Alex Latta on one of his many trips to Ireland conducting Latta research.

Church at Lag, Co. Donegal, where "Canning Stone" stood originally. Picture taken in 1998.

New Location of "Canning Stone", near Malin, Co. Donegal.  This is only about 1-1/2 miles from Lag.  Alex Latta, Br. #16, by stone, C-1998.

This picture was taken on the top of the mountain near St. Johnston, at Samuel Latta's slate quarry.  I suspect that the fields in the background are where "Cattleman" Latta herded his cattle in 1690, to avoid the retreating army of King James - Alex Latta, Br. #16 (c.-1996)

Possibly connected to Branches #3 and #50.

"Roosky" near Newtown-Cunningham, Co. Donegal, farm of Thomas Latta, and his two sisters, Nellie and Jean. Picture C-1985.
Alexander Latta's house at Bready.  C-1850.
Boyd's of Cross (Mary Latta) farm building. c- 1850.

This is the original home at Cross, for the  Boyds.  Isabella likely lived here.

"Cafward House" Killenny.  Field with cattle is called "Laatta's Tongue." Town of Donnamanhgh is at far left. c-2000.  Branch #12.
Contained in this picture are the townlands of Bready, Cross and Castlethird.

Bready was owned by Alexander Latta, Br. #16, and sold in 1860.  He then moved to Ballinakill, Co. Wexford, where Charles Latta farms today (picture taken in 1996).


Parish of Taughboyne - Donegal.

St. Johnstown on bend of River.

Townlands of:

Castlethird - Lattas still here. C-2000.

Bready - Br. #16

Cross - Br. #3

Clashygowan - Br. #3

Ardagh - Br. #50

Southwest of Londonderry.


Roosky Middle





Ardagh Irish



St. Johnstown

Cafward House near Killenny