Branch No. 45



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Branch 45 connects with Branch 41.


Lived in Ireland. Elvira Latta McHenry, daughter of 6 Thomas Latta, said that his name was Samuel. Had at least two children:
2 WILLIAM (2) b. 1777; d. 1862.


Samuel (1). Born in Ireland in 1777; d. at Roscoe, Pa. November 2, 1862; m. Rachel Stewart in 1814. She was born in 1796; d. June 15, 1878. He came to America with his brother Alexander. Settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa. Soon after went to Elco, Pa., then to Roscoe, Pa.   Rachel Stewart Latta stated that she moved into the Latta Stone House as a bride in 1814.

The DIXON property passed down through the Dixon family until it came to the family of William LATTA, who deeded it to his sons, Ostrander and Alexander on May 18, 1868. The Latta brothers in turn sold a part of their holdings to John SPHAR on June 3, 1869. All three of these families: the Dixons, the Lattas, and the Sphars, lived on in "Roscoe" throughout their years. Upon the death of Edward, the last of the Sphar family in the area, his holding were sold to many different families and the family name was all but erased from the memory of the town's people. The Latta family still has descendants in Roscoe -- Gibson and Harry CHESTER.

Mrs. Charles A. Wells, daughter of 7 John Wesley Latta, thinks that 2 William Latta, married more than once, that his son William was born of the first marriage, that her father was born of the second marriage. 2 William bought the old brick house at Roscoe which was built by Mr. Griffith, a Quaker, in 1804. Rachel said that she moved into the old brick house as a bride. He lived there in 1861. See Possible Connections in Loose Leaf Book for 41 & 45. William and Rachel are buried in the Howe Cemetery, near Coal Center on the river in East Pike Run Township, Washington Co., PA His tombstone reads: Latta, William, Nov. 7, 1867 - 85y. Rachel's reads: Latta, Rachel - Jun 15, 1878 - 83y.


3 JAMES D. (3) b. 1818; d. Sept. 6, 1857. Buried in the Howe Cemetery.
4 OSTRANDER D. (3) b. Aug. 1, 1838; d. June 4, 1886 ( by Rachel Stewart.)
5 ALEXANDER S. (3) b. 1841; d. Dec. 2, 1910. Served as a Sgt. in the 5th WV Calvary, Co. I, during the Civil War, along with his brother William L. Latta and his brother-in-law, David R. Phillips. Buried in the Howe Cemetery.
6 THOMAS (3) b. March 24, 1822; d. 1898.
7 JOHN WESLEY (3) b. _____; d. 1879.
8 ROBERT J. (3) b. Sept. 21, 1828; d. Apr., 1868.
9 WILLIAM L.(3) b. 1844; d. 1887. Buried in the Howe Cemetery, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Served as a private in the 5th WV Calvary, Co., I, during the Civil War, along with his brother Alexander and his brother-in-law, David R. Phillips.

10 JOSEPH W. (3) b. June 27, 1836; d. Nov. 30, 1913.
20 HENRY (3) son of Rachel b. 1822; d. July 4, 1848. Buried at the Howe Cemetery.
21 RICHARD (3).
22 MARY (3).
23 RACHEL M. (3) b. April 18, 1829; m. Clark Crow, son of Lawrence Crow and Mary Riggs on April 30, 1851. Clark was born August 6, 1825 in Allen Township, Washington Co., PA. Rachel died on December 18, 1859. Children: Charles C. d. Sept. 8, 1866; James B. d. Sept. 18, 1856; Ann Salina (Selena) b. 1851 d. 1926.

24 SARAH E. (3) daughter of Rachel b. 1825; d. October 8, 1863. Sarah never married and is buried at the Howe Cemetery with her parents. Her tombstone reads: Latta, Sarah E., Oct. 8, 1863 - 38.

25 MELISSA A. (3) b. 1841; d. January 2, 1802; m. David Phillips. David R. Phillips served in the Civil War in the same company (Fifth WV Calvary, Company I) as Melissa's two brothers, Alexander Latta and William L. Latta.
26 MARTHA JANE (3) b. April 12, 1830; d. and buried at Lone Tree, Iowa October 13, 1893; m. James H. Lutz b. May 20, 1827; d. at Lone Tree, Iowa January 20, 1890. Children:
John H. Allien. Mary Ann. Joseph Angelo. Kate Estella. James K. Cora J. Rachel D. Charles
W. Frank Osborn. Ella Bell.

Latta Stone House, Roscoe, PA
1840 Mon Valley PA Census, East Pike Run Township
Latta, Wm
Males under 5 - 2
Males 5-10 - 2
Males 15-20 - 1
Males 20-30 - 2
Males 50-60 - 1
Females 5-10 - 1
Females 10-15 - 1
Females 15-20 - 1
Females 40-50 - 1
1850 Mon Valley, PA Census, East Pike Run Township
Latta, Rachel, 52, born PA
Latta, Sarah, 26, PA
Latta, Rachel, 23, PA
Latta, Robert J., 21, farmer, PA
Latta, Joseph W., 15, PA
Latta, Ostlander, 11, PA
Latta, Alexander, 9, PA


William (2) Samuel (1). Born at Elco, Pa. in 1818; d. September 6, 1857. Married twice: 1) Margaret L. Crow, daughter of Lawrence Crow and Mary Riggs. Margaret was born April 11, 1821; d. January 20, 1853 in Washington Co., PA., (Margaret L. Latta is buried in the Howe Cemetery), and 2) Lucinda A. Riggs - daughter of Mahlon Riggs and Lydia (Williams) was born September 25, 1830, and was twice married, first , on June 12, 1853, to J. D. Latta, and after his death she married Johnston Noble, (she lived at California, PA, with her daughter, Lucinda.

James was buried beside his first wife, Margaret in the Howe Cemetery. Tombstones read: Latta, James D. - Sept 6, 1857 - 39. Latta, Margaret (wf Jas. D.) - Jan. 20, 1853 - 32. Beside them is a tombstone for "Henry Latta - son" d. July 4, 1848 - 26.

Children by first wife:

11 WILLIAM L. (4) b. June 28, 1844; d. Apr. 29, 1887 (Co 15th W.Va. Cav. 1861-65)
30 JOHN J. (4) b. 1848; d. 1870.
31 MELISSA A.(4) b. 1842. m. ______ Phillips.
32 THERESA J. (4) b. 1846

Children by second wife:

12 JAMES HENRY (4) b. Jan. 18, 1851; d. Nov. 24, 1907.
27 CLARENCE (4).
28 CHARLES (4).
29 LOWMAN G. (4) b. 1854; d. 1875. Named after minister who united his parents
in marriage.

1850 Mon Valley, PA Census, East Pike Run Township
Latta, James D., 32, farmer, PA
Latta, Margaret L., 28, PA
Latta, Melissa A., 8, PA
Latta, William L., 6, PA
Latta, Theresa J., 4, PA
Latta, John J., 2, PA
Crow, James, 20, laborer


William (2) Samuel (1). Born August 1, 1838; d. at Elco, Pa. June 4, 1886; m. Mary M. Allen, daughter of James Allen, of Charlerol, Pa. She was born 1838; d. 1926.  She is buried in the Howe Cemetery.  He bought the old stone house at Roscoe, Pa. from Joseph Allen. He formerly lived in the old brick house at Roscoe, Pa. with his parents. For his Will, see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills. Ostrander is buried at the Howe Cemetery with his wife. Tombstones read: Latta, O.D. - b. 1838 d. 1886 - 48 yrs. Latta, Mary M. - 1838-1926 - 88 yrs.

33 OLLIE J. (4) In 1938 was living in the "old stone house". Married: Samuel Teagarden Chester, June 1879. He was Born: March 8, 1853 in Allen Twp Washington, PA. He was the son of Samuel Aiken Chester & Margaret Jackman. Children: Grace Chester, who married L.T. Fiedler, Mary Margaret Chester, Charley L Chester, Montie Ray Chester, Harry Chester, Ralph Chester.


William (2) Samuel (1). Born 1841; d. at Elco, Pa. December 2, 1910; m. Mary Ellen McKenna March 26, 1855. She was born 1835; d. 1922.   She is bured in the Howe Cemetery.  He enlisted in the Civil War, Sergeant 15th W. Va. Cav. For his Will, see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills. He and his wife are buried in the Howe Cemetery. Tombstones read: Latta, A. S. (CoI 15th W.Va. Cav.) 1841-1910 - 79; Latta, Mary E. (wf A.S.) 1845-1922 - 77.

One child:
13 EDWARD J. (4) b. January 17, 1867; d. November 11, 1950. Buried in the Howe Cemetery.


William (2) Samuel (1). Born March 24, 1822; d. at Elizabeth, Pa. 1898; m. Maria Drake Stewart, daughter of Mr. Stewart and Margaret. She was born abt. 1825. More about Thomas Latta: Enlisted in the Civil War.

Children of Thomas Latta and Maria Stewart are:


34 MARGARET ANN (4) b. 1848; d. January 4,, 1925; married. Child: Mrs. Georgia Foxhall. Lived 1934 lived at Edenboro, Pa.
35 CHARLES (4) b. 1852; d. 1856.
73 IRENE B. (4) B. 1854 in Allegheny Co., PA; died 1916 in North Braddock, Allegheny, PA

36 ELVIRA (Adaline) (4) b. 1855; d. 1933; m. Thomas W. Speer. One child: Emma m. twice, first to Mr. Hiel, then William McHenry. She said the father of 2 William Latta was named Samuel. In 1937 she lived at 215 Elwyn Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Mt. Oliver Station.

37 CATHERINE (Kate) (4) b. 1857; d. 1886. She married Mr. Tustin.
38 WILLIAM (4) b. 1859; d. 1859.
39 GEORGE (4) b. 1861; d. 1922. Not married.
40 HARRY C. (4) b. 1863. Caulker. June 14, 1998, enrolled at private as Private at Pittsburgh, Pa. in Co. I, 14th Pa. Val. Inf. Mustered into service of U.S. there for two years from June 14, 1898. Appointed artificer June 14, 1898. Mustered out with Co. at Camp Marion, Somerville, N.C. February 28, 1899. In 1938 was Member of Faculty, Veteran Adm. Mt. Home, Tenn. Single. He said that William Latta, boat builder, branch 41, is his uncle.
41 ALICE (Allie) (4) b. 1865; d. 1913. She married Mr. Deemer.

Irene Latta Irene Latta, daughter of Thomas Latta

Picture courtesy of Beryl Redfield

Generation No. 2

34 Margaret Ann4 Latta (Thomas3, William2, Samuel1) was born 1848, and died 04 January 1925. She married William Reece.

Child of Margaret Latta and William Reece: Georgia Reece. She married E. B. Foxhall.

36 Elvira (Adaline)4 Latta (Thomas3, William2, Samuel1) was born 1855, and died 1933. She married Thomas W. Speer.

Child of Elvira Latta and Thomas Speer is:

Emma Speer. She married (1) Mr. Hiel. She married (2) William McHenry.

73 Irene B.4 Latta (Thomas3, William2, Samuel1) was born 1854 in Allegheny Co. PA, and died 1916 in North Braddock, Allegheny, PA. She married Thomas Sproull Blackwood Crozier 05 April 1876 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA, son of John (Rev) and Margaret Parkhill. He was born 24 April 1852 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA, and died 11 April 1928 in Edinboro, Erie, PA.

More About Irene B. Latta:

Fact 1: 1916, buried in Edinboro Cemetery, Edinboro, Erie, PA

More About Thomas Sproull Blackwood Crozier:

Fact 1: 14 April 1928, burial in Edinboro Cemetery, Edinboro,Erie, PA

Fact 2: moved from original site

Fact 3: his father named him Sproull after a famous minister:

Children of Irene Latta and Thomas Crozier are: 12 Jesse Leroy Crozier, born 05 June 1879 in Smithfield, Fayette, PA, died 04 July 1963 in Edinboro, Erie, PA; 13 Zora Crozier, born 26 March 1881 in Eliabeth, Allegheny, PA, died 01 July 1965. She married Alfred H. Murphy 18 July, 1947. 14 Marion Blanche Crozier, born 30 January 1884 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA; died 23 July, 1939. 15 DeWitt T. Crozier, born 04 May 1888 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA; died 14 February 1923. He married Lucy Smith 1917. 16 Van Kirk Crozier, born 24 April, 1890 in Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA; died 15 August, 1962. He married Sara Sanford 23 November, 1921.

Generation No. 3

12. Jesse Leroy5 Crozier (Irene B.4 Latta, Thomas3, William2, Samuel1) was born 05 June 1879 in Smithfield, Fayette, PA, and died 04 July 1963 in Edinboro, Erie, PA. He married Besse Anne Thompson 14 November 1907 in at home in Buena Vista, PA, daughter of Harvey Thompson and Anna McWilliams. She was born 12 November 1885 in Buena Vista, Allegheny, PA, and died 22 August 1960 in Edinboro, Erie, PA.

Children of Jesse Crozier and Besse Thompson are: 17 Leroy Thompson Crozier, born 01 October 1908 in Buena Vista, Allegheny, PA; died 31 October, 1910 in N. Braddock, Allegheny, PA. 18 Bernice Marian Crozier, born 08 August 1910 in North Braddock, Allegheny, PA; died 21 January 1996 in Salem, OR. 19 Mary Irene Crozier, born 09 August, 1912 in North Braddock, Allegheny, PA; died 23 January 1991 in Deltona, FL, 20 Agnes Blanche Crozier, born 01 July 1917 in North Braddock, PA; died 1998 in Alabama, and three other children who are still living.


William (2) Samuel (1). Born in the old brick house at Roscoe, Pa.; d. at Monongahela City, Pa. 1879. Married Charlotte Watson.

42 OLIVE (4) d. when a baby.
43 ELLA SPEERS (4) m. John Ford. In 1935 living on Frayne St., Hazelwood, Pa. Children: Malcom living in California. Lillian. John Jr. James living at Pittsburgh, Pa. Two children.
44 ANNA VAN DELIA (4) b. 1868; m. four times: 1) Cornelius W. Roy April 16, 1888. Three children: Charles Stanley. Cornelius Webster. Charlotte. 2) Lewis G. Lang. Two children: Margaret E. Albert Herman. 3) Malcom Stafford. 4) Charles A. Wells. In 1938 lived at 1420 12st Des Moines, Iowa.
45 CORA (4).
46 CHARLOTTE (4) both buried Howe Cemetery near Coal Creek, Pa.


William (2) Samuel (1). Born September 21, 1828; d. April 320?, 1868; m. Nancy J. Smallwood. She was born May 12, 1831 and died May 12, 1872.

47 ____ (4) died in 1854 when an infant.
48 IDA JOSEPHINE (4) b. at Coal Creek Center, Pa. in 1856; d. in 1932; m. Clarence Linton Hagerty September 14, 1882 at Monongahela, Pa. Children: Ethel Valeria (1883-1905), Reuben Perry (1888-1907), Ida Frances (1893-1927) m. Harry John Ashcraft. (One child: Marion Josephine Ashcraft), Nancy Elmira known as Elmira (1895-1978). Single. In 1937 living at 1120 4th Street, Monongahela, Pa.
49 MELISSA (4) b. 1858; d. 1905; m. Demus Hill. Children: Orpha Swilhart,  Grant , Huber,  Leslie,  Edgar, Mabel, and Irene.
50 FRANCES ELNORA (4) b. 1860; d. 1911; m. James Johnston. No children.
51 ELLA (4) b. 1862; m. William Fredenburg at Ilwaco, Wash. Children: Edith, May, Robert and Hazel.
52 BLANCHE (4) b. 1868; d. February 11, 1893. Single.


William (2) Samuel (1). Capt. William L. Latta was born 1844; d. 1887. Buried in the Howe Cemetery, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married Philena A. _______. She is buried in the Howe Cemetery also. Howe Cemtery - Lata, Capt. Wm. L. - 1844-1887 - 43 (Co. 15th W.Va. Cav. 1861-65); Lata, Philena A. (wf Wm) 1846-1887 - 77. William enlisted in the Civil War. Is this 2 William, branch No. 41? Members of his branch 45, says he is. Expecting more information. Served as a private in the 5th WV Calvary, Co., I, (tombstone says 15th W.Va. Cav. 1861-65) during the Civil War, along with his brother Alexander and his brother-in-law, David R. Phillips. "The boys had reached a perfection in foraging. Some colored folks met the line at the New River, when Will. Latta, of Company I, hailed one, asking where they had put that meat that they hid. The poor darkey denied any knowledge of contraband pork, when Latta threatened destruction to him if he did not tell, and then the colored contingent came down, and led the boys to a hiding place, where they secured seventy-two pieces of meat. Latta's chance shot produced good results."

1859 Directory of Monongahela Valley, Monongahela, Washington County, From the Thurstons Directory of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Valleys - 1859

Laddy, William, ship carpenter
Latta, William, foreman McClure's boat house

(Could this foreman be 9 William (3) Latta?)




William (2) Samuel (1). Born in Pa. June 27, 1836; d. November 30, 1913 at Iowa Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown, Iowa where he was admitted July 26, 1910. Buried there in Iowa Soldiers' Home Cemetery. Married twice: Sarah Elizabeth Erskine, daughter of Horatio Nelson Erskine and Rebecca Catherine Williams. In 1870, he is listed in Dixon, Illinois, occupation "tinner", with his wife, Sarah and son, Willie.  In the 1880 census for Dixon, Illinois, he is listed as a "tinner" with his wife, Julia R. Latta, age 34, son William F., age 10, son Horatio M (aka Bert Nelson), age 8, and nameless son, age 1.  The census date was June 10, 1880, and the nameless son, Frank, was born Jan. 31, 1879.  Second wife was Julia Hatch, daughter of S. L. Hatch.  One wife was drowned. He enlisted in the Civil War in Co. F, 1st Iowa Cavalry June 13, 1861 at Iowa City, Iowa. Discharged April 22, 1862 at Sedalia, Mo.

Information excerpt from book "Wyuka Cemetery: A Driving & Walking Tour":

"In a long life of 88 years, Horatio Erskine was said to have lost two fortunes, but made three. Born in Ohio in 1818, he helped his father clear farmland from the forest. His first fortune came from investing in $1.25 per acre government land in Illinois. He caught 'gold fever' and went to California, returning safely by boat around Cape Horn of South America and up the Mississippi. He was robbed of all he had in St. Louis, and went back to what he knew, investing in land in Illinois, then in Nebraska. He was said to have been a kind, lenient man, never foreclosing on anyone on whom he held a mortgage. He had fourteen children, eight of whom survived their long-lived father."

Dixon Evening Telegram - May 19, 1890

Dixon Evening Telegram - Feb. 17, 1897

Children by first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Erskine:
53 WILLIAM S. (4) in 1913 lived at Lincoln, Neb.
54 BERT NELSON (4) b. Oct. 8, 1871; d. February 24, 1931; m. Henrietta Dell ______; Henrietta was born in 1881 and died in 1967. They are both buried at the Riverside Cemetery, Huntington County, Indiana. In 1913 lived at Bloomington, Ills.



  Dixon Evening Telegram - Jan. 24, 1891 Dixon Evening Telegram - Jan 19, 1892

Child by second wife, Julia Hatch:
15 FRANK L. (4).

Dixon Evening Telegram, May 3, 1888 Dixon Evening Telegram, Aug. 27, 1898 Dixon Evening Telegram, July 20, 1899
Dixon Evening Telegram, March 31, 1892 Evening Times Republican - Marshalltown, Iowa Monday, Dec. 1, 1913




James D. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born at Roscoe, Pa. June 28, 1844; d. at California, Pa. April 29, 1887; m. Philena A. Howe (daughter of Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine) and Sarah Duvall on March 4, 1868. She was born at Coal Creek Center, Pa. April 12, 1846 and died January 12, 1923. William and his wife are buried at the Howe Cemetery. Tombstones read: Lata, Capt. Wm. L. - 1844-1887 - 43 yrs. (Co 15th W.Va. Cal. 1861-65); Lata, Philena A. (wf Wm. ) 1846-1887 - 77.

The Daily Republican, Monongahela, PA - Jan. 15, 1923 (Monday)


16 LOWMAN D. (5) b. April 6, 1881; d. May 8, 1951 in Fayette Co., PA.  Buried in Highland Cemetery, Washington Co., PA.  Married Sarah Roberts (1880-1958).
55 WILLIAM W. (5) b. at California, Pa. January 13, 1869; d. November 1, 1942; buried in the Howe Cemetery; m. Margaret Jane Glunt, daughter of John Glunt and Martha Hopkins on June 5, 1913. She died August 13, 1926. No children. In 1914 he was Postmaster at California, Pa.  
56 MARGARET JANE (5) b. July 14, 1873; m. David H. Glunt, brother of Margaret Glunt. He was born September 16, 1870. In 1934 living at Charleroi, Pa. Three children: Mary, William, David Jr. All married and have children.
57 FREDERICK G. (5) b. May 6, 1875; m. Eva Powell. In 1934 he was Fire Chief at California, Pa.
17 CHARLES L. (5).

OBITUARY - LATTA, Lowman D - 1951 , California

Lowman D. LATTA, 70, of 216 Fourth street, California, died Tuesday, May 8, 1951, at 1:30 p.m. in the Brownsville General Hospital.
A son of William R. and Philianan Latta, he was born April 6, 1881 in California. He was an employee of the Hillman Barge Construction Company, West Brownsville; was a member of the California Methodist Church and the Men's Bible Class, and of the Monongahela Valley Lodge, 461, F & A. M., California.
He is survived by his wife, Sarah, and two grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Margaret GLUNT, Charleroi; and a brother, Charles of Donora.




James D. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born January 18, 1851; d. November 24, 1907; m. Margaret Ellen Dunshee. She was born February 29, 1860. They lived at McKeesport, Pa.

58 EDNA BLANCHE (5) b. January 14, 1888; m. Lorenzo Domer Davis January 26, 1905. Children: Vera Lucille b. June 7, 2906. She married Karl L. Walden August 1933. Harvey Kenneth b. January 27, 1908. Ralph Chalmers b. February 23, 1913. Loran Domer b. October 15, 1914; d. October 4, 1933. George Drennan b. November 27, 1916.
59 HENRY D. (5) b. January 14, 1888; d. August 1888. Twin with Edna.
60 VIRGINIA D. (5) b. September 3, 1889; m. Louis Albert DeWalt November 29, 1922. He was born August 18, 1894. Children: Virginia Lu b. December 23, 1924. Lois Aleenb. February 6, 1928.
61 LUCINDA D. (5) b. February 9, 1893; m. Edward Louis Renner April 9, 1921.  He was born October 28, 1890. Children: James Edward b. February 26, 1925. Richard Latta b. August 26, 1929.
62 JOSEPH D. (5) b. August 23, 1898; d. December 21, 1902.

1900 Census, ED 436 McKeesport, Ward 10, Allegheny Co., PA
James H. Latta, 49, pilot steamboat
Nellie L. Latta, 40 (6 children, 5 living)
Edna B. Latta, 12
Virginia D. Latta, 11
James L. Latta, 9
Lucinda D. Latta, 7
Joseph D. Latta, 2


Alexander S. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born in 1867; d. November 11, 1950; m. Sara J. Thomas June 5, 1889 from Roscoe, Pa. She was born in 1866. In 1935 living at Roscoe, Pa. Retired Pennsylvania Railroad man.
VIOLA (5). m. Frank Thompson
ALICE (5). m. A. Forrest Moreland

OBITUARY - LATTA, Edward, 1950 , Elco
Edward J. LATTA of Elco, died November 11, 1950, at 11:37 p.m.
He was born January 17, 1867, in Elco, the son of Alexander S. and Mary Ellen McKENNA Latta, pioneer residents of Roscoe. He was a retired clerk in the offices of the American Steel and Wire company in Donora.
He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Frank THOMPSON of Mt. Lebanon and Mrs. A. F. MORELAND of Elco, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.




John W. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born at Brownville, Pa. ____; d. at Mongahela, Pa. May 10, 1893. Buried in the Howe Cemetery near Coal Creek, Pa. Married Sarah Jane Messenger at Monongahela, Pa.

One child:
65 EMMA (5) b. in Bedford Co., Pa. March 20, 1866; m. Mr. Daugherty. Her mother wanted her to be named Imogene after Imogene Latta of branch 41, but the minister mistook what she said and named her Emma Jean. Imogene was a cousin of Emma Jean. In 1936 she was living at 547 E. Exchange Street, Akron, Ohio. Clerk in Auditors Office there.


Joseph W. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born January 31, 1879 in Dixon, Illinois; m. Kathryn E. Potter, daughter of Charles Potter, at St. Louis, Mo. March 13, 1913. In the 1900 Census for Dixon, Lee Co., IL, he is listed as single, occupation "confectioner".  His father was born in Pennsylvania, and his mother was born in Illinois.  In the 1910 Census for Bloomington, McLean Co., IL, he is listed as divorced, occupation "bartender, saloon".  The following article was published in the Dixon Evening Telegram, January 12, 1901.

      Dixon Evening Telegram - July 26, 1900  

Dixon Evening Telegram - Sept 19, 1900

66 MEREDITH LOVEL (5) b. November 22, 1914; d. November 27, 1915.
67 JESSE BERNARD (5) b. September 18, 1917. In 1936 lived at Bloomington.




William L. (4) James D. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born April 6, 1881 at California, Pa.; died May 8, 1951; m. Sarah Ann Roberts of Charleroi, Pa. June 2, 1906. She was born in Worcestershire, England August 29, 1880; died July 15, 1958. In 1934 both living at California, Pa.

68 LOWMAN ROBERTS (6) b. at California, Pa. May 14, 1908; m. Anna Virginia Patterson, daughter of Mr. John Patterson of California, Pa. she was born February 26, 1905 at Roscoe, Pa; died July 3, 1967.  He in 1935 was living at 216 4th Avenue, California, Pa. and practiced dentistry at Roscoe, Pa.  They had two children:  Lowman Edward Latta; b. 2/7/1937; d. 3/15/2021, and Carol Ann Milner. 



William L. (4) James D. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born September 9, 1878; m. Pearl Everely. In 1934 living at Donora, Pa.

Two children:
69 HARRIET (6).
70 WILLIAM EVERLY (6) b. 1904; d. October 1919 in the Pittsburgh Hospital from striking his head on a rock while bathing with some boys in the Monongahela River in July of 1919.


James H. (4) James D. (3) William (2) Samuel (1). Born March 30, 1891; m. Johanna Bulkosky June 7, 1922. She was born May 7, 1896. In 1934 living at McKeesport, Pa.  On his WWII draft card, it lists James Lawrence Latta, 511 Atlantic Avenue, McKeesport, PA, age 51, b. March 30, 1891 in McKeesport, PA, employer - Carnegie-Illinois, Clairton, Allegheny Co., PA, 5'11", 185 lb, grey eyes, grey hair, nearest relative - Johanna Latta.

71 ROBERT LAWRENCE (6) b. August 31, 1924.
72 NANCY LOHANNA (6) b. November 25, 1930.

1940 Census, Ward 10, McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA
James A. Latta, 48, b. PA, electrician, mill
Johanna, 43, b. PA
Robert Latta, 15, b. PA
Nancy Jo, 9, b. PA



END OF BRANCH.............................................................NOTES BELOW

Possible connection between branches No. 41 and 45.

Mrs. Charles A. Wells, branch No. 45, says that William Latta, the boat builder, branch No. 41, is her uncle, and that Imogene Latta, his daughter, his her cousin. Harry C. Latta, branch No. 45, says that William Latta, the boat builder, is his uncle.  Mrs. Emma Daugherty, granddaughter of John W. Latta, branch No. 45, says that Imogene Latta, daughter of William Latta, the boat builder, branch No. 41, is her cousin. That when she was christened her mother asked the minister to name her Imogene, but the minister thought she said Emma Jean, so she was named Emma Jean.

Miss Elmora Hagerty, granddaughter of Robert J. Latta, branch No. 45, said that the names of the children of William Latta, father of the boat builder, William Latta, branch No. 41, had the same names as, the brothers and sister of Robert J. Latta, branch No. 45. This would indicate that branches Nos. 41 and 45 were the same. But the proof I lack is the names of the mothers of the children of William Latta, the father of Robert J. Latta, branch No 45. William has been married more than one time.
For further proof see my Loose Leaf Book for Possible connections. Also next page.

Connection between branches 41 and 45. Mrs. Chester, branch 45, family 4, told a friend that her grandfather, William Latta, lived in the old brick house in Roscoe, Pa. and she often visited him there with his family, during the Civil War, and that some of the children of William came home there from the war with a furlough.
Miss Imogene Latta, branch No. 41, wrote that her grandfather, William Latta, built and
lived in the old brick house at Roscoe, Pa. It must have been at the same time that Mrs. Chester's grandfather lived there. Miss Imogene Latta was mistaken about her grandfather building the old brick house. It was built by a Quaker named Griffith.

The heads of both branches lived in Ireland, and their two sons, both by the name of William and Alexander, came to America and their descendants lived in the same place at the same time. They lived on Monongahela, California, Roscoe, McKeesport, etc., all in Pennsylvania.

The sons of William Latta, branch No. 41, had the same names as the sons of William Latta, branch No. 45, except Ostrander and James.

It looks as if the key to this situation is in the name or names of the wife or wives of William Latta, brother of Ostrander Latta, branch No. 45. If this William Latta had the same wives as William Latta (2) branch 41, then it would unite the two branches.