Branch No. 44


Born in Scotland. Went to Irvine, Ayrshire from Dumbarton, Scotland. Married Miss Arthur. Had at least one child:

2 JOHN (2).


William (1). Born at Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland; m. Jean Gilmore of Troon, Scotland in 1863. Children:

WILLIAM (3) sea captain. In 1904 died of sunstroke contracted in the West Indies.


4 JOHN (3).

5 ROBERT G. (3).

TESSIE (3) m. Robert McNeil of Troon, Scotland.

MARY ARTHUR (3) in 1934 living at Troon, Scotland.



John (2) William (1). Born in 1866; d. in 1927; m. Miss Douglas. Lived at Auchenfall, Trone, Argyleshire, Scotland. Children:

7 JOHN (4).

DOUGLAS (4) b. in 1894. Served in the World War as pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. In 1934 Chairman of Directors of the Scottish Stamping and Eng. Co. Ltd. Neptune Works, Ayr.

MARY (4) b. in 1900; m. I.P. Coats of Paisley, Scotland. Three children.



John (2) William (1). Born at Ayrshire, Scotland in 1867; m. Susan Hyslep Newlands in 1897. Came to Seattle, Wash. U.S.A. in 1908. Died there in 1927. She was born in 1869; d. in Seattle in 1925. Children:

8 JOHN (4).


10 WILLIAM (4).

SUSAN HYSLOP (4) b. at Clydebank, Scotland in 1900; m. Kenneth B. Colman in 1926. In 1934 living at 9345 Fauntleroy Ave., Seattle, Wash.


John (2) William (1). born in Scotland in 1894; m.____. In 1934. Commanding C.P.R. Liner, "Empress of Britain". Newspaper item: (Jack) Latta commands "Empress" on world cruise. A tall, sinewy Scot, who rounded the Horn in wind jammers, commands the Canadian Pacific flagship "Empress of Britain" in 1933 on her annual world cruise. He is Capt. R.G. (Jack) Latta. Born in Scotland in 1884, Jack Latta remained on shore until 21, then he went to see as apprentice on wind jammers. Won certificates in sail and steam. Rounded the Horn under canvass, and learned all about navigation in sailing vessels. Joined the Canadian Pacific Line in 1904 and within the last 17 years he has held 15 commands. His more recent being the "Empress of Scotland" and the "Empress of Australia". He was appointed first Commodore of the Canadian Pacific fleet in 1932. Children:


John (2) William (1). Born ____; m. ____. In 1934 living at 21 Milner Avenue, Braxpan, near Johannesburg, Union of South Africa. Children:

JOHN (4).





James G. (3) John (2) William (1). Born in 1898; m. Miss R, K.F. Fortune in 1926. Served in the World War as pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. In 1934 Managing Director of the Scottish Stamping & Eng. Co. Ltd. Ayr, Scotland. Two daughters:

____ (5).

____ (5).


John (3) John (2) William (1). Born at Clydebank, Scotland in 1898; m. Hazel Smith in 1922. In 1934 living at Seattle, Wash. Children:

VIRGINIA HELEN (5) b. 1923.

JOHN KENNETH (5) b. 1929.


John (3) John (2) William (1). Born at Glasgow, Scotland in 1902; m. Marion Swift in 1928. In 1939 living at Seattle, Wash. Children:

RUTH GILMORE (5) in 1929.


John (3) John (2) William (1). Born at Clydebank, Scotland in 1905; m. Louise Forbeck in 1929. In 1936 living at Seattle, Wash. Children:

WILLIAM (5) b. in 1930.

LOUISE SUSAN (5) b. in 1932.


Possible connections with Branch No. 44.

Branch No. 34.

1 ____ (1). LATTA lived at Millerstown Farm, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. Married ____. Had at least one child, JOHN. This JOHN married and had at least six children: 1) PETER. 2) JAMES 3) JOHN 4) WILLIAM 5) ANN 6) MARY. PETER was born at Ayrshire, married Mary Smith. Merchant in Glasgow. Five children. All born in Ayrshire. His son, William died in West Coast of Africa. His daughter, Jane, married twice: 1) James Hutton 2) William Anderson. She died in Ayr.

2 James supposed to have gone to America. 3 John went to Philadelphia Pa. U.S.A. 4 William was one of the heads of Coats Thread Mills at Paisley, Scotland. He died in the early 60. No family.


Branch No. 39

1 JAMES LATTA born at Paisley, Scotland about 1837. Married Jane Kelvie of Kiraubright. Six children. All but three, John, ____ and Elizabeth born in Ayrshire. John was born in Belfast, Ireland and Elizabeth was born in Troon, Scotland. Elizabeth married Andrew Dunsmore and in 1912 they lived at 33 George Street, Paisley, Scotland. Mary was born in Paisley, and died there August 1908. Married James Rutherford and had one child, James.

JAMES, son of 1 JAMES, born in Ayrshire and died there in 1882. He married Jessie Jolly of Glasgow.

DAVID, son of 1 JAMES, was born in Troon, Ayrshire about 1870. He married Ellen Greenshield in Glasgow in 1896. In 1900 all the family came to America. He was a stationary engineer.

In your branch No. 44, and in the above branches 34 and 39, Paisley is in all three. Troon is in 44 and 39. Dumbarton is in 8, 39 and 44. In 34 JANE LATTA died in Ayr. In 34 WILLIAM was one of the heads of the Coats Thread Mills at Paisley. In 44, your branch, your sister, MARY, married I.P. Coats of Paisley. This is probably one of the Coats of the Thread Mills.

I have 12 branches in Scotland and four of these branches, 14, 34, 39 and 44 lived in Ayrshire. Branch 14 is that of Sir John Latta of London, England.

In your branch, 44, David Gilmore, lives in Braxpan, Union of South Africa. And in branch 34, WILLIAM, son of 1 PETER, died in the West Coast of Africa. I think it was on the Gold Coast, on the south of that country.

The above is more than a coincidence. It looks as if your branch connects with branches 34 and 39. I hope you can make the connection.

In branch 39, John, who was born in Belfast, had all his children born in Ayrshire.

John Latta, branch 34, born in Ayrshire, Scotland, but now living at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, told me that the records of the Latta family are found in the Parish Churches of Mauchline, Ochiltree, and Ayrshire. He said a certain Judge Latta, S.S.C., who lived in Edinburgh, had collected a large amount of information about the Latta family. I tried to reach him, but failed.