Branch No. 8


Born in No. of Ireland between 1690-1700. In winter of 1738 he came to America. The vessel was wrecked and his records lost. Married Mary Alison, a sister of Rev. Francis Alison, a noted divine and pastor at New London, Chester Co., Pa. She was born at Lac, Ireland. He settled near Elkton, Md. about 1740 and he and his wife were buried in the Rock Church Presbyterian burial ground near Elkton, as his son James told a daughter. The letters on the tombstone are obliterated. C.B. Springer, great grandson of Sarah Latta, his granddaughter, writes: "The history of the old Rock church in Cecil Co., Md. says that without a doubt the parents of the noted James Latta were members of that church and are buried in ground belonging to that church at Lewisville, Pa." This does not agree with the above. Miss Allison was his second wife. Had one child, James. Four sons by his first wife. One of them settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa., one in Ohio and one or two in N.C. Mrs. Katharine C. Malone, daughter of William Wilson Latta, writes: "The only one I ever heard of speak of my great grandfather's half brothers was my father's eldest sister. She seems to have been in the home of her grandmother and maiden aunts than any of the other grandchildren, and taking greater interest in family affairs than the others. She was recognized as an authority in such matter." She also says that tradition said the Latta's fled from France like so many of the protestants after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, first going to Scotland, then to Ireland and then to America. She thinks that James was taken by Dr. Francis Alison who she always understood was a brother of his mother so his wife could not have been a sister of Dr. Alison. James was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Rev. S.A. McPherson of Wazahachie, Texas branch No. 19 writes: "The history of James Latta, one of five brothers, is well authenticated (He lost the proof.) He had four sons by his first wife, William, Samuel, Thomas and John. After her death he married Mary Alison and had one son, James. Sailing from Ireland, they were shipwrecked near Elkton, Md. 1738. His family records were lost. One of the five brothers, Robert, possibly two of them, went to Orange Co., N.C. soon after arriving. A second or third son, Thomas, came in 1760 or 1775. One, name unknown, father of Matthew Latta (Is this 2 Matthew Latta branch No. 22 that was born in Maryland and lived and died in Trimble Co., Ky.?) remained in Maryland with James who with his wife was buried near Elkton, Md. James, the six year old boy, grew up and went to school in Pennsylvania and became a prominent Presbyterian minister. After being licensed he was appointed by the Synod to work half a year among the vacant churches of Carolina. He was ordained in 1759. His half brother, John, had gone to Orange Co., N.C. probably with the first emigrants to that section. He accumulated property rapidly and in the crisis after the battle at Guilford Court House, March 15, 1781, he furnished the Militia of the State with supplies and cash amount to L572. See note in branch No. 15. Also pages 9 and 10 of this history.

Children by first wife:

As they were old enough to make a choice they did not settle in Md. with their families -- Mary A.A. Latta Jones, daughter of 11 William S. Latta.




JOHN (2) said to have gone to Orange Co., N.C.. See above.

2 JAMES (2).


James (1). Born No. of Ireland in 1732. Fell from a carriage at Pleasant Level, Pa. and d. January 29, 1801. Married Mary McCalla, daughter of Capt. William McCalla of Plumbstead, Bucks Co., Pa. February 26, 1765 in Bucks Co. She was born in 1744 and died February 22, 1910. He came to America with his parents in 1738 and was shipwrecked near Elkston, Md. For three days and nights he remained with others on board the wrecked vessel before they could be relieved. He kept his Bible continuously under his arm. He had a French Bible which he used in preference to an English Bible. He was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1757, being the first class that graduated from that university. He studied for the ministry and spent most of his life near Philadelphia. Licensure reported in 1766. He was granted the title of D.D. probably by the University of Pennsylvania in 1799 and was the third Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church in the United States. He was quite prominent in the Revolutionary war and was called the "Fighting Parson". He took a deep interest in the cause of American liberty and firmly and zealously espoused the cause by word and deed. He stimulated his people to defend their rights and once in the course of the war, when an unusual number were drafted to serve in the Militia, took his blanket and knapsack like a soldier and accompanied them on the campaign. He also served as a chaplain. The records show that one James Latta served in said war as a chaplain in Capt. Thomas Whitesides Company, 2d Battalion of Lancaster Co. Militia commanded by Col. Thomas Porter. His name appears on an updated roll of the company for the period of December 14 to December 25. Year not stated. See Vol. 23, p. 464 Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3. Also see History of James Latta, Gen. of No. Pennsylvania Vol. 3, page 40.

Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania, Vol. 3.

James Latta born No. of Ireland in 1732. Came to America with is parents, James and Mary (Alison) Latta, who settled near Elkton, M.D, Cecil Co., about 1740. Dr. Latta entered College of Philadelphia now University of Pennsylvania in 1754. Graduated 1757. Tutored there from 1756 to 1759. During that period studied theology under Dr. Francis Wilson and in 1758 was licensed to preach by Presbytery of Philadelphia. In 1759 ordained and appointed to minister to scattered and destitute settlements in Virginia and Carolinas. In 1761 was pastor of Deep Run, Bucks Co., Pa. Presbyterian Church until 1770, then he resigned to take charge of the church at Pleasant Level, Lancaster Co., Pa. until his death. He was one of the most ardent of patriots urging the cause in and out of the pulpit. Entered the military service as a private and later as chaplain of Col. Thomas Coock's Battalion of Lancaster Co. Militia in 1776. His four sons, Francis, William, John and James, were ministers of the Presbyterian Church. See Appleton's Cyc. Am. Biog. Vol. 3, p. 128. Also see Lineage Book D.A.R. Vol. 23, p. 141, and National Members 22407 and 9829, D.A.R. Vol. 10, p. 293, and Vol. 22, p. 288.

Rev. Robert P. DuBois who married his granddaughter, has written an interesting history of Rev. James Latta which was reprinted in Philadelphia in 1901 by William J. Latta, a descendant. Children:

FRANCIS ALISON (3) b. April 27, 1768; d. April 23, 1834. Single. Presbyterian minister and prominent teacher near Philadelphia. He was one of the early teachers of Dr. Haynes Agnew, M.D. the great surgeon. See "Life of Agnew" by J. Howe Adams, published by F.A. Davis Co., Philadelphia 1892. Ordained November 2_, 1796. First settled at Wilmington, Delaware and afterwards at Chestnut Level, his father's former charge.

3 WILLIAM (3).

4. JOHN EWING (3).

MARY (3) b. January 26, 1773; d. August 2, 1837.

JAMES (3) b. 1775; d. 1776.

MARGARET (3) b. July 28, 1776; d. July 23, 1848.

ELIZABETH (3) b. 1779; d. 1780.

ELIZABETH (3) b. January 14, 1782; d. November 10, 1840.

SARAH (3) b. at Chestnut Level, Pa. July 29, 1784; d. May 10, 1869 at Loveville near Hockessin, Del; m. Rev. Thomas Love October 18, 1823 at New Castle, Del. He was born March 2, 1796 in Del.; d. December 22, 1879 at Loveville, Del. Both buried in cemetery at Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, New Castle, Del. One child, Mary Elizabeth, b. October 25, 1828; m. Stephen Springer, farmer, of New Castle, Del. November 16, 1848; d. there March 22, 1895. Their children were Rev. Thomas Love Springer b. August 25, 1849. Willard Springer b. August 28, 1851. Francis Latta Springer b. March 20, 1854. Idalette Springer b. March 2, 1856. Robert Springer b. March 2, 1859. Rev. Thomas Love Springer, Presbyterian minister, Baltimore, Md.; m. Mary Gould Bowker. Children: Courtland B. Mary C. James L. Frederick

S. Idelette M. Harrie Latta. Emily B. Thomas.

5 JAMES (3).

LATTA -- Genealogy of Norther Pennsylvania, Vol. 3, page 40.

Rev. James Latta, D.D. b. North of Ireland 1732. Located at Pleasant Level. Established a school which was acquiring considerable celebrity as an educational institute when its progress was arrested by the Revolutionary War. With the beginning of the struggle for national independence Dr. Latta became one of the most ardent patriots, entered military service as a private and later as a Chaplain of Col. Thomas Gooch's Battalion of Lancaster Co., Militia in 1776. He was the author of "Psalmody" and various other published writings. He received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from the University of Pennsylvania.


James (2) James (1). Born May 10, 1768; February 19, 1847; m. Mary Cloyd, daughter of David and Ann (Boyd) Cloyd, October 1, 1801. She was born October 28, 1769 and died February 22, 1847. David Cloyd was a noted patriot (see History of Chester Co., Pa.) and was a private in Chester Co. Militia in 1780. (See Pa. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 5). The General Assembly in 1847, said that William Latta was "One of the venerable fathers of the Presbyterian Church." He was created a Doctor of Divinity by LaFayette College a few years before his death. Children:

MARY ANN (4) b. July 1, 1801; d. November 6, 1882.

MARGARET (4) b. October 2, 1803; d. June 2, 1869.



MARY SMITH (4) b. July 22, 1812; d. March 18, 1901; m. Charles E. DuBois, lawyer, Doylestown, Pa. May 24, 1831. He was born July 16, 1799; d. March 5, 1865. Children: John Latta b. April 16, 1832; d. February 20, 1903; m. Emma M. Rex July 11, 1863. Three children: Samuel Moore b. April 1, 1834; d. December 12, 1859. Emma Patterson b. January 25, 1836; d. May 23, 1899; m. Edward Putnam Flint October 17, 1854. Had children. Helen Martha b. December 13, 1837. James Latta b. April 7, 184_. Louis Pierre b. May 7, 1843; d. November 25, 1889. Charles b. November 5, 1848; d. October 19, 1867. Henry M. b. July 15, 1852; lawyer in Philadelphia, Pa. m. Lillian L. Johnson. Two children: Edward F. b. March 12, 1855; d. January 2, 1857.


James (2) James (1). Born October 8, 1770; d. September 26, 1824; m. Catherine Van Voorhies of Philadelphia, Pa., daughter of John and Mary H. Van Voorhies, April 9, 1805. She was born June 9, 1787 and died May 12, 1878. He received ordination August 13, 1800 and for 24 years was the pastor of the noted churches of New Castle and Christiana in Delaware. For a number of years he had charge of an academy at New Castle. For several years he was Permanent Clerk of the General Assembly. A sketch of his life is given in the History of Delaware by Conrad, Vol. 2, page. 769. An obituary written by Dr. Gilbert says: "He was intelligent, exemplary and conscientious; attentive to the afflicted and the anxious, a man of enlarged views and liberal feelings, clear and instructive expounder of the word of God." He left a large number of publications. Children:


JANE HAIGHT (4) b. January 21, 1810; d. May 11, 1853; m. Rev. Robert P. DuBois April 6, 1830. (See DuBois' History of Rev. James Latta, father of John Ewing Latta.) He was b. August 19, 1803; d. at New London, Pa. February 21, 1883. Children: Amelia Patterson b. April 20,. 1831; d. November 3, 1899. Catherine Latta b. March 9, 1833; d. July 16, 1841. Francis Latta b. October 21, 1837; d. February 24, 1895. He was a physician in the U.S.A. Navy; m. Clara Reeves Buck, daughter of Robert S. and Caroline Buck, May 20, 1869. She was born March 4, 1843; d. May 1904. Had three children: Barron Potter b. April 18, 1879. Caroline Latta b. September 11, 1871; m. Frank Cosby, civil engineer, May 22, 1901. One child: Frank Cosby b. April 1902. Chester Buck DuBois b. June 2, 1878. William Wilberforce b. March 19, 1843; d. January 5, 1850. Robert Graham b. October 21, 1845; d. January 3, 1850. Ewing Latta b. April 28, 1850; d. July 6, 1851. Richard Stevens b. January 5, 1850; d. February 24, 1853.


ANNA VANDYKE (4) b. August 15, 1817. Lived at Daylestown, Pa.

CATHERINE HARRIET (4) b. April 10, 1820; d. May 27, 1888; m. Richard H.

Stevens of Norfolk, Va.

MARGARET ELIZABETH (4) b. at New Castle, Del. June 9, 1824; d. November 18, 1880 at Doylestown, Pa.; m. Charles William McHenry of Doylestown, Pa. December 22, 1852. He was born February 18, 1820 at Deep Run Parsonage. Three children: Mary DuBois b. October 23, 1853; d. May 15, 1884. Catherine Latta b. November 9, 1869; d. March 14, 1887. William Ewing b. at Johnstown, Pa. February 9, 1868; m. Annie Estelle Nasby of Media, Pa. January 17, 1894.


James (2) James (1). Born in Lancaster Co., Pa. June 10, 1787; d. May 30, 1862; m. Jane Sutton of New Castle, Del., daughter of John and Margaret (Nuttle) Sutton, October 8, 1818. She was born October 28, 1792 at St. George, Del.; d. June 20, 1841. He was born at Chestnut Level, Pa. Her father was prominent in the Colonial and Revolutionary affairs of Delaware. James was graduated at College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, when 20 years of age. Prepared for the ministry under the tutorship of his eldest brother, Rev. John Ewing Latta, then pastor of Presbyterian churches of New Castle and Christiana, and was licensed by the Presbytery of New Castle in 1809 and ordained April 3, 1811, as pastor of Upper Octoraro congregation, Chester Co., Pa. which he served until 1850. He established a church at Penningtonville Mills, now Atglen, same county, where he was installed November 11, 1852. "Latta Memorial Church" erected at Christiana, Pa. A memorial to his memory is in the Presbyterian Historical Society given by his grandson, William J. Latta. Children:

10 JOHN YATES (4).

ELIZA JANE (4) b. February 3, 1833; m. John Andrew Parke in 1862. He was born in 1827; d. 1902. She lived at Parkesburg, Pa. 1907.


MARY M. (4) b. 1820; d. April 17, 1855; m. William Armstrong May 12, 1842; b. in 1817; d. 1868. Children: James Latta b. May 1, 1843; m. Belle Evans. One child: John A. b. 1873; d. 1880. Sarah Jane b. 1844; d. 1902; m. William Baldwin. Two children: Emma Latta b. in 1846; m. Thomas L. McClellan February 27, 1872. Had children: Clara A. b. 1849; m. William Stout in 1874. Two children. Anna Mary b. 1852; m. Robert A. Parke in 1875. Two children. William Martin b. 1855; m. Hattie Terres. Two children.

MARGARET R.H. (4) b. 1825; d. April 6, 1846. Single.

____ (4) daughter. Single.


William (3) James (2) James (1). Born May 8, 1808; d. December 26, 1841; m. Lydia Dedley Moore, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Moore, May 11, 1836 at Philadelphia, Pa. She was born in 1813; d. June 1852. Physician. Children:

MARY CLOUD (5) b. February 20, 1837; d. September 10, 1870; m. Rev. Robert Hamill Nassau September 17, 1862 at Bonito, Africa. She died and was buried in Africa. They were missionaries on Island of Corisco, West Africa in 1862. her biography entitled, "Crowned in Palm Land", was published in 1874. Three children: 1) William Latta b. February 28, 1864; m. Mae Maree in Philadelphia, Pa. January 1888. Three children: Mary Elizabeth b. 1890; m. P. Howland Shaw. William Latta b. 1896. James Maree d. in infancy. 2) Charles Francis M.D., b. November 12, 1868; m. Elizabeth S. Greene near Philadelphia 1896. Two children: Katherine Latta. Dorothy. 3) George Paull b. July 12, 1866; d. December 13, 1867.

SAMUEL MOORE (5) b. September 1838; d. September 16, 1856. Single.

WILLIAM JAMES (5) b. September 1840; d. October 5, 1862 at Washington,

D.C. from effect of strain and over work in Peninsular Campaign in Virginia. Enlisted as 2d Lieut. Promoted to Captain "I" Co. 89th Regt. (8th Pennsylvania Cavalry).


William (3) James (2) James (1). Born July 1, 1810; d. September 3, 1883; m. Mary Jenkins, daughter of Robert and Catherine (Carmichael) Jenkins September 9, 1841 at Windsor Forges, Lane Co., Pa. She was born February 18, 1815 and died February 9, 1869. He was pastor for 22 years at Waynesburg, Chester Co., Pa. Buried in Caernavon Cemetery, Churchtown, Pa. five miles west of Honey Brook. For his history see my Scrap Book. Children:

KATHERINE CARMICHAEL (5) b. June 5, 1842 at Philadelphia, Pa.; m. Rev.

Joseph Stephenson Malone, Presbyterian minister, b. in Cynthiana, Ky. March 1840. No children except an adopted son. In 1922 lived at Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. D.A.R. No. 9829.

JAMES FRANCIS (5) b. February 15, 1846; d. October 1846.

MARY (5) b. May 14, 1849; d. July 1850.

ELLEN (5) b. in 1848; d. in 1849.


John E. (3) James (2) James (1). Born August 19, 1906; d. December 24, 1851; m. Eunice Noble Thatcher, daughter of David and Eunice Weld Noble Thatcher, November 14, 1830. She was born March 23, 1810 at Dartmouth, Mass. and died at Old Ladies' Home in Philadelphia. Her father was born in Newbury, Mass. November 24, 1773 and died at Philadelphia December 1, 1842, and buried there in Ronaldson's Cemetery. Children:

CATHERINE (5) b. September 15, 1831; d. July 23, 1853.

SARAH ANN (5) b. September 17, 1833. in 1907 was in the Presbyterian Old Ladies' Home in Philadelphia.


John E. (3) James (2) James (1). Born February 26, 1815; d. November 16, 1867; m. Emma Bartlett February 22, 1837. Lawyer in Philadelphia. Children:


CLARA BARTLETT (5) b. September 4, 1842; d. January 12, 1901; m. Horace Nichols, merchant, May 20, 1868. Children: 1) Horace W. b. November 13, 1869 at Philadelphia; m. Madeline Taylor in 1900. One child: Clara B. Latta. 2) Nichols b. July 24, 1873; d. August 8, 1873. Gertrude W. b. December 17, 1874; m. Charles B. Rosa of New York City January 1900. Emma L. b. August 6, 1871; m. Capt. Edward S. Walton, U.S.A. June 17, 1879.

EMMA BARTLETT (5) b. October 11, 1844.


GERTRUDE (5) b. August 22, 1849; d. December 8, 1858.

HORACE BARTLETT (5) b. December 27, 1852; m. Elizabeth Bosler February 23, 1887.

CORNELIA RIDGWAY (5) b. January 27, 1854; m. Henry Seaver October 8, 1880. Children: Emma L. b. August 1, 1881. Laura J. b. February 18, 1885. Henry B. b. March 12, 1888.




James (3) James (2) James (1). Born on a farm near Parkesburg, Pa. January 27, 1827; m. Martha Rupert in her home at Sadsbury, Pa. in 1876. She was born in 1850 and died in 1880. He was prosperous farmer and in 1907 President of the Parkesburg National Bank. He lived on the old homestead. Children:

JAMES (5) born in 1877.

ELIZABETH (5) b. in 1878; d. in 1880.

WILLIAM RUPERT (5) b. in 1880.


James (3) James (2) James (1). Born in Upper Octorara, Chester Co., Pa. September 12, 1822; d. there May 26, 1878; m. Margaret Eckert Whitehill, daughter of Samuel Atlee and Margaret Douglas (Wilson) Whitehill at Philadelphia, December 25, 1845. She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. September 29, 1822 and died August 13, 1891. He was graduated from the Medical Department of University of Pennsylvania and was one of the most prominent physicians in Sadsbury, Chester Co., Pa. The Atlee, Whitehill and Douglas families were prominent in the Revolutionary War. She was born and married in her father's home at Sadsbury, Pa. Children:

JANE SUTTON (5) b. September 16, 1846; m. James Crowell Pinkerton b. July 9, 1848; d. February 14, 1898. Seven children: 1) William Woods b. June 21, 1870; d. April 24, 1900. 2) Edith Sewers b. January 1, 1873; m. Mr. Weckerly. One child, Frank b. August 30, 1901; d. June 24, 1902. 3) Frederick Orie b. February 1, 1872; m. Nellie Evans October 28, 1903 b. December 3, 1872 4) James Crowell b. September 27, 1873; d. November 30, 1873. 5) Elizabeth G.C. b. September 24, 1874; m. Harry S. Green June 18, 1903. He was b. March 17, 1873. One child: James C. b. May 3, 1904; 6) Samuel Latta b. June 18, 1877. 7) John b. February 14, 1879. 8) James Crowell b. June 30, 1883.

SAMUEL WHITEHILL (5) b. at Parkesburg, Pa. July 23, 1848; m. Ann Abel of Eastern, Pa. September 15, 1873. He was in the U.S. Navy as Asst. Surgeon. Served in Cuba and Asia. Was in the Corean trouble and was mentioned in Admiral Schley's book in that connection. Graduate physician of the University of Pennsylvania. In 1905 Chief Physician of Pennsylvania Railroad.

MARY ANN ATLEE (5) b. September 25, 1850; m. John Fleming Jones April 18, 1877 of Chester Co., Pa., family in colonial history. He was born November 13, 1844. Two children: Caroline Whitehill b. June 14, 1880. John Latta b. September 11, 1890. In 1924 lived in Philadelphia.


MARGARET DOUGLAS WILSON (5) b. April 21, 1855.

HELEN ELIZABETH (5) b. at Sudsbury, Pa. October 26, 1858; m. Benjamin Palmer Opdyke October 19, 1892. He was born June 3, 1838. One child: Margaret Douglas Latta b. August 25, 1893. D.A.R. No. 22407.

JOHN ANDERSON (5) b. in Chester Co., Pa. August 3, 1862. In 1905 India Rubber Goods, Philadelphia, Pa.



John E. (4) John E. (3) James (2) James (1). Born at Philadelphia, Pa. April 19, 1839; d. March 1922; m. Susan Eyre Withers, daughter of Hensel L. and Matilsa E. Withers November 12, 1868. She was born September 17, 1845. He enlisted as a private in "D" Co. Gray Reserves, now 1st Regt. Penn. National Guards April 19, 1861. Appointed 2d Lieut. 119th Pennsylvania Vols. August 4, 1862 and Captain "B" Co. March 4, 1864. Specially selected from the 6th Army Corps as Asst. Adj. Gen. of Vols. and commissioned as Captain April 20, 1864. Was in the battles of Fredericksburg, Salem Church, Gettysburg, Rappahannach Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Winchester, Petersburg and many others. Brevetted Major for gallant conduct at Winchester, Va. and Lieut. Col. for metorious services in the Cavalry engagements of Ebenezer Church and Columbus. Declined an appointment in the regular army and honorably mustered out January 20, 1866. Was admitted to the Bar April 19, 1860. Resumed the practice of law and again entered his old regiment, the First Infantry and became Major, Lieut. Colonel and Colonel. Was appointed Adj. General by Governor Hartranft for two terms, and by Government Hoyt for one term. "In conformity with the law, I have nominated to Senate James W. Latta, of Philadelphia to be Adj. General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with rank of Major General. Signed J.T. Hartranft, Governor. See Pennsylvania Archives, 4th Series, Vol. 9, p. 506. He was with Sherman in his march from Atlanta to the sea. Was on Sheridan's Staff. Was first secretary of the Municipal Civil Service Board under the new Philadelphia charter. Elected Clerk of the Quarter Sessions in 1889 and 1892 and Secretary of Internal Affairs in 1894 and 1898. Past Commander Department of Pennsylvania G.A.R., a member of Post No. 2 of Philadelphia and of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion. The Army Corps in which he served captured Jefferson Davis and other Confederate leaders and the division in which he served captured Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy and Howell Cobb who had been Buchanan's Secretary of the Treasury. He wrote the History of the First Pa. Regt.

He had a fine collection of autographs, portraits of Napoleon and celebrities of his reign, medals and original drawings. He had the original draft of the list of the members of the Institute de L'Egypte in manuscript of Gaspard Monge and signed by Napoleon with two names added in by his pen. It was written about a month after the Battle of the Pyramids and was the conqueror's compilation of those who won his approval. Napoleon's letter to Lucian announcing his marriage to Marie Louise is a unique paper. It is intensely personal with a touch of tenderness that makes it different from the usual words that he penned. One of the most important documents is the confidential plans of campaign that was sent out by the conqueror, written in 1813. There are a score of intensely interesting documents. The Napoleon portraits are numerous and some of them important and one is amazed when the pictures of the scenes of his career and its incidents are seen together. Children:

JOHN EWING (6) b. September 17, 1869. Merchant in Philadelphia in 1905.

HARRISON WAINWRIGHT (5) b. September 11, 1871; m. Ella Fritz Roberts,

daughter of John D. and Katherine (Kitner) Roberts of Johnstown, Pa. November 17, 18__. Civil Engineer, Philadelphia.

EDITH WITHERS (6) b. July 24, 1879; m. Alex L. Brodhead born February 13,

1904. In 1905 living at Syracuse, N.Y.


John E. (4) John (3) James (2) James (1). Born March 9, 1847; d. ____; m. Susan L. Lamberth of St. Louis, Mo. July 25, 1872. In 1935 he lived at Clayton, Mo. Merchant. Children:

ALBERT EWING (6) b. August 24, 1873; m. Helen W. Jenkins November 23,

1903. In 1905 in P.O. Department at Washington, D.C.

EMMA SARAH (6) b. December 28, 1876; d. January 11, 1877.

NINA CORNELIA (6) b. October 16, 1879; m. Otto A. Marx December 24, 1902.

HELEN BARTLETT (6) b. February 2, 1882.


William S. (4) James (3) James (2) James (1). Born November 21, 1852; m. Kittie Bingham at Harrisburg, Pa. __ 1884. She was born December 4, 1852. Her D.A.R. No. is 16448, Philadelphia. Her mother was a Miss Cameron. He was a telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad November 18, 69, and resigned August 31, 1899, as general agent, having passed through various positions as Superintendent, etc. In 1901 resigned the Presidency of the Telephone and Cable Company of America. He founded a scholarship in the University of Pennsylvania to the memory of Rev. James Latta, one of the first graduating class of eight and a memorial to Rev. James Latta in the Presbyterian Historical Society of Philadelphia. He joined the Sons of the American Revolution December 11, 1893 being great grandson of Chaplain James Latta (see family 2) and private John Wilson, a great grandson of Col. Samuel John Atlee (see family 11) and John Whitehill (see family 11) and private John Wilson, Sr. Children:

MARGARET DOUGLAS (6) b. August 22, 1886; m. W. Griffin Gibble, 1907,

D.A.R. No. 21788, Philadelphia. Children: Margaret Douglas b. 1908. Elizabeth Bancker b. 1910. Katharine b. 1911.

WILLIAM JAMES (6) b. September 15, 1888. Civil Engineer. Philadelphia.

KATHARINE (6) b. September 22, 1889.

MARY BINGHAM (6) b. November 24, 1890; m. Dozier Finley April 21, 1919. In 1939 lived at 2725 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, Calif. Children: William Latta b. September 1929. Mary Dozier b. September 1922. Cynthiana b. November 26, 1926. Hugh Dozier b. November 18, 1929.

RACHEL WHITEHEAD (6) b. December 20, 1892; m. Harry Alverson Franck June 28, 1919. Children: Harry Alverson Jr. b. at sea April 25, 1920. Katharine Latta b. Peiping, China March 26, 1923. Patricia Wilsey b. Hampstead, Long Island, N.Y. November 25, 1925. Charles William b. in Connecticut December 20, 1926. Peter Alverson b. at Bognor Regis, Sussex, England July 12, 1930.

The following, also what is on page 1, is taken from a book printed by Rev. S.A. McPherson (branch No. 19) of Waxahachie, Texas:

We may not have the records of all their ancestors, but it seems we have. Several traditions speak of five brothers coming to Pennsylvania or Maryland and two or three of them going to Orange Co., N.C.

Robert was one of the five brothers. Is said to have died while his son, James, was little and with his wife was buried in Orange Co., N.C.

Thomas, probably one of the five brothers, went to Orange Co., in 1760 or 1775. He appears to have married late in life, as Solomon, said to be his son, was born in 1793. Robert of Rowan, branch No. 19, may have been the son of Robert, one of the five brothers. If not, it seems he must have been the son of John, the rich one. John must have seen the possibilities of the rich Yadkin-Catawba region, and would naturally try to put his sons into such a favorable environment. As to John of Lincoln and Joseph of Machlenburg and James, the brother of John, it is nearly certain that they were sons of John. The fur, if brothers, would probably be born as follows: Robert b. 1749. Joseph b. 1751. John b. 1753. James b. 1755.

The descendants of James includes a large number of prominent persons. I know nothing of the descendants of Robert except the names of his children. Of Joseph I know only the descendants of Elizabeth, the name of her brother John's wife, and of her sister Esther's husband. Assuming that James (1) Latta was one of the five traditional brothers who settled in America, we have the following table:

1 James. 2 Robert, Orange Co., N.C. 3 Thomas, Pa. later N.C. 4 Unnamed one, father of Matthew, Maryland. 5 unnamed, settled in Pa. or in Orange Co, N.C.

1 James branch No. 8, married twice. Name of first wife unknown by whom he had three children, Samuel. William settled in Pa. and Ohio. John went to Orange Co., N.C. about 1740. Married in 1747. Probably four or more sons. (No positive evidence that these were his sons.) Nothing is known of Samuel and William. John was born about 1749. He was called John Jr. Unmarried. Went to Lincoln, Mechlenburg Co., N.C. about 1769. Property also in Orange Co, N.C. Went to Antrim, Ireland in 1792. Died there. Robert born about 1751, married Jane ____ 1772. Does business in Rowan Co., N.C. in 1775. Died there in 1782. Will mentions wife Jane. Children: James. Samuel. Jane. Agnes. I have no hint as to the later life of any of these except Jane Latta, October 11, 1793 to Churza Hopkins in Orange Co., N.C. branch No. 19. Joseph the head of the family in census of 1790. Name of wife probably Nesbit. One son, four daughters. These are John b. 1779 m. Margaret Woodsides February 5, 1803, Cabarrus Co., Esther born 1791. Married Ephrain Pharr July 14, 1801, Machlenbuerg Co., daughter born 1793. Elizabeth born September 4, ____. Married twice, first husband (Robert) Cochran, January 1, 1805. Had two children. Eleanor b. December 10, 1805. Robert b. 1807. Second husband, John Stephenson, m. July 23, 1811 in Rowan Co., N.C. Six children, one was a daughter, b. 1788. James b. 1755. Married twice. First to Elizabeth Houston, 1780. Two children: William and Robert. William b. at Antrim, Ireland October 8, 1781. Married Mary P. Woods. Died at Darlington, S.C. September 26, ____. Six children. Robert b. in Antrim 1781, came to America with his father in 1792 or 1793. Married twice. First to Miss Allison. One child: William. Second wife, Miss Dilworth. Two children: Cecelia and James. Second wife of James, above, b. 1755, was Jane Knox. Three children: Mary. Nancy. Elizabeth. This James has a number of descendants. After settling his brother John's estate at Lincolntown, he removed to Hopewell, Mechlenburg Co., where his brother Joseph appears to have lived.

Going back to James (2) son of James (1).

James (2) b. in Ireland 1732. Six years of age when shipwrecked in 1738. Volunteered in Revolutionary War. Afterwards Chaplain. Died in 1801. In school under his uncle Mr. Alison, for years.

There is something of doubt in my mind about the connection between my ancestor,

Joseph Latta, and the other Latta's. But the above statement is to say the least the most plausible. (NOTE 1996: The above note helps to show a tie of branch 12 and 19)