Branch No. 3

1 ____ (1) LATTA,

William H. Latta, family No. 90 suggests: that if 1 ____ Latta was born in 1652, allow 26 years for birth of his father, would make him born in 1626. Then allow 26 years for birth of his father in Scotland, would make him born in 1600. Allow 26 years for his father, would make him born in 1574, the immigrant from Scotland to Ireland. This is all supposition, but interesting.

of his son, 2. ____, then 1 ____ was born in 1652, and was so at the time of the battle of the Boyne. This is all supposition, but it is approximately correct. 1 ___ had at least one son:

2 ____ (2).

2 ____ (2) LATTA,

____ (1). Born about 1678; d. in Londondarry, Ireland, early in the 18th century. Had a number of children. Two were:

3 MOSES (3).

4 SAMUEL (3).


William was b. 1730.

Born about 1704, as son ____ (2) ____ (1). Died in County Donegal, Ireland, late in the 18th century. (See Note to Branch No. 32). Children:

5 WILLIAM (4) b. 1730.

6 EPHRAIM (4) b. 1759/60.

7 MUNGO (4).

8 SAMUEL (4).

9 MOSES (4) b. 1740.

10 JOHN (4).

MARY (4).



____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Londonderry, Ireland; m. Mary McCobb, in Ireland. Sister of James McCobb. Had at least 5 children:

11 SAMUEL (4) and Jane McClaghry; b. about 1719.

12 WILLIAM (4).

MOSES (4).

JAMES (4) lived near Genesee, not Rochester, N.Y.

MARY (4). Died at age of 100 years; m. Robert Glenn. Her daughter Margaret m. William McCobb and came to America in 1837. Had at least one child, Thomas J. b. in 1825. He wrote, "There was a family descended from Mungo Latta, that the McCobbs and Glenn's were connected. One daughter m. Samuel Campbell, connected with mother. I married one of them, Rebecca Campbell."

See Will of James McCobb in my Loose Leaf Book of Wills.


Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ireland in 1730. Died at So. Huntington Tp., Pa.February 15, 1803; m. Sarah ____; b. in Middle Presbyterian Church yard, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., aged 73 years as told on his tombstone. Children:

JEAN OR JANE (5) b. February 19, 1766, in Buck's Co., Pa.; d. January 22, 1839; m. Hugh Scott, in Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1786. They moved to a farm 6 miles from Newark, Ohio, in 1816. Children: Abram McLean b. April 28, 1809; d. October 6, 1881; m. Julia A. Boyer. Walter Quincy b. December 19, 1845; m. Cornelia Edgar. Edith b. October 13, 1876, m. Frederick W. Davis, M.D.

SARAH (5).

JAMES (5).

ELIZABETH (5) m. Mr. Miller.

WILLIAM (5). On December 9, 1805. With his mother sold land of the estate of William, the elder.

JOHN (5) a minor in 1803, with Moses for his guardian. Probably his uncle Moses.


Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Also called Aphraim. Born in Ireland 1759/60. Died at So. Huntington Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. in 1804. For his Will, see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills. Married Mary Thompson. After his death, she married Mr. Forschythe. Lieut. Gov. John Latta, this branch, writes: "Ephraim and I were related to John Latta, branch 5, fam. 3. They resided at our place, and we visited them." Ephraim went to Mt. Pleasant, Pa. before June 5, 1786. With his brothers, John and Moses, went to Westmoreland Co., Pa. before the Revolutionary War. They were enrolled as members of the Committee of Safety during the war. They settled at "Mammoth" Mt. Pleasant Tp. before November 13, 17886. Afterwards used by the mammoth coke ovens of P.C. Frick & Co. For his land grant see last page. The brothers divided the land. One child:

13 MOSES (5).


Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ireland. Died at Columbus, Ohio in 1842; m. Isabelle McClure. Ten children, all but William, Samuel and Mary, lived in Ross Co., Ohio. Children:

14 MOSES (5).

15 JOHN (5).

WILLIAM (5) b. in Ireland. Came to America. Lived at or near Columbus, Ohio about 1842. After that time five brothers met at their father's house for the last time; m. Rebecca ____.

SAMUEL (5) b. in Ireland. Came to Baltimore, Md. in 1821; d. in 1853; m. Elizabeth McAdoo, sister of Moses Latta's wife.

MARY (5) b. in Ireland; m. Mr. Boyd. In 1853 she lived at Cross, near St. Johnstown, Ireland. Her son came to America.

16 JAMES (5).

ELIZA (5) b. in Ireland; d. single at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio; buried in Concord

Presbyterian Church cemetery, one-third mile from Lattaville.

JANE (5). Single; d. and buried same as Eliza.

NANCY (5) b. in Ireland; buried at So. Salem, Ross Co., Ohio, six miles from

Lattaville; m. Robert Wallace.


Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born 17__, in Ireland; m. Ann Moore, daughter of Alexander Moore, a native of Dumbarton, Scotland. His father was laird of the manor of Dumbarton. Sir John Moore, who was killed at the battle of Corunna, Spain, in 1806, was a close relative. Children:

ALEXANDER (5) went to America.

17 MOSES (5).


RACHEL (5) b. in Ireland; d. April 26, 1861; m. Rev. James Canning of Malin Presbyterian Church, Ireland. He was a son of Mr. John Canning of Auglish, County Donegal, Ireland. Rev. James Canning was a M.A. of Glasgow, Scotland, Univ. He was ordained at Malin March 23, 1798; d. May 13, 1830. Both buried in Malin church yard. Children: John, succeeded his father and was pastor in 1853. He was ordained at Malin March 14, 1832; d. November 26, 1877. Was a M.A. of Glasgow, Scotland, Univ. The church records of Malin were destroyed by him. James Alfred, of Mourne, and Coleraine, County Derby, Ireland. Installed April 11, 1848, in Newton, Coleraine. Alexander Colquhoun of Crumlin, County Antrim, Ireland, 1838-1896. Minister. William Thomas, minister, retired and lived at Ontario Canada. Catherine Ann d. March 27, 1865. Married Capt. David Davenport of Derry, Ireland. His vessel sailed between Liverpool and Derry. Dates are taken from tombstone in Malin church yard in 1934 by Rev. James Houston, of Malin. The "Canning" stone is still in the church yard. It was erected in Lagg grave yard, a mile from the meeting house and removed to its present position by Rev. John Canning. Lagg grave yard is in sand hills beside the present Roman Catholic church. There was once an Episcopal church there; the walls still remaining in part. It is thought that the change was made for fear that in time the sea would invade Lagg, or of other place of worship near.


Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Tombstone in Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian cemetery, Pa., says that he was born in 1740; d. June 27, 1810, aged 70 years. Revolutionary war emblem on grave stone. Also gives dates of his wife and children, William, Elizabeth and Jane; m. Elizabeth Shaw. She was born in 1747 and d. September 28, 1811. For his Revolutionary war record, see his history of his brother, Ephraim Latta. Children:

MOSES (5) d. single

WILLIAM (5) d. May 31, 1829; m. Elizabeth Chambers, who was b. June 8, 1779. No children. After his death she married his cousin, John, son of 10 John Latta. Merchant.

REBECCA (5) b. at Westmoreland Co., Pa. July 1, 1787; d. January 7, 1863. Buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio; m. John Latta, her cousin, family 15, for which she was disinherited by her mother for marrying a near relative.

ELIZABETH (5) b. at Westmoreland Co., Pa. January 17, 1783; d. April 28, 1873, aged 90 years; buried at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. She left her farm 7 miles from Mt. Pleasant, 9 miles from Greensburg, 3 miles from Pleasant Unity, to her sister Rebecca's children, Finley and Eliza, and the widow and children of 31 Alex, B. Latta.

JANE (5) b. in Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1779; d. May 4, 1857. Single.

10 JOHN (4) LATTA,

Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Died about December 16, 1799; m. Mary Story of Princeton, N.J. She and his brother, Moses, with whom he lived, took out letters of administration on his estate. Guardians were appointed for three of his children. For his Revolutionary war record, see history of his brother, Ephraim Latta. Children:

JOHN (5) b. January 27, 1790; d. October 15, 1872, aged 72 years, 8 months, 19 days; m. Elizabeth (Chambers) Latta, widow of his cousin, William, family 9. Saddler and merchant. No children.

18 MOSES (5).

19 THOMAS (5).

MARGARET (5). Single; b. 1793; d. February 7, 1877.


Samuel (3) ___ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ireland. Came to America. Lived near Genesee, N.Y. Married ____. Had four sons, born at Donegal, Ireland.

MOSES (5).

JAMES (5).

WILLIAM (5). Physician. Lived at Chillicothe, Ohio.




Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Airsty, or Londonderry, Ireland 1757; d. at Washington Co., Pa. 1813; m. Elizabeth Rankin, daughter of Samuel and Jennie (Edmonston) Rankin. She was born in Hastrough Co., Ireland, 1765. Died from a fractured thigh May 23, 1846 in Crawford Co., Pa. aged 82 years. See letter on last page. Landed in N.Y. October 31, 1800. Evidently members of the family came to America in the 18th century, for he settled near Philadelphia, Pa. where he had relatives. In 1801, he went to Crawford Co., Pa. Children:

20 SAMUEL (5).

21 JAMES (5).

22 THOMAS (5).

23 MOSES (5).

24 WILLIAM (5).

25 JOHN (5).

ROBERT (5) b. in Ireland; d. single at brother Samuel's home near Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa.

MARY (5) b. No. of Ireland, July 26, 1793; m. William Thompson December 30, 1813. He was born December 28, 1788, and died December 7, 1862. They lived on a farm at Crawford Co., Pa. and died there. Both buried in the old Seceeder church yard, 6 miles northeast of Jamestown, Mercer Co., Pa. Her mother made her home with them after her husband William died. Children: James E. William Latta. Samuel E. m. Lucy Gilmour. Eliza J. m. Robert Snodgrass. Mary Louise m. John Ewing. Sarah m. Andrew McArthur.

ELIZABETH (5) b. and d. in Crawford Co., Pa.; m. William McElhaney. He was killed at Cincinnati, Ohio in 1864 by the breaking of a chain which struck him on the head. Children: Jane. Mary m. Mr. Lewis. Isabelle m. Kitch. Elizabeth. William. Matthew.


Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born So. Huntington Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. June 24, 1796. Died on farm there June 16, 1871. Married Sarah Johnston near E. Newton, Pa. June 5, 1821. She was born at County Down, Ireland August 1, 1796, d. August 20, 1880, daughter of Martha Johnston. They lived at Waltze Mills, Pa. For his Will see my Loose Leaf Book. Ch.

MARY ANN (6) b. March 10, 1822; d. 1899; m. Joseph Robertson December 6, 1855 at Sewickley, Pa. Born in Pa., two children.

26 EPHRAIM (6).

FRANCES JANE (6) b. at So. Huntington Tp., Pa. August 15, 1825; m. Henry M. Husband December 14, 1852 on her grandfather's farm. He was born in E. Huntingdon Tp., Pa. March 20, 1830; d. at Westmoreland Co., Pa. March 22, 1891. She lived at Ruffsdale, Pa. R.F.D. and d. there November 13, 1913. Children: David Latta b. October 1853; m. Lillie M. Markle. Sarah E. b. October 25, 1827; m. Justus Kelly. Martha J. b. December 3, 1861; d. April 8, 1864. William Sutton b. December 23, 1863; m. Emma Tarr. Joseph Clymer b. March 30, 1866; m. Ida F. Houser. Ida M. b. January 28, 1870; m. James K. Morton.

MATTHEW JOHNSTON (6) b. October 30, 1827; d. November 15, 1848.

SARAH (6) b. June 1, 1830; d. September 22, 1905. Single.

27 WILLIAM (6).

ELIZABETH MARGARET (6) b. April 23, 1835; d. April 1, 1874.

ROBERT (6) b. August 1, 1837; d. April 17, 1850.


MARTHA (6) b. August 8, 1842; d. March 18, 1864.


Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ireland about 1768; d. at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio (of which he was the founder) January 1851, aged 74 years. Married twice: (1) Mary Scott in Pa. who died November 25, 1836, aged 74 years. (2) Mrs. Porter of Chillicothe, Ohio. She had two daughters and one son by former husband. No children by second wife. For his Will see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills.

Children by first wife:

JOHN (6) went to college, got overheated, died young.


15 JOHN (5) LATTA,

Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born on Londonderry, Ireland 1781; d. by accident probably at Ross Co., Ohio December 1826 as his last son was born there five years before his father died; m. his cousin, Rebecca Latta, family 9, March 28, 1810 at Westmoreland Co., Pa. She was disinherited by her mother because she married a blood relative. She was born at Westmoreland Co., Pa. July 1, 1787 and died at Cincinnati, Ohio January 7, 1863. John, in right of his wife, presented a petition for partition of her father's real estate at November Term of Court, 1811. He moved to Ross Co., Ohio before 1814 as all his children except Thomas were born there. Children:

THOMAS (6) b. Westmoreland Co., Pa. June 1811; d. December 1831.

ELIZA (6) b. August 31, 1813; d. August 4, 1883 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

30 FINLEY (6).


EDMISTON (6) b. Ross Co., Ohio February 27, 1816; d. May 10, 1863 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Single. He was lame and helped his brother, Alexander, invent the first steam fire engine. Buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio. Grave No. 11712. ____ (6).



Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at or near Londonerry, Ireland August 10, 1817; d. February 22, 1849; m. Phebe Doty who was born about 1785 and d. January 11, 1832. He came to America when 6 years of age. They lived near Lattasville, Ross Co., Ohio and were buried in Concord cemetery, one-half mile from Lattasville, Ohio. Children:

32 JOHN (6).

33 WILLIAM (6).

34 SAMUEL (6).



REBECCA (6) m. George Hanawalt. Had 12 children. They lived at Hepburn, Ohio. Allen was a soldier in the Civil War and on February 14, 1907 was in the Soldiers' Home at Sandusky, Ohio. John. William. Thomas. Newton. Phebe J. Hester. Mary. Sarah. Some of these were married.

MARGARET (6) m. Henry Rittenhouse. Lived at Winfield, Iowa. Had 12 children: William Latta d. May 4; 1878, aged 84 years, m. Sarah Nashua who died January 28, 1872, aged 64 years. Their daughter, Margaret, m. Alex. Pierce. John L. m. Nellie Davis. James R., single. Frank N., single. Mary E. m. William Flesher. Ruth A. m. Vinton Jones and Elzee Debolt. Jennie L. m. Edward H. Davis. Stella M. m. Amon F. Davis. Jennie M. m. Arthur W. Davis.

ISABELLA (6) m. John Hanawalt. 12 children: William. Rullet. Edward. Alice. Phebe. Etta. Margaret. Ida. Ross. Matilda. Ruth.

ELIZABETH JANE (6) m. about 1829. In 1906 lived one mile north of Lattasville, Ohio m. Craig, 6 children, John C. Thomas B. William C. Phebe. Margaret. Sarah.

Alma. All the boys married.


Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ireland, m. Jane McAdoo, sister of Elizabeth McAdoo (see Samuel, son of Mungo); d. at Chipman, Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada, June 1849. All his family, except Rachel, settled at Chipman; Ann and her husband, and Matilda, in 1826. The others in 1830. Then the family came over the ship was in a great storm. The owner was on board, and demanded that the Captain desert the ship, leave the passengers, and take to the boars. He refused and saved every one. Ch.

ANN (6) b. at Ballough, Ireland September 8, 1799; d. at Chipman, N.B. July 2, 1895; m. James MacDonald February 14, 1826. Came from Ireland in the Brig "Derwent" Capt. Harrison, commander. Children: George b. March 28, 1828. Mary b. September 28, 1829. Eliza Jane b. May 22, 1831. Matilda b. July 5, 1833. Andrew Robert b. December 1, 1934. Catherine Ann Canning b. April 22, 1841.

MARGARET (6) b. at Ballough, County Donegal, Ireland m. George Robinson. Lived and d. at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

MATILDA (6) b. at Ballough, Ireland 1805; d. June 15, 1866 at Chipman, One's Co. N.B. Canada. He d. there May 28, 1868, aged 64 years. Children: James b. about 1828 lived and d. near Deadwood, S. Dak., m. twice, 1 daughter by first wife. Robert d. October 15, 1866 aged 37 years. William A. b. February 23, 1833. Elizabeth Jane b. about January 1843. Mary I. d. aged 45 years. Ann m., d. May 16, 1864. John, d. aged 41 years. Andrew T. b. October 7, 1849 d. January 19, 1886.

RACHEL (6) b. and d. in Ireland. Buried in Malin church yard.

37 JAMES (6).

38 JANE (6).

ELIZABETH (6) b. at Donegal, Ireland m. John Moore at Chipman, N.B. Canada. Children: William m. Agnes. Eliza m.


John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born 6 miles No. of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 1788 (1790?); d. in Unity Tp. Westmoreland Co, Pa. February 14, 1848 (1841?). Buried at Pleasant Unity, Pa; m. Eliza (Graham) Latta, widow of Ephraim Latta (see branch No. 32), in 1831. She was born at Greensburg, Pa. August 1, 1795 and d. March 3, 1870, daughter of Robert Graham. Moses enlisted in the War of 1812 under Capt. Reynold. 2 children.

MARY JANE (6) b. October 16, 1834; d. 1906; m. George R. Hugus in 1857. In 1904 lived at Pleasant Unity, Pa. on a farm owned by Ephraim, afterwards by her father. Children: Edward Latta, b. 1858; m. Miss Johnston, 9 or 10 children. John Hacke b. 1859. Harry Eicher b. 1869; m. Miss Anderson June 1902.

39 JOHN (6) writes about branch No. 32. "If my father was a cousin of Ephraim, husband of Eliza Graham, as I understand from my mother, then his father, Robert Latta, must have been a brother of Moses, my great grandfather."


John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born December 23, 1796; d. December 15, 1865; m. Sarah Kilgore June 15, 1837. She was b. in 1811 and d. December 18, 1853. They lived on the old Latta farm at Mt. Pleasant Tp., Westmoreland Co, Pa. Children:


MARGARET M. (6) m. Henry B. Bair October 4, 1870. In 1904 lived at Holden, Kan. Had children.

SARAH K. (6) m. William Hudson; d. without issue.

MARY JANE (6) b. in Westmoreland Co., Pa. July 9, 1841; d. March 28, 1905 at Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pa.; m. George W. Kelley of West Newton, Pa. March 22, 1866 in Greensburg, Pa. Both buried at Sewickley, Pa. Children: Isadore Alice b. March 22, 1867; m. Henry R. Stittman March 12, 1889. Sarah Anne b. December 16, 1869; d. August 30, 1906. Edith M. Latta b. September 12, 1871; d. November 4, 1879. Olive J.K. b. September 12, 1871; m. William S. Depriest. Margaret Martha b. May 4, 1875; d. September 10, 1929. Albert S. b. June 24, 1881.

JESSIE KILGORE (6) d. at age of 19 years.

THOMAS C. (6) b. December 20, 1845; d. December 22, 1845.


William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Airsty, County Donegal, Ireland about 1784. Settled at Crawford Co., Pa. in 1801; m. Martha Martin in Greensville, Mercer Co., Pa. Lived there 20 miles from his father's home. In 1838 moved to a farm near Madison, Ind. For a time lived near Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio, where several of his brothers resided. 9 children:

41 ROBERT (6).

WILLIAM (6) d. in Jefferson Co., Ind.

JOHN (6) went to Oregon in 1852; d. at Prineville, Ore. in 1873. Had a cattle ranch. Was a prominent man there.

THOMAS (6) went to Oregon with his brother in 1852. Was in poor health. During the latter part of the trip with others rode forward for help, as provisions were low. He was 48 hours in the saddle without food. Died shortly after from exhaustion and mountain fever.

JAMES (6) d. of small pox at New Orleans, La. in 1848.

ELIZA (6) lived at Swanville, Jefferson Co., Ind.; d. at Indianapolis, Ind. in 1896.

MARY (6) d. at Jefferson Co., Ind. Had a remarkable intellect.

SUSANNA (6) d. at Jefferson Co., Ind.



William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Airsty, County, Donegal, Ireland December 3, 1786; d. at Burlington, Iowa September 29, 1865 of heart disease; m. Isabelle Nichols of Ross Co., Ohio May 17, 1816. She was born at Fauquier Co., Va. April 22, 1790 and died at Grandview, Iowa October 30, 1853 of pneumonia and buried in the family lot in Grandview Cemetery, bought and laid out by her husband. He had gone to Burlington to pay his taxes and was found dead in a hotel in the morning. Woolen manufacturer. Settled in Crawford Co., Pa. in 1801. Before 1816 he moved near Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio. In 1840 he went to Grandview, Louise co., Iowa where he bought 2500 acres of land. Lived near Muscatine, Iowa. Children all born in Ross Co., Ohio.

ELIZABETH (6) b. March 8, 1817; d. at Huron, Iowa March 28, 1883; m. Thomas Sheridan August 20, 1843. He was b. April 28, 1809; d. January 11, 1871. She went to Louise Co., Iowa with her parents in 1840. Children: Mary Catherine b. February 15, 1848; d. August 1, 1848. Isabelle Jane b. December 30, 1848; December 10, 1870. Minerva Ann b. February 15, 1855; d. November 30, 1874. James b. May 2, 1851; d. July 1, 1875. John T. b. August 16, 1849; d. 1897. Paul H. b. October 27, 1863; d. 1894. Thomas W. b. October 30, 1854. David W. b. December 28, 1856. Samuel F. b. May 8, 1857; d. February 6, 1859.



WILLIAM HENRY (6) b. August 31, 1819; d. at Louisville, Ky. June 6, 1851.

JAMES A. (6) b. June 8, 1821; d. at San Pasqual, Calif. April 11, 1884. Raised bees and

joined by his nephew, William G. Latta, son of John Briggs Latta who, when James died, found

the title imperfect so he filed on it. James d. single.

44 HUMPHREY A. (6) b. Ross Co., Ohio 1824.

REUBEN C. (6) b. April 27, 1826. Killed by being in a hydraulic mine near Nevada City,

Calif. August 14, 1860. Single.


This gives us more of his military history. From Adjutant General's office, Washington,

D.C. May 21, 1937.

The records show that one Thomas Latta (surname also born as Latta, served in the War of 1812 as a private in Capt. James McDowell's Company, 133 Regiment (Gowdy's) Pennsylvania Militia from July 26, 1813 to August 10, 1813. He served as a corporal in the same company and regiment from January 4, 1914 to February 11, 1914.

The following item is taken from The Democrat-Independent, Washington, Iowa, April 15, 1937. Genealogical Department, page. 2.

Land Grants for Military Service:

Thomas Latta, Corporal, Capt. McDowell's Co., 133d. Regt. Penn. Militia War of 1812.

S.E. 1/4 of N.E. 1/4 of Sect. 22, Twp. 75, north of Range 7 West. 40 acres. April 1,


William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Donegal, Ireland February 6, 1789; d. September 10, 1877; m. Isabelle Foster, daughter of George and Jane (Granlee) Foster of Raniskillen, Ireland February 5, 1811, in Crawford Co., Pa. She was born on the ocean when her parents were coming to America September 12, 1791 and d. November 17, 1876. Both buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Sandy Valley near Malvern, Ohio. He went with his parents in 1801 to Crawford Co., Pa. School teacher. See end of this branch for a letter written by him. Enlisted in the War of 1812. On guard duty at Perry's ship yard while fleet was being built to drive the British from Lake Erie. Gen. William H. Harrison, Commander. In 1815 from Pa. to Malvern, Ohio. Lived and died there. The Malvern house had a dirt floor and backwoods furniture. The bed being a post driven into the ground with poles laid from it to the walls. Farmer, carpenter and stone mason. Held several offices, being Treasurer of the Township about 15 years. Retired by the Know Nothing party on account of his not being American born. He was a strict Seceeder, an offshoot of the Established Church of Scotland. Sabbath morning he arose early, took at lunch, on his horse rode 14 miles to church. He did not unnecessary work on Sunday, not even preparing regular meals. He had but few advantages of education. No schooling after 12 years of age. Was a great reader. He improved his knowledge by keeping abreast of his children in their education. He had a wide reputation as a mathematition and frequently received problems from a distance. One time he received two difficult problems. A relative visiting him was his teacher and each took one to see who would solve it first. It was during corn husking time. His son George was a small boy and dropped the corn as his father plowed. He had finished dropping and waited for his father a long time. He hunted him up and found him flat on the ground in a fence corner with a piece of charcoal and a flat rail at work on the problem and he solved it. The little corn dropper got a rest that morning. Children:

JANE (6) b. at Crawford Co., Pa. February 11, 1815; d. November 8, 1889; m. Martin C. Kilgore July 7, 1840. He died April 22, 1869. With her parents came to Malvern, Ohio in 1815. In 1842 with her husband went to Washington, Iowa where they lived until their death. Children: Thomas Latta b. Malvern, Ohio May 2, 1841; d. on steam boat on Ohio River and buried at Caird, Ill. John Calvin b. August 16, 1843, served in 23rd Regt. Iowa, Vol. in 1862. Isabelle J. b. November 4, 1846. Mary Emeline b. January 8, 1849. Elizabeth E. b. July 24, 1851. Elvira J. b. March 15, 1854. Sarah b. March 28, 1856. David C. b. April 28, 1861.

ELIZA (6) b. February 28, 1818; d. August 20, 1896; m. Alexander Simpson. Lived near Carrolltown, Ohio in 1903. Children:

Alice A. Emma M. Thomas Latta.

MARY (6) b. June 20, 1820; d. at Malvern, Ohio January 19, 1905. Single. Owned and lived on farm where her father settled in 1815, near Malvern, Ohio.

47 RACHEL (6).


SAMUEL (6). Eldest boy. Died in infancy.



50 WILLIAM (6).

JOHN (6) b. January 8, 1830; d. December 25, 1853 at Malvern, Ohio. Single. Went to Iowa in 1852. Taught school.

CALISTA (6) b. 1832; m. Dr. David L. Moncreif. Lived at Onville, Wayne Co.,

Ohio where she died January 1, 1856. One child.


William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born No. of Ireland, March 26, 1791; d. December 11, 1884; m. Nancy McGraw March 25, 1814. She was b. June 25, 1796 and d. at Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio March 25, 1850. He settled in Crawford Co., Pa in 1801. Afterwards went to a farm near Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio then to Frankfort, Ohio. Lived there in 1846. He fought with Com. Perry in Lake Erie and was complimented by him on his bravery. He was called Daddy Moses to distinguish from others. Children all born in Crawford Co, Pa.:

51 WILLIAM (6).

52 JAMES (6).

53 JOHN (6).


THOMAS (6) b. December 10, 1834; d. June 6, 1872 at home of his brother, Dr. S.R. Latta, Camden, Mo. Single.

ELIZABETH (6) b. January 18, 1837; m. Thomas Blair. Lived some years in Ohio, then in Bates Co., Mo. where both died. Children: John lived in California. Samuel in Iowa. David and Frank in Bates Co., Mo. James in California. Mary in Iowa.

ANNA (6) b. March 14, 1820; d. January 27, 1893. Single. School teacher.

RACHEL (6) b. January 31, 1829. In 1903 lived with her sister at New Plymouth, Vinton Co., Ohio.

JANE (6) b. September 5, 1826; d. October 17, 1885; m. Alvin Finley, a "Mayflower" descendant, April 16, 1855; d. October 17, 1885. She was a bright correspondent. Children: Herbert C. m. Mahala C. Aplin. Helen Latta m. Robert E. Stephenson, who in 1921 lived at Lancaster, Ohio, and said that a John and Jane Latta, his wife, are buried in an old cemetery at Lancaster. (Supposed to be of branch No. 36). Anna Faye. Thomas Harry. Robert Alvin.

MARY T. (6) b. May 10, 1824; d. single at New Plymouth, Ohio December 11, 1900. For a long time was school teacher in public schools at Chilicothe, Ohio.

25 JOHN (5) LATTA,

William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Crawford Co., Pa. March 9, 1801; d. at Fletcher, Neb. November 1, 1884; m. Mary McConaha (sister to his brother William's wife), January 2, 1834. She was born at Crawford Co., January 30, 1804; d. April 1, 1904. It is said that six McConaha brothers, each more than six feet tall, with spear and battle axe marched three on the right hand and three on the left hand, of King Robert Bruce, at the Battle of Bannockburn. Four of these were killed there. In 1846 John went to Carroll Co., Ohio and in 1848 to Monroe Co., Iowa, in 1856 to Page Co., Iowa; in 1860 to Cass co., Neb. With his mother heard the guns of the Battle of Lake Erie, in War of 1812. Children:


60 ROBERT RAY (6).

MARGARET S. (6) b. near Jamestown, in Crawford Co., Pa. February 26, 1838; m. Pressley M. Cain, brother to her brother Robert's wife, at Hawleyville, Iowa April 9, 1857. He enlisted in the 4th Iowa Battery in 1862. In 1901 she lived at Montrose, Colo. Children: John A. Mary E. James P. William Latta. Anna. Ralph. Louise.

WILLIAM M. (6) b. Crawford Co., Pa. Enlisted in 1862 in "B" Co. 29th Iowa Inf. After campaigning through Mo. and Tenn. while on a long march through the swamps of Ark. he was seized with a virulent fever, fell out of the ranks, lay in the woods with three others for three days, was picked up by a supply train, taken into Little Rock, Ark. where he died the next day, October 6, 1863. He was buried in National Cemetery, Little Rock. His sister Margaret had the family Bible with records.


MARY ELIZABETH (6) b. in Crawford Co., Pa.; m. her cousin, Dr. John McConaha, September 25, 1862. Lived at Blair, Neb. in 1903. Children: Elmer. Ernest. Mabel. Robert. Lula. Molly. Everett.

ISABELLE F. (6) b. Carroll Co., Ohio in 1847; m. Stephen Davis September 25, 1862. In 1902 lived on a farm near Fletcher, Neb. Children: Mary Olive. Pressley. Maud. Robert. Winnie. Carl.


Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born October 24, 1823; d. December 2, 1906; m. Jane Dick, daughter of John and Maria (McClintock) Dick February 26, 1857. She was born February 16, 1836; d. July 15, 1924. In 1882 lived at Sewickley, Pa.; in 1903, at West Newton, Pa. Farmer. All children born in Pennsylvania:

MARTHA ANN (7) b. January 10, 1858; d. June 20, 1879.

EMMA JANE (7) b. August 20, 1859; d. June 17, 1865.

CLARA BELLE (7) b. January 15, 1861; d. May 14, 1863.

JAMES ELMER (7) b. April 15, 1864; d. June 14, 1870.


WILLIAM EDGAR (7) b. July 18, 1868; d. June 23, 1870.

ALMA NETTIE (7) b. June 18, 1871; m. George Hough in 1895. In 1934 lived at Smithton, Pa. R.V.D. Children: Carl Painter b. May 11, 1828. Elizabeth m. George Willard. Lavina May m. Arthur Manuel. Mary Rittie m. Elmer Barkley. Clifford.

ELIZABETH MYRTLE (7) b. May 210, 1875; d. May 10, 1890.



Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Cumberland Valley, Md. May 28, 1833; d. at Ruffs Dale, Pa. August 8, 1896; m. Henrietta W. Laken, daughter of Wesley and Sarah A. Laken January 17, 1871. In 1890 lived at Waltze Mills, Pa. Farmer. She was born September 30, 1852; d. April 8, 1920. Children all born in Westmoreland Co., Pa.:

64 FRANK M. (7).


CORA LUELLA (7) b. March 28, 1875; m. Christopher Hendrickson May 19, 1896. In 1934 lived at Derry, Pa. Children: Frank b. April 18, 1898; m. Ethel Croyle at Cumberland, Pa. Henrietta A. b. July 26, 1802; m. Donald Ruffner October 18, 1922. Kenneth b. 1904. Marjorie H. b. June 29, 1908.

SARAH ANN (7) b. December 29, 1876; d. at Waltze Mills, Westmoreland Co., Pa. October 5, 1898; m. Marion Kelley November 23, 1893 at Greenburg, Pa. In 1931 lived in Connellsville, Pa. One child, John.


ELIZABETH ETTA PEARL (7) b. February 28, 1882; m. Earl Courtwright, blacksmith, March 16, 1900. He was b. in Greene Co., Pa. March 15, 1873. In 1938 lived at Painesville, Ohio. 8 children: Burrell Howard b. July 10, 1901; m. Margaret R. Bennett May 10, 1935. He was born at Hunkers, Pa. Mildred Luella b. at Hunkers, Pa. December 3, 1902; m. James C. Brown, contractor carpenter November 6, 1909. In 1938 they lived at 491 Chardon St., Painesville, Ohio. She gave me the history of her father and his descendants. James Brown is an artist in wood work. He inherited from his grandfather, who was noted for the work. It was called the Pease Hollow Wooden Ware. Mr. Brown makes sugar bowls with covers, cigar and cigarette boxes, inside black walnut, white wood victory vases, combination spool sets, pin cushions, and other useful and novel articles. Guy Benard b. August 17, 1905 at Fairchance, Pa; d. at Hunkers, Pa. May 10, 1906. Edith Iona b. August 13, 1905 at Hunkers Pa.; d. there April 3, 1910. Sara Jean b. at Watervleit, N.Y. August 9, 1911; m. Paul J. Megninis October 17, 1933; one son, Paul J., b. September 1, 1934; in 1935 living at 6540 Yale Ave., Chicago, Ill. Alice Lillian b. at Watervleit, N.Y. October 4, 1916; d. November 25, 1917; buried in Albany Rural Cemetery, Albany, N.Y. Robert Earl b. December 2, 1921 at Painesville, Ohio. John Latta b. at Watervleit, N.Y. September 13, 1914.


GERTRUDE EVELYN (7) b. April 1, 1895; m. Andrew Battistone, theater owner, June 1915. He was b. in Italy June 5, 1895. In 1930 lived at Yukon, Pa. Children: Richard Latta b. April 15, 1916 at Watervleit, N.Y. Wallace Leo b. at Yukon, Pa. January 19, 1925. Reid, twin with Wallace, lived 6 months.


Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Westmoreland Co., Pa. January 6, 1840; d. from an accident at Clay Center, Kan. July 5, 1899; m. Susan Granfell at Cadis, Ohio February 11, 1869. She was born at Franklin, Ohio May 25, 1851; d. at Denver, Co. January 10, 1925. In 1878 they lived in Dickinson Co, Kan.; in 1883 in Clay Co., Kan.; in 1914 to 1925 at Denver, Colo. Farmer. Children:

DELLA KATHERINE (7) b. Westmoreland Co., Pa. December 24, 1869; m.

William R. Wilson at Clay Center, Kan. December 4, 1890. One child, Pauline, b. December 6, 1893, m. J.S. Bartley. In 1937 Della lived at Oakland, Calif.


JENNIE (7) b. Westmoreland Co., Pa. January 21, 1873; d. at Leonardsville, Kan. July 19, 1898; m. twice. (1) N.C. Buckley, of Clay Center, Kan.; one child, Mona May. (2) Jesse Myers at Junction City, Kan. No issue.

MYRTLE (7) b. at Urichville, Ohio September 24, 1876; m. Albert B. Carey at Clay Center, Kan. August 30, 1899. In 1914 lived at Concordia, Kan. Four children: Alice. Virginia. Nancy. Mary.

JOSEPH CRAIG (7) b. in Dickinson Co., Kan. February 23, 1878; m. Alzira McGough in Butte, Mont. January 1909; d. there March 4, 1914. Was Sergeant in 22d Kan. Vols. in Cuban War.

LeROY (7) b. in Dickinson Co., Kan. December 4, 1880. Single. Was Corporal

in 22d Kan. Vols., in Cuban War. Painter.

JOHN (7) b. November 20, 1880; d. 8 months old.

WALTER CLYDE (7) b. Dickinson Co., Kan. January 11, 1884. In 1937 he lived at Denver, Colo. Sworn in World War, but not assigned.



Moses (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born before 1803 (because he married in Pa. in 1824, and was probably of age), on a farm near Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio; m. Mahala Skiles of Mercersburg, Pa. (daughter of James Skiles). Surgeon in the Mexican War. Lived in Maryland in 1828. Went to Caledonia, Ill. about 1847. Afterwards to Murphysboro, Ill. where his wife died in 1853. Both buried there. He died April 4, 1854. A warranty deed from Moses Latta to Abraham Smith Latta, April 1, 1839, conveys a lot in Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio. For his Will see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills. Children:

CLARISSA JANE (7) m. Isaac Worthington, at Caledonia (now Olmstead), Ill. about 1845. She died in 1889 and he died in 1869, both buried in the family burial ground, Holiday Cemetery, Caledonia. Children: Jennie and Jefferson were twins. Florence M. Eliza Jane. Martha Emma. Clara Latta. Laura Victoria. In 1913 some of them lived in the old home at Olmstead, Ill. Martha m. John B. Kimball about 1892, in Murphysboro, Ill. where they lived. Lived also at Metropolis, Ill.. with her daughter, Clara, who was b. in August 1886. In 1913 Mrs. Kimball and her daughter lived at St. Louis, Mo.

MARY SCOTT (7) b. in Maryland August 1828; m. Francis McConnell December 1853, in Murphysboro or Grand Tower, Ill. They lived at Greenfield, Ohio, then at Lawrence, Kan. where she died and was buried April 1890. He was killed by accident at Tacoma, Wash. in May 1889. Children: James Edward. Watson McLean. Llewlyn d. about 1876.

ELIZABETH McADOO (7) b. about 1886; m. Nathan T. Eakin of Murphysboro, Ill in 1852. He died in 1884, and was buried there. Children: (1) Ida Annette d. November 1887, buried at Murphysboro, Ill m. Franklin Imhoff. Children: Elsie May. Ralph Eakin. Charles Summer. Marry Andrew. Edith Eliza. (2) Minnie Belle d. April 1896. (3) Maud Evelyn m. J. W. Myzelle August 1888.

NANCY WALLACE (7) m. Benjamin F. Hall, at Murphysboro, Ill about 1854; d. there about 1872. Four children.

SARAH VICTORIA (7) b. at Murphysboro, Ill.

MARGARET EMMA (7) d. at Murphysboro, Ill in 1898; m. Benjamin F. Hall at Cairo, Ill. February 1874. Two children. One was Franklin B., cashier of Murphysboro, First National Bank. In 1928 after the death of his mother, went to Los Angeles, Calif.


John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Ross Co., Ohio May 30, 1818; d. January 1886; m. Eliza B. Smith of Cincinnati, Ohio. For 33 years was an engineer on Cincinnati Fire Department. Children:

69 LEONIDAS L. (7).

MARY M. (7) b. September 16, 1846; d. in 1912. In 1907 lived at Cincinnati, Ohio. No issue.



John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Clermont, Ross Co., Ohio June 21, 1821 on a farm near Chillicothe; d. at Ludow, Ky. April 28, 1865; m. Elizabeth A. Pawson, daughter of William and Hannah Pawson, October 1, 1847. She was born at Cincinnati, January 10, 1829. He was an inventor and had taken out 20 patents. For his Biography see Appleton's Cyc. of Am. Biog. Vol. 3., p. 628. Also see my Loose Leaf Scrap Book. In 1852 at Cincinnati, he invented the first steam fire engine which he constructed in nine months and which was tried on January 1, 1853. In October 1853 he constructed a second, which contained several improvements, and received a gold medal at the Ohio Mechanics Institution in 1854. The November 24, 1853 issue of the London (England) Illustrated News (Steam Fire Engines at Cincinnati), states that it is the first steam engine in the world. See also History of Cincinnati Fire Department, pp. 103, 114. In 1863-5 he introduced the manufacture of aerated bread in Cincinnati. He also made improvements in oil well machinery. His brother, Edmiston, was connected with him in his patents and work. His adult life was spent in Cincinnati. He and family buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati. Children:

LAURA NEWSON (7) b. September 29, 1850; d. November 16, 1859.


LUELLA M. (7) b. December 13, 1862; d. August 26, 1889 at Cincinnati.

ALEXANDER B. (7) b. May 13, 1865; d. December 15, 1872, at Ludlow, Ky.

32 JOHN (6) LATTA,

James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Married Kersah Shields.


PHEBE (7).



James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Westmoreland Co., Pa. December 13, 1807; d. at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio, May 4, 1878; m. Sarah Nashua Foster in Ross Co., Ohio October 10, 1831. She was born there June 11, 1912; d. January 26, 1877. Children:

PHEBE JANE (7) b. September 19, 1832; d. May 25, 1904.

MARGARET NANCY (7) b. May 15, 1834; d. April 30, 1904; m. Alex. Peairs in Ross Co., Ohio January 25, 1858. He died July 15, 1903. Children: William L. lived at Roxabel, Ohio. James R. Frank M. Jennie L. Mary. Ruth A. Stella M. Jessie M.

ELLENORA REEVES (7) b. December 3, 1839. In 1906 lived at So. Salem, Ohio.

AARON SMIRH (7) b. June 30, 1843; d. September 7, 1845.

SARAH A. (7) d. September 1912; m. Strauder J. Parrett. Children: W.L. in 1937 lived at 807 No. Wilson Place, Los Angeles, Calif. Frank lived at Good Hope, Ohio. Mrs. Bina Hogers, at Lyndon, Ohio. S.J. Parrett of So. Salem, Ohio, wrote: "I married Sarah A. Latta. The village of Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio was named after Moses Latta (family 14). He built about the first house, a log part of it in 1906 was standing. At the present time it is only a hamlet; all the land has passed to other hands. Only about 100 acres are still in the name of Ellenora Latta in 1906. A few days ago I visited the old cemetery at Concord Presbyterian Church, 1/2 mile from Lattaville. Here all the old Latta's are buried. Quite a number of them a long time ago. The stones are dimly marked. I think there are 100 of them. Family records were carelessly kept or lost."


James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Married Tabitha Parish; both born,married at died at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio. Children:

MARY J. (7) m. two times. First to Benjamin Holt, one child, Rose Lee. Second time to John Fuller, Ross Co., Ohio, one child, Nellie, who married Forrest Keaton and lived in Chicago.

VICTORIA (7) m. Banner Lawhead at Ross Co., Ohio. No issue. In 1915 he lived at Lattasville, Ohio. Married agin.

SARAH (7).


James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born on a farm near Lattasville, Ross Co., Ohio; m. Elizabeth Nichols. Lived at Lattasville until 1866, then moved to Winfield, Henry Co., Ohio. Died there. Children all born at Lattasville.


JOHN MARLIN (7) b. October 3, 1843; m. Rebecca See (daughter of Rev. Michael See) at Grandview, Iowa May 17, 1866. In 1915 lived at Washington, Iowa. ALCETUS DAILY (7) b. October 3, 1845; m. Mary Jane Thompson (daughter of Wm. and Jane (Shellabarger) Thompson at Grandview, Iowa 1867. In 1915 lived at Bloomfield, Iowa.

HARVEY MARCELLUS (7) b. July 22, 1847; m. Grace Ella Holeman at Muscatine, Iowa in 1869. In 1915 lived at Belknap, Iowa.

ALICE MARIA (7) b. July 8, 1857; m. James Thompson Nichols January 11, 1881. He died November 13, 1815. She lived at Osage City, Kan.

MARY J. (7) died in infancy.

ORVILLA (7) died in infancy.


Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Ballough, County Donegal, Ireland April 23, 1811; d. October 1897; m. Sarah Hamilton Anderson May 12, 1848 at St. John, N.B. Canada. Moved to Philadelphia, Pa in 1848; to Burlington, N.J. May 4, 1898.


SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR (7) b. Burlington, N.J. October 2, 1868; d. there May 14, 1871.

JANE (7) b. May 14, 1871 Burlington, N.J. Lived there in 1937 at 339 Ferwood Avenue.

*38 JANE (6) LATTA*,

Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Donegal, Ireland April 23, 1813; d. at Boston, Mass. March 5, 1879. Lived at Chipman, Queens Co., N.B., Canada; m. Henry Putnam of Montreal, Canada, born in 1820. Served in the Mexican War. Enlisted at Boston, Mass. October 19, 1846 for five years. Assigned to Battery "D" 1st U.S. Art.; was transferred to Battery "K" 1st U.S. Art. Honorably discharged as a private November 30, 1847 at New Orleans, La. on a surgeons certificate of disability on account of loss of two fingers on right hand from an accidental wound from an axe. He enlisted in the Civil War Co. "C" 2d. Regt. Mass. Vol. Heavy Art. July 6, 1863 and mustered in the service of the U.S. August 4, 1863 for three years as a private. Promoted Corporal. Honorably discharged June 13, 1865 for disability. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, near Boston, Mass. Her children, for family reasons, took their mother's maiden name in order of the Court in Boston, Mass. in 1881, after her death. Children: All born at Boston, Mass:

JAMES HENRY (7) b. at Boston, December 11, 1848; d. there September 4, 1877. Single.

MARGARET JANE (7) b. November 13, 1848; d. at Hyde Park, Mass. September 1, 1884; m. Herbert A. Maxwell of Syracuse, N.Y. at Boston, July 26, 1870. Children: Ruth Agnes and Edith. Ruth was b. at Chelsea, Mass. December 25, 1871; d. at Hyde Park, Mass. March 17, 1907; m. Herbert Day at Hyde Park February 22, 1894; Lieut. in the World War. Two children, Dorothy and Marjory. Dorothy m. Hildreth Payne in 1920; two children: Hildreth b. in 1924, and Robert b. in 1926. Marjory m. Otis Melin in 1896. Edith b. December 12, 1874 at Boston, Mass. m. John Barnard. In 1934 they lived at 144 Sergeant Street, Needham, Mass. One child, Ruth, who m. Harold M. Fisher and they have two children, Lois b. in 1921 and Marjory b. in 1925.



ANNA (7) b. April 26, 1854; d. May 27, 1855.

GEORGE ROBINSON (7) b. at Boston, Mass. December 2, 1858; d. ____. Single.

MATILDA MACDONALD (7) b. at Boston, Mass. August 15, 1856; d. at Provincetown, Mass. Feb. ____, 1929; m. Charles Egbert Perry of Salem, Mass. at Boston January 8, 1876; d. at Provincetown, Mass. July 25, 1913. Children: 1) Charles Egbert b. February ____ 1879; in 1939 lived at 58 Childs Street, Hyde Park, Mass; m. Cassie ____. Children: Eleanor. Louis. Charles, Jr. b. May 24, 1905. 2) Elsie Lucetta b. ____; m. twice, first to Baron Emory Kenison April 3, 1900, one son, Irving Perry, adopted by his grandmother and name changed to Theodore Irvin Perry. After his death, Elsie m. E.C. Knapp, who was born in New York City, one son, Eugene, b. in 1905; m. Miram Idleman April 1930; d. 1933. (3) Irving Chester. (4) Lewis G. m. Helene L. Mettelal at Brookline, Mass. April 4, 1936.

39 JOHN (6) LATTA,

Moses (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Unity Tp. Westmoreland Co., Pa. March 2, 1836; d. February 19, 1920 at Greensburg, Pa. Married twice, first to Emma A. Hope, daughter of C.C. Hope of Uniontown, Pa. September 12, 1865. Second wife, Rose McClellan, daughter of E.R. McClellan, of Ludwick Borough, Pa. December 25, 1877. She was born at Talledega, Ala. January 28, 1854; d. 1913. He was buried in St. Clair Cemetery, graduate of Yale Univ. Law School in 1859. In November 1859 admitted to the Bar of Westmoreland Co. State Senator in 1863. In 1871-2 State Legislator for two terms. On January 1, 1874, office of Lieut. Gov. was created, and he was elected to that office that year, being the first to hold the position. In 1870 returned to Greensburg and resumed the practice of law. Vestryman in the Episcopal Church. Mason. Knight Templer and Royal Arch Mason. Member of the A.O.U.W. Children by first wife:

77 CUTHBERT HOPE (7) b. 1866.

MARY MAUD (7) b. March 15, 1868 at Greensburg, Pa.; m. W.B. Ryan who in 1904 was General Traffic Mgr. of Tehuantipec R.R. in Mexico City. Children: John Latta. William. Richard. Elizabeth. ____.

ISABELLA G. (7) b. February 17, 1875. In 1914 lived at Pleasant Unity, Pa.

ALICE (7) b. October 9, 1870; d. 1872.

Children by second wife:

ROSE McCLELLAN (7) b. December 21, 1879; d. at Hammond, Ind. 1913; m. twice, first to James Thompson Brunot September 4, 1901. He d. August 14, 1902. One child, James T. b. July 24, 1903. Second husband, Murray Turner, of Hammond, Ind.

JOSEPHINE MARIE (7) b. July 23, 1881; m. Richard H. Jamison.

JOHN (7) b. May 15, 1883.

78 THOMAS POLLARD (70 b. 1885.

SARAH MARGUERITE (7) b. October 18, 1886. Lived Greensburg, Pa. in 1913.

RUTH (7) b. September 3, 1891; d. February 23, 1892.


Thomas (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. June 10, 1840; m. Susan Catherine Bair in 1864. In 1878 went to Holden, Jackson Co., Kan. Located on a farm there. Died January 27, 1894. Children:

HERBERT CHALMERS (7) b. April 9, 1865; d. April 21, 1896.

79 THOMAS CLIFFORD (7) b. 1866.

JOHN CALVIN (7) b. March 18, 1868; m. Mrs. Maud Vaughn, November 18, 1902. Located at Forest Grove, Oregon.

80 MAURICE COOPER (7) b. 1869.

ALEXANDER CLARK (7) b. October 10, 1871. Farmer at Jackson Co., Kan. Post office address Mayetta, Kan. Lived on the Pottawattmy Indian Reservation. Single.

81 RAYMOND CECIL (7) b. 1873.

EDGAR CLINTON (7) b. July 14, 1876. Farming the home land near Holton, Kan. in 1904. Single.

LUELLA CLARE (7) b. October 12, 1878.

ANNA CLARICE (7) b. March 7, 1881.


Samuel (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born ____; m. Mary Smith of Kalamazoo, Mich. Had one son who died at six years of age and was buried beside his father in Carmel Cemetery, Jefferson Co., Ind.

BOURNEY (7) died when six years of age.


James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio January 30, 1823; d. at San Diego, Calif. November 26, 1896. Physician. Buried in family lot at Grandview , Louisa Co., Iowa. Married twice. First to Martha A. Crow November 1, 1847. She was born at Smithfield, Jefferson Co., Ohio October 23, 1827, died of consumption May 29, 1876. Second wife was Mattie R. Rippey married May 15, 1879. She was born in Indiana September 1, 1846; d. April 21, 1880. He claimed that Alex. B. and Edmiston Latta, Branch 10, inventors of the steam fire engine, were his cousins. See Loose Leaf Book for possible connections, 3 and 10. Children by first wife:

MARCELLUS RUSH (7) b. July 6, 1850 at Grandview, Iowa; d. there March 1, 1871.

ELMER FREMONT (7) b. October 19, 1852 at Grandview, Iowa; d. of consumption at Unadilla, Neb. January 29, 1894; m. Nellie Farnsworth of Muscatine, Iowa September 2, 1879. He was buried in the family lot at Grandview. Physician and druggist. No children. In 1925 she was living in Los Angeles, Calif.

MARTHA ISABELLE (7) b. August 17, 1854; d. March 23, 1857; buried Grandview.

FLORA A (7) b. December 25, 1856; d. May 28, 1857.


NELLIE ELIZABETH (7) b. Grandview, Iowa August 20, 1861; m. Fred J. Huffman. Lived at Mather, Wis. In 1925 lived at Los Angeles, Calif. Children: Hazel and Fritz.

EVERETT KNOX (7) b. July 25, 1862; m. Nettie Clayton. In 1897 living in San Diego, Calif.

ANNA LORETTA (7) b. Grandview, Iowa January 13, 1864; m. Frank Evans June 18, 1890. In 1925 lived at Los Angeles, Calif.

WINNIE REAM (7) b. June 4, 1869; m. George Nelson. Lived in Los Angeles, Calif.

Children by second wife:

GUY R. (7) b. April 8, 1880. In 1925 lived at San Diego, Calif.


James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Ross Co., Ohio May 31, 1818; d. May 11, 1880 of heart disease. Married twice. First to Sarah A. Thompson July 30, 1840, daughter of William and Mary Nichols Thompson. She was born March 24, 1823; d. December 29, 1905. Divorced in 1860. Second wife Mrs. Nina M. Irwin, nee Youst of Camden, Ohio. She was born in Pa. October 23, 1933; m. January 1863. Presbyterian. This biography was taken from the United States Biographical Dictionary, Vo. L at Topeka, Kan. The early pioneers of Kansas were men of principal, ready to sacrifice all selfish impulses on behalf of justice and right, and among the most distinguished and patriotic liberty loving hosts who immigrated to Kansas on the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill. There were none more devoted and true than Hon. Samuel Nichols Latta, one of the Supreme judges elected under the Topeka Constitution.

He was of Scotch-Irish descent on the Latta side, and on his mother's side (Isabelle Nichols) of English descent. The father was a mechanic and woolen manufacturer and for a time carried on farming in Louisa Co., Iowa to which place he emigrated in 1840. He had merely a common school education, until after he acquired the age of manhood, when he studied law, and graduated at the Cincinnati College in 1849. He was admitted to the practice in the Supreme Courts of Ohio and Iowa where he practiced law until he removed to Kansas in April, 1855.

On removing to Kansas he purchased a claim adjoining the City of Leavenworth. During the summer of 1855 he was recognized as a leader of the Free State Party and in the fall of that year was elected a member of the convention which framed the Topeka Constitution in which he was an active, influential member. The Free State party, on the adoption of that Constitution by the people, determined on a thorough organization, and the election of state officers. Judge Latta was a member of the State Convention and was nominated for and elected and again re-elected one of the Supreme judges of the State of Kansas. But as Kansas was not admitted under that Constitution, the bench was never organized for official business.

In subsequent struggles of the free State Party he was a most active participant. He was one of the armed party who defended Gov. Reeder in his first address at Leavenworth on behalf of the Free State course. The same year, 1855, Gen. James H. Lane, came to Leavenworth to address the people, and the border ruffians assailed him with threats of his life. Lane had his revolver laid upon the table and commenced speaking and Judge Latta and others organized a force for his protection and amid cried of "hang him", "kill him" triumphantly sustained the freedom of speech in defiance of an almost overwhelming opposition in which courage and nerve prevailed over brute force. When the City of Lawrence was assailed in what was known as the Nebraska war, in the fall of 1855, he was the first to rally to its defense and by his influence largely a force was raised at Leavenworth to help succer the historic city, when even the homes and lives of the patriotic people of Leavenworth were threatened. In all memorable engagements between Free State and border ruffian forces, in the conflicts of 1855, 1856, and 1857 Judge Latta's influence and personal efforts were recognized as a power in the defense of the right. After the success of the Free State and Republican party in 1860, on the accession of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency, this patriotic statesman, recognizing the services of Judge Latta, on behalf of freedom, appointed him agent of the Indians in the Upper Missouri in which capacity he had charge of the seven tribes of Sioux, Arickarees, Mandans, Assiniboians, Gros Ventres and Crows, extending up the Missouri River from Ft. Randall, Dakota to near Ft. Benton, Montana holding the office from 1861 to fall of 1866.

Judge Latta subdivided his claim into what is now known as Latta's addition to the City of Leavenworth,, and sold the lots as well as dealing largely in other real estate. He expended large sums in building dwellings and business houses in the city and in the early part of Leavenworth's history contributed largely to its growth and prosperity.

In 1871 he was elected to the House of Representatives from the City of Leavenworth and re-elected in 1873 and was recognized as among the most useful and influential of the working members of that body.

Judge Latta believed in the Christian religion and was brought up as a Presbyterian. He was originally a Whig, but became a Republican on the organization of that party in Kansas to which he had always steadily adhered, being a useful and active member. He was one of a small party who first organized the Republican party in Leavenworth, Kansas against overwhelming and violent opposition."

Children by first wife:

83 EDWARD THOMPSON (7) b. 1841.

ISABELLE (7) b. near Grandview, Louisa Co., Iowa March 9, 1843; d. April 15, 1904; m. Dr. Daniel W. Overholt April 21, 1861. He was a prominent physician and in 1903 lived at Columbus Junction, Iowa. Seven children: John Latta b. July 12, 1862. Physician in partnership with his father; m. Marian McParlan October 6, 1887. Five children. Rowena Belle b. August 31, 1864; m. Karle C. Latta. Samuel M. b. August 20, 1866; m. Kate M. Latta. Frank W. b. July 15, 1870; d. November 15, 1872. Robert Wm. b. August 24, 1868; d. March 7, 1869. Nellie Esther b. June 21, 1875; m. Samuel L. Daniels. Roscoe E. b. June 22, 1879.

MARY ANN (7) b. near Grandview, Iowa November 5, 1844; m. Clark J. Hanks at Leavenworth, Kan. He was born November 23, 1835. He was Provo Marshall of Kansas 1865-1866 and deputy warden of Penitentiary, Kansas 1873 to 1877. He was a cousin of President Abraham Lincoln. In 1903 he was a Judge at Kansas City, Kansas. Four children: Samuel Lincoln b. July 20, 1863; m. Harriet Snell December 11, 1891. Marcus Clark b. July 30, 1868; d. 1881. Bessie Helen b. May 4, 1875; m. Harold B. Gilley. Edward Baker b. April 15, 1877. Maude.

ELIZA (7) b. near Grandview, Iowa February 23, 1846; m. James S. Crow. Lived at Omaha, Neb. Two children: Charles Latta and George B. Eliza married second time to Ed Gorman.

BUENA VISTA (7) b. 1848; d. May 8, 1849.

LOUISA (7) b. January 22, 1849; d. September 4, 189.

SIRA NEVADA (7) b. near Grandview, Iowa July 30, 1851; d. in Kan. September 5, 1905; m. Capt. William H. Gould b. in 1839. Steamboat captain on Missouri River for 30 years. Headquarters at Sioux City, Iowa. Two children: Mabel b. October 16, 1874; d. November 17, 1875. Cora Belle b. in 1875. In 1903 in art school. In winter of 1889-1890 was awarded a gold medal at Cooper Institute; m. Rev. James F. Davis at Chicago, Ills. June 6, 1906.

ADDA (7) b. August 24, 1854; d. March 30, 1855.

SARAH ANN (7) b. near Grandview, Iowa February 18, 1856; m. Benjamin F. Hanks September 10, 1874. He was born in 1840, brother of her sister Mary's husband. He was for 24 years an officer of the Kansas Penitentiary. One child, Claude, b. March 15, 1877; m. Children by second wife:

WILLIAM BELL (7) b. at Leavenworth, Kan. in 1866; m. Margaret McGonigle March 2, 1897. In 1903 was a lawyer in New York City.

NINA LEE MAUD (7) b. at Leavenworth, Kan. in 1872; m. Frederick Camp Biggs at Trumansburg, N.Y. a wealthy merchant. One child: Rebe Latta.

SAMUEL NICHOLS (7) d. in July 1865.


James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Ross Co., Ohio September 7, 1824; d. September 29, 1875; m. Mary Hubbard. Went with his parents to Louisa Co., Iowa in 1840 and lived on a farm near Grandview, Iowa until his death. Children all born at Grandview, Iowa.

ELIZABETH B. (7) b. August 5, 1859. Graduated from the Eastern Iowa College and taught school; m. Addison H. Brinton, farmer, b. November 11, 1852. Lived on farm near Brighton, Iowa. Children born at Brighton: Edward A. b. December 23, 1880. Grace b. April 13, 1865. Maude b. March 25, 1887. William b. December 16, 1822.

ADDA M. (7) b. June 20, 1862. Teacher at different places, one was the Harlan High School. Married John M. Snider, lawyer. In 1903 lived at Hastings, Neb. Child: Adda Latta b. October 24, 1888 at Hastings, Neb.

SARAH M. (7) b. July 24, 1865. Teacher at Columbus Junction, Iowa; m. Carl Savage, farmer. In 1903 lived on farm in Clay Tp., Washington Co., Iowa. He died in 1907. Children all born at Brighton, Iowa: Mildred M. b. June 13, 1893. Halbert A. b. September 2, 1894. Esther b. May 24, 1896. Clifford b. May 3, 1898.

84 ARNOLD THOMAS (7) b. 1867.

85 ARTHUR J. (7).


James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ross Co., Ohio May 24, 1828. Killed in November 1875 near Nevada City, Calif. by being struck on the head with a green pile pole in construction a fence to confine some cattle; m. Sarah A. Darling born in Michigan 1835 and died at Covina, Calif. of ovarian cancer October 12, 1887. Went with his parents to Louisa Co., Iowa in 1840. In 1851 went to Calif. Children all born at Nevada City, Calif.:

ISABELLE (7) m. Chauncey H. Litchfield, at Lathrop, Calif. In 1908 lived at

Watsonville, Calif., R.F.D. Eight children.


LILLIE LOUISE (7) m. John O. Houser of Stockton, Calif. In 1908 lived at

Covina, Calif. Three children.

87 ROBERT MENGO (7) b. 1868.


James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Also known as Frank. born Ross Co., Ohio February 24, 1831; d. March 19, 1887 on a farm near Dublin, Iowa; m. Sarah M. Cowles March 14, 1865, daughter of Oliver and Hannah (Olmstead) Cowles of Monroe, Iowa. She was born August 6, 1839 in N.Y. Teacher. Went with his parents to Louse Co, Iowa in 1840. In May 1886 went to Dublin, Iowa and bought a 500 acre stock farm on which they lived until his death. Was township trustee for a number of years. Prominent in church work being a member of the Congregational Church. He was buried in the New Haven Cemetery in Dutch Creek Township. He died of consumption. In 1903 lived at Muscatine, Iowa. Five children:


WILLIAM FRANCIS (7) lived at Muscatine, Iowa.

EDGAR LYNNE (7) b. near Dublin, Iowa. September 17, 1870; d. November 12, 1902 at Ada, Okla; m. Mable K. Smith June 19, 1899 at Eureka, Kan. No issue. Telegrapher for Chi. and Great Western and Mo. Pac. RR. and also at Cripple Creek, Colo. In 1900 druggist at Ada, Okla. Owned building known as Latta block.

KATHRYNE MARIE (7) b. near Dublin, Iowa July 9, 1872; m. her cousin, Samuel M. Overholt at Colget, Iowa June 1894. Children: Frank Warren b. May 23, 1896; d. August 25, 1897. Everett Latta b. July 13, 1898; d. August 26, 1899. Mildred Marie b. May 24, 1900. Theodore Milton b. October 9, 1903.

RODAMOND ISABELLE (7) m. Richard VonDresky. Lived Muscatine, Iowa.


Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Malvern, Ohio October 27, 1822; d. there October 12, 1899; m. John Palmer there August 28, 1844. Lived on farm near Washington, Iowa in 1856. See history of Mary Isabelle Palmer below. Children:

JENNIE S. PALMER (7) m. James Morrow. Six children:

MARY ISABELLE PALMER (7). See next paragraph.

JAMES PALMER (7) m. Flora Easton. She died January 21, 1933.

THOMAS LATTA PALMER (7) m. Mary Loveless.

WILBER F. PALMER (7) m. Martha Black.

TYNDALE PALMER (7) m. Evangeline Cooper.




Rachel (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Her mother was Rachel Latta, daughter of 7 Thomas Latta. Rachel married John Palmer, and her daughter Mary I., married Wm. Hearst Latta, branch No. 27. This unites part of two branches, 3 and 27. She was born in Washington Co., Iowa and married William Hearst Latta there February 27, 1873. Both born in Ohio, she in February 9, 1847, and he April 21, 1848. Children born at Washington Co., Iowa.

89 CLARENCE PALMER (8) b. 1873.

90 LLOYD EVERETT (8) b. 1875.

FRANK ELWYN (8) b. June 18, 1877; m. Eliza Hamilton June 14, 1901. Enlisted in Cuban War, "D" Co. 50th Iowa Vols. Took his degree at State Univ. Iowa City, Iowa. Studied law at Ann Arbor, Mich. In 1913 lawyer at 60 Wall Street, New York City. In 1933 lived at 905 Windsor Ave., Chicago, Ills.

LORENA BELLE (8) b. March 23, 1879; m. Dr. Clyde A. Boise at Washington, Iowa March 25, 1902. Lived there in 1904. Children: Myrtle M. b. November 22, 1904. William C. Ruth.

RUTH ELIZABETH (8) b. October 10, 1882; d. in 1924; m. Clifford Thorn. She was head clerk in law office of Schuyler W. Livington, at Washington, Iowa. She was an expert in abstracting of real estate titles. In 1913 was County Recorder of Washington Co., Iowa. She was the first woman to hold such a position.


Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Written by his son, William H. Latta. Born at Malvern, Ohio November 29, 1824; d. at Amoret, Kan. February 9, 1907; buried at Washington, Iowa. Married Isabella Valentine Souter, daughter of Wm. and Margaret Mae Valentine Souter of Scotland. She was born in Greene Co., Ohio June 9, 1833, and died near Lawrence, Kan. October 24, 1913. Both buried at Washington, Iowa. He lived in Ohio until 1850, then went to Washington Co., Iowa. Was in business with Martin Kilgore, his brother-in-law, then alone as saw mill man. In early life had few opportunities, being eldest boy was obliged to assist on the farm. Schools scarce, and nothing but private schools. Salary 75 cents a week and board. Salary of male teacher 81.00 each scholar for term of 72 days. When old enough to help (8 to 12) he could not attend regularly, but considered himself fortunate when he could attend two days at a time. His school education was finished at 10. He never attended any higher school than the public school, yet by reading and observation was known as a well educated man. Farmed ever since he was married. Lived in Iowa until 1869, then went to near old Trading Post, Lynn Co., Kan. Was a Whig, with abolition tendencies. Later a staunch Republican and Union man, now prohibition tendencies. In 1874 elected Township treasurer until 1868. Refused in Army on account of slight deformity of hand, but was in Iowa's State Militia during the war. Was called out once to quell disturbance of Copperheads -- known locally as So. English War -- under the immediate command of Gov. Kirkwood. Raised a Seceeder, which united with associated Reformed Church. In 1858 formed the United Presbyterian Church. Is distantly connected with John C. Calhoun. He also claimed that Alexander B. and Edmiston Latta, branch No. 3, inventors of the steam fire engine, were his cousins, but did not give the connection. Children:

91 WILLIAM HOMER (7) b. 1864.

MARY CALISTA (7) b. near Washington, Iowa October 4, 1867; d. near Moscow, Idaho October 20, 1931; m. William V. Hamilton, son of Wm. and Dorothy Paisley Hamilton, October 26, 1887, near Trading Post, Kan. Children: 1) Mabel Grace b. 1890; m. Samuel T. Stell. Children: Nan and Charlotte. 2) John Foster b. May 23, 1892. Enlisted in the Navy in the World War, and honorably discharged. Killed by a falling rock near Seaside, Oregon, July 24, 1924; b. at Moscow, Idaho. 3) Maud Esther b. 1894; m. Bert Thompson. In 1933 lived at Enterprise, Oregon. 4) Edith b. December 18, 1896; m. Creighton C. Guy. Lived near Moscow, Idaho. Children: Constance. Warren. James. Harlan. 5) Burton d. in infancy. 6) Wm. Clark. 7) Thomas Latta.

ROSE ISABELLA (7) b. July 5, 1871. In 1913 lived at Lawrence, Kan; in 1933 near Topeka, Kan.


Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Malvern, Ohio July 29, 1827; d. February 7, 1887; m. Margaret V. Myers, daughter of Abram and Margaret Myers, December 19, 1853. Both died at Washington, Iowa. She died December 5, 1881. Miller. Children:

LELIA (7) b. January 19, 1857; d. March 11, 1934, at Chula Vista, Calif. Physician at San Diego, Calif.

ISSA ELLEN (7) b. September 28, 1866; d. February 14, 1929. Lived at Chula Vista, Calif.

HERBERT DOW (7) b. September 28, 1866; d. March 7, 1868.

CARRIE LYDIA CRESELY (7) b. March 27, 1870; d. at Chala Vista, Calif. August 29, 1836; m. Eugene G. Clarke of Boston, Mass. June 1, 1893. One child, Elsie Latta, b. April 3, 1895; d. May 26, 1896.


Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Crawford Co., Pa. January 9, 1815; d. October 6, 1886; m. Mahala Hegler born about 1811, died 1875. He graduated at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Teacher at Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio. Graduated at Medical College, at Columbus, Ohio. Children:

MARCELLUS A. (7) b. at Frankfort, Ohio July 14, 1844.

92 MELVIN (7) b. 1847.

93 ALPHUS H. (7) b. 1851.

MELVINA E. (7) b. at Frankfort, Ohio July 4, 1847; d. April 2, 1922; m. Rev. D.G. Bruce, United Presbyterian minister, April 14, 1868. He died February 23, 1923. Lived at Des Moines, Iowa. Children: May b. August 19, 1871 in York Co., Pa. Evron b. at Des Moines, Iowa January 26, 1876.


Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Crawford Co, Pa. September 2, 1816; d. May 23, 1858; m. Margaret Daymund who was born in Louden Co., Va. in 1822. Lived at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Children:

94 MILTON (7) b. 1840.

JULIA (7) m. David Swales. Children: James. E.W. Milton. Mrs. J. L. Mantz of Manly, Iowa. Lived at Portland, Oregon.

53 JOHN (6) LATTA,

Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Crawford Co., Pa. March 16, 1822; d. at Creighton, Mo. April 24, 1889; m. Axia Acton November 15, 1866 in Ross Co., Ohio. She died October 12, 1889. Contractor and builder. Children lived at St. Louis, Mo.:

95 ALLEN T. (7) b. 1867.

ADA (7) b. August 25, 1871; m. J. Andrew Busch October 12, 1895. Children: Norma Gertrude b. September 24, 1896. Chester Wallace b. June 27, 1899. Violette Dorothy b. October 13, 1900.

96 RUFUS (7) b. 1874.

CHARLES (7) b. May 21, 1878; m. Bertha Kerscheval April 20, 1900.

GERTRUDE (7) b. July 9, 1880; m. Edgar Humphreys October 3, 1900. Lived at St. Louis, Mo. 54 SAMUEL RANKIN (6) LATTA,

Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Crawford Co., Pa. August 5, 1832; m. Catherine Buzard June 26, 1862. Physician. Lived at Camden, Mo. Children:

OTIS D. (7) b. April 17, 1870; d. July 7, 1900.

MAUDE (7) b. January 6, 1872; m. David Elmer Nearthsay July 4, 1890. One child, Catherine, b. June 25, 1896.

SAMUEL (7) b. February 17, 1876; d. December 23, 1877.

MELVENA (7) b. February 15, 1874. Lived at Farmersville, Texas.


William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Crawford Co., Pa. March 27, 1824; d. in Cass Co., Neb. March 25, 1872; m. Letitia Johnston January 25, 1849. She died February 17, 1870. Settled in Cincinnati about 1953. Left there by boat for Nebraska in fall of 1858. The river froze and he was obliged to stop one winter at St. Louis, Mo. Finally landed at Plattsmouth, Neb. in 1859. Carpenter and ran a saw mill. Lived in Page Co. and Mills Co., Iowa before residing in Cass Co., Neb.

CALISTA JANE (7) b. at Cincinnati, Ohio November 11, 1849; m. Sidney Minor in Cass Co., Neb. May 4, 1869. Went to Fowler, Calif. in 1890. Children: 1) Harvey Latta b. January 26, 1873; m. Cora McGaw October 1895. In 1903 lived at Santa Anna, Calif. Children: Glenn. Effie. Fay 2) Nellie b. November 15, 1877; d. May 16, 1879. 3) Anderson b. August 31, 1884. 4) Marion b. March 13, 1882.

97 GEORGE AUSTIN (7) b. 1852.

98 WILLIAM EDMONSTON (7) b. 1854.

99 JAMES THOMPSON (7) b. 1860.

MARY ELIZABETH (7) b. Rock Bluffs, Neb. June 14, 1857; d. August 17, 1859.

SAMUEL FOSTER (7) b. Rock Bluffs, Neb. April 16, 1865; m. Ida Neal in 1892. In 1934 lived at Murray, Neb.

100 ELBERT JOHNSTON (7) b. 1870.


William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Jamestown, Crawford Co., Pa. May 3, 1826; d. at Albuquerque, N.M. about 1903; m. Sarah A. Eikenbary at Lincoln, Cass Co., Neb. May 9, 1861. Physician. Army surgeon. President National E. Medical Association. President State Medical Association. Dean of Medical Facility. Professor of Pathology and Microscopy at Nebraska Christian University and Dean of Medical Faculty at Cotner University at Lincoln, Neb. Editor Nebraska Medical Journal in 1891. Went to Stockton, Calif. October 7, 1904. Four children:

101 SAMUEL E. (7) b. 1862.

MINNIE B. (7) m. C.F. Ladd at Lincoln, Neb. in 1893. One child, Sarah, b. in 1895.

MARY OLIVE (7) m. Dr. Edward G. Watson. One son, Frank.

WILLIAM (7) died at age of ten months.


William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Crawford Co., March 25, 1829; d. 1908; m. Emma J. Lemon in Cass Co., Neb. August 6, 1867. Machinist. Lived at Lincoln, Neb. Soldier in Civil War. "JOHN A. has been on the wing, like myself, for the most of his life. He crossed the plains in 1859. Spent several years in Colorado. Returned, made several trips across the plains. Find John A. where you will, you will find one of the best hearted men in the world." Robert R. Latta. Ch.

ORA IONA (7) b. Rock Bluffs, Neb. November 18, 1868. Physician in 1894.

JENNIE R. (7) b. in Butler Co., Neb. November 2, 1875.

LEMUEL A. (7) b. Rock Bluffs, Neb. July, 1873; d. September 1874.

FRANK GLENN (7) b. Butler Co., Neb. October 3, 1882.

Record in Adj. Gen. Office, Denver, Colo. Book P. 6/2. Latta, John A. 1st. Lieut. Co. 1, of Denver Home Guards. Colorado Vols. U.S. Army. Joined for service September 13, 1861 at Denver, Colo. by William Gilpin, Governor. Record incomplete. Absent on furlough from March 16, 1862 for several days on private business. Is this the John Allison Latta above?


William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Crawford Co., Pa. July 2, 1838; d. at Murray, Cass Co., Neb. December 31, 1928; m. Emily A. Patterson in Cass Co., Neb. July 24, 1865. Farmer and tradesman. One child:

JAMES PATTERSON (7) b. Rock Bluffs, Neb. November 2, 1868. In 1906 lived at Murray, Neb. His father was reared in Cincinnati, Ohio, and claimed that Edmiston Latta (branch No. 30), one of the inventors of the steam fire engine, was his cousin.


John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Crawford Co., Pa. September 22, 1934; d. at Logan, Iowa March 1920; m. Anna Jane (Kendall) Hissong at Washington, Iowa in 1865. She was born February 17, 1838, at Oline, Ills.; d. March 12, 1897; buried at Logan, Iowa. A widow with two children. He enlisted in "B" Co. 29th Iowa. Inf. in 1862. Engaged in 16 battles, coming out without a scar. Was shot at the Battle of Saline River. The ball passed through his body. Left on the battle field for dead, and was so reported. The Union forces being driven back, was picked up by the Confederates, carried to Shreveport, La. Was in prison for 18 months. The first news the family had of him was when he came crippling home. Lamed for life. Sawyer and farmer. Lived on a farm three miles west of Logan, Iowa until the death of his wife, then with his children.

102 WILLIAM WILSON (7) b. 1866.

103 JAMES HARRY (7) b. 1869.

JOHN CHARLES (7) b. at Magnolia, Iowa December 29, 1871; d. April 1923. Buried at Logan, Iowa. Single.

104 WALTER LEE (7) b. 1873.

FRANK FOSTER (7) b. January 24, 1875; d. at St. Joseph's Hospital, Omaha, Neb. April 11, 1923; b. at Logan, Iowa. Single. Was Sec. of the Magnolia School Board. Was a contractor and he employed many Italians. He said the surname of one of these Italians was Latta who said the name was common in Italy.

ANNA PEARL (7) b. at Logan, Iowa February 14, 1878; m. Emory B. Hughes at Logan April 1900. After his death she m. Edward Arnold at Logan. Children: Kathleen b. about 1902; m. Irvin Arnold, son of her mother's second husband. Marjorie Hughes b. about 1902.


John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Crawford Co., Pa. March 4, 1836; m. Mrs. Mary A. Edson, nee Cain, sister to his sister Margaret's husband, April 7, 1857, in Page Co., Iowa. She died on a farm on Ozark Mts. June 20, 1909. They were the first couple married in Valley Tp., Iowa. In 1860 they went to Cass Co., Neb. and in 1861 to Mills Co., Iowa and in 1870 to Silver Cliff, Colo. Miner. In 1898 lived at Colorado Springs, Colo. Wrote a book, "Reminiscences of Pioneer Life." I have a copy.

ROSE ISABELLE (7) b. at Walden's Grove, Mo. April 6, 1858; m. Thomas Wilkins as Rosita, Colo. In 1904 lived at Takoma, Wash. Three children: Fern. Alice. ____.

ELIZABETH ALICE (7) b. in Page Co., Iowa May 4, 1860; m. John A. James at Rosita, Colo. Children: Raleigh. Grace. Geneva.

105 WILLIAM RAY (7) b. 1862.

MARGARET FLORENCE (7) b. in Mills Co., Iowa June 21, 1864; married twice. Albert Wright b. July 15, 1889 at Florissant, Colo; d. February 14, 1893. Two children: Florette and Carrie. Walter Skehan b. August 3, 1897 at Boulder, Colo. He was born at Brooklyn, N.Y. 1864. In 1937 she was living at Denver, Colo.

ROBERT PRESSLEY (7) b. in Mills Co., Iowa September 7, 1866. Fell down a shaft in the New Zealand mine, near Alrman, Cripple Creek Mining District, Col. December 26, 1894 and was killed. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Colo.


John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Crawford Co., Pa. Married his first cousin, Mary Story, in Cass Co., Neb. Enlisted in the 4th Iowa Battery in 1862. In 1897 lived near Plattsmouth, Cass Co., Neb. Children:



LEE (7).




Ephraim (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa. May 3, 1866; m. Rebecca Funk in Huntingdon Township, Pa. November 5, 1884 at Sewickley. She was born February 28, 1860, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Funk. Lived at Waltz Mills, Westmoreland Co., Pa. In 1934 lived at Irwin, Pa. R.F.D. Children:




Ephraim (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at West Newton, Pa. February 25, 1879; m. Jennie Hesson May 1, 1906. She was born February 26, 1885. Daughter of Semore and Margaret Hesson of Sewickley, Pa. One son:

BERYL EDGAR (8) b. June 24, 1907.

64 FRANK M. (7) LATTA,

William (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Westmoreland Co., Pa. March 14, 1871. Foreman brick mason. Married Sara A. Lynn of Ruffsdale, Pa. July 12, 1900. In 1934 they lived at Irwin, Pa. R.F.D. 1. They adopted the nephews of his wife. Children:

WILLIAM (8) (Page) b. March 22, 1919.

JAMES (8) (Page) b. March 26, 1923.


William (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Westmoreland Co., Pa. August 28, 1873; m. Laura Loucke August 23, 1900 at Ruffsdale, Pa. In 1934 lived at New Stanton, Pa. Ten children:

AMBER (8) b. October 23, 1901 at Ruffsdale, Pa. In 1937 nurse at Lafayette, Ind.

107 FERRIS HOWARD (8) b. 1904.

FLOYD (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. February 1, 1907; d. February 2, 1912.

LAURA ROSE (8) b. at Yukon, Pa. February 12, 1910; m. Quentin Kintigh

January 1, 1935. He was principal at New Stanton High School, Pa.

PAUL (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. April 14, 1912.

EMERSON (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. June 13, 1913.

SARA (8) b. at Youngwood, Pa. November 11, 1915.

CHARLES (8) b. at Yukon, Pa. July 7, 1917.

ELIZABETH JANE (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. July 14, 1920.

PATRICIA (7) b. March 17, 1922.


William (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Westmoreland Co., Pa. April 8, 1879; m. Jessie Hayse May 22, 1901. Fireman. In 1934 lived at Hunker, Pa. Eight children:

EFFIE (8) b. January 2, 1903; m. Everett E. Campbell of Barberton, Ohio. June 30, 1921. Children: Everett E. James Latta. Phillis.

GLADYS (8) b. February 19, 1905. Nurse.

HELEN (8) b. August 30, 1907; m. Elwood Dell at Ruffsdale, Pa. July 26, 1927. One son, Ronald Elwood, b. June 13, 1931.

ETHMER (8) b. June 6, 1910. Farmer.

EUGENE (8) b. July 21, 1912. Bookkeeper.

DORIS JUNE (8) b. June 30, 1918.

WILLIAM (6) b. September 27, 1921.

REBA BYRL (8) b. October 27, 1924; d. September 1925.


William (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born Westmoreland Co., Pa. May 8, 1884; m. Hilda Willor June 18, 1914. Lived at Hunker, Pa. R.R. conductor. Two children:

HILDA ELIZABETH (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. January 27, 1915.

KATHRYN (8) b. at Hunker, Pa. July 7, 1917.


Joseph S. (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Waltz Mills, Westmoreland Co., Pa. August 3, 1871; m. Elizabeth J. Toole, daughter of James and Mary Toole of Waterman, Minn. at Anaconda, Mont. September 1903. Capt. in Medical Corps in World War and in Light Art in Spanish War. In 1904 lived at Great Falls, Mont; in 1912 at Denver, Colo.; in 1914 at Haxton, Colo.; in 1937 at Sterling, Colo. Children:

ROSEMARY (8) b. at Butte, Mont. March 28, 1905; m. Matthew C. Rodney. Lived at Sterling, Colo. Children born at Sterling: Hugh Latta b. February 4, 1930. Millicent Marie b. May 20, 1936.

JOSEPH JAMES (8) b. at Keokuk, Iowa April 3, 1907; d. February 21, 1909.

108 CLARENCE JOHNSTON (8) b. at Chinook, Mont. September 22, 1912; m. Marjorie Morris who was born at Sterling, Colo. April 12, 1916.

EUGENE EDWARD (8) b. at Haxton, Colo. December 27, 1914.



Finley (6) John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born May 15, 1844; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio 1913; m. Carrie Kennedy at Cincinnati. Lived there in 1906. One child:

FANNY K. (8) b. December 22, 875; married and lived in New York.


Finley (6) John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Newport, Ky. January 2, 1863; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio June 20, 1917; m. Mary M. Kumler at Newark, Ohio June 27, 1888. She was born October 26, 1866 at Oxford, Ohio. In 1906 he lived at Cincinnati, Ohio. Insurance business. In 1938 she was living at 2801 Pine Tree Road, Miami, Beach, Fla. Single.

109 WILSON CLIFFORD (8) b. 1891.


Alex B. (6) John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Cincinnati, Ohio April 19, 1855; d. at Cincinnati June 25, 1930; b. in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati; m. Louise Bradley Auger of Cincinnati, December 1, 1881. She was born there September 29, 1854, and died at Ludlow, Ky. September 14, 1907. Machinist and mechanical draughsman. Was Superintendent Ludlow Water Works. In 1906 Prop. Hydraulic Tunneling Apparatus. Lived 20 Latta Street, Ludlow, Ky. Children born at Cincinnati:

MARY BATES (8) b. February 16, 1883; m. Alfred McCray, lawyer, of Clarksville, Ohio. December 1, 1911. In 1938 lived at 1235 Amherst Place, Dayton, Ohio. She is Local Manager Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York at Dayton, Ohio. Children: Samuel Adams b. August 19, 1913. In 1913 law student at University of Michigan. Latta McCray in 1938 law student at Harvard University.

LUELLA A. (8) b. March 20, 1884. In 1938 lived at 2725 Cypress Way,

Cincinnati, Ohio.


Samuel (6) James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at So. Salem, Ross Co., Ohio. Killed in Missouri during the Civil War in an argument with a neighbor over the situation. Went to Missouri about 1860. In 1915 his widow lived at Bloomfield, Iowa. She was born about 1832. Children:

110 WILLIAM WALLACE (8) b. 1865.

MOSES FINLEY (8) b. in David Co., Iowa 1862. Lived in Bloomfield, Iowa in 1929.

EDWIN G. (8) b. David Co., Iowa; m. Harriet M. Cleveland at Fremont, Neb. In 1937 lived at Denver, Colo.

NANCY JANE (8) m. W.S. Bridges; one daughter, Mrs. Josie Merchant.

LULU ELLEN (8) m. D.O. Johnson. Lived at Fairbanks, Alaska.

MARGARET (8) m. Mr. Brandt. Lived at Fairbanks, Alaska.

SAMUEL (8) b. April 18, 1862; d. September 27, 1865.

ROBERT (8) d. at age of seven years.


Moses McC. (6) James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Ross Co., Ohio June 8, 1839; m. Mary J. Teter, daughter of John and Elizabeth Teter in Ross Co., Ohio in 1859. Physician. Enlisted in "H" Co. 89th Regt. Ohio Inf. Enrolled August 13, 1862 in Ross Co., Ohio. Mustered into service to date August 26, 1862 as Sergeant at Camp Dennison, Ohio; d. August 10, 1864 while a prison of war at Andersonville, Georgia. Grave Number 5246 in Anderson Cemetery. One child:

EDITH (8).


James (6) Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Burlington, N.J. November 10, 1861; d. there June 5, 1937; m. May E. Robbins at Burlington, September 10, 1885. Lumber dealer. Children all born at Burlington, N.J.:

EUGENE HAZEN (8) b. April 27, 1886.

EDITH MAY (8) b. May 10, 1889; d. June 3, 1892.

111 JAMES (8) b. 1894.

SARAH MARGARET (8) b. May 19, 1897; m. Clarence J. Devlin July 1917. He died of influenza October 14, 1918 in the Navy. One child: Clarence Joseph b. September 3, 1918.

MARIAN GEORGE (8) b. January 6, 1899; m. Ralph Blair June 8, 1923. One child, John Latta, b. September 6, 1926.

MAY CHRISTINE (8) b. January 20, 1901. In 1937 lived at 235 St. Mary Street,

Burlington, N.J.

RUTH EMMA (6) b. October 13, 1904; m. Joseph G. Mowrer. One child, Joseph G., b. May 22, 1934.


Jane (6) Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Boston, Mass. April 24, 1850; d. in Denver, Colo. February 6, 1928; b. in Riverside Cemetery, Denver; m. Anna Smith Bruce of Sardis, Miss. at Denver May 23, 1882. She was born December 12, 1865. He went to Denver in 1881. Children:

NELLIE JANE (8) b. Sardis, Miss. June 26, 1883; m. Francis J. Franklin of Evans, Colo. December 29, 1903 in Denver. He was born in North Carolina June 14, 1887. Children: Everett Vaughn b. February 16, 1905 at Havelock, Neb. Gertrude Lucile b. July 25, 1908 at Eaton, Colo.; d. there January 16, 1912.

ROBERT WILLIAM (8) b. in Denver, Colo. December 2, 1887; d. June 4, 1888.

GERTRUDE ANNIE (8) b. at Sardis, Miss. September 28, 1884; m. James Pacific Jordan at Denver, Colo. June 2, 1909. He was born at Cornell, Ills. March 21, 1878. In 1937 fire warden at Denver. Children: Robert Edward and Katherine Mabel, twins, b. September 21, 1910. James Frank b. December 2, 1914. All born in Denver, Colo.

WILLIAM JOHN (8) b. in Denver, Colo. August 7, 1898; m. Elizabeth Morrow June 11, 1924, Las Vegas, N.M. She was born July 17, 1904 in Victor, Colo. He enlisted at Denver May 31, 1817 for World War. Transferred to "D" Co. 405 Field Bat. to discharge June 23, 1919. Was in France from April 30, 1918 to June 13, 1919. Private 1st class October 10, 1918. Discharged at close of war.

WALLACE BRUCE (8) b. in Denver, Colo. April 21, 1896. Twin with Edith. Married Geraldine Beeman October 14, 1919. Enlisted at Denver June 25, 1918 in World War. Was in France from October 13, 1918 to November 30, 1919. Served in 133d Inf. to discharge at close of war June 11, 1919. Private. She died in Denver June 10, 1937.

EDITH MAY (8) twin with Wallace b. . April 21, 1896; d. May 2, 1896.

EARL ALBERT (8) b. in Denver, Colo. November 16, 1908; m. Erna Mae Horstman. Enlisted at Denver May 23, 1918 in "F" Co. 3d Inf. Colorado National Guard. Discharged October 30, 1919. Did not serve abroad. Transferred to "3" Co. 3d Inf. Colorado N.G. June 7, 1918. She died at Denver, Colo. June 10, 1937.


Jane (6) Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Boston, Mass. November 24, 1852; m. Sarah Olivia Myers at Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas, June 28, 1891. She was born at Campbell's Branch, Freestone Co., Texas November 20, 1862; daughter of William and Matilda R. (Campbell) Myers. Record at War Dept. Adj. General's Office, Washington, D.C. "William Myers was enrolled in Dallas, Texas March 15, 1862 as a private. Capt. Ed. C. Browder's Co. Darnell's Regt. Texas Vols. which subsequently became "C" Co. 18th Regt. Cav. C.S.A. Roll for September and October 1863, last of which borne shows died from wounds at Hospital." Robert H. Latta was a printer. Came to Denver, Colo. June 28, 1881. Studied law in Denver. Admitted to the Bar by the Supreme Court of Colorado June 14, 1886. Admitted to practice in the U.S. Circuit Court and U.S. District Court of Colorado, February 9, 1894. Editor and publisher of a number of papers at Denver, among them the Colorado Graphic, a law paper, The Military Review, Golden West Magazine, etc. Enlisted as a private in "B" Co. 1st Inf. National Guard of Colo. November 5, 1885 at Denver for three years. Promoted to 1st Sergeant May 10, 1888. Discharged at Denver November 9, 1888. He was a member of the Woodmen of the World, past president of Patriotic Sons of America, in a Denver camp. Commander Uniform Rank of the P.O.S.A. and Captain of an Independent Military Company. Member of the Colorado Editorial Association. One of the organizers of the Denver Bar Association. In 1939 lived in Denver, Colo. Written and compiled 49 different branches of Latta family, this branch is one. Member Sons of Veterans, Pioneer Printers of Colorado, Colonel 2d. Reg. and Quartermaster General Veteran Legion G.A.R. One child, see next sheet.

EDITH MYERS (8) b. in Denver, Colo. June 14, 1892; m. Harry W. Watson of Pinos Altos, N.M. in Denver, Colo. December 26, 1912 and went to Pinos Altos where he was in the mercantile business. She returned to Denver and became publisher and editor of the Colorado Graphic, a law paper. Was Treasurer of the Colorado Editorial Association. Member of the Denver Woman's Press Club. Member of the Zonta Club. Also a well known Archeologist. Three children all born in Denver: William Robert Latta b. March 3, 1814. Sarah Dorothea b. June 21, 1915; m. at San Diego, Calif. to Harold Clark Glenn of the U.S. Navy March 13, 1936. He was born in So. Car. Eugenia Roselia b. February 23, 1917. She married Ernest W. Eckerd .......... Long Beach, Calif.


John (6) Moses (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born September 7, 1866; m. Mrs. Helen Murphy in 1897. In 1904 was Asst. Gen. Eastern Agent Mohawk R.R. at New York. Later construction agent Chi. and N.W. Ry at Philadelphia, Pa. In 1937 practicing law at Philadelphia, Pa. Children:

EMMA HOPE (8) b. January 22, 1901.

JOHN (8) b. August 7, 1902.


John (6) Moses (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Greensburg, Pa. January 15, 1885; m. Mabel Machesney, daughter of Mrs. Ada Nachesney of Salem Tp., Pa., June 20, 1910. Children:


ROSE McCLELLAN (8) m. Emery R. Kyle of Pittsburg, Pa. August 1939.



John C. (6) Thomas (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born December 30, 1866; m. Dora Blair in 1892. He then lived at Tallala, Okla. Children:

CLIFFORD (8) d. May 25, 1895.

WILLIAM (8) b. April 15, 1895.


John C. (6) Thomas (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Pa. on a farm October 13, 1869; m. Clara Hays Bullen, daughter of James H. and Alma E.G. Bullen, November 4, 1897. She was born September 18, 1868. Lived on a farm east of Holton, Kan. from 1879 to 1893. Located at Perry, Okla. October 1893, employed in the U.S. Land Office. Transferred to office of Secretary of Interior in Washington, D.C. June 1898. Was stenographer and clerk to President McKinley and in 1906 was Asst. Secretary to President Theodore Roosevelt; in 1909 Asst. Secretary to President Taft, and later to the other presidents. In 1938 Chief Clerk to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at White House. Children:


MAURICE COOPER (8) b. November 10, 1900.


John C. (6) Thomas (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born September 25, 1873; m. Daisy Smith of Cashion, Okla. May 3, 1904. Children:

JOHN CHAUNCEY (8) b. February 28, 1901.

SUSAN KATHLEEN (8) b. December 18, 1902.


John B. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Grandview, Iowa August 29, 1858; d. in 1896; m. Ida Belle Charles at Muscatine, Iowa May 6, 1878. After his death she married J.B. Marshall by whom she had no children. In 1925 she lived in San Diego, Calif. He went to California with another man, they to drive stock east for a buyer who came with them. He left them in San Francisco, Calif. with two weeks board paid and he went north. He was never heard from again. In 1880 Willis was joined by his wife in California and they were informed that an uncle, James A. Latta, was in the bee business in San Diego, Calif. They were invited to come and live with him as he was feeble. They went and were given an interest in the business in San Pasquel, Calif. They improved the place. Their uncle fell dead while carrying some wood. His administrator found that James had never proved up on the homestead, so Willis immediately filed on the property and lived there for many years. In 1925 they lived in San Diego and Los Angeles, Calif. Seven children:

CORA JOHN (8) b. in Grandview, Iowa, November 20, 1879; d. October 25,

1902; m. George McKenzie in 1900; he died in 1913. One child, Chalmers, in San Diego, Calif. in 1901.

ETHEL REAM (8) b. in San Diego, Calif. February 3, 1884; m. Wm. Holbritter.

LEE MAUD (8) b. in San Diego, Calif. January 9, 1882; m. Oscar Marshall in

1908. He was born in San Diego, Calif.



WILLIAM BOWERS (8) b. in Calif. September 4, 1890. Lived in San Diego,

Calif. Newspaper.


Samuel N. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Grandview, Iowa September 20, 1841; m. Mary E. Jackson, daughter of John and Fanny (Stauffer) Jackson, September 17, 1867. Went to Denver, Colorado in 1860; returned November 6, 1860. Enlisted in "K" Co. 8th Iowa Infantry September 11, 1861. Promoted to Captain 4th Indian Home Guards, Cherokee Nation, February 25, 1863, by Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton. Discharged September 25, 1863, service no longer required. Went to Leavenworth, Kansas. His father was agent from Ft. Randall, South Dakota to Ft. Benton, Montana at that time. In March, 1864, his father sent him to Ft. Sully, Dakota to distribute annuities to the Sioux where he remained until July 16, 1867, as his father's deputy. He returned to Grandview. His wife was born in Licking Co., Ohio November 28, 1846, and settled in Grandview in 1850. In April 1868, he returned to Leavenworth, in grocery business; in 1869 in cattle business. Was stock agent for Missouri Pacific RR until 1881. Member of City Council of Leavenworth from 1877 to 1881. Returned to Grandview, became prominent in politics and held a number of offices. In 1916 in insurance. Children:




Humphrey A. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Grandview, Iowa July 7, 1867; d. June 17, 1931; m. Celia F. Cutler April 21, 1898 at Worthington, Minn. Was in the dry goods business. Children:

HELEN J. (8) b. February 2, 1899. Lived at Fergus Falls, Minn. in 1931.

HUMPHREY (8) b. at Worthington, Minn. June 17, 1900. Lived there in 1933. Student Army Eng. Corps. Unic. at St. Paul, Minn. Enlisted in World War October 14, 1918. Discharged December 21, 1918.

ELOISE (8) b. January 4, 1904; twin with Miriam; m. Mr. Reifsteck.

MIRIAM (8) b. January 4, 1904; m. Mr. Schweiger of Winnebago, Minn.

FRANCELIA (8) b. September 1904.

ARDYCE (8) b. February 1908; m. Mr. Nelson. Lived at Minneapolis, Minn.

117 SALSTROM (8).


Nevada City, Calif. September 8, 1868; m. Mary Stineman at Wheatland, Calif. February 12, 1888. She was born there February 2, 1875, daughter of John and Ann Stineman. In 1908 lived in Grass Valley, Calif. Lived in Goldfield, Nev.

ESTHER LOUISE (8) b. Wheatland, Calif. January 29, 1889; m. Issac Mayfield at Nevada City, Calif. February 27, 1907.

ROBERT WALLACE (8) b. Wheatland, Calif. June 2, 1891.

OSCAR ELLSWORTH (8) b. Wheatland, Calif. January 7, 1893; d. Nevada City May 28, 1903.

MARIE ANITA (8) b. Wheatland, Calif. December 4, 1895; d. Nevada City July 30, 1898.

KENNETH JOHN (8) b. Nevada City, Calif. August 2, 1897.

EDNA (8) b. Nevada City, Calif. December 1, 1899.

BELLE (8) b. Nevada City, Calif. May 2, 1903.

CHESTER L. (8) b. Nevada City, Calif. July 15, 1905.


Francis M. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Grandview, Iowa December 12, 1865; d. 1887; m. Rowena Overholt October 6, 1891 of Columbia Junction, Iowa. She was born August 21, 1864. Died January 5, 1937. Went with his parents to Dutch Creek Tp., Washington Co., Iowa May 1866. Lived on farm until 1887. In 1888 went to Washington, one year in real estate office. On January 5, 1891 went to Paton, Iowa. Registered pharmacist and druggist. Lived there in 1937. One child:

ISABELLA S. ( ) b. August 14, 1892. In 1916 lived at Hammond, Ind. Spent 1921 to 1922 in Paris, France. Also summer of 1929. Taught in School of Education Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1932 teacher of French at Cleveland, Ohio.


Wm. H. and Mary Isabelle (7) Rachel (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1).

(See branch No. 27) Born Washington Co., Iowa December 21, 1873; m. Bertha F. Applegate in Jones Co., Iowa June 24, 1896. Electrical engineer. Was foreman of shops of Union Terminal Co. of New York. Went to Anamosa, Iowa, with Jones Co., Iowa Telephone Co. See his grandfather's record for Revolutionary War. Children:

ELIZABETH ISABELLE (9) b. New York City, August 25; 1903; married.

MARION (9) married.


William H. (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Washington Co., Iowa July 23, 1875; m. Martha M. Samson December 3, 1900. Abstract and real estate title business in Washington, Iowa. Studied law, admitted to the Bar in May 1902. In 1904 Secretary Union Terminal Co. of New York City. In 1913 Secretary and Treasurer Briscoe Engineering Co. New York City. In 1938 mining lawyer at Jackson, Michigan. He said: "I heard my father say he carried an old Revolutionary musket when he went rabbit hunting in boyhood. He set it down behind a corn crib one day when hunting as he watched the auctioneer cry of public sale. Someone stole the musket." My father never recovered it. Some German-Hessian must have stolen it. He lived at Babson Park, Florida then at Jackson, Michigan. His father was a member of branch No. 27. He is thus a member of both branches. One daughter:



George F. (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Washington, Iowa August 9, 1864; m. Minnie Lacelle Clayton at Amorest, Mo. March 4, 1896. She was born near Pullman, West Virginia September 2, 1871, daughter of David Lytle and Angeline (Zinn) Clayton. Minnie was the great granddaughter of a Revolutionary soldier, Elisha Clayton, born December 11, 1757; d. 1845. William was a farmer. Went to Oregon in 1891. Teacher for two years. Went to Kansas in 1893. Was a druggist in Amorest, Missouri. Went to state of Washington in October 1898; in 1903 lived at Colton, Washington; in 1938 at Pulmann, Washington. Was a letter carrier there for 23 years. Children:

ALICE LOUISE (8) b. at Pullman, Wash. June 1, 1903. In 1933 teacher of history in high school, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.




William S. (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio July 4, 1847; m. Miss Sutherland of Frankfort. He was murdered there July 4, 1871. After his death she married Ray Hannawalt. One child:

MOLLIE (8) m. Raymond Hannawalt. Lived near Greenfield, Ohio.


William (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio March 14, 1851; m. Mattie Crow at Wapdllo, Iowa, September 21, 1876. Insurance agent. Lived at Charlton, Iowa. Children:

ROY C. (8) b. July 24, 1877. Lived at Milo, Iowa 1903.

FAY (8) b. December 25, 1878. Lived at Chariton, Iowa.

MARIE (8) b. July 26, 1880. Lived at Chariton, Iowa.

DON E. (8) b. October 2, 1882. Lived at Chariton, Iowa.

KARLE E. (8) b. April 5, 1885. Lived at Chariton, Iowa.


James (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born April 23, 1940; d. February 5, 1900; m. Harried Weirick January 31, 1867. She was born June 5, 1850; d. August 2, 1894. Both born and lived in Amity near Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Post office, Democracy, Knox Co. Ohio. Maj. E.J. Thomson, Adj. and Insp. of Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors" Home, Erie Co., Ohio, wrote December 11, 1933: "Milton Latta enlisted on April 20, 1861 in Co. B, 4th Ohio Vols. Inf. as private, and discharged July 20, 1861. On August 21, 1861, re-enlisted as 2d. Lieut. Co. G, 32d Ohio Vols. Inf. serving to July 20, 1865, until close of war. He died in the hospital on February 4, 1900." Seven children:

MARGARET (8) b. April 22, 1869; d. May 14, 1906; m. George McGinley. Had eight children: Frederick. Ray. Eva. Hazel. Irene. Ada. Russell, Urich.

JOSEPHINE (8) b. July 14, 1870; m. Harvey Fletcher. They lived at Democracy, Ohio. Eight children: Lawrence. Grace. Stanley. Harold. Dwight. Encil. Dale. Laura.

IVA (8) b. April 7, 1881; d. September 28, 1899.

PEARL (8) b. January 8, 1886; m. Charles Grubb. Children: Curtis. Gordon. Lloyd.

120 JOHN (8).

121 JAMES (8).

JULIA (8) b. February 3, 1889; m. Oscar Motz. One child: John Donald; b. 1899. In 1934 lived at 918 Peckham St., Akron, Ohio.

95 ALLEN T. (7) LATTA,

John (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Paris, Ills. September, 1867; m. Eliza Kerscheval November 17, 1897. She was born August 12, 1873.

ETHEL MAY (8) b. January 18, 1900.


John (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born February 19, 1874; m. Daisy Gripple June 18, 1896. One child:

RALPH (8) b. April 11, 1897; d. October 18, 1897.



Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Washington Co., Iowa February 9, 1852; m. Margaret Ann Peake February 9, 1874 at Plattsmouth, Cass Co., Neb. Farmer and stock raiser. Owned several large farms near Cowles, Neb. She was born May 5, 1853 in Delaware Co., N.Y. In 1929 both lived at Red Cloud, Neb. In 1934 in Webster Co., Neb. Children:

MARY LETITIA (7) b. July 16, 1878 at Red Cloud, Neb.; m. Jon G. Bennett.

Two children, 1 boy and 1 girl.

MABEL EDITH (8) b. June 20, 1884 at Red Cloud, Neb. In 1929 teacher in Alhambra, Calif.

122 GEORGE EARL (8).


Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Cincinnati, Ohio July 22, 1854; m. Caroline Lee Current October 1, 1873. She was born in Indiana, daughter of James and Sarah (Colburn) Current. She died at Kenesaw, Neb. April 24, 1932. He claimed he was named after Edmiston Latta, one of the inventors of the steam fire engine of Cincinnati, Ohio (branch No. 3). In 1934 lived at Clay Center, Neb.; in 1937 at Culbertson, Neb. Children:

LETTE OELLA (8) b. August 10, 1874; d. in 1927.

123 JAMES OSCAR (8) b. August 9, 1877. In 1934 lived at Clay Center, Neb.

ROBERT BRUCE (8) b. April 9, 1883; d. February 18, 1885.


Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Rock Bluffs, Neb. February 11, 1870. Sometimes known as Albert. Married twice: (1) Blanche Smith September 30, 1896. (2) Mamie E. Woodworth. In 1906 lived at Kenesaw, Neb. In 1938 physician at Hastings, Neb. Children by first wife:

ANNA LETITIA (8) b. August 10, 1897; d. August 13, 1899.

MILDRED (8) b. February 28, 1900.

JUNITA BESS (8) b. in 1903; m. J.C. Andrew. Lives Fresno, Calif. Children: Donna Mae. Elbert J. Jacquelin. Marylin.


Child by second wife:

LOIS LEE (8) b. November 24, 1917.

101 SAMUEL E. (7) LATTA,

William S. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Rock Bluffs, Neb. May 11, 1862; m. Anna E. Hyde at Chicago, Ills. March 1886. Physician. Graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago in 1884. In 1923 Supt. Hospital at Almshouse, Stockton, Calif. Children:

WILLIAM R. (8) m. Ida E. VanPelt. In 1890 lived at Woodridge, Calif. In 1931

at Stockton, Calif.

SAMUEL GLENN (8) m. Frances Phelan.

OLIVE MARGUERITE (8) m. T. Allan Ross at Stockton, Calif. Children: Latta Allan. Janet Elizabeth. Carl David.

125 EARL V. (8).

WINIFRED (9) m. Lafayette J. Smallpage.


James Mc. (6) John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Logan, Iowa August 13, 1973; m. Amelia Carson, sister to his brother William's wife, at Logan, May 18, 1893. Lived 1907-1908 on homestead near Belfield, No. Dak. Children all born near Logan, Iowa:


EVA EMELINE (8) b. April 24, 1906; m. Ormond L. Henninger.

JAMES MERLE (8) b. April 13, 1909; d. April 9, 1913. Buried Logan.

GEORGE WALTER (8) b. December 4, 1916.


James McC. (6) John (6) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Glenwood, Iowa September 16, 1866; m. Phebe K. Carson at Logan, Iowa December 22, 1898. In 1936 lived on a farm south of Logan, Iowa. Children:

RUTH ANNA (8) b. near Logan July 9, 1904; m. William Downey at Logan, October 23, 1925. One child, Barbara J, b. 1927.


ELIZABETH JEAN (8) b. Logan, Iowa June 29, 1919.


James McC. (6) John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Magnolia, Iowa January 16, 1869; d. in 1935; m. Dora M. Frazier in 1898.

DEAN (8) b. in 1899.

ALLENE (8) b. about 1904.

LUCILLE (8) b. about 1910.


Robert R. (6) John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Rock Bluffs, Neb. April 26, 1862; m. Anna Rupp of Colorado Springs, Colo. Lived there in 1898; in 1936 at Logan, Iowa. Children:

REGINALD RAY (8) b. February 12, 1886.

HARRY ELDRIDGE (8) b. June 12, 1892.

THOMAS (8) b. October 9, 1895.

WILLIAM RAY (8) b. in El Paso Co., Colo.; m,. Mary F. McCoy April 6, 1912 at Washington Court House, Ohio. Lived at Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio.



Harry M. (7) Ephraim (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Sewickley Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa.; m. Bessie Owens at Wilmarding, Pa. She was born at Braddock, Pa. One son:

DONALD MONROE (9) b. at Turtle Creek, Allegheny Co., Pa. May 17, 1912.


William W. (7) William (6) Moses (5) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Hunker, Pa. November 22, 1904; m. Ruth Barton King of Uniontown, Pa. October 1896. In 1930 lived at Ashtabula, Ohio. One child:

HELEN JOANNA (9) b. June 14, 1927.


Clarence J. (7) Joseph S. (6) Moses (6) Ephraim (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Chinook, Mont. September 22, 1912; m. Marjorie Morris born at Sterling, Colo. April 12, 1916. In 1938 lived at Sterling. One child:

EUGENE (9) b. at Sterling, Colo. August 11, 1937.


Finley C. (7) Finley (6) John (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born July 15, 1891; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio November 9, 1930; m. Gertrude Mary Ennenken. She than married Grant Slibert. Children in 1938 lived at 19 Miami Parkway, Ft. Thomas, Ky. Both born at Cincinnati:

PATTIE GAY (9) b. November 17, 1926.

JOAN WILSON (9) b. April 27, 1928.


Edwin (7) Samuel (6) James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Davis Co., Iowa October 1865; m. Effie Bridges, sister to his sister Jennie's husband. Went to California about 1908. Lived at East San Diego, Calif. All his children were running a candy factory at San Diego; m. at Bloomfield, Iowa October 17, 1881. Children all born at Davis Co., Iowa:

EDWIN RAY (9) b. April 6, 1892; m. Irene Mills at San Diego.

WILLIAM EARL (9) b. July 25, 1894; m. Bessie Davidson at San Diego, Calif.


PAUL (9) b. April 9, 1901; m. Bessie Satterfield at San Diego.

HOMER GUY (9) b. November 26, 1906; m. Gleaves Morrel at San Diego.

129 WALTER G. (9).

111 JAMES (8) LATTA,

George A. (7) James (6) Moses (5) Samuel (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Burlington, N.J. November 2, 1894; m. Margaret Everly Thomas at Burlington September 1917. One child:

ANNE GRESSETT (9) b. at Burlington, N.J. September 13, 1918.


Maurice C. (7) John C. (6) Thomas (5) John (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born February 4, 1899; m. Margaret H. Harvey October 17, 1925. One child:

BARBARA (9) b. September 10, 1926.


Willis C. (7) John B. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) _____ (1). Born at San Pasquel, Calif. July 29, 1886; m. Maud Taylor at San Diego, Calif. March 8, 1908. In the bee business and was head cook at County Hospital. Served in the World War. One child:

ALPHUS JR. (9) b. at Stevenson, Ala. November 24, 1910.



Willis C. (7) John B. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at San Pasquel, Calif. August 3, 1888; m. Lillian B. Moore, daughter of D.T. and Lillian I.P. Moore at Texmo, Oka. April 3, 1907. She was born at Mayeville, Ark. March 16, 1889. In 1925 he was Asst. County Treasurer of Rogers Mill Co., Cheyenne, Okla. Lived at Culver City, and Santa Anna, Calif. Children:

OKLA MAZINE (9) b. at Texmo, Okla. November 18, 1908.

IDA BELLE INEZ (9) b. at Leedy, Okla. August 13, 1913.


Edward T. (7) Samuel N. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Grandview, Iowa May 12, 1869. His mother came back from Kan. for that event; m. Dotha Vibber, daughter of Rush C. and Catherine (Stineman) Vibber. She was b. in Louisa Co., Iowa February 28, 1870. Children:

GLENN VIBBER (9) b. at Grandview, Iowa July 21, 1894.

MAMIE (9) b. at Grandview, Iowa April 21, 1898; d. February 14, 1904.


Edward T. (7) Samuel N. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Leavenworth, Kan. January 14, 1871; m. Nellie G. Martin at Grandview, Iowa February 2, 1898. She was born in Louisa Co., Iowa February 2, 1873, daughter of James and Angeline (Winder) Martin. Manager General Store at Wapello, Iowa, 1906. All children born at Grandview, Iowa. Children:

CLAUDE MARTIN (9) b. November 14, 1898.

EDITH MARY (9) b. January 20, 1901.

HARRIE HOWARD (9) b. June 30, 1904.


Arnold T. (7) Humphrey A. (6) James (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born ____; m. ____. Two children:

THOMAS ARTHUR (9) b. in 1923.



William H. (7) George F. (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Pullman, Nash. October 30, 1906; m. Delia L. Benjamin at Colfax, Wash. February 23, 1927, daughter of Jesse P. and Elsie J. (Cook) Benjamin. He was a descendant of Capt. Joseph Palmer, a Revolutionary soldier. One child:

RICHARD CLAYTON (9) b. at Troy, Idaho October 21, 1929.


William H. (7) George F. (6) Thomas (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Pullman, Wash. June 1, 1911; m. Viola B. Larson of Moscow, Idaho January 6, 1932 at Superior, Mont. She was born at Dawson, No. Dak. March 27, 1912, daughter of Leonard C. and Rosina (Lechner) Larsen. Children:

DONALD ARTHUR (9) b. at Pullman, Wash. January 20, 1933.

LEONARD WILLIAM (9) b. at Pullman, Wash. December 8, 1934.

CAROLYN JEANNE (9) b. November 10, 1937.

120 JOHN (8) LATTA,

Milton (7) James (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born May 7,

1873; d. July 30, 1924; m. Eva Thomas. Children, twins:

MARY (9).



121 JAMES (8) LATTA,

Milton (7) James (6) Moses (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) _____ (1). Born Sept. 7,

1871; m. Sarah Weaver. One child:



George A. (7) Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Red Cloud, Neb. April 28, 1886; m. Ethel Junita Osborn. In 1937 lived at Cowles, Neb. Children:

ROXINE EVELEN (9) b. August 21, 1913.

GEORGE RUSSELL (9) b. November 7, 1914.

ELIZABETH LEE (9) b. October 25, 1922.


William E. (7) Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born August 9, 1877; m. Ada Bavinger. Physician. In 1987 lived at Clay Center, Neb. Children:

INEZ MAY (9) b. in 1915.

WILLIAM M. (9) b. November11, 1924.


Elbert J. (7) Robert M. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born May 20, 1906; m. Bernetta Lancaster. Children:

ROBERT LEE (9) b. 1929.

ELBERT J. (9) b. 1934.

BARBARA (9) b. 1937.

125 EARL V. (8) LATTA,

Samuel (7) William S. (6) William (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Married Clara Othella Fore. One child:

ELIZABETH JANE (9). In 1932 lived at Stockton, Calif.


Walter L. (7) James McC. (6) John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born at Logan, Iowa June 14, 1900; m. Lillian E. Young of Dallas Co., Iowa at Indianola, Iowa. Military service. Co. 11, S.A.T.C. Ames, Iowa, October 1 to December 9, 1918. No. 5251018. Preacher and teacher. Degrees: A.B. Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa 1924. A.M. State University of Iowa 1925. Ph.D. Ohio State University 1930. Was Asst. Professor and Professor Monrningside College, 1925 to 1931. Professor of History and Political Science, Olivet College, Mich. from 1931. to 1936. Deacon 1925. Elder, 1930. Des Moines Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1936 member of the Congregational Ministry. One child:

LILLIAN PATRICIA (9) b. at Battle Creek, Mich. January 23, 1934.


William W. (7) James McC. (6) John (5) William (4) Samuel (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born near Logan, Iowa, August 26, 1906; m. Margaret Brownlee of Charliton, Iowa June 10, 1930 at Chariton. Lived at Indianapolis, Ind. One child:

JANET RUTH (9) b. September 25, 1934.


Wm. W. (8) Edwin (7) Samuel (6) James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Davis Co., Iowa, December 5, 1896; m. Helen Howell at San Diego, Calif. Lived there in 1925. Gray Goose Confectionery, 117 N. Lime Street, Escanado, Calif. in 1934. One child:

DOROTHY (10) b. July 1, 1913.


129 WALTER G. (9) LATTA,

William W. (8) Edwin (7) Samuel (6) James (5) Mungo (4) Moses (3) ____ (2) ____ (1). Born in Davis Co., Iowa January 7, 1890; m. Margaret ____ in San Diego, Calif. Living there in 1925. One son:

AUBREY LEWIS (10) b. 1925. Living at San Diego, Calif.

Caroll County, June 5th, 1846.

Dear Brother:

I have very unpleasant news to communicate at this time. Our aged mother is no more. She departed this life on the 23d of last month, after an illness of about seven weeks. About the seventh of April, at night, she was sitting as usual after the rest was in bed, and by some unknown cause in rising to go to bed she fell and dislocated her thigh. They wrote to us shortly after, but the letter was long coming, and although Eliza and I started the second day after it came to hand, we did not get there until the 16th of May. At this time she suffered no pain, but was reduced to a state of extreme debility, having taken no food for two weeks. We stayed from Saturday until Thursday and seeing no material change we left her, not knowing how long she might linger; and it appears by a letter received yesterday that she continued as we left her until Saturday morning, when she came worse and continued to sink gradually until six o'clock she expired. Considering her great age the case is not extraordinary, but death comes when it will, is unexpected, and we ought to improve every instance of the kind as a warning to ourselves to watch and be ready, for in such an hour as we think not we may be called to give our account, and there is no discharge in that war.

When I arrived in Shenango (Pa.) I found brother William had started with all his family (except Robert) for the neighborhood of Madison, Ind. with a design of getting up the cooleage business there in the barrell line, expecting to make a fortune and pay off all his debts in a short time. He went from Shenango in very low circumstances, and left a number of his friends to suffer on his account. Young William Thompson has undertaken to redeem his father's place, and it is thought will get through with it with a little assistance from his friends. William McElhany and his son are working at iron mills below Greenville, so that I did not get to see them. Brother John has left his old station, and rented the old Allen farm. He gets along hardly enough. He is involved some on William's account. I saw a letter that came from brother Samuel while I was there. He appears to be prospering in the world very fast. He sold 72 tons of hay the last winter, which brought him about 700 dollars in cash, beside 16,000 pounds of pork at 3 1/2 cents per pound, and that all fattened on the produce of 16 acres of corn, leaving enough to winter 30 stock hogs. Your Paint Creek bottoms will scarcely beat that. Aunt Catherine went to Iowa this spring. It appears by a letter I received from there lately that she is very much pleased with that country. Talked of selling out at Washington and purchasing there. Uncle John and family were well, and well pleased with the country. We have an extraordinary fine season fast. Our old neighbor Mr. Hardesty, died this pring. I will add no more, but that our own family and all our friends are well as far as I know. Give my respects to William and family, and all our friends in your neighborhood.

Wishing the blessings of God to rest on you, I remain your brother,



Mr. Moses Latta.

The above is 7 Thomas (4) Latta, brach 3.

The above is a copy of a letter belonging to Mrs. Helen Latta Stevenson, granddaughter of 8 Moses (4) latta, branch 3, of Lancaster, Ohio, May 1914.

It is addressed to Mr. Moses Latta, Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio, and the postmore reads Malvern, Ohio June 8, 1846. It was not enclosed in an envelope, but sealed, and a big 5 mark on it instead of a stamp.

Cross, Ireland, December 21, 1853.

My dear sister:

I received your kind letter and was very sory to hear of my brother Samuel's death, but as we are all getting aged we cannot expect to be long in this world. I was glad to hear that you were enjoying good health. We are all well at present, thank God for his mercies. I have very good health, and can yet walk to St. Johnstown and back, in the same day. I am going to tell you a little of our affairs, and how we are getting on. James not got married twelve months ago to a Miss Rankin, of Dromore, near Raphoe. We are living very comfortable, and are better off than ever you expect to hear. We have plenty, and I am happy to be able to say that the last of my days are the best. A privilege for which I have a reason to render thanks to the Great Giver of all good gifts. I have gotten up to Bally Holy in the court of a month. They were all well the last time we heard from them. George Pinkerton and Esther are doing well. They have a fine family of three sons and two daughters. They have opened a grocery and cloth chop in St. Johnstown, and are doing very well in it. I have great reason to be thankful, for I have reared a well doing family, both for themselves and me. James is very much of the turn of my brother Samuel, and I think it was not a bad one. I reared three, and I never yet saw one of them coming in with a glass of liquor on them. I would have been a deal more happy if Isabella had lived. But them that the Lord has allotted to come to me I feel very well satisfied with. She is very good and kind to me. If you were to come to the Church land now you would not know it, is so much changed, and so well improved. We used to have very poor land, but now we have excellent crops, thanks be to Providence who gives us more than we deserve.

Robert McAdoo got his thigh bone broken, in summer, but he is now getting better, and able to walk about a little. I was speaking to some of his family last Sabbath, and they told me that Mary McAdoo died about three months ago. The old friends are scarce there, but the young ones are plenty. I hope that you are happy and comfortable, and that you will not want friends. The Rev'd John Canning is in his father's place, and is very much liked and respected. His mother is living in the County Derry with one of her sons, and sister with another, and Thomas is away a missionary.

Give my compliments to Moses Latta and his wife, and tell him that I remember him very well. I send my love to all my friends there. You were a long time writing to me. I hope you will write when you receive this, as I will be expecting to hear from you.

No more at present, but remain your affectionate sister to death.


Isabella Boyd is probably the grand daughter of 4 Mungo (2) Latta, and the daughter of

May, who married Mr. Boyd.

Branch No. 3, family No. 12.


Crawford County, To Wit:

Be is known, That at a Court of Commons Pleas, held for said County at Meadville on the first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, before the Honorable Jesse More, Esquire, President of his associates Judges of the same Court.

WILLIAM LATTA, a native of Ireland, came into Court praying to be admitted a citizen of the United States; and having, to the satisfaction of the Court, made the proofs and complied with the requisitions required by law, was allowed to take the usual oaths and make the rouisite renunciations, which he forthwith did, and there upon was admitted by the Court a citizen of the United States.

Certified at Meadville under my hand and seal of office as Prothonotary of the same Court

this Second day of December in the thirty third year of Independence. A.D. M....., 1809.






Greeting to THOMAS LATTA:

It appearing to me that you are duly appointed Paymaster of the first Regiment, Second

Brigade, and Sixth Division, in the Militia of this State:

NOW KNOW YOU, That by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution and laws of said State; and reposing special trust and confidence in your courage, activity, fidelity, and good conduct; I do by these presents, commission you as Paymaster of said Regiment, hereby authorizing and requiring you to discharge all and singular the duties and services appertaining to your said office, agreeably to law, and to obey such instructions as you shall from time to time receive from your superior officers.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the GREAT SEAL of the State of Ohio, to be affixed at COLUMBUS, the Eleventh day of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty six, and in the fifty-first year of the Independence of the United States of America.





Branch No. 3, family No. 22.

Branch No. 3, family 22.



Know ye, That THOMAS LATTA, of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, having deposited in the GENERAL AND OFFICE, a certificate of the Register of SAID OFFICE, at Steubenville, whereby it appears that full payment has been made from the South East quarter of Section Seventeen, in Township Sixteen, of Range six of the lands directed to be sold at Steubenville by the act of Congress, entitled, "An Act providing for the sale of the Lands of the UNITED STATES, in the territory north west of the OHIO, and above the mouth of Kentucky River", and of the Acts amendatory of the above, HERE IS GRANTED, by the United States, unto the said Thomas Latta, the quarter lot or section of land above described: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said quarter lot or section of Land, with the Appurtenances under the same Thomas Latta, his heirs and assigns forever.

IN TESTIMONY THEREOF, I have caused these letters to be made PATENT, and the

seal of the GENERAL LAND OFFICE to be hereunto affixed.

GIVEN under my hand at the City of Washington, the ninth day of May, in the year of our

Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of

America the forty second.


JOSIAH MEIGS, Commissioner of the

General Land Office.

Recorded Volume 26, page 136.



To all to whom these Presents shall come. Greeting:

KNOW NOW, Ye, That in consideration of the monies paid by EPHRAIM LATTA, into the Receiver General's office of this Commonwealth at the granting of the Warrent herein after mentioned, and of the Sum of Five Pounds, twelve Shillings, being a Balance allowed him in said Office, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto the said EPHRAIM LATTA a certain tract of land called "Plainfield,"situate on Big Sewickley in Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Being at a Stone, thence by land of John Baker North five degrees west ninety four perches to a white Oak, thence by land of John Thompson South eight five degrees West fourteen Perches to a white Oak, North thirty seven degrees West ninety two Perches to a white Oak South eight five degrees West eighty five Perches to a hickory. North ten degrees west ninety five Perches to a hickory. South twenty degrees west forty Perches to a Dogwood. Thence by land of John Hiller South thirty five degrees West one hundred and forty Perches to a Post. South twenty one degrees East one hundred forty four Perches to a white Oak. Thence by land of William Hunter North forty eight degrees East twenty Perches to a white Oak. South fifty seven degrees East eighty three Perches to a hickory. North eighty three degrees East fifty Perches to a black Oak, and North twenty two degrees East one hundred fifteen Perches to the beginning, containing three hundred five acres one hundred and twenty Perches and allowance of six percent for Roads, etc. Which said tract was Surveyed in pursuance of a Warrent dated 4th April, 1786, granted to the said Ephraim Latta. With the appurtenances. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances, until the said Ephraim Latta, and Heirs to the use of him the said Ephraim Latta, his Heirs and Assigns for ever, free and clear of all restrictions and reservations as to Mines, Royalties, Quit rents or otherwise, excepting and reserving only the fifth part of all Gold and silver Ore for the use of this Commonwealth to be delivered at the pittsmouth clear of all charges.

In Witness hereof Thomas Mifflin, Governor of the said Commonwealth, hath hereunto set his Hand, and caused the State Seal to be hereunto affixed the Eighteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety four, and of the Commonwealth the Nineteenth Attest, A.I. Dallas, Secretary.


with State Seal.

On the back of the sheet is the following:

Inrolled in the Rolls Office for the State of Pennsylvania in the Pat. Books No. 21, Page 440.

Witness my Hand and Seal of Office the 22d day of July, 1794.

Math (?) Irwin. (Seal.)

NOTE.--Robert R. Latta, this branch No. 3, writing about the family in Ireland, says: "Don't conclude from this that they were Irish. Our people have always resented the impeachment. They were Scotch, pure and unadulterated, and they never did quit, forgive the destiny and the British King that exiled them to the Emerald isle. But the fact remains, nevertheless, notwithstanding their protestations. They were what is today known as "Scotch-Irish." He further says: "The houses in this country, Page Co., Iowa, were not very close together, 10, 20 an 30 miles from one little settlement to the other. Had to go 125 miles into Missouri for corn, flour, etc." Speaking of 1862, he says: "At this time the black clouds of war was spreading all over the land, even our little frontier settlement on the Western edge of the most Western State was covered with its dark shadow. Until now the old family circle had not really been broken. Our cabins were built close together, and the coming in and going out was much as of old. But now they changed, each one moved softly about with bated breath. The longing for and yet dreaded the coming news from the fields of deadly strife. All could not go. The white haired father and mother, the wives and little ones, must be cared for, so by an unspoken decree, I was left." "Again, "I have never known a Latta yet to be ashamed of. They have not only been good citizens, but worthy members of churches, mostly Presbyterians. All our people, "the old set", were of the religious faith known in those days as Seceeders, but now known as United Presbyterians. This is positive proof that they were not Irish."

Possible connections between branches 3, 4 and , see my Book of Possible Connections.

Since the following was written, I have united those mentioned below.

Thomas J. McCobb, grandson of Mary Latta Glenn, said "There was a family descended from Mungo Latta, that the McCobb's and Glenns' were connected. One of the daughters married Samuel Campbell, and these were connected with mother. I married one of them, Rebecca Campbell."

Samuel Glenn Latta claimed that he was related to Edmiston and Alexander Latta, the inventors of the steam fire engine. They were cousins, and he could prove it. They were acquainted. He died before he could furnish the proof.

Mary Ann Latta, daughter of James and Isabelle Nichols Latta, married Samuel P. Marshall. She said that about 1900 she went to Lattasville, Ross co., Ohio, founded by Moses Latta, and at Concord, near Lattasville, she met Miss Elnore and Miss Phebe Latta, of Roxabell, Ross co., Ohio. They were the daughters of William and Sarah Nashua Foster Latta. They knew Mrs. Marshall, and repeated the names of her 10 brothers and sisters. They told her the relationship, but Mrs. Marshall forgot the connection. They were cousins. They visited Aunt Jane Craig, (Elizabeth Jane Latta who married Aaron, Craig), with whom was an old man called Uncle Scott. (James Scott Latta.) She said there was no question about the relationship with Mrs. Marshall. As a little girl she remembers going to the funerals of two unmarried cousins, who were buried in the old Concord burial ground, about mile from Lattasville. She thinks these must have been Eliza and Jane, probably the daughters of Mungo Latta. She also said that Dr. John Biggs Latta, of Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio, who lived in Lattasville, told her that Alexander B. and Edmiston Latta, who invented the steam fire engine, were related to them.

On October 19, 1937, Mrs. Stella Peairs (great grand daughter of William and Sarah Nashua Foster Latta,) of Frankfort, Ohio, said she remembered Mrs. Marshall being at her aunt's near Lattasville, and she said Mrs. Marshall was a relative, but did not know just what relation they were.