Branch No. 1


The LaGrange (Ind.) Standard, May 21, 1814, says: "This family is an old one in this country, and in Ireland, where the first James M. Latta was a nobleman, with estates near Donegal." Had at least one son, William. It is thought the other sons came to America, as many of the name lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. about the time William settled there.

2 WILLIAM (2).




William (1.) There are a number of stories about his history. One is that he married Katharine or Jane Taylor, daughter of a clergyman. Was disinherited by his father. With his wife, he came to America. Settled in 1740, afterwards near Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa. about 1760. In 1782 he lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Katherine was said to be a great beauty. She died of apoplexy. He served during the Revolutionary War in Morgan's cavalry--James M. Latta, Jr. Goshen, Ind.

Another history is: William was born in Ireland. Came to America during or just previous to the Revolutionary War. He quarreled with his father over his (the son's) proposed marriage to a beautiful but poor orphan girl, borrowed money from a friend, married the girl, and came to America the day of the marriage. Lived near Laurel Hill, Fayette Co., Pa. Settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. His will was executed in Bullship Tr. Fayette Co., Pa. April 21, 1803--John Milton Latta, M.D. Probated April 30, 1808.

There must be an error about the poor orphan girl, as Mary Latta, daughter of Robert Latta, son of William, told that Robert Latta said that Katherine was a sister or aunt of Lord Conwallis, and that William had dozens of boxes of finely embroidered clothes, and that Robert had received from his mother's people very fine clothes to be married in.

Another history is: Under the laws of Ireland was one known as the law of primogeniture. The father selected the wife for his son. The selection did not please my great grandfather, but the one he loved was Jane Taylor. They got aboard a vessel, married while crossing the water and landed in New York. As for the name of Katharine, it might have been a part of her name. If so, it is new to me. They finally settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa., where my grandfather was born.--James A.M. Curl, 77 years of age, September 22, 1907. Grandson of Robert Latta.

I believe that Katherine was a Jewess, as James, Caroline Hackstaff, Gustavus Alonzo, Mary Bivins, and other children of William, son of Robert Latta, had very pronounced Jewish features.--Dr. William Johnston Latta, son of Milton M. Latta. This would account for the opposition to marriage. See my loose leaf book of wills.

3 JOHN (3) b. 1756.

4 WILLIAM (3).

CATHARINE (3) m. Mr. Huey; lived in Wilmington, Pa., l son, Samuel.

MARGARET (3) m. Mr. Cibbles.

5 ANDREW (3) b. 1769.

6 JAMES (3) I have no history of him.

7 ROBERT (3) b. 1773.

MAYOR COTTER (3) daughter.

8 SAMUEL (3) b. 1775.

9 EPHRAIM (3).

10 MOSES (3) b. 1782.

JANE (3) Married 3 times: first to Mr. McConnell, 1 son, Alex. Second, to Michael Crosser. (See note to branch No. 38). Third to Wm. Cochran, had 3 children, Mary, Samuel and ___. Her son, Alexander, wrote to Samuel Latta, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., October 25, 1841 from Eckmansville, Adams Co., Oh.




William (2) James M. (1). Born in Pa. September 15, 1756. On September 26, 1843, when catching his horse to ride to Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa. he was caught between his horse and a fence, went to town, returned unwell, and died October 4, 1843. His mind was bright until his death. He was mourned by the poor, the widow, and the orphans. When 15 years of age, he enlisted as a private under Washington, in the Revolutionary War, and became a major. ("I have heard my grandfather tell of that terrible Christmas night (December 25, 1776), when he crossed the Delaware River with Washington and his men--Catherine Jane Latta Zitterrell, daughter of Samuel Potter Latta."). After the war he served against the Indians. His regiment was sent to put down the Whisky War. He settled in the backwoods of Pa., and lived in Fayette Co. about 1795, and near Greenville, Mercer Co., in 1807. Both he and his wife died on their farm 5 miles north of Greenville. He married Margaret Potter, a number of a noted Revolutionary War family. She was born August 20, 1771, and died January 24, 1852. His grandson, William Anderson Latta, gives the following history of his Uncle Tom Potter. "Two of the Potter family were noted men. They carried dispatches for Washington during the war, and carried the mail for 300 miles through the wilderness when there was a big reward for their scalps. Finally, I think it was Uncle Tom and his whole family who were captured by the Indians, who killed and scalped the whole party of whites except Uncle Tom, his wife and one girl, robbed the house, and burned it. They bound Potter on a pony and started to take him to their chief to get the bounty. After several days they unbound him to make him cut wood and carry water. Aunt saved all her rations that the Indians gave her and prevailed on uncle to run away. One night they sent him for water and he ran away. He waded the creek all night so that the Indian dogs could not track him. In the morning he caught the limb of a big hollow tree and swung himself up. He hid in the hollow all day and he could hear the Indian dogs around the tree; but as they were so well acquainted with him, they did not bark. The next night he waded the creek and struck out for the white settlement. The Indians had stripped him naked, and tied a breech cloth around him so he was naked and bare foot. Soon after he ran a white thorn through his foot and was compelled to go on his hands and knees and catch lizards and snakes to live on. He was picked up by a friendly Indian, and hid until his foot was cured. The Indian helped him to get to the settlement. After several years he succeeded in getting his wife and girl back by paying a big sum of money. The girl would never stay at home, but would run away to the Indians." Children: 5 girls, 1 boy:

11 SAMUEL POTTER (4) bca 1803.

JANE (4) b. Fayette Co., Pa., about 1795, went to Mercer Co. When 12 years of age. She died in Ills. September 13, 1872. She married Henry McLaughlin, and had 4 sons. In 1907 they were living. Sons: Benj. W., at Shaller, Iowa, John L. At Viola, Ills., D.H. at Woodhull, Ills., and J.R. at Alpha, Ills.

SUSAN (4) b. Fayette Co., Pa.; m. John Mitchell.

ANN (4) b. Fayette Co., Pa.; m. Stephen Howard.

MARGARET (4) b. Fayette Co.; Pa., m. John Howard.

CATHERINE (4) b. Mercer Co., Pa.; d. of cancer while young.




William (2) James M. (1). Lived at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. May 8, 1844. He may be the head of branch No. 36.




William (2) James M. (1). Born April 29, 1769. Married twice, first to Jennette Robertson, October 6, 1795. She was born August 12, 1775. Name of second wife unknown, she died March 22, 1839. Lived in Kentucky, April 27, 1809, and soon after they went to Ohio. Children:

12 WILLIAM ROBERT (4) b. December 27, 1798, Ky.

ELENDER (4) b. October 8, 1797. Supposed to have died in infancy.

JANE (4) b. December 20, 1801. Single. In April 1839, lived in Adams Co., Ohio.

BARBARA (4) b. June 10, 1807.

13 JOHN ROBERTSON (4) b. April 20, 1809, Ky.

14 ROBERT ROBERTSON (4) b. August 13, 1811, Ohio or Ky.

MARGARET B. (4) b. September 12, 1813; m. Mr. Harrington. He died September 6, 1837. No children. Lived in Jefferson Co., Ind.

ELENORA (4) Died September 7, 1838; m. Mr. Duffy. Left 6 children.

HANNAH (4) by second wife; m. Mr. Taylor, February 1839.




William (2) James M. (1). He may have been the head of branch No. 20.




William (2) James M. (1). Born September 29, 1773 at Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa. He died at "Haw Patch", LaGrange Co., Ind., April 28, 1851. Married a widow, Isabella Waddell, December 22, 1795, 5 years his senior. Daughter of Wm. Johnston of Washington Co. Pa., and aunt of Wm. F. Johnston, Gov. of Pa. 1848-1853. She was born December 25, 1768; died February 2, 1855. One daughter by first husband called Ann Latta who married Mr. Dye of Eastern, Ohio. Robert weighed 300 pounds, in strength never met his equal. After his marriage he went to Greensburg, Pa. Saddler. The first night they spent in their newly erected log house the ridge pole fell down between them as they sat at the fire. They took that as an evil omen, packed up their effects and went to Bellefontaine, Ohio, then Guernsey, now Noble Co. There all his family was born. In 1814 he went to Champaign Co., Ohio, 6 miles north of Urbana, where he lived until 1832, then they moved to LaGrange Co., Ind., then to Ligonier, Ind. They were Presbyterians, but soon after moving to Ohio, his wife got into a controversy with Rev. Strenge, and took offense at his words. Robert went to horsewhip him, but finding him a pale, sickly man, decided to hear him preach instead, and at the conclusion of his sermon arose and said he had "heard the truth for the first time", and they both joined the Methodist church. The Lattas being quite prominent in that part of Ohio, his defection to the Methodist church was viewed with great disfavor, and he and his family suffered persecution which became so great that they were forced to leave the country. While in Pa., he was one of the "Whisky Boys", in which he took a prominent part. When he moved to LaGrange, Ind. in 1820, he bought 6400 acres in the famous "Haw Patch" region in Noble Co. and LaGrange Co. He was a man of warm impulses and great executive ability and a great student. He exercised his executive ability by colonizing his purchase of land with one or more young married men of almost every profession and trade except the legal, and presented them with a deed to 80 acres of land on the condition that they live on it a certain number of years and do all his work for nothing. In this way he soon had himself surrounded by a community which was able to supply all his wants and which looked upon him as almost a feudal lord, for he abrogated to himself the right to settle all disputes. He did not neglect the ministry for he soon erected a large church and school house and individually paid the expenses of a man who was both minister and school master. He endowed scholarships in several state colleges for the sole use of the children of his colonists and even excluded his grandchildren from their use. He was a man of very distinguished appearance, 8 feet 6 inches in height, straight as an arrow, and temperate in all things but his temper, which allowed no one to dispute or gainsay him. He was an arden Whig in politics and quite prominent in state politics. He lived to see his colony firmly established and it became a by-word throughout the region. He had an old fashioned wall-sweep clock which in 1904 was owned by his grandson, William H. Latta. In May 8, 1844, he lived at Good Hope, Noble Co., Ind. Children:

JANE (4). Robert Samuel Curl. Lived near Ligonier, Ind.; b. September 14, 1799; d. May 6, 1868. Lived near Haw Patch in 1834. Children: Robert L. Johnston, James A.D. Lybrand, Nelson, Milton, Samuel B. John, Joseph, William.

15 JAMES (4).

16 WILLIAM (4).


MARY A. (4) b. March 21, 1805; d. November 29, 1869; m. William Darnell April 15, 1826. Children: (1) Mortimer Byron b. May 19, 1827; m. Martha Craig, Spring 15, 1849. Children: Mary Ellen. William. Lethe m. James Putnam. Arthur died in the army. James m. Hattie M. White. (2) Caroline Isabell b. October 30, 183-; m. John J. Hipple. (3) Sarah Jane b. March 28, 1833; d. Long Beach, Calif. March 26, 1909; m. Capt. Alvah Bereman, 18th U.S. Inf. November 1, 1855. He died in Calif. February 8, 1887. They lived for years in St. Louis, Mo. and in Denver, Colo. Daughters: Maud, m. Fred'k Wislizenus, lawyer, in St. Louis, Mo. where she was killed by a street car in January 1902. Edith m. James K. Darnell of Breckinridge, Colo. Children: Maud. James. Fred. Fred was an Ensign in the navy during the World War. Agnes d. in Hoquiam, Wash. October 14, 1924; m. Lucian Bisbee, in Denver, Colo. One child: Allen. (4) Elias b. January 28, 1849; d. September 20, 1849. (5) William b. December 23, 1838; d. November 2; m. 1848. (6) Homer Leondas b. July 8, 1845, twin with Harriet. Surgeon, m. Emma Cuyler February 22, 1865. Army surgeon. Lived in Denver, Colo. Died at Soldiers' Home, Leavenworth, Kan. (7) Harriet Louise b. June 8, 1845; twin with Homer; d. August 21, 1846.

MARGARET (4). b. January 26, 1802; d. February 27, 1850; m. Benj. Chandler January 15, 1818. He was born June 27, 1790. Children all born at LaGrange, Ind: James b. June 6, 1819. Nancy C. b. November 5, 1821. Joseph b. January 19, 1823. Samuel b. June 20, 1828. William b. September 13, 1830. Benjamin b. December 9, 1832. Elizabeth b. February 17, 1835; m. Abraham Faught; d. March 18, 1899. Had 5 children: Ellen m. George Martin, had 3 children, had 2 children, Loris and Ish. and 2 children by second husband, Arlie and Eliose. Mary m. Peter F. Miller, had 3 children, Iva and Pearl. Blanche Martin school teacher in Philippine Islands, California, and other parts of the U.S.; m. Capt. Charles L. Marsh. In 1932 he was stationed at Ft. George Wright, Wash.

SARAH (4) b. June 3, 1809; m. Bandni Barnes April 15, 1824. Lived at Urbana, Ohio. One son, 2 daughters, Levi. Isabelle. _________.

18 JOHNSTON (4). ACHSA (4) b. February 24, 1811; d. October 7, 1864. Went to Haw Patch, with her parents in 1832; m. William Cotter. Lived in Legonier, Ind.

ANN WADDELL (4) b. August 2, 1792; d. in childhood.




WILLIAM (2) JAMES m. (1). Born in Fayette Co. Pa. June 11, 1775; d. July 24, 1851. Killed by falling from a cherry tree. Married Rachel Newell, who was born May 4, 1785, and died January 1, 1852. Dates of deaths of all the children except William and Thomas, taken from tombstones in Pa. Children:

JANE (4) b. May 25, 1809; d. June 3, 1873; m. William Johnston, and lived in Westmoreland Co. Pa.

MARGARET (3) b. February 27, 1811; d. August 13, 1854.

NANCY (4) b. March 3, 1812; d. May 9, 1885; m. Mr. Robertson, Children: Thomas. Margaret m. 3 children, Mary J. Robert H. Martha. For letter written by Nancy Robertson, see last page.

CATHERINE (4) b. September 20, 1814; d. November 27, 1849; m. Joshua S. Newell. Children: Thomas. Elizabeth. Lived Fayette Co., Pa.


SUSAN (4) b. September 17, 1819; d. July 6, 1865.

ELIZABETH (4) b. March 28, 1817; d. February 14, 1894 in Fayette

Co., Pa.

RACHEL (4) b. April 19, 1821; d. October 12, 1888; b. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. SAMUEL (4) b. July 21, 1823; d. February 14, 1899; b. Fayette Co., Pa. Single. See my Book of Wills.

20 WILLIAM (4).

ROBERT (4) b. September 16, 1827; d. April 29, 1895. Single.

Lived and died Fayette Co., Pa. See my Book of Wills.




WILLIAM (2) JAMES M. (1). Lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa; m. Christina McFadden, a widow, who had one child, Rev. Daniel McFadden. About 1826 they went to Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio. He died at Honey Creek, Ohio. Farmer. She was blind at the time of her death in Allen Co., Ohio, aged 104 years. Nine children:

WILLIAM (4) b. in Pa. January 30, 1989. Single. Teacher.

21 JOHN (4).

22 EPHRAIM (4) b. 1812; m. Diantha Kuffell.

23 DAVID (4) b. 1812-13 ; m. two times. First to Lavina Burnett. Second wife Jan (Schermerhorn) Baine.

TOBY (4) b. October.

24 SILAS (4) b. 1821; m. Sarah Franks.

SARAH (4) m. John Luzada. Lived and died in Ohio.

POLLY (4) m. John Jenkins. Lived and died in Ohio.

MARY (4). b. in 1815, at the age of 9 years killed by being thrown from a wagon on road from Pa. to Ohio, on their last day's journey.




William (2) James (1) b. in Lancaster, Pa. September 14, 1782. Moved to Ross Co., Ohio and in 1820 to Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Ind. Here he lived many years; m. Margaret Quary. In 1820 lived at Dearborn, near Rising Sun. He raised a large family. In the Spring of 1850 he moved to Muscatine Co., Iowa where he remained until his death November 18, 1854. His wife was born in Pa. August 13, 1786, and died at her daughter Jane's house December 12, 1868. Children:

JANE (4) b. in Pa. or in Ohio November 8, 1807; m. John Goodner, in Dearborn Co., Ind. November 9, 1826. Lived all her life after marriage a few miles of her father's house near Rising Sun, Ind. She died April 3, 1873; he died of cholera, October 14, 1852. Six children: Sarah M. b. about 1826; m. Mr. James in 1905; one son. Melissa. William. Andrew Jackson m. Virginia Smith. Lucinda. Julia m. Jacob Illk.


WILLIAM (4) b. in Pa. or Ohio, September 5, 1810; d. November 17, 1832, at his father's home in Dearborn Co., Ind. Single.


MARY A. (4) b. in Pa. or Ohio October 14, 1816; m. Benjamin Stone, of Crab Orchard, Neb. at home of Moses Latta, in Dearborn Co., Ind. They moved to Hancock Co., Ills. then to Muscatine Co., Iowa where she died December 19, 1860. 3 sons: Goldsmith was a college professor and died at Crab Orchard, Neb. Sylvester was a lawyer in South West, Kan. George was a physician in Ok.

27 CALVIN (4) m. Rachel Jenkins.

SARAH T. (4) b. in Dearborn Co., Ind. September 25, 1819; m. Victor M. Engle, August 10, 1837. She died in Muscatine Co., Iowa. Children: A.B., Anabelle, Isabelle.

28 JAMES QUARY (4) m. Sarah Jenkins.

29 ROBERT WASHINGTON (4) m. Julie Ann Jenkins.

ISABELLE I. (4) b. April 21, 1828; d. April 20, 1850.

Three Latta brothers married 3 Jenkins sisters.




John (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born near W. Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa. about 1803; d. near Severy, Greenwood Co., Kan. about 1878; m. Margaret H. Marshall, daughter of William Marshall. She was born in Beaver Co., Pa. about 1816. Died near Severy, Kan. about 1877. He was a wagon maker, and worked on the Erie Canal. He left Pa. in the spring of 1851, and stopped in Crawford Co., Ind. for 3 years, then went to Jackson Co. Iowa where he had some land, but on account of sickness he sold the land and went to Ills. and then to near Ft. Scott, Kan. where he lived on an Indian Trust claim. Eleven children:


CATHERINE JANE (5) school teacher; m. John Zitterrell in 1856. Children: William J. Ida Grace Hammerstein. Margaret C. Daniels, Samuel C. Kate Tubbs. Rose Bell. In 1907 Catherine lived at Magnoketa, Iowa.

MARGARET ANN (5) m. Abe Stoner, in 1854; lived at Ft. Scott, Kan.

JOHN (5) d. in childhood in Mercer Co., Pa.

MARY EASTER (5) b. 1842, died of measles in 1848 in Mercer Co., Pa.

SUSAN (5) died in childhood in Mercer Co, Pa.

LEVI (5) at age 14 years died of scarlet fever in Mercer Co., Pa.

ISABELLE (5) b. about 1849; m. James Wilson in Bourbon Co., Kan. 1867. She died there in 1874.

SAMUEL (5) Single. Murdered by a man named McGowan, near Gainesville, Texas who wanted the land owned by a woman to whom Samuel was engaged to be married. McGowan was hung at Ft. Smith, Kan.

MARY (5) b. July 3, 1804; m. Jacob Couley in 1874 at Greenwood, Kan. He died and she went to No. Texas, and two years later married D.N. Brothers and moved to Pottawattie Co., Okla. One child, Ida.

BENJAMIN (5) b. Jackson Co., Iowa April 17, 1859. Car Painter. Single. In 1907 living near Maud, Pottawattie, Okla.




Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born (Ky?) Dec. 27, 1798; d. two miles east of Hemlock, Howard Co., Ind. Married three times. One wife died in Jefferson Co. Ind., one died about September 20, 1838. Ten children by first wife, only name of one known:

WILLIAM T. (5) in 1913 living at Seafield, White Co., Ind.

Children by second wife:

_____ (5) girl; m. and in 1913 living at Kokomo, Ind.

_____ (5)

_____ (5)




Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Ky. April 20, 1809; d. March 10, 1872. Married twice: (1) Rebecca Orr, at Attica, Ind. She died July 9, 1837, 6 months after marriage of consumption. Was buried in the cemetery at S. Attica. (2) Sarah Harder, October 26, 1840. She was born July 21, 1821 and died at Indianapolis, Ind., and was buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery, Marion, Ind. He went to Ohio with his parents when an infant and about 1828 went to Attica, where he lived until his death, buried there in Riverside cemetery. Children born at Attica.

CECELIA REBECCA (5) b. January 20, 1844; m. Moses A. Comer December 1889. She was a writer. In 1914 lived at Fontaine, Wabash Co., Ind. Two children in Benton Co., Ind.

JOHN JOHN ROBERTSON (5) b. October 15, 1848; d. at Wellington, Kan. January 1894; b. at Riverside Cemetery, Attica, Ind. Married twice: (1) Elizabeth Bunnell at

Hoppston, Ill. Child born dead. (2) Margaret A. Dixon, nee Cluster, at Kansas City, Mo. No children. She was born in Sistersville, W.Va. in 1851. After his death she married Mr. A. Graff. See Lineage Book, p. 144, D.A.R.

WILLIAM ROBERT (5) b. June 20, 1849; d. January 11, 1911 at Covington, Ind; Buried Riverside cemetery, Attica, Ind.

WILHELMINA ROSETTA (5) b. June 20, 1849; d. September 15, 1850; b. in Riverside Cemetery, Attica, Ind.




Andrew (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Ky., August 13, 1811; d. April 19, 1987;

b. buried Indianolia, Ind. Married twice. Names of wives unknown. (1) Elizabeth ______ 12 children by first wife. Many of them married and settled at Indianolia, Warren Co., Iowa. (2) Harriet _____, married in Ohio. Children by first wife:

MARION (5) Killed at battle of Mission Ridge, Ga. November 25, 1863. This killed his mother. It looks as if there might be an error in regard to Marion Latta. In the Roster of Iowa Vols. 3d Inf. "G" Co. it reads: LATTA, FRANCIS M. 20 years old. Nativity, Indianola,

Iowa. Enlisted May 20, 1861. Mustered in June 8, 1861. Wounded slightly, September 17, 1861 at Blue Hills, Mo. Promoted 5th corporal, February 1, 1863. Killed in action at Jackson, Miss.

July 12, 1863." Many persons are called by their middle names. I think the above is Marion Latta, who lived in Ohio, and removed to Indianola, Iowa, and that Marion was his middle name.

EMMA (5) m. Mr. Parker. In 1910 lived at Indianola, Iowa.

ELIZABETH (5) m. Henry Spray. In 1910 lived at Indianola, Iowa.


ALBERT (5) b. 1839 Adams Co. Ohio - See Insert.




Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Ballefontaine, Ohio, November 13, 1796; d. near Ligonier, Ind. February 14, 1855. Married 3 times: (1) Elizabeth Seegar, March 17, 1821. She was born in N.J. August 23, 1800, d. March 27, 1839. (2) Frances S. Goode of So. Bend, Ind. June 12, 1839; d. at Haw Patch, Ind. a short time after. (3) Mrs. Craig, nee Eliza Jane Reeder of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. She died at Ligonier, Ind. poet and Methodist minister. Wrote several books of poems and sermons. Judge on the bench in early days. In 1824 he went from near Urbana, Ohio to Bloomington, Ills. In 1832 he went to Haw Patch, near Ligonier, Ind. where his grandparents were buried, also his parents. Azra M. Prince, Sec'y McLean Co. Historical Society of Bloomington, Ills. said that James Latta laid out the first lot there in 1824. Also said "He seems to have been the foremost man of this little community from the time he came to Bloomington in 1824 until 1832 when in the fall he moved to Indiana." Farmer and local preacher, but did not belong to any conference. He was one of the first settlers at Bloomington and the lot he bought is now part of the Court House grounds. He was one of the Commissioners appointed to organize Tazewell Co. Ills. in 1827. By request I furnished Bloomington his history. He served as first sergeant Capt. Andrew Hemphill's Col. Col. John McDonald's Regt. Gen. Menery's Div. Ohio Militia war of 1812. July 28, 1813 to September 5, 1813. See my Scrap Book for his full history taken from Daily Paragraph, Bloomington, Ills. January 31, 1927. No children by second or third wife. Children by first wife:





JAMES JOHNSTON (5) b. June 23, 1832; d. April 15, 1894.

JABEZ ELBERT (5) b. July 6, 1836; d. August 17, 1874.





Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Guernsey, now Noble Co. Ohio. November 5, 1801; d. at "Fairlawn", Goshen, Ind. November 5, 1847; m. Matilda Prudence Layton, of Clark Co. Ohio, November 16, 1826. She was born February 12, 1802; d. March 3, 1873. He was the third son of Robert. Farmer. Lived near Goshen, Ind. In 1828 went to Elkhart Co., Ind. and settled at "Fairlawn". Was first probate judge of Elkhart Co. and director and vice president of the State Bank at Indianapolis, Ind. and had branches all over the state. He was one of the prime movers and the first president of what is now the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad. Methodist and strong Whig. His business ability was above the average, and at the time of his death was considered one of the wealthiest men in the state. Children:



ISABELLA ELIZABETH (5) b. March 29, 1829; m. Henry B. Hulvey April 10,

1856. 5 children.

HARRIET A. (5) b. April 17, 1834; d. March 1867; m. George D. Copeland, 2children.

MARY JANE (5) b. October 8, 1836; m. Wm. Bivins. 1 child, Mary.

ANNA LOUISE (5) b. March 6, 1844 ; m. Mansfield Farrell October 15, 1867.

SUSAN MATILDA (5) b. March 1, 1839; m. George Farrell December 14, 1870.

4 children.

GUSTAVUS ALONZO (5) b. May 25, 1845; m. Miss D. Miller November 9, 1870.

SARAH CAROLINE (5) b. February 12, 1848; d. Denver, Colorado July 14,1929, m. George C. Hackstaff in 1872. One son, Louis, m. his cousin, Jessie M. Latta, daughter of James N. Latta at Denver, Colo., 1 child, Dorothy, who with her father died a few years after. Jessie then married Mr. Hoag of Houston, Texas.

ROBERT JOHNSTON (5) b. January 13, 1831; d. January 17, 1831.

WILLIAM JOHNSTON (5) b. November 6, 1841; d. October 12, 1843.




Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Described in Appleton's Ency. Am. Biog. History of Samuel Arminius Latta. Born April 8, 1804, at Bellefontaine, Ohio; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio June 28, 1852 of apoplexy. Lived near Urbana. Methodist minister and physician. Was one of the three ministers who were instrumental in bringing about the rupture in the Methodist Church, resulting in the final division into the Church North and Church South. This was not on the ground of slavery. He was for the southern branch of the Church on the ground of Church property. When 16 years of age he was licensed to exhort, and in 1827 was licensed as a local preacher. He studied medicine in 1823 and was licensed to practice for three years. Married Mary Ann Guthrie, niece of Rev. John Collins April 8, 1828; she d. July 15, 1829. At Urbana in 1829 he was appointed to the St. Clair Mission in Michigan. In 1830 was stationed at Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1831 he was appointed to travel in the bounds of the Ohio Conference as agent American Colonization society. In 1832-3 he traveled Union Circuit. In 1834 filled Lebanon Station. In 1835-6 he filled Hamilton and Cossville Stations. In 1837 was appointed agent for Augusta College, the first Western College. In 1838-9 he was stationed at Dayton. In 1840 from an affliction of the throat he was compelled to take a superannuated relation. Went to Cincinnati. Resumed the practice of medicine, and soon commanded a good practice. Edited the "Methodist Expositor" and at the time of his death edited and published at Cincinnati, "The Chain of Sacred Wonders, or a Connected View of Scriptural Scenes and Incidents from the Creation to the End of the Last Epoch". On March 15, 1831 he married Caroline Blackman, who died February 27, 1870. When he died his funeral was attended very numerously -- the physicians in a body; the preachers North and South were there. Child by first wife:

AUGUSTUS (5) Lawyer died of consumption June 8, 1869. Single

Children by second wife:

MARY ELIZABETH (5). m. Dr. J.C. Sparks. Three sons, 1 daughter m. Harry Hall. Edward Samuel Lewis b. at Natick, Mass. August 24, 1855; m. Anna Carried Sparks at Groesbeck, Ohio December 25, 1879; daughter of Dr. Joseph C. Sparks and Mary Elizabeth Latta. She was born at Groesbeck, Ohio July 2, 1856. In 1900 lived at Columbus, Ohio. Children: Carrie born at Little Rock January 28, 1855; d. 1885. Edward Rust b. Little Rock February 23, 1886. Harold b. Chattanooga, Tenn. December 21, 1888; d. at Cleveland, Ohio, January 30, 1891. Carroll Herbert b. Cleveland, Ohio, April 6, 1895.

ROBERT B. (5) b. at Rossville, Butler Co., Ohio. February 8, 1836; d. at

Lackland, Ohio 1894; m. Ann E. Bachelor at Lackland, November 10, 1864. No issue. Educated at Harron Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1852-4.

LEONIDAS J. (5) b. about 1842; m. Mrs. Dell.




Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Bellefontaine, Noble. Co. Ohio. January 12, 1807; d. January 5, 1873; m. Martha L. Copeland January 6, 1873. She died in 1900. She was a woman of strong character and interested in politics. She lived at the old homestead, a beautiful estate 4 miles north of Ligonier at Haw Patch. He was a man of perseverance and ability and a noted physician near Ligonier, Ind. In 1841 he moved to Haw Patch, Ind. and lived and died on the old homestead. He left each of his children a large farm. Children:



ISABEL (5) m. Reader J. Marony. In 1914 lived at Haw Patch, Ind. 3 children:

Reader J., m. Winona Harrington. Leroy m. Minnie Harrington. Ruth.

FRANK (5) died in infancy.

MARY (5) m. Edward Narstow. In 1914 she lived at Schnectady, N.Y. and in

1935 lived at Ithaca, N.Y. Children: Marjory. Dorothy.

FRANK (5) m. Geraldine Vineyard; d. in 1898.




Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born Fayette Co., Pa. June 12, 1813; d. Sept. 27, 1867 in Bourbon Co., Ka.; m. in Pa. in 1846 to Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson of Cecil Co., Md. In 1844 with his brother, William, went to Haw Patch, LeGrange Co., Ind. and bought farms. Afterwards went to St. Louis, Mo. One child:






Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Pa. March 24, 1825; d. January 25, 1898 in Webster Co, Mo. and buried there; m. Mary E. Cunningham June 6, 1858. She died July 16, 1907 in Kingman Co, Neb. at home of her son, Jonithan, aged 66 years, 3 mos and 12 days.


MARTHA JANE (5) b. February 28, 1860; m. Michael Zehr February 27, 1881. Children: William b. July 7, 1882. Samuel b. July 21, 1884. Edward b. September 30, 1886. John b. October 2, 1888. David b. December 25, 1891. Claud b. July 19, 1893.

41 JOHN HENRY (5).

42 JONITHAN S. (5).

SARAH A. (5) b. March 20, 1863; m. David S. Gregg in 1907. Lived at Kingfisher, Okla. No children.


21 JOHN (4) LATTA,

Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1) Born December 23, 1801; d. in Wabash Co, Ind. 1853 by horse stepping on his breast causing lung fever. Farmer; m. in Wabash Co., Ind. to Mary Elizabeth Bowman, daughter of Jonithan Bowman, a soldier in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Mary was b. October 31, 1816; d. in 1881 at Wolcotville, LeGrange Co., Ind. 9 children:


MARGARET (5) b. Wobash Co. Ind. September 1, 1839; m. twice, second time to Mr. Estep. Children: George. Hiram. Jennie. David. Rose. Lived at Hastings, Ind.

CHRISTINA (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. December 24, 1841; m. Andrew Yocum; d. in Kosciusko Co., Ind. 1899. Children: Josel. Mirl. Silas. Loren. William. Hattie.

JOHN 1st. (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 18, 1843; d. in infancy.

SILAS (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. October 30, 1845. Enlisted in the Civil War in 1863. Died there. Single.

SARAH (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 10, 1847; m. Elih Boon. In 1906 she lived at Stillwell, Ind. Children: Charles. Daniel. Elizabeth. Edward. Laura. William. Fred.

Claude. Maud. Melvin. Oscar.

44 JOHN 2d (5).

SAMUEL (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. October 12, 1851; d. when small.

MARY ELIZABETH (5) b. Wabash Co., Ind. September 17, 1853; m. Frank

Davenport February 11, 1872. Children: Anna. William. Carrie. Grace. Edna. In 1874 they lived on a farm near LaPaz, P.O. Address R.R. 1, Box 57, Bremen, Ind.




Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Westmoreland Co, Pa. November 22, 1812; d. October 29, 1866; m. Diantha Kuffel March 4, 1838 at Congress, Wayne Co., Ohio. She was born at New Lisbon, Ohio June 12, 1817, d. 1874. She was the granddaughter of Adam Poe, who was famous in the early history of Ohio having killed Bog Foot, the Chief, in a hand to hand encounter on the Ohio River, an account of which is given in early history of Indian wars. Also in President Theodore Roosevelt's book, "Winning the West". Blacksmith. His family moved to Wayne Co., Ohio. In 1841 he located to what is now called Lattasburg, Wayne Co, Ohio. The village was named after him. In 1844 he moved to Wabash Co., Ind. and died there. Farmer. Was highly respected. Children:

CATHARINE (5) b. at Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio November 29, 1838; m. Miles Yocum, a farmer, at Congress, Ohio September 19, 1856. In 1905 all living in Wabash Co., Ind. Children: Ira Elmer. Susan Diantha. Tabor Lucian. Latta Ephraim, Miles Cameron.

WILLIAM ADAMS (5) b. November 14, 1840 at Lattadsburg, Wayne Co., Ohio. Enlisted in 1861 in 47th Ind. Regt.; d. February 26, 1863 in Service at Helena, Ark. Single. SARAH ANN (5) b. at Lattasburg, Ohio November 23, 1842; m. Levi Keagle, merchant, June 16, 1867 at Roann, Ind. In 1905 living at No. Manchester, Ind. Children: Estella Arrolia, Elwood Vanness. In 1905 cashier at Omaha, Neb.


MATILDA JANE (5) b. February 13, 1848 at Roann, Ind.; m. there to Benson

Griswold February 10, 1876. One child, Orra Vista. In 1905 all living near Guadlajara, Mexico. Mining.

46 IRA ADAMS (5).

MARY EMALINE (5) twin to Elizabeth, b. December 21, 1853 at Roann, Ind.; m. Alva L. Martin at Minneapolis, Minn. May 18, 1881 where they resided in 1905. In 1877 they lived at Glencoe, Minn. One child, Harry V.

ELIZABETH SAMANTHA (5) b. December 21, 1853 at Roann, Ind.; m. Sherman K. Baker at No. Manchester, Ind. Children: Delight. Theron.





Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. October 17, 1812; d. in LaGrange Co., Ind. August 28, 1887. Married twice: (1) Lavina Burnett. She was born in Washington Co., Ohio in 1821 and was married in 1841. She died in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 29, 1847. (2) Jane Schermerhorn, widow of Peter Baine. She was born April 19, 1811. Died in LaGrange Co., Ind. September 29, 1892. He lived at Lattasburg, Wayne Co, Ohio, afterwards in LaGrange Co., Ind. Farmer. Children by first wife:

MARTIN (5) b. in Washington Co., Ohio April 16, 1842. Enlisted at Sturgis,

Michigan in "C" Co. 4th Michigan Vols. Civil War; d. single in the army in 1862 and was buried

near Spotsylvania Court House, Va.

47 GEORGE (5).

48 SILAS (5).

CHRISTINA (5) b. in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 19, 1847; d. April 4, 1847. Child by second wife:

ANN LESLEY (5) m. Luke Brinley. In 1907 lived at Milton, Kansas. Twelve children: 7 boys, 3 girls. In 1907 there were 11 alive and grown.




Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Pa. April 25, 1821; d. in LaGrange Co, Ind. March 2, 1860; m. Sarah Franks of Virginia at Mansfield, Ohio. She died in LaGrange Co., Ind. May 12, 1906 at 84 years. Tanner and farmer. Held many prominent positions of trust, including Justice of the Peace. Methodist. Children, except Ephraim and Isaac, born in LaGrange Co., Ind.

49 EPHRAIM (5).

50 ISSAC (5).

MARY ANN (5). m. Naomi Slack, In 1907 lived at Middlesbury, Ind. Children:

Ada. Munro. Milo. Frank.

HANNAH VAN LURA (5) m. William Chrystler, brother of Sarah's husband. In

1907 lived 3 miles west and 2 miles north of LaGrange, Ind. Children: William. Albert. Edith. Mattie. Charles. Julia. Samuel. Fred. Myrtle. Cecil. Louis.

51 JOHN f. (5).


53 DAVID M. (5).

Sarah Josephine (5) m. Mr. Chrystler, brother to Hannah's husband. In 1907 lived at Vistula, Ind. Children: Addie. Blanche m. Mr. Hoover. Edward m. twice, second wife, Vera Haynes.




Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1) Born in Pa. or Ohio December 6, 1808; d. in 1870; m. three times: first to Sarah Morrison January 1, 1836. Second wife, Martha Blue. Third wife, Mrs. Martha Woods, widow with two children, Squire and Elizabeth. He went with his father to Dearborn Co., Ind. Stone mason. Had wonderful strength and vitality. Owned a grist mill, farm, etc. After maturity moved to Wirt, Jefferson Co., Ind. near Madison. Children by first wife:


ROBERT WASHINGTON (5). Enlisted in Co., M. 10th Ohio Inf. Civil War; d. in 1870 of wound received in that war. Single. Children by second wife:

55 IRVIN I. (5). b. November 1855 (per 1900 census Jefferson Co., Ind.).

56 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (5). b. June 1849 - 1950 Meade Co, Ka. Children by third wife:



THOMAS (5). Killed by accident in 1903 or 1904. Single. 1900 - Jefferson Co., Ind; b. October 1850, single. Stone mason.




Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Ross Co., Ohio January 26, 1812; m. Margaret Stopher, daughter of Mathias Stopher in Dearborn Co., Ind. He went from Indiana to near Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Ind. where he died suddenly while the family was away. Spent last 30 years at Skunk River, Iowa, near Brighton. Had a fine farm. Children:

WILLIAM VOLNEY (5) b. Jefferson Co., Ind. April 27, 1848. He was a genius and mechanic. Farmer until 30 years of age then engaged in different pursuits with the patients. In 1933 still living. Single.

58 BENTON (5).

MARTHA JANE (5) b. July 4, 1854, at Des Moines, Iowa.

SARAH ANN (5) b. June 1846.




Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Ross Co, Ohio February 12, 1818; d. at Decatur, Iowa, February 4, 1892; m. Rachel Jenkins in Ohio Co., Ind. March 19, 1846. She was born in Ohio Co., Ind. August 25, 1824 and d. March 19, 1896. Both buried at Davis City, Iowa. In 1820 went with his father to Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Ind. In 1847 he settled in Muscatine, Muscatine Co., Ohio where he lived a year. In 1855 he went to Akron, Harrison Co., Mo. and farmed until October 11, 1866 then to New Buda Tp., Decatur Co., Iowa, near Davis City. Owned a farm of 240 acres under cultivation. Democrat. Children:

MARY ANN (5). b. July 14, 1848 at Muscatine, Iowa; m. T.F. Bryant September 22, 1883.

MOSES WASHINGTON (5) b. August 29, 1850 at Muscatine, Iowa; d. 1932.

MARTHA JANE (5). b. December 27, 1853; d. December 12, 1858.

SARAH MARGARET (5) b. June 24, 1856; d. February 12, 1859.

WARREN JOHNSON (5) b. April 16, 1858 at Akron, Mo.; m. Hattie Robbins

March 19, 1890.

STEPHEN BENTON (5). b. May 23, 1861 at Akron, Mo.; m. Flossie Robison.

JOHN LEE (5) b. October 16, 1864 at Akron, Mo.; m. Esther C. Cooper October 10, 1897. In 1939 lived at Independence, Mo.




Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at or near Rising Sun, Ind. March 10, 1821; d. April 1, 1869; b. in Odd Fellows Cemetery near Lakeview, Lake Co., Ore.; m. Sarah Jane Jenkins in Dearborn Co., Ind. She died when son John was two years old, about July 1848. Blacksmith. Worked at his trade in various lines in Illinois before 1850. Went to Muscatine, Iowa when his wife and daughter died. With his son, John, went to Harrison Co., Mo. then to California May 1, 1864. He lived at various places on the Pacific coast, Henly, Siskiyou, Calif., Clackamus Co., Ore. and other places. He died suddenly and rather mysteriously while at Goose Lake, Ore. while out prospecting (from Ashland, Ore. where he raised horses) for a location in Goose Lake Valley, Ore. He was found dead by his son in the woods. It was thought he and others were poisoned by drinking from a poisoned spring as he was not robbed but everything was found with him. Children:

EMILY (5) d. about 1853 when a baby.

JOHN QUARY (5) b. near Muscatine, Iowa July 27, 1850; m. Mary I. McKinney at Seattle, Wash. July 14, 1892. Daughter of Isaac S. and Nanch A. (Kayton) McKinney. She was b. in Cass Co., Mo. May 5, 1857. No children in 1905. Lived with his grandmother until 7 years of age. Lived for 16 years at Ashland, Ore. Educated at Ashland High School (now State Normal). Taught school for a while. Clerked. Was in business for himself and in 1884 at Tacoma, Wash. Was in the real estate business. Served at different stations. On October 1, 1900 was appointed Lighthouse keeper at Tatoosh, Wash. Was there until 1908. In 1910 went to Kent, Wash.




Moses (3) William (2) John M. (1). Born DesMoines Co., Ind. September 16, 1825; m. Julia Ann Jenkins at Muscatine, Iowa November 27, 1849. Three brothers married three sisters. Calvin m. Rachel Jenkins. James Q. m. Sarah Ann Jenkins and Robert W. m. Julia Ann Jenkins, daughters of a widow who lived near the Latta homestead in Dearborn Co., Ind. In 1864 Robert W. and James Q. left Mo. and Robert W. went to Otoe Co., Neb. and James Q. to the Pacific coast. In 1867 Robert W. went to Holt Co., Mo. to Forbes, 25 miles northwest of St. Joe, Mo. He lived there until 1879. His wife died September 15, 1872 and was buried near Forbes, Mo. In 1879 he went to Sumner Co., Kan. near Anson and bought a farm and later another near Millerton, Kan. In 1895 he sold out and went to the home of two or his sons near Caldwell, Kan. In 1904 lived at Claire, Grant Co., Okla. Children:

WILLIAM (5) b. Muscatine, Iowa, September 1851; d. there November 1851.


SARAH ISABELLA (5) b. Harrison Co, Mo. August 28, 1856. In 1903 lived with her brother James on a farm near Claire, Grant Co., Okla.


JAMES PERRY (5) b. Holt Co., Mo. May 25, 1869. In 1903 owned a farm near Claire, Okla.

WALLACE (5) b. in Holt Co., Mo. September 3, 1872; d. September 24, 1872.



Samuel P. (4) John (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Mercer Co., Pa. January 7, 1836; m. Hannah Reed in Jackson Co., Iowa, July 10, 1865. She was born in Mercer Co., Pa., daughter of John and Mary Buckias Reed. In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla. and his boys were farming 640 acres as Sugar Creek Bottom, near Binger. Children:

CHARLES W. (6) b. Bourbon Co., Kan. November 15, 1866; m. Margaret Wiant

of Greenwood, Kan. March 1, 1888.

SAMUEL POTTER (6). In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.

FRANK (6). In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.

MARSHALL (6). In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.

MARGARET H. (6) b. Bourbon Co., Kan. July 17, 1868; m. Byron F. Brown, Greenwood Co., Kan. February 1, 1887. In 1906 lived at Binger, Okla.

PEGGY ANN (6) b. Greenwood Co., Kan. Sept. 20, 1875; m. Burt Brown of Greenwood, March 14, 1887, d. at Binger in 1905.

NELLIE (6) lived at Binger, Okla.

MILLIE (6) lived at Binger, Okla.




James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born Champaign Co., Ohio July 9, 1822; d. November 30, 1899. Married twice: (1) Julia Ann McDevitt in 1845. She was born December 31, 1821; d. June 16, 1861. (2) Julia R. Redfield of Cass Co., Mich. about 1871. In 1904 she was living at Goshen, Ind. Physician and surgeon at Goshen, Ind. In 1840 entered the office of Dr. Johnston Latta. In 1841 entered Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, one term, then returned to Goshen. He stood at the head of his profession. He successfully performed difficult operations. Almost had a monopoly of that branch. During the Civil War Gov. Morton offered him a surgeons commission. He declined on account of the death of his wife and his having small children. Served the union as a draft surgeon and made many enemies of those pressed into the service who did not want to go. With five other men he secured the first railroad for Goshen. Was one of the first directors and builders of the hydraulic canal. A public spirited citizen and spent much time and money for the good of the people. For nearly 40 years was the Lake Shore surgeon. Buried from the Episcopal Church as Goshen under the charge of the Elkhart Co. I.O.O.F. of which he was a member. Interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery. A sketch of his life was published in the Goshen Democrat December 2, 1899. His children were all born at Goshen. Children by first wife:

MARY ELIZABETH (6) b. April 14, 1846; d. at Goshen May 2, 1861; m. Dr. Charles C. Sparklin. No children.

JULIA ELVENA (6) b. August 23, 1848; d. October 18, 1869; m. Chas. B. Harris. In 1904 he was U.S. Consul at Nagaki, Japan, appointed by Pres. McKinley.

JAMES McDEVITT (6) b. March 1, 1850.




ROBERT SEEGAR (6) b. August 31, 1860.

Children by second wife:

ANNA REDFIELD (6) b. March 14, 1878.

LOUISE DORA (6) b. November 8, 1876; d. March 26, 1877.




James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born Champaign Co., Ohio February 2, 1824; d. February 4, 1851; m. Catherine Wineland November 5, 1856.

One child:

JOHN WESLEY (6) b. at Elkhart, Ind.; d. in California. Was cashier at bank in Goshen, Ind.




James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in McLean Co., Ill. November 12, 1826; d. at Oasis, Cherry Co., Neb. February 13, 1900; m. Mary Tumbleson of Haw Patch, Ind. December 22, 1848 in Eden Tp. LaGrange Co., Ind. He was a prominent Methodist minister. Children:


SARAH JOSEPHINE (6) b. in Jay Co., Ind. April 26, 1852; m. 3 times: Mr. Davis, by whom she had 3 children: Schuyler, Hiram and Charles. By Mr. Masters, by whom she had 2 children: Ethel and Josephine. By Mr. Exinger, no children.


MARY CAROLINE (6) b. in Olmstead Co, Minn. October 15, 1856; m. Frank R. LaGourgue about 1872. In 1928 living on a ranch at Anaheim, Calif. Children: Carl. Alta. Bernice. Robert.


MARGARET ELIZABETH (6) b. in Olmstead Co., Minn. September 23, 1858; d. September 23, 1858. Twin with James Theodore.

GEORGE LINCOLN (6) b. Perry Tp. Noble Co., Ind. April 30, 1862; d. April 2, 1893 at Kennedy, Neb. Engineering and farmer. Single.





James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Named Lemon after a Methodist minister. Born on a farm near Bloomington, Ill. January 16, 1830; m. Frances E. Pearce of Baltimore, Md. February 19, 1858. She was born in 1838 and d. at Warsaw, Ind. January 30, 1905. He went to Ligonier, Ind. where the family resided for many years on a large farm. He invented the Latta Butter Worker and the Latta Steam Heater with m.f. near Ligonier. Children:

NINA ELIZABETH (6) b. at Ligonier, Ind. February 14, 1861; m. Frank Montgomery at Ligonier in 1865. He was born at Manchester, Ohio December 5, 1855. In 1908 he was living at Indianapolis, Ind. Children: Helen Edna. Mary Winona.

FLORA WINONA (6) b. near Winona, Minn. August 26, 1858; m. Jesse A. Rice at Ligonier, Ind. in 1882. He was born near Altoona, Pa. in 1854.

ERNEST WELLS (6) b. Ligonier, Ind. June 4, 1865.

JOSEPH LEMON (6) b. So. Bend, Ind. June 11, 1876.




James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Haw Patch, Noble Co., Ind. March 24, 1839; m. Mary Elizabeth Wright at Delhi, Iowa September 29, 1863. She was born at Springtown, Hendricks Co., Ind. March 2, 1843 and died of fever at Osterdock, Iowa August 2, 1907. He was an instructor in the public schools at Colesburg, Iowa. In 1912 lived at Osterdock, Iowa. Minister and noted as a poet and hymn writer. Among his hymns was "Whiter than Snow". Wrote 1600 songs and hymns, many of which have been printed in foreign languages and sung in this and other countries. Also the author of a new and excellent system of short hand writing. For family reasons he changed his first and middle names to that of a brother of his stepmother. Children:


ROBERT NELSON (6) b. at Montana, Boon Co., Iowa July 28, 1868; d. at Guttenburg, Iowa May 23, 1888.

JENNIE MAY (6) b. at Manchester, Iowa June 11, 1870; d. at Debuque, Iowa September 14, 1901.

LOUIE CLAIRE (6) b. at Greely, Iowa August 21, 1874 at Edgewood, Iowa October 17, 1877.




William (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born September 3, 1827 d. March 6, 1855; m. Lydia ___. Had at least one child:

ALICE (6).




William (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at "Fairlawn" near Goshen, Ind. July 4, 1832; d. there December 25, 1896 of Brights disease; m. Elizabeth Potter Jack. Spent his youth on a farm. Had a good academic education at a now extinct academy at Ontario, Ind. and then entered law school at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. after which Harvard Univ. and graduated from the law school there in 1852. Practiced law at Goshen, Ind. In 1861 went to Washington, D.C. and took a position in the Interior Department. His fine legal and executive ability soon became noted and he was appointed legal advisor to the tax commissioner of Florida which he held for three years. During most of the time he was Provost Marshall General of Georgia, S. Carolina and Fla. During the reconstruction" period was offered the governorship of Fla. but declined to become one of the "carpet baggers". He married on October 22, 1864 Elizabeth Potter Jack of Greensburg, Pa. (D.A.R. No. 9572, Goshen, Ind.). He was quite intimate with Pres. Lincoln and all his secretaries. His son, James, has quite a number of letters from Lincoln, Usher, Chase and others. After the war he opened a law office at Washington but soon went into the real estate business quite successfully. He built 550 miles of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in New Mexico. Owned extensive cattle ranches in New Mexico and he had large holdings of real estate in Boston, Kansas City and Chicago, besides being interested in several banks, gas companies and railroads. At the time he died he was president of the Goshen Cas Co., Citizens Electric Light Co., City Nat'l Bank of Goshen, Albuquerque, N.M. Gas Co., Muskegan (Mich.) Machinery and Foundry Co., Pottawatamie Club of Goshen, The Ariel Cycle Co. of which he was the founder. In 1873 he was sent by the government to the Austrian Exposition as special commissioner. Spent 14 years in Washington then went to New Mexico for 3 years while building the railroad. Went to Boston for several years, then to "Fairlawn" which he improved that in 1897 it was spoken of as the handsomest country seat in Indiana. He was a charitable man and he gave the Episcopal Church of Goshen a parsonage and lot valued at $4,500. Children:

WILLIAM JACK (6) b. October 26, 1865 at Washington, D.C.; m. Mary Lesh August 9, 1894. In 1914 at Sanitarium at Mt. Clements, Mich.

LOUIS MELYNE (6) b. at Washington, D.C. April 25, 1867; m. Elizabeth Jackson September 14, 1894.

JAMES MELYNE JR. (6) b. at Washington, D.C. December 14, 1875. Enlisted as a private in the Spanish War. Transferred to the Hospitable Corps as a doctor. In 1908 lived at "Fairlawn" and in 1914 at Nirvana, Mich.

LOUIS (6). In 1914 lived in Va.

FLORENCE ROMAYNE (6) b. at Washington, D.C. December 14, 1877; m. B.S. Warren. Lived at Detroit, Mich.

CARLISLE EVANS (6) b. November 17, 1872. In 1898 enlisted in Calif. Vols. To go to the Philippines.

WALTER ROY (6) b. February 1881; d. August 22, 1881.

GORDON (6) b. at Boston, Mass. January 18, 1884. Killed by explosion of acid tank of Mexican Crude Rubber Co. at Detroit, Mich. Educated at the Episcopal School in LaGrange Co., Ind. at Highland Park Military Academy and at Pursue Inst. 33d degree Mason.




Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Goshen, Ind. 1842; d. there in

1849. Married twice: (1) Harriet M. Jackson, daughter of Fred'k K. and ___ (Winder) Jackson. She was born in 1846 and died in 1870 and was a woman of splendid education, had a remarkable sweet voice and was an excellent pianist. (2) Alice Layton. She died in 1831 and was buried in Eden Cemetery near Ligonier, Ind. He went with his parents to a farm 4 miles north of Ligonier. Farmer and live stock breeder. Children by first wife:

WILLIAM H. (6) b. November 5, 1868. On June 15, 1929 he was killed in an automobile accident near Carmel, Ind.; m. Carrie Hunt June 24, 1895. She was a celebrated writer and wrote serial stories. He was graduated from the Ligonier High School then he attended the DePau Univ. at Greencastle, Ind. for 4 years and was graduated. The next year he returned to the university to attend the law school. Practiced law at Indianapolis, Ind. In 1904 was the trial lawyer for the street railroad company. Had a large private practice. See my Scrap Book for his wonderful will. Will probated June 17, 1929. Estate closed December 2, 1936. Twelve percent paid creditors. See my Book of Wills.

WARREN E. (6) died in infancy.

Child by second wife:





Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Haw Patch, LaGrange Co., Ind. November 28, 1845; d. there November 21, 1895; m. Mary Ellen Minnich of Enon, Clark Co., Ohio. She was born there in 1850; d. at Los Angeles, Calif. about 1906. In 1900 she was living at Topeka, Kan. and in 1904 at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He was a farmer and member of the Indiana Legislature in 1891. Children:

HAIDEE (6) b. about 1873; d. 1881.

JESSIE NORINE (6) b. September 22, 1875; d. in Calif; m. her cousin, Louis Hackstaff at Denver, Colo. June 1900. He and one child, Dorothy, died a few years after. In 1905 she m. Mr. Hoag, a lawyer, and lived in Okla.

KEITH NORMAN (6) b. July 6, 1878; d. in Mexico. In 1905 lived at Los Angeles, Calif.



Thomas H. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 15, 1847; d. March 23, 1902; m. Elizabeth E. Thomas, daughter of John and Philemene (Howell) Thomas July 4, 1867. She was born in Clark Co., Ill. They lived in Kan. for 8 years then went to London, Kimble Co., Texas November 1874 where he died. In 1908 she was living with her son, Oscar, at Austin, Texas. Children:

70 OSCAR (6).

ISABELLE (6) b. in Kansas May 1, 1873; m. David M. Stewart June 8, 1887. Children: Orlan b. January 23, 1889. Alfred b. November 4, 1891/ Mamie b. April 6, 1897. Everett b. July 17, 1900. Jewell b. August 12, 1902. Elton b. July 6, 1904.




William (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born January 23, 1865; d. January 13, 1930. Called Henry. Married Blanche Club July 30, 1893. In 1908 had a large farm at Norwich, Kan. R.F.D. Children:

ELMER WARD (6) b. Cherokee Strip, Okla. May 8, 1894; d. November 24, 1898.

GLADYS MAY (6) b. Norwich, Kan. July 26, 1897; m. S.L. Sparr,.

ELLEN (6) b. Norwich, Kan. July 28, 1902; m. A.C. Bomholt.

MARGARET GRACE (b) b. Norwich, Kan. January 26, 1905.

WILLIAM ALLEN (6) b. Norwich, Kan. January 17, 1911. Mechanical engineer. Traveling salesman for Pollock Paper & Box Co. of Dallas, Texas.




William (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1) Born May 24, 1867; m. Bertha Helm June 12, 1895. Farmer. Lived at Norwich, Kan. Children:

WILLIAM ROBERT (6) b. January 4, 1901.

CLARENCE PERRY (6) b. August 5, 1903.




John (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Wabash Co. Ind. 1857; d. in the army; m. ___. Two children, both died in infancy.

___ (6).

___ (6).


44 JOHN 2d. (5) LATTA,

John (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born Wabash Co., Ind. November 14, 1849; d. at Palastine, Ind. April 18, 1893; m. ___. In 1906 she was living at Palestine, Ind. One child:

BONNIE (6). In 1906 living at Burkett, Ind.




Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Roann, Wabash Co., Ind. March 25, 1845; m. Geraldine F. Moore. She was born at Seville, Medina Co., Ohio August 23, 1844. He enlisted in 138th Ind. Vols. 1864. Served to end of the war; m. June 6, 1867. Postmaster at Silver Lake, Ind. during Grant's term. Many years in employ of C.R.I. & Pac. Railroad. In 1906 in employ of Elevated R.R. at Chicago, Ills. Children:

DORA LEONA (6) b. at Silver Lake, Ind. September 13, 1870; m. Arnold Heberly September 17, 1890. Children: Geraldine. Pauline. Otto. Ruth.


SALENDIA DIANTHA (6). Born at Peru, Ind. December 8, 1875; m. Herald Roysen August 4, 1900. Children: Rohgna. Margarete.

IRA POE (6) b. at Peru, Ind. August 11, 1878.

EDITH MAE (6) b. at Peru, Ind. March 5, 1882; m. Thomas A. Rowsey.




Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Roann, Ind. October 15, 1850; m. Elizabeth W. Snyder December 28, 1880. She was born at Minneapolis, Minn. June 26, 1856, daughter of A.J. and Priscilla Snyder. Ira, in spring of 1877 went to Glencoe, Minn. Was in the lumber business. One of the organizers of the First national Bank of Glencoe. Was its first vice president and later president. Went to San Jose, Ca. in 1889 where he lived with his family in 1933. Extensively engaged in the culture of fruits and nuts, also interested in merchandizing, manufacturing and mining. Children born in Glencoe, Minn.

FLORENCE GERTRUDE (6) b. December 5, 1881.

EDNA IRENE (6) b. November 15, 1882.




David (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Washington Co., Ohio, July 26, 1843; m. July Shire April 10, 1847. Enlisted at Lima, Ind. in "G" Co. 30th Ind. Vols. September 1861. Discharged at Indianapolis, Ind. September 1864. Children all born in Herring Co., Mich.

DAVID GEORGE (6) b. February 6, 1878. In 1907 lived at Kansas City, Kan.

CECELIA ROWENA (6) b. February 20, 1878; m. James A. Clayton March 14, 1906. Lived at Temasachie, Mexico.

MYRTLE LAVINA (6). Twin to Mabel Grace b. December 12, 1882. In 1907 lived at Guthrie, Okla.





David (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born April 16, 1854; at Kissimee, Fla. February 16, 1938; m. Lorinda Buck of Battle Creek, Mich. January 13, 1872. She died August 12, 1916. He then m. Sadie Beelman of Kissimee, Fla. February 17, 1921. She was born at Leipsic, Ohio November 26, 1873. In 1933 she was living at Kissimee, Fla. Silas and first wife buried at Guthrie, Okla. He enlisted at LaGrange, Ind. February 3, 1862 in "G" Co. 20th Ind. Vols. Discharged at Huntsville, Ala. February 3, 1865. In 1907 lived on rice plantation at Rosenburg, Texas. Children all born at Stephensville, Mich.

LAURA MAY (6) b. May 25, 1873; d. September 16, 1873.

JESSIE PEARL (6) b. December 19, 1874; d. at Holdredge, Neb. August 24,


DAVID (6) b. April 11, 1878; d. at Holdridge, Neb. September 7, 1882.

MAUD (6) b. February 22, 1882; m. Frank Schmenschal at Rosenburg, Texas February 22, 1903; d. there September 12, 1905. No children.

MYRTLE ARTLISA (6) b. June 19, 1876; d. at Holdridge, Neb. September 8, 1882.




Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Richland Co., Ohio; d. May 23, 1901; m. Jane Ann Gammill March 26, 1868, daughter of Wm. A. and Sarah A. (Stuckman) Gammill of Pa. Enlisted August 12, 1863 in "H" Co. 7th Ind. Vol. Cav. Mustered out at Austin, Texas, February 18, 1866. Served under Capt. John M. Moore. Methodist. Children:


LOU S. (6). m. Burritt S. Walter. In 1934 lived at LaGrange, Ind. Four children: Rollo No. m. Lola Baker. Franklin B. Nina M. m. Forrest Aldrich. Russell L. m. Wilma Simmis. Monroe S. m. Nina Haglind.

73 FRANK J. (6).

MARY PIRT (6) m. Elbert Merrifield. Children: Edna m. Harvey Yocum. Sidney m. Iva Choler. Phillip m. Virginia ___. Vera m. John Cline. Freda m. Forrest Miller. Howard.


FEED (6) d. December 25, 1881. An infant.




Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Married Rose Kiser. In 1919 lived at 225 Upton Street, Battle Creek, Mich. Children:







51 JOHN M. (5) LATTA,

Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born LaGrange Co., Ind, m. Eva Stowell. In 1907 lived Shelby, Ind. Children lived there 1928.

75 THOMAS (6).

SILAS E. (6).

BLANCHE (6) m. Mr. Doty. Children: Vada. Virgie. Bernice. Wavagene.


JESS (6) m. ___. Children: Nina. Emma. Glenn. Mabel. Ernest. Clarence. Bessie M. Edith A. Lived Shelby, Mich. in 1928.

76 JOHN D. (6).

EDITH (6) m. Mr. Nave. Child: Paul. Lived Gary, Ills. 1928.




Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. January 4, 1855; m. Laura B. Hoffman in 1879, daughter of Israel and Katharine Hoffman at Sturgis, Mich. She was born in Pa. August 17, 1854. Farmer. In 1907 both lived 4 miles west of LaGrange, Ind. Children all born in LaGrange Co., Ind.:

CORA CATHARINE (6) b. December 22, 1879; m. Mr. Myers. She graduated from high school with class of 1900. Attended State University at Bloomington, one summer. Taught 7 terms of school and attended Ft. Wayne International Business College. In 1907 working for Wayne Abstract Co. at Ft. Wayne, Ind.

CLARA MAY (6) b. January 28, 1881; m. Walter Atwater of LaGrange, Ind. In 1900. Graduated with class of 1900. Children: Maynard W. b. in LaGrange Co., Ind. July 19, 1901. Marion.

GEORGE WASHINGTON (6) b. March 12, 1883; d. in 1884.

GRACE BELLE (6) m. Earle Bullock of LaGrange Co. May 1906. Graduated from LaGrange High School, class of 1903. Taught one term of school in state of Mich. In 1907 lived at S. Milford, LaGrange Co., Ind.

HARRY CECIL (6). Attended public school until 15 years of age. In 1907 lived with his parents on farm.



53 DAVID M. (5) LATTA,

Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born November 28, 1857 in LaGrange

Co., Ind.; d. in 1935; m. Catherine A. Kountx March 27, 1889. She was born in LaGrange Co.,

Ind. In 1936 they lived at LaGrange, Ind. Route 3. One child:

77 SILAS H. (6).



John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Indiana; d. at Meade, Kan.; m. Stella Wilson. She was born at Madison, Ind.; d. at Bisbee, Ariz. 1906; b. at Meade, Kan. He served in the Civil War in 3rd Ind. Cav. Lived for a while at Bowie, Texas. Afterwards lived with his brother, Benjamin, until his death; b. at Meade, Kan. Four children:


79 LEONIDAS (6).

80 ROBERT WASHINGTON (6). Twin with brother, Richard.

RICHARD ALLIOTT (6) b. September 17, 1871. Shot by accident in Old Mexico

January 10, 1905. Single.



55 IRVIN I. (5) LATTA,

John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born November 18__; m. Sarah J. Lived with his brother at Wirt, Ind. One daughter:

___ (6).



John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born Rising Sun, ____ Co., Ind. June 5, 1849; d. March 5, 1917 at Fowler, Kan.; b. there; m. Louise Virginia Smith July 15, 1874. Went to Montgomery Co, Mo. in 1869 and worked for his Uncle Parker Rogers. In 1884 went to Meade Co., Kan. His children, except Mary, born in Montgomery Co. Farmer.

81 VIRGIL WILLIS (6) b. August 1875.

82 OLIVER PERRY (6) b. September 1777.

BERTIE ELIZABETH (6) b. December 26, 1879; m. Jeramiah Emmert.

EFFIE MARIA (6) b. September 26, 1881; m. Delbert Wetmore.

83 ELBA IRVIN (6) b.

MARY ETTA (6) b. Fowler, Kansas, October 3, 1895; m. Easton Galway.




John O. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born ____; m. twice: (1) Mary Crenfite. No children. (2) Emma Miller. With his brother Benjamin bought 40 acres of land, and farmed it together. Later both went to Kansas. From Wichita Co., Kan. where his children were probably born, he went to Rising Sun, Ind. in 1892. Later returned to Kansas. In 1908 lived at Wirt, Ind. In 1931 at Nevada, Mo. Children:

MARY (6).

JOHN (6).

LUCY (6).




Alex. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Walnut Tp. Jefferson Co., Iowa July 5, 1851; m. Matilda Manchester; b. October 9, 1864. She died at Kansas City, Kan. October 20, 1914. He lived at Leon, Iowa and in 1933 at Kansas City, Kan. Children:

VIOLET (6) b. Eden Tp. Decatur Co., Iowa, January 20, 1884; m. Ellis Wilson. In 1936 lived at Leon, Iowa. 2 children.

SOPHRONIA (6) b. Eden Tp. May 23, 1885; m. Thomas Smith.

GROVER (6) b. Eden Tp. November 27, 1886.

RACHEL (6) b. Eden Tp. January 20, 1888; m. Mr. McFarland.

ETHEL (6) b. Eden Tp. May 2, 1889, m. Mr. Overholster.

STEPHEN (6) b. Hamilton Tp. Decatur Co., Iowa July 10, 1892.

ANNA (6) b. July 26, 1894; d. July 9, 1920; m. Mr. Arnold.

SYLVESTER (6) b. Hamilton Tp. October 6, 1895; d. September 1, 1896.

MARY (6) b. Hamilton Tp. December 26, 1898; m. twice: (1) John Burkhart. (2) Theora Snethen. Lived at Pleasanton, Iowa.

JOHN MARION (6) b. Hamilton Tp. December 26, 1898.

LAWRENCE (6) b. Hamilton Tp.

AGNES (6) b. Hamilton Tp. July 9, 1906; m. m. Mr. Varner.

FLORENCE (6) b. Hamilton Tp.; m. Mr. Drop, or Samangon.




Robert W. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1) b. Musscatine, Iowa September 23, 1853; m. Jennie Hardy of East Norway, Doniphan Co., Kan. July 3, 1888. Went with his parents to Harrison Co, Mo. when a child, to Otoe Co., Mo. to Neb. in 1864, to Holt Co., Mo. in 1867. Named after Dr. Milton M. Latta. On October 14, 1874, while making railroad ties in Andrew Co., Mo. near Savanna he met with an accident which lamed him for life. He then studied telegraphy, but soon quit that to teaching school. He taught for six years in Doniphen Co., and Sumner Co., Kan. He took a course of medicine in the University of Michigan, graduating in June 1883. Went to Millerton, Sumner Co, Kan. where he practiced until 1904. He then went to Wichita, Kan. July 3, 1888. In 1908 lived at Wichita, Kan. children:

TRINE HARDY (6) b. December 13, 1890.

ROBERT HARDY (6) b. November 2, 1892.

JOHN HARDY (6) b. August 28, 1898.




Robert W. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Harrison Co, Mo. December 3, 1860; m. Carrie Walton of Conway Springs, Sumner Co., Kan. in 1895. In 1904 owned a fine farm near Claire, Grant Co, Okla. One child:

VERA (6) b. in Grant Co., Okla. May 14, 1898.




Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Goshen, Ind. June 2, 1852; d. there about 1910; m. Edna Laura Case in Goshen, Ind. She was born at Middlebury, Ind. March 4, 1852. He was a traveling salesman for 25 years and in manufacturing business at Goshen. Children:

CLARENCE CASE (7) b. at Goshen, Ind. May 30, 1877; d. there September 17, 1905.

OLIVER LYMAN (7) b. at Goshen, Ind. January 13, 1879.

ROY LELAND (7) b. July 7, 1883. Advertising writer. Lived at St. Louis, Mo. In 1904.

LOUISE (7) b. March 26, 1888.




Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Goshen, Ind. July 15, 1856; m. Mary Janette Harbach, at Des Moines, Iowa. Physician. Graduate from N.W.. Medical School of Chicago, Ills. in 1881. Lived at Des Moines in 1903. Was President of Latta Life Annuity Assoc. In 1907 lived at Pueblo, Colo. In 1932 lived at Wagon Mound, N.M. where he died in May 1932. Children:

84 LOUIS MILTON (7) b. November 1889.

SARAH JANETTE (7) m. Jerry S. Taylor at Forest Hills, Ore. in 1914.




Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born October 21, 1858; d. March 26, 1926; m. Katharine Lydia Martin b. at Plainwell, Mich. June 7, 1869, daughter of John Summerfield and Jemima Courtwright Huff Martin. In 1904 lived at Toledo, Ohio. In 1905 at Mobile, Ala. Children:


HARRY SUMMERFIELD (7) b. Toledo, Ohio December 16, 1897; d. November 18, 1918.





Robert S. (3) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at La Porte, Ind. March 9, 1850; d. at Lafayette, Ind. December , 1935; m. Alta E. Wood at Mason, Mich. July 10, 1879. She was born at Woodville, N.Y. March 16, 1854. She graduated from Mason High School and took special work in the ich. Agricultural College. Alto Eloise Brewster Wood (10th in descent from Elder William Brewster who came over in the "Mayflower" with the Pilgrims in 1620), daughter of Amos Freeman and Eunice Eliza Brewster Wood. William lived on a farm with his parents near Ligonier, Ind. Determined to have a college education he went to Ann Arbor, Mich. Worked his way through college and graduated from the Michigan Agricultural College near Lansing in 1877. Received the Bachelor degree of B.S. that year and M.S. from the same college in 1882. Became professionally with Purdue University Lafayette, Ind. in 1882. In 1908 was professor of Agriculture, and State Supt. of Farmers' Institutes. He was the founder of Ind. Farmers' Institutions and traveled all over the state lecturing to farmers. He thought that as the farmers could not go to college, the college should go to the farmers. He wrote History of Agriculture in Indiana. His portrait was unveiled on his 80th birthday in the Students' Union Building of Pursue Univ. All his children were born at Lafayette, Ind.

BERTHA (7) b. July 6, 1884.

ROBERT WOOD (7) b. May 3, 1886. In 1915 was professor at State College N.M. In 1928 lived at So. Bend, Ind.

PAULINE (7) b. August 4, 1890; m. Rev. H.J. Reemtsma, Presbyterian minister, September 7, 1921. In 1934 he lived at McAlester, Okla. Children: Carol Elste b. January 19, 1923. Henry Keith b. December 5, 1925. In 1928 he lived at Madera, Calif.

MARY (7) b. November 19, 1894. Insurance agent. Lafayette, Ind.




Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in Olmstead Co., Minn. September 23, 1858; m. Abigail Simpson April 25, 1881 in Noble Co., Ind. Owned farm near Albion, Ind. In 1908 Treas. Noble Co.

ZUILA ESTELLA (7) b. at Millersburg, Ind. March 18, 1881; m. Willard Slaybaugh at Ligonier, Ind. June 5, 1911. Children: Keith. Elmer. Dorothy. Evelin. Everett. Forrest.

THERLOW ROBERT (7) b. at Ligonier, Ind. July 2, 1883; d. March 26, 1924; m. Blanche Gerkin May 24, 1904. No children.

ORTA LELIA (7) b. at Ligonier, Ind. January 4, 1895; m. James Sullivan at Gross Point, Mich. July 8, 1913. Children: Donald Latta. James R. Betty J. Edwin K. Laura M. Anabelle.




Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born November 6, 1864 at Ligonier, Ind.; m. Daisy Stillwell March 1, 1896. In 1908 lived on a stock ranch and dairy farm near Oasis, Neb. Children:



ROSCO (7) b. February 2, 1901; d. March 18, 1901.

OLIVER KEITH (7) b. June 17, 1902.

IDEL (7).

IRIS (7).




Eden R. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Dennison, Iowa, August 29, 1864; m. Nora Becker. He lived t Millville, Ohio, June 27, 1806. Children:

RALEIGH ORDO (7) b. June 30, 1910.

HELEN MARY (7) b. May 16, 1906.




William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2). James M. (1). Born 1887. Died in 1928 and buried in Eden Cemetery north of Ligonier, Ind. Married Helen Roberta Watchorn. He was born in Noble Co., Ind. in or near Ligonier. She died in 1920 at Ligonier, Ind. 2 children:






Frank (5). Thos. W. (4) Samuel (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born September 14, 1868 in Kan.; m. Mamie Earwood September 8, 1889. In 1908 living at Austin, Texas. Member of the Texas Rangers under Capt. Rogers. In 1921 he was Sheriff and Tax Collector and living at Junction, Kimball Co., Texas. Children all born in Kimball Co., Texas. Children:

LAWRENCE E. (7) b. September 17, 1900.

FRANK (7) b. June 26, 1903.

JOHN D. (7) b. November 29, 1906.

PAUL. d. pneumonia around 1617.





Tabor S. (5) Ephraim (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born December 22, 1872 at No. Manchester, Ind. Named after Mansfield Farrell; m. Grace G. McCarty December 24, 1893. She was born in Lynn Co., Mo. November 12, 1869. In 1906 he was railroad station agent for Rock Island RR. at Brooklyn, Iowa. Children:

ARNOLD CADET (7) b. at Marengo, Iowa April 7, 1895.

HELEN M. (7) b. at Marengo, Iowa January 31, 1899.

DOROTHY M. (7) b. October 22, 1903.




Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Married Clara Printupp. Served in Philippine war. In 1906 lived at Lowell, Ind. Children:

WINONA J. (7). In 1934 lived at Fullerton Parkway, Chicago. Ills.


73 FRANK J. (6) LATTA,

Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born ____. Married Lucy Haslet. In 1934 lived at Gladwin, Mich. 5 children:

DONNA (7) m. Leslie Sweet.

ELMER (7) m.

OPAL (7) m. Charles Brushaber.

VADA (7).




Ephraim (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James (1). Born October 1875; m. Laura Allen. 2 children:

GLADA (7) m. Roger Dillon. 2 children: Duane and Donna.

BRUCE (7).



John F. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born ____; m. ____. In 1928 lived at Shelby, Lake Co., Ind. Children:

Cecil (7).




76 JOHN D. (6) LATTA,

John F. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born ____. Married ____. In 1928 lived at Shelby, Lake Co., Ind. 1928. All his children lived at Belshaw, Ind. Children:



LOIS (7).



77 SILAS H. (6) LATTA,

David M. (5) Silas (4) Ephraim (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born in LaGrange Co., Ind. October 4, 1890; m. Mae Snyder. Children:





William (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born on a farm 9 miles from Madison, Ind. in 1867; m. Nora Foley, at Williams, Arizona. In 1908 lived at Bisbee, Ariz. Railroad Conductor. Children:

MABEL (7).




William M. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born on a farm 9 miles from Madison, Ind. about 1869. Farmer; m. Emma C. Cousins at Eskridge, Kan. In 1908 lived there. Children:

GRACE MARIE (7) b. May 10, 1895, m. R.A. Hinshaw. In 1939 lived at Wakeenee, Kan.


ETHEL LOUISE (7) b. May 7, 1901; m. Kenneth J. Renshaw.





William (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born September 17, 1871 on same farm with brothers; m. Laura May Wilson at Council Bluffs, Iowa. He lived there in 1908. Messenger for U.S. Express between Omaha and Denver. One child.



Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born August 28, 1875 in Montgomery Co., Mo.; m. Sarah Hadlock (sister to Oliver Perry Latta's wife) in Meade, Kan. December 21, 1904. In 1910 lived at Pueblo, Colo. In 1939 lived at Bakersfield, Calif. 5 children:

ADA PEARL (7) b. at Fowler, Kan. December 31, 1905; m. C.C. Owen.

LAVERE HAROLD (7) b. at Fowler, Kan. March 15, 1907.

HERMAN ORVIL (7) b. at Pueblo, Colo. August 14, 1911.

RUBY FAY (7) b. at The Dalles, Ore. July 4, 1922.

GLEN WILLIS (7) b. at Sants Paula, Calif. February 3, 1925.



Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born September 26, 1877 at Montgomery City, Mo.; m. Catherine Hadlock, (sister to his brother Virgil's wife) of Montezuma, Kan. December 21, 1903 at Ingalls, Kan. She was born at Polk, Polk Co., Mo. March 21, 1886. Daughter of Absolum and Catherine Hadlock. In 1909 lived at Montezuma, Kan. 5 children:

OSCAR JAMES (7) b. October 7, 1904 at Fowler, Kan.; m. Vesta Mae LaRue.

PERRY WILLIS (7) b. November 27, 1907 at Montezuma, Kan.; d. Raymond Wash. 1932.

VELVA ALICE (7) b. February 1, 1906, at Montezuma, Kan.; m. Samuel R. Evans.

IRVIN ROBERT (7) b. July 3, 1913 at Montezuma, Kan.

ZELLA FERN (7) b. December 21, 1920 at Fowler, Kan.



Benjamin F. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born December 24, 1883 at Montezuma, Kan.; m. Emma May Gamble December 27, 1905. 2 children:

ETHEL MATILDA (7) b. November 1907 at Meade, Kan.

OPAL (7) b. December 1917 in Gray Co., Kan.



William J. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born November 4, 1889 at Des Moines, Iowa; m. Anita Blohm, at Carroll, Iowa April 10, 1915. In 1928 lived at Indianola, Iowa, and in 1935 at 1341 W. 22d Street, Los Angeles, Calif. One child:

ROBERT MILTON (8) b. March 8, 1927.


Henry P. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James (1). Born September 23, 1895 at Toledo, Ohio; m. Frances Slate August 22, 1917. Enlisted in Minn. August 15, 1917, World War. Discharged June 14, 1919. 1st. Lieut. 166th Inf. Served overseas. Lived at 1018 4th Street, S.E., Minneapolis, Minn. One child:

INA CATHERINE (8) b. April 27, 1920.



Henry P. (6) Milton M. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William 92) James M. (1). Born March 1, 1899, at Toledo, Ohio; m. Olga Von Ezdorf, November 5, 1923 at Goshen, Ind. Children:

NANCY LEE (8) b. October 10, 1924.

JANICE MARTIN (8) b. March 8, 1926.


87 NILE (7) LATTA,

Milton M. (6) Robert S. (5) James (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born April 16, 1887; m. Klingaman. Killed by horse. One son:

NILE (7).



Charles L. (6) Robert S. (5) James (4). Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born December 11, 1896; m. ____. Has children.



Maurice L. (6) William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Ligonier, Ind. December 5, 1900; m. Elizabeth Wagner At Ashville, N.C. June 19, 1928. In 1935 was State Mgr. Am. Auto, Ins. Co. at Milwaukee.

EMILY ANNAS (8) b. at Muskogee, Okla.



Maurice L. (6) William W. (5) Johnston (4) Robert (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born at Ligonier, Ind. September 1, 1902; m. Hazel Irene Aldrich June 3, 1928 at Canon City, Colo. In 1936 County Judge, Teller Co., Colo. at Cripple Creek. Two children, both born at Cripple Creek, Colo.

DONALD WILL (8) b. April 1, 1929.

CAROL JEANNE (8) b. February 6, 1934.

July 4, 1807, Mr. Cultured. Please for to let Ephraim Latta have one barrel of Good Whisky, and I shall endeavor to see you paid in money or grain, and in so doing you will much oblige Yours, Wm. Latta.

I do hereby certify I received on the above the amount of 34 gallons of whisky for my father at 3/0 per gallon. Ephraim Latta.

The interest on the above to the 20th of July, 1807 is $1.22.

In a letter to his brother, Robert, dated Mt. Pleasant, Pa. May 8, 1844, who was then at Good Hope, Noble Co., Ind. 8 Samuel (3) writes: "I received a letter from brother John's widow, dated April 8, she and her family were well, and sister Katherine Huey's family was well. My son Thomas, left home March 25, for your country. Robert's son Johnston, writes April 20, 1844 that Thomas arrived safely.

From a letter written by Nancy Robertson,, December 5, 1842, Adams Co., Ohio, I find that she was the daughter of 8 Samuel (3) Latta, she mentions her son, Thomas, who lived 9 miles from Chester, Randolph Co., Ills. and her married daughter, Margaret, with three children, Mary Jane, Robert Henry and Martha Ann. Henry writes to her brother, Samuel, and her sister, Rachel. She signs her letter Nancy Robertson. See Will of Samuel and Robert Latta, her brothers, for mention of the Robertson Tract, which they left to their sister, Elizabeth, during her natural life. She evidently married a Mr. Robertson. She was the mother of Eliza Latta who took the name of Johnston. Margaret, Nancy's daughter, married Allen Robinson.

December 5, 1842. Nancy Robertson, then at Decatur, Brown Co., Ind. writes to her brother, Samuel Latta at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. "I heard from Jane Latta about a month ago, she was getting able to ride about after another long spell of sickness and her brother John went to where their brother Robert died and lost his wife and five of his children and came back again. Robert R. Latta and family are well, and have six children, three sons and three daughters." She speaks of her son, Thomas, who was then in Randolph Co., Ills, and of her daughter, Margaret, who married Allen Robinson. They have three children. She also speaks of cousin Steven Thompson and Uncle Hatchion or Atheson, who are all the people she speaks of in her letter. A Jane Latta writes from Adams Co., Ohio, but her address is Decatur, Brown Co., Ohio and her letter Jan. 3, 1838 and written to her Uncle Samuel Latta, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. She speaks of Aunt Robertson, and of Robert Latta, as follows: "Robert Latta left Ohio April 1st for the Illinois. He took with him an engine to put up a saw mill. Robert came to us a short time before he went on his journey and told he intended paying you a visit as soon as her returned from the Illinois. He was very anxious for Aunt Robertson to go with him to see you, as he intended going in the fall, but our dear friend never returned home. He laid out a town on the Illinois river where he built a mill. He sold thirty odd lots at one hundred dollars apiece, and he had just got his mill started, was ready to come home, where he was taken with a very violent attack of the billious fever and lived but 14 days. He left his sister, Jane, 3/4 of his estate, and Mr. Foster, in whose house he lived, the other one fourth. Jane was sick all summer and had never forgotten her brother Joseph's death. Aunt Robertson sends her love to all."

Who is this Jane Latta who writes this letter, and who is Robert and the Jane who is mentioned in the letter? In William's old farm in Westmoreland co., Pa. there is a tract of land still known as the Nancy Robertson tract.



Leonidas (6) William M.(5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) William (2) James M. (1). Born

January 14, 1897; m. Carrie Hartley. One child:

ROBERT LEE (8) b. about 1920.



Leonidas (6) William M. (5) John Q. (4) Moses (3) James M. (1). Born February 9, 1908; m. Velma Rae Miller. One child:

JOSEPH QUINTON (8) b. August 14, 1939.