Branch No. 15

1 JOHN (1) LATTA, {See notes at the end of this branch}

Born in May 1, 1934 and died in Orange Co., N.C. July 15, 1824. Lived in Pa. and went from there to Orange Co., N.C. with his young wife and a little company of people prior to 1767, date of birth of son Thomas. Name of wife unknown. Buried in St. Mary's Episcopal church

grave yard, 6 miles east of Hillsboro. Date on tombstones there. This grave yard was on land formerly owned by James Latta, perhaps his father. See above in paragraph No. 2. Eleven children.

In the Will of 1 John (1) Latta, dated 1823, he mentions four sons-in-law, Robert Walker, Robert Davis, William Faucette and Thomas Holloway, Jr. He does not mention son-in-law, James N. Ray or his daughter, Ann. She would then be 51 years of age. Probably both were

dead, leaving no issue.

See my Book of Wills.

See Memorandum Book for deeds in Old Orange Co., N.C.

2 THOMAS (2).

ROBERT (2) October 4, 1769.

ANN (2) b. February 2, 1772; m. James M. Ray December 28, 1793.

ELEANOR (2) b. August 7, 1774; m. Robert Walker. Children: John. William. Robert. Phillip. George W.

ELIZABETH (2) b. December 13, 1776.

3 JOHN (2).

JAMES (2) b. April 2, 1782.

4 JOSEPH (2).

JANE (2) February 1, 1785; m. Robert Davis or Thomas Holloway, Jr.

FANNY (2) b. September 7, 1791; m. William Faucette, 1 son, 2 daughters, Robert. Mary Frances. ____. A daughter of Mary m. W.L. McDade and lived at Cedar Grove, N.C. Fanny lived in Alamance, N.C.

MARY (2) b. September 24, 1794; m. Robert Davis or Thomas Holloway, Jr.


John (1). Born May 21, 1779; d. June 20, 1818; m. ____. Dates on tombstone in St. Mary's grave yard Orange Co., N.C. For his Will see my Will Book. Children:

JOHN (3).



John (1). Born in Orange Co., N.C. October 3, 1767. Died 1841. Married Elizabeth Hastings in Orange Co., N.C. October 25, 1791. Witness John Latta. She was born August 7, 1776. Lived at Hillsboro, N.C. Children:

ANN (3) b. September 15, 1792; m. John Durham. Four sons, two daughters: Thomas Latta b. 1818. James Webb b. 1820. William Baskett. Joseph Hastings. The daughters died young. George A. Durham, son of James Webb Durham, b. July 29, 1856; m. Cecelia E. Lynch, gave me this history of John and Thomas. In 1935 he lived at Hillsboro, N.C.



ELIZABETH (3) b. June 18, 1796.

ELEANOR (3) b. May 23, 1798.

MARY (3) b. September 22, 1800; m. George Long. Four sons, one daughter.

JANE (3) b. January 22, 1803; m. no children.

RENEY (3) b. March 9, 1806.

AMELIA (3) b. June 30, 1808.

RACHEL (3) b. December 12, 1810.

JOHN WISHART (3) b. July 3, 1813.

THOMAS MORRISON (3) b. April 18, 1816.

FANNY FAUCETTE (3) b. December 19, 1823.


John (1). Born December 20, 1784; d. May 13, 1824. Dates on tombstones in St. Mary's grave yard in Orange Co., N.C.; m. Sarah Cabe January 22, 1810. Witness, John Latta. See Will in my Book of Wills. Children:


6 JOHN CABE (3).

MARY PAULINE (3) m. John Walker. Went to Canada.

NANCY A. (3) m. Tyre Ray; lived and died in Orange Co., N.C.

ELIZABETH (3) single; lived in Orange Co., N.C.

CAROLINE l. (3) single; lived in Orange Co., N.C.


Thomas (2) John (1). Born in Orange Co., N.C. July 20, 1794; d. 1892 or 1897, near Hillsboro, N.C.; m. Sarah Chambers April 25, 1816 in Orange Co., N.C. Moved with his daughters late in life to Indiana. He later came back to his farm in Orange Co., N.C. Two separate lists of his children were given me, one by George A. Durham, grandson of Ann, the other by Cleotis J. Latta. Children:

7 JAMES C. (4).


8 WILLIAM (4).

9 JOSEPH S. (4).

OLIVER C. (4) single.

JOHN CABE (4) b. in 1822.

ELIZABETH (4) b. 1818; d. about 1878; m. Jonathan Thompson.

ELLEN (4).

LYDIA (4).

SARAH (4) b. October 16, 1826; single.

MARY H. (4) b. 1829; m. in Indiana?

NANCY JANE (4) b. 1832; single.

LUCINDA (4) m. Oliver Dillon in Indiana?


Joseph (2) John (1). Born in Orange Co., N.C. in 1814; d. April 17, 1868. Married twice: 1) Sarah Jane Duskin September 19, 1844. She was born July 29, 1826 and died October 2, 1845. 2) Eliza Harriet Tate of Alamance N.C. January 7, 1852. She was born April 1829 and died January 25, 1923. Child by first wife:


Children by second wife:

SARAH 94).



Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born in N.C. in 1819; d. in 1902. Married twice. First wife Sarah P. Thompson, daughter of Abie Thompson, September 2, 1845 in Orange Co., N.C. She was born in N.C. and died November 25, 1865. 2) Mary R. Dillon, daughter of Cameron Dillon, of N.C. She was born there.

Children by first wife:

MARTHA E. (5) m. Jonathan Thompson.

MARY E. (5) m. Mr. Moon.

SARAH J. (5) m. Mr. Woodard.

JOHN T. (5).

WILLIAM O. (5) b. about 1853. In 1933 living at Morresville, Ind.

Children by second wife:

12 ARTHUR E. (5).

IN M. (5) m. Mr. Hazel; lived at Mooresville, Ind.

ELSIE (5) m. Mr. Devore; lived at Mooresville, Ind.


Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Died in the Civil War; m. Miss Bueroughs. child:

COY (5) m. William Dickson. One child: Samuel, newspaper man in Greensboro, N.C.


Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born and reared at Hillsboro, Orange Co., N.D.; d. at Mooresville, Ind. and buried at Hillsboro; m. Susan M. Turner in Orange Co., N.C. November 9, 1954. Children:

JOHN (5) m. and went to Indiana; d. March 26, 1935.

JAMES S. (5) m. and went to Indiana; lived at Mooresville, Ind.



John C. (3) Joseph (2) John (1). Born in Orange Co., N.C. August 3, 1845; lived in Durham, N.C.; d. in Orange Co., N.C. October 11, 1908. Married Anna Belle Tapp of Hillsboro, N.C. She died at Durham, N.C. July 22, 1905. One child:

DAISY (5) b. in Orange Co., N.C.; lived at Durham, N.C.; m. Anthony Elliott of Detroit, Mich. at Atlanta, Ga. November 3, 1919 and went to Macon, Ga. She wrote: "My father had a cousin in Raleigh, N.C. named Charles Latta (branch No. 7). There are Latta's in Charlotte, N.C. distantly related. I know only the younger son, Nisbet Latta." Marion Nisbet Latta, branch No. 12, lived at Charlotte, N.C. Was he related to her?




John C. (3) Joseph (2) John (1). Born September 29, 1855; m. Pattoe Allison Woods March 1888. She was born about 1866. In 1935 he lived at Cedar Grove, N.C. In 1936 she lived at Hillsboro, N.C. Children:

LULA WOODS (5) b. December 26, 1888; d. February 1926; m. John Henry McKee about 1914. Children: Raeford. Samuel. Annie Louise. Harlton. Carlton, twin with Harlton.


SAMUEL TATE JR. (5) b. May 14, 1892; m. Della Williams. In 1936 lived at Hillsboro, N.C. Sheriff. No children. Was overseas in the World War. 30th Division.




ANNIE EMALINE (5) b. July 18, 1800; m. L.A. Walker. 1936 lived at Summerville, N.C.

DAVID LEE (5) b. October 20, 1902.

VANCE HALL (5) b. September 23, 1904.

SARAH ELIZA (5) b. October 6, 1906.

PATTIE MAY (5) b. May 12, 1909.

MILTON ARROWOOD (5) b. August 20, 1910.

BAXTER HUGH (5) b. January 16, 1914; lived Route 1, Hillsboro, N.C.


James C. (4) Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born near Mooresville, Ind. April 22, 1872; d. 1931; m. Lillie Ruth Jessee, daughter of David and Mary Jessee in 1893. She was born in Boone co., Indiana 1873. Children:




CLEOTIS J. (6) m. Lucille Greene of Omaha, Neb. December 30, 1918 where he lived. In January 1926 he lived at Shenandoah, Iowa and owned the Empress Theater. he attracted nationwide attention when he put up a sign one day that his pictures were very poor, and notified his patrons not to attend that day. It was poorly attended. Next day he had a crowded house and ever afterwards. He was not allowed to choose his pictures but had to take what he could get. He was congratulated by members of the Latta Clan from all over the country. In 1932 he was District Manager for Pittsburgh, Pa. for Warner Brothers. Motion Pictures proprietors.


Joseph S. (4) Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born May 8, 1861; reared and died at Hillsboro, Orange Co., N.C.; d. August 12, 1901. Married Katherine Goodrich Roach June 13, 1886. Children all born in Hillsboro:

18 JOHN KNOX (6).

JAMES DUDLEY 96) b. February 17, 1889.

SUSAN PARRES (6) b. October 15, 1893; m. Thomas R. Edwards January 1, 1911. He was born at Siler City, N.C. December 26, 1883. child, Thomas Richard Jr. b. August 12, 1916.

ELLA GERTRUDE (6) b. August 8, 1897; m. Edgar Janett Harvey December 31, 1919. He was born at Guilford College, N.C. October 19, 1899. One child, Edgar Latta, b. October 25, 1920.



Samuel T. 94) John C. (3) Joseph (2) John (1). Born September 12, 1890; m. Rachel Ham August 10, 1927. Served in the 30th Div. World War overseas. In 1935 lived at Melbane, N.C. Manager the Melbane Wholesale Grocery Co., Inc. Children:

PATRICIA ANNE (6) b. August 13, 1931.

JOHN WILLIAM JR. (6) b. May 31, 1933.


Samuel T. (4) John C. (3) Joseph (2) John (1). born June 17, 1894; m. Pansy Edwards in 1920. Served in World War overseas. In 1935 lived at Hillsboro, N.C. Children:



WILMA (6).



Samuel T. (4) John C. 93) Joseph (2) John (1). Born June 20, 1896; m. Jessie Stillwell in 1921. Served in World War Hospital Corps overseas. In 1935 lived at Hillsboro, N.C. child:



Samuel T. (4) John C. (3) Joseph (2) John (1). Born May 20, 1898; m. Margaret Woodruff in 1929. Children:


SAMUEL TATE, 3d (6).


Joseph C. 95) Joseph S. (4) Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born at Hillsboro, N.C. April 28, 1888; m. Katherine Elizabeth Patzseh September 6, 1908. She was born at Black Lick, Pa. March 5, 1891. Children:

20 CHARLES (7).

GEORGE (7) b. at Memphis, Tenn. January 10, 1816; m. Ola Sutphin January 10, 1935. She was born at Roanoke, Va.

EDNA ELIZABETH (7) b. at Memphis, Tenn. February 23, 1919. She died November 5, 1934.


Joseph C. (5) Joseph S. (4) Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born August 6, 1900; m. Melvina Lue Woods October 7, 1924. She was born June 16, 1902 at Ferrum, Va. Child:



John K. (6) Joseph C. (5) Joseph S. (4) Joseph H. (3) Thomas (2) John (1). Born at Memphis, Tenn. April 18, 1911; m. Flossie Maness December 8, 1933. She was born at Steeds, N.C. October 27, 1911. One child:

MARY KATHERINE (8) b. at Greensboro, N.C. October 26, 1934.


{{{NOTES FROM THE 1930'S}}}

On April 24, 1936 Hugh Scarlett, Attorney at Law, Durhan, N.C. branch 15, writes that "seems that Thomas Latta (branch No. 15) was the first, or one of the first, of that name that came over here from Ireland. I think that a brother, maybe James, came with him. I went up to Orange Co. at about 12 miles to see the old home place of Thomas Latta. I think the place was settled by Thomas Latta somewhere about 10 or 15 years before the Revolutionary War, may be more. (In the Occonneechee Mountains in Orange Co.) This place is situated in a section known as Buck Quarter, rough and ragged. Tradition says that Thomas Latta could not speak English and could not be understood only when he cursed and when he did he could be heard from one end of the Valley to the other. It may be James was the brother of Thomas, or may be the son of Thomas. I will let you work that out. At St. Mary's grave Yard, in orange Co. there are several stones marking the graves. These stones of red sand, and are of the same texture and as far as I can tell, just like the ones that served as door steps to the kitchen of Thomas Latta. Written on these stones in the grave yard is the following (see branch No. 15): John Latta, Sr. born 1734 died 1824. John Latta Jr. born 1779 died 1818. Joseph Latta born 1784 died 1824. These graves are directly behind the foundation of the old English Church." The above John Latta is 1 John 91) Latta, branch 15, and the other two are his sons.

On July 20, 1936, Rev. Allen H. Godbey of Durham, N.C. (not related to the Latta family), Archaeologist and Orientalist, wrote that James Latta was a farmer there in 1753, may be earlier. The entry in the first deed book in Hillsboro, N.C. is to James Latta of Orange Co. a planter of the Province of N.C. a grant of land from John, Earl Granville next to Captain Michael Synnott. Synnott got a huge grant from Earl Granville but finding himself in a sudden pinch, he said half that land, the deed stating "its the land on which James Latta is now living." This is in the fall. Early in the Spring he gets his own grant on the other side of Captain Synnott. My guess is that he was Captain Synnott's son-in-law, but there are no records. But following the said land it was only "Two Moves" to find that Latta -- St. Mary's grave yard is on the end of it. "Nobody here knew that St. Mary's grave yard was on James Latta's land till I showed it up." Owing to the destruction of all records by Cornwallis, there is a gap of 33 years in Latta. Not another deed for Latta after 1753, till 1786.





Copy of North Carolina Historical Commission:

This is to certify that the following is an accurate copy from records in the official custody of the North Carolina Historical Commission:

The United States of America to the State of North Carolina, Dr. for sundries furnished and cash paid the Militia of North Carolina as allowed by the Auditors of Hillsborough District in December, 1781 as p. report No. 81.

To John Latta, L572. From accounts of United States with North Carolina. War of the Revolution. Book O, p. 45. Raleigh, July 30, 1924.

(signed) R.B. House, Archivist.


On the same kind on blank as above, and granted by the same auditors, 1781. James Latta received credit for L1 5s. Specie. Book C. Page 50.

See Memorandum Book, page 22, for Wills and Records of Grandville and Hillsboro


Information of the family history given me by George A. Durham, grandson of Anna Latta Durham, Cleotis J. Latta, Mrs. Joseph Curtis Latta, and John W. Latta, of Melbane, N.C.




The following is from a letter written by Rev. Allen Godbey of Durham, N.C. to Frank F. Latta (branch No. 9), Shafter California. It refers to branch No. 15.

Deed Book, I, 27. Michael Synnott to Thomas Holden, January 1, 1755, for L55, 500 acres on Bucksquarter Creek, part of a Granville grant to Synnott March 25, 1752. It is the plantation whereon James Latta now dwells.

Book I, page 193. Earl Granville to James Latta February 13, 1756, 294 acres in St. Matthew's Paris on East Forks of Buckquarter, adjoining Captain Synnott's line. Latta bought on the other side of Synnott. I suspect he was Synnott's son-in-law.

Book II, page 146. Thomas Burford and wife, Mary to Jane Latta for L135 proclamation money. 186 acres on Mountain Creek (now Cates Creek, immediately east of original Synnott tract). On February 25, 1782 his land sold to Charles Abernathy by James Wilkerson February 11, 1773 and conveyed to Burford April 1, 1778. Mary Burford relinquished her right of dower.

Brook II, page 198. John Duglass to James Latta January 12, 1786 for L10. 50 acres on Buckquarter and Eno River. Recorded February term 1786.

Book III, page 142. Stephen Wilson, a weaver, from John Latta, a Taylor, ____ 22, 1786, for L80 specie, 181 acres on Little River, granted by deed July 21, 1784. Also 235 acres adjoining. Also a tract, (repeats). Witnesses James Latta, James Latta, Jr. Recorded Aug. Court 1786. John Latta acknowledging.

Book III, page 168. Hadawick Davis to John Latta February 10, 1787 for L100 specie, 64 acres on south side of the fork of Little River, 250 acres adjoining said tract and the lands of James Fausett and John Kelly. Witnesses Robert Davis, James Davis, Thomas Latta, Jurat. Recorded July Court, 1787. Observe, that in the old Scotch or Highland deeds any land deal is not between two independent individuals, but between two families or Clans. He and relatives of the two parties must be the witnesses.

Book IV, page 538. James Latta Sr. to James Latta Jr. September 18, 1790 for L100, 150 acres of the tract at bottom of my page 6 (date 1 1756). And 50 acres of a tract bought of John Douglas. Witnesses, John Davis and James Davis. Recorded February term of Court 1792, on acknowledgment, James Latta Sr. (He must be the original pioneer then. Pretty old. He does not appear in the records again. He and many of his Clan have no legible tombstones.)

Book IV, Page 402. John Latta, Sr. to James Jackson. October 1790, for L100 gold and silver, 64 acres on south side of the fork of Little River. Part of a tract granted by Earl Granville to John Dunnegan, May 26, 1758. Granted to John Latta by Hadawick Davis February 10, 1787.

Book IV, page 424. Thomas Latta to John Latta April 5, 1791, for L20 gold and silver, 93 acres adjoining said John Latta (Sr. the Taylor). Is south end of a tract purchased by Charles Abercrombie from James Wilkinson, February 11, 1773, and by Thomas Burford from Abercrombie April 21, 1778, and conveyed to John Latta February 5, 1782, and by her to Thomas Latta, January 27, 1784 on Mountain Creek now Cates Creek. Witnesses James Walker and James Walker Jr. Recorded May Court, 1791.

Book IV, page 457. Walter Alyes to Thomas Latta, L295, 389 acres adjoining John

Latta, Jr.

Book IV, page 704, Thomas Latta to John Latta, L8, 10s, 8 acres of the above Alves

tract, May 24, 1794. Recorded May Court, 1793.

Book IV, page 645, John Davis to John Latta, L240, 192 acres on Foresters Creek, part of a Granville grant to Davis March 12, 1755. Dated April 12, 1793. Witnesses James Latta Jr., Thomas Latta. Acknowledged by Davis in May Court, 1793.

Book V, page 2. A state grant John Latta December 15, 1793, 410 acres on Little River. Adjoins James Latta.

Book V, page 649, John Latta Sr. to Thomas Latta, Jr. $480 silver, 320 acres on Eno River, of a State Grant to Michael Synnott, March 10, 1783. Witnesses James Latta, Jr. John Latta, Jr. Acknowledged in the February Curt, 1797.

A series of Latta deals 40 miles away on the grant Alamance in the south east part of the present Alamance County. 100 years after formation of Orange Co. in 1845. Alamance County was cut off of Orange Co. to perpetuate the memory of the Battle of Alamance, May 1771, three years before Concord. Earl Granville exacted enormous fees from his tenants, and made illegal levies. The Scotch blood "exploded" and the battle was on. They won.

Book IV, page 266. William Ray to James Latta, February 3, 1791. L30, 10s. 70 acres on great Alamance and Little Alamance. Witnesses, W. Ray, John Latta, Jurat. Recorded February Court 1791. On the record is written, "Rec'd of James Latta, L31, 10s. of the within. I say, received by me, William Ray." Test W. Ray, John Latta. This was evidently done to correct a misunder-standing. John Latta, Jurat, made him sign a receipt on the deed book.

The only John Latta, Jurat, in the county is the one above. Yet he is down here in the interest of a James Latta not identified with the Synnott neighborhood, and John Latta does not come down here after this.

Book IV, page 532. February 24, 1792. William Ray to James Latta, same deed to correct an error of 20 poles in a deed a year before.

Book IV, page 686. John Rey to James Latta, July 25, 1793 for eight shillings, 5 acres more on north side Great Alamance, and on north side of tract already purchased. The 40 cents an acre looks like a gift; cost of deed only. Witnesses William Ray, Robert Rey. Acknowledged August Court 1793.

Book V, page 44. James Latta to James Hamilton Roy for L19-1-7d 40 acres on north side Great Alamance, on west side William Ray. Witnesses William Ray and Robert Ray. March 7, 1794. Latta acknowledged in Court May term 1794.

Book VII, page 30, 3 or 4 years later, same deed is recorded. I find three important words changed. Book V, page 44, omitted the word forever.

Book V, page 45. William Ray to James Hamilton Ray, March 6, 1794, for L73, 55 acres on south side Great Alamance. Witnesses William Ray, Jr. and James Latta, Jurat. Recorded May Court 1794.

Book V, page 44 above, both deals by James Hamilton Ray at the same time, recorded same time. A young couple setting up for themselves. This Anne Ray (see below), was a daughter of James Latta, (see branch No. 15). James Latta is a Jurat himself.

Book Vi, page 455, James Latta to John Scott, L54, 51 acres on north side Grate Alamance, and a five acre piece north of 51. Date October 9, 1795. Witnesses James Hamilton Ray and Anne Ray.

He charges Scott $5.00 an acre where in Book VI, page 44, he then charged J.H. Ray one half of that. A wedding present to his daughter. In Book IV, page 686, John Ray only asked 40 for what Latta can get $5,000.

In these different deeds the name of Ray is also spelled .

A jurat is an officer similar to an alderman, in English towns -- Webster's Dictionary.