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Born in Ireland; d. in South Carolina; m. Catherine Ewing. Carl H. Latta says "William Latta organized the old School Presbyterian Church in York District, South Carolina.  He died and was buried there in Bethel Cemetery, Clover, York Co., S. Car. He left a Will.

One child:
2 JOHN (2).


William (1). Born in Ireland. Died and buried in Bethel Cemetery, York District, South Carolina.  Married Elizabeth Harper. After his death she with four children in a wagon went to join her son, Robert, in Arkansas. A few days after her arrival she died of pneumonia (January 1, 1875) and was buried in the Bayou Meto Cemetery in Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., Ark. She was 60 years old. She was born about 1815. It is still the burial ground for many in this family. John owned 600 acres of land in Florida before the Civil War and owned Negroes. The family did not have good health in Florida and lost two children with some dreaded disease. He could not do anything with all the land. He was broke. They went back to S. Car. to his father's and lived there until his death. After her death the children stayed on and rented land for three or four years. Then Robert went to Texas. His brother Andrew bought Robert's farm and it is still in the family.

Children all born in York District, South Carolina.
3 ROBERT (3).
4 ANDREW JACKSON (4). b. January 19, 1851
7 MARGARET JANE (3) m. Mr. Lowery. One son: Leslie Erwin lives Brooklyn, N.Y.
8 NANCY E. (3) b. April 1, 1847; d. Nov. 23, 1931; m. Alfred Washington Johnson on November 4, 1884. No children. Alfred was born Oct. 10, 1831 and died July 16, 1900. They are both buried at the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.
9 ELIZA (3) m. Mr. Ahlms. There is a Dr. Lee Wood buried in the Bayou Metro Cemetery, born 1855 and died 1901, husband of Eliza Latta. They were married Sept. 30, 1877.


John (2) William (1). Born in York Co., South Carolina. Married Kate Trotter in Ark. Served in the Civil War. After his father's death he went to Arkansas, bought a farm and lived there six or eight years, then went to Texas. His brother Andrew bought his farm.

Four children:
10 WILLIAM (4) in 1939 lived in Texas.
11 JAMES EDWARD (4) in 1939 lived in New Mexico.
12 KATE (4) married and lives in Texas.
13 JENNIE (4) married and lives in Texas.


John (2) William (1). Born in York District, South Carolina.  January 19, 1851; d. in Pulaski County, Ark. October 27, 1900. He is buried in the Bayou Meto Cemetery in Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark. He married Martha "Mattie" Rachel Adkins in Arkansas December 19, 1878, daughter of Lafayette and Ilby Hall Adkins. She was born in Arkansas May 23, 1862. In 1939 she was living with her children, all of whom were born at Jacksonville, Ark.


14 IRIS GERTRUDE (4) b. October 19, 1879; m. William Roderwald. Children: Gerald m. Belle Purden. William Earl and Erwin both twins. Leslie.
5 CARL HARPER (4). b. March 20, 1881; d. Sept. 9, 1963
15 MYRTLE E. (4) b. November 29, 1886; d. July 19, 1963; m. Dr. Charles H. "Alex" Hudson. He was born in 1877 and died Dec. 1, 1945. They are both buried in the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark. Children: (1) Alta Mae m. Fred Bowen (2) Lorin m. Ruby Hardcastle. (3) Carroll Latta "Chigger" b. Feb. 2, 1917; d. Sept. 19, 1988; m. Margaret D. _____ on Nov. 25, 1946. She was born Nov. 17, 1929.
6 ROBERT ADKINS (4). b. Feb. 11, 1890; d. Nov. 25, 1982 m. Katherine B. Andrews on Nov. 30, 1913.


Andrew J. (3) John (2) William (1). Born at Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., Ark. March 20,1881; d. September 9, 1963; m. Athea Otha Wilson at Jacksonville, December 12, 1904. She was born there December 17, 1884, daughter of John J. and Emma Mason Wilson. She died March 10, 1967. They are both buried in the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.

 Children all born in Pulaski Co., Ark.:
16 GARLAND HARPER (5) b. November 28, 1905; d. May 28, 1990; m. Frances Oliver. Lived at Jacksonville, Ark. He and Frances are buried at the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.

24 ALTUS (5) b. Dec. 7, 1907; d. Feb. 17, 1910; buried at the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.
17 HELEN (5) b. August 5, 1913. In 1939 she was living at Little Rock, Ark. Stenographer and Citaphone operator.
18 ANDREW JESSE (5) b. May 25, 1915; d. 1995 (SS Index); Lived at Little Rock, Ark. Worked for the Railroad Express Company.
19 CARL BELWIN (5) b. June 26, 1920.



Andrew J. (3) John (2) William (1). Born at Jacksonville, Ark. February 11, 1890; d. November 25, 1982; m. at Jacksonville to Katherine Beatrice "Kate" Andrews on November 30, 1913. They are both buried at the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.

20 MILDRED CAMOLLA (5) b. June 5, 1916, d; Jan. 2, 1995; m. Thurman W. Gray on July 29, 1939. Lived next door to her parents. They had one child, Peggy. They are both buried at the Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Ark.
21 LOUISE (5).
22 WILMA (5) m. Calvin Glover. Living at Little Rock, Ark.
23 BUFORD (5).

I am not related to the Latta's but came across this site and found it very interesting. My grandmother's next door neighbor from 1932 was Robert Akins and Kate Andrews Latta. My mothers best friend from that time until her death in 1995 was Mildred Gray Latta (My mother is still living ... in North Little Rock, Ark.) The Latta's were wonderful people. I have many fond memories of both Mr. & Mrs. Latta. Mr. Latta would let us kids, we are talking late 40& 50 pick cotton for fun money and his water melon patch was always open to us. Our families shared so many happy times in those years, to pot luck dinners in the summer time, ice cream suppers to icing down cold watermelon and were involve in our lives. Their daughter Mildred stood up for my parents when they got married which if any body is interested I would share a copy. These wonderful people enriched our lives in so many ways. This was about 2 north miles from Jacksonville Ark. a wide place in the road called Tonyville. Both Latta are buried at Bayou Meto Cem. there. What a wonderful site to visit. T
Thank you - J. (Wooley) Booth. Baytown Tx. 1/7/04

Mildred,Louise,Wilma and Buford were their children and I believe there were no more. Mr. Latta was not a big man, but attractive and always had a smile. The were both very good natured and so was Mildred. She was very pretty also as were the other girls. When I married the first time we lived in Mildred and Thurman garage apt. that was in 1956. Mr. & Mrs. Latta had a big brick home with a porch on two sides sort of yellow or white brick. We loved sitting on the porch swing. As far as I know he was always a farmer. Mildred worked at the ordnance plant in Jacksonville during the war making ammo. Thurman died around the mid to late 60's I believe from emphysema. Mr. & Mrs. Latta and my grandparents Hugh & Emma Fortner played cards with them every Friday night as well as with the Barrons across the street. And they were always guest at our Christmas parties at my grandparents. The Latta already lived there when my grandparents and my mother moved our from Little Rock in 1932. My mother Imogene and Mildred become ill about the same time. One night they went to a old folks dance and left about 9 pm to go home. At two in the morning my brother got a call from the police they had been going the wrong way on the road at Cabot not far from home and had no idea where they were or how long they had been out. That was the end of my mother driving, not by her choice though. My mother is 88 and has been in a nursing home about ten years. She doesn't know us. Mildred had Alzheimer. They say mothers is not that, but it acts the same. I believe the Latta's had the same. Anytime we went home over the years, we always stopped to see them as they were like family. I am going to try and get in touch with Peggy, she lives in my hometown of Jacksonville AR. I still have siblings there who can probably locate her and have her get in touch with you. Thank you for letting me be a part of their history.

J. Wooley Booth, Baytown Tx. - 1/8/04.

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Other Lattas buried at Bayou Meto Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., Ark.

Dr., Lee Wood, husband of Eliza Latta, born 1855, died 1901. Married Eliza Latta Sept. 30, 1877.

Theodore R. (Ted) Shirk, husband of Helen Latta, born April 19, 1918, died Oct. 5, 1993. Captain USAF, WWII, Korea.