Branch No. 48

1 ____ (1) LATTA,

Born ____. In 1912 the date of the birth of his son, Barton Allen, he lived in Richill Tp., Muskingum Co., Ohio. In 1841 with wife and other members of his family, were killed by Indians on the Muskingum River, which was the runway of the northern and southern tribes during the War of 1812. One child was:



____ (1). Born in Richill Tp., Muskingum Co., Ohio March 13, 1812; d. July 26, 1900. Buried Orono Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. Married Jane M. Elliott in Pa. ____. She was born February 8, 1817. Died November 21, 1887. Buried Orano Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. When his parents were killed by Indians he was found by a neighbor, Mr. Boxell and reared by him. He knew nothing about his parents. He lived in Morgan Co., Ohio between the town of McConnellsville and Malta. Children:

SIMON ELLIOTT (3) b. May 9, 1937 in Richill Tp., Muskingum Co., Ohio; d. April 21, 1867. Single. Buried Orono Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. Enlisted in the Civil War ____ 29, 1861 in Co. A, 1st Minn. Vols. Discharged May _, 1864

JAMES WILLIAM 93) b. September 23, 1838 in Richill Tp., Muskingum Co., Minn. Single. Enlisted October 26, 1861 in Co. B, 3d Minn. Inf. Civil War. Discharged. Died January 6, 1864 and buried in Government National Cemetery, Little Rock, Ark. Corporal.


NANCY JANE (3) b. September 29, 1841 in Morgan Co., Ohio. Single. Died April 8, 1855.

ABBE ANNE (3) b. April 25, 1843 in Morgan Co., Ohio. Single. Died February 7, 1859.

MARY ELIZABETH (3) b. December 23, 1844 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. September 12, 1921. Buried at Braman, Wayne Co., Pa.; m. Albert G. White. He was born July 16, 1826; died January 3, 1890. Buried at Manchester, Wayne Co., Pa. Children: Francis E. b. August 12, 1860 at Youngsbury, Pa.; m. Sherwood Brown and John A. Kent. Clara V. b. February 16, 1862 at S. Branch, Pa.; m. John Whitmore and Alonzo B. Clark. Esther I. b. March 29, 1864 at Youngsbury, Pa. Charles H. b. March 5, 1869 at Youngsbury, Pa. Ernest A. b. September 23, 1871 at Youngsbury, Pa.; m. Helen Taylor. Sarah J. b. April 24, 1874 at Braman, Pa.; m. Charles W. Cargin. Willis A. b. April 20, 1876 at Braman, Pa. Elma M. b. October 21, 1879 at Braman, Pa. Zelma R. b. October 21, 1879 at Braman, Pa.; m. Warner Adams.

SARAH ADALINE (3) b. January 22, 1847 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. May 27, 1904. Buried Livonia Tp., Sherburne Co., Minn.; m. Austin Spencer November 26, 1862. He was born August 31, 1834 at Valpariso, Minn. October 4, 1903. Children: Laura E. b. December 13, 1864 at Spencer Brook, Isanti Co., Minn. Ida May b. September 9, 1866 at Livonia, Minn; d. August 31, 1934. Velsuva b. May 18, 1868 at Livonia, Minn; m. Charles Selhaver. Hermes L. b. February 1, 1870 at Livonia, Minn.; d. May 23, 1898. Bertha E. b. October 10, 1876 at Sauk Rapids, Minn. Robert G. b. October 29, 1878 at Sauk Rapids, Minn. Maude E. b. September 7, 2884 at Livonia, Minn.; m. Edward Smith. George b. December 19, 1886 at Livonia, Minn.


RACHEL MALINDA (3) b. May 3, 1850 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. October 3, 1853.


JOHN WESTLEY (3) b. August 19, 1855 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. September 9, 1855.

HENDERSON ALEX (3) b. November 6, 1856 in Morgan Co., Ohio.; d. ____. Buried in Orono Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. Married ____. No children.



Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born July 13, 1840 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. May 10, 1870. Buried in Orono Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. Married Emma Stadden ____. Enlisted August 30, 1864 in 2d Battery, Minn. Light Artillery. Discharged August 16, 1865. One child:

EDWARD (4) in 1936 lived at Buffalo, Wyo.


Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born March 10, 1848 in Morgan Co., Ohio.; m. Mary Ellen Young ____. Living in 1935. Children:

WILLIAM WARREN (4) b. February 14, 1880 at Elk River, Minn.; m. Mayme Zarling ____; d. ____. No children. (Latta and Marsden, Minneapolis, Minn.)

MARK HENDERSON (4) b. August 2, 1881 at Elk River, Minn. Single. Dead.


MILDRED ELENOR (4) b. January 14, 1886 at Elk River, Minn.; d. ____; buried in Orono Cemetery, Elk River, Minn. Single.

RICHARD RENVILLE (4) b. February 23, 1888 at Elk River, Minn.; d. ____; m. Naomi Miriam Johnson August 4, 1919. No children. Enlisted in World War August 30, 1918, Co. 18, 163rd Depot Brigade. Transferred to Headquarters of 414 Reserve Labor Battalion (colored), promoted to Sergeant in Quartermaster Corps. Transferred to C, "D" 414th, Service Battalion (colored), same company. Discharged July 15, 1919.


Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born December 19, 1853 in Morgan Co., Ohio; d. September 17, 1934 and buried at Merced, Calif.; m. Jessie Parker. Child:

JEAN (4) adopted daughter.


Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born March 27, 1859 at Spencer Brook, Isanti Co., Minn.; d. July 19, 1929 at Merced, Calif.; m. Grace Parker. One child:

CALVIN ELLIOTT (4) b. February 3, 1895; d. June 22, 1895.


Thomas J. (3) Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born December 21, 1883 at Elk River, Minn.; d. ____; m. Grace Ayer ____. At least one child:



Barton E. (4) Thomas J. (3) Barton A. (2) ____ (1). Born December 17, 1919 at Minneapolis, Minn.; d. ____; m. ____. Children:


Richard Henville Latta writes: "Looking over various records of the D.A.R. and S.A.R. I find two sons of James A. Latta of the Revolutionary War, Moses and Alexander Latta, moved west of the mountains at the beginning of the 19th century. In an early history of Ohio, printed about 1845, I find much credit given Judge Moses Latta in the early history of Morgan County. I think that Alexander was my great grandfather, and the one killed and that Moses Latta, living some distance away, did not know that my grandfather was saved, and believed that his brother and all the family were wiped out." "I think that my grandfather must have known something of his father, because he named one of his sons, Henderson Alexander Latta."

The following notes are about the grandchildren of Mary Elizabeth Latta White, daughter of a Barton Latta. They were the children of Sarah J. White, who married Charles W. Cargin. Sent me by Richard R. Latta.

Gilbert H. Cargin, Sergeant, was leading his men of Co. D, Machine gun battalion of the 7th Division (New York), at the offensive of the Argenne and was dreadfully wounded there and lay for weeks in a hospital. Then invalided home to the States, and was confined in one hospital after another. He was dreadfully scarred and the elbow of one arm was very badly injured. He has been getting better, but unable to follow his work as railroad fireman. He is now farming.

News report. Word of the death of Private Arthur Cargin had been received by his father at Stalker, Pa. He enlisted for service in Mexico, afterwards going to France. He was wounded at Roussey, France September 29, 1918 and died October 5, 1918, and buried in St. Seveir Cemetery, Rouen, France, Section of the Seine.

George I. Cargin, private Co. D, 107th Inf. (Army serial #1,210,383). For extraordinary heroism in action near Roussey, France, September 29, 1918, during the operations against the Hindenburg Line, he with four others left shelter and went forward into an open field, under heavy shell and machine gun fire, succeeded into carrying back to our lines, two wounded comrades, one was his brother Arthur. A news item from Stalker, Pa. said that George Cargin left for New York City to be decorated by the Prince of Wales (now King Edward VIII). He was in the service for over a year, and wears the Distinguished Service Cross of this country.