Branch No. 36


Lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. when his son John was born. With his Bible and gun went into the Revolutionary war. Fought and preached. Married Jane Harrison of Brandon, Va., descendant of Judge Harrison who helped to try, condemn and execute King Charles I of England in 1649. See history of Latta Griswold, p. 3. Children:

2 JOHN (2).

____ (2) m. Mr. Miller. Had one son and two daughters: Edward. Jane. Eliza. Jane m. Mr. Smith, a jeweler.


William (1). Born in Westmoreland Co., Pa.; d. March 8, 1846; m. Effia Sturgeon Wilson December 2, 1824 at Lancaster, Ohio, daughter of Thomas and Jane (McEwen) Sturgeon of Dauphin Co., Pa. She was born in Pa. January 3, 1789; d. July 15, 1826 leaving two children by Dr. Wilson and two children by John Latta. She married Dr. Wilson July 5, 1814; he d. September 28, 1823, by whom she had four children: Marie Elizabeth. John Alexander. Jane Amanda. James S. In 1813 John went to Lancaster, Ohio and went into the mercantile business with Benjamin and John Connell (Latta & Connell). The firm later became Latta & Ainsworth. In January 1834 he retired from business and at his death in Lancaster, Ohio, he left his son William a handsome estate. After going to Lancaster he brought out his widowed sister, Mrs. Miller, and her two children, Eliza and Jane. Mrs. Miller and Eliza died a few years later. After the death of Effia, John and his little family of three took up his abode with his mother-in-law, Mrs. Sturgeon, until the death of that noble woman. Children: See Centennial History of Lancaster, pp. 94-99, 283.

3 WILLIAM (3).

JANE (3) b. January 27, 1828; d. at Lancaster, Ohio February 24, 1828.


John (2) William (1). Born at Lancaster, Ohio September 16, 1825. Died there November 13, 1874 and buried in Episcopal Church ground there. Married Elizabeth Tacy Smith at Lancaster December 10, 1850. She was born August 5, 1829 and died at St. Louis, Mo. April 30, 1914. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Lancaster. She was the daughter of James H. and Elizabeth S. (White) Smith. Elizabeth Tacy Smith Latta's great grandfather, John Smith, was born and retired in accordance with well remembered family tradition. He was a Captain in the army and sent by the Government about 1720 to the New Colony then in its infancy, in the valley of Virginia. He located in Augusta Co. Elizabeth Tacy Latta is a direct descendant of Captain John Smith. William studied at the Ohio University at Athens in 1843 but on account of ill health did not complete his studies. He engaged in business at Lancaster, Ohio with John Effinger and Thomas H. White under the firm name of Effinger, White & Latta. He was known as a genial pleasant gentleman, and his family occupied a highly respectable position in Lancaster society. Children:

4 JOHN (4).

JAMES WHITE (4) b. January 24, 1854; d. April 24, 1878.

5 WILLIAM (4).

KATHARINE (4) b. August 17, 1858; m. Samuel G.V. Griswold May 1875. He died in 1929. One son, Latta Griswold. For his history see page 3. She later married Horace S. Wade of New York City. In 1932 lived at Village Inn, Lenox, Mass.

ELIZABETH (5) b. November 21, 1860; m. Leonidas Laidley of St. Louis, Mo. May 25, 1880 at Lancaster, Ohio. Children: Latta. Pearl. Edward. In 1932 lived 435 E. 57th St., New York City.

MORTON BRAZEE (4) b. September 11, 1878; d. July 16, 1898.


William (3) John (2) William (1). Born January 31, 1852; d. March 2, 1910; m. Mary Elizabeth Smith October 1, 1885 at Lancaster, Ohio. Children:

SMITH HARRISON (5) b. November 14, 1886; m. Eliza Catherine Keating October 20, 1911 at Dallas, Texas, daughter of Cecil A. and Nellie Joy Keating of Dallas. In 1932 lived at 1530 Hudson Ave., Hollywood, Calif.

ELIZA MARNELL (5) b. at Dallas, Texas September 26, 1913.


William (3) John (2) William (1). Born May 8, 1856; m. twice: 1) Sarah Bennett at Evert, Mich. She died December 8, 1880. 2) Ellen Margaret Stewart at Washington, Mich. January 24, 1883, daughter of David G. and Mary (Davis) Stewart of Greenfield, Mass. History of Northern Michigan: WILLIAM LATTA.--It is a pleasurable task to record the history of a man who has forged his way to the front by his own unaided efforts. Refusing to recognize adverse circumstances, and who by resolute will has won success and high standing in the world of business. During the course of his residence in Evart, he has long been identified with manufacturing. One of the founders of the American Logging Tool Co., the largest business of its kind in the United States, and has also been identified with banking and other business interests in Michigan." In 1932 he was President of Evart Savings Bank, Evart, Mich.

Child by first wife:


Child by second wife:

ALICE MARION (6) b. July 8, 1888; m. William Wittick McCord June 24, 1913, son of Herbert A. and Elizabeth (Sparrow) McCord of Chicago, Ills. In 1932 lived at 16209 Ballis Ave., Detroit, Mich. Children: Mary Ellen b. 1915. Herbert b. 1921.


William (4) William (3) John (2) William (1). Born December 1, 1880; m., Lulu Pearl Hickman December 27, 1910. In 1932 they lived at 770 D. Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Mich. Children:

MARY ALICE (6) b. December 20, 1911.

WILLIAM (6) b. July 3, 1914.

JAMES WHITE (6) b. October 3, 1921.

MORTON B. (6) b. April 6, 1929.

History of Latta Griswold, grandson of 3 William (3) Latta:

The New York times, August 16, 1931. "The Rev. Latta Griswold, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church of Lenox, Mass. for at least 13 years, author and educator, died last night of a paralytical stroke at a hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, while traveling. His age was 55. He was stricken ill on Thursday. Mrs. Kate Wade Latta, his mother, and Nathanial Noble, master at Lenox School, which Mr. Griswold founded, were with him. The party sailed on June 20. In July Dr. Griswold had charge of Shiplake Parish at Henley-on-Thames.

Dr. Griswold was born at Lancaster, Ohio February 4, 1876. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton Univ. in 1901, and his Masters degree a year later. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary next two years, and was graduated from the General Theological Seminary in New York in 1905. For the first year after he was ordained Dr. Griswold was assistant at Trinity Church, Newport. He was vicar at St. Columba's Church, Newport from 1906 to 1915.

While in Newport he also was master at St. George's School. Since 1907 he has resided here. In 1926 he founded the Lenox School in the former George Griswold Haven village. He was on the school's executive committee at his death.

Dr. Griswold had been a diocesan delegate to several national conventions of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and was examining chaplain of the diocese. Among his books are "Deering of Deal", "Deering at Princeton", "The Winds of Deal", "Deal Woods", "The Episcopal Church--its Teaching and Worship", "The Inn at Red Oak" and others. He never married. His body will be brought to Lenox for burial.

Following is taken from the manuscript of his Autobiography. Mr. Nathanial N. Noble of Lenox, had charge of all Mr. Griswold's papers.

"The ancestral strain contributed to the solitary offspring of his union by the mother was of a radical different character from that derived from the father. The Griswolds, save from a slight admixture of Dutch through Eunice Viets, Exra's mother, were pure English; the Latta's were of Scotch-Irish origin, and settled long before the Revolution in Pennsylvania., With this Scotch-Irish blood were mingled English Virginian strains, one derived from Jane Harrison of Brandon, who married the Revolutionary William Latta: the other through Elizabeth, daughter of James Smith, of Shenandoah. The Harrisons of Brandon were as eminent in the annals of Virginia as the Griswolds in those of Connecticut. They had their origin, so far as history has taken note of them, in the brutal judge who pronounced the sentence, that, in the estimation of one of his descendants, elevated King Charles I to the rank of marter... The Griswolds and the Lattas had settled in Lancaster. Thither likewise, came the Shenandoah Smiths, moved to migrate north of the Ohio with the Philanthropic purpose of freeing their slaves. Elizabeth Smith married William Latta, the son of John, who was reputed according to the simple standards of the day to be a merchant prince. "Beneath this roof their only child was born February 4, 1876. It was the eldest daughter of this union who ran away with Sandy Griswold.--Latta Griswold."

In branch No. 1, 2 William (2) Latta had a number of children, one of whom was a son named William. He also had a daughter named Jane. The family lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. This daughter Jane married a Mr. McConnell. In 1841 their son, Alexander Latta McConnell, lived at Eckmansville, Adams Co., Ohio. Other brothers of Jane moved to other parts of Ohio. In the family at the head of this sheet, William and John lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. We do not know if William went to Ohio, but his son John did, accompanied by Benjamin and John Connell.

The son, William, in branch No. 1, may have been the William at the head of this sheet, as they both lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa. And as his sister Jane married a McConnell, it may be possible that the name was misspelled. I have no history of the son William, in branch No. 1. Then again, many of branch No. 1, went to Ohio, the same as John on this sheet.

In branch No. 1, William, the head of the family, with his sons, served in the Revolutionary War. So did the William at the head of this sheet. John named his daughter Jane. It may have been after Jane McConnell who perhaps was a sister of his partners, Benjamin and John Connell, and perhaps his aunt, sister of William.

Who are John and Jane Latta buried at Lancaster, Ohio, Cemetery. See branch No. 3, family 8, under name of Jane Latta.