Branch No. 31

1 ____ (1) LATTA,

Had at least five sons who came to America about 1700. See branch ____. Two settled in Pa. and three in N.C. One son was:

2 JOHN (2).


____ (1). Lived in Orange Co., N.C. and fought in the Revolutionary War. Married. His three sons moved to Maury Co., N.C. Children:

3 JAMES (3).

4 JOHN B. (3).

5 THOMAS (3).

MARTHA (3) m. John Robinson.


John (2) ____ (1). Married twice. In 1813 he started from Orange Co., N.C. for Tenn. but died on the way; was buried under a tree. His widow with her two sons and daughter, accompanied by John, his brother, and his family, continued the journey to Maury Co., Tenn. His grandson, Sims, said that James was returning from the Revolutionary War. After his death she married Mr. Huddleston. Children:

6 JOHN (4).

7 MOSES (4)

HUTCHINSON (4) half sister to John and Moses, m. James Henderson. She was by first wife.

4 JOHN B. (3) LATTA,

John (2) ____ (1). Born in N.C. May 5, 1764; d. September 15, 1827. Went from Orange Co., N.C. to Maury Co., Tenn. in 1813. Mrs. Emily Prowell, grand daughter of James Latta Sparkman, said he married Mary Jackson, and was born January 11, 1761 and died August 18, 1828. William J. Latta, son of 11 Calvin Latta, wrote that all but Wiley, Thomas and John were the children of Elizabeth Wood Latta. As Rebecca's son was named John Jackson, it looks as if he had been named after Mary Jackson, the mother of Rebecca. James' wife's name is also given as Elizabeth Wood of N.C. Another writer gives the names of the children of Mary Jackson as all but Wiley, Calvin, Nancy, Caroline and Martha. It is said of Elizabeth Wood Latta that one of her sons had a daughter named Emily and one son died returning from the army. Martha's husband, Jesse Mitchell, said that three of sons and three daughters lived in Williamson Co., Tenn. prior to 1852. Children:

8 JOHN (4).

9 THOMAS (4).

10 JAMES (4).

WILEY (4).

11 CALVIN (4)

NANCY (4) m. Mr. Sellers in Maury Co., Tenn. about 1847. In 1871 lived in Jackson Co., Ill.


MARTHA A. 94) m. Jesse Mitchell in Maury Co., Tenn. in 1846. In 1905 they lived in Shelby, Crawford Co., Ark. He was a brother of Arminta Mitchell who m. Calvin Latta, Martha's brother.

ELIZABETH (4) m. Shadrack Chandler in Maury Co., Tenn. Children: Rebecca. Amelia m. Mr. Rone. Sarah m. Mr. Rone. John. Shelby m. Lonarie Fitzgerald. James m.

REBECCA (4) b. in Williamson Co, Tenn. February 24, 1797; d. April 20, 1883; m. Seth Sparkman of Boston, Williamson Co., Tenn. July 9, 1822. She lived near Franklin, Maury Co., Tenn. Children: Mary Williams m. John Alexander. William Latta m. Luvinda Wakefield. John Jackson m. Elizabeth Burns. Seth Golden m. Lucy Cummins. Samuel Thompson m. Eliza A. Oakley. James Thomas (father of Latta Sparkman of Amarillo, Texas) m. twice. 1) Marietta Dabney 2) Laura King. Nathan Aman m. Emily Roundtree.

SARAH (4) b. in Williamson Co., Tenn.; m. Alexander Moore of Maury Co., Tenn. Children: James m. Mary Bunch. John m. Angeline McKee. They lived in Maury Co., Tenn.

MARY (4) m. John Robinson of Boston, Williamson Co., Tenn. December 9, 1813. Lived in Boston, Tenn. Children: Rebecca m. Nicholas Robinson. Mary Ann m. Matthew Sparkman. John Latta m. Mary J. Daniels and Elizabeth McAlpin. Sarah Jane m. Shadrack Robinson. Charles Marion m. Elizabeth Hassell.

JANE (4) b. in Williamson Co., Tenn.; m. Robinson Sparkman of Boston, Tenn. Lived in Williamson Co., Tenn. Children: Mary. Emily m. Thomas Prowell. Thomas m. Margaret Trimble. Jane m. John Wood. Margaret.

Mrs. Emily Prowell, daughter of Jane Latta Sparkman, writes from Leiper's Fork, Tenn. March 1, 1916, (she was then 84 years of age), (she left out Wiley, Calvin, Nancy, Caroline, and Martha) the rest were all the children that I ever knew of. If there were more, I never knew it. All of John Latta's daughters are dead, and all of their children except Rebecca's son, Samuel Sparkman and his wife, and James' daughter, Emily Powell. If I had an Uncle Calvin Latta I never knew of it. I never knew anything of an Aunt Martha. I think there must be some mistake in the history of John Latta given you by Dr. William Latta and Jesse Mitchell. For they have him born five years later than my chronology, and I feel sure he married Mary Jackson, for I have a piece of all fancy work she did with her name on it. I do not think I had an Aunt Martha to marry a Mitchell as late as 1846. My mother, (Jane Latta Sparkman), was the only unmarried daughter when my grand father died about 1827 and she married in 1828 or 1829. I think my Uncle John married a Mitchell, and possibly his name was John Calvin. (This could not be, as John and Calvin were brothers, according to William, son of Calvin). I think it must be the same John Latta that Dr. William Latta and Jesse Mitchell have with one mistake, John, James and Thomas were brothers of Rebecca.


John (2) ____ (1). Married Mary ____. Lived in Louisiana. Had children.


James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in 1810 at Knob Creek, Maury Co.., Tenn.; m. Louisa Craig of Tenn. He lived at Columbia, Tenn. He formerly lived in N.C. and in 1837 with his family in a covered wagon, went to Texas, not liking it there he returned to Tenn. Eleven children all born in Maury Co., Tenn. and those that are dead died there. He died in 1873. In 1813 brought to Tenn. in a covered wagon.


SOPHIA (5) b. September 27, 1837; d. soon after the Civil War. Married William Marion Ham September 11, 1859. Had two children, John Davis, b. June 9, 1860; d. June 8, 1861. Sophia Ann b. May 17, 1862; m. Abb. Adkinson August 30, 1885. When his wife died William Ham m. his wife's sister, Susan.

JAMES (5) b. March 8, 1839; d. August 22, 1855.

13 SIMS (5).

MARTHA (5) b. January 8, 1842; d. January 18, 1891; m. Thomas J. Stewart December 2, 1866. Children: Walter m. Ida Edwards. Blanche m. William Colquit. Allie m. Mary Hill. All in Maury Co.

14 JOHN (5).

SUSAN (5) b. May 30, 1846; d. about 1889; m. William Marion Ham February 27, 1866. Children: Minnie Mazie m. William Burnett. Three children. Mattie Louise m. Harran E. Famsey. William Wallace m. Jane McClelland. Four children. Walter Mack.

LOUISA (5) b. September 11, 1848; d. September 19, 1857 in Maury Co., Tenn.

MOSES (5) b. August 31, 1850; d. August 9, 1855 in Maury Co.

SAMUEL (5) b. December 20, 1853; d. August 30, 1855 in Maury Co.

FRANCES TOWLER (5) b. July 12, 1855; d. September 11, 1861 in Maury Co.


James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Married Matilda Craig, half sister to Louise Craig, who married his brother, John. Lived in N.C. and at Santa Fe., Maury Col., Tenn. Had at least two children:

15 MOSES (5).

16 WILLIAM J. (5).


John (3) John (2) ____ (1). Mrs. Emily Prowell (see note on page 2), said that she thought her Uncle John married a Miss Mitchell.


John (3) John (2) ____ (1). I have no history of him.


John (3) John (2) ____ (1). Married and had children.


John (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in N.C. in 1812 or 1813. Married Arminta Mitchell in Maury Co., Tenn in 1842. Went to Tenn. when 12 years old. Lived in Maury Co. Went to Southern Illinois in 1852 and lived near Salem, Marion Co. Then went to Jefferson Co., Ills., P.O. address Mt. Vernon, Ills. Eleven children. The six eldest were born in Maury Co., Tenn. The other five in Jefferson Co., Ills. Children:

MARY ELIZABETH (5) b. about 1842. Married three times.

JOHN MONROE (5) b. about 1844.

WILLIAM JAMES (5) b. March 23, 1847; m. Sadie E. Ryder at Chetopa, Kan. October 30, 1881. She was b. March 25, 1858. In 1938 lived at 1018 Maple St., Coffeeville, Kan. Dentist.


JOSEPHINE CLEMENTINE (5) called Josie b. about 1841; d. at Morgansfield, Ky. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ghormley m. Ben. Hopgood. Buried in Little Bethel Cemetery. Children: Mrs. Ben. Ghormley. Calvin. Henry lived at East Prarie, Mo. Mrs. Henry Diddle. Mrs. Minnie Lucas and Gus.

JEROME BONAPARTE PILLOW (5) lived at Greenville, Tex. Called home.


HARRIET DELILAH ALICE (5) called Allie; m. Mr. Adkins.



EUGENIA BELLZORA (5) called Zora; m. Mr. Whitlow.


John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ 91). Born in Maury Co., Tenn. December 30, 1836; d. February 9, 1877 at Columbia, Tenn. Married Mary Sinah Braden of Giles Co., Tenn. near Pulaski July 15, 1863. She was born December 17, 1843 near Lynnville, Tenn. Died 1936. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army and death caused by wounds at Battle of Shiloh, Miss. (April 6-7, 1862. Three eldest children born in Giles Co. and the other two in Columbia, Tenn.

17 WILLIAM BRADEN (6). In 1939 living at 1901 20th Ave., S. Nashville.

HETTIE GARDNER (6) b. in Giles Co., Tenn. near Pulaski March 7, 1867; m. William Thomas Edwards at Columbia, Tenn. December 22, 1887. He was born at Wayland Springs, Tenn. November 23, 1866; d. at Nashville, Tenn. August 1, 1932. Was with telephone company for 47 years and retired as Dist. Plant Chief at age of 65. Children: Walter Latta. Mary Louise b. at Nashville 1892; d. October 8, 1916. Sadie Claire b. at Nashville November 17, 1894; m. Earl G. Arnold of Pa. June 16, 1931.

JOHN OSCAR (6) b. Giles Co., Tenn. August 9, 1869; d. February 8, 1938 at Memphis, Tenn. Was hotel clerk at Franklin, Tenn. later guard in the Federal Reserve Bank. Single.

18 SIMS CRAIG (6).

ADA LOUISE (6) b. at Columbia, Tenn. July 3, 1874; m. Rev. Frank J. Mapel of St. Louis, Mo. at Nashville, Tenn. September 6,1900. Children: William Latta b. at Osborn, Mo. July 24, 1902; m. Evelyn E. Raines at Marysville, Mo. October 14, 1925. Two children. Frank Baldwin b. at Platte City, Mo. August 27, 1903; m. Virginia E. Pollak at St. Louis, Mo. September 6, 1926. Children. Walter Latta Edwards b. Columbia, Tenn. February 10, 1889; m. Nancy Warren at Fayetteville, Tenn. April 28, 1910. Stationed at Old Hickory Powder Plant during the World War. In 1939 in radio and electric business at Nashville. Children ____. Ruth b. February 5, 1911, received her law degree at age of 23. Dorothy b. June 27, 1913; m. William L. Patton of Nashville. Children: William L. Mary Deloris.

13 SIMS C. (5) LATTA,

John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Maury Co., Tenn. April 6, 1840; d. at Columbia, Tenn. 193_. Married Mary Cordelia Hackney November 11, 1860. Named Sims after a friend of the family. Enlisted in Troop "E" 1st Tenn. Cavalry, Confederate Army, and served the entire four years. Came out a Sergeant. After the war he served as policeman, constable, sheriff and dept. U.S. Marshall. Farmer. Joined the Confederate Veteran organization and in October 1930 was elected Brig. General. Presbyterian. Never used profanity or touched tobacco, liquor of any kind or tea or coffee. Children:

IDA BELLE (6) b. October 18, 1861; m. Lemuel P. Padget (member of Congress) November 11, 1880. Six children.

SIMMIE LEE (6) b. November 6, 1863; m. John F. Johnson June 1, 1882. Six children. Second husband, James T. Wilhoite, in 1900. One child. In 1916 she was living at Franklin, Tenn. I am indebted to her for a good part of this history.

EDGAR CRAIG (6) b. May 7, 1869; m. Margaret Vaughn June 6, 1892. Married twice. No children in 1906.

HERBERT JONES (6) b. May 26, 1872; m. Maye Sandusky at St. Louis, Mo. December 22, 1896. Married twice.

19 CLYDE C. (6).

General Sims Latta said his father had made an historical record of the family in the Carolinas.

14 JOHN (5) LATTA,

John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Maury Co., Tenn. April 14, 1844; d. November 12, 1912; m. Anna Narcisas Cherry September 2, 868. When 20 years of age entered the Confederate Army. For 30 years chief law officer at Columbia, Tenn. In 1910 they lived there. Children all born and married in Maury Co., Tenn.:

MYRTLE (6) b. June 29, 1869; m. William P. Boyd April 8, 1891. Child: Mary Cooper b. November 27, 1895; m. Norman Christley at Columbia.

20 FRED (6).

CLIFFORD H. (6) d. an infant.

IRENE (6) b. May 11, 1864; m. James Gartner April 20, 1898. One child living, Charlotte, b. October 10, 1899. Phillip died.

MAMIE (6) b. June 9, 1876; m. James Jackson November 25, 1896. Children: Eugenia b. December 3, 1899. Ben Wilson b. November 12, 1903.

21 FRANK (6).

KATE (6) b. August 29, 1879; m. Emmett Dugger November 10, 1901. One child.

22 BENJAMIN (6).


Moses (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Married Matilda ____. Lived near Spring Hill, Maury Co., Tenn. Had at least one child:

SIMS (6) lived near Spring Hill, Maury Co., Tenn.


Moses (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born about two miles from Santa Fe, Maury Co., Tenn. Died at Carter Creek near Spring Hill, Maury Co., Tenn. in 1865. Married Mary Eliza Akin. She was born at Carter Creek Pike in Williamson Co., Tenn. and died at Carter Creek in 1891. Was a member of the Christian Church. William was a Methodist and lived near Santa Fe. After his death she married Mr. McKee. Children:

JOHN (6) b. at Show Creek near Santa Fee, Tenn.; d. two years of age.



William A. (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born Giles Co., Tenn. near Pulaski December 8, 1865; d. at El Paso, Texas February 17, 1917; m. Fanny Loomis of San Luis Obispo, Calif. at El Paso, Texas May 9, 1900. Real estate and investment business at El Paso. She was born February 8, 1878. After his death she married Mr. Dunn. Children:

LAURA LOUISE (7) b. February 26, 1901.

MARY (7) b. March 24, 1904.

PANSY (7).

WILLIAM BRADEN JR. (7) b. October 15, 1915. He passed through U.S.M.A. at Ft. Sam Houston on a scholarship, then entered West Point on his own merit, a year ahead of his appointment. He was graduated from West Point in June 1938 and is now 1939 stationed at Ft. Hammond, New Jersey.


William A. (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born at Columbia, Tenn. November 11, 1871; m. Annie Parker of Nashville, Tenn. February 26, 1897. In 1906 he was in the coal business at Memphis, Tenn. Afterwards shipping clerk for Bell Telephone Co. Two children:

MARSHALL ALLISON (7) d. at four years of age.

GERTRUDE (7) b. in Memphis, Tenn. September 27, 1906; m. Fanner Lewis at Memphis in 1931. He was commercial agent for Acme Fast Freight. One child, Ann Virginia, b. December 3, 1935.

19 CLYDE C. (6) LATTA,

Sims (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born June 20, 1877; m. Mada Carson of Birmingham, Ala. September 18, 1901. Child:

20 FRED (6) LATTA,

John (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born March 8, 1871; m. Ellie Colier March 26, 1891. In 1939 State Comptroller at Columbia, Tenn. Children:

ANNIE LOUISE (7) b. November 27, 1894; d. June 10, 1920; m. Richard C. Wells of Chicago, Ills. at Columbia, Tenn. One son, Richard Latta.

MILDRED MAY (7) b. May 28, 1904; m. twice. One was Hilton C. Warren. In 1937 lived at Jackson Highway, Columbia, Tenn.


John (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born October 13, 1881; m. Eliza Mitchell February 12, 1902. Four children:

MARY (7) m. Robert Allen. One son, Robert, b. January 17, 1939.

ANN (7) m. Victor Reynolds.


John (5) John (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born April 3, 1884; m. Frances Marion Ricketts November 24, 1915. He died January 26, 1938. Child:

MARION BENINGTON (7) b. July 26, 1918.


William J. (5) Moses (4) James (3) John (2) ____ (1). Born in Shelby Co., Tenn.; m. ____. In 1916 lived at Martin, Weakley Co., Tenn. All his children married there. Children:

WILLIAM CHARLES (7) b. at Carter Creek near Spring Hill, Maury Co., Tenn. m. Miss Thomas, daughter of John J. and Eliza Thomas.

MINNIE GERTRUDE (7) b. near Martin, Tenn.; m. Mr. McDurman.

GEORGE CUTHBERT (7) b. near Pilot Oak, Graves Co., Ky.; m. Miss High, daughter of James High.

Information furnished by Mrs. Mary S. Latta, care of Rev. F.J. Mapel, Platte City, Mo. William H. Latta of El Paso, Texas. Sims Latta of Cilumbia, Tenn. James H. Latta of Martin, Tenn. Simmie Latta Wlhoite, daughter of Sims Latta, Franklin, Tenn. Hettie Latta Edwards, Nashville, Tenn.