tanning leather and in the manufacture of boots and shoes. He was one of the original members of the Local Board of the State Normal School, and a prominent supporter of the M. E. Church of Brockport. Mr. Latta married Syrena Shirtz, daughter of Elias Shirtz, and of five children two survive: Mrs. Julia Smith and Mrs. Snider. He died in 1891, in his eighty-first year, a loss to the whole community. Denton Snider is one of the practical and successful farmers of the town, raising large amounts of hay, grain and stock. He has held various positions of honor and trust in the community."

                                                                                                               12 BENJAMIN (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Lewiston, N.Y. February 15, 1816; d. March 14, 1900; m. Deborah C. Stevens at Williamsville or Clarence, N.Y. April 4, 1841.
She was Born: July 15, 1816. She Died: May 8, 1887 and was borne to the grave by her six sons, as she requested. After a few years residence in New York state he removed in 1846, with an ox team to Bradford, 3 miles from Clinton, Wis. He developed one of the most valuable farms at Bradford on which he lived until death.

Ten children. All living but one in 1904.
128 SUSAN L. (5) b. February 10, 1842 in Erie Co., N.Y.; Married: William Stewart September 29, 1859 in Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin. He was a Colonel in the Civil War. Children: *1) Jane E Stewart; *2) William Stewart; *3) Charles K Stewart; *4) Edward W. Stewart; *5) Hayden T Stewart (became President of Clinton, WI's Village Board); *6) Marcus "Mark" A. Stewart; *7) Ray C. Stewart (Postmaster of Clinton, WI); *8) Susan B. Stewart; *9) Gracie D. Stewart; *10) Zoe D Stewart. In 1904 all living at or near Clinton, Wis.
129 ALMEDA E. (5) b. at Bradford, Wis. October 23, 1847; d. October 11, 1892; m. T.B. Mason August 8, 1875. He died 1884. Lived at Clinton, Wis. Two children: *1) Belle Mason; *2) Cora A Mason.
130 ALBERT WILDER (5) b. at Bradford, Wis. July 21, 1849; d. 1933. Buried in the Rest Cemetery. Farmer. Owned several hundred acres of land. Settled at Pingree, Stutsman County, N.D. about 1879.
31 GEORGE WASHINGTON (5). See Biography at

131 JOSEPHINE E. (5) b. October 11, 1857; m. Fred Cowles November 17, 1887. Lived at Delavan, Wis. Three children: *1) Daisy Cowles; *2) Bessie Cowles; *3) May Cowles.
132 IDA MAY (5) b. April 11, 1859; m. Frank Liddle June 13, 1877. Children: *1) Deborah Liddle; *2) Josephine Liddle.
133 ULYSSES GRANT (5) b. March 7, 1862; m. Lillian Smith. She did about 1900. He remarried October 1903. Graduate Physicians and Surgeons College, Chicago, Ills. Practiced medicine in Chicago for twenty years. In 1904 lived at Clinton, Wis.

                                                                                                      13 JAMES (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Lewiston, NY. April 1, 1819; d. April 23, 1891; m. twice. First to Huldah Haslip of Youngstown, N.Y. She died in 1854. Second wife, Sophronie
Newton of Kalamazoo, Mich. He lived at Seresco, Mich.

Children by His first wife:
134 EUGENE (5).
34 AMOS B. (5).
135 JOHN S. {Also seen as: JOHN C.} (5) Born: 1849. In:____ Died____. Married: Henrietta E Goucher February 22, 1870 or 1871. She was Born: January 11, 1849. In:
Marshall, MI. She was the Daughter of Orman Goucher and Mellisa E Beach. lived at Battle Creek, Mich. Sold Real estate.
136 IRENE (5) b. 1851; m. Samuel Cox; lived at Battle Creek, Mich.

Children by His second wife:
137 MARY (5) b. 1856; m. Jerome Clark at Climax, Mich. October 30, 1872. Lived at Mountain View, Calif. Fruit grower. Child, *1) Grace Clark.
138 ALTINE (5) b. January 16, 1861; d. December 3, 1886.

                                                                                                       14 ALFRED (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Lewiston, N.Y. April 6, 1821; d. January 13, 1867; m. Martha Elizabeth Hill at Palma, N.Y. April 6, 1848. She was born October 8, 1929 at Livonia, N.Y. Farmer. Twin with Albert. Lived at Battle Creek, Mich.

139 SARAH PARMELIA (5) b. July 23, 1849 at Lewiston, N.Y.; d. 1937; m. Eli S. Glover of Chicago, Ills. December 5, 1872. Lived at Tacoma, Wash. Children: *1) Grace Glover.
*2) Edyth Glover. *3) Arthur Latta Glover. *4) Sheldon Latta Glover. She died at Pullman, Wash. January 16, 1937.
140 MARY LOIS (5) b. February 7, 1854 at Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. A.R. McIntyre, railroad man, April 14, 1874 at Battle Creek, Mich. One child, *1) Ada McIntyre.
141 ALICE MARTHA (5) b. March 3, 1858 at Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. Clarence J. Paul, lawyer, of Battle Creek, Mich. December 28, 1880. Lived at Minneapolis, Minn. Children:
*1) Florence Eula Paul. *2) Lulu Paul.
142 HOMER ALFRED (5) b. October 12, 1863 at Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. Addie M. Ford who died in 1890; m. Lulu E. Perry March 28, 1898, member of Union Steam Pump Co. and the Advance Pump & Compressor
Co. of Battle Creek, Mich.

The Algona Upper Des Moines (Algona, Iowa) 12 Mar 1890   The Algona Upper Des Moines (Algona, Iowa) 25 Feb 1891

                                                                                                                  15 ALBERT (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Lewiston, N.Y. April 6, 1821. Twin with Alfred.  Married Lois Orton at Cambria, N.Y. October 21, 1847. She was born March 30, 1828 at Pekin,
N.Y. Lived at Lewiston, N.Y. then moved to Kalamazoo, Mich. Lived there in 1916. Farmer.
Nine children:
143 SUSAN ALMEDA (5) b. at Lewiston, N.Y. May 27, 1852; m. William F. Montague May 9, 1878. In 1906 lived at Kalamazoo, Mich. Children: *1) Lucy Montague.
*2) Charles Francis Montague. *3) Ida Montague.
39 WALTER (5).
144 MARY PARMELIA (5) b. August 6, 1861 at Oshtemo, Mich.; d. January 28, 1863.
145 BLANCHE (5) b. March 8, 1874; d. May 9, 1875.

                                                                                                      16 GEORGE (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Lewiston, N.Y. August 9, 1824; d. at Cresco, Mich. December 1886; m. Mary Schmick of Pekin, N.Y.

Three children:
146 HENRY (5) killed by kicking horse when eight years old.
147 ALMEDA (5) b. 1856; m. Charles Hough of Cresco, Mich. In 1906 lived at Spokane, Wash. Three children.
41 FRANK (5).

                                                                                                                   17 WALTER (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). b. at Lewiston, N.Y. August 14, 1826 {Head Stone states Born: 1828}; d. 1905, buried in the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery, Lewiston, NY; m. Elizabeth Jones {Also seen as: Mary Elizabeth Jones} at Ithaca, N.Y. August 1849. She was born in England in 1831 and died in 1915. She is buried beside her husband. In 1916 He lived at Model City near Lewiston, N.Y. Farmer. On Christmas Day, 1903, 22 grand- children, and great grandchildren gave the old couple a surprise party at their home. Both were in good health and have reason to be proud of their record.

42 CHARLES EDWARD (5) m. Ettie Mott
43 WILLIS FRAZER (5) m. Mary Farley
44 WALTER ROMAINE (5) m. Angela Dell Barthoiomew
148 JOHN JAMES (5) b. December 8, 1855 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Marge Cain January 6, 1886. Was treasurer Stutsman Co., N. Dak. Lived at James, N. Dak.
149 ALBERT SUMNER (5) b. at Lewiston, N.Y. September 14, 1857; d. September 17, 1887; m. Nellie Cathcart June 15, 1884. No children. Druggist.
150 ANNA FLORENCE (5) b. February 20, 1859 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Edwin Tripp November 18, 1877. Lived at Albion, N.Y. Children: *1) Evelyn Tripp. *2) Merriam Tripp.
151 CAROLINE EVA (5) b. November 12, 1860; m. Warren Wetmore January 3, 1883. Lived at San Jose, Calif. Children: *1) Clyde Wetmore. *2) Leonard Wetmore.
*3) Harry Wetmore.
46 FRANK JONES (5) m. Saddie Brigg
47 GEORGE HENRY (5) m. Minnie Simmons
48 HIRAM HOVEY (5) m. Grace Noble Bassom
49 HERBERT EDWIN (5) m. Marion Robinson

                                                                                                         18 SUMNER BURNS (4) LATTA

John (3) James (2) James (1). Born February 15, 1811; M. Clarissa Orton, sister to Lois Orton, wife of Albert Latta.

Three children:
152 ROMEO G. (5).
153 HERMAN (5).
154 MARY (5) m. Gilbert Duncan.

                                                                                                    19 JAMES HAMILTON (4) LATTA

William (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Bath, N.Y. September 19, 1816; d. April 14, 1896 at White's Corners, Pa.; m. Margaret Smith on May 10, 1846. She was born in 1839 and died in 1880. She and James are buried at the White's Corner Cemetery, Harrison Twp., Potter Co, PA.

 One child:
155 CHARLES (5) b. June 11, 1849; d. March 6, 1852. Buried at White's Corner Cemetery, Harrison Twp., Potter Co., PA.


                                                                                                 20 GEORGE CLINTON (4) LATTA

George C. (3) James (2) James (1). Born November 26, 1840; d. at Charlotte, N.Y. November 11, 1875; m. Gertrude Van Dussen (or Dresser) March 14, 1866. Merchant and

Two children:
156 GEORGE BRADLEY (5) b. January 2, 1867; m. Nellie Marshall. Lived at Charlotte, N.Y.
157 MAY GRACE (5) b. July 8, 1869; m. Moses Stern. Two children:  *1) Bradley Stern. *2) Robert Stern.

                                                                                                        21 JAMES HENRY (4) LATTA

George C. (3) James (2) James (1). Born October 24, 1842 at Greece, N.Y.; d. February 20, 1884; m. Isabel Chapman April 1867. She was born at Lewiston, N.Y. 1848 and died January 11, 1918. Married at Charlotte, N.Y.

158 FRANCES MARY (5) b. May 10, 1875; m. Wm. Partridge. One child:  *1) Ruth Partridge, Married: Ray L. Willis.
159 RUBY ISABEL (5) b. July 8, 1879; d. 1956; m. George O. Kerr (1869-1946). One child:  *1) Alice Kerr. In 1934 lived at 16 Stutson Street, Rochester, N.Y.  Ruby is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Rochester, NY.

                                                                                                        22 SAMUEL ELISHA (4) LATTA

Issac S. (3) Samuel (1) James (1). Born Aug. 11, 1822 at Geneva, NY.; d. January 12, 1911; m. Orpha Elizabeth Gorton of Friendship, N.Y. September 18, 1844. She was born
April 25, 1826 and died July 20, 1909. Farmer. Implement and carriage trade.

Seven children:
50 EMMIT GIRDELL (5) b. May 28, 1849 in Wirt Township, Allegany County, NY; d. April 10, 1925 in Syracuse, NY.
52 SAMUEL S. (5) b. Aug. 28, 1854; d. 1915.
160 FANNIE LILLIE (5) b. at Friendship, N.Y. June 30, 1856; d. May 2, 1932; m. Frank Hinman at Friendship, N.Y. January 16, 1879. In 1922 lived at Rochester, N.Y. One child:
*1) Pearl Latta Hinman, Born: November 16, 1887. Married: U.G. Dustine January 1, 1912.
161 FRANK FREMONT (5) b. at Friendship, N.Y. October 29, 1860; d. Nov. 23, 1933; m. Frances Tattersall November 5, 1917. She was born at Glasgow, Scotland 188_, and
died in 1923 at Long Beach, Calif. No children. He was asst. cashier Merchants National Bank, Wadena, Minn.
162 GEORGE CLINTON (5) b. November 18, 1862 at Friendship, N.Y.; d. May 18, 1904. No children. Locomotive Engineer on Erie Railroad. Lived at Hornellsville, N.Y. (see chicken story below)
53 SHERIDAN GORTON (5) b. June 19, 1867.

Allegany County Reporter, Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY - Thursday, Feb. 11, 1892

"A Chicken Case - Police Justice Torrey on Monday decided his famous chicken suit in favor of G. C. Latta, of Hornellsville. It seems from the facts sworn to that sometime ago, Latta let Otto Beever have a couple of Healthwood game hens to keep for him. Latta was to have two settings of eggs. The eggs were not forthcoming, neither were the hens when he wanted them, so he complained to Justice Torrey that the official gave Officer Sweeney a search warrant. The birds were found in Wm. Beever's barn and were given into the tender care of the officer till the case could be decided. His Honor, after hearing the testimony gave the fighters to Mr. Latta and that individual is now happy."

                                                                                                 23 JOSIAH REED (4) LATTA

Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Geneva, N.Y. April 11, 1825; d. at Friendship, N.Y. January 15, 1911; m. Amarilla Lloyd at Friendship, N.Y. February 15, 1885. Farmer. Two children:
163 ELIZA (5) b. at Friendship, N.Y. Lived here 1804; d. 1855.
164 JUDSON COBURN (5) b. at Friendship, N.Y. November 6, 1864; m. Mary Smalley at Friendship, N.Y. Farmer. In 1923 lived at Friendship.

                                                                                                  24 MOSES (4) LATTA

James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born at Bloomfield, N.Y. August 23, 1819; m. twice. First to Martha Sherwood May 6, 1841. She was born May 8, 1820. Died February 15, 1849.
Second wife, Serina Freelove, February 18, 1851. Railroad man. In 1904 lived at Wortendyke, N.J. Ten children.
Children by His first wife:
54 JAMES N. (5).
165 RUDOLPH S. (5) b. January 10, 1844.
166 SARAH JANE (5) b. October 7, 1846; m. Elbert Cone December 11, 1872. One child: *1) Eugene G. Cone, Born:1873. Married: Reba Frazer April 29, 1902.
167 MELINDA (5) b. September 25, 1846; m. Levi Terwilliger January 11, 1873.  Three children: *1) Rachel Terwilliger. *2) Arthur Terwilliger. *3) Martha Terwilliger.

Children by His second wife:
55 ELMER M. (5).
168 AMANDA (5) b. November 22, 1853.
169 JESSIE ANN (5) b. June 24, 1860; d. September 1891; m. Frederick Brauer November 12, 1882. He died August 1895. Four children: *1) Frederick Brauer.
*2) Jane Brauer. *3) William Brauer. *4) Blanch Brauer.
170 WILLIAM (5) b. October 10, 1863.

                                                                                                  25 ELMER MILLSPAUGH (4) LATTA

James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born August 6, 1825 at Shawangunk, Ulster Co., N.Y. Twin with Amanda. Married Louise Hollister, September 20, 1853. She was born April 29, 1936 at Caroline, N.Y. She was the Daughter of Timothy and Harriet Coon Hollister. He served in the Civil War. In 1869 was caption of A Co. 50th N.Y. National Guard. Member Board of Trustees, Ithica, N.Y. Ice dealer.

One child:
171 FRANK ELMER (5) b. January 1, 1855; d. April 10, 1879.

1880 Census - Ithaca, NY - Latta, Elmer M., 50, ice dealer, Latta, Louisa, age 44, Burdett Ross, 21

                                                                                                      26 JAMES N. (4) LATTA

James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born June 19, 1834 at Shawangunk, N.Y.; m. Jane Goodrich. In 1904 lived at New Lathrop, Mich. Miller.

Two children:
172 CHARLES (5) b. June 4, 1856.
173 LOUISE (5) b. June 20, 1861.

                                                                                          27 ALFRED CRAWFORD (4) LATTA

James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born June 4, 1938; d. April 12, 1898 at Newburg, N.Y.; m. Louise H. Brady July 1, 1871. Bookkeeper. Enlisted in I Co. 85th N.Y. Infantry
December 4, 1863. Transferred to G Co. 5th N.Y. Veteran Reserve Corps June 2, 1864. Was captured August 19, 1864 and confined at Libby, Belle Isle and Salisbury prisons. Was released and reached Union lines March 2, 1865.

Three children:
174 A. SHERBURN (5) b. June 2, 1875; m. Bertha Baxter December 17, 1902. Lived in Jersey City, N.J.
175 MABEL LOUISE (5) b. October 6, 1878. Milliner.
176 ETHEL (5) b. February 5, 1883.

                                                                                             28 FRANK POMEROY (5) LATTA

John A. (4) Samuel (3) James (2) James (1). Born July 31, 1853 at Brockport, N.Y.; d. May 20, 1884; m. Lena Stickney. Was shoe dealer at Brockport, N.Y.

Two children:
177 JOHN WHITE (6) b. at Brockport, N.Y. January 4, 1871; d. September 23, 1931.  Killed in automobile accident near Bergen, N.Y.; m. Sophia Gould Anderson, February 27, 1906. She was born August 31, 1871 and died September 24, 1923. She was the daughter of John A. and Sophia B.G. Anderson. Had a Insurance business at Easton, Pa. No children.
178 MARY ELIZABETH (6) b. May 6, 1880; killed in automobile accident near Bergen, N.Y. (with brother John???); m. Alfred S. Reynolds March 22, 1900. Lived at Rochester, N.Y.

                                                                                             29 WILLIAM JOHN (5) LATTA

Benjamin (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born June 26, 1843 in Erie Co., N.Y. Died in 1924. Served in 40th Wis. Vols in Civil War. Volunteered at the age of 18 and served in the Fife and Drum Corps. Honorably discharged in 1866; m. Emma M. Schutt on October 24, 1869. She was Born: March 1851 in Indiana. He was a Farmer. They bought land on Townline Road, east of Highway 140, built a home and raised their family. In 1911, sold the farm and moved into the Covert house in Clinton, Wisconsin. Later moved to 404 Highland Avenue in Clinton and lived there until their deaths. Emma died in 1945. See pictures of this family at

179 ARTHUR W. (6) b. January 25, 1871; m. Myrtle Hartshorn. [Was she a sister to Hattie Hartshorn who married #184 Fred Latta below?] Lived Beloit, Wis. They had four children, Leta, Glenn, who was killed in an accident at age 20; Katherine and Jane.
180 BENJAMIN (6) b. May 25, 1872; m. Nettie Wood. Children: Blanch, Dorris, Ralph, Gladys, and Kenneth. They lived on the home farm for many years before moving to Clinton.
181 EDITH (6) b. June 1, 1879; m. Ed Page. Graduated from Clinton High School in 1899 and from Beloit College in 1903. She became a teacher of mathematics in Evansville and Superior, WI. Her husband was a grain inspector. They had one daughter, Priscilla, and one son, John. Lived at Superior, Wis.
182 HOMER S. (6) April 26, 1876; m. Rose Christman in 1900. Five children, Amaretta van Epps (b. 1903), Dora Plautz, Wallace and Ruby.
183 CLAUDE ELMER (6) b. October 10, 1877; m. Susan Schwartz. Lived at Elkhorn, Wis. Had 7 children, two of which were Edith Kramer of Beloit, WI and Orville Latta of Elkhorn.
184 FRED LYNN (6) b. December 30, 1883; m. Hattie Hartshorn. They had one daughter, Florence McKinney Thorson, who lives in Beloit, WI.
185 NINA (6) b. May 22, 1886; m. Elmer E. Smith. Nina graduated from Clinton High School and later from Stout University. She and her husband lived in Milwaukee, WI. Several years after Elmer's death, she married Glen Stron. They moved to Florida and lived there the rest of their lives.
186 ANNA (6) b. July 8, 1887. m. Frank Johnson. They lived in Wabasha, MN until he entered the infantry in World War I. She later married a Mr. Bowen, and after his death, she lived in Clinton, WI, where she managed a neighborhood store on the corner of Church and Highway 15.
187 LLOYD L. (6) b. April 10, 1893. Served in World War I, where he became a sergeant. Never married, lived the rest of his life with his mother.

                                                                                              30 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (5) LATTA

Benjamin (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Bradford, Wis. August 17, 1845; m. Frankie Sampson of Albany, N.Y. November 15, 1874. Graduate N.Y. Law School. Practiced
law several years at Dodge Center, Minn. Was District Attorney at Center. In 1904 practiced law at St. Paul, Minn. His biography can be seen at

188 MAMIE (6) b. 1876; m. J. Kelley.
189 MINNIE (6) b. 1886.

                                                                                          31 GEORGE WASHINGTON (5) LATTA

Benjamin (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Bradford, Wis. July 29, 1851; m. Rachel Ann Lawton of Albion, Wis. October 1, 1878. Her family D.A.R. No. 48264, Antigo,
Wis. Graduate Law Department State University at Madison, Wis. Practiced law at Shawano, Wis. 1874. District Attorney, Shawano Co., Wis. in 1877-1978 and at Langlade Co., Wis. 1881-1885. Member of Langlade Co. Board for 3 years. City attorney of Antigo, Wis. for one term. Member of Assembly 1894. Re-elected 1896. Tax title litigation specialty. In 1904 lived at Antigo, Wis.

Three children:
190 MAUD ABIGAIL (6) b. October 17, 1879. Graduate Univ. of Wis. and in 1904 teaching languages at Bayfield, Wis. Took post graduate work at Bryn Mayr College, Pa. D.A.R.
No. 49601, Antigo, Wis.
191 GRACE DEBORAH (6) b. April 26, 1883. Graduate University of Wis. D.A.R. No. 88197, Antigo, Wis.
192 GEORGIANNA W. (6) b. July 6, 1886.

                                                                                                         32 DARIUS KNIGHT (5) LATTA

Benjamin (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Bradford, Wis. March 24, 1854; m. Carrie Hartshorn December 29, 1880. Farmer.  In 1904 owned and lived on the old homestead at Clinton, Wisconsin, where he was born.

Four children:
193 WARREN (6) b. November 5, 1882. In 1904 student at University of Wis.; m. Julia Marion Scott. Had three daughters.

194 LOLA (6) b. July 5, 1884. In 1904 student at Normal School. Milwaukee. l

195 LILLIAN (6) b. May 19, 1886. Graduate Clinton High School.
196 FAY (6) b. July 6, 1888; served in WWII.


                                                                                                     33 EUGENE (5) LATTA

James (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born 1844; m. Ann Hope 1867. Farmer.

197 CHARLES (6) b. October 1872; d. February 23, 1891.

                                                                                                       34 AMOS B. (5) LATTA

James (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born 1846; m. Sarah Ashley, March 4, 1872. She was born May 5, 1851. She was the Daughter of John VanAlstine and Charlotte Ellsworth
Ashley of Battle Creek, Mich. He enlisted in F Co. 3d Mich. Cav. February 24, 1864 at Kalamazoo, Mich. age 16. Mustered in Feb. 25, 1864 for three years. Mustered out at San
Antonio, Texas February 12, 1866. In 1904 lived at Pine Bluff, Calif. In 1896 lived at Lowell, Mich.

Three children:
198 JAMES N. (6) b. abt. 1875 in Michigan.
199 BERTHA M. (6) b. abt. 1881 (twin to Grace?).
200 GRACE C. (6) b. abt. 1881 (twin to Bertha?).


1900 Census, ED 29 Portland Village, Ionia, MI
Amos Latta, 55, b. NY, day laborer
Sarah L. Latta, 52, b. MI
James N. Latta, 25, son, b. MI, painter
Bertha M.Latta, 19, dau, b. MI
Grace C. Latta, 19, dau., b. MI
Hiram Chapman, 26, b. NY, boarder, cabinet maker



                                                                                                 35 FRANKLIN HILL (5) LATTA

Alfred (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born July 18, 1851 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Kittie Upton of Battle Creek, Mich. (niece of Gen. Upton U.S.A.) November 10, 1881. Her D.A.R.
No. is 58382, Battle Creek, Mich. Was postmaster at Battle Creek, Mich. Hardware and implement business. He is mentioned in "Men Who Made Progress in Michigan."

One child:
201 BELLE (6) b. May 20, 1886 at Battle Creek, Mich.

                                                                                              36 WILLARD ALBERT (5) LATTA

Albert (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born October 6, 1848 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Augusta E. Miller at Orleans, Neb. April 30, 1882. Farmer. Lived at Orleans in 1906.

Six children:
202 GEORGE WILLARD (6) b. June 26, 1883.
203 MYRON ALBERT (6) b. November 9, 1884.
204 FRANK EDWARD (6) b. January 11, 1887.
205 CHARLES DELACY (6) b. August 30, 1891.
206 CLARA MINNIE (6) b. August 27, 1895.
207 LE ROY (6) b. July 10, 1897.

                                                                                                  37 MYRON ORTON (5) LATTA

Albert (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born August 12, 1850 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Alice M. Goddard March 21, 1878 at Oshtemo, Mich. Farmer. In 1906 lived at Kalamazoo,

Three children:
208 GRACE MAY (6) b. January 14, 1879.
209 ALBERT ELMER (6) b. March 11, 1881; d. August 11, 1898 by accident in a runaway.
210 FLORENCE LOIS (6) b. April 12, 1885.

                                                                                              38 DELACY ALFRED (5) LATTA

Albert (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Oshtemo, Mich. April 1, 1854; d. at Griffin, Ga. September 17, 1923 of apoplexy; m. Aletha Smith Bell at Kalamazoo, Mich. May 10,
1882. Lived at Crescent City, Fla. In 1906 lived at Griffin, Ga. Bookkeeper at cotton factory.

211 BLANCHE ALETHA (6) b. July 9, 1883 at Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. Sydney C. Parker December 8, 1903 at Griffin, Ga. She graduated with first honors Brenau Conservatory of Music at Gainesville, Ga. December 8, 1902. They lived at Millen, Ga. 1923. One son:  *1) Delacy Crawford Parker, Born: August 9, 1906.
212 CHARLES BELL (6) b. November 15, 1886 at Crescent City, Fla. In 1923 lived at Loraine, Ohio.

                                                                                                       39 WALTER (5) LATTA

Albert (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born August 10, 1856 at Oshtemo, Mich.; m. Mina Jones December 23, 1880. Lived at Crookston, Minn. 1906. Farmer.

213 LOIS LORA (6) b. January 26, 1882.
214 TEMPE EDITH (6) b. July 11, 1883.
215 HARLOW (6) b. September 22, 1885.
216 WALTER ELMER (6) b. September 9, 1885.

                                                                                                 40 ADDISON JULIUS (5) LATTA

Albert (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born January 8, 1859 at Oshtemo, Mich.; m. Lucella B. Washburn at Kalamazoo, Mich. March 30, 1892. Farmer. In 1906 lived at
Kalamazoo, Mich.

One child:
217 LAURA MAY (6) b. January 31, 1894.

                                                                                                       41 FRANK (5) LATTA

George (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Married. Lived near Battle Creek, Mich.
218 Unknown (6).
219 Unknown (6).

                                                                                             42 CHARLES EDWARD (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born November 25, 1850 at Lewiston, N.Y.; d. March 3, 1903; m. Etta Mott May 28, 1873. Lived at Battle Creek.

220 EDWARD (6).
221 EDITH (6) married.
222 HERBERT (6).
223 ROY (6).
224 BERTHA (6).
225 FRED (6).
226 HARRY (6).

                                                                                                   43 WILLIS FRAZER (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). {A.K.A. William, A.K.A. Bill} Born May 9, 1852 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Mary Farley August 26, 1879. Dept. Collector and Inspector U.S. Customs at Niagara Falls, N.Y. 1906.

Four children:
227 NEVA J. (6) b. September 29, 1880. Teacher.
228 FRANCIS (6) b. January 21, 1885.
229 HARRY (6) b. October 11, 1891. Traveling Salesman.
230 EARL (6) b. April 21, 1893.

                                                                                                          44 WALTER ROMAINE (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born October 20, 1853 at Lewiston, N.Y. Died: April 20, 1937 in Saratoga, CA; m. Adell Angela Bartholomew {a.k.a Delia, A.K.A.
Dolly} on January 2, 1883 in Jamestown, ND. She was Born: March 5, 1860 in Lodi, Wis. She died in 1902 in Lewiston, NY. She is buried in the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery in Lewiston, NY. He was a Builder. Lived at Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Four children:
59 GUY MILTON (6).
231 EVA ELIZABETH (6) b. June 6, 1888; m. George Coman.
232 FRANCES GLADYS (6) Born: May 10, 1889.{Also seen as: May 30, 1899} In: Model City, NY. Died: February 11, 1989. In: San Matco, CA. Married: Walter Roy Dunn, December 25, 1920 In: Los Altos, CA. He was Born: February 5, 1887. In: Ashland, Kan. Died: June 2, 1958. In: Colma, CA. One Known Child was: *1) Glen Kenneth Dunn, Born: May 10, 1923. In: Sacramento, CA. He Married: Marie Iren Backhaus, She was Born: July 4, 1926. In: Melrose, Minn. They had one known Child: Eileen Marie Dunn, Born: June 17, 1954. In: San Francisco, CA. She Married: Donald Raymond Hook, August 5, 1978. In: San Francisco, CA. He was Bron: June 3, 1950. They had 2 Children: Melissa Anne Hook, Born: June 11, 1988. & Jeffrey David Hook, Born: November 13, 1990.

Issue 46, Spring 2012 - Frances Gladys Latta Dunn, by Eileen Hook

My grandmother, Frances Gladys Latta Dunn, was born in Lewiston (Model City), New York, on May 30, 1899.  Her father, Walter Romaine Latta, was a carpenter, and her mother, Adelle Angela Bartholomew Latta, kept house.  Frances had two older brothers and one older sister.  When she was two, a younger brother was born but only lived a short while, her m other dying as well.  I remember Grandmother telling me it was the midwife's fault as she did not know her business and caused the death of both her mother and little brother.  Little Frances was left in the care of her older sister Eva, 14 years old at the time.  Their family's life in New York and later in California is told below in grandma's words. 

She loved to write and wrote many short stories, some about her own life and some about other family members. Grandma Frances died February 11, 1989 in San Mateo, California after a short illness.  She told me many times she wanted to live to the year 2000 and thus live in three centuries, but it was not to be. 

NOTE: There are 21 pages here; there is a hap between pages 10 and 17, whereabouts unknown.  If pages are found, they will be added.

An Autobiography, by Frances Gladys Latta Dunn


I met Dick [Walter R. Dunn] at the end of my first semester at U.C. in Berkeley.  That was in 1920 just before I was to take my first finals.  It was a Sunday evening when a group of mixed sexes met for a hike and picnic up behind the big "C."  I had been delayed upstairs for a few minutes so when I reached the sidewalk, the rest had all been introduced to all the others.  I joined my friends and we walked slowly toward the hill and up the slope.  I walked along behind some of the men and girls and somewhere there I said something that caused a laugh.  Dick laughed and then, as he said afterwards, he just started to follow me and never stopped.  But I was the one who followed him to the picnic spot he had chosen.  He handed me carefully across a small stream and then I saw beside him and shared my sandwiches with him.  He always said they were the best chick sandwiches he had ever eaten.  Well, that was the beginning.

I worked that summer in Berkeley, caring for some children for my board and room and a small stipend besides.  It gave us a chance to become acquainted and within two weeks, he told me he was in love.  Well, what was I to say but that I loved him too.  He was a practicing attorney in Oakland and we managed to get together at least once a week that summer.  By fall, we decided to marry but my family said not yet.  But we insisted and on Thanksgiving Day 1920, we planned a Christmas wedding.  I announced my engagement when returning to college after that short holiday.  The girls I knew who were among the eating group and the church group I associated with, gave me a towel and dust cloth shower.  I also had finals during the next few weeks, but passed them with flying colors.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred Latta lived on a ranch near Los Altos, California, and since all the immediate family was to be present for Christmas, we decided to have the ceremony there.  I recall that I have mentioned this in an earlier page so will not repeat much.  Mr.. Landels came from San Jose for the wedding ceremony and Dick and I drove him back to the station so he could spend the rest of that day with his family.  He had two sons whom I knew in high school, so it  made the ceremony a bit more friendly.  A fine dinner and then we two drove to an East Oakland Hill where he had tried to fix up an old house for me.  We worked at it and even planted a vegetable garden.  By May of 1921, we had sold our lease and went to Sacramento where he had a job as an editor of a union paper.

Then for several months, he worked in the Southern Pacific Yards as a car builder.  Some time during his early days in Sacramento, he had seen several attorneys for a possible job.  One of these was the firm of Devlin & Devlin, S. P. attorneys.  After James Robert was born in October 1921, we used some of our small savings to take a trip to L. A. and saw something of the Southland.  Returning to Sacto, and still living in a rented and furnished apartment, we began to look for another place.  Finally, we found a house with full basement on You Street which we could buy for $225 down and $30 a month.  That was just about our ability to pay then.  But as luck would have it, Mr. William Devlin called one day and asked Dick if he would come see him at his office.  this resulted in almost ten years of regular salary each month beginning at $150 per month.  It gave Dick a chance to show what he could do, in court and in writing briefs, most for S.P. cases.  He loved that work and did a good job for the next few years.  Regular raises made our life a bit easier even though we increased our family to three, with two more boys; Glen in 1923 and Donald in 1924.

During the twenties, we made a few changes in our home, raised a garden of sorts each year, built a garage, planted trees in the back yard and shade trees in front along with wisteria and hoped for shade around the house.  We also used the basement for making wine of some fine Mission grapes bought from vineyards around about.  Yes, this was in the days of Prohibition, and we were just a few of the many who made their own.  I didn't like wine then and I don't like wine now, but then it made little difference.  Most of your friends were doing the same things or worse.  When we left Sacto for the Bay Area, we had a party and used a lot of that forbidden wine for our guests, 24 of them.

Jim went to Coloma School, kindergarten, followed at intervals by Glen and  Don.  I joined the PTA and even had a baby shower before Don was born, so I must have been a member at least by 1923.  I needed friends and found them there.  Three of us became a trio, piano, violin, and cello.  Then I also had the fun of accompanying a dancer several times when she danced on programs.  I loved that.  A neighbor planned to buy a radio station located in the Senator Hotel and I was to become station pianist.  His plans fell through and so I lost out.  But our trio did play a program one night on KFBK radio.  Some comments, and we hoped for more unpaid jobs, but they seemed to fall through.  I wonder if we hadn't moved to San Mateo if my music might have been used more locally but one never knows and at this time I can only wonder.

Vacations were usually spent on camping trips.  We took off at the drop of a weekend and explored almost all of Northern California.  We found some covered bridges and fishing pools in out of the way places.  Our first camping trip was in May 1921 when Dick and I went to Placerville and asked around the road to the American River. "Pretty slick," answered a local.  It was, and we found out what he meant before coming home.  We encountered snow, fain, and very slippery roads, none paved in those days.  But we did find a good place to camp and went back in July that year to Silver Creek, staying for two weeks, catching trout each day and having a wonderful time.  We seldom went to the same place more than once although Dick did go back to that area on hunting trips later.  We learned to came with few items most folks can't do without.  But we seemed to love the primitive and gloried in it.  It wasn't until we went to Canada in 1930 that we bought our first tent and then didn't use it until about 1935 when we went to Yosemite early in the season and because of rain, we put up the tent.

Another item of interest we occupied our time with in Sacto [Sacramento] was our first boat.  Dick had played with boats as a boy and his father and he built a sailing boat on the Mississippi called "Gypsy Queen," which they sailed down the river to Memphis where Dick left it and his father because they couldn't agree on something or other.  At that tie, Dick had run away from his home, his father and California.  His father didn't want his daughter Eva nor his son to have an education.  No one knew why this was so but both children ran away and got one anyway.  Eva went to Normal School and taught school until she married.  Dick went to a preparatory school in the east and ended up at the University of Michigan where he took special work in the Law School, receiving a certificate of completion of course.  The "Gypsy Queen" was built during one vacation and Dick never lost his love of ships.  More on this later.

Our first adventure in boats was a small sixteen footer with a Star motor.  I helped by holding one end of the nail while the other end was being riveted. 



                                                                                   45 FREDERICK ERNEST (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born January 20, 1863 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Mary Elizabeth Jones. Lived in New York City.

One child:
233 WILLIS (6) b. about 1901.

                                                                                                          46 FRANK JONES (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born February 4, 1865 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Sadie Briggs. Conductor. N.P.R.R. Lived 1906 at Jamestown, N. Dak.

234 ALBERT JOHN (6) m. Alice Lavina Sawtell
235 EARL H. (6) Born: August 1890. In: N.D.
236 FRANCIS A. (or) Frankie A (6) Born: September 1893. In: N.D.
237 CRAWFORD (6) Born: 1906.

                                                                                                  47 GEORGE HENRY (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born March 2 , 1868 at Lewiston, N.Y.; m. Minnie Simmons. Farmer. Lived 1906 at Wisner, La.,

Five children:
238 HOWARD (6).
239 ETHEL (6).
240 BERNICE (6).
241 Unknown (6).
242 Unknown (6).

                                                                                                            48 HIRAM HOVEY (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born December 15, 1870 at Lewiston, N.Y.;. Died: December 6, 1937 of Cancer. Buried: Alabama, New York . He was a Civil War Vet. Honor Guard in Buffalo, NY. In 1996, Descendents of his line live in Rochester, Monroe Co. and area of NY. Married: Grace Nobel Bassom. And In 19?? , lived at Buffalo, N.Y.

Two known children:
243 RUTH (6) b. December 2, 1900.
244 NOBLE (6) b. December 2, 1902.

                                                                                                      49 HERBERT EDWIN (5) LATTA

Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born October 20, 1872; m. Marion Robinson June 19, 1900. Insurance. In 1940 lived at Niagara Falls, N.Y.

245 HARRY M.(6) b. June 8, 1901.
246 DOROTHY (6) b. December 5, 1902.


MR. AND MRS. ROBERT ROBISON McDOWELL and daughter Dorothy, of 770 Linden avenue, Moxham, are on a motor trip to the State of New York. They are at Niagara falls as the guests of the Herbert Latta family, their relatives, and will visit friends in Buffalo before returning home.

                                                                                                       50 EMMIT GIRDELL (5) LATTA

Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born May 28, 1849 at Wirt Township, Allegany Co., N.Y.; d. April 10, 1925; Wrote a book " American Descendants of James Latta" this book can be found at the state Library in Albany N.Y.; d. 1932; m. Lura Merriam Brown of Wilcox, Pa. August 27, 1879. She was born at Wilcox, Pa. April 1, 1857; d. November 19, 1921 at Syracuse, N.Y., daughter of Jefferson L. and Helen Amanda Merriam Brown. D.A.R. No. 30946. Emitt G. Latta is listed in the 1892 State Census for Friendship, Alleghany Co., NY, as Emitt G. Latta, male, age 42, birth country - U.S., occupation - "M.E.", his wife Lura M. Latta, is listed as age 33, and their children, Jefferson B. Latta, age 11, and Frank R. Latta, age 3. For biography of Emmit Girdell Latta, see { Please see the end notes for more detail}.

60 FRANK RAYMOND (6). born Friendship New York, May 15, 1888, and died Santa Rita, New Mexico, September 29, 1952. Had 3 daughters, no sons.
61 HUBERT ISAAC (6). Had 2 daughters, no sons.
247 JEFFERSON BROWN (6) b. July 30, 1880 at Friendship, N.Y.; m. Elizabeth Francis Wilson at Bellows Falls, Vt. April 28, 1899. No children. Enlisted at Buffalo, N.Y. July 29, 1898 in 202d N.Y. Vols. in Cuba. Mustered out with company at Savanna, Ga. April 15, 1899. Graduate Columbia College. Practiced medicine for twelve years in Syracuse, N.Y. Raised an Ambulance company and went to World War with rank of Caption U.S. Medical Corps. Promoted to Major for distinguished services. Organized and commanded Ambulance Pool at Brent, France with 60 motor ambulances, 400 officers and men. Received commendation from Gen. Pershing; promoted to Lieut. Colonel. In 1923 Executive Officer U.S. Veteran Hospital, No. 76, Maywood, Ills. See his biography at

                                                                                               51 ADRIAN CLARENCE (5) LATTA

Samuel E. (4) Isaac (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. December 5, 1851; d. August 26, 1926; m. Josephine Brown of Elmira, N.Y. April 6, 1887. Her D.A.R. No. is 30045, Friendship, N.Y. Patented a number of mechanical inventions. Junior member of Latta Brost. Bicycle Mfg..  Proprietor of Friendship Ginseng Gardens. Justice of the Peace at Friendship. In 1923 lived at Lakewood, Ills. Real estate.

248 ADAH ELIZABETH (6) b. September 27, 1888 at Friendship, N.Y.; m. William Corwin of Cleveland, Ohio October 29, 1926. In 1923 lived at Lakewood, Ill. Two children:
Paul Latta b. February 6,1923.
62 GORTON (6) {also seen as: Joseph Ghandi & Jo Ghandi}. b. abt. 1890 in Friendship, NY. No children.

                                                                                                       52 SAMUEL S. (5) LATTA

Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. August 28, 1854. Died at Waterloo, N.Y. May 19, 1915; m. Lowis Smalley at Wellsville, N.Y. October
1875. Machinist. Lived at Auburn, N.Y.

Two children:
249 MABEL (6) b. at Friendship, N.Y. May 27, 1879; Married: Edward Eitel of New York City July 24, 1897. Lived at Jersey City, N.J. Children: *1) Lois Elna Eitel. *2) Edward Eitel.

                                                                                              53 SHERIDAN GORTON (5) LATTA

Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. June 19, 1867; m. Helen Mar Graham of Friendship May 27, 1890. Asst. cashier J.L. Brown Banking Co.,
Wilcox, Pa. Prop. Wilcox Telephone Exchange. Lived at Wilcox. In 1923 at Glendale, Calif. See Reminicing of Sheridan Gorton Latta at

Two children:
250 ROMAYNE GRAHAM (6) b. October 22, 1897 at Olean, N.Y.
251 S. GRAHAM (6) b. June 8, 1906 at Wilcox, Pa.

                                                                                                      54 JAMES N. (5) LATTA

Moses (4) James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born June 6, 1842; m. Mary F. Haight September 10, 1870. She was born May 26, 1856. Lived at Suffern, N.Y.

252 OLIVE MAY (6) b. September 20, 1871; m. Benjamin Van Tassel March 1901. One child: *1) Roy VanTassel, Born: March 1902.
253 MARTHA E. (6) b. September 22, 1873; m. Henry Case June 7, 1895.
254 CHARLES W. (6) b. November 7, 1876. Foreman Iron Foundry, Suffern, N.Y.
255 ELMER G. (6) b. March 17, 1879. In 1906 U.S. Marine Corps, Panama.
256 SAMUEL M. (6) b. January 2, 1881. Lived at Suffern, N.Y.
257 LEO P. (6) b. September 6, 1887.
258 MARY P. (6) b. November 28, 1897.
259 MAUD (6).
260 GEORGE (6).
261 EUGENE (6).

                                                                                                    55 ELMER M. (5) LATTA

Moses (4) James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born December 1, 1851; m. Teresa McGraft May, 1890. He died August, 1895.

Two children:
262 ANNIE (6).
263 MARIA (6).

                                                                                                  56 CHARLES WESLEY (5) LATTA

Moses (4) James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born September 5, 1855; m. Harriet. Hopkins August 10, 1880 at Sussex, N.J. She was born April 5, 1884. She lived at Hamburg,
N.J. Conductor of N.Y.H.W.R.R. Lived at Wortendyke, N.J. in 1934 at Hawthorn, N.J. Retired in December 1934.

Two children:
264 ROBERT W. (6) b. June 30, 1881. Passenger conductor of N.Y.S.W.P.R. Lived at Maybrook, N.J. In 1922 at Hawthorn, N.J.
265 EDWARD CHARLES (6) Minute Man, S.A.R. Vol. 18, p. 96. Traveling salesman. In 1906 lived at Maybrook, N.J. In 1934 at Hawthorn.


                                                                                                  57 ALFRED WOOD (5) LATTA

Moses (4) James N. (3) Moses (2) James (1). Born November 2, 1869; m. Ellen Sweeney August 1892. Conductor Erie P.R.R. Lived and died in Jersey City, N.J.

Three children:
266 WILLIAM (6) b. August 1893.
267 ALFRED (6) b. 1895.
64 GEORGE J. (6).

                                                                                                            229 HARRY (6) LATTA

Willis (5) Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). b. October 11, 1891 in NY; d. ______; m. Hazel Helen Fishbach of England. Hazel's line can be traced back to English Royalty.

268 GENE IRENE (7) Living in 1996
269 JAMES DONALD (7) Born: April 26, 1915. Living in 1996.
271 LOMA (7)
272 MORRIS GERALD (7) Hit by an Automobile and died at age 10.

                                                                                                      58 ROY ROMAINE (6) LATTA

Walter R. (5) Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born April 12, 1884. Married twice. First to Louise Schacht, then to Dorothy ____. Several children.


                                                                                                      59 GUY MILTON (6) LATTA

Walter R. (5) Walter (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born November 8, 1886; m. Lois Sweitzer. Lived at San Jose, Calif. One son in 1933.


65 Unknown (7).

                                                                                                       234 ALBERT JOHN (6) LATTA

Frank J (5) Walter (4) John (3) James A (2) James (1) Born: September 13, 1888. In: Jamestown, N.D. Died: October 19, 1971. In: Yucca Valley, CA. Married: Alice Lavina Sawtell, March 3, 1910. In: N.D. She was Born: January 8, 1889. Died: October 17, 1955. In: Bellflower, LA, CA. She was the Daughter of William Sawtell & Sarah Ro(d)gers.

273 No Name, Child (7) Born: March 12, 1911. Died same day.
66 ROLLAND SAWTELL (7)Born: May 18, 1912. m. Anita Marian Willmann
67 VERNE ALLISON (7) Born: May 24, 1914. In: N.D. Died: June 5,1968.


                                                                                                60 FRANK RAYMOND (6) LATTA

Emmit G. (5) Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. May 16, 1888; m. Rhoda Lavina Stanley at Cleveland, Ohio April 13, 1912. In 1923 Supt.
Transportation N.Y. State Railways (Electric Lines). Lived at Syracuse, N.Y.

Three children:
68 JEAN STANLEY (7) b. May 16, 1914 at Utica, N.Y.
69 FRANCES BROWN (7) b. September 10, 1915 at Utica, N.Y.
70 MARGARET LAURA (7) b. March 1, 1918 at Syracuse, N.Y.


                                                                                                      61 HUBERT ISSAC (6) LATTA

Emmit G. (5) Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. March 17, 1893; m. Madeline M. Morris at Glen Haven, N.Y. October 15, 1913. Owner Latta
Fruit & Poultry Farm, Red Creek, N.Y.

Two children:
71 LURA VIRGINIA (7) b. at Warners, N.Y. July 14, 1914.
72 LORAINE IDA (7) b. at Utica, N.Y. April 1, 1918.


                                                                                              62 GORTON (JO GHANDI) (6) LATTA

Adrian C. (5) Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Married Edith Adah Sutton at Lockport, N.Y. June 27, 1923. World War veteran. Lived at Lockport, N.Y.
No Children.


                                                                                                     63 CLYDE SMALLEY (6) LATTA

Samuel s. (5) Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born at Friendship, N.Y. July 5, 1876; m. Alberta Blackman of Fredonia, N.Y. August 29, 1897. Clerk. Lived at
Fredonia, N.Y. and in 1923 at Los Angles, Calif. A man named Clyde Latta died in the Morro Castle Steamship disaster off N.J. September 8, 1934. He was Chief Steward's Clerk, Ward Steamship Line, New York City. As both these men were clerks, it may have been Clyde Smalley Latta or his son.

Two children:
73 WINNIFRED IRENE (7) b. at Friendship, N.Y. January 1, 1899.
74 CLYDE (7) b. at Fredonia, N.Y. April 4, 1900.

                                                                                                    64 GEORGE J. (6) LATTA

Alfred W. (5) Moses (4) James N. (3) Moses (2) James 91). Born at Jersey City, N.J. February 17, 1876; m. Grace M. Heaton at Arniston, Ala. August 15, 1918. In 1932 lived at
Dallas, Texas.

One child:
75 MARY ELLEN (7) b. at Oxford, Ala. December 14, 1919.

                                                                                                       66 ROLLAND SAWTELL (7) LATTA

Albert J (6) Frank J (5) Walter (4) John (3) James A (2) James (1) Born: May 18, 1912. In: Edgeley, N.D. Died: January 4, 1971. In: Torrance, CA. Married: Anita Marian Willmann,
November 11, 1940. She was Born: November 11, 1920. In: Bismarck, N.D. Living in 1996. She is the Daughter of Paul Willmann & Anna Marguerite Schulz Clark.

76 DAVID ROSS (8) Born: August 19, 1951. m. 2 or 3 times
77 BRUCE ROLLAND (8) Born: October 25, 1943. m. Helen Kane
78 JANIS RENEE (8) Born: November 18, 1947. m. Arthur Aaron Prickett

                                                                                               76 DAVID ROSS (8) LATTA

Rolland S (7) Albert J (6) Frank J (5) Walter (4) John (3) James A (2) James (1) Born: August 19, 1951. In: Long Beach, CA. Living in UT in 1996. Married: Lynne Anne Hansen, September 20, 1956. In: Lompoc, Santa Barbara, CA. Married 1 or 2 more times.

Children with Lynne;
79 CHRISTOPHER ALAN (9) Born: October 17, 1978.
80 BETHANY MICHELE (9) Born: May 28, 1980.
81 SAMUEL DAVID (9) Born: February 5, 1983. In: Salt Lake City, UT. Died the same day.



This is one of 49 different branches of the Latta family compiled and written by Robert H. Latta, attorney at law, Denver, Colorado. This is branch No. 4. I was maternally aided in this
branch by Emmit G. Latta of Syracuse, N.Y. family 50. And aided to a lesser extent by various other persons too numerous to mention.

See family No. 1, and next page for possible connection with branch No. 3.


1930's Note: Taken from;
Frank F. Latta, family 22, said there was a tradition in his family that several Latta brothers and their sons ran a flouring mill at Donegal and Londonderry, Ireland. They owned a couple of small schooners and delivered the flour around the British Isles and sometimes across the channel to the continent. About the middle of the 18th century they decided to bring a ship load of flour to America. Five brothers and a small crew brought the flour to the Atlantic coast where it was disposed of. Three of the brothers stated here. A few years later five more brothers, and probably cousins, came to America to stay. "The above, in substance, is confirmed by Emmet G. Latta, family 50, who wrote a short history of this branch. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of 1 James knew the names of only two brothers, James and Samuel. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of Moses knew only that he came from the North of Ireland with two brothers, James and Samuel. Moses died when his children were young: they knew but little about him. The descendants of James and Samuel have always known each other, but had no knowledge of Moses or any other brothers, but Emmit G. Latta found some of the descendants of Moses. He thought that one or two generations were skipped between 1 James and 2 James. As there is a question as to the date of birth of 1 James, some members of branch No. 3 believe that 1 James must have been born about 1716, which would make him 32 years of age when his son, 2 James was born. They think that 1 James was of branch No. 3, and that he was born between 3 Moses and 4 Samuel, of branch No. 3. Members of branch No. 3 lived at Wallkill, N.Y. about the time of 1 James, above, branch No. 4. See my Book of Possible Connections for further proof that the two branches should be united. All that is needed is the missing link.


1930's Note from;
The name of James Latta appears as some of twelve on the "Committee of Safety and Observation" May 8, 1775, at New Windsor, Orange Co., N.Y. Precinct of Hanover. Reference: History of Orange Co., N.Y. by Ruttenburg & Clark, Vol. 1, pp. 65, 235, 376. Dry goods merchant. He lived at Wallkill, N.Y. up to 1778, then went to New Windsor, N.Y. Was in the same business until the close of the Revolutionary war. In 1789 he bought 1200 acres of wild land of Phelps & Gorham, above five miles west of Geneva, near Seneca, N.Y. and became a pioneer. He had a large farm, and lived there until the death of his wife, July 3, 1807. In 1808 he sold out and lived with his son, John, at Lewiston, N.Y. until his death November 13, 1818. Dates of James Latta and his children taken from his Bible record in possession of: Mrs. Lelia Lowery, family 7, of Harrison Valley, Pa. Route 1. She is the grand daughter of William J. (3) Latta.
It is thought that the following is 2 James (2) Latta.
Taken from N.Y. Gen. & Bio. Record, p. 306, Par. 2.
"The Paymaster General was at Philadelphia, and the N.Y. Land Office was in New York City after the peace, and Michael Connelly, brevetted Captain, in 1783, served as
Regimental Agent for some years after the disbanding of the army. The day Washington entered New York City from Harlem, while Carlton and the British embarked from the Battery
(November 25, 1783), Capt. Connelly established himself in business at 21 (Water St.?) opposite the Coffee House Bridge, where he, Robert Nesbit, and some other officers (two appears to have been James Latta, of New Windsor, and Pierre Reginer de Roussy), established a commission and vendue business, reminding the public in their advertisements of their services in the late war."


1930's Note from:
James (1). Born in No. of Ireland in 1760; d. at Montgomery, N.Y. in 1790; m. Elizabeth Carmen of Montgomery about 1780. Came to America with two brothers, James and Samuel, as early as 1772. Private in 2d Reg. N.Y. Art. in the Revolutionary War, under Capt. Thomas Theo Bliss, Col. John Lamb and Maj. Sebastian Bauman. See "New York in the Revolution," by James A. Roberts, pp. 61-64. The muster rolls are recorded as "Maj. Brown's Detachment," and is mentioned in "gen. Arnold's Regiment." The fact that the "Green Mountain Boys," under Gen. Ethan Allen, were at Quebec in 1776, that this detachment was there in 1776, confirms the belief that soldiers of its rolls were a part of this historic branch. It reads, "The Line-Artillery, 2d Reg." The name of Moses Latta is in the list. Mason by trade. He owned the land where Geneva now stands, and built the first house there. He did not live to bring his family there.


1930's Notes from;

James (2) James (1). Born at Wallkill, N.Y. April 14, 1776; d. at Charlotte (Rochester),
N.Y. February 4, 1827; m. twice. Name of first wife, Mary ____, unknown, by whom he had one daughter, who died young. Second wife: Lydia Arnold (daughter of Daniel and Esther Fox Arnold) at Geneva, N.Y. May 12, 1806 and soon after settled at Charlotte (now Rochester), N.Y. She was born at East Haddam, Conn. January 19, 1786, and died at Charlotte November 26, 1866. (For the ancestry of Lydia Arnold, and her children, through two of the "Mayflower"
pilgrims, and back of them through William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, the Vikings, and the present Royal family of England, and her relationship to six presidents, Adams (father and son), Taylor, Grant, Taft and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, see Note of last page of this branch, No. 4. Related also to King Robert Bruce of Scotland. In the War of 1812, a British sentinel paced up and down the hall one night in the home of Samuel and Lydia Arnold Latta, and she was taken with a friend to the guard house by a British soldier. The story of Guernsey & Bushnell was seized, and a receipt was given George C. Latta, the clerk, who thought it was a one sided business deal. The day after their marriage they went to the village (now Rochester) at the mouth of the river, and erected a house the S.E. corner of Broadway, now Lake Ave. and Latta Road. A portion of the house in 1934 was standing there. They were grantors of land in 1811 and 1812 and Samuel was grantee of land in Monroe Co. in 1809. This land extended along the Latta Road from Samuel Latta's home to the Port of Rochester. At the foot of this street on the Genesee River was the boat landing known as Latta's Landing.
After the death of Samuel, Lydia married: John Beals, of Grace Tp. History of Monroe Co., N.Y. p. 204, pub. 1877: "The village of Charlotte is located near the mouth of Genesee River, in the town of Greece. The most prominent of the first settlers was Samuel Latta, who came from Geneva, N.Y. in 1796, as agent for Phelps & Gorham in the sale of lands. He was appointed the first Collector of the Port of Genesee by President Jefferson, January 17, 1808. He was one of the master spirits for Charlotte Harbor." The original appointment as Collector is in the possession of Mrs. Kata Kinner, daughter of Esther Agnes Latta Deyo, daughter of Samuel Latta.


1930's Notes on;

Samuel E. (4) Isaac S. (3) Samuel (2) James (1). Born May 28, 1849 at Friendship, N.Y.; m. Lura Merriam Brown of Wilcox, Pa. August 27, 1879. She was born at Wilcox, Pa. April 1, 1857; died November 19, 1921 at Syracuse, N.Y. Daughter of Jefferson L. and Helen Amanda Brown. D.A.R. No. 30946. For her lineage see Genealogy of Rasselas W. Brown and Mary Potter Brown in Colorado State Library. In the history of the Brown family it says that Emmit Latta came from a line of distinguished soldiers in all the Colonial and Indian wars. Veteran Civil War. Enlisted in Battery A, 1st U.S. Art. re-enlisted in I Co. 19th N.Y. Cav. He also served in the regular army at the close of the Civil War in the 4th U.S. Infantry. Senior member of Latta Bros. bicycle mfg. Vice President Citizens National Bank of Friendship, N.Y. Vice President Reliance Shoe Co. of Friendship, N.Y. Vice President Brown Bankin Co. of Wilcox, Pa. Member of Brown, Latta & Condon, real estate, Wilcox, Pa. Vice President of Bale St. Paul Lumber Co. of St. Pauls Bay, P.Q. Canada. Was 1st Vice President of Board of Trustees when Friendship was incorporated. War President Board of Education for over ten years. Had 176 patents granted him in the U.S. Patent Office for mechanical inventions. In 1922 he lived at Syracuse, N.Y. He compiled a short history of the Latta family.
{ 1996 update: Emmit, along with his father Samuel, mother Orpha and brother Adrian, were one of the first to build a home in the town now called Lily Dale, NY. This town was built on a new way of religious thinking, the founders called themselves " Free-Thinkers" a religious belief which helped form what is now known as "Spiritualism"}


I think that I have discovered the brother of 1 James (1) Latta of his branch (No. 4), it is in Branch No. 3. Which commences as follows:

2 ____ (1) LATTA,
Born in or near Londonderry, Ireland. Had a number of children. Two were Samuel and Moses. I have a short history of Samuel but no history of Moses. I think that Moses belongs to
branch No. 3 (see note at the end of this sheet.)

____ (1). Born in or near Londonderry, Ireland; m. MARY McCOBB in Ireland. At least five children, Samuel and James lived near Geneseo, N.Y. William married Elizabeth Rankin and lived and settled in Pa. Mary married Robert Glenn. This is branch No. 3. Now for the connection: In a book entitled "Calendar of Wills," on file in the office of Clerk and Recorder of Court of Appeals, of County Clerk, Albany, N.Y. and Secretary of State, 1626-1836, I find the following: "McCOBB, James of Handover Prect., Ulster Co. Merchant. Wife Jane. Daughters Elizabeth, MARY, and Jane. James McClaghry, Jr. Father William McCOBB in Ireland. Samuel son John Finley. George son of Alexander Trimble. James Latta, Trustees JAMES WILKINS and Thomas Beatty of the NEW WALKILL meeting house. Father-in-law Patrick McClaghry.  Real and Personal estate. Executors the wife, GEORGE CLINTON, and James Buckley. 
Witnesses Robert McCuchen, Andrew Willson and James McClaughry, yeomen. "This book gives a number of Wills, of which this Will is No. 1181. It also says "(M73) 1774, June 23, September 19."
In N.Y. Historical Society, Vol. 8, p. 204, abstract of Wills, "James NcCobb, Handover, Ulster Co. leaves to James Latta L20, Moses Latta L5. These were sons of Samuel and Mary
McCOBB Latta, mentioned above. I do not see why MOSES LATTA was not mentioned in the "Calendar of Wills".
In Branch No. 4, 2 JAMES (2) LATTA settled at Walkill, N.Y. as early as 1772, and married there in 1773. His two brothers were Samuel and Moses. He had a son William, and a
daughter Mary. These names are all found in branch No. 3, above, as the children of Samuel and Mary McCOBB Latta.
When Mary, daughter of James (2) Latta, in branch 4, sought refuge in Geneseo, N.Y. during the War of 1812, when the British burned them out, what was more natural than she went to her relatives. In branch No. 3, the children of Samuel and Mary McCOBB Latta lived there or near there, at the same time. GEORGE CLINTON of the Will was evidently a trusted friend of James McCOBB as he made George Clinton one of his executors. In branch No. 4 James (2) Latta had a warm friend in GEORGE CLINTON, because he named a son after him. These are more than co-incidences.  See also loose-leaf black covered book, entitled "Possible Connection," for these and other
See also family No. 1, this branch.


The record of Lydia Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4, family 5, was furnished me by Mrs. Walter I. Fuller, grand-daughter of Esther Agnes Latta Deco, who was the daughter of Samuel and Lydia Arnold Latta. Except when otherwise stated it was taken from the Denver Post Sunday Magazine section, December 10 & 17, 1933.
Richard Warren was a well-to-do merchant of Greenwich, England, near London. He joined the Pilgrims when they came: from Leyden, Holland, to while the "Mayflower" was
outfitting at Plymouth, England. He married Elizabeth ____ in England. She came to join him in the "Ann" with their five daughters. Their two sons were born in America. Richard was the only one whose name was written "Mr." in the original records. Their children were: (1) Mary, who died after September 13, 1678. In 1628-1629 she had married Robert Barnett. Their children were Benjamin, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mercy and Lydia. (1) Ann married Thomas Little, April 19, 1633. Children Ruth, Hannah, Patience, Isaac, Mercy, Ephraim, Thomas and Samuel. (3) Sarah married John Cooke. (4) Elizabeth married Richard Church. Children: Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Caleb, Charles, Priscilla, Abigail, Richard, Sarah, Lydia, Deborah, Mary. (5) Abigail, married Anthony Snow. (6) Nathaniel, married Sarah Walker. Children: Richard, Jabez, Sarah, Hope, Jane, Elizabeth, Alice, Mercy (b. February 20, 1657-1658, who married Jonathan Delano, ancestors of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt), Nathaniel, Mary, John and James. (7) Joseph married Priscilla France. Children: Mercy, Abigail, Joseph, Patience, Elizabeth and Benjamin.-- "Mayflower" Descendants and their marriages for two generations.
The name Warren was derived from the Manor of William, Earl Warren, fief of Warrenne.  He was a Norman Baron of Dutch extraction. Was with William the Conqueror when he invaded England in 1066 and fought at the battle of Hastings. He was rewarded with riches shorn from the Saxons. Then King Richard left to visit Normandy, Earl Warren was appointed one of two guardians of the kingdom. From this ancestry, the Warrens are followed down through earls, knights and commoners, to America. Richard Warren was the first to settle in America. -- "Descendants of George Wheeler and John Warren." Richard Warren, London haberdasher, licensed to marry Elizabeth Evans, of St. Mildred
Poultry, January 1, 1592-1593 at St. Leonard's Shoreditch. Another Richard Warren married Margery Jordon, September 1, 1606, at St. Martin's in-the-Field. It is supposed that Richard the Pilgrim could have been one of these. -- "English Ancestry and Homes of Pilgrim Fathers," by Charles E. Banks, member of Massachusetts Historical Society."
He could not have married Margery Jordon, as she married a Richard Warren 14 years after Elizabeth Evans married a Richard Warren. And at that time the Pilgrim's wife, Elizabeth, was living.

From Richard Warren to Lydia Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4, family 5:
1. RICHARD WARREN sailed from England in the "Mayflower" in 1620, and was one of the signers of the "Compact" while in Cape Cod Harbor, Mass. He was the only one
whose name was written "Mr." in the original records. He must have been a man of prominence and importance. He died in 1628. He was a "man of integrity, justice and uprightness, of piety and serious religion." His wife was Elizabeth ___, who with their five daughters came to American the "Ann" in 1623. She was a woman of and social position, and is spoken of as Mistress Elizabeth Warren. Their son:
2. NATHANIEL WARREN, was born at Plymouth, Mass. in 124, and died 1667.
He was one of the first born children in the colony. He married Sarah Walker, November 19,
1645. She died at Plymouth, Mass. November 24, 1700. (For a list of their children see page. 1.
Their daughter .
3. ALICE WARREN, born at Plymouth, Mass. August 2, 1656. Married Thomas
Gibbs of Sandwich, Mass. December 23, 1674. Their daughter.
4. ABIGAIL GIBBS, born at Plymouth, Mass., August 2, 1656. Married Jireh, Swift
(son William and Ruth Swift) November 26, 1697. He died April 1749, at Wareham, Mass. aged
84. Had twelve children. Their daughter:
5. ALICE SWIFT, born July 23, 1698; m. James Crocker November 21, 1721. She died July 15, 1783 in Connecticut. He was born at Barnstable, Mass. September 3, 1699, and
died November 7, 1785. Their daughter:
6. ABIGAIL CROCKER, born at Barnstable, Mass. September 19, 1724; m. twice.
First to John Williams, February 23, 1744. Second wife to Enoch Arnold, April 23, 1755. She died 1771. He was born September 1716 and died April 8, 1795. Their son:
7. DANIEL ARNOLD, born at East Haddam, Conn. June 9, 1757, and died March
1813; m. Esther Fox in 1781. She was born 1757 and died June 3, 1833, daughter of Ebenezer
and Esther Purple Fox. Their daughter:
8. LYDIA ARNOLD, born at East Haddam, Conn. January 19, 1786, and died
November 26, 1866 at Charlotte (Rochester, N.Y. She married SAMUEL LATTA, May 12,
1800, who was born at Walkill, N.Y. April 14, 1776, and died at Charlotte (Rochester), N.Y.
February 4, 1827. He was the son of James and Sarah Jackson Latta. See branch No. 4, family 5, for descendants of Samuel and Lydia Arnold Latta.
References: N.E. Hist, and Gen. Register, Vol. 55, 1901, pp. 70-78, (p. 77, Alice
Warren), William Swift and his descendants to the 6th generation, by Eben Swift, p. 25, Ref. to James Crocker, p. 36. Also pp. 340-341-342, of the Warren family, by Rev. Thomas Warren.
Revolutionary record of JAMES LATTA, father of SAMUEL LATTA, above: The name
of James Latta appears as one of twelve on the "Committee of Safety and Observation," May 8, 1773, at New Windsor, Orange Co, N.Y. Precinct of Hanover. Ref. History of Orange Co., N.Y. by Ruttenburg & Clark, Vol. 1, pp. 65-235-376.


From JOHN HOLLAND to Lydia Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4,
family 5.
1. JOHN HOLLAND born in England, 1592. Came to America on the "Mayflower"
in 1620. Died February 23, 1673, aged 81 years. Married Elizabeth Tilley in 1623. She died
December 21, 1687. Their son:
2. JOHN HOLLAND JR. born at Plymouth, Mass. February 24, 1627. Married
Mary Lee October 26, 1651, daughter of Robert and Mary Lee. They settled at Barnstable, Mass.
No record of their deaths. Their daughter:
3. HANNAH HOLLAND born May 15, 1861. Married Jonathan Crocker May 20,
1686. He was born at Barnstable, Mass. July 15, 1662. Their son:
4. JAMES CROCKER born September 3, 1699 at Barnstable, Mass. Died at
Colchester, Conn. November 7, 1785. Married Alice Swift November 2, 1721. She was born at
Sandwich, Mass. July 23, 1698 and died January 15, 1783, daughter of Jireb and Abigail Gibbs
Swift. Their daughter:
5. ABIGAIL CROCKER born at Colchester, Conn. March 22, 1724. She died in
1771. Married twice. First to John William February 23, 1744. He died June 17, 1754. She then married Enoch Arnold April 23, 1755. He was the son of Samuel Arnold and was baptized at East Haddam, Conn. September 9, 17 and died at Wilmington, Conn. April 8, 1795. He married three times. First to Dorothy Emmons June 16, 1743. She died June 24, 1754. He then married Abigail Crocker William April 23, 1755. She died at East Haddam, Conn. He then married Elizabeth Peepoon in 1772. She died March 25, 1800. Son by Abigail Crocker and Enoch Arnold:
6. DANIEL ARNOLD born June 9, 1757 at East Haddam, Conn. Died at Ogden,
N.Y. March 1813. Married Esther Fox, daughter of Ebenezer and Esther Purple Fox in 1781.
She died June 3, 1635 at Bergen, Genesee Co., N.Y. She was born in 1759. Their daughter:
7. LYDIA ARNOLD born at East Haddam, Conn. January 19, 1786. Died at
Charlotte (Rochester), N.Y. November 26, 1866. Married Samuel Latta May 12, 1806. He was
born April 14, 1776 at Walkill, N.Y. and died at Charlotte (Rochester), N.Y. February 4, 1827,
son of James and Sarah Jackson Latta. They had twelve children. See list of children in branch No. 4, family 5.


From RICHARD WARREN to President Ulysses S. Grant, showing relationship to Lydia
Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4, family 5.

1. Lieut. JONATHAN DELANO, son of Phillippe de la Noye, married Mercy
Warren, daughter of Nathaniel Warren, son of Richard Warren. Jonathan fought in the first war
on this continent, the Piquot War 1646. Jonathan Delano and Mercy Warren were distantly
related. They were married at Plymouth, Mass. in 1678. The spelling of De la Noye was changed in Delano. "The descendants of Phillippe de la Noye of Plymouth have the satisfaction of tracing their ancestry to the old country for a dozen centuries. They have established their full right to bear the Arms of the Delano family, which could be of no better stock." -- Appleton's
Encyclopedia of American Biography. Phillipee's grand parents were Huguenots driven from
France, and they settled in Leyden, Holland. They joined there the English refugees from
Scrooby, England and Phillippe came to America on the second ship, the "Fortune". Their son:
2. JONATHAN DELANO, JR. son of Lieut. Jonathan Delano and Mercy Warren.
Their daughter:
3. SUSANNA DELANO, daughter of Jonathan Delano, Jr., who married ____
(Noah ?) Grant. Their son:
4. NOAH GRANT, JR. Then his son:
5. JESSE ROAT GRANT. Then his son:
6. ULYSSES S. GRANT, President of the United States.


From RICHARD WARREN to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt showing relationship
to Lydia Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4, family 5 and with Pres. Ulysses S.

1. Lieut. JONATHAN DELANO, son of Phillipee de la Noye, married Mercy
Warren, daughter of Nathaniel Warren, son of Richard Warren. Jonathan Delano and Mercy
Warren were distantly related. They were married at Plymouth, Mass. in 1678. The spelling of
the name of De la Noye was changed to Delano. Phillippe came to America on the second ship,the "Fortune". Then followed their son:
2. THOMAS DELANO (1704). Then his son:
3. EPHRAIM DELANO (1735). Then his son:
4. WARREN DELANO (1779). Then his son:
5. WARREN DELANO, JR. (1809). Then is daughter:
6. SARAH DELANO (1854). Then her son:
7. FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (1854). President United States. He
descended one of the "Mayflower" passengers.
It is said that six Presidents descended from RICHARD WARREN: Adams (father and
son), Zachery Taylor, Taft, Grant and Roosevelt. This makes them all related. Also related to
Lydia Arnold Latta, wife of Samuel Latta, branch No. 4, family 5.


In an encyclopedia in the Genealogical Department, of the New York Public Library, it
says: the name De la Noye was derived from the town of Lannoy, a few miles from Lillie, France, which was settled by Danish Vikings, in the Dark Ages, and which bore the ancient Roman name of "Almetum," Its Dukes were linked with Europe's greatest royalty. Phillippe de la Noye was a direct descendant of its first Duke, Hughes de Lannoy.
It is said that the ancestors of President Roosevelt (which applies to all the others related
to Richard Warren) were Richard Plantagenet, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great. His ancestors in direct line goes back as far as Hulof, the first Viking Duke of the
Normans, who invaded England about 860 A.D.: St. Arnoul, Charlemagne's ancestor, 611 A.D.;
Gulph, Prince of the Scyrri, 476 A.D.; and Priam, King of France, 382 A.D.
The same Encyclopedia gave the Warren family six pedigrees, reaching clear back, into
early Norman and English history. Charlemagne appears in both the family trees of Warren and
Delano. This is where Mercy Warren and Lieut. Jonathan Delano were related.
Alfred the Great, England's Saxon King (849-900 A.D.) had a daughter named Elfthryfth
who married Charlemagne's great, great grandson making Alfred a Warren-Delano-Roosevelt and the others descendants of Alfred. Richard Warren's blood was a blend of the Saxon King Alfred and the Norman William the Conqueror. Richard was the ancestor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the others as old Phillippe de la Noye himself.
Richard Warren was a direct descendant through younger sons of Earls of Warren and
Surrey in England. The first Earl of Warren married Gundred, the Conqueror's daughter. Since
Gundred descended from Charlemagne, his blood flowed in Richard Warren's veins. Also since
Gundred's grandmother many generations back had been Elftrhryth, daughter of Alfred the Great, Alfred was Richard Warren's direct ancestor. And Richard Warren, through his granddaughter, Mercy Warren, was Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's ninth forebearer. And President U.S. Grant, through Mercy Warren was a descendant of Richard Warren. And Richard Warren was a direct ancestor of the other four presidents and of Lydia Arnold Latta and her children.
Ten generations back Phillippe de la Noye's direct ancestor was Arnulphe de
Franchemont, founder of the line. Hughues de Lannoy's mother's family started with Rulof, the
first Duke of the Normans, a Viking who came from the North and gained a foothold in
Normandy in 860. The line includes Norman Duke Longswords, Richard the Fearless, Robert le
Diable, and his son William the Conqueror. From William the Conqueror, De Lannoy's mother's line came on through Henry I of England and his daughter Matilda who married Geoffrey Plantagenet. Then came Henry VI who married Princess Agnes, who was a direct descendant of King Alfred the Great, Saxon King of England (849-901). Henry IV (1367-1413) who married Agnes, descended from Charlemagne, King of the Franks (768-814), and Emperor of the West (800-814) and first Emperor f the revived Roman Empire and was Charlemagne's 14th generation great grandson, which means he could trace farther back still six generations beyond Charlemagneto the latter's progemator, Pepin the Short, King of the Franks, (752-768); Charlemagne's father, Charles Martel, Frankish ruler, grandfather of Charlemagne (690-741), and St. Arnoul (611-A.D.) This line ran through Hugues Capet, King of France (987-996), and other Capetian Kings before arriving at Henry VI. Thus from St. Arnaul to Henry VI, 20 generations: from Henry VI and Agnes to Hugues de Lannoy (born in 1311), 5 generations; from Hugues de Lannoy to Phillippe de la Noye of the "Fortune", 9 generations; then to his son Lieut. Jonathan Delano who married Mercy Warren, granddaughter of Richard Warren of the "Mayflower".
RICHARD WARREN, fifteen generations between the Conquest and the "Mayflower".
Richard Warren; Christopher Warren of Headborough, England; William Warren;
Christopher Warren; John Warren, Jr. of Devonshire, England; John Warren; William Warren of Caunton, Nottinghamshire, England; Sir Lawrence Warren; John Warren, Sir Lawrence Warren whose father-in-law was ancestor of the Bulkley's of New England; Sir John Warren; Sir Edward Warren; John Warren; Sir John Warren; William Warren; Reginald Warren, 2d Earl of Warren and Surrey, who married Isabel Vermandois, Frances; William de Warren, 1st Earl of Warren and Surrey,, who married Gundred, daughter of William the Conqueror, shortly after the Conquest of England in 1066.

Now for Gundred's line back to Charlemagne:
William the Conqueror and Maud or Matilda, his queen; Baldwin V. King of Flanders;
Baldwin IV; Arnulph II; Baldwin III; Arnulph the Great; Baldwin II. who married Elfthryfth,
daughter of King Alfred the Great, King of Saxons. Seven generations of this line of Kings of
Now for Queen Elfthryfth, who married Baldwin II:
Alfred the Great, King of England, born 848; Athelwulf, King of the West Saxons; Egbert, King of the West Saxons; Eofa; Eoppa; Inglid; Cenred; Crowald; Cuthwin; Ceawlin; Cynric,
founder of the West Saxon Kingdom or Wessex--a Viking Chief who landed in England in 508.  His progenitors are not known. Twelve generations of Saxon Kings to the beginning of the line. Forty-six generations from the six presidents of the United States, and Lydia Arnold Latta to Cardic.

Now for Baldwin II back through Charlemagne:
Baldwin I and his wife Judith (1058-1118). He was King of Jerusalem, and brother of Godefroy de Boullion; Charles the Bald, Judith's father, Holy Roman Emperor and King of the
West Franks; Louis I, surnamed "The Pious"; Charlemagne, 1st Emperor of the Holy roman Empire born in 742; his father, Pepin III or Pippen the Short, King of the Franks (752-768; Charles Martel, Frankish King (grandfather of Charlemagne) who defeated the Turks at Tours, and saved the World from Mohammedamism; Pepin II, his mother was Beggs, who married Adalgiselus; Pipin I, the founder of the line. Ninth generation in line of Holy Roman Emperors.  These ancient families being royal they kept track of the family trees.

Ancestry of ISABELE de VERMANDOIS, daughter of Prince Hugh Magnus, County of Vermandois, second son of Henry I. King of France (Hugh the Great, Duke of France and
Burgandy) who married Adelheid, who descended from Alfred the Great. His mother was Anna,daughter of Jaroslaus, the Czar of Russia and his wife Engerherds, daughter of Pleus, the Bald, King of Norway.
The Danes had established themselves on the northern part of France about 911 or 912.
One Hrolf, Rolf or Rollo, a Dane who had harassed both England and France, compelled the
French King, Charles the simple, (a descendant of Charlemagne) to purchase peace by the cession of Normandy. He also confirmed Rollo's title as Duke. He thus became the first Duke of Normandy. He died 927. His son, WILLIAM LONGSWORDS, reigned 15 years and died 942.
His son, RICHARD I, reigned 945-996, married Anna, daughter of Hugh the Great of France.
His son, RICHARD II, reigned 996-1026. His son, RICHARD III, reigned 1026-1027, married
Adela, daughter of Robert II, King of France. They had one daughter, Alice. He is supposed to
have been poisoned by his brother, ROBERT LE DIABLE, who succeeded him. After the death
of Richard, Adela married Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, by whom she had Matilda who married William the Conqueror, ROBERT I, (Le Diable) ruled 1027-1035. He had by Arletta, the
daughter of a tanner of Falaise, a son. Preparing to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he
presented his son, WILLIAM, then about 7 years old, to his nobles as his heir, and swore them to protect his interests. Robert died on that journey and his son succeeded him to the dukedom as WILLIAM II, the seventh Duke of Normandy, later to be known as WILLIAM THE
CONQUEROR. Edward the Confessor, King of England, was the last of the line of Alfred. He
had no son. Edward and William were second cousins. William visited England and claimed that while there Edward appointed him his successor. Harold seized the throne. William invaded England and made the conquest of that country.
ISABEL DE VERMANDOIS, daughter of Prince Hugh Magnus, second son of Henry I,
King of France, was born in Normandy about 1070, and died February 13, 1131. She married
two Norman Lords, Robert de Bellomont, Earl of Leicester and had two children, Robert and
Elizabeth. Elizabeth married Gilbert de Clair, Earl of Pembroke, who had Richard de Clair,
"Strongbow", but before this Elizabeth had by Henry I, of England (before he was king), Robert
the Consul. Isabel de Vermandois' second husband was William de Warrenne, Earl of Warren and Surrey, cousin of William the Conqueror. Richard Warren of the "Mayflower" descended from William de Warrenne. Isabel had several children by Earl of Warrenne. Among them were William, Gundred and Ada de Warren. Ada married Prince Henry of Scotland, son of David I, King of Scotland, (St. David, who married Maud, daughter of Waldeothus, Earl of
Northumberland and his wife was Judah, whose mother was Adelaide de Gand, Countess of
Albermarle who was a half sister of William the Conqueror. Prince Henry of Scotland died before his father, David I. King Robert Bruce of Scotland and Queen Victoria of England descended from David I. So Richard Warren of the "Mayflower" was related to them. And through Richard Warren, Lydia Arnold Latta and her descendants are related. She married Samuel Latta, Branch No. 4.
For further information connection Lydia Arnold Latta with the leading families of
America and England see "YOUR FAMILY TREE", by David Starr Jordan and Mrs. Mitchell.