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Robert Henry Latta was a Denver attorney and amateur genealogist who made a lifelong study of Latta families in America. At his death, 27 April 1940, he had identified forty-nine distinct branches. Born in Boston in 1852, Robert Latta took his mother's surname. Initially a printer by trade, he moved to Denver in 1881, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1886. He married Sarah Olivia Myers in Mexia, TX in 1891.

Robert H. Latta carried on an extensive correspondence with persons named Latta from whose letters he compiled his forty-nine branches. At his death his work was willed to the Library of Congress, where it is housed in the Rare Book Collection.  [CS71.L 36. Latta Genealogy, 14 vols. of typewritten material and 2 packages of mss letters.]  It consists of approximately a dozen loose-leaf notebooks containing typewritten narratives of the various branches. Several of the notebooks contain indices, a correspondence journal, newspaper clippings and a few transcribed documents such as wills and land patents.



George P. Latta obtained copies of all of Robert H. Latta's work and transcribed everything to computer. Now, we are in the process of updating and expanding upon RHL's work, and have recently discovered Branches Fifty and Fifty-one.

We would like any additions, corrections or updates (with documentation) that you can supply.  You can send your information to the Branch Captain listed in the Branch Files.  If there is no Branch Captain listed for a branch, please send your information to Editor, Ken Mueller, for publication in the Newsletter, at DocHuer@aol.com, and to the webmaster, Sue Lattea Cox, at suelatteacox@yahoo.com




The Latta Genealogy Newsletter is a joint venture. Ken Mueller, Geoffrey Latta, Randy Phillips, and Sue Cox devote a major portion of their time to accumulating, sorting, analyzing and classifying the family information sent to them by our readers. Building on the work of George Latta and the late Paul Calhoun, Ken edits/publishes the newsletter, Randy acts as Secretary/ Treasurer, coordinates the membership list and collects fees for subscriptions, and Sue acts as Branch Captain Coordinator, coordinating information from our Branch Captains, and maintaining and updating our website.  The  Coordinator of the Northern Ireland Research project works with researchers in Northern Ireland for further our search in that area.  The Latta Genealogy Society is collecting information about the Latta family in Northern Ireland and have contacted a researcher in Northern Ireland to research the Latta name there.  If you would like to contribute to this venture, please send a donation to Randy Phillips, and mark it "Northern Ireland Research."  Geoffrey Latta, our Secretary Historian, has recently began researching the Scottish/British history of the Latta family.  Anyone researching Latta (or Latto) family members from Britain or Australia may be interested in looking over his information. He maintains all of his information on his website at www.lattafamilyorigins.org.  

Please send your membership donations to:  Randy Phillips, Treasurer, Latta Genealogy Society, 41 S. Morrell Ave., Geneva, New York 14456.  You can also use our PayPal account to become a member of our organization and receive our Newsletter.



Randy Phillips is our Vice-President of Communications.  Randy lives in New York and is Branch Captain for Branch 4. Randy maintains our Facebook page "Latta Genealogy Society," and also purchases Latta items found on the internet and tries to get the items back to the Latta branch that it belongs to.  Latta family items can also be donated for safekeeping to the Latta Genealogy Society.

Kathy Latta of Branch 16 is coordinating our DNA project.  We are hoping that this project will aid in connecting our branches.  See our DNA Project for more information.  If you would like to make a donation towards our DNA Project please send your donations to: Randy Phillips, Treasurer, Latta Genealogy Society, 41 S. Morrell Avenue, Geneva, NY 14456, and mark your donation "DNA Project."