George Latta, of Oakfield NY, and Marquita Latta, of Hampton VA, had been researching the family's origins for some time and had done a lot of collaborating via e-mail when Paul Calhoun of Port Clinton OH began to correspond with them around 1994.

We had all been aware of Robert H. Latta's pioneering work housed in the Library of Congress and lamented the fact that it was not more readily available to researchers.  George took on the project (at his own expense, which he is too humble to broadcast) of obtaining photocopies of the entire RHL collection and then having it retyped and computerized.

Meanwhile Paul kept urging George to start a newsletter until he finally accepted the challenge and promptly appointed Paul the editor! The newsletter was born in the spring of 1996, with subscribers in the US and many foreign countries. Contributions from its readers have kept the newsletter afloat.  As an outgrowth of the interest in the newsletter we instituted the web site in August of 1996, and the LATTA-L mail list.  The Latta Genealogy Society was also a result of these projects.

Recently, an interest in the original work of Robert H. Latta resulted in a combined effort to get the work placed on the website.  Housed in the Rare Book Collection at the Library of Congress, the work could only be viewed if you visited the Library of Congress.  We are pleased to announce the works available on the website with the help of George Latta, Virginia Curulla, and John Latta (Branch 3) of Alexandria, Virginia, who visited the Library of Congress, and obtained the computer copies of the works from George and Virginia, and reformatted it for easy uploading to the website.

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