Branch No. 46

1 ____ (1) LATTA,

Born ____; d. ____. Lived at ____. Had at least one child:

2 MOSES (2).


____ (1). Died between 1824 and 1829; m. Rachel Todd, daughter of Ann Todd. She was supposed to be living in 1838. Was impressed as a Hessian by the British in the Revolutionary War, escaped and joined Washington and with him crossed the Delaware December 25, 1776. His wife was in Boston, Mass. at the time of the famous Boston Tea Party December 16, 177_. Had at least five children:


4 JOHN DICK (3).



SARAH (3) b. in Ohio; m. Jacob Lindley January 11, 1827. He was born in Connecticut July 24, 1799; d. at Bronson, Mich. December 11, 1846. He went first to Ohio then to Mattison, near Bronson, Mich. June 3, 1836. Her daughter, Charlotte, married Mr. Chatfield. Mrs. Lindley claimed she had the Latta family Bible, with its record back to 1700. She now denies she has it.

MARY ANN (3) d. July 1, 1846; m. Mr. Henderson.

URSULA (3) m. Mr. Ballou.

FLORINDA (3) m. Mr. Carson.



Moses (2) ____ (1). Born at Marietta, Ohio August 27, 1801; d. at Bronson, Mich. May 12, 1888. Married Mary Elizabeth Golden at Liverpool, Ohio October 10, 1830. She was born at Burlington, N.Y. November 14, 1811; d. at Bronson, Mich. February 11, 1891, daughter of Daniel Golden, of Scotland, who crossed the Delaware with Washington. He lived at Liverpool, Ohio in 1837. His great granddaughter, Clara Ethel Latta Van Nuys, daughter of David A. Latta, has a small metal box which Daniel Golden used for carrying some part of his ammunition in that war. David Todd Latta had a farm that includes Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, and sold it for $1200 gold and in 1915 went to Bronson, Mich. in a covered wagon. Children:

6 MOSES (4).

DANIEL GOLDEN (4) single. Born August 20, 1833 at Copley, Summit Co., Ohio; d. March 12, 1908 at Three Rivers, Mich. Went to Michigan in 1848. From 1867 to August 1907 he lived near Carrolton, Mo. He held many town offices at Carrolton. He claimed his mother was related to Anthony Wayne.

ABBY URSULA (4) b. September 1, 1837 at Copley, Ohio; d. August 20, 1863 at Bronson, Mich. School teacher.


JOSEPH TODD (4) b. July 24, 1849. Twin with sister Mary.

MARY ELIZABETH (4) b. July 24, 1849; m. Leonard Himebaugh June 8, 1873.

DAVID TODD JR. (4) b. September 5, 1839 at Copley, Ohio. Died there October 19, 1841.

Mrs. Van Nuys, daughter of 7 David A. Latta, said that her father's people were related to the early presidents and that some of her mother's people cam over in the "Mayflower".


Moses (2) ____ (1). Born December 1807; d. February 1856. Married to Jean McClure nee Ingler December 17, 1836. She was born May 27, 1810. Children:

HARVEY J. (4) b. October 17, 1837. Served in the Civil War. Was taken prisoner, nearly starved in prison, was exchanged, but was in such a physical condition that he died at Columbus, Ohio and buried there with military honors.

BERTHA ANN (4) b. January 16, 1838.

WILLIAM (4) b. March 28, 1840. Served in the Civil War in the 7th Regt. Mich. Vols. Killed at the Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6, 1864. He was just recovering from black measles, and a comrade, John Monroe, laid him in a fence corner. He was tired. Everything in that section was buried. Monroe said that when he came back after the battle, he could not find him.

SARAH (4) b. April 15, 1842.


LeROY (4) b. April 5, 1846.

JUNIA ANNA (4) b. June 8, 1848; m. Emery Warner. He died about February 1835 aged 92 years. In 1835 their son, Elmer, lived at Bronson, Mich.

____ (4) son, died in infancy.

GEORGE EDGAR (4) b. May 23, 1852; m. a widow, Mary Ann Cross, October 1880. She was born February 11, 1859 and died January 31, 1911. Her child took the name of George C. Latta. In 1935 he was living with his step-son at Glade, Kan. He had been in Kansas about 60 years. He fell in September 1934 and broke his right leg and has walked since then on crutches.


Moses (2) ____ (1). Born in Summit Co., Ohio October 15, 1810; m. Sarah Cornell. Died March 17, 1893 at home of his son-in-law, Samuel Northway. One daughter:

JANE (4) m. Samuel Northway. One son, Ren, living in Oregon.


David T. (3) Moses (2) ____ (1). Born at Copley, Summit Co., Ohio August 16, 1831; d. November 8, 1907; m. Melissa Jane Silabaugh September 25, 1873. She died April 1, 1904. Both died at Jamestown, Steuben Co., Ind. Children:

ABBY URSULA (5) b. August 6, 1874 at Bronson, Mich. Married twice: 1) Joseph Rohrabaugh. 2) Jacob Roush. In 1935 lived at Angola, Ind. R.F.D.

MOSES (5) b. August 16, 1877 at Angola, Ind.; m. Della Thompson near Orland, Ind. December 25, 1906. She was born October 30, 1869. In 1935 they lived at Angola, Ind. R.F.D.

JENNIE EVALINE (5) b. August 4, 1875 at Bronson, Mich. Married twice: 1) Edward Eugene Ladd at Fremont, Ind. November 16, 1892. He died at Union City, Mich. March 27, 1909. 2) Joseph Katz at Colon, Mich. February 21, 1911. He died at Burlington, Mich. July 11, 1935. She lives at Burlington, Mich.


David T. (3) Moses (2) ____ (1). Born at Euclid, Ohio September 3, 1845; d. July 16, 1897; m. Sarah Emily Courten at Bronson, Mich. February 20, 1878. She was born at Macedon, N.Y. August 1, 1859 and died at Bronson, Mich. January 6, 1916, daughter of Stephen Courten of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, England, and Predence Little Clevenger of Waynetown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Children:

STEPHEN ELROY (5) b. January 24, 1879; d. August 31, 1879.

CLARA ETHEL (5) b. June 8, 1880; m. Arthur J. Van Nuys at Bronson, Mich. December 5, 1906. Lived at Three Rivers, Mich. In 1935 lived at 209 No. Clay Street, Coldwater, Mich.

PERCINAL LYLE (5) b. May 20, 1894. Served in Tanks Corps in World War in France. Trained at Gettysburg, Pa. Violin maker. In 1935 lived at 209 No. Clay Street, Coldwater, Mich.


John D. (3) Moses (2) ____ (1). Born at Bronson, Mich. March 30, 1843; d. August 25, 1930. Buried at Downs, Kan. Married Alwilda A. Barnard, daughter of George Barnard at Sidney, Iowa in 1876. She died March 4, 1891 at Downs, Kan. He served three years in "E" Co. 11th Mich. Inf. Civil War. Went to Kan. in early 70's; retired from railroad business in 1903.

EDITH BELL (3) b. at Sidney, Iowa December 23, 1877; m. H.A. Meibergen. In 1935 lived at Downs, Kan.

GRACE IRENE (5) b. at Downs, Kan. July 7, 1881; m. Chambers L. Stephenson September 25, 1818 at Concordia, Kan. He was killed in December 1833. In 1935 she lived at 912 College Street, Downs, Kan. Child: Jaqueline L. b. in 1923.

HARRY EARL (5) b. March 4, 1891 at Downs, Kan. His mother died at his birth. Adopted by a near relative and took the name of H.E. Hurst. In 1935 serving as a marine in the 5th Regt. U.S. Marine Corps, Managua, Nicaragua.

Mrs. Van Nuys, family 7, has a letter written by Clarinda Ford, a sister to Elizabeth Golden Latta, family 3. The letter mentions Perryburg. Must be Perryburg, Wood Co., Ohio, 10 miles S.W. of Toledo. Also mentions her cousin, Daniel G. Latta. it said: "I had a letter from Jane and she said Marion had been out to Uncle Robert's and Uncle Ezra" in branch No. 26, Ezra Latta was born in Beaver Co., Pa. 1819, d. in 1899 at E. Palestine, Ohio. This was at the date of the letter. Two of the children of Ezra Latta were Marion Cline and Alonzo in 1855. Alonzo had a son named Ezra. Clarinda Ford may have referred to these two, Marion and Ezra. If so, this would unit branches 26 and 46.

March 24, 1805, Ann Todd, mother of Rachel Todd Latta, family 2, wrote to her and her husband, Moses Latta and directed the letter to Youngstown, New Connecticut. Mailed at Greensburg, Pa. She mentions Sophia, Rebecca, John at Lancaster and George. Evidently her children.