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                                                               1 ISAAC (1) LATTA

Born about 1786; Died: ____.   Married twice. Married Sarah Sparks, daughter of Solomon Sparks and Rachel Weimer. (Info. from Hollar Bible) Solomon Sparks was born on July 13, 1760 in Frederick Co., MD, and came to Bedford County at the age of 16 with two brothers. He enlisted in Boyd's Ranger Company of the Pennsylvania Militia in the spring of 1782 to fight the Indians who were allies of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. He served for a period of about fifteen months. At the close of the Rev. War, he returned to Frederick Co., MD for about two years before returning to Bedford County. It may have been in Frederick County, MD that he married Rachel Weimer. On April 16, 1794, Solomon received 400 acres of land in Bedford County, probably for his service in the Pennsylvania Militia. He also received 200 acres from the State of Pennsylvania. (His Will states that the 200 acres was located on Owl Creek in Crawford County, PA) With the outbreak of the second war with Great Britain in June 1812, Solomon organized a company of 2nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Riflemen, commanded by Col. William Piper. Included in Sparks' company as a 2nd Corporal was his nephew, James Sparks and the roster of privates included another nephew, Joseph Sparks and his own two sons, Abraham Sparks and Joseph Sparks. The unit saw action in Buffalo, NY. Many years later he applied for a pension for his service. Solomon Sparks was undoubtedly a successful farmer. His home was made of brick which was a bit uncommon in the rural areas of that time. He was also a shrewd businessman and made careful and profitable investments. His daughter, Sarah was born on Dec. 16, 1786 in Bedford Co., PA and died September 13, 1850 in Bedford Co., PA. Buried in the Union Cemetery, Bedford Co., PA. Isaac Latta's second wife, if he did have one, is reported to be unknown. Did Isaac Latta leave his first wife, Sarah, or did he die. Was Sarah perhaps his second wife?

2 WILLIAM (2) b. June 21, 1809.  Died Sept. 8, 1877 in Bedford County, PA. 
12 JULIA (2) b. 1822; d. 1880; m. William Manspeaker at Everett, Pa.

75 INDIANA (2) b. 1817; m. _____ Hughs or Hayes. (Was this the "Delilah Hughes" listed in Abraham Sparks' estate, or was Delilah perhaps Indiana's daughter?)

(A man named Isaac Latta married a Mary Ford in Seneca, NY on Nov. 15, 1820. This may have been this Isaac.)

Solomon Sparks left an inheritance of $100 to his grandson, William Latta in his will which is of record in Bedford County. His will reads, in part, as follows:

"My son, Abraham, is to pay to my five beloved daughters, namely, Sarah, Hannah, Mary, Delilah and Rachel, the sum of $200 my grandson, William Latta, I give $100 to be paid to him when he comes of age." Solomon's will was made January 10, 1821. Solomon Sparks died on April 8, 1838 at the age of 77 years, 8 months, and 25 days.

                                                             2 WILLIAM (2) LATTA

Isaac (1). Born: June 21, 1809; Died: Sept. 8, 1877. Buried at Providence Union Church Cemetery (now called the Providence Bible Baptist Church) at W. Providence, Bedford Co., PA. He was 68 yrs., 2 mos. and 17 days old. Married twice:
Wife # 1) Miss Margaret Causlett.
Wife # 2) Mary Jane "Jane" Swartz. (Magdalene?)

Lived at Everett, Pa. (Ray's Cove, Route 4).
Children by first wife:
3 WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON (3) b. Dec. 23, 1840; d. March 21, 1910.
4 JOHN CAUSLETT (3) b. Jan. 18, 1838; d. July 3, 1915.
13 JANE (3) b. abt. 1832; d. 1911; m. Nicholas Garlick.
Children by second wife:
5 DAVID SAMUEL. (3) b. July 8, 1852; d. Feb. 10, 1937.
6 ABRAHAM (3) b. abt. 1848; d. after 1920.
14 PHILLIP (3) d. young.
15 POLLY (3) d. young.
16 MARY ANN (3) d. young.
17 RACHEL ANNA (3) b. February 26, 1854 at Ray's Cove, Everett, Pa.; d. February
21, 1920 at Everett (Bloody Run Bourough), PA at age 65. Buried on Feb. 24, 1920 at the Everett Cemetery, Everett, Bedford Co., Pa.; m. John M. Morgart, son of Abraham Morgart and Sarah McIlvaine, on August 19, 1879. John Morgart was born June 19, 1857 in Noggle Residence, West Providence Twp., Bedford Co., PA, and died on March 18, 1935 in Everett, Bedford Co., PA, and was buried on March 21, 1935 in Everett Cemetery, Everett, Bedford Co,. PA. Six children: 1) Howard John 2) Chalmer Lewis 3) Lottie Viola 4) Goldie M. 5) Jessie I. and 6) Marshall William. Bedford Gazette, February 27, 1920 - Obituary for Rachel Morgart: MRS. JOHN MORGART: Mrs. John Morgart, nee Latta, passed away Saturday at her Everett home, in the 66th year of her life. She was born near Ray's hill, this county. Surviving are two brothers, her husband and seven children. Death was due to influenza. Interment was made in the Everett cemetery Tuesday afternoon. For more information on the Morgart family see website at

The 1850 Bedford Co. Census for E. Providence Twp, shows William Latta, age 40, farmer, born in PA, married to Madelina, age 33, born in PA. Their children were: John, 13, school, William, 10, school, Abram, 2, and Philip, 1. The 1880 Bedford Co. Census, shows Magdalene Latta, age 64, widowed, born in PA, living with her daughter and son-in-law, John M. Morgart, age 21, and Rachael A. Morgart, age 26. Living next door was Abraham Morgart, age 48 and wife Sarah, age 44, and three daughters. We would assume that these were the parents of John M. Morgart.



1850 Bedford Co. Census - West Providence Township

Abraham Sparks, 59, farmer and innkeeper

Sarah (no last name), 63 *this would have been his sister (Sarah Latta)

Rachel - 41

Juliann Hughes - 24 *would this be the daughter of Indiana Latta Hughes?

Rachel Mandel - 22

William Latta - 9 *did he take William and Jane to live with him and their grandmother, perhaps after their mother's death. Their father would have remarried. Or was he just living there during school?

Jane Latta - 7 *did he take William and Jane to live with him and their grandmother, perhaps after their mother's death. Their father would have remarried.

William Chaney - 23, laborer

This record shows that William Latta (age 9) and his sister Jane Latta (age 7) were living with their Great-uncle Abraham Sparks, brother to Sarah Sparks Latta, their grandmother. If it is the same William, son of William and Margaret Causlett, above, then he is listed in two households during the 1850 census. Perhaps he was living at the inn owned by Abraham Sparks while he was going to school, so both households included him.

The Sparks Family website at states that after the death of his father in 1838, Abraham Sparks headed a household composed of his sisters, Sarah and Rachel, his nephew William Latta and grand-niece Jane Latta. He apparently never married. A considerable portion of the real estate owned by Abraham Sparks was located in Bureau County, Illinois, and this may be the reason why his brother Joseph migrated there. Abraham's heirs were listed as: Hannah Bogges, exec of Jonas Sparks, Philip Hollar, Admin of Hannah Hollar, Delilah Hughes, Julia Manspeaker, heir of Sarah Sparks, Mary Morgert, Rachel Kennard, William States, guardian of heirs of John Sparks, and J. S. Sparks.












                                                          3 WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON (3) LATTA

William (2) Isaac (1). Born at Everett, Bedford Co., Pa. December 23, 1840; d. March 21, 1910 at Wyanet, Manlius, Bureau Co., Illinois.; m. Barbara Ellen Garlick August 25, 1859 in Everett, Bedford Co., PA on November 5, 1839 and died at Wyanet, Illinois on June 30, 1920. Both buried at Wyanet, Ills. He served in the Civil War, Private in Co. B, 148th Regt. Vol. Inf. Mustered in August 27, 1863 at Chambersburg, Pa. Promoted Corporal August 1, 1864 and transferred June 1, 1865 to Co. I, 53d Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf., and mustered out with a detachment of that company and honorably discharged June 16, 1865 near Alexandria, Va.
Thirteen children:
18 SARAH CATHARINE (4) b. September 17, 1861 near Everett, Pa.; d. December 12, 1862 in Bedford Co., Pa. Buried at Everett, Pa. at Providence Baptist Cemetery on Bunker Hill Rd., east of Everett (Rt. 30).
19 MARY JANE (4) b. October 6, 1862 at Everett, Pa.; d. January 14, 1923 at Ohio, Ills. Buried at Manlius, Ills.; m. James H. King July 6, 1879 in Ohio, Bureau Co., IL. He was born February 28, 1859 at Everett, Pa.; d. May 26, 1927. Thirteen children.
20 JOHN HENRY GRANT (4) b. June 10, 1866 at Everett, Pa.; d. May 26, 1927 in East Grove Tp., Lee Co., Ills. Buried at Wyanet, Ills. Married Ida M. Smith February 7, 1899. Twin with Ellen. 1920 Census - East Grove Township, Lee County, Illinois lists John Latta, age 50, farmer, and wife, Ida Latta, age 47. John is also listed in the 1921 Plat Book for owning property at East Grove, Lee Co., IL with his brothers, William B. Latta and George D. Latta.
21 ELLEN BARBARA (4) b. June 10, 1866 at Everett, Pa.; d. June 12, 1866. Buried at Everett, Pa. Twin with John.
22 EMMA BESSIE (4) b. October 16, 1868 at Everett, Pa.; d. August 31, 1884 in Bureau Co., Ills. Buried at Wyanet, Ills.
23 IDA MAY (4) b. November 6, 1870 at Everett, Pa.; m. Francis Alonso Oloffson on October 30, 1889 in Bureau Co., Ills. He was born June 27, 1868 in Bureau Co., Ills. Ida May died in 1964. Seven children.
24 CARRIE BELLE (4) b. at Everett, Pa. November 6, 1870; m. George Gallentine in W. Bureau Tp., Bureau Co., Ills. January 11, 1894. In 1936 living at Walnut, Ills. Seven
25 SUSAN AMANDA (4) b. in Bedford Co., Pa. June 18, 1874; d. July 12, 1933 at Manlius, Ills. Buried at Walnut, Ills. Married Frederick W. Kreger in Manlius Tp. March 22, 1916. He was born February 22, 1869.
26 ROY (4).
7 WILLIAM BARTLEY (4) b. July 5, 1876.
8 GEORGE DANIEL (4) b. Nov. 3, 1878.
27 BLANCHE MYRTLE (4) b. January 29, 1880; d. January 29, 1916 in Bureau Co., Ills.;  m. Frederick T. Heuer in Bureau Co. December 11, 1901. He was born in Germany May 31, 1877. Five children:
28 ADA DARLENE(4) b. in Bureau Tp., Ills. July 23, 1883; d. March 12, 1884. Buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, Illinois.

Dixon Evening Telegram,

Dixon, IL- 4/2/1938


                                                     4 JOHN CAUSLETT (3) LATTA

William (2) Isaac (1). Born in E. Providence, Bedford Co., Pa. January 18, 1838;  Died: July 3, 1915. Married three times:
Wife # 1) Caroline E. Day at Wyanet, Illinois. She died in 1892.
Wife # 2) Mrs. Carrie Thompson in 1894 at Pierre, S. Dak. She died in 1899.
Wife # 3) Mrs. Anna Davis in June 1905.
He was buried at Harrold, S. Dak. He enlisted in the Civil War in Bureau Co., Ills. September 21, 1861 in 57th Ills. Regt. Discharged March 30, 1863 and commissioned 1st Lieut. in 1st Alabama Cav. Later promoted Captain and served until the end of the war. Mustered out at Huntsville, Ala. October 20, 1865. Went to Wyanet, Ills. In 1882 went with his family to Huron, S. Dak. In 1909 to Waverly, Iowa. When he died he was placed beside his mother and children who had gone before.
29 ALBERT G. (4) b. at Wyanet, Ills. May 21, 1868; lived at Eldorado Springs, Mo. 1920 Census, for Box, Cedar County, IL lists Albert G. Latta, age 51, single. Employment not listed. Evidently Albert never married.
30 FRANK LEE (4) b.1871. Lived at Cincinnatus, N.Y. Route 1.
31 NETTIE M. (4) m. Joseph C. Higgins. Lived at Blunt, S. Dak.
32 JOHN W. (4) b. June 20, 1876; d. 1914; m. Edith Smith.
33 ROY E. (4) b. at Wyanett, Ills.; m. Mary J. Higgins, May 29, 1900. Lived at Morrison,
34 CARRIE E. (4) b. at Wyanet, Ills.; m. Lewis E. Golding. In 1935 lived at Morrison, Ills.
35 DAISY MAY (4) b. at What Cheer, Iowa January 11, 1883; m. E. Clyde Moore.
36 Unknown (4).

                                                            5 DAVID SAMUEL (3) LATTA

William (2) Isaac (1). Born about five miles below Everett, Pa. July 8, 1852; d. February
9, 1937. Married Eva Ellen Coughenour February 13, 1881. She was born in Bedford Co., Pa.
January 24, 1861 and died February 9, 1937. Lived at Ray's Cove, Everett, Pa. Route 4. Eva and David evidently divorced, because in the 1920 Census, Eva Latta is listed as living in Brothers Valley, Somerset County, PA, age 59, with two of her sons, Lester L., age 19, and Elmer, age 16. Lester's employment is listed as "civil engineer corps" and Elmer's employment is listed as "miner - coal mines." David is listed in the 1920 Census as living with his brother, Abraham in East Providence, Bedford County, PA, as "D", which evidently stands for "divorced."

37 DORA BELLE (4) b. at William's Station, Somerset Co., Pa. December 17, 1881;
m. William Harrison Queer July 11, 1899. Children were John, Harvey, Myrtle, E. Elmer, Eddie, Floyd, Merle and Carrie.
38 CARRIE MAY (4) b. at Bard, Pa. May 3, 1884; m. Wilson Millard Shumaker
October 27, 1884. Lived at Cumberland, Md. Children were Elizabeth, William and Merle.
39 DELILAH MYRTLE (4) b. September 24, 1886; m. George Millhouse. Children were Nellie, Luther, Leora and Evelyn.
40 FRANCES JANE (4) b. November 9, 1888; m. William Henry Mathias on December
10, 1907. Lived at Berlin, Pa. Children were Ralph, Samuel, Robert and Harry.
41 MARY ALMELIA "Minnie" (4) b. at Connellsville, Pa. January 14, 1891; m. Walter Earl
Wesley on October 20, 1908. Lived at Somerset, Pa. Children were Sue Ellen, Wilson, and Jenny Elizabeth.
42 HOWARD WILSON (4) b. at Connellsville, Pa. May 31, 1893; m. Anna Moffett.
Lived at Uniontown, Pa.
43 ETTA MAUDA (4) b. in Somerset Co., Pa. February 8, 1896; m. William Pennell
and Harry Miller. Lived at Cumberland, Md. One child: Harry.
9 HARVEY JAMES (4) b. in Somerset Co., Pa. August 8, 1898; m. Pearl Coffman.
Lived at Uniontown, Pa.
10 LESTER LEE ROY (4) b. in Somerset Co., Pa. January 28, 1901; m. Irene
McCleary. Children were Merle "Buster" and Betty.
11 ELMER WESLEY (4) b. at Berlin, Pa. January 15, 1904; m. Philomene Barr on April
6, 1925. Children were Eugene and Jimmy.
44 BERT (4) half brother of the above. Lives at Everett, Pa.

1880 Bedford Co. Census

D.S. Latta, 28, single, living in Bard, Bedford Co, PA in the household of James H. Woy. Occupation: Laborer.

                                                               6 ABRAHAM (3) LATTA

William (2) Isaac (1). Born in Bedford Co., Pa. about 1848; m. Margaret Jane Defibaugh, daughter of William Wilson Deffibaugh on November 29, 1871. Farmer. Private in "K" Co. 208th Regt. Pa. Vol. under Capt. Adam Weaverling. Mustered in Sept. 12, 1864, and mustered out with company June 1, 1865. Lived at Ray's Cove, Everett, Pa. Route 4. In the 1920 Census, Abraham is listed as living in East Providence, Bedford County, PA. He was 72 years old, widowed, and a farmer. Living with him was his daughter, Mary, age 45, single, his brother, David, 67, divorced, farm laborer, and grandson, Lloyd?, age 4 years. Children:
45 JOHN (4) b. between 1872; lived in W. Va.
46 JAMES B. (4) b. abt. 1876; m. Ida Mills. Lived at Everett, Pa.
47 MARY M. (4) b. Jan. 9, 1874, died Oct. 19, 1925; single.
48 WILLIAM (4) b. abt. 1878; m. Bessie Hinish. Lived at Everett, Pa. Route 2.
49 HENRY or PERRY (4) b. abt. 1881; m. Blanche Feight. Lived at Everett, Pa.
50 ALBERT ROSS (4) b. July 8, 1888, died July 20, 1914.

1880 Bedford Co. Census

Abram Latta, 32, laborer, Jane Latta, 28, John Latta, 8, Mary Latta, 6, James Latta, 4, William Latta, 2

1910 Bedford Co. Census

Abraham Latta, age 62, born PA, Dau. Mary M., age 35, born PA; Son Albert, age 21, born PA; FOD Ola Deffibaugh, 8, born Virginia; Son William Latta, age 31, born PA; Dau-in-law Myrtle, age 19, born PA

                                              7 WILLIAM BARTLEY (4) LATTA

William H.H. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). Born in Bedford Co, Pa. July 5, 1876; m. twice.  1) Estella M. Kolp January 3, 1900. She was born June 4, 1878 at Messena, Cass Co., Iowa.  Died in West Bureau Tp., Bureau Co., Ills. 2) Amy Darlene Miller at Madison, Wis. August 22, 1903. She was born in Bureau Tp., Ills. March 20, 1887. In 1934 lived Ohio, Ills. In the 1920 Census, William was listed as living in East Grove, Lee County, Illinois, age 43, born in PA, farmer, along with his wife, Amy, age 32, born in IL; daughter Stella, age 14, born in IL; daughter Amy V., age 12, born in IL; daughter Eva, age 10, born in ND; son William, age 8, born in ND; son Harry, age 6, born in IL; daughter, Margaret, age 4 years, 7 months, born in IL; daughter Gladys, age 3 years, 1 month, born in IL; and daughter Hazel, age 6 months, born in IL.

Children by second wife:
76 ESTELLA (5) b. in New Bedford, Bureau co., Ills. May 22, 1905; m. Simon Pfeffer b. at Red Oak, Bureau Co., Ills. July 23, 1894.
51 AMY VIOLET (5) b. in Bureau Co., Ills. January 25, 1907; m. Edgar C. Rogers b. at Nashville, Tenn. March 31, 1902.
52 EVA DARLENE (5) b. at Stirum, N. Dak. April 22, 1909; d. November 7, 1928.  Buried at Wyanet, Ills.
53 WILLIAM IRVIN (5) b. at Stirum, N. Dak. March 23, 1911; d. August, 1976 in Harmen, IL (SS. Index); m. Martha Ann Heath May 6, 1930. She was born December 12, 1912.
54 HARRY LESLIE (5) b. January 13, 1913; d. Dec. 15, 1998 in Sterling, IL (SS. Index).
55 MARGARET KATHERINE (5) b. at Sheffield, Ills. April 24, 1915; m. William Morgan at Sycamore, Ills. July 29, 1933. He was born at Stirling, Ills. May 11, 1912.
56 GLADYS IRENE (5) b. at Sheffield, Ills. December 5, 1916.  Married Joseph Hermes.
57 HAZEL GERTRUDE (5) b. at Amoy, Ills. July 1, 1919.  Married Everett Epps.
58 BLANCHE HELEN 95) b. at Amoy, Ills. November 14, 1921.  Married Guy Pillars.
59 FERN AVIS (5) b. at Amoy, Ills. January 18, 1924; d. March 17, 1926. Buried at Wyanet, Ills.
60 KENNETH LOUIS (5) b. at Amoy, Ills. January 8, 1926.
61 DONALD WAYNE (5) b. at Amoy, Ills. July 16, 1929; d. Nov. 24, 1996 in Amboy, IL (SS. Index).

Dixon Evening Telegram, Dixon, IL -



                                                   8 GEORGE DANIEL (4) LATTA

William H. H. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). Born November 3, 1878 at Wyanet, Ills., Bureau Co. Married Lucinda Vaughn December 14, 1905. She was born in West Bureau Tp., Bureau Co., Ills. September 13, 1886. http://homepages.rootsweb/~smoore/58.htm - says that George married Nelle L. Vaughn in 1906 in Bureau Co., IL. She was born Sept, 1885 and died Oct. 14, 1960 in Princeton, IL.) General mdse. at Bradford and was in partnership at Princeton, Ills. with his son, Vaughn, breeding and marketing saddle horses. In 1934 lived at 902 West Putnam Street, Princeton, Ills. George is listed in the 1920 Census as living in East Grove, Lee County, IL, age 34, born in IL, farmer; wife Nellie, age 33, born in IL; daughter Dorris, age 13, born in IL; son Vaughn, age 11, born in IL; and daughter Inez, age 8, born in IL.

62 DORIS FAY (5) b. October 6, 1906 at Manlius, Ills.; m. Henry Keutzer on September
7, 1925. He was born March 1, 1905. One child: Betty Jane b. April 24, 1927 at Princeton, Ills.
63 VAUGHN BURDETTE (5) b. at West Bureau, Ills. November 10, 1908; d. May, 1967 (SS. Index).
64 INEZ ILENE (5) b. near Ohio, Lee Co., Ills. November 16, 1912.

George Daniel Latta was murdered at Aledo, Ills. September 18, 1936 by Lawrence
Egbert. See my Scrap Book for particulars. The Grand Jury refused to indict.

                                                          9 HARVEY JAMES (4) LATTA

David S. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). Born August 8, 1898 in Somerset Co., Pa.; m. Pearl
Coffman. Harvey is listed in the 1920 Census in Dunbar, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, age 21, born in PA, father born in Scotland, as a miner - coal mines; wife Pearl, age 21, born in PA, daughter Eva, age 1, born in PA; and son Harvey G., age 2 months, born in PA. Children:
65 EVA ELLEN (5) b. May 8, 1918 at Dunbar, Pa.; d. September 28, 1937.
66 HARVEY GORDON (5) b. July 24, 1919 at Dunbar, Pa.; died Feb. 1969. (Soc. Sec. Index)
67 LLOYD JACKSON (5) b. November 4, 1920 at Dunbar, Pa.; died.
68 SAMUEL DAVID (5) b. February 16, 1922 at Dunbar, Pa.; died.
69 LESTER MERLE (5) b. May 8, 1923 at Dunbar, Pa.; died Dec. 1980 in Elkton, Cecil Co., MD (Soc. Sec. Index)

                                                             10 LESTER LEROY (4) LATTA

David S. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). Born January 28, 1901 in Somerset Co., Pa.; m. Irene
McCleary. Lester is listed in the 1920 census as living with his mother in Brothers Valley, Somerset Co., PA. He was 19 and listed as a civil engineer corps. Children:
70 ELIZABETH JANE (5) b. July 30, 1924 at Berlin, Pa.
71 MERLE LEROY (5) b. November 3, 1926 at Akron, Ohio, 725 Chitty Ave.

                                                          11 ELMER WESLEY (4) LATTA

David S. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). b. January 15, 1903 in Berlin, Pa.; m. Philomene Barr April 6, 1925. Elmer is listed in the 1920 census as living with his mother in Brothers Valley, Somerset County, PA. He was 16 years old and listed as a coal miner. Children:
72 ELMER EUGENE (5) b. at Berlin, Pa. February 16, 1925.
73 JAMES LeROY (5) b. at Somerset, Pa. October 11, 1930.

                                                          20  JOHN HENRY GRANT (4) LATTA

William Henry Harrison (3) William (2) Isaac (1)b. June 10, 1866 at Everett, Pa.; d. May 26, 1927 in East Grove Tp., Lee Co., Ills. Buried at Wyanet, Ills. Married Ida M. Smith February 7, 1899. Twin with Ellen.  John Henry Grant Latta married Ida M. Smith in 1900.  They are listed in the 1900 census in Concord, Bureau County, Illinois.  John is 32, and Ida is 26.  They are listed in the 1910 census in Hazleton, Buchanan Co., Iowa.  They have no children. 

1920 Census - East Grove Township, Lee County, Illinois lists John Latta, age 50, farmer, and wife, Ida Latta, age 47. John is also listed in the 1921 Plat Book for owning property at East Grove, Lee Co., IL with his brothers, William B. Latta and George D. Latta.



                                                              30 FRANK LEE (4) LATTA

John (3) William (2) Isacc (1) Born at Schell City, Missouri; December 14, 1871;
Married: Ethel Maude Hammer. Children:

                                                                46 JAMES B. (4) LATTA

Abraham (3) William (2) Issac (1) James B. Latta was born about 1879 in Pennsylvania; married Jessie ______. Lived in Westmoreland Co., PA. In the 1920 Census, James B. Latta was listed as living in Hempfield, Westmoreland County, PA. He was 40 years old, born in PA, and a laborer in the railroad car shop. Living with him was his wife Jessie U., age 39, born in PA; daughter Effie, age 17, born in PA; daughter Gladys L., age 14, born in PA; daughter Helen A., age 12, born in PA; son Ethmer A., age 9, born in PA; son Eugene W., age 7, born in PA; and daughter Doris J., age 1 year, 6 months, born in PA.


76 EFFIE (5) b. 1903 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
77 GLADYS L. (5) b. 1905 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
78 HELEN A. (5) b. 1908 in Westmoreland Co., PA.
84 ETHMER A. (5) b. 1911.
85 EUGENE W. (5) b. 1913.
86 DORIS J. (5) b. 1918.

                                                                53 WILLIAM IRVIN "BUD" (5) LATTA

William Bartley (4) William H.H. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). b. at Stirum, N. Dak. March 24, 1911; d. August, 1976 in Harmen, IL (SS. Index); m. Martha Ann Heath May 6, 1930. She was born December 12, 1912.






                                                         72 ELMER EUGENE (5) LATTA

Elmer Wesley (4) David S. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). Born at Berlin, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1925. Married Josephine Darbic.

79 STANLEY (6)
80 MARK (6)

                                                         73 JAMES LEROY (5) LATTA

Elmer Wesley (4) David S. (3) William (2) Isaac (1). b. at Somerset, Pa. October 11, 1930; m. Pauline Smith. Children:
81 ALICIA (6) m. John Soliz.
82 DIANE (6)
83 DWIGHT (6)


(1930's note by Robert H. Latta of Branch # 3.)
Information 2 to 15, furnished by William H. Ott, 725 Chitty Avenue, Akron, Ohio. His
mother was a sister to Barbara E. Garlick, wife of 3 William H. H. Latta.