Branch No. 44



No Branch Captain.  Volunteer Needed.



                                                                                                                          ALEXANDER LATTA

Alexander Latta married Jane Roger (Rodger) on November 11, 1785 in Kilbarchan, Renfrew, Scotland.  Their children were born in Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland.


1.    ROBERT - b. March 13, 1788 at Kilbarchan, Renfrew, Scotland

2.   JOHN - b. September 25, 1800 at Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland

3.  MATTHEW - b. February 10, 1802 in Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland

4.  ISABELLA - b. February 28, 1806 in Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland


                                                                                                                         JOHN LATTA

According to the 1851 census, John was born about 1801 in Inchinnan, Renfrew, Scotland.  John Latta married Janet "Jessie" Erskine.  John Latta and Janet Latta ran the Hay Weighs Inn, located at 3 King Street, Paisley.  Fowler's Commercial Directory for Paisley in 1845 lists John Latta, Hay Weights Inn.    The Ordance Survey Name Books for Renfrewshire OS Name Books 1856-1857, Vol. 19 states that Hay Weights Inn was owned by John McIndoe, proprietor, John Latta, occupant.  It described Hay Weighs Inn as "a third class inn, two stories high with offices, slated and in good repair with yard and stables attached, situated in King Street, afforded tolerable accommodation, and is chiefly frequented by farmers."  Watson's Directory for Paisley in 1862 lists Mrs. Janet Latta, Hay Weighs Inn.  Watson's Directory for 1866 lists Mrs. John Latta, Hay Weighs Inn, 3 King St.  In Watson's Directory for Paisley 1880, John Blair is listed as innkeeper, Hay Weights Inn. 


WILLIAM - b. abt. 1812 at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland????  Some internet family trees list William as a son of John Latta and Jessie Erskine; however, if he was born about 1812, he could not have been a son of John and Jessie Erskine. (may have been a brother)

1851 Census - Paisley
John Latta, 50, born abt. 1801 in Inchinnan, Renfrew - address 3 King St., spirit merchant/innkeeper.
Janet Latta, wife


                                                                                                                 1 WILLIAM (1) LATTA

Born abt. 1812 at Paisley, Scotland.  Married Mary Arthur (b. 1813) at Dundonald, Ayr, Scotland on Dec. 31, 1835.  Died on  Sept. 6, 1873 at Troon, Scotland. 

2    JOHN (2) b. September 15, 1836; baptized at Relief Congregation, Irvine, Ayr, Scotland.  d. 1911
28 JANE/JEAN (2) b. August 20, 1838; baptized at Relief Congregation, Irvine, Ayr, Scotland.

29 JANET AIKEN (2) b. January 28, 1841; baptized on March 3, 1841 at Relief Congregation, Irvine, Ayr, Scotland.

1861 Census - Dundonald, Aryshire, Scotland
William Latta, 48, b. Paisley, occupation: omnibus driver
Mary Latta, 48
Jane Latta, 22, sewer
Janet A. Latta, 20, sewer


                                                                                                                     2 JOHN (2) LATTA

William (1). Born September 15, 1836 at Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland; m. Jane Gilmore of Dundonald, Ayr, Scotland on March 6, 1862.  Died Feb. 13, 1911 at Troon, Scotland.

11 WILLIAM (3) b. 1862 at Dundonald, Scotland; d. 1904 at Troon, Scotland; sea captain.
JAMES GILMORE (3) b. February 28,1865 at Dundonald, Scotland; d. 1927 at Tarbolton, Scotland.
JOHN (3) b. 1867 at Dundonald, Scotland; d. 1927.
5  ROBERT GILMORE (3) b. 1873 at Troon, Scotland; d. 1940; Captain of an ocean liner or flagship.
12 JESSIE WHITE (3) b. 1870 at Troon, Scotland; d. 1941; m. Robert McNeil of Troon, Scotland.
13 MARY ARTHUR (3) b. 1874 at Troon, Scotland; in 1934 living at Troon, Scotland.
DAVID GILMORE (3)b. 1878 at Troon, Scotland

1881 Census, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
John Latta, 43, ship carpenter
Jeanie Latta, 42, born Troon
James Latta, 16, ironmonger's shopman, b. Troon
John Latta, 13, scholar, born Troon
Jessie Latta, 10, scholar, b. Troon
Robt. G. Latta, 8, scholar, b. Troon
Mary A. Latta, 6, scholar, born Troon
David G. Latta, 3, born Troon


                                                                                                                                    3 JAMES GILMORE (3) LATTA

John (2) William (1). Born February 28, 1865 at Dundonald, Scotland; d. on January 5, 1927 in Ayrshire, Scotland; m. Agnes Douglas on February 14, 1895 at St. Andrew, Stoke Newington, at Hackney, England (Parish Register). Lived at Auchenfall, Trone, and Argyleshire, Scotland.

JOHN (4) b. 1896 in Hendon, England; d. 1959 at Paddington.
14 JAMES DOUGLAS (4) b. in 1897 at Hendon, England; d. 1974; Served in the World War as pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. In 1934 Chairman of Directors of the Scottish Stamping and Eng. Co. Ltd. Neptune Works, Ayr.
15 HILDA MARY (Hilda May on birth) (4) b. 1899 at Hendon, England; d. 1997; m. I.P. Coats of Paisley, Scotland. Three children.



James Gilmore Latta, mech engineer, born 1862 at Troon, Scotland, arrived in San Francisco, California from Yokohama, Japan aboard the SS Siberia on January 13, 1910 in route to London, England.

"Latta, James Gilmore of Auchenfail Tarbolton Ayrshire died 5 January, 1927 Confirmation of Agnes Douglas or Latta, widow, Hilda May Latta or Coats (wife of Ian Pountney Coats) John Latta and James Douglas Latta engineers & Warren Crosbie, solicitor. Sealed - London 11 May. (England & Wales National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills & Administrations - 1927)

                                                                                                                                            4 JOHN (3) LATTA

John (2) William (1). Born at Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland on September 22, 1867; m. Susan Hyslop Newlands in 1897 in Blythswood, Glasgow, Scotland. Arrived in New York aboard the ship Astoria on November 22, 1906.  Filed a Petition for Naturalization in King County, Washington.  Described in the petition as being 5'4", 161 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, occupation - ship fitter.  Susan and the children arrived from Scotland on May 23, 1908 aboard the S.S. Hesperian crossing the US b order from Quebec, Canada to St. Albans, Vermont - final destination - Seattle, Washiongton.  John died on July 19, 1927 at Arletta, Pierce County, Washington.  Susan was born in 1869 in Scotland and died in Seattle in 1925.

JOHN (4) b. 1898 at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.
ROBERT NEWLANDS (4) b. Feb. 22, 1902 at Partick, Scotland.
10 WILLIAM (4) b.  March 26,1905 at Partick, Scotland.
16 SUSAN HYSLOP (4) (Susan Hislop on birth) b. January 18, 1900 at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland; m. Kenneth B. Colman in 1926.  In 1934 living at 9345 Fauntleroy Ave., Seattle, Wash.
28  JAMES GILMORE (4) b. 1910; d. 1910
1910 Census, Seattle
John Latta, 42, born Scotland, plaster, ship yard
Susan Latta, 40
John J., 12
Susan, 10
Robert, 8
William, 5

                                                                                                                              5 ROBERT GILMORE (3) LATTA

John (2) William (1) b. 1873 at Troon, Scotland; d. 1940; m. Elizabeth Walker Low at St. Nicholas, Scotland in 1911. In 1934 commanding C.P.R. Liner, "Empress of Britain". Newspaper item: (Jack) Latta commands "Empress" on world cruise. A tall, sinewy Scot, who rounded the Horn in wind jammers, commands the Canadian Pacific flagship "Empress of Britain" in 1933 on her annual world cruise. He is Capt. R.G. (Jack) Latta. Born in Scotland in 1884, Jack Latta remained on shore until 21, then he went to see as apprentice on wind jammers. Won certificates in sail and steam. Rounded the Horn under canvass, and learned all about navigation in sailing vessels. Joined the Canadian Pacific Line in 1904 and within the last 17 years he has held 15 commands. His more recent being the "Empress of Scotland" and the "Empress of Australia". He was appointed first Commodore of the Canadian Pacific fleet in 1932.

29  DOUGLAS GORDON (4) b. 1917 at St. Marchar Aberdeen, Scotland
30  ROBERT I. (4) m. Edith Mack in Manchester, England in 1942.
31  JAMES K. (4) m. Florence P. Dixon in Wigton, England in 1945.

                                                                                                                                         6 DAVID GILMORE (3) LATTA

John (2) William (1). b. March 21,1878 at Troon, Scotland. Married Elizabeth Harvey (b. 1882 in Scotland; d. 1933 in South Africa).  In 1934 living at 21 Milner Avenue, Braxpan, near Johannesburg, Union of South Africa. D. Latta served as L. Cpl from 1899 to 1902 in South Africa in the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers in the South Africa-Second Boer War.  The Second Boer War was fought between the British Empire and two Independent Boer states, the South Africian Republic and the Orange Free State, over the British influence in South Africa.  The trigger of the war was the discovery of gold and diamonds in the Boer states.  David Latta died on November 17, 1963 in South Africa (National Archives, Pretoria)

17 JOHN (4).
18 ROBERT GILMORE (4) b. December 3, 1910 in Boksburg, South Africa; died Oct. 31, 1997 in South Africa.
19 HAROLD GILMORE (4) died in 1950 in South Africa (National Archives, Pretoria)

                                                                                                                                     7 JOHN (4) LATTA

James G. (3) John (2) William (1). Born January 2, 1896 at Hendon, England; d. 1959 at Paddington; m. Rosa K.F. Fortune (1902-1977) in 1926 at Eton, England.  Served in the World War as pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. In 1934 Managing Director of the Scottish Stamping & Eng. Co. Ltd. Ayr, Scotland.

Two daughters:
21 PATRICIA (5) b. 1928.
22 DIANA (5) b. 1929.

                                                                                                                                  8 JOHN (4) LATTA

John (3) John (2) William (1). b. December 25, 1897 at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland;  m. Hazel Smith in 1922 in the United States. In 1934 living at Seattle, Wash. On his WWII registration card, John is listed at 4604 Brace Pt. Drive, Seattle, employed as a shipfitter, 5'8", 190 lbs, blue eyes, and black hair.  He died in Seattle, Washington on July 18, 1984.

23 VIRGINIA HELEN (5) b. 1923; m. Grover C. Maiden; d. June 2, 1991.
24 JOHN KENNETH (5) b. 1929.

                                                                                                                               9 ROBERT NEWLANDS (4) LATTA

John (3) John (2) William (1). b. February 22, 1902 at Glasglow, Scotland; died June 11, 1965 in Seattle, Washington; m. Marion Marguerite Swift on July 9, 1928 in Yambill, Oregon. In 1939 living at Seattle, Wash.  On his registration card for World War II, he is listed as 5'4", 140 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, "dimples in both cheeks."  In the 1940 census for Seattle, he is listed as a cashier for an insurance company.

25 RUTH GILMORE (5) in 1929.  Married Ronald William Derosa on June 4, 1960 in King County, Washington.


                                                                                                                               10 WILLIAM (4) LATTA

John (3) John (2) William (1). b. March 26,1905 at Partick, Scotland; m. Louise Forbeck in 1929 in the United States. In 1936 living at Seattle, Wash.

26 WILLIAM (5) b. in 1930.
27 LOUISE SUSAN (5) b. in 1932.


                                                                                                                                14 JAMES DOUGLAS (4) LATTA

James Gilmore (3) John (2) William (1). b. May 13, 1897 in London, United Kingdom; d. early 1974 in Ulverston District, Lancashire, England (England & Wales, Civil Death Register Death Index - Deaths in Jan, Feb. and March, 1974; Served in the World War as pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. In 1934 Chairman of Directors of the Scottish Stamping and Eng. Co. Ltd. Neptune Works, Ayr.  Wikipedia states that James Douglas Latta "was a British flying ace with WWI, credited with five aerial victories."  On May 27, 1950, he departed for a 1-1/2 month business trip visiting Jax Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, OH, crossing the border at Detroit, Michigan. He listed himself as an engineer, address: Monkwood, by Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Nearest relative - Mrs. Norh Latta, same address.  Fair hair, blue eyes, 6'1", nationality - British, rase - Scots. 

James Douglas Latta received his Great Britian, Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate, taken on D. H. Moth 60 G. Gipsy III, 120 h.p. at Scottish Flying Club, Renfrew on April 6, 1936.  (See photo below)  On November 13, 1942, James Douglas Latta of London, England arrived at Ellis Island on ship Queen Elizabeth, occupation - drop forge manager.

Latta, James Douglas, 1915


END OF THE BRANCH..................................................NOTES

Possible connections with Branch No. 44. & 34,39

Branch No. 34.
1 ____ (1). LATTA lived at Millerstown Farm, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. Married ____. Had at least one child, JOHN. This JOHN married and had at least six children: 1) PETER. 2) JAMES 3) JOHN 4) WILLIAM 5) ANN 6) MARY. PETER was born at Ayrshire, married Mary Smith. Merchant in Glasgow. Five children. All born in Ayrshire. His son, William died in West Coast of Africa. His daughter, Jane, married twice: 1) James Hutton 2) William Anderson. She died in Ayr.

2 James supposed to have gone to America. 3 John went to Philadelphia Pa. U.S.A. 4
William was one of the heads of Coats Thread Mills at Paisley, Scotland. He died in the early 60.
No family.

Branch No. 39
1 JAMES LATTA born at Paisley, Scotland about 1837. Married Jane Kelvie of Kiraubright. Six children. All but three, John, ____ and Elizabeth born in Ayrshire. John was born in Belfast, Ireland and Elizabeth was born in Troon, Scotland. Elizabeth married Andrew Dunsmore and in 1912 they lived at 33 George Street, Paisley, Scotland. Mary was born in Paisley, and died there August 1908. Married James Rutherford and had one child, James.
JAMES, son of 1 JAMES, born in Ayrshire and died there in 1882. He married Jessie Jolly of Glasgow.
DAVID, son of 1 JAMES, was born in Troon, Ayrshire about 1870. He married Ellen
Greenshield in Glasgow in 1896. In 1900 all the family came to America. He was a stationary engineer.

In your branch No. 44, and in the above branches 34 and 39, Paisley is in all three. Troonis in 44 and 39. Dumbarton is in 8, 39 and 44. In 34 JANE LATTA died in Ayr. In 34
WILLIAM was one of the heads of the Coats Thread Mills at Paisley. In 44, your branch, your sister, MARY, married I.P. Coats of Paisley. This is probably one of the Coats of the Thread Mills.
I have 12 branches in Scotland and four of these branches, 14, 34, 39 and 44 lived in Ayrshire. Branch 14 is that of Sir John Latta of London, England.
In your branch, 44, David Gilmore, lives in Braxpan, Union of South Africa. And in branch 34, WILLIAM, son of 1 PETER, died in the West Coast of Africa. I think it was on the Gold Coast, on the south of that country. The above is more than a coincidence. It looks as if your branch connects with branches 34 and 39. I hope you can make the connection.
In branch 39, John, who was born in Belfast, had all his children born in Ayrshire.

John Latta, branch 34, born in Ayrshire, Scotland, but now living at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, told me that the records of the Latta family are found in the Parish Churches of Mauchline, Ochiltree, and Ayrshire. He said a certain Judge Latta, S.S.C., who lived in Edinburgh, had collected a large amount of information about the Latta family. I tried to reach him, but failed.