Branch No. 18

1 ____ (1) LATTA,

Lived in Ireland. Had at least three sons:

2 WILLIAM (2).

SAMUEL (2) settled in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio.

DAVID (2) settled in Pittsburg, Pa.


____ (1). Born in Ireland about 1776. (History of Ashland Co., Ohio April 10, 1876 by George W. Hill, says William was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. in 1777. Page 205). Married Nancy Johnson of Crawford Co., Pa. about 1810. Came to America in 1799 with his two brothers. In 1812 moved with his brother, Samuel, to a farm four miles from Ashland, Ohio where he died January 2, 1849 aged 73 years. member Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Ashland Co., Ohio. In 1855 his widow moved to Jackson, Iowa where she died October 14, 1873 aged 88 years. William was a large, rugged man, and met danger and toils of pioneer life with wonderful fortitude. His and met danger and toils of pioneer life with wonderful fortitude. His children were noted for their remarkable size and vigor. Children:

3 LEWIS (3).

4 JOHN (3).

WILLIAM (3) went to Jackson Co., Iowa in 1837; d. February 28, 1861. Single.

MOSES (3) b. January 20, 1815. Lived and died on the old Latta homestead inMontgomery Tp. Ashland Co., Ohio November 17, 1876. Married Augusta Collins in 1863. Went with his father to Montgomery Tp., Richland, now Ashland Co., Ohio in 1812. Nochildren.


SIDNEY (3) b. ____. Died in Nebraska in 1888; m. David Swaney in Ashland,Ohio in 1834. In 1838 went to Jackson Co., Iowa. Four sons, four daughters: J.H. Ira, Mrs.Angeline Lucas died in Preston, Iowa in 1906.


William (2) ____ (1). Born four miles from Ashland, Ohio. In 1853 he next moved toJackson Co., Iowa where he died May 21, 1864. Married Rebecca Swaney of Ashland, Ohio. In 1829. Three sons. Five daughters:




NANCY JANE (4) m. C.E. Prior of Miles, Iowa. Lived there 1901.

SARAH ANN (4) died in Los Angeles, Calif. in 1899; m. Erastus Prior of Jackson,Iowa.

KERDELIA (4) m. Edward Hubbard; d. in 1871.

MARY JANE (4) m. Mr. Sneed. Living in Neligh, Neb. in 1901.



William (2) ____ (1). Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. September 6, 1810. In 1883 moved to Tackamah, Neb. where he died March 3, 1893. Married Mary White of Ashland, Ohio in 1843. Moved to Jackson Co., Iowa in 1846. Seven children. Two died in infancy.


10 GEORGE C. (4).

11 JOHNSON (4).


LOUISA JANE (4) b. August 31, 1857 in Jackson Co., Iowa; d. in Takamah, Neb. January 21, 1914. Single.


William (2) ____ (1). Born ____; m. Augusta Lane in 1856. Moved to Jackson Co., Iowa in 1856. Then in 1878 to Takamah, Neb. Lived there in 1901. Children:

MARIA (4) m. J.H. Marr; living near Decatur, Neb. in 1901.

NANCY O. (4). Ira Van Arsdale. He died 1901. She was living in Takamah, Neb.

FRANCIS (4) m. Mr. Milligan. In 1901 lived at Oaksdale, Neb.


Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born at Ashland, Ohio September 6, 1832; m. Mary Mason in Jackson Co., Iowa in 1857. Moved to Burt Co., Neb. 1857. In 1901 living there. Director in First National Bank, Takamah, Neb. Owned 4500 acres and has a very fine horse ranch stocked with fast horses. Two sons:

WILLIAM (5) died aged 21 years. Single.

13 BUDD R. (5).


Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born Ashland Co., Ohio August 27, 1834; d. at Bozeman, Mont. 1906. Lived in DeSota, Neb. In 1856 went to Burt Co., Neb. In 1859 went to Denver, Colo. and in 1862 m. Sarah E. Gordon. In 1864 went to Helena, Mont. where his widow and children lived in 1901. Stock raising business. A reward was offered by the Northern Pacific Railroad Company for the capture of the men whose object was to rob the safe carrying consignments of currency from Seattle, Portland and Spokane to eastern points. A pary with blood hounds were joined at Welch by R.L. Goddard, chief of the railroad detectives, at Livingstone. Deputy Sheriff James Keon of Gallitin Co., and by James Latta of Bozeman. Keon and Latta were the men who tracked and captured "Ike" Gravelle, the men who tried to force the Northern Pacific R.R. Company to pay him $50,000 blackmail. Children:


WALTER CLARKSON (5) b. in Helena, Mont. January 13, 1868. In 1933 living at Columbia, Mont.


HARRY T. (5) b. Bozeman, Mont. January 25, 1878; lived Boise, Idaho 1909.

ETTA LOUISA (5) b. Helena, Mont. April 6, 1866; m. John Marble in Missoula, Mont. March 16, 1888. Six children: Bemes. Etta. Edward. Army. John. Mary. All born in Phillipsburg, Mont.

MARY A. (5) b. Bozeman, Mont. February 4, 1872; m. Thomas Hickey.

DORA C. (5) b. Bozeman, Mont. April 5, 1876. Went to wedding of her cousin Ed Latta at O'Neill, Neb., took sick and died at Takahmah, Neb. May 1900. Single.


Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born on farm near Ashland, Ohio. Married Mary C. Wyckoff in Jackson Co., Iowa in 1866. In 1867 went to Burt Co., Neb. Lived there in 1900.

Two sons:

16 JOHN (5).

LEWIS (5) single in 1900.


John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born near Ashland, Ohio October 31, 1844; d. in Bert Co., Neb. September 11, 1911 and buried in Takamah Cemetery; m. Libbie Jonas in Jackson Co., Iowa November 28, 1870. Went with parents to Jackson Co. in 1846. In 1863 went to Bert Co., Neb. Taught school in Takamah, Neb. Elected to Congress 61st and 62d sessions. Elected to Nebraska House of Representatives in 1887 and was State senator in 1907. Organized and was president 1st National Bank of Takamah in 1870 until his death in Mayo Hospital, Rochester, Minn. Also interested in several other banks. A Knight Templar Mason. Owned over 5000 acres of land and raised stock. Children:

17 EDWARD (5).

18 DON (5) d. in 1880 aged 7 years.

18 BURR (5).


John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born in Jackson Co., Iowa November 23, 1881; m. Capitola De Silva of Henry Co., Iowa. In 1900 lived on farm near Takamah, Neb. Six children. Three died in infancy:

EMERY (5) m. in San Francisco, Calif.

FAY (5) m. Carl Wilson.

MABEL (5) m. in 1914.


John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born in Jackson Co., Iowa May 14, 1846; d. at Duncombe, Iowa April 1907; m. Elizabeth O'Neill of Jackson Co., in 1872. Went to Webster Co., Iowa in 1874. Banker. Children:

MAMIE (5) m. Edward Collery. Children: Joseph. Johnson.

AGNES (5) m. T.J. Flynn, school teacher. Lived at Duncombe, Iowa. He was killed in an automobile accident in August, 1915.

ROSE (5) m. Mr. Simms. In 1913 lived at Duncombe, Iowa.


John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born in Iowa in June 1848; d. in Iowa in 1889; m. Elizabeth Winder at Blair, Neb. March 6, 1872. Children:

GEORGE (5) b. November 14, 1872; died soon after.

FLORA (5) b. January 11, 1874; m. Francis W. Kerchner July 8, 1896 at Council Bluffs, Neb. He died in an automobile accident February 15, 1926. In 1934 she was living at Berkeley, Calif. 1821 La Loma Ave. No children.

JOHN (5) b. July 30, 1876; m. Catherine Herring October 3, 1900 in Chicago, Ills. Served in the Spanish American War. Died June 4, 1904. No children.

19 HERBERT (5).

13 BUDD R. (5) LATTA,

William W. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Married May Sutherland of Blair, Neb. June 1900; d. in Denver, Colo. January 29, 1929 while on a visit. Stock and horse man. Children:

WILLIAM S. (6) b. February 26, 1901.

EDITH (6) b. about 1885.


James C. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born near Denver, Colo. February 8, 1863; m. Lucy Hurst at Livingston, Mont. August 1887. In 1899 he was teaming and raising horses. Children:

FRANKIE MAY (6) b. October 9, 1889.

SARAH E. (6) b. January 2, 1894.

KATE IRIS (6) b. July 30, 1898.


James C. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born at Helena, Mont. February 13, 1870;

m. Rena Lee Brumfield at Big Timber, Mont. January 28, 1896. She was born in Missouri August 11, 1878. In 1932 he lived at 322 No. Rouse Street, Bozeman, Mont. Ranchman. Children:


21 HARRY EARL (6).

22 BUDD (6).

16 JOHN (5) LATTA,

John W. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born ____; m. Pearl Bundy. Two children:

____ (6).

____ (6).


James P. (4) John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born April 12, 1872; m. Stella Stout May 16, 1900. Cashier 1st National Bank, Takama, Neb. 1931. Children:

ELIZABETH DEMARIS (6) b. August 24, 1902.

ARTHUR JAMES (6) b. June 23, 1903.

JOHN BENNETT (6) b. October 25, 1905.

18 BURR (5) LATTA,

James P. (4) John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born October 31, 1879; m. twice: (1) Ellen Harrington September 1, 1903. (2) Adelaide Thomas in August 1904. Child by first wife:

JAMES WELLINGTON (6) b. October 23, 1908.


Francis M. (4) John (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born December 25, 1879; m. Anna Raffle January 20, 1904 in Chicago, Ills. Served in the Spanish American War. Child:



Frank B. (5) James C. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born November 26, 1897. Married twice: (1) May Hardesty in 1916. (2) Luella Leader. Children by first wife:

CLYDE HAYES (7) b. about 1917.

LORENE DESSIE (7) b. about 1915.

Child by second wife:



Frank G. (5) James C. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born at Bozeman, Mont. December 24, 1898; m. Lena Verwolf at Helena, Mont. March 4, 1917. Children:

LUCILLE LEE (7) b. about 1915.

FAYE (7) b. about 1922.

JOHN EARL (7) b. about 1924.

RUTH ELAINE(7) b. about 1928.

22 BUDD (6) LATTA,

Frank G. (5) James C. (4) Lewis (3) William (2) ____ (1). Born at Bozeman, Mont. February 26, 1900; m. Flora Waite at Long Beach, Calif. in 1926. In 1932 lived at Crescent Mills, Calif. Child:

KENNETH LeROY (7) b. about 1929.


Mrs. Flora Latta Kirchner, branch No. 18, family No. 12, writes: "I have copied this from a book, containing the Brabant Coat-of-Arms, that was made by a genealogist who was at one time connected with the University of California. The ancient family of Latta in the old days had its seat in the Sovereign State of Brabant and were the owners of extensive tracts of land in that country, as it is evidenced by records still extant. The surname was first spelled Lattre and later both Latter and Latta. The family was included among the landed gentry of Brabant and Coat Armor was granted them. About the 16th or 17th century the family or branch thereof migrated to British territory, and settled in Scotland and while resident in that country a grant of arms was made to the family by Great Britain. From Scotland the family, if not in its entirety at least one or more of its branches, went to Ireland where they remained for several generations. The Coat-of-Arms is a shield with two crosses above a chevron and one below. The helmet at the top has five ostrich plumes. The motto, translated from the Latin, "In the Cross is my Hope." See page 18, Memorandum Book for new description.

If they settled in Scotland as early as the 17th century, it could not have been the family that was granted the Coat-of-Arms by King King Richard the 1st, in 1190.

I have been in Montana 45 years. My husband and I, with eight children, arrive in Bozeman, Montana April 1880. We took up a ranch 1 miles southwest of Bozeman where I lived for 15 years.

Mr. Brumfield died in 1889 and left me with eleven children, eight of whom were in school. And I had one little one born five months after he died.

A big debt was hanging on our place as Mr. Brumfield had had poor health for years being wounded in the Civil War. The cost of sickness had put us far behind. I struggled on in spite of all these odds. I had to contend with, and determined to raise my children alone and to battle for them to death if necessary. The hardest times were in the Panic of 1893 when it seemed hard for the best of financiers to manage. However at this time the Crow Reservation was thrown open to the public and, determined to take my family into new territory.

By close figuring I could sell my place in the Valley, pay off all indebtness and have enough to locate me in this new country.

This I did, and equipped my boys with wagons, horses, and ample supplies to make the trip overland and I and my two small boys took the train. I arrived April 6 to find that my son Sam whom I had sent on ahead to get a place had purchased the ranch now owned by P. Roobol. I was pleased with it and awaited the wagons and supplies.

The Indians were every where but perfectly harmless but as I had never been among them I felt very much afraid. My oldest son laid a gun on some hooks on the wall and told me if any one bothered me to use it. I had never shot a gun in my life. One evening as it was getting late and my Son had not returned the little boy heard a noise. We all were frightened and to our astonishment a young Indian opened the door of my 12 by 14 cabin and walked in, closing the door behind him. I reached for the gun but to be honest I was more afraid of it than my intruder, as frightened as I was of him. On seeing this he went out quicker than he came. He wanted to get a feed for his horses and did not seem to know this was not the way to about it.

I began to get acquainted soon and found that I had fine neighbors near, although there were many Indians, mostly Crees however, there were white people too.

Mrs. Mullen lived on the Swift place only a mile away. Lester Hash, who afterward became my son-in-law, was living less than one fourth of a mile away Mylo Collins, a crow by adoption, on the Whitford ranch. Tom Kent on the noteable Kent place. All of these were extra good to me. James Whiting at his place on Bridger Creek, also proved a good neighbor.

The first 4th of July we spent at James Whiting's who sent out invitations to one and all to bring lunch with them and dance all day and night as house was about the only one with a floor and large enough bor any crowd. Indians and whites alike came. I went and took my family. Two of my girls were just about grown and I shall never forget my feelings. I began to think I had made a mighty mistake in bringing my family of growing children into such wild associations. I son began to get acquainted and to like my new home however but I did not feel at ease to put my children into the schools which were very poor. I sent them to Bozeman by my sons in the wagon each fall and went after them in the spring the same way.

I brought about 40 head of cattle and about 10 hogs with me. I could have bought lambs of T. Kent for 75 each but as I had no experience with sheep, I concluded to not try them.

I did not plant much crop as I did not believe the land could grow anything without water. T. Kent gave me 200 lbs. of field peas and these did well and I fattened my hogs on them.

In 1898 I sold my place to L. Guthrie my son-in-law and I took my two youngest children, Am and Tate and went to my father's place in Mo. where I stayed 5 years. I came back and bought cattle and made my home with son Sol.

I later took up my homestead of 320 acres in Section House flat and lived on it under the 5 year act. Having my title for my land I sold some of my cattle and built this residence in town.

Luthera Brumfield