Branch No. 47


Born ____; d. ____. Married Deborah (daughter of Alexander Johnson (?). Born ____; d. May 1817. Her Will, dated September 7, 1815, is in Will book, No. 2, page 116, Office Register of Wills, at Pittsburgh, Pa. It gives the following children, except Alexander and the children of May and Catherine. For copy of her Will, see my Book of Wills. Children:

2 THOMAS (2).

JOHN (2).

MARY (2) b. October 23, 1764; m. Alexander Rowan June 13, 1786. He was born March 17, 1761. Children: Deborah b. April 17, 1787. Jane b. November 26, 1788. Henry b. August 1, 1790. Mary b. July 19, 1792. Thomas L. b. May 11, 1794. Ann or Nancy b. June 19, 1796. Alexander b. July 19, 1798. Elizabeth b. July 10, 1800. Robert b. August 1, 1802. James L. b. May 20, 1803. -- Information given by Mrs. Dora R. Thompson of Twin Falls, Idaho, 1934. She was the granddaughter of the above Henry Rowan, son of Mary Latta Rowan. She thinks that Mary Latta Rowan lived in Ohio.

JANE (2) m. Mr. Armstrong. Had a daughter, Deborah.

ANN (2) m. Mr. Armstrong. Had a daughter, Deborah.

DEBORAH (2) m. William B. Murray March 17, 1796. He was born September 6, 1764 and died March 18, 1840. Two sons and two daughters. One was named Deborah. His father, John Murray, born in Scotland in 1731 and died February 3, 1789 in Dauphin Co., Pa. He commanded a rifle company in March 1776 with Col. Samuel Miles Battallion. He was at the Battle of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton and Princeton. Promoted to Major April 18, 1777 and Lieut. Col. 2d Pa. Regt. in 1780. Discharged 1783. Buried in the old cemetery near Daughinsborough, Pa. February 3, 1828. His mother's name was Margaret (Mayes) Murray, daughter of Andrew and Rebecca Mayes. He took up land in the "Indian Burial Ground", lying on the Susquehanna which joined the present town of Dauphin. His wife died June 22, 1897 in Upper Paxton Tp. Dauphin Co., Pa. She was buried with him -- Penn. Genealogy by Egle, page 529.

ELIZABETH (2) m. Mr. Speer. Had a daughter, Deborah.

CATHARINE (2) m. James Speer. He was born in Adams Co., Pa. and with his parents moved to Washington Co., Pa. and soon after went to Concord, Muskingam Co., Ohio where he grew to manhood. After his marriage they went to Peter's Tp., Washington Co, Pa. where he died November 14, 1849. Six children: Deborah. Jane. Thomas L. Henry. Robert. James. James was born December 10, 1810 on a farm in Peter's Tp. He married Marie Calahan February 2, 1839. Eight children. Names of Catharine's children given me by Mrs. Mildred Brown of Painesville, Ohio branch No. 10. The children of Catharine and Mary have the same given names.

REBECCA (2) m. Mr. Mays. Had a daughter, Deborah.

ALEXANDER (2) (?) died in 1772 before Deborah Latta made her Will. It is thought that he was a son of Deborah Latta. He was buried in Black's Cemetery, upper Marsh Creek, Presbyterian Grave Yard, Cumberland Tp., Adams Co., (formerly York Co.) Pa. North of Chambersburg, Pa. Church was torn down about 1786.

For Will of Deborah Latta see my Loose Leaf Book of Wills.

Will of Alexander Johnson, father (?) of Deborah Latta, made March 12, 1777. Proved April 29, 1777. Bequest to Thomas Latta and wife Deborah, of Cumberland Tp., York Co., Pa. In Deed Book, 2, G, page 127, Thomas Latta and Deborah Latta, his wife, of Cumberland Tp, Pa. May 9, 1775, sold tract of land to James Jacks, which land was surveyed by Thomas Latta in 1765.


Thomas (1). Born ____; d. ____; m. ____. Had at least one child:


Thomas and Deborah Latta, above branch No. 47, had a daughter named Ann, who married a Mr. Armstrong. In branch No. 27, Ann Latta married Isaac Armstrong. They both lived in York Co., Pa. near each other.

In branch No. 27, Thomas Latta was one of the earliest settlers in the "Manor of Maske". This was the region around Gettysburg, Pa., then York Co., now Adams Co. This branch and the above note of Alexander Johnston are in York Co., Pa.. It is thought that this Thomas Latta was the Thomas Latta who married Deborah as their daughter Ann married a Mr. Armstrong, and in branch No. 27, Ann Latta married Isaac Armstrong. Ann Latta, branch No. 27, died near Gettysburg, Pa. York Co.

The names of John, Thomas and Ann and the name Armstrong, occur in branch 47, and branch No. 27. In both branches lived in York Co. Pa. about the same time.

In branch No. 37, Thomas Latta married ____ Moore. He was a captain in the War of 1812. He had a daughter named Deborah Latta who died prior to 1841. He lived 11 miles west of Steubenville, Ohio. He had a daughter named Deborah. His daughter Eliza had a daughter named Deborah.

Deborah is in all the above families. It seems to be the wish to Deborah Latta, branch No. 47, to have all her first granddaughters, named after her. In her Will she wants her son John to name his daughter, (if he has a daughter), Deborah. In her Will the name of the husband of her daughter is spelled both Murry and Murray.

One of the daughters of Deborah Latta was named Rebecca Mays. Did this Rebecca marry into the family of Margaret (Mayes) Murray? Margaret's mother was named Rebecca Mayes. So was the daughter of Deborah Latta, who married a Mr. Mays. The name is spelled different. So was the name of Murray in the Will spelled Murray and Murry.

The above record seems to be more than a coincidence. It looks as if they were all one family. Many of them moved to Ohio